Questions Asked on
May 5, 2009

  1. chemistry

    How would SiO4 Lewis structure look like? Each oxygen has 1 unfilled electron, so would there be 2 double bonds? Thanks in advance.

    asked by sh
  2. math

    A planned building was going to be 100 feet long, 75 feet deep, and 30 feet high. The owner decides to increase the volume of the builing by 10% without changing the dimensions of the depth and the height. What will be the new lenght of this building? 1

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Bill Shass pays a property tax of $3,200. In his community, the tax rate is 51 mills. What is Bill’s assessed value? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar amount. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

    asked by anthony
  4. Spanish

    I need help understanding how to ask/answer questions using the word 'Que'. If the question is ?Que' estudias tu'? is the correct answer: 'Yo estudio ___' and then whatever you're studying or could I simply answer 'Estudio ____' Also, in these questions,

    asked by Kara
  5. psychology

    I need some datas to help me understands the following: What are the four Ds? Briefly describe each one. How can culture determine what is considered abnormal?

    asked by Rose
  6. Pre-Algebra [repost ]

    I need help on these three questions BEFORE 10:00 PM. Please someone show me how to do them step by step! Solve the equation for y in terms of x then find the solutions of the equation for the given values of x. 1.x + y = -1 [values of x: 3, 1, -2] 2.x+ 4y

    asked by mysterychicken
  7. English

    Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box. (Is this sentence grammatical?)

    asked by John
  8. physics

    What initial mass of 235U is required to operate a 650-MW reactor for 1 year? Assume 40% efficiency.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chem

    Mg reacts with 150 mL of 6.00M Hcl through single replacement to produce hydrogen gas. How many liters of hydrogen gas are produced? (tell me how you got it please)

    asked by druva
  10. math

    Two cards are drawn without relplacement from a shuffled deck of 52 cards. Determine the probability of each event. a)The first card is a heart and the second card is Q of hearts. P(BlA)=P(A&B)/P(A) (13/52)(1/51)/(1/4) = 1/51 How is this method incorrect?

    asked by sh
  11. english

    agist-nonagist refencea

    asked by shirley
  12. COM 140

    Can somebody please help me with my power point presentation? I don't understand. My topic is full-line beauty supply store. I am having trouble coming up with speaker notes. This is my first time doing a power point presentation.

    asked by Cassandra
  13. Algebra

    Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solutions. Type the equation in standard form ax^2+bx +c = 0 The solution is 6 only solution.

    asked by aaron
  14. algebra story problems

    You have a metal plate that you have drilled a hole into. The entire area enclosed by the metal plate is given by 5x^2 = 12x + 10 and the area of the hole is given by x^2+2. Write an expression for the area in factored form of the plate that is left after

    asked by Bailey
  15. algebra

    Write an equation in standard form for a line passing through the pair of points. (5,3) and (-3,-8)

    asked by mike
  16. math

    Seth tossed a fair coin five times and got five heads. The probability that the next toss will be a tail is 1 0 2 5/6 3 1/6 4 1/2

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Spanish III

    How would you change this sentence into a sentence using the conditional? Vamos a ver la película mañana.

    asked by Anna
  18. Math

    What do you get when you factor 2q^2+22q=-60? Is there more than one answer possible? I got 2 answers: 1. (2q+10)(q+6) 2. (2q+12)(q+5)

    asked by Angie
  19. spanish

    how do i say: I eat dinner at 7:00. in spanish? Yo como (how do you say dinner?) a las siete ?

    asked by y912f
  20. Math

    Factor the trinomial S^2+5s+6

    asked by Bryan
  21. french

    ______ l'equipe ja ponaise a tres bien joue a. Tout b. Toute c. Tous d. Toutes I think it is A? On annonce le de'part de _____ vol? Le vol a destination de Paris? a. quel b. quelle c. quels d. quelles is it A?

    asked by sophie
  22. Language Arts

    I have to write a personal essay and I was wondering if someone could peer revise my first paragraph: The school bell rang. Clusters of children jumped off playground equipment and sped through the schoolyard. I clung to my father’s leg even tighter. He

    asked by anonymous
  23. Math

    I need help with these three problems. I cant figure them out. 3. The difference of two numbers is tripled. The result is decreased by 1. If the lesser of the two numbers is 4 the result is 8.3. Find the greater number. 4. A number increased by 21 is

    asked by Math
  24. spanish

    what does the question and answers mean? "¿Cómo iba Ud. a la escuela primaria?" "Generalmente _____." a. caminaba b. lloraba c. me portaba mal d. molestaba a--walk? b--cry? c--behave bad? d--annoy/bother?

