Questions Asked on
May 26, 2009

  1. Physics

    Two stunt drivers drive directly toward each other. At time t=0 the two cars are a distance D apart, car 1 is at rest, and car 2 is moving to the left with speed v_0. Car 1 begins to move at t=0, speeding up with a constant acceleration a_x. Car 2

    asked by RJ
  2. Chemistry

    Which element has no stable isotopes? 1. (subscript)27 Co 2. (subscript)51 Sb 3. (subscript)90 Th 4. (subscript)82 Pb I believe it's either 2 or 3, but I can't decide which. I'm not sure how to go about answering this question, how can you tell which have

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Pre-Algebra

    Is this correct? Which of the following best describes every parallelogram? A. a quadrilateral with only one pair of congruent sides B. a quadrilateral with only one pair of congruent angles C. a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel D.

    asked by mysterychicken
  4. Physics

    A person makes a quantity of iced tea by mixing 500g of hot tea(c=4190J/(Kg.k) with an equal mass of ice(T=0c, L=333KJ/Kg). assume that mixture has negligible energy exchange with environment. If tea's initial temperature is 90c, then what is the

    asked by sid

    Predict which solvent will dissolve more of the given solute: a) Sodium Chloride in methanol (CH3OH) or in 1-propanol (CH3Ch2Ch2OH) Ans. I believe that sodium chloride would dissolve readily in methanol b) Ethylene glycol (HOCh2Ch2OH) in hexane

    asked by Ashley
  6. math

    The LCD for the fractions 1/3, 3/4, 5/32, and 8/9 is A. 24. B. 64. C. 288. D. 3072. can u show me how to do this

    asked by k
  7. Microeconomics

    Suppose that the market labor supply and labor demand equations are given by Qs = 5W and Qd = 30 - 5W. The government has passed a law that subsidizes wages by $1 per hour. The equilibrium wage and quantity of labor with the subsidy is? $4 and 15 workers

    asked by Kathy
  8. math

    Peter begins his kindergarten year able to spell 10 words. he is going to learn to spell 2 new words every day. Write an inequality that can be used to determine how many days, D, it takes Peter to be able to spell at least 75 words. Use this inequality to

    asked by Anonymous
  9. goemetry

    a wheelchair ramp has a slope of 1/10.if its rise is 5 1/2 feet,what is its run?

    asked by geass
  10. Science - History

    Why do you think church authorities forced Galileo to deny his ideas on the universe? To point out, Galileo was the first guy who believed that the universe was heliocentric, and when he tried to convince others, he was tortured, so he took back his words

    asked by Kiska
  11. Math

    I need help with these three problems. They are on a Study Guide and I need some refreshing up of how to do them. 17. Solve the equation using the zero product property... -8n(5n+3) 19. Solve the equation by factoring 5z^2-2z-3=0 20. Solve the equation by

    asked by Amy
  12. Microeconomics

    The invention of a machine that increases milk production is discovered. If farmers were to decry the effect of this new technology on the price of milk and lobby government to set the price of milk at the price before the invention, what would be the

    asked by Kathy
  13. physics

    Carol drops a stone into a mine shaft 122.6 m deep. How soon after she drops the stone does she hear it hit the bottom of the shaft?

    asked by emily
  14. 12th grade Biology

    Consider the following animals: Earthworm Flatworm. Frog. Jellyfish. Lamprey. Tuna. Create a table of fundamental traits for these six animals as a basis for building a cladogram. Use traits that are either present or absent in a given organism. Use the

    asked by Harlowe
  15. math

    a wheelchair ramp has a slope of 1/10.if its rise is 5 1/2 feet,what is its run.

    asked by geass
  16. math

    the official height to width ratio of the united states flag is 1:1.9. if a united states flag is 9.5 feet wide,how high should it be?

    asked by help plz
  17. Physics

    Q: From the Bohr model of the Hydrogen atom, calculate the minimum amount of energy (in eV) an electron in the lowest orbital would need to free it from its proton (i.e., to ionize the atom). A: would I use the equation: En = - 13.6 / (n^2) ? If so, an an

    asked by Tracey
  18. Algebra

    How do you work this out? Going downstream a tugboat averages 17 kph. Coming back upstream its average speed is only 6 kph. How fast does the current flow? How fast is the tugboat going?

