Questions Asked on
June 13, 2009

  1. physics

    A 0.400 kg ball is shot directly upward at initial speed 40.0 m/s. What is its angular momentum about a point 2.0 m horizontal from the launch point, when the ball is a) at maximum height and b) halfway back to the ground? What is the torque on the ball

    asked by jane
  2. physics

    You exert a force of 455N in pulling 15.0m of rope using a pulley system to lift a 935N object 5.0m. What is the efficiency of the pulley system? Please help, I appreciate it a lot.

    asked by Cynthia
  3. mathematics

    Factorise copletely 1) 2ax+3ay-2bx-3by 2)5x^2-20 3)3x^2+4x-15 is the ans to this one = 7x^3-15

    asked by STACEY
  4. math

    Which situation should be analyzed using bivariate data? 1) Ms. saleem keeps list of the amount of time her daughter spends on her social studies homework. 2) Mr. Benjamin tries to see if his students'shoe sizes are directly related to their heilghts.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. English

    1. The earl bird catches the worm. 2. Early birds catch the worms. (Which one is the right proverb?) 3. He ran on and on. 4. He ran without stopping. 5. He ran continuously. 6. He ran continually. 7. He ran over and over. 8. He ran over and over again.

    asked by John
  6. religon

    Who was the faters of the following isaac and Ishmael cain and able jehoshaphat nimrod absalom and soloman samuel lot esau and jacob joseph and his bothers david simeon peter ephriam and manasseh racheal and leah moab samson joshua jesse johnathan rehoboam

    asked by Alisha
  7. algebra

    a banana peel weighs 1/8 the total weight of a banana. if an unpeeled banana balances a peeled banana of the same weight plus 7/8 of an ounce, how much does the banana weight with the peel?

    asked by norbert
  8. spanish

    "¡No _____ demasiado vinagre en la salsa! Será demasiada agria." "Sí, mamá. Tienes razón." a. pongas b. hagas c. vayas d. cortes a

    asked by y912f
  9. psychology

    Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Michael or Jennifer how this theory explains his or her situation.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    How many vertices does a cube have? How do you know for sure?

    asked by Lee
  11. spanish

    "¿Te gusta jugar fútbol o béisbol?" "No me gusta jugar ninguno de los dos. No soy un buen _____." a. juez b. obrero c. deportista d. pintor C

    asked by y912f
  12. ethics in criminal justice

    is the police code of ethics considered normative ehics or meta-ethic? why?

    asked by Eva
  13. Socials

    outline following achievement for Olaudah Equiano, I've got: Olaudah Equiano was a member of the Ivo people in Africa. He was sold to English merchants at age 11 who sold him in Barbados. He educated himself and eventually purchased his freedom-rights. He

    asked by Elina
  14. Math

    Two dice are rolled. Find the probability that an even number is rolled on one die and an odd number is rolled on the second die.

    asked by Maya
  15. mathematics

    Squareroot of (0.0256/25) giving your answer in standard form. Is the ans (0.0256/25)= 0.001024 Squareroot of 0.001024 = 0.032

    asked by TASHA
  16. spanish

    "Cuando vas de vacaciones a pueblos pequeños, ¿prefieres usar dinero en efectivo o _____?" "Creo que es mucho más fácil usar dinero en efectivo." a. cheques de viajero b. tarjetas de embarque c. boletos d. aduanas A

    asked by y912f

    Explain the Political and Social results of the reformation. Ms Sue could you please explain this question more clearly to me:-)

    asked by ELINA

    The circumstances which led to the Reformation were because of how the Catholic Church was being run. That church had alot of wealth and overtop it was asking for more. It taxed everyone just to increase its wealth. It also sold church jobs and positions

    asked by ELINA
  19. ethics in criminal justice

    define naturalistic fallacy and give me an example. Thanks,

    asked by Eva
  20. mathematics

    The basic wage earned by a truck driver for a 40 hr work week is $560.00. A)Calculate his hourly rate. Is the ans $14 per hour 2) For overtime work, the driver is paid one and a half time the basic hourly rate. B)Calculate his overtime wage for 10 hrs of

    asked by MONIKA
  21. math

    A cylindrical container has a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 15 inches, as illustrated in the accompaying diagram. What is the volume of this container to the nearest tenth of a cubic inch?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Maths

