Questions Asked on
May 15, 2009

  1. chemistry

    Solid sodium nitrate can be decomposed to solid sodium nitrite and oxygen gas. If the percentage yield for the reaction is 80.4%, calculate the grams of sodium nitrite that will result from the decomposition of 955grams of sodium nitrate. 2 NaNO3 ¨ 2

    asked by lama
  2. English

    1. Shall we have some pizza at the pizza house? 2. Shall we have some pizza at the McDonald's? (Are both OK?) 3. Shall we see a movie at the movie theater? 3-1. Shall we go to see a movie at the movie theater? 3-2. Shall we go to a movie at the movie

    asked by John
  3. geography

    what is a portion of the ocean that is enclosed or partly enclosed by land?

    asked by bonequisha
  4. earth science - urgent

    What are the differences between asteroids and meteoroids? What are the similarities?

    asked by lyama
  5. Physics

    A force of 40 N is applied at an angle of 30oabove the horizon to a 5 kg block that is at rest on a rough horizontal surface. After the block starts to move with an acceleration of 3 m/s2, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and

    asked by Angela
  6. math (percent)

    Both Sam and Sylvia work at a bookstore. During a sale, Sam sold 15 percent more books than Sylvia. If Sam sold 69 books, how many books did Sylvia sell? A. 60 C. 54 B. 58 D. 50 B

    asked by Trevor
  7. science

    A description of climate at a particular location would be different than a description of a weather. This is mainly because of the time peiod that is being considered. how do the length of time periods beign referenced in descriptions of climate and

    asked by Anonymous
  8. spanish

    Form complete sentences using the cues in the order they are given. Conjugate verbs and add other words as necessary. 1. vosotros / necesitar / más / escritorios 2. profesora Gutiérrez / enseñar / y / hablar / alemán / muy / bien 3. estudiantes /

    asked by mmm good
  9. spanish

    "¿_____ Uds. jugar ajedrez?" "No, pero sabemos jugar damas." a. Saben b. Sabe c. Sabes d. Conocen "_______ you to play chess?" "No, but I know how to play checkers." can you tell me how each of the answer choices is used?

    asked by y912f
  10. double-slit

    can some1 explain to me how double-slit and interference are related? what is double slit????

    asked by tony
  11. Science (Ocean Life)

    What is the ocean temperature of the Gulper Eel habitat?

    asked by Asunta
  12. math


    asked by john
  13. MATH

    Merchandise was purchased at list for $3,460 with a single trade discount of 23%. What was the net price of this merchandise? A. $4,255.80 C. $795.80 B. $2,664.20 D. $772.8 would you subtract? answer being (B)

    asked by Anonymous
  14. AED

    Search the Internet for three time management tips for teachers. o List the tips and answer this question: How do you think these tips will impact your daily schedule as an educator? Provide a comment on how each one will serve to improve your success

    asked by scooby9132002
  15. Finance/Accounting

    I am not sure that I have these questions right, can someone take a look and see if they appear to be correct? Instructions: Each of the situations below may illustrate a violation of an accounting assumption or principle. Indicate the assumption or

    asked by mchawk
  16. English

    These 5 sentences are about the same topic. By comparing them, which sentence would you conclude to be bias. 1.Roughly ten illegal immigrants are caught at the border each day. 2.In ten days, about one hundred illegal immigrants were stopped at the border.

    asked by Taylor
  17. Biology

    What is the current estimate of the worldwide population at this moment? Describe how this number is changing moment-to-moment, day-to-day and from one year to the next.

    asked by B.B.
  18. SCIENCE ...

    How do fossils help in determining the relative age of strata? Are the three different localities around the same relative age?

    asked by scooby91320002
  19. math

    A computer store sold a total of 300 items last month. The store sold six times as many hard drives as they did CD-ROM drives, and half as many floppy drives as hard drives. Based on this information, how many of each item were sold? A. 30 hard drives, 90

    asked by Emma
  20. History

    What were the effects the factories had on the social conditions in this country(United States) in the 1800s?

    asked by Stephanie
  21. spelling

    can you help me with palindromes and poems which are palindromes

    asked by speeling b
  22. Chemistry

    4-methyl-2-pentyne show tautomerization

    asked by Laura


    asked by MOLYNE
  24. General Science

    On a weather map marked "high" indicates high? I think it is air pressure. Is this right?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. history

    which of the following is least related to the others: a. launching of sputnik b. Landrum-Griffith act c. national defense education act d. the "missile gap" e. NASA I don't know if its b, c, or d

    asked by cara
  26. cultural diversity

    Use Ch. 7 of the text and Appendix C to identify events and leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes. Complete both Parts I and II of Appendix C.