    asked by Jillian
  19. Biology

    Technology is equipment used to do something or make something. Biochemical technology or biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms for the formation of products useable by humans. Recombinant DNA technology is one type of biotechnology. List the

    asked by Winter
  20. Stats

    Five chips numbered 1-5 are placed in a jar. Two chips are drawn. Let Z= the sum of the numbers. WHat is the expected value of the random variable? I know I have to use E = np Can someone explain?

    asked by MW
  21. Pre-Algebra[URGENT]

    Need help on solving this one as well- A local telephone company charges $9.75 per month for basic service and $0.20 for each call made. You are allowed to spend more than $17.00 but less than $21.50 a month. What are the most calls you can make and remain

    asked by mysterychicken
  22. history

    please help Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching bust? a. overgrazing b. cattle thieves c. competition from Mexican ranchers d. invention of barbed wire C?

    asked by y912f
  23. math

    I need help with these three problems. They are on a Study Guide and I need some refreshing up of how to do them. 17. Solve the equation using the zero product property... -8n(5n+3) 19. Solve the equation by factoring 5z^2-2z-3=0 20. Solve the equation by

    asked by Amy
  24. Physics

    A beam of unknown charged particles passes at right angle to the direction of magnetic field of 9.0 10-2 T. If the speed of the particles is 3.0 104 m/s and force experienced by a particle is 8.64 10-16 N, how many electric charges are carried by one

    asked by Landon
  25. Microeconomics

    Which of the following is most likely to be true of economic and accounting profits? a. economic profits are less than accounting profits. b. accounting profits are less than economic profits. c.economic profits plus accounting profits equal zero. d.

    asked by Susan
  26. Chemistry

    sample of methane gas at 250K and 1.5atm has a volume of 3.0L. the temp change is 350K and volume is increased to 6.0L. what is the new pressure?

    asked by Mary
  27. 5th grade

    At Carver Elementary, there are 355 students altogether. The school has 25 more female students than males. How many males and females dose carver have?

    asked by chelsea
  28. Chemistry - Cell Notation

    Enter the balanced chemical equation including states that describes the electrochemical cell that is represented by the cell notation as shown. Pt(s) | F-(aq) | F2(g) || Cl-(aq), AuCl4-(aq) | Au(s) I'm having trouble balancing this... I get AuCl4- + 2F-

    asked by Kay
  29. math

    Hi, I am trying to solve a problem using Chebyshev's Theorem. The problem says that: A large sample of Northern Pike caught at Taltson Lake (Canada) showed that the average length was x (mean)=32.5 inches with sample standard deviation s=8.6 inches. a.)

    asked by Stella
  30. history

    The movement for multiculturalism called for increased a. attention to non-European cultures b. numerical targets for hiring women and minorities c. cuts in entitlement programs d. pressure on Americans to retire at age 65 help, please

    asked by y912f
  31. Algebra 2

    What are the dimensions of the smallest square that you can make using 18-in. by 24-in. rectangular tiles? A. 36-in. by 36-in. B. 144-in. by 144-in. C. 60-in. by 60-in. D. 72-in. by 72-in.

    asked by Quinisha
  32. Algebra

    I need help in finding the remainder when you divide 5x2 + 4x -40 by x-4.. (5x2 = 5x(2) I also need to know what is the completely factored form of 4x5 - 256x3 (4x5 = 4x(5) & 256x(3) I also need the solutions of the equation 1.5x2 - 4.5x = -3 Thank You

    asked by Jay10
  33. history

    The progressive movement focused mainly on the problems of a. African Americans b. urban residents c. tenan farmers d. nonunionized workers D?

    asked by y912f
  34. history

    What development helped women take their first steps toward public life? a. rise of labor unions b. laws giving women pay equal with that of men c. rise of national women's groups d. men's increased interest in women's rights C?

