Questions Asked on
June 8, 2009

  1. Physics

    Two dogs pull horizontally on ropes attached to a post; the angle problem 1 between the ropes is 60.0 degrees. If dog A exerts a force of 270N and dog B exerts a force of 300N find the magnitude of the resultant force and the angle it makes with dog A's

    asked by Sarah
  2. Physics

    You swing a 2.2 kg stone in a circle of radius 75 cm. At what speed should you swing it so its centripetal acceleration will be 9.8 m/s^2 so if i do a=w^2 R.... and i plug everything in so... 9.8 = w^2 (75) 9.8 (-75) = w^2 735 = w^2 Square root (735) and

    asked by Sarah
  3. english

    okay i need a metaphor for confusion, excitement, happiness and hopefulness please help me.

    asked by elina
  4. english

    I need a metaphor for extreme joy, repugnance, clarity, confusion, excitement, contentment, and optimism. For smallness i have she was a spider, unnoticed by all, spinning her web among the endless, towering redwoods

    asked by elina
  5. chemistry

    Base your answer on the following redox reaction, which occurs spontaneously in an electrochemical cell. Zn + Cr3+ --> Zn2+ + Cr Write the half-reaction for the reduction that occurs.

    asked by Mike
  6. Physics

    A Ferris wheel with radius 14.0m is tuurning about a horizontal axis through its center. The linear speed of a passenger on the rin is constant and equal to 7.00 m/s. Whatare the magnitude and direction of the passengers acclerations as she passes through

    asked by Sarah
  7. Chemistry! URGENT!

    Calculate the solubility, in molL―1, of lead sulfate, PbSO4, in a 0.0185 M solution of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4 . Ksp (PbSO4) = 1.6 x 10―8 I get 8 x 10^-9...but that is not right! Thanks!

    asked by Critical
  8. math

    f(x)= -9x-10 What is the slope and the y-intercept I have no idea how to do this. Please help 6x+7y=39 x=50-6y what is the solution of the system

    asked by janay1978

    The Call of the Wild, what valiant, tragic figure among the dogs must finally be put down for the good of the lives of the team

    asked by NET
  10. Statistics-Concept Question

    I have a stats exam tomorrow and I understand the material pretty well, but i sort of get confused. because my homework comes from a section, i know what formulas to use, but i took a practice test and i'm having a hard time identifying whether a problem

    asked by Katie
  11. Chemistry 101

    This is a different question then asked before,I had lab where I mixed 1.365 NaCL + AgNO3-->2.6242 AgCl. The 2 questions that I need help finding the answers to are: How much salt should be used to cause all of the silver nitrate to react? How much silver

    asked by Gweedo8
  12. Chemistry 101

    I had a snag from a question I asked yesterday, here is the thread. (My snag being the final post) I am trying to find the theoretical yield for this lab I am working on. The steps to finidng it would be great. In my lab I took 40mls of H2O + 4g of AgNO3+

    asked by Gweedo8
  13. spanish

    "Buenas tardes, señores. ¡Bienvenidos al Hotel del Mar!" "Buenas tardes. Tenemos una reservación para _____!" a. una habitación doble b. una oficina de turismo c. una casa de cambio d. una aduanera A

    asked by y912
  14. trig

    Find arcsin [cos (Pi/2)] The answer is 0. How do you solve this problem? Thanks.

    asked by Chris
  15. social studies

    The Ganges river flows through the southern part of asia and crosses the country of India. What makes the Ganges River different from other rivers/

    asked by KLK
  16. English

    I have 100 dollars. I have 100 pounds. I have 100 pesos. I have 100 euros. I have 100 yen. I have 100 won. I have 100 yuan. (Are all correct? Don't we need to capitalize the first letter in each money name? What about the plural forms? Are all correct? Do

    asked by John
  17. Algebra

    Beth is a bush pilot in Alaska. On a recent trip, she flew 600 miles with a tail wind in four hours. On the return trip, it took five hours to fly the 600 miles against the wind. Find the speed of the plane with no wind. Could you please explain how to

    asked by Delia
  18. english

    Hello, have anyone ever read a story called " Don't know much about art" by Simon Brett? The question is what is a theme for a story and how it is appropriate?

