Questions Asked on
June 2, 2009

  1. Algebra

    Write the interval notation corresponding to the set notation {x | x < –7}.

    asked by Rachale
  2. Math

    Find the ordered pair that represents the vector from A(-4.3,-0.9) to B(-2.8,0.2)? Then find the magnitude of AB. A. (1.5,1.1); 3.46 B. (-7.1, -0.7); 7.13 C. (1.5, 1.1); 1.86 D.(-7.1, -1.1); 7.18 I got C, is this right?

    asked by Sophie
  3. math

    The base of a triangle is 3 cm greater than the height. The area is 14cm^2. Find the length and height of the base.

    asked by Sadie
  4. jane

    1. a centripetal-acceleration addict rides in uniform circular motion with period T=2s and radius r=3m. at t1 his acceleration vector= 6(m/s^2)i + -4(m/s^2)j. At that instant, what are the values of vector b (dot) vector a and vector r (dot) vector a All I

    asked by physics
  5. college chem

    how many grams of NH4Cl are required to prepare 250 mL of .122 M NH4Cl solution? I set this up using the molarity equation and the part that I was missing is moles. So I divided the 0.122 by .25 L and got .031 mol. Then I took that and multiplied it by the

    asked by kelly
  6. earth science

    1. What observations show that the universe is expanding? 2. What can astronomers infer from the fact that other galaxies are moving away from ours? Please help! Thanks :)

    asked by bunni
  7. spanish

    Para aprender bien el español, uno debe ir a algún país donde _____ español. a. hablas b. se habla c. te hablas d. se afeita In order to to learn well Spanish, one should to go to some country where _____ Spanish. is spoken B--se habla

    asked by y912f
  8. Radioactivity

    When first discovered alpha, beta, and gamma radioactivity were referred to as alpha rays, beta rays, and gamma rays. Now we refer to alpha particles and beta particles, but still use the term gamma rays. What type of particles are alpha and beta commonly

    asked by Lana
  9. English

    1. We did the clean-up activities near the Nakdong River. 2. We picked up garbage at Haeundae Beach. 3. We picked up trash and put it into a plastic bag. 4. We mopped the floors of the building. 5. We sweeped the floor and cleaned it with a mop. 6. We

    asked by John
  10. Grade 8 Math

    How can you use the measures of the interior angles of regular polygons to show that a platonic solid cannot be made from regular polygons that have more than five sides?

    asked by Al
  11. social studies

    after the 1800's what type of manufacturing was chicago know for?

    asked by kyle
  12. Physics

    v(subscript)t = g/k, describe the effects that changing the value of k would have on the terminal velocity of the object. v(subscript)t is terminal velocity, k is a constant dependent on the size and shape of the falling object. Help, please.

    asked by Stacy
  13. Math

    A 6.4 ton military fighter must land on a flight strip. If the plane lands at a speed of 368 mph, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.72 between the wheels and the ground. If the runway must be at least 150% as long as the shortest possible

    asked by Chelsea
  14. Math

    It is found that 99% of a particular design of sport parachute have k-values greater than or equal to 1.650/s. If the mean value of k is 1.730/s, determine, to the nearest thousandth, the standard deviation of the distribution of k-values. Help, thank-you!

    asked by Sydney
  15. multiplying exponents

    what is X^2sqrt(X) Is it X^(2+0.5)=X^(5/2) because if it is then why don't my numbers match? Say x=2. X^2sqrt(X)--> 4*2=8 X^(5/2)=5.66

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English

    1. I went to Children's Grand Park. I rode a roller coaster. I learned how to ride some play things. 2. I went to China with my family. I visited the Great Wall. I learned the history of the Great Wall. 3. I went to the English Summer Camp. I met new

    asked by John
  17. Social Studies

    Vietnam War website suggestions?

    asked by Lexi
  18. English

    * According to the spacing rules, write the following sentence again in the blank. 1. Iamapoliceofficer. -> __________________ (Is the expression correct?) * I have sent the MTCN number to you with my cell phone. However, you can not verify the name of the

    asked by John
  19. 1st grade

    He and I was taking the dog for a walk. can i used that for a sentence?

    asked by dawn
  20. US History

    What events triggered the Civil War and what effects did it have on the nation? I need three. So far I have slavery and secession. Thank you!