    asked by y912f
  35. 9th grade classes

    OK, here's a list of the subjects I think I want to take: English 1 Refresher Math Life Science, Biology, or Environmental Science...not sure which one would be the best?? I want to take Sociology for Social Sciences Health And Fine Arts is mandatory Sound

    asked by mysterychicken
  36. history

    What prompted the United States to enter the war in 1941? a. the imprisonment of Jews in German concentration camps b. the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor c. the pact that the Soviet Union signed with Germany d. Germany's invasion of the Rhineland help

    asked by y912f
  37. 8th grade

    What is the degree of -5a2b + 4a2 -2b +5 also I need help in finding the product of x + 5 and 3x -2. also what is the product of -4x2 and x3 + 2x2 -5x + 3....I need the solutions..Thank You for Your help

    asked by Jay10
  38. Latin

    are these declensions right? thanks for checking them. bonus rex bonis regis boni regi bonem regem bone rege reges bones (macrons on e's) regum bonum regibus bonibus reges bones (macrons) regibus bonibus mater meu Matris meuis matri meui matrem meum matre

    asked by Lorah
  39. Microeconomics

    What are the conditions for an oligolpolistic market? How do oligopolies determine the level or output at which they will produce? I know the three condition for a oligopoly market. 1. There has only a few large firms. 2.Market has high barriers to entry.

    asked by Susan
  40. algebra

    I'm working on solving linear systems by substitution, here are the equations: 4x+3=y and x=y-2 what is the sollution? and please show me the steps! thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Microeconomics

    The statement, "Assuming that if it is rational for one person to stand at a football game to get a better view then it is rational for everyone to stand at a football game to get a better view" is an example of: economic reasoning. the fallacy of

    asked by Kathy
  42. history

    my book shows me 3 graphs. One is Imperialism in Africa, c. 1900 that shows by 1900, European imperialist nations controlled vast amounts of territory in Africa. Second is Imperialism in Asia, c. 1900, that shows the U.S. and japan joined European nations

    asked by y912f
  43. Legal Aspects of Health Information

    A doctor applies for medical staff privileges at a hospital. What is the hospital administrator required to do?

    asked by Ella
  44. algebra

    Can you help me to find the product of -4x^2 and x^3 + 2x^2 - 5x + 3... and the solution to the equation of x^2 + 30x = 1000...I came up with -20 and 50 but I think it is wrong also can you help me to do the factorization of 6x^2 - 2x -20....Thank You

    asked by JT
  45. Pre-Algebra[URGENT]

    How would I solve this? Change 18.35 into a mixed number. Reduce your answer to lowest terms Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  46. history

    Which of the following was a sign of an unsound economy during the 1920s? a. personal debt was decreasing b. wages were keeping pace with production c. more goods were being produced than consumers could buy d. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was steady.

    asked by y912f
  47. Algebra

    What is the factorization of x2-15x+56...I think it is (x-7)(x+8)...please help

    asked by Jay10
  48. Microeconomics

    What are the condition for a perfectly competivie market? Name 3 products or services that may be found in a perfectly competitive market? I know that the market has four market characteristics, or am i not on the right track. I read a little and I still

    asked by Susan
  49. algebra

    can you help me find the roots of the polynominal of 5x^2 -x.... I also need help in finding the factorization of x^2 - 15x + 56 help in solving the the equation x^2 + 30x = 1000....thank you

    asked by fishboy
  50. art

    which of the following should you attempt when creating an animal portrait

    asked by sara styles
  51. Statistics

    Suppose 52 of the students in class have a calculator and 14 have a computer. It is known that 4 do not have either a computer or calc and there are 64 students in the class. Find the probability that a randomly chosen student has a computer AND a

    asked by Kim
  52. science

    is life processes a function that a living thing performs to stay alive and produce more of its own kind

    asked by annette
  53. algebra

    an equation of the line passing through (-5,5) and having slope 6/7

    asked by ariel
  54. history

    The aim that Congress had in passing the War Powers Act was to a. give the President more power in using American forces overseas b. forbid the President from ever sending American forces overseas c. limit the President's emergency powers in sending troops

    asked by y912f
  55. history

    When a government lifted price controls after the war, prices a. remained about the same b. rose faster than wages c. fell to prewar levels d. required government support B?