    A)One packet of biscuits cost $x and one cup of ice cream $y B)One packet of biscuits and two cups of ice cream cost $8.00, while three packets of biscuits and one cup ice cream cost $9.00 1) write a pair of simultaneous equations in x and y to represent

    asked by Melissa
  23. ethics in criminal justice

    what is the criterion of reasonableness in the study of ethics?

    asked by Eva
  24. Social Studies**

    Outline the achievement for Elizabeth I I have got: Elizabeth I was Henry VIII's and Anne Boleyn's daughter. As Mary died ELizabeth became Queen. She was well educated and spoke as well as read Latin and Greek, the classical languaged so admired by the

    asked by Elina
  25. Communications

    Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved?

    asked by S
  26. marketing

    What effect do you think the growth of e-retailing will have on traditional retailing?

    asked by scooby9132002
  27. algebra

    you invested $8000, part of it in stock that paid 12% annual interest. however, the rest of the money suffered a 5% loss. if the total annual income from both investments was $620, how much was invested at each rate?

    asked by norbert
  28. AP Physics

    can you please explain this to me... Were given this eqaution x = At^2 + B were A = 2.10 m/s^2 B = 2.80 m ok and this is an example problem and it's wlking us through it find the instantaneous velocity at t=t2=5.00s equlas the slope of the tangent to the

    asked by AP Physics
  29. Art

    On the Internet, look up and list two or more definitions of the word "art" from different reliable sources. Be sure to properly quote and cite these definitions. See the "Resource Links" (in Course Materials for this unit) for useful sites. Then search

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Non-European Culture

    What do the Navive Americans wear?

    asked by Jessica
  31. English

    I can re-word these two separate things. I found them on the internet but need to change the words. Any help would greatly be appreciated. "I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I put so much effort into every task that I am given. I give only

    asked by Natalie
  32. history

    how were american business and strategic intersts a cause of spanish american war? business- protection of sugar in cuba Strategic- base in hawaii does anyone know other examples of business/stratgic intersts?

    asked by jackie
  33. Social studies****

    Outline achievement of Philip II of Spain I got: Philip II of Spain was Mary's husband but then as she died he asked for Elizabeths hand. Elizabeth refused to marry him and actually made fun of him asking for her. Then he got so angry that he sent his

    asked by Elina
  34. Algebra

    Amy earns a weekly paycheck consisting of base pay of $225, plus a commission of 4.8% of her weekly sales. (a) Write an equation that can be used to determine Amy’s weekly paycheck P, given the amount of weekly sales s. (b) Determine Amy’s weekly

    asked by Beth
  35. Social Studies

    Outline the achievement for Marguerite of Navarre. I have got : Marguerite Navarre was the sister of the king of France. She spoke and read six different languages, and was one of the best poets in Europe. She was attracted to the ideas of the Protestants

    asked by Elina
  36. Civil War info

    not a homework question but I need to know the effect that Frederick Douglass' autobiography had on the Union that possibly caused a division between the north and the south. A good website would be good as I do need reference material. Thanks

    asked by meme
  37. Social studies**

    Outline the following achievement for Francis Drake I have got: Francis Drake was one of Elizabeth's sea captains who with the other sea captains challenged the power of mighty Spain by raiding Spanish ships and settlements. He along with the other Sea

    asked by Elina
  38. Social Studies

    Outline the following achievement for Walter Raleigh i've got: Walter Raleigh was Gilbert's half brother who tried to set up a colony farther south. He named the colony Virginia after Elizabeth. H eintroduced tobacco into England. is this good?