    asked by y912f
  25. Music

    ---Okay! I know lots of you out there like music! does anyone know any good Anti-bullying song? Please have a song that will work with the following -Guitarist -Bassist -singer -drummer -violin (optianal) - try to make it a upbeat song Thanks everyone!

    asked by Andy
  26. Grammar

    Can you please check these? Thanks. Vowel Pairs: freezing rain sleet beat gray streets blue play Kay raisin feel easy Vowel Digraphs: looked said caught headline said school because heavy weather good sleigh said could neighbor bread instead

    asked by Claire
  27. science(chem)

    I have a question about compounds that oil out of solvents after drying. How would I analyze this? Could I make a KBr pellet, or would I just be able to analyze it in UV spec? I assume that the solvents used to dissolve the compound, would be used as a

    asked by ~christina~
  28. French

    How do you conjugate devenir in futur simple? is it deveniras?

    asked by Baylee
  29. english

    What is empathy? Who can you relate to historical figures?

    asked by john
  30. chemistry

    how would you determine the % of ionic/covalent char. in the bond? this is on my test review and don't remember learning it

    asked by lyne
  31. science

    Which has more mass and volume, a cup of popped popcorn or a cup of cooked rice?

    asked by Darion
  32. Algebra

    Solve by substitution method. 6x+9y=-12 -5x+y=27 What is the solution of the system? Type an ordered pair... Please help Thanks!

    asked by Sadie
  33. Civics

    What are the names of the cabinet posts?

    asked by Tara
  34. Algebra

    Use set builder notation to describe the complete solution. 5[3m-(m+4)]>-2(m-4)

    asked by Sadie
  35. language(involes songs)

    Hi, for a language project i have to make up a "lady" and my title is lady of the fire. When i present to the class i need to play part of a song(the song has to have no words)and it has to do with my title so, "fire" i guess or music that sort of goes

    asked by Sarah
  36. English

    Has anyone read the book the long winter by laura ingalls wilder? We have to find the theme. I'm not sure the theme of this book. If anyone has any information it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    asked by Morgan
  37. Home Economics

    1. Is a green pepper green and a red pepper red? Is a hot pepper red? 2. Are hot pepper paste, red pepper paste, green pepper paste the same? 3. Are a hot pepper, a green pepper, and a red pepper the same? 4. Cut a hot pepper into three pieces. 5. Cut hot

    asked by John
  38. English 10 Cp I need to write a persuassive essay for my class, but there is one problem... I don't know what to write about!!!!! Any good topics out there? -thanks

    asked by M.
  39. World War 1


    asked by Sammy
  40. Calculus

    The problem I have is a summation from 1 to infinity for (-1)^n/n. I have to find a partial sum that is in 0.001 of the infinite sum, my teacher says the fourth partial sum approximates the infinite sum, which is -7/12. I think to get within 0.001 of the

    asked by Sophie
  41. criminal justice

    The final project for CJS 200 is comprehensive, designed to outline the procedural steps of the criminal justice system. In this you incorporate your foundational knowledge, resulting from completion of discussion questions, CheckPoints, and assignments,

    asked by Wendy
  42. English

    My Recipe for Making a Salad Ingredients: lettuce, potatoes, cucumber, tomato, cheese, dressing How to make it 1. I rinse some lettuce by running water over it. 2. I drain it in a colander. 3. I also rinse some potatoes and cucumbers. 4. I slice them with

    asked by John
  43. French

    Can someone please proofread my paragraph? Je m'appelle Larry. J'ai quatorze ans et j’habite à Vernon, BC au Canada. *Là* où je habite, au printemps il fait beau et en été il fait chaud. Mais à l'automne il fait plus frais et en hiver il fait

    asked by Larry
  44. sra JmcGuin spanish

    assignment como va a ser nuestro mundo dentro de 50 anos? Piensa en el medio ambiente, el sistema social, la religion, la education, el transporte publico, la tecnologia...usa si + prente + futuro por lo menos 3 veces. THE ABOVE DOES NOT NEED TO BE EDITED

    asked by sam
  45. 7th grade


    asked by =D
  46. french

    if I wanted to say " to africa and help elephants" how would I phrase that?

    asked by Baylee
  47. Science

    What is the function of the appendix?

    asked by Gaby
  48. English 10 Cp

    what are some examples that would be good at persuading that high school athletes must maintain a passing grade in each class to be eligible to play? like bing resposible for doing both...what else? please help!!