    asked by y912f
  56. medical coding and billing

    Dr. Jones is sued for malpractice. When called to give testimony at trial, he will A. be barred from revealing medical information about the patient. B. be allowed to testify about the patient’s care. C. not be permitted to take the witness stand. D. be

    asked by Stacy
  57. Chemistry

    Which would react faster with MeI in aqueous solution: OH- or Et3N? I know that the reaction in aqueous solution would be an Sn1 reaction and so steric hindrance wouldn't have such a great effect. I am not sure which is a better nucleophile out of OH- and

    asked by Alice
  58. math

    Okay. so say their is a list of numbers: x y 0 3 1 5 2 7 3 9 4 11 I know how to answer a question like "use an equation to figure out Y when X is..." but how do you figure do " figure out X when Y is" ? I konw that the formula is y=mx+b but i don't know

    asked by Dawn
  59. science-english

    What does radioactive mean?

    asked by Jess
  60. 7th grade math

    alan,bonnie and calvinshared 153 marbles alan gets 3 times as miny as bonnie and calvin gets 6 more than alan .how miny marbles does each person get

    asked by mariah
  61. college

    A solution was diluted by a factor of 2 and then again using a 1 to 3 dilution. What is the dilution of concentrate in the final sample

    asked by alyemi
  62. history

    I have to write a paper on why the soviets are to blame for the cold war (just the soviets-not anythings about why the us was to blame) and I keep reading about the yalta conference and that stalin refused to allow free elections in Eastern Europe.but i

    asked by jackie
  63. fin corp

    Delta has achieved an average return on equity of 36.5% for the last five years. If Delta generates a 17.2% net profit margin on sales of $3 billion and pays no dividends, what is Delta’s sustainable growth rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. science-english?

    What does radioactive mean???

    asked by Jess
  65. adult education

    Math If the line passing through the points (1,a) and (4,-2)is parallel to the line passing through the points (2,8) and (-7,a + 4), What is the value of a ? Please help, I don't understand how to set this one up.

    asked by Vanessa
  66. Statistics

    You have heard the commercial for the restaurant that lets you pick any 3 appetizers, any of the 6 entree items and then a dessert. You have been told there are 72 different meal options. How many desserts are available? I don't understand how to calculate

    asked by Kim
  67. history

    i posted this question earlier today... Which of the following was a sign of an unsound economy during the 1920s? a. personal debt was decreasing b. wages were keeping pace with production c. more goods were being produced than consumers could buy d. The

    asked by y912f
  68. French (URGENT)

    Can someone please look over my "I am poem" and give suggestions? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Je suis une personne sur un voyage Je me le demande qu'est-ce que le

    asked by Larry
  69. history

    After the war, women's magazines changed their emphasis to a. education and job skills b. homemaking, cooking, and child care c. women in the workplace d. famous battles of World War II C?

    asked by y912f
  70. English

    1. You have three boxes:one for meals, one for snacks, and one for games. 2. You have three boxes:one for meals, another for snacks, and the other for games. (Which one is correct? Are both correct and the same?)

    asked by John
  71. history

    did the united states help in the berlin airlift in any way? FOr the cold war debate, i want to say that the ussr is to blame because they were the agressors and the united states was just trying to help people in need

    asked by jackie
  72. to Reiny

    -5 = x - 3ã(x+4) 3ã(x+4) = x+5 square both sides 9(x+4) = x^2 + 10x + 25 x^2 + x - 11 = 0 solving this by the quadratic formula gave me x = (-1 }ã45)/2 or appr. 2.854 or -3.854 how did u go from line one to line 2

    asked by to Reiny
  73. Pharmacy Math

    I am having a lot of trouble with the pharmacy calculations is there anyway that someone can explain it in dummy terms? 3. Ordered: ciprofloxacin 500 mg p.o. q12h On hand: ciprofloxacin 250 mg tablets Amount to administer: _______________ 9. Ordered:

    asked by Anonymous
  74. 8th grade

    Can you help me find the roots of the polynominal of 5x2 - x....I believe it is 0 and 5... I need help in finding the factorization of x2 - 15x + 56 and can u help me in finding the solutions of the equation x2 + 30x = 1000... I came up with 20 and 50..but