    asked by Elina
  39. biology

    how do you know if it is a covenant bond or ionic bond?

    asked by Jessica
  40. ae

    Perform a search in the University Library databases and locate four school-related court cases (with outcomes decided), two which involve educators as defendants and two which involve students as defendants. what are some ideas to look it up

    asked by scooby9132002
  41. Speech vs Essay

    Hey!! Doe anyone know any website that lists the key differences between essays and Speeches Thanks

    asked by ME
  42. algebra 2

    x-1/x^2-x-20 Give the equivalent numerator if the denominator is (x - 5)(x + 4)(x + 3).

    asked by Christine
  43. algebra


    asked by donna
  44. Math

    Hi there I need help with the restrictions on the variables of this question: Simplify. State any restrictions on the variables. log(x^2+7x+12)/log(x^2-9) So my answer is: log(x+4/x-3) which is correct. Now for the restrictions, I have: x3 However the back

    asked by Halle
  45. spanish

    "¿Por qué no llegó el vuelo 345?" "Porque hubo un _____ en Atlanta." a. boleto b. retraso c. pasillo d. destino B

    asked by y912f
  46. spanish

    "¿Qué debo hacer antes de ir al mercado?" "Primero _____ los cheques de viajero en la casa da cambio." a. cambia b. cambiaste c. cambio d. cambies

    asked by y912f
  47. spanish

    "Qué frutas te gustan más?" "Me gustan más _____." a. los espáragos y las fresas b. las fresas y las espinacas c. las calabazas y los champiñones d. las fresas y la sandía D

    asked by y912f
  48. spanish

    "¿Qué come Popeye para ser más fuerte. "¡Come _____, por supuesto!" a. duraznos b. espinacas c. espárragos d. calabazas B

    asked by y912f
  49. Math

    Explain how you can transform the grap of f(x)= logx to produce g(x)=log(10nx), for any n>0.

    asked by Halle
  50. spanish

    "¿Te gustan los mariscos?" "Sí, especialmente _____." a. la sandía b. las cerezas c. los camarones d. los champiñones C

    asked by y912f
  51. spanish

    Para mantenerse sano, uno debe comer comidas que tienen más _____. a. vitaminas b. recetas c. tapas d. mostazas A

    asked by y912f
  52. spanish

    La _____ buena es muy importante si uno quiere mantenerse sano. a. empanada b. alimentación c. cereza d. mayonesa B

    asked by y912f
  53. spanish

    "Vamos a hacer pan." "Buneo. ¿Sabes cómo se hace _____?" a. el vinagre b. la piña c. la proteína d. la masa D

    asked by y912f
  54. 10th grade american lit.

    Do the letters "UDM" stand for "Usage Determines Message?"

    asked by abbey
  55. history

    compare the two statements: AGAINST DRASTIC MEASURES: "We are told by the opposition that we mush have a change, that we must have a new deal. It is not the which I object but the proposal to alter the whole foundations of our national life

    asked by y912f
  56. Social studies

    How did History evolve as a subject?

    asked by AAnkit
  57. COM220

    The mother that would have a procedure like this done discover late in their pregnancy that the unborn fetus could not survive outside their wombs for one [This is a run-on sentence because there is not a comma before the conjunction. Run-on sentences

    asked by Stphstvn
  58. social science

    What is the difference between social science and social studies?

    asked by NN
  59. Algebra

    Let g(x) = 10-x/2+x a. Find g(-1) b. State the domain of the function c. Find g(t+1) and simplify

    asked by Britney
  60. COM220

    Partial Birth Abortions Partial birth abortions are one of the most divisive issues of today’s civilization. On November 5, 2003 there was a ban that prohibits doctors to perform this type of abortion. This ban has caused many debates and protests both

    asked by Stphstvn
  61. Science 275

    Create an outline of the risk of using Malathion according to the four steps of risk assessment presented in Chapter 4 Figure 4.1: Hazard Identification, Dose Response, Exposure, Risk Characterization. Decide your vote for the city council based on your