    asked by Yana
  19. English

    1. We made side dishes with the ingredients we had. 2. We cooked side dishes with the ingredients we had. (Are both OK?) 3. What is the difference between 'bonfire' and 'campfire'? 4. We did the clean-up activity at the Han River. 5. We did the clean-up

    asked by John
  20. chemistry

    Find the pH of 0.1moles of carbonic acid dissolved in 250ml of water some help would be greatly appreciated!

    asked by sara
  21. spanish

    "¿Qué le regaló tu madre a tu padre para su aniversario?" "Le dio _____." a. una pantalla gigante b. un bosque c. una rodilla d. un río A

    asked by y912
  22. French

    1. Should it be "les quatre dernières années" or "les quatre années dernières?" 2. How does one say in French "you have influenced me to create..." merci!

    asked by MK
  23. Math

    2x + 5y = 8 5x + 2y = 1 Are the line parrallel, perpendicular, or neither the answer I got was parrallel someone please help me if I am wrong. Find the domain of the function g(x) = 2/1-5x

    asked by janay1978
  24. physics

    a mass is released from rest from a height of 4m. it slides down a frictionless ramp then along a 20 degree incline section of rough track. how far does it slide along the incline before coming to rest? friction coeficient= .2 ? help! thanks!

    asked by mary
  25. Math

    I need some help. Here is the problem: Give an estimate for the following expression. Then state whether you believe that the exact answer is greater than or less than the estimate. Explain how you decided. Here is what I have for an answer so far: 978*66

    asked by B.B.
  26. college

    In general, think of ways that information systems add value to companies like Bead Bar, the company introduced on p. 2 of your text. How can information systems affect a company’s bottom line (such as financial performance)? What other nonfinancial

    asked by Anonymous
  27. spanish

    "¿A qué quieres dedicarte en el futuro?" "Me gustaría ser _____ porque me gustan mucho los animales." a. deportista b. veterinaria c. bailarina d. astronauta B

    asked by y912
  28. Algebra 2

    Could you please show me step by step how to solve this problem? Suppose that the equation of an ellipse is 36X^2 + 81y^2 = 2916 Find the major and minor radii. Use these numbers and the realtionship in problem 11 to calculate c, the focal readius for this

    asked by Algebra 2
  29. Algebra

    Pretend the parentheses are absolute value bars. What is the graph of y = (x) and its translation to the graph of y = (x + 3)+1? I know I can't post the graph picture here, but I'm confuzzled on how to solve the problem. Please explain how! Thank you so

    asked by Delia
  30. english 8

    could someone give me a metaphor which descrbes happiness

    asked by angelica
  31. Roman History

    We're having a map quiz and we have to name all these different places in Latin. What is the Latin name for Mount Olympus? Thanks for your help.

    asked by Kaila
  32. Social Studies (France and nuclear arms)

    can anyone educate me about why france should have the right to nuclear arms?? and be specific about what the arms and rights are? please please please! i need to argue about it. thank you!

    asked by ellie
  33. grammar

    the emotinal association that a word has is called A)connotation b)denotation c)detection D)expression

    asked by alley
  34. english

    can u please give me a metaphor for happiness. mathmate can u help me on this?

    asked by elina
  35. 12th grade

    If the height of a triangle is 5, How long is each side? Formula?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. english

    Connect each pair of sentences in two of the following ways: (a)join thm with semicolon or colon, (b)join them with a coordinating conjuction, (c)reduce one to a phrase or dependent clase, or(d)integrate one clause into the other. Sentences: 1. ur national

    asked by brittany
  37. spanish

    "¿Quién te hizo las _____ para el viaje?" "La agente de viajes." a. maletas b. reservaciones c. escalas d. habitacions i'm not sure, but i think it's B

    asked by y912
  38. Math!