    asked by live laugh love!
  49. sra JmcGuin spanish

    assignment como va a ser nuestro mundo dentro de 50 anos? Piensa en el medio ambiente, el sistema social, la religion, la education, el transporte publico, la tecnologia...usa si + prente + futuro por lo menos 3 veces. THE ABOVE DOES NOT NEED TO BE EDITED

    asked by sam
  50. Algebra

    3/8 (5+6x)+3> 21

    asked by Sadie
  51. Really Quick French

    Define/translate: rien venir culturelle I'm have trouble translating/defining these in english. Merci

    asked by Larry
  52. Physics

    In the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the speed of the electron is approximately 2.41 × 106 m/s. Find the central force acting on the electron as it revolves in a circular orbit of radius 5.15 × 10−11 m. Answer in units of N. Find the centripetal

    asked by Amanda
  53. human resources

    ceate a job description for a post of your choice

    asked by ouafae
  54. Economics

    Consider a monocentric city in which the cost of commuting is $10 per mile per month. A household located eight miles from the city center occupies a dwelling with 1,200 square feet at a monthly rent of $600. Nonland cost per dwelling is $200, and there

    asked by eStone
  55. chemestry

    what is analgesics? what is its composition? what is their utility in curing?

    asked by soumya
  56. spelling

    the singular possessive of children's is what

    asked by tracy
  57. Math

    How many inches in 12 and 2/3ft?

    asked by Speedy
  58. Calculus

    For the function f(x)=10-4(x^2), find a formula for the lower sum obtained by dividing the interval [0,1] into n equal subintervals. Then take the limit as n->infinity to calculate the area under the curve over [0,1]. I only need help with the first part.

    asked by Jenna
  59. Spanish 1

    How do you say these in spanish??? Please and thank you. 3. 7:40 4. 3:55 6. 12:45

    asked by James
  60. sra JmcGuin spanish

    hi What is the opposite of el nido, sudoir, el ave nido is nest? sudior is sweat?

    asked by sam
  61. Economics

    In a place rice growers burn their field to stabilize their fields the field burning causes pollution, the alternative sanitizing method costs $150 per acre. Consider a country where rice farmers are willing to pay $500 per acre for land and corn farmers

    asked by eStone
  62. history

    who was president during Muller vs. Oregon? Roosevelt or Taft?

    asked by Helen
  63. spanish

    please check/revise this one last time: Por la mañana yo me despierto a las ocho y media. Primero me cepillo los dientes y el pelo. Luego como el desayuno. Por las nueve, empiezo mi tarea. Primero trabajo en trígonometria. Luego preparo el inglés, la

    asked by y912f
  64. chemistry

    what are structural formulas?? also is this correct hybridization is the setting aside of p orbitals in order to form bonds (pi bonds)

    asked by lyne
  65. Physical Science

    I've answered these two questions and need someone to check them for me: 1.Describe two characterisitics that light and sound have in common. Ans- They both transfer energy [and I need help thinking of a second one] 2.Describe two ways in which light and

    asked by mysterychicken
  66. physics

    Suppose 32000 radioactive nuclei are in a sample. About how many remain after two days if the half-life is 22 hrs? What is the initial activity of the sample in decays per minute?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. history

    While the United States referred to the conflict with Mexico as the Mexican War, Mexicans called the war the North American Invasion. What do these different names suggest about each country's perspective on the war? i'm so stuck on this quesiton, please

    asked by y912f
  68. English

    one more question about student groupings!:) Need some quick activity on how to put students in groups but it has to activate their listening skills!IMPORTANT-LISTENING! And need another activity on how to put students in groups but his time this activity

    asked by cary
  69. english

    what is an adjective for showing skill???

    asked by Natisha
  70. Math

    what is an example of a math expression? Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation?

    asked by scooby9132002
  71. Exercise Science

    What physiological factors really determine who wins the race (i.e. 100 meters, 10 K, Marathon)?

    asked by Sarah
  72. 8th Grade Algebra

    Multiply. 1) (3t^2 - 2t - 4) * (5t + 9) Writing. 1) Explain why the product of a quadratic polynomial and a linear polynomial must be a cubic polynomial.

    asked by Bridget
  73. critical thinking

    Are logical arguments more persuasive than emotional and moral ones?

    asked by taylor
  74. chemistry

    my teacher told me that polar bonds have a difference in elecronegativities of .4-2.1 is that the only way to find if a bond is polar? also how would you find out if the MOLECULE is polar or not? - i think i remember my teacher saying something about

    asked by lyne
  75. History

    Name of the Union soldier who spotted the Confederates first at Gettysburg.

    asked by Melissa
  76. chemistry

    my last question is how do you determine the molecular formula of a covalent compound given its formula?