    asked by fish boy
  75. history

    What event led Carter to impose a boycott on the 1980 summer Olympics? a. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan b. Chinese refusal to sign the SALT II treaty c. Iranian revolution d. Israeli cutoff of peace talks please help me with this

    asked by y912f
  76. 8th grade

    can u help me to find the product of -4x^2 and x^3 + 2x^2 - 5x + 3 and the solution to the equation of x^2 + 30x = 1000...I came up with -20 and 50 but i don't think it is right..can u help also can you help me to do the factorization of 6x^2 - 2x -

    asked by JT
  77. history

    At the hear of Native American activism is a. the need to make money b. the disappearance of the buffalo c. sadness over their lost culture d. the desire to protect their remaining land A?

    asked by y912f
  78. Geometry (Urgent)

    Hi, one Professor gave me a very hard question, He has a little Disk (used in machines) that has a big hole in the middle, he measured the thickness every 90°, and he got the following measurements: 0.95 mm 1.02 mm 1.02 mm 0.96 mm He tells me that with 3

    asked by Alessio
  79. adult education

    which of the following should you attempt when creating an animal portrait

    asked by sara styles
  80. 9th grade classes

    I'm choosing which classes I want to take for freshman year but I'm not sure what I need to take. Right now I've only decided on Geometry and English 1. What science do I take for 9th grade? I'm looking for the easiest courses available. Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  81. Biology

    explain clearly the difference between independently assorting genes and those that are linked, and the influence this has on gamete production

    asked by Winter
  82. Math/Algebra

    I need help in finding the roots of the polynomial 5x2-x.... What is the degree of -5a2b + 4a2 - 2b +5... I need to kown what the product of x+5 and 3x-2.... I need the solutions to these problems...thank You

    asked by Fish Boy
  83. Maths


    asked by Claire
  84. history

    help, During the war, entrepreneurs sucha as Robert Woodruff prospered by a. agreeing to refrain from lockouts b. creating new markets for their products c. rejecting the "cost-plus" systems d. organizing the Office of War Mobilization thanks

    asked by y912f
  85. history

    One goal that progressive did NOT seek was a. the moral improvement of society b. the reduction of government corruption c. a ban on strikes d. child labor laws C

    asked by y912f
  86. math

    What is the equations to the missing coordinates in the following tables y = -x + 4 x y -2 0 2 o 2

    asked by Doris
  87. To Orlando >> Algebra

    I've removed your complex post because: it contains references to which we don't have access it doesn't state how you want the Jiskha expert voluteers to help you.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  88. English

    1. Sally, Sandy (Are they female names?) 2. Ken, Joe (Are they male names?) 3. Would you let me know where I can chek male names and female names on-line?

    asked by John
  89. Biology

    What is the theory behind using crossover rates as an indicator of the arrangement of genes on a chromosome.

    asked by Winter
  90. Biology

    What is the process by which a chromosome replicates itself prior to cell division.

    asked by Winter
  91. Algebra 2

    How do I answer this f(x) = x - 3 (x + 4)^(1/2) and am asked how to solve for x when y = -5 I have no idea how to do this and know that I could just solve it by guess and checking but I want to know how to do this algebraically when plugging in the -5 and

    asked by Dylan
  92. Geometry

    Hi, one Professor gave me a very hard question, He has a little Disk (used in machines) that has a big hole in the middle, he measured the thickness every 90°, and he got the following measurements: 0.95 mm 1.02 mm 1.02 mm 0.96 mm He tells me that with 3

    asked by Alessio
  93. math

    draw a picture using picture using 4 quadrilaterals, 5 pentagons, 6 hexagons, and 8 octagons Responses

    asked by stacey
  94. Algebra

    I need help in finding the factorization of -60m2 + 15n2... also the factorization of 6x2 - 2x - 20 Please help

    asked by Mike 50
  95. english

    Does anyone have any ideas for an UNpersuasive essay? Instead of doing a normal essay, my class is doing an essay on anything that's crazy that people would normally not believe but if I use facts and other information, maybe they might believe me. I

    asked by Jennie
  96. microeconomics

    The technology is now developing so that road use can be priced by computer. A computer in the surface of the road picks up a signal from your car and automatically charges you for the use of the road. a. How could this technological change contribute to

    asked by Kathy
  97. Microeconomics

    Kuo S. Huang estimates that with every 15% increase income, the quantity of turkey purchased declines by 1.8%. From this information one would conclude that turkey is: a luxury. a necessity. an inferior good. a normal good.