    asked by Jessica
  62. English

    1. She is not allowed out after dark. 2. She is not allowed to go out after dark. (Which expression is right? Are both OK?) 3. A rolling stone gathers no moss. ( What is the meanig of this proverb? Does a rolling stone mean an active man?) 4. The coat

    asked by John
  63. math

    y^2-6y=-7 x^2=8x-41 (4x-1)(2x+6)=3x 45-t^2=0 (3x-6)^2=33

    asked by angie
  64. English

    1. Practice makes perfect. (What is the structure of this proverb? Is 'makes' an intransitive verb, and is 'perfect' an adjective complement? Then, what is the meaning of 'makes') 2. It rolled over and over. 3. It rolled off and off 4. It rolled above and

    asked by John
  65. Algebra

    Let (gx)= 10-x ----- 2+x Please Help (a) Find g (–1). (b) State the domain of the function . (c) Find g (t + 1) and simplify as much as possible.

    asked by Jasmin
  66. Algebra

    Let (gx)= 10-x/2+x Please Help (a) Find g (–1). (b) State the domain of the function . (c) Find g (t + 1) and simplify as much as possible.

    asked by Jasmin
  67. English

    1. He found the article at the lost and found office. 2. He found the article at the Lost and Found Office. (Which expression is correct?) 3. 2+5 =7 Two plus five is seven. 4. 3X6=18 Three multiplied by six eqals eighteen. 5. 10-8=2 Ten subtracted from

    asked by John
  68. English

    1. Lisa had a cake for dinner. 2. Lisa had any cake for dinner. 3. Lisa had round cake for dinner. 4. Lisa had a piece of cake for dinner. (Are all the expressions grammatical?) 5. House to let Home to let Room to let House to rent Room to rent To rent For

    asked by John
  69. English

    1. It was missing a piece. (It refers to 'the circle' One piece was felling from the circle. In this situation, what is the meaning of Sentence 1? Was the piece in the process of falling away from the circle?) 2. You should not make a fire in the

    asked by John
  70. Journalism

    For my article, I have to look up a company's old address. Is there a website that has archives of the phonebook online? Thanks so much.

    asked by Andrew
  71. math

    The function p(d)=1+d/33, gives the pressure, in atmospheres (atm), at a depth d in the sea? (d in in feet). Note that p(0)=1 atm, p(33)=2, and so on. Find the pressure at 40 feet (Type answer as a integer or a simplified fraction.)

    asked by micheal
  72. math

    Write an equation of the line containing he given point and parallel to the given line? Express your answer in the form y=mx+b (6,8);x+7y=5

    asked by micheal
  73. Social Studies

    outline the achievement of Ignatius Loyola I have: Ignatius Loyola was a spanish soldier who organized the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits- to protect the church and spread Catholic message. He did this to stem Protestantism please tell me if this is good

    asked by Elina
  74. Math..number string

    How many numbers are in the string 57, 59, 61, 63,...1233? My friend calculated 588. I am too concrete in my thinking and did it the hard way, listing all of the numbers on an Excel sheet and found that there were 619 numbers. Who is correct? And how is

    asked by M.A.
  75. Math

    If four coins are flipped at once, what is the probability that exactly 3 tails will come up? a. 1/16 b. 1/8 c. 1/4 d. 1/2 The answer is c, but what do you do to get that?

    asked by Angie
  76. social studies

    outline the achievement for HenryIV of france I got that he issued the the Edict of Nantes to stop the religious war from occuring between The Catholics and Protestants. this is all it said in my book about him if you can add to this please do

    asked by Elina
  77. earth science

    Which one of the following objects will have the greatest force of gravity to the Earth at its surface . A large book B. A house C. A human being D. An average-size car i don't get it??