    asked by lyne
  77. Medical Coding and Billing

    when is it correct to assign a four-digit category code?

    asked by Mary
  78. sra JmcGuin spanish help

    Las porcinas are pigs and money made of cocoa will solve world hunger. Not usre i understand about plural

    asked by sam
  79. math (this correct)

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your

    asked by scooby9132002


    asked by alberto
  81. history

    While the United States referred to the conflict with Mexico as the Mexican War, Mexicans called the war the North American Invasion. What do these different names suggest about each country's perspective on the war? is it because president polk wanted

    asked by y912f
  82. World Bank

    Where could I find information on the negative effects of the World Bank? I tried to search google and google scholar but I was not successful....

    asked by Judith
  83. Physics (Don't understand the picture!)

    Alright, so I don't get what this question is asking me about electrical charges. It has a little circle/atom and then a billion arrows surrounding it and pointing to it, kind of like an asterisk *, and then the question is: "What is the charge on the

    asked by Judy
  84. chemistry

    An aqueous solution with a pH of 3.00 is diluted from 2.0 L to 4.0 L. Wht is the pH of the diluted solution?

    asked by j

    In Twain's "The Private History of a Campaign that Failed," Smith, the blacksmith's apprentice, is given "ultimate credit" for

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Effective Business Communication

    For effective, written business communication, writers must consider several factors: the purpose of the communication, the identity of the audience members (including their probable reactions, amount of information they already have, obstacles that must

    asked by shirley
  87. Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication

    In this scenario, assume the role of a student. You have read assignment details in your course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how you would approach your instructor versus how you would approach a classmate to receive more

    asked by George
  88. Math

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your

    asked by scooby9132002
  89. Physical Chemistry

    In my physical chemistry book, I'm reading about "Margules Equations": ln γA = ΒxB2 ln γB = ΒxA2 I don't understand where these equations come from. How is it known that there is a single constant Β that satisfies both relationships?

    asked by Sean
  90. spanish last one thanks

    en otro papel explica el significado de las siguientes palabras. Usa sinonimos y/o antonimos. example: contento - " Lo opuesto de enojado; feliz" I cant find anyhitng for la presa and amenazado/a PLEASE HELP

    asked by sam
  91. Exercise Science

    A client heard that 3500 kcals equals one pound. She knows that she is burning 3500 kcals/week during exercise. It says so on the machines she uses. Why am is she not losing a pound every week?

    asked by Sarah
  92. math

    if you have the points a(5,7) b(-1,-1) and p(x,y). how would you write an equaiton for all x and y for which pa is perpendicular to pb.

    asked by mike
  93. Exercise Science

    Describe the difference in the exercise prescription you would give to people with the following goals: Improve Health, Improve Fitness, Improve Performance.

    asked by Sarah
  94. algebra

    Can someone help me to use radical exponents to write x^1/4 * y^1/7 * z^1/2 as a single radical expression? Thanks,

    asked by tubbyboy
  95. Chemistry

    since nucleic acis have charged phosphate groups, DNA and RNA contain lots of negative charges. Would you suspect that DNA and RNA are soluble in polar solvent like water?

    asked by Heather
  96. Chemistry

    If one strand of DNA has the sequence AATCCGTAGCTC, what would be the sequence of its complementary strand?

    asked by Heather
  97. Algebra

    Solve. 4t^3 + 11t^2 + 6t = 0 I am having a little trouble with this one. Please help if you can. Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie
  98. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone show me how to answer these questions step-by-step? Thanks! Solve the equation for y in terms of x 1.2x + 7= y 2. x- 2/3y= 3 3.-12x + 3y = 48 Give any three ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation 4. -1/4y - x =0 5. 5x - y= -5 -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  99. Exercise Science

    What physiological factors really determine who wins the race (i.e. 100 meters, 10 K, Marathon)?

    asked by Sarah
  100. German

    What is this in german? My english teacher has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is very tall and quite slim. She is a good teacher and is very nice. My mum has black hair and dark brown eyes. She is very tall. She is very caring but can be quite mean

    asked by Nabby
  101. Physical Science

    How are energy, work, and power related?

    asked by Tyler
  102. algebra

    how do you multiply 4y squared and 4x squared?

    asked by Jamie
  103. Physics

    A tall glass (20cm) is floating in your bathtub. It weighs 60 grams and has a bottom area of 10cm^2. How deep will it sink into the water, while it is still empty and how much water can you add to make it sink?

    asked by Kyle
  104. Biology

    Which of the following do NOT have a mesoderm? A. Jellyfishes B. Earthworms C. Flatworms D. Octopi E. Snails

    asked by Astrid
  105. physics

    What would the energy be if an alpha particle's mass disappeared and was completely converted to energy?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Career