    Consider the integral from 3 to 6 S(2x^2+4x+3)dx (a) Find the Riemann sum for this integral using right endpoints and n=3. (b) Find the Riemann sum for this same integral, using left endpoints and n=3.

    asked by <3
  39. english

    Doe this relevant to the crime and relevant to social class? This is based on "Don't know much about crime" story. I can't find anything about hatchback car. And other thing, Englihman says Billy "sticks out like a sore thumb" what does it mean and does it

    asked by Yana
  40. English

    If I was to say, "Please write an "M" on your paper." Why isn't it a "M" since "M" is not a vowel?

    asked by Mary
  41. Calculus

    f(x)=sin^(7)x The 7 is an exponent and the x is not. Find the derivative.

    asked by gnozahs
  42. 5th grade

    How do the people use the land along the Chang Jiang?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    If a group of data has a mean of 19 and a standard deviation of 77.8, what is the interval that should contain at least 88.9% of the data?

    asked by Rachel
  44. english PLEASE HEP

    Connect each pair of senences by including a traditional word or phrase and any necessary punctuation. Sentences: 1.Discoveries in neuroscience have yielded many benefit.Researchers have developed medication for schizophrenia and Tourette's syndrome. 2.

    asked by martha
  45. math

    Elimination Method 3r - 2s = 0 2r + 3s = 13 What is the solution system?

    asked by janay1978
  46. Math!

    Use the Midpoint Rule to approximate the integral from 2 to 7 S(–3x–7x^2)dx with n=3.

    asked by <3
  47. English

    1. I bought a 50 $ shirt and a 5 $ socks. 2. I bought a fifty-dollar shirt and a 5 - dollar socks. (Are both correct and grammatical? If any mistakes, correct them,plese.)

    asked by John
  48. socials

    could you describe Geneva as governed by Calvin

    asked by elina
  49. Calculus (repost)

    This problem uses a TI-89 calculator) Find the largest and smallest values of the following function on their given intervals: y=(cos x)^x [-1.5, 4.75] This is what I put in the calculator (home screen): fMin((cos(x))^x,x I -1.5 < x < 4.75 (I = "with"

    asked by Anonymous
  50. spanish

    "¿Cuál era la profesión de tu abuelo?" "él ______ a la política." a. se dedicaba b. se dedica c. se dedicará d. se dedican B

    asked by y912
  51. grammar

    run on sentences i cant figure out which one is a run on sentence. A)while he watched the video cassette of last weeks play, joseph concentrated on his performance or B)i don't think that henry will be able to attend college until the fall.

    asked by alley
  52. ms sue ''please help'' socials

    Why do u think many people embraced Calvin's rules of conduct? Why would some reject them

    asked by elina
  53. college interview question

    how will you answer this is i don't regret something Is there anything that you regret doing (or not doing) during high school?

    asked by kate
  54. spanish

    "¿Cómo se llama la _____ de esta novela?" "Isabel Aliende la escribió." a. obrera b. deportista c. escritora d. abogada C

    asked by y912
  55. grammar

    the emotinal association that a word has is called A)connotation b)denotation c)detection D)expression a or d

    asked by alley
  56. spanish

    Quiero ser técnico de computadora porque me interesa _____. a. la tecnología b. los negocios c. la política d. el espacio A

    asked by y912
  57. spanish

    "Mi coche no funciona bien. ¿Qué debo hacer?" "NO hay problema. Mi padre es un buen _____." a. político b. juez c. mecaníco d. obrero C

    asked by y912
  58. spanish

    "Papá, ¿cuándo vamos a salir para Buenos Aires?" "El avión va a despegar ahora. Por favor, _____ el cinturón de seguridad." a. abróchese b. te abrochas c. abróchate d. te abrochaste "Papa, when are we leaving for Buenes Aires?" "The airplane is

    asked by y912
  59. hhs 265 math accounting

    The following data represent total personnel expenses for the Palmdale Human Service Agency for past four fiscal years: 20X1 $5,250,000 20X2 $5,500,000 20X3 $6,000,000 20X4 $6,750,000 Forecast personnel expenses for fiscal year 20X5 using moving averages,

    asked by kristina
  60. English

    How would you make the last name "Busch" plural? I think Busches. How would you make the last name "Rothfus" plural? I think Rothfuses.