    asked by me
  78. Algebra

    Consider the points (3, –1) and (9, 2). (a) State the midpoint of the line segment with the given endpoints. (b) Find the distance between the points. Show some work. Give the exact answer (involving a radical), and also an approximation to three decimal

    asked by Kate
  79. geography

    what are latitude and longitude coordinates used for

    asked by jared
  80. Social Studies

    Outline the achievements of HenryVII: HenryVII ruined the power of the feudal barons by helping the middle class, by threatening the baron's special armies, and by using the Court of Star Chamber to kill personal barons in secret. Henry also began to

    asked by Elina
  81. Math

    Solve sin theta=-1 for all real values of theta

    asked by Kara
  82. Social Studies

    Outline the achievements of Henry VIII of england: Henry VIII was Henry VII's second son. At a young age he seemed the ideal Renaissance monarch.He was very good looking and had a good personality. In pratical matters he made himself an expert in

    asked by Elina
  83. AP Physics

    Hello I was trying to find the proof of the formula x = x0 + v0t +.5at^2 were the zeros are subscripts My text book dosen't explain it that well. ok well it involves the formula for average velocity aver velocity = 2^-1(v0 + v) were the zero is a subscript

    asked by AP Physics
  84. Math

    What is the answer to 78+345?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Algebra

    State the center and the radius of the circle represented by the equation (x + 1)^2 + (y – 5)^2 = 64

    asked by Britney
  86. Help Please

    For social studies I sent replies, please do read them Ms Sue, thanks

    asked by Elina
  87. spanish

    "Qué estaba haciendo la vzquera cuando ocurrió el derrumbe en las montañas?" "_____" a. estaba montando a caballo b. estoy montando a caballo c. monté a caballo d. montó a caballo a

    asked by y912f
  88. spanish

    "¿Por qué nunca va tu padre al cine?" "Dice que no le gustan las películas modrenas porque tienen demasiada _____." a. dirección b. fotografía c. violencia d. escenas C

    asked by y912f
  89. spanish

    "Te gustan los coches grandes?" "No. Creo que _____ mucha energía." a. gastan b. reciclan c. echan d. reducen A

    asked by y912f
  90. spanish

    "¿Cuál es la _____ más importante de dedicarse a los negocios?" "¡Se podría ganar mucho dinero!" a. universidad b. educación c. ventaja d. mecánica C

    asked by y912f
  91. spanish

    "¿Cómo será tu casa en el futuro?" "Tendrá energía solar y todo será _____." a. un facaso b. alérgico c. automático d. violento C

    asked by y912f

    where is Ms Sue? I need her to help me

    asked by ELINA
  93. spanish

    "¿_____ vivir cerca del río?" "No. Creo que me gustaría más vivir cerca del océano." a. quisieras sabrás c. harás d. viajarás a

    asked by y912f
  94. spanish

    Antes de reciclar la basura, se debe _____ el vidrio de las latas y el cartón. a. reciclar b. reducir c. gastar d. separar D

    asked by y912f
  95. spanish

    "¿Se debe reciclar _____?" "Sí, ayuda a reducir la basura." a. lso planetas b. las botellas c. las guerras d. los océanos B

    asked by y912f
  96. spanish

    "¿Quién es aquella mujer que usa la computadora?" "Ella es _____ que trabaja en la misma oficina donde trabaja mi madre." a. la secretaria b. la deportista c. la ventaja d. la pintora A

    asked by y912f
  97. history-URGENT

    read the quote and answer the 3 questions "Our attack pattern was: barrage a hill with bombs and shells, move up the foot soldiers, hold it against counterattacks, fight down the reverse slope, then start on the next one. We would attack during the day,

    asked by y912f
  98. AP Physics

    hi I need help on this proof ok I'm tyring to prove that v^2 = v^20 + 2a(x -x0) where the zeros are subscripts ok the first step my book says is start out with x = x0 + average velocity (t) then plug in average velocity x = x0 + (2^-1(v + v0))t ok and the

    asked by AP Physics
  99. spanish

    "¿Qué cambios te gustaría ver en el mundo del futuro?" "Me gustaría ver un mundo sin _____." a. botellas b. latas c. pantallas d. guerras D

    asked by y912f
  100. spanish

    "Creo que en el futuro todas las casas tendrán _____." "Sí, y buenos sistemas de seguridad también." a. teléfonos con video b. mujeres de negocios c. el ser humano d. muchas desventajas A

    asked by y912f
  101. Algebra

    Let g(x) = 10-x/2+x a. Find g (–1) b. State the domain of the function g(x)= 10-x/2+x c. Find g (t + 1) and simplify as much as possible. Show work.

