Questions Asked on
May 24, 2009

  1. reading / Ms SUE

    Why did the author refer to "Hansel and Gretel" in milkweed

    asked by joy
  2. Accounting

    Complete the six-column table by entering adjustments that reflect the following information: a. As of December 31, 2005, employees had earned $900 of unpaid and unrecorded salaries. The next payday is January 4, at which time $1,600 of salaries will be

    asked by Bonnie
  3. List of Transition words

    Hello, I am writing a literary essay and I was wondering if anyone had a log list of transition words. It does not have to be a website. If u have one on word,etc ican give you my email Thanks

    asked by ME
  4. English

    He is a good English speaker. He speaks English well. He is good at speaking English. (Are they all the same?)

    asked by John
  5. reading

    I need help What was ironic about finding the book of Lutherans in the abandoned apartment? in the milkweed by spinelli answer that was lutheran book in jewish ghetto

    asked by joy
  6. Algebra

    A turbo-jet flies 50 mph faster than a super-prop plane. If a turbo-jet goes 2000 miles in 3 hours less time than it takes the super-prop to go 2800 miles, find the speed of each plane. I do not understand how to do this at all. Please explain as well as

    asked by Gemma
  7. Science

    Which star shown on the luminosity and temperature of stars graph in the Earth Science Reference Tables is currently at the Sun's final predicted stage of development, and how do you know? a. Polaris b. Procyon B c. Sirius d. Rigel

    asked by Angie
  8. physics

    10. How much current is required to produce a force of 0.96 N on a 75 cm long wire oriented at right angles to a 0.24 T magnetic field? A. 0.050 A B. 0.17 A C. 5.3 A D. 0.19 A 5.3 A (

    asked by sally
  9. algebra II

    Solve the quadratic equation 12x^2 + 36a^2= 43ax by factorization Show your work

    asked by maddie
  10. physics

    How much work must be done in stopping a 3,000 kg truck traveling at 60 mph?

    asked by Steve
  11. marketing

    can you help me understand these better please o Consumer demographics o Consumer psychographics o Consumer behaviors o A segment profile o A target strategy

    asked by scooby9132002
  12. math

    how can you find an equivalent of a fraction for example 15/24 and the equivalent fraction is 5/8.??how?/ can you explain and give me examlpes

    asked by ak
  13. physics

    Two 10 meter long wires are parallel to each other and 5 cm apart.They carry currents of 6.0 A in opposite directions. What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at a point P,halfway between the wires? Calculate the force exerted by the left

    asked by Sandhya
  14. math

    The LCM of f(x) = 20(x - 1)^3 (x + 2)^2, g(x) = 250(x - 1)^2 (x + 2) is _______... i'm not sure how to do this at all...

    asked by sami
  15. science

    what are the layers of the earth's interior in order??? Please send asap I am making a science study guide for my huge exam!

    asked by giggles!!!
  16. algebra II

    I'm quite clueless as to how to solve this. I know the quadratic equation but am not sure how to get this equation into the format to plug in to the quadratic... Solve the quadratic equation using the formula [1/(1+x)]-[1/(3-x)]=(6/35) Show your work

    asked by maddie
  17. Math

    I need to understand how to do the problem and not the answer. P.S. bobpursley, no offense but I didn't understand what your response meant. That information I already know but I need to know how to do the problem to get 213 as the answer. Anida won the

    asked by Ninja
  18. Math

    Is it reasonable to say that the answer for 63.11 lies between 60.10 and 65.15 To which number do you think the answer is closer?

    asked by Tanya
  19. biology help please

    this is the question my answer is below can someone make suggestions or help me edit it thanks - last post i forgot the question and only put in my answer Hummingbirds need to feed several times an hour. Flowers that attract hummingbirds typically contain

    asked by sam
  20. TV show lost and philosophy

    In class, we are learning about john locke and his view on free will and personal idenity. I know the john locke on the tv show Lost is like him so I was wondering if the philosopher and the tv characters are like regarding personal idenitity and free

    asked by Anonymous
  21. US History Colony Develpoment

    Did the different circumstances of Maryland and Virgina's founding affect the course of their respect development? How? Please point me in the right direction.

    asked by Mia
  22. biology edit please

    this is the question my answer is below can someone make suggestions or help me edit it thanks - i read everythig i could find on this and not sure if my answer makes sense. Hummingbirds need to feed several times an hour. Flowers that attract hummingbirds

    asked by sam
  23. com/220

    how do I quote a source from the library

    asked by allison
  24. com 205

    What kind of statement is this. All Seniors pick on Freshmen.

    asked by Mike
  25. physics

    a)The star ships Enterprise and Potemkin leave the Earth and travel in opposite directions each at 0.60c relative to an observer on Earth.In the Enterprise's frame of reference how fast is the Potemkin moving away? b) Through what voltage must you

    asked by Sandhya
  26. Diversity in the Classroom

    How and why would the teacher plan to create an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance and caring in his or her classroom environment?