    asked by amanda
  21. Math

    How do you use math induction to prove 3^n > 2n ? Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  22. English III

    Okay so I am reading the book The Scarlet Letter and it is like really boring, so far. I am about a chapter in and my homework is really hard! I have to read a sentence the packet gives me and interpret the darn thing. It's driving me insane because these

    asked by Cris
  23. hca250

    Compare and contrast adjusted book value with market value.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. College Preparation

    I'm trying to major in history or journalism. Should I take trigonometry, or do you think that's not needed? I know it varies from school to school, but overall, do you think I'll be fine without trig?

    asked by Max
  25. english

    A few of the children on the street played soccer they kickedthe ball against a brick wall.

    asked by lisa
  26. International Business

    What are the current challenges facing the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

    asked by David
  27. HCS

    Are there any disease prevention measures from early times that are still in use today? Why do you think some preventive measures from the past were discarded?

    asked by Nicole
  28. math

    Are all linear equations functions? Is there an instance in which a linear equation is not a function?

    asked by scooby9132002
  29. Math

    A 6.4 ton military fighter must land on a flight strip. If the plane lands at a speed of 368 mph, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.72 between the wheels and the ground. If the runway must be at least 150% as long as the shortest possible

    asked by Chelsea
  30. Music

    I need to know the difference between rhythm, beat and pitch in the song Amazing Grace

    asked by Laura
  31. science

    unscramble hicclame

    asked by tim
  32. Math

    If it takes 4 people 20 days to build a house, how long does it take 6 people. I know the answer is 15 days, but for the life of me I can't figure out the formula for it.

    asked by Will
  33. Algebra

    Please solve for the interval notation corresponding to the set notation {x | x < –7}

    asked by Jen
  34. International Business

    1. Construct a quantitative example to illustrate the principle of comparative advantage. 2.What are dynamic effects of free trade and why might they be important?

    asked by David
  35. spanish

    "pilar, ¡me gusta mucho tu cadena nueva!" "Gracias. ¡_____ de oro!" a. son b. fue c. era d. es can you please explain the meaning of the question, and how each answer choice would fit in the blank thanks

    asked by y912f
  36. spanish

    "¡Hay un incendio en la cocina! ¿Qué debo hacer?" "¡Pues, debes llamar a _____!" a. los servicios b. los bomberos c. la caja d. los ascensores "There is a fire in the kitchen!" "What should I do?" "Well, you should call _____!" firefighters B

    asked by y912f
  37. spanish

    "¿Te gusta la casa nueva de los García?" "Sí, me gusta su casa, pero prefiero _____." a. la nuestra b. el nuestro c. nuestra d. nuestro i think this is the meaning of the question: "Do you like the Garcia's new house?" "Yes, I like their house, but I

    asked by y912f
  38. spanish

    "Perdone Ud. ¿Podría _____ dónde queda un quiosco?" "Sí. Hay uno en esta calle, a una cuadra de aquí." a. indicarme b. seguirme c. perdonarme d. comprarme "Pardon me. Could you _____ where a news stand is located? "Yes. There is one on that street, at

    asked by y912f
  39. spanish

    "¡Hace mucho calor! Quiero comer algo muy frío." "Pues, ¡vamos a _____!" a. la carnicería b. la estación de bomberos c. la carretera d. la heladería "It's very hot out! I want to eat something very cold." "Well, let's go to a _____!" ice cream shop

    asked by y912f
  40. spanish

    "Perdone, señor. ¿Dónde están los servicios?" "Están _____ de la tienda, en la sección de ropa para caballeros." a. en el mostrador b. al fondo c. en la escalera d. en la caja "Pardon me. Where are the restrooms?" "They are _____ of the store, in the

    asked by y912f
  41. microeconomics

    What is public good? Provide examples. What issues are involved in determining the value of public good to society?

    asked by susan
  42. spanish

    "Héctor, ¿vamos al centro para hacer las compras mañana?" "No puedo. ¡Siempre _____ mucho dinero cuando voy de compras!" a. vendo b. me maquillo c. ahorro d. gasto "Do you want to go to the downtown to shop tomorrow?" No, I won't be able to. Always

    asked by y912f
  43. spanish

    "¡Alfredo, tu dormitorio es un desastre hoy!" "Tienes razón, mamá. No _____ muy limpio hoy." a. es b. está c. eres d. estás "Your bedroom is a disaster today!" "Youre right, mom. Not _____ very clean today." B?