    asked by Kim
  102. Socials

    Outline the achievement of Edward VI. I have: Edward VI was Henry Tudor's and Jane Seymour's son who at a young age got crowned as king. At this young age he got placed under the control of a group of protestent regents. he developed strong Protestant

    asked by Elina
  103. spanish

    "¡No me gusta nada de esta habitación! ¿Quién te _____ esta pensión?" "La agente de viajes." a. incluyó b. regateó c. recomendó d. registró c

    asked by y912f
  104. spanish

    "Perdone, señorita. ¿Dónde está la terminal de equipaje?" "Siga Ud. por este _____ y después doble a la derecha." a. pastilo b. piloto c. vuelo d. viajero

    asked by y912f
  105. spanish

    "¿Te gusta hacer las compras en los mercados de México?" "Sí. Me gusta mucho _____ cuando compro artesanías." a. tener ciudado b. conseguir c. regatear d. cambiar C

    asked by y912f
  106. history

    - If Britain and France had not adopted a policy of appeasement, would Adolf Hitler have been as successful as he was in overrunning Europe? pleease help me with this

    asked by y912f
  107. Math

    Two coins are tossed in order. What is the probability of getting a head on the first coin and then getting a tail on the second coin?

    asked by Maya
  108. spanish

    "¿Qué es un auxiliar de vuelo?" "Es un _____ de una línea aérea." a. piloto b. empleado c. aduanero d. pasajero B

    asked by y912f
  109. spanish

    "¿Adónde vas, Jorge?" "Voy a aquel quiosco para conseguir una _____ de Barcelona." a. aduana b. ventanilla c. escala d. guía D

    asked by y912f
  110. spanish

    "¿Tiened Uds. vuelos _____ a Málaga?" "No, lo siento, señora. Ud estará en Madrid por media hora y después saldrá para Málaga." a. procedentes de b. sin escala c. a mano d. sólo de ida B

    asked by y912f
  111. Social Studies*

    outline the achievements of Mary I I have got: Mary I was Henry VIII's and Catherine's eldest daughter and ELizabeth's stepsister. She defeated the army led by jane Grey by her Catholic forces. She becam queen of England in 1553 and launched a campaign to

    asked by Elina
  112. Math

    Suppose you have a bag containing two red marbles, two blue marbles, and two white marbles. You choose two marbles without looking. a. What is the probability that you will choose a red marble and then a blue marble without replacing the red one? b. What

    asked by D.
  113. relgion

    who was cain and able fathers

    asked by Alisha
  114. Math

    A coin purse contains 10 pennies, 5 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters. Two coins are selected without the first one being replaced. Find P(quarter, then nickel).

    asked by D.
  115. spanish

    "¡Tienes muchas maletas, Julia!" "Sí. Tengo que _____ en el mostrador de la línea aérea." a. deshacerlas b. despegarlas c. facturarlas d. incluirlas C

    asked by y912f
  116. Math

    Two dice are rolled. Find the probability that a multiple of three is rolled on one die and an even number is rolled on the second die.

    asked by D.
  117. math

    Tell whether the events are independent or dependent. Explain. selecting a compact disc from a storage case and then selecting a second disc without replacing the first.

    asked by Maya
  118. mathematics

    2 2/3 + 1 1/5 / 6 2/5 giviing your ans as a common fraction. Is the ans = 13/24

    asked by Nadea