    asked by Mary
  61. english

    Connect each pair of senences by including a traditional word or phrase and any necessary punctuation. Sentences: 1.Discoveries in neuroscience have yielded many benefit.Researchers have developed medication for schizophrenia and Tourette's syndrome. 2.

    asked by martha
  62. Math

    How can I prove that sqrt(x) > ln x when x > 0? I can quickly see this graphically and intuitively, but how do I do a proof?

    asked by Sean
  63. check

    Connect each pair of senences by including a traditional word or phrase and any necessary punctuation. Sentences: 1.Discoveries in neuroscience have yielded many benefit.Researchers have developed medication for schizophrenia and Tourette's syndrome. 2.

    asked by martha
  64. socials

    I'm doing a title page for this chapter, which is Emergence of the Nation-State, what pictures could I add on my title, could u provide me image sites

    asked by elina MS Sue Please Help Me
  65. spanish

    "¿A qué se dedica tu padre?" "Es _____ de computadoras." a. mecánico b. obrero c. escritor d. técnico D

    asked by y912
  66. English

    1. I drew spending charts on the word processor Hangeul. 2. I drew spening habits charts on Hangeul. 3. I drew spening habit cahrts on Hangeul. 4. I drew spending-ha!@#$%^&arts on Hangeul. (Are the sentences correct? Which ones are right expressions?)

    asked by John
  67. spanish

    "¿Cómo puedo ayudar a proteger el medio ambiente?" "Pues, puedes participar en un programa de _____." a. tráfico b. reciclaje c. guerra d. compras B

    asked by y912
  68. spanish

    "¿Qué pasará en el futuro si no reciclamos el cartón y los papeles ahora?" "Creo que no _____ muchos bosques en la Tierra." a. habrá b. sabrá c. tendrá d. podrá please explain the question and the choices thanks

    asked by y912
  69. French

    "a huge interest in the culture" would that be "un grand interet dans la culture?" or is there a better way to phrase it? Thanks

    asked by MK
  70. check

    Revise each frag. by attaching it to a related sentence or by recasting it as a full sentence. Sentences: 1.The first person to produce an artifical dye comercially was William Perkin. A nineteen-year-old Englishman. 2. Many food producers package their

    asked by Angela
  71. Latin

    Are verbs such as movere third conjugation because its thirt principle part is movi, not movui?

    asked by Mike
  72. Math

    Find the measure of the reference angle for 400 degrees. I did the work and got 40 degrees, is this right?

    asked by Sophie
  73. math 116

    soybean meal is 18% protein; cornmeal is 9% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360-lb mixture tha is 14% protein? how many lbs of the cornemeal should be in the mixture and how many pounds of the soybean should be in

    asked by janay1978
  74. spanish

    Para ser veterinario(a), es necesario tener mucha experiencia y _____. a. desventajas b. educación c. latas d. guerra B

    asked by y912

    I actually have a Hp Game Console thing on my computer and you can play some free games on it, but some you have to install, The free sessions for them run out. This game is not on a website I have it on my computer

    asked by elina
  76. Basic Info

    What is Canadian Ben Heppner's occupation?

    asked by Austin
  77. Literature question

    I've recently read the book You Don't Know Me by David Klass. But in the book it never said the setting (what state is this taking place in). If you recently read the book could you please tell me the setting.

    asked by Rita
  78. Chemistry Conductivity

    In my homework the teacher asks for us to use conductivity variables and explain why whole milk would have a different conductivity then skim milk. He really does not give us the information or on any math to back this up so to me it seems the answer is

    asked by Juggernaut
  79. math

    A,B,C, and D are sitting along one side of a table. In how many different orders could the four friends be sitting?

    asked by Ri
  80. MS SUE PLEASE HELP socials


    asked by elina
  81. grammar

    is this a run on sentence? i wanted to plant some new flowers this year it would add color to my yard. i think it is.

    asked by alley
  82. Math

    What method would be used in financial reporting and would not involve salvage value until the last year of an asset's useful life?

    asked by Laurie
  83. English

    One of the proverbs I have to explain "a word is sufficient for a wise man." Does this mean people shouldn't go on and on and on when talking if one word will do?

    asked by Lyss
  84. spanish

    "¿Qué quisieras para el mundo del futuro?" "Quisiera tener _____ en la Tierra." a. la Luna b. guerras c. paz d. desventajas C

    asked by y912
  85. spanish

    "¿Qué harás con esos periódicos viejos?" "Los _____ en la basura." a. haré b. podré c. sabré d. echaré D

    asked by y912
  86. Thank you.