    asked by Kathy
  98. Chemistry

    the volume of air in a balloon is more in a beaker of hot water than if the same balloon is in a beaker of ice water. why does this happen?

    asked by Mary
  99. Physics

    13. George has a bar magnet and a coil connected to a battery. To perform an experiment, he needs to use different values of current through the wire. How can he generate different values of electric current through the wire without connecting any other

    asked by Landon
  100. algebra

    this is a brain challenging one:30x+2-15x-6+4=

    asked by Brittany
  101. history

    How did Roosevelt's New Deal try to help business? a. by raising tariffs b. by stabilizing industrial prices c. by expanding the minimum wage d. by aboloshing the minimum wage A?

    asked by y912f
  102. math

    are all regular hexagons similar? how can i explain?

    asked by maths
  103. economics

    What are the effects of the economic crisis on our society?

    asked by Jason
  104. Project Management

    Search the Web for the following: Effective listening Effective meetings Project reports Identify several helpful techniques that were not presented in this chapter.

    asked by Vee
  105. SCIENCE230

    How is biotechnology used in medical and legal situations? What are examples of it being beneficial and harmful?

    asked by Jewel
  106. Algebra 2

    Helllo I have no idea how to do this problem given f(x) = x-3(x + 4)^(1/2) how to solve for x when f(x) = -5 I know I could just guess and check but I would like to know how to do this algebraically by pluging in -5 like so -5 = x - 3 (x + 4)^(1/2) and

    asked by Dylan
  107. Biology

    How virulent is the disease schizophrenia? Can someone help me with answering this question? I do not understand what they are asking.

    asked by Mae
  108. history

    explain why the U.S. supported a policy of the Open Door. pleease help!

    asked by y912f
  109. Math

    Let me know if I'm correct using power of 10: numerical of 10^2 is 1x10x10 and if multiply the numerical to get the sum in numerical and decimal is 100

    asked by Sam
  110. art history

    examine the view that history has no important to the scientics.

    asked by aliyu
  111. history

    pleasee help me with this question. i've been stuck on it for a long time In his first few months of office, President Roosevelt a. abolished the banking system and government building projects b. avoided direct action and sent problems to cimmittees for

    asked by y912f
  112. math

    how do u get the volume of a cylinder

    asked by jo
  113. math

    given that a/b=c/d, decide whether it is true or not that a/c=b/d. and how can i explain my reasoning?

    asked by maths
  114. math

    How do I complete each ordered pair so that is satisfies the given equation? y=2x=2x+5:(8,),(-1,),(,-1)

    asked by Doris
  115. psychology

    write a fictional,first person account of the creation and consequences of african americansin the united states

    asked by Gloria
  116. college

    Article Review: Each Student is responsible for finding 2 substantial articles regarding Accounting Information Systems issues or directions and writing an opinion paper up to 2 pages long for each article. Grading for the review is based upon • The

    asked by abdi
  117. Science

    In the Earth Science Reference Tables (you can find them at google), on pg 11 on the bottom where there's the Earthquake Travel Time Graph, on the y-axis, what does each box equal? like for the x-axis, each box between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 is 200 km, what

    asked by Angie
  118. Legal Aspects of Health Information

    Judge Jones is hearing a motion to order release of substance abuse records pursuant to a subpoena....Where should the hearing take place/

    asked by Ella
  119. Pete = Spanish

    Why did I never see your answers so you would know if you were wrong or right? Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  120. Literature- Of mice and men

    (Name the city) Where do the men go on a saturday night?

    asked by Taylor
  121. fin 200

    Could some explain how management decisions affect stockholder wealth?

    asked by Meshelle
  122. 2nd grade -social studies

    Why do we need to measure time?