    asked by y912f
  44. Cultural Diversity

    Explain the difference between Muslims and Arabs. o According to current (within the past two years) research and news reports, what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of

    asked by Rachel
  45. chemistry

    Is it possible for hydrated sodium carbonate to continue to absorb water?

    asked by Michelle
  46. Hipaa and medical coding

    What affects does HIPAA have on medical coding? I have a project to do on this, can you help me out?

    asked by eugenia
  47. nutrition and wellness

    what is a good diet for a teenager to follow, that can help you lose weight easily? i just want to know what is a good and healthy diet, what should you eat each day (to help lose weight), and is it necessary to skip meals. please give me good (specific)

    asked by y912f
  48. Beta particles

    what are the sings of the charges on the beta particles? one of my frends says it 0. the other one says its +1 and -1. but i think its -1. now im not shure. can some1 verify. thanks.

    asked by Tiffany
  49. momentum

    do gamma rays carry momentum? i thought they don't because they don't have mass so mv=0 but my frend says even tho they don't have mass they still carry momentum. how does this make sense? please help.

    asked by Tiffany
  50. business/daycare

    please tell me where and how i can find daycare equipment on low prices or on sale in the Atlanta Georgia area. i don't know where to look for basic daycare equipment like tables, chairs, boards, sleeping mats, and playground equipment for children of ages

    asked by y912f
  51. Literacy

    I don't exactly live in america, but im in year 5, which i think is grade 5 in america. But i have a really desperate question i need to ask.... When a word ends in "Phobia" what kind of word is it? is it a noun, adjective verb? can you please tell me?

    asked by Alan
  52. Philosophy

    Do you know any good websites where I can find information about the capitalist economic/political system in the US as well as in Denmark and/or France? I tried google but I haven't found a great site or I'm usually given a sentence or 2 about the topic.

    asked by Montega
  53. Algebra

    Collect like terms 6x-8x Is this -2x?

    asked by Sadie
  54. Math

    Find an equation of the line that bisects the obtuse angles formed by the lines with equations 3x-y=1 and x+y=-2. a. (3√2 +√10)x-(√10 + √2)y-2√10+√2=0 b. (3√2 - √10)x+(√10 - √2)y+2√10+√2=0 c. (3√2 + √10)x+(√10 - √2)y+2√10

    asked by Sophie
  55. science

    how do i draw a diagram to show the meaning of the term newton? Use the 1-kg mass in the drawing. It must show the gravitational pull

    asked by Twilight lover
  56. algebra

    10x^9-10x^7+25x^3/5x^3 Please Help.

    asked by Sadie
  57. Algebra


    asked by Sadie
  58. Regression

    Hi, Can anyone help me with a regression problem, I am doing energy species hypothesis ... I have calculated data and from f value of 22.39 have found the sq root of 4.73. 4.73 is significant at 1% c = f (x) = 0x + 2.2 ( not sure what this output means) I

    asked by Gary
  59. Algebra

    Multiply: (9-4x^3)^2

    asked by Sadie
  60. drama

    What does romeo think of love? (romeo and juliet)

    asked by leslie
  61. English

    1. We learned how to give first aid to an injured person. 2. We practiced CPR. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) 3. We practiced how to help people in danger. 4. We practiced how to help the handicapped. 5. We practiced how to take care of the sick. 6. We

    asked by John
  62. english

    wat is a topic

    asked by sarahi almenda
  63. science

    i need helping answering this homework question on magnetism: which of the following will induce a current in a nearby circuit? A. any magnetic field B. an electromagnet with varying current C. an unchanging electromagnet D. a powerful, unmoving horseshoe

    asked by leslie
  64. college


    asked by SANDRA
  65. Literature (Quick n fast question)

    Could you give me a website to find chapter summaries and the setting of the story Children of the River by Linda Crew. Thanks for all your help.

    asked by Taylor
  66. Need someone's opinion

    If you had to pick any 2 books which would you pick because I have to read two books over the summer and write two reports. I don't know which two I want to read. I like books that have a shocking ending, and I like books that have action and mystery.

    asked by Taylor
  67. Math

    What do I get when I change the fraction 38/8 to a mixed number and reduce to its lowest terms?