    There is no question. Thanks for your help.

    asked by Mary
  87. spanish

    "Perdone, señor. ¿Puede decirme dónde puedo cambiar cheques de viajero?" "Ud. puede cambiarlos en _____." a. la casa de cambio b. la terminal de equipaje c. las reservaciones d. la tarjela de embarque A

    asked by y912
  88. spanish

    "Tengo mucha sed, mamá. ¿Dónde está la auxiliar de vuelo?" "_____ paciente. Está ayundando a otros pasajeros." a. sal b. ve c. ten d. sé "I'm very thirsty, mom. Where is the flight attendent?" "_____ patient. They're helping the other passengers."

    asked by y912
  89. Science

    Is a frog's(not a specific specie) scientific name Animalia Chordata Amphibia Anura?

    asked by Kierra
  90. Math

    If Σ 1/k^2 from k=1 to infinity = pi^2/6 Use that to show that Σ 1/(2k-1)^2 from k=1 to infinity = pi^2/8

    asked by Sean
  91. socials

    would I describe Geneva governed by Calvin as Strictly?

    asked by Ms Sue, please help;-)
  92. math

    Hi, What does it mean to find the 5% trimmed mean of a set of data? I understand what it means to find the 10%, butI don't understand how to calculate the mean if its trimmed 5%.

    asked by Janet
  93. arithmetic

    Help me understand Decimals place value

    asked by Ana
  94. spanish

    write this in spanish: A few months ago my teeth started hurting a lot. I went to the dentist's office to get them checked. Hace unos meses que mis dientes empezaron a lastimarme mucho. Fui a la oficina del dentista para tenerlos cuidados (inspeccionados?)

    asked by y912
  95. english

    what are some good sentences with prepositions!!

    asked by Anonymous
  96. spanish

    "¿Cómo quieres ganarte la vida en el futuro?" "_____ ser un hombre de negocios." a. Quisiera b. Me dedicaré c. Me ganaré la vida d. Era C

    asked by y912
  97. spanish

    "¿A qué se dedican los cantantes y los bailarines?" "_____" a. se dedican a la política b. se dedican a las computadoras c. se dedican a la música d. se dedican a los jueces C

    asked by y912
  98. spanish

    "¿Reciclan Uds. las latas aquí?" "No. Sólo reciclamos _____." a. la guerra y el cartón b. el vidrio y el cartón c. la paz y el vidrio d. el espacio y la paz B

    asked by y912
  99. spanish

    "¿Cómo podemos protegernos de los ladrones?" "Es necesario comprar _____." a. un teléfono con video b. el aire acondicionado solar c. un bosque d. un sistema de seguridad D

    asked by y912
  100. Math

    how do i tell the difference between a binomial distribution and a poisson distribution?

    asked by Katie
  101. spanish

    "¿Te gustaría ser astronauta?" "Sí. Quisiera _____ el espacio." a. contaminar b. echar c. explorar d. gastar C

    asked by y912
  102. Latin

    can you please check my declensions? socius soci socio socium socii sociorum sociis socios sociis gladius gladi gladio gladium gladio gladii gladiorum gladiis gladios gladiis Thanks for your help

    asked by Mike
  103. Math

    Find sin(sin^-1 1/4) is the answer 1/4?

    asked by Sophie
  104. algebra


    asked by chris
  105. home

    does installing games on your computer cost money

    asked by elina
  106. social studies

    What parts of the northwest territory were settled first, and which parts were settled later? Why do you think settlement followed this pattern?