    asked by B.B.
  27. english -- plz help

    how do i evaluate this poem.. i don't really get it... Beauty by charles B. I Am as lovely as a dream in stone, And this is my heart where each finds death in turn, Inspires the poet with a love as lone As clay eternal and as taciturn. Swan-white of heart,

    asked by ann -- how to evaluate a poem
  28. math

    One more: The LCM of f(x) = 4(x - 1)^2 (x^2 + 6x + 5) and g(x) = 10(x - 1) (x + 2) * (x^2 + 7x + 10) is ...

    asked by sami
  29. Algebra II

    Find the LCM of f(x) = 4(x - 1)^2 (x^2 + 6x + 5) and g(x) = 10(x - 1) (x + 2) * (x^2 + 7x + 10)

    asked by maddie
  30. Math

    I have to draw the graph of y=2^x over the interval -1¡Üx¡Ü3. I don't know what they mean by over the interval..

    asked by Angie
  31. Racial and Ethnic Groups and U.S. Census Bureau Am

    Assisignment is: Identify and describe whichm if any, of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: 1. Creation: migration,annexation , or colonization

    asked by Doris
  32. Subordinate Groups

    African Americans Identify and describe which, if any, of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: o Creation: migration, annexation, or colonization o Consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, or

    asked by Doris
  33. Subordinate Groups

    African Americans where the group originated, how it came to the United States, and one or two locations in the United States where members of your group live.

    asked by Doris
  34. Physics

    I don't know how to answer this questin i guess I don't understand the definition A streteched sgtring fized at both ends is 2.0 m long. What are three wavelengths that will poduce standing waves on the string? Name at least one wavelenght that would not

    asked by Physics
  35. AED200

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3

    asked by Jenny
  36. E- commerce

    Can I have asimpler explanation for this sentence Cybermediation which is the use of software (intelligent agents to facilitate intemediation and hypermediation which is the extensive use of both human and electronic intermediation to provide assistance in

    asked by Clara
  37. math

    isolate t: 300(1.o5)^t = 1000(0.92)^t

    asked by Reen
  38. Population Size

    200- to 300-word response to the following: Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size. Which factors are affecting the population size in the video? What do you predict will happen to the nutria population after all the land is

    asked by science
  39. physics

    Current passing through a conductor is increased from 10 A to 15 A. This decreases the strength of the magnetic field produced by the conductor. True The direction of the force on doubly ionized helium atoms (alpha particles) moving at right angles to a

    asked by sally
  40. english

    hi what does this quote mean I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my

    asked by ben
  41. Diversity in the Classroom

    What are the needs and issues in a multicultural classrooms?

    asked by B.B.
  42. Reading

    I am an Intensive reading student and i need help summarizing a book The fire next time by James Baldwin

    asked by Mary
  43. Critical Thinking

    What kind of statement is"The ventilation fans will be taken care of in a more timely manner because we know that women love to clean".

    asked by Louise
  44. pys 210

    what are some comparing and contrasting theories between Pyschodynamic and Trait Theory,

    asked by ms miller
  45. Diversity in the Classroom

    How would a teacher go about handling five different ethnic and religious groups in a multicultural classroom?

    asked by B.B.
  46. History

    Do you think there is a counterculture today?

    asked by Brooklyn
  47. reading

    I need help What was ironic about finding the book of Lutherans in the abandoned apartment? in the milkweed by spinelli

    asked by joy
  48. math (matrices)

    Find the values of x and y for which: [2y+5] [x-1] [y - 2] = [ 3x ] is true. a. (-1, -1) b. (-2, -4) c. (5, 1) d. (-1, 4) I got B...?

    asked by sophie
  49. high school

    Math problem: Anida won the class election by margin of 5-3. She received 355 votes. How many votes did the other candidates get? I really need to understand how you did the problem to get the answer

    asked by Ninja
  50. physics

    What is the direction of the force acting on a current-carrying conductor lying in a magnetic field? A. It is in a direction opposite to the direction of the magnetic field. B. It is at angles to the direction of the current. C. It is at right angles to

    asked by sally
  51. Math

    Write an equation that represents the line that passes through the points (5,4) and (-5,0). I got y=2/5 * x is that right?

    asked by Angie
  52. sale price

    How do you find sale price? ex. A soccer uniform that normally sells for $45 is on sale for 30% off. Find the sale price.

    asked by Lexi
  53. social studies

    What were the two major alliances in Europe in the years leading up to WWI?

    asked by Lexi
  54. social studies

    what is causing nuclear proliferation? what is being done to prevent it?

    asked by jojo
  55. Physical Education

    Would you like to let me know about the play-off games of American Baseball in brief? How many teams play with one another after the regular baseball season?

    asked by John
  56. english

    hi can someone help me I am having trouble understanding the meaning of this quote I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — That myth is more potent than history. I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts — That hope always

    asked by fred
  57. Diversity in the Classroom

    Could you please help me find a plan for a culturally balanced bullentin board that I could use in my classroom to focus on either a traditional Western holiday or a multicultural celebration at my school?

    asked by B.B.
  58. unit rate

    How do you find unit rate? ex. 80/2.5 = x/1

    asked by Lexi