    asked by cathy
  27. spanish sra jmcguin

    A los 12 anos descubrieron que marquitos era/fue milope y le pusieron gafas, claro. i am confused the question is do we use era or fue i think you were saying era?

    asked by sam
  28. Essential Mathematics

    evaluate 3 7/8 + 1 3/4

    asked by Tamir
  29. spanish

    Complete the e-mail Juan sent to someone he met through a chat room for foreign students studying in the United States. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb that best fits the context of the e-mail. "Me llamo Juan y soy estudiante en la

    asked by mmm good
  30. history

    what were the diffrent reactions of people in britain to the policy of evacuating children during the second world war?? please help thank you

    asked by emmerson
  31. CRT 205

    From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, the Inca empire flourished in the Andes Mountains. It maintained an eleven-thousand-mile network of stone-paved roads.

    asked by Janet
  32. philosophy

    What makes a same person over time according to Thomas Reid. I know that for locke, a same person over time means that your personal idenity and consciousness stay the same. Like you can cut a hand off, but you are still the same person. I read all the

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Algebra 2

    How would i set this rational inequality problem up? You drive 92 miles along a scenic highway and then take a 37-mile bike ride. Your driving rate is 4 times your cycling rate. Suppose you have no more than a total of 4 hours for driving and cycling. Let

    asked by Brandy
  34. spanish

    "¿_____ Uds. jugar ajedrez?" "No, pero sabemos jugar damas." a. Saben b. Sabe c. Sabes d. Conocen A -- Saben?

    asked by y912f
  35. Chemistry

    find an atom which would have an electron with a quantum number of n=5, l=2, mL=0, mS=1/2 and a valence electron with a quantum number of n=6,l=1, mL=-1, mS=-1/2.

    asked by Gweedo8
  36. social studies

    how might rapid modernization in the middle east have contributed to the growth of islamic fundamentalism

    asked by ashley
  37. science

    how could you utilize a collection of photographs showing local plant and animal life to infer an area's climate?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter bottle in 0.5 seconds and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 seconds. How many 2 liter bottles can be filled by the machine in 2 hours?

    asked by Nance

    Laurie is self-employed and expects to make $96,000 in 2007. Her social security tax rate is 12.4% up to the wage base, Medicare is 2.9%, and her estimated federal income tax rate is 25%. What is Laurie’s expected tax payment for the fourth quarter? A.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math (percent)

    A software buyer is looking for a product to retail for $230. He wants to apply a markup of 38% (based on selling price) to the product. Allowing for this markup, what is the maximum amount the buyer can pay for the software? A. $38.00 C. $142.60 B. $87.40

    asked by Anonymous
  41. social sudies

    who are our middle east allies? and why if possible

    asked by blaine
  42. Allied health

    When should a patient be advised of the existence of computerized databases containing medical information about the patient?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. algebra

    1. y=3x^2+x-2 2. find an equation that has -5/2 and 6 as solutions

    asked by sandy
  44. eng metaphors

    Stress level would skyrocket is that a metaphor?

    asked by jerson
  45. eng simile

    Procrastination when it comes to the notice of other people maybe branded as laziness and lack of interest in the job. is that one?

    asked by jerson
  46. Sports

    What is the name for the US softball team? I really need help. Thanks!

    asked by anonymous
  47. English

    For example, when people ask "We don't have to hand in the assignment right?" Why do some people answer "No." (They meant the assignment does not have to be handed in.) But if so, should the answer be "Yes." (Yes, that's right, we don't need to hand in the

    asked by Samuel
  48. college

    I need assistance with an risk assesment outline ans essay

    asked by Nicole
  49. cooking

    what is the difference between regualr all-purpose flour and white unbleached flour? what is wheat germ?

    asked by y912f
  50. Elastic Collision

    I've come to a problem today that solves this way, 5. A cannonball explodes into two pieces at a height of h = 100 m when it has a horizontal velocity Vx=24 m/s. The masses of the pieces are 3 kg and 2 kg. The 3-kg piece falls vertically to the ground 4 s

    asked by Angela
  51. French

    How do u say My name is_____ in French ? And what does Avec mean ?? With ? Thanks all your help is apreciated..

    asked by Amanda11280
  52. School

    Over time, non-specialists are usually able to assimilate radically new scientific ideas, even though these ideas may seem strange when they are initially introduced. Such was the case with Newtonian physics; when Newton proposed his ideas regarding motion

    asked by John
  53. Biology

    How does the human population growth issue have and will impact the ecosystem?

    asked by B.B.
  54. science

    what are the two primary atmospheric variables (average values and seasonal variations) that are used to describe a climate?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math (ratios)

    A company employs a total of 527 people, and 47 of these people work in the operations department. Which of the following is a ratio that compares the number of people in the operations department to the total number of employees in the company? A. 47 :

    asked by Anonymous