    asked by KLK
  107. The Cruicible

    Hey!! I am looking for an idea for a skit on a modern version of The Crucible (e.i a skit regarding mass hysteria, it could be somewhat based on historical events) I am NOT LOOKING FOR AN ACTUAL SKIT i am only looking for ideas since i am really having

    asked by ME
  108. math

    x = -4 find the slope if it exists

    asked by janay1978
  109. math

    3x + 5y = 11 are (9,-3) a solution. the answer I got was no can someone please help me if that is incorrect.

    asked by janay1978
  110. math 116

    8x - (5x + 8) = 13

    asked by janay1978
  111. HOME

    if i install the game Cute Knight will it cost money

    asked by elina
  112. math 116

    soybean meal is 18% protein; cornmeal is 9% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360-lb mixture tha is 13% protein? How many LBS of the cornmeal should be in the mixture and how many lbs of the soybean meal should be in

    asked by janay1978
  113. Calculus

    (This problem uses a TI-89 calculator) Find the largest and smallest values of the following function on their given intervals: y=(cos x)^x [-1.5, 4.75] This is what I put in the calculator (home screen): fMin((cos(x))^x,x I -1.5 < x < 4.75 (I = "with"

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Criminal Justice

    what are some ways that DNA profiles, and fingerprints can be misused, and violate the rights of a citizen?

    asked by John
  115. Math


    asked by janay1978
  116. math


    asked by janay1978
  117. grammar

    when arranging ideas for a research paper, what type of order are you using if you write a paper on the planets, starting with the pkanet closet to earth? a)chronological b)spartial c)impotance d)logical i picked a im i right. which is the introduction of

    asked by alley
  118. english/poetry

    What poet/songwriter wrote these words? Like a bird on the wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free Like a worm on a hook Like a knight from some old-fashioned book I have saved all my ribbons for thee If I have been unkind I

    asked by angelica
  119. Algebra

    Pretend the parentheses are absolute value bars. Find the domain and range of y = -1/4(x) + 1 How would I figure this out? Thank you so much!

    asked by Delia
  120. social studies

    compare sixteenth-century Catholic Church and Protestant beliefs on 3 religious matters. thanx

    asked by elina
  121. math

    John read in the financial section of the newspaper that the price of a share of stock in the Blanko Corporation rose by $2. Which integer best represents the change in value?

    asked by m


    asked by elina
  123. French

    In "le maïs", what is the two dots on top of the i called in english?

    asked by Angie
  124. spanish

    "¿Qué pasará en el futuro si no reciclamos el cartón y los papeles ahora?" "Creo que no _____ muchos bosques en la Tierra." a. habrá b. sabrá c. tendrá d. podrá A

    asked by y912
  125. spanish

    "¿Crees que en el futuro _____ viajar a otros planetas?" "¡Claro que sí!" a. habremos b. tendermos c. haremos d. podremos D

    asked by y912
  126. Science

    What are the planets in order?

    asked by Jackie James
  127. spanish

    "Quisiera ser técnico de computadoras en el futuro." "Sí, pero ______ necesario estudair en la universidad por muchos años." a. será b. estará c. tendrás que d. habrá i'm not sure, but i think C

    asked by y912
  128. spanish

    "¿Creen los científicos que en el futuro el ser humano _____ vivir en el espacio por mucho tiempo?" "Creo que sí." a. sabrá b. hará c. viajará d. podrá D

    asked by y912
  129. spanish

    "¿Crees que habrá calefacción solar en todas las casas del futuro?" "Creo que sí. Es más _____." a. gigante b. económica c. automática d. eléctrica B

    asked by y912
  130. spanish

    "¿Crees que los coches del futuro serán más eficientes?" "Por supuesto. ¡Serán más caros, pero _____ menos el medio ambiente!" a. explorarán b. reducirán c. contaminarán d. separarán C

    asked by y912
  131. spanish

    "Qué le dijo tu _____ al juez?" "Le dijo que yo no maté a la víctima." a. mecánico b. abogado c. deportista d. escritor B

    asked by y912