    I have career day coming up, and I want a topic , may you give me the best topic you have , and you think I will win first place ?? please and Thank You!!!

    asked by Catherin
  107. Algebra

    I need a jump start in setting up the equations etc when solving for vertex, line of symmetry and deciding maximum/minimum This is the problem I am starting with f(x)= -2x^2+2x+8 We are looking for the vertex, line of symmetry and the max/minimum I cannot

    asked by deranged
  108. Career

    But please just give me atleast some very good suggestion!! I am really confused !! Please give me some topics Thank Yoou !!

    asked by Catherin
  109. french

    Le train part _____. a. da la voie b. du chariot c. la queue I think it is A?

    asked by sophie
  110. astronomy & space

    What is the redshift of a galaxy which lies at a distance of 50 mpc, asssuming that the hubble constant is H_0 = 67 km s^-1 Mpc^-1? assume that the speed of light is c=3.0x10^5 Km s^-1 please answer to an accuracy of 2 sig figs. Thankyou.

    asked by mathew -b
  111. Career

    Anything , just tell me a topic that you think is really good. Maybe in the medical field if you want . Please Thank You !!

    asked by Catherin
  112. Medical

    What is the main difference between treating cancer with radiation therapy and treating cancer with chemotherapy?

    asked by Stephanie
  113. Medical

    The main criterion for drugs classified as controlled substances is their level of?

    asked by Stephanie
  114. Marine Science

    I just need a quick run down about the location, feeding habits, tail and fins, teeth and scales, gills, senses, and reproduction of a bottlenose dolphin. Can you help? Thanks!

    asked by Sam
  115. math

    Tne union of the set of rational numbers and the set of irrational numbers is 1 {whole number} 2 {real numbers} 3 {counting numbers} 4 {}

    asked by Anonymous
  116. spanish

    how do i say: At 4:00 my brother and I go out to play tennis? A las cuatro mi hermano y yo (?) ... jugar tenis please help!

    asked by y912f
  117. Exercise Science

    What happens to resting heart rate after weeks of endurance training? Why does this happen? Explain your answer.

    asked by Sarah
  118. Marine Science

    Can someone please help me with the senses of a bluefin tuna? I just need a few sentences describing their senses. Like hearing, feeling, taste, smell, and sight. Thanks!

    asked by Sam
  119. spanish

    how do i say: my family goes to bed at 10:00 in spanish? mi familia acostarse la cama a las dies ???

    asked by y912f
  120. spanish

    how do i say: then i go on my computer, and talk to my friends on the phone. in spanish? yo acostarse (?) la computadora y habla el teléfono

    asked by y912f
  121. spanish

    can you revise this? Perdon, necesito ayudar en mi cuarto Si que es la probelma, senor? Mi cuarto es muy sucio, mi cuarto esta calor, no megusta la servicia, y los drogadictos esta en mi piso Todo esta bajo control Usted es el gerente? Senor, su cuarto

    asked by Kerrie
  122. MATHS

    what is 0.0113 to 2 sig figs please

    asked by mathew -b
  123. business e-mail

    meeting with a client , Joycelyn TALBOT, for next wednesday at 2:00pm.he wants to meet at the king charles hotel on river street and have a lunch meeting . he will be taking along an assistant manager , rory webster, to share his ideas for the new proje

    asked by unknown
  124. spanish

    please revise my spanish part, make corrections, and add accent where needed: In the morning I wake up at 8:30 a.m. The first thing I do is brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then i eat breakfast. By 9:00 a.m., I start my schooling (home). The first thing I

    asked by y912f
  125. Spelling--Analogies


    asked by Vivianne
  126. chemistry concentrations

    Can someone please help me with the following problem? 1.Calculate the volume of 1.88 M NaI that would be needed to precipitate all of the Hg+2 ion from 482 mL of a 1.61 M Hg(NO3)2. The equation for the reaction is thank you!

    asked by jamie
  127. Chemistry

    Explain open and closed system with respect to equilibrum.

    asked by Zac
  128. Math

    I need to find the vertex and make a graph using quadratics. y=xsquared+11x+10

    asked by Brad
  129. Math

    First find an estimate of the quotient. then find the exact quotient. 5 1/2 divide 3 4/7

    asked by Bryan
  130. MAth

    I have the x an dy axis an i have to reflect the sqaure on a y axis when it is on a X axis a=3 b=3,4 c=2,3 d=3,2. how do you flip it.

    asked by KEEMO