    asked by Ram
  123. math

    make a picture picture using 4 quadrilaterals, 5 pentagons, 6 hexagons, and 8 octagons

    asked by stacey
  124. grade 7 math:algebra

    what is -2x-x+3x

    asked by Brittany
  125. microeconomics

    In 1994 the US postal service put a picture of Ben Pickett, not Bill Pickett whom it meant to honor. It printed 150,000 sheets. Recognizing its error, it recalled the stamp, but it found that 183 sheets had already been sold. a. What would the recall

    asked by Kathy
  126. 7th grade-math

    I need to find the linear system for the equations 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Any help at all would be great! And please show me how you did it if possible, thanks!

    asked by Elissa
  127. french

    what does tournez a gauche mean

    asked by Brittany
  128. Medical Law

    What would you listen for in the conversation to determine if the patient gave informed consent?

    asked by Stacy
  129. Medical coding and Billing

    Paternalism is best defined by which of the following? A. Interference with a person’s independence in order to benefit that person B. Interference with a person’s independence in order to reduce health care costs C. Interference with a person’s

    asked by Stacy
  130. grade 7 math:algebra


    asked by Brittany
  131. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone help me with this one- Quadrilaterals are a special type of polygon because _______________. A. they always have exactly four sides B. the sum of their interior angles always measures 180° C. they always have opposite sides that are parallel

    asked by mysterychicken
  132. cooking

    how long do you bake a cake for in an 8-inch circular pan i'm baking 2 cakes in 8-inch circular pans at 350 degrees F. i need to know how long to bake them for thanks for any help :)

    asked by y912f
  133. Algebra 2

    How do I do this f(x) = x - 5 (x + 4)^(1/2) when f(x) = -5 I know I can just guess and chekc but I want to know how to do this algebraically by subsituting in -5 and trying to solve for x which I don't know how to do... so -5 = x - 3 (x + 4)^(1/2) how do I

    asked by Dylan
  134. Biology

    Why is there a variation in systolic and diastolic pressure among members in different age groups and different genders?

    asked by Lisa
  135. 6th grade genetics

    transferring a gene from one organism to another

    asked by kay
  136. LCM

    12/15 (x ?) = 48/60 is it 4 14/20 (x ?) = 7/10 is it 2 3/4 (x ?) = 75/100 is it 5

    asked by ak
  137. Math.

    √x2 + 1 + √x2 – 2x + 3 = 3 │ x-4 │ - │ 2–0,5x│ ≤ 3 │5- x2-6 │= x2-5x-6 x2-2x+3 : x2-4x+3 > -2 Could I get help with solving these please?

    asked by a girl
  138. algebra

    I need help, i have to solve the linear solution using substitution, the equations are 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Also, please show me how you did it if possible. Thanks!

    asked by Elissa
  139. science

    what are the vas deferens?

    asked by Brittany
  140. English

    What grammar is the "Yes" in this senence: Yes, we can go to the store, but Bobby will need to stay home.

    asked by Donna
  141. 11th grade

    how do you predict this product? hydrogen gas + oxygen gas -->

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Microeconomics

    I have narrowed the answer to these to letter. An excise tax of .50 per gallon is levied on gasoline. Which of the following is most likely to occur? C. Consumers of gasoline will buy a smaller quanity and pay a higher price. D. suppliers of gasoline will

    asked by Susan
  143. Ethnic groups

    What U.S. policies changes towards Muslims and Arabics has occurred the past 2 years?

    asked by Jahair
  144. history

    Between 1857 and 1903, the United States acquired many new territorial possessions around the globe. Why do you think so many of these new possessions were islands located in the Pacific Ocean? can i please get some help with this :)

    asked by y912f
  145. algebra 2

    write y=3^x in logarithmic form

    asked by Anonymous
  146. psychology

    what are some of the stresses can you identify?

    asked by jennifer hayes
  147. history

    i need facts about world war 1 !!!

    asked by help
  148. french

    what does tout droit.prenez la troisieme a droite mean

    asked by Brittany
  149. science

    what are the vas deferens?

    asked by Brittany
  150. economics 2!

    how has wages and conditions been affected by economic crisis

    asked by Blakee
  151. grade 7 math:algebra

    what is 2-3+9-1

    asked by Brittany