    asked by Laurie
  68. U.S history

    I need help.. My exams are coming up and I need some help. I have to explain the evens that led and ocurred in the spanish American war.. Please help me.. Thank you!

    asked by Amy
  69. math

    Convert to decimal notation: 10^-2

    asked by Sadie
  70. Math

    What do you get when you multiply the mixed number 4 2/7 by the mixed number 6 2/5 and reduce to its lowest terms?

    asked by Laurie


    asked by HAILEE
  72. French

    Why is it that when you say "Je joue au hockey" you can't use le hockey?

    asked by Angie
  73. Chemistry

    Is the molar mass of SiO2 60 g/mol (I took the molar mass of Silicon-28, and added Oxygen's atmoic mass-16 and doubled it since it's diatomic). Thanks for checking my work.

    asked by Narasaq
  74. trig

    cosx/1-tanx + sinx/1-cotx = sinx =cosx

    asked by coolcat
  75. trig

    sorry the first one I put in had a typo cosx/1-tanx + sinx/1-cotx = sinx +cosx

    asked by coolcat
  76. Chemistry

    How many grams does 3.45 moles of FeCl3 weigh? I got 162.2 grams.

    asked by Narasaq
  77. Math

    What is the simple interest on a loan of $18,500 at 11% interest for 18 months?

    asked by Laurie
  78. french

    unscramble french words: ssaadel,sstredse,iossbnso

    asked by carla
  79. Chemistry

    i need help with a rate law question: The reaction is 2ClO2(aq) + 2OH -(aq)---> ClO3-(aq)+ ClO2-(aq) + H2O(l) Experiment 1: [ClO2]0= 0.0500 [OH-]0= 0.100 INITIAL RATE= 5.75*10^-2 Experiment 2: [ClO2]0= 0.100 [OH-]0= 0.100 INITIAL RATE= 2.30*10^-1

    asked by Saira
  80. Math

    Calculate the distance between the points -2/3 and 3/4 on the number line. Please show how you come to the answer.

    asked by Breanna
  81. Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in 12 grams of Carbon? 12 grams 12.01 moles 6.02x10^23mol x x 1 gram 1 atom = 867.6024 Is this correct?

    asked by Narasaq
  82. college chem

    Two questions where I have to write a balanced net ionic equation. 1. Write a balanced net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of sodium chromate and silver nitrate are mixed 2. Write a balanced net ionic equaion reaction for

    asked by kelly
  83. college chem

    how many milliliters of 0.200 M Na2S2O3 are needed to provide 0.0388 mol Na2S2O3?

    asked by kelly
  84. 7th grade

    I need to find out the missing variable. 10 x n - 55 = 155 n=

    asked by Kim
  85. civics I

    once a bill is passed by congress and signed into law by the president can it be changed?

    asked by Matt
  86. hum 130

    Is indigenous religion in australia still practiced today?

    asked by allison
  87. Chemistry

    I am trying to figure out how many atoms are in 4.2 moles of BaO. I took 4.2 moles and multiplied it by 1/109.32, resulting in .038. Is this correct? Thanks hopefully this will be the final one.

    asked by Narasaq
  88. math

    how to find a mean of a ratio? how to do a nice fraction close to a mean?

    asked by michele
  89. history/vietnam war

    After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Americans drew very different “lessons” from the experience of defeat in Vietnam. Analyze how the country polarized politically around some of the meanings and “lessons” of the Vietnam War? ( how hawks & doves

    asked by brooke
  90. Algebra

    Okay, I have the first step, but after that, they ask me to expand and I'm not sure where they're getting the next numbers from. Original question: (-3- sqrt(-7))^2 Now, my first step should be: (-3-i sqrt(7))^2 After that, I'm lost. I see what they're

    asked by Kay
  91. Physical Science

    Almost all the water vapor in the atmosphere is in the exosphere, ionosphere, stratopause, or troposphere?

    asked by Sal
  92. Latin

    Is this the correct declension of mater? Mater Matri Matro Matrum Matro Matri Matrorum Matris Matros Matris ~thanks

    asked by Elussiat
  93. English

    How do you spend your money? - I spend my money on _______. 1. novel books, poem books, essay books 2. novels, poems, essays. (In the blank, which ones are suitable, #1 or #2? Thank you.)

    asked by John