Questions Asked on
May 4, 2009

  1. covalent or ionic bond

    Is Mercury (ii) Chloride a covalent bond or ionic?

    asked by Mike
  2. trig

    A city averages 14 hours of daylight in June, 10 in December, 12 in both March and September. Assume that the number of hours of daylight varies sinusoidally over a period of one year. Write an expression for n, the number of hours of daylight, as a cosine

    asked by Kelslie
  3. Chemistry

    Use the drawing of a molecular orbital energy diagram for ClF to predict the bond order?

    asked by gnozahs
  4. microeconomics

    50. The long-run average cost curve is tangent to an infinite number of ______. (Points: 3) total cost curves marginal cost curves average variable cost curves I picked average total cost curves 51. The assumptions of perfect competition imply that ______.

    asked by chris
  5. english

    hi, does anyone have any information on the poem "the railings' by roger mcgough. im after anything really, opinions, analysis, explanations. Thanks for any help!

    asked by tim
  6. o-chem

    So in lab, I was to oxidize 9-fluorenol to 9 fluorenone. The chemicals I used were: 100 mg. of 9-fluorenol in 6mL of acetone. 0.25 mL of glacial acetic acid and 1.2 mL of a 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution. My question is if I attempt to oxidize

    asked by struggling with o-chem
  7. Ethics

    The Edwin Meese syndrome, giving examples from the fields of probation and parole.

    asked by Eva
  8. Algebra II

    How would you set this problem up..I know to use A=Pe^rt Larry has $2600 to invest and needs $3000 in 12 years. What annual rate of return wll he need to get in order to accomplish his goal, if interest is compounded continuously?

    asked by Jesse
  9. ap chemistry

    I have a lot of questions actually. it's electrochemistry (which is obviously a bunch of fun) 2 electrodes Cr(s)/Cr3+ and Sn(s)/Sn2+ are combined to afford a spontaneous electrochemical reaction. the standard reduction potention in V for Cr3+ and Sn2+ are

    asked by raaawr

    If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 35 inches what is his hang-time? Use the hang-time function V=48T^2. Thank you I did mess up the typing last time didn't I?

    asked by aimee
  11. trig

    The average depth of water at the end of a dock is 6 ft. This varies 2 ft in both directions with the ride. Suppose there is a high tide at 4 am. If the tide goes from low to high every 6 hours, write a cosine function describing the depth of the water as

    asked by ske
  12. Physics

    For stable interference to occur, the phase difference must be incoherent. ~ incoherent ~ monochromatic. ~ 1/2 (wavelength) ~ constant.

    asked by Judy
  13. Chemistry

    What is the balanced chemical equation for neutraling chlorine with sodium thiosulfate

    asked by Crista
  14. Chemistry

    Use the drawing of MO energy diagram for CO to predict the bond order.

    asked by gnozahs
  15. math

    Consecutive integers are integers that follow each other in order (for example 5, 6, and 7). The sum of three consecutive integers is 417.Let n be the first one. Write an equation that will determine the three integers.

    asked by gaberriel
  16. finance

    Which method of controlling pledged inventory provides the greatest degree of security to the lender? A. Overall inventory liens B. Trust receipts C. Warehousing D. Blanket inventory liens

    asked by Betty romero
  17. Business Management and Leadership

    Select an organization that you have worked for or one that you are familiar with and find the goals the organization has set. Many times this information can be found on the company's website. Search the Library and the Internet and research goal setting.

    asked by Mizzy Kay
  18. Chemistry

    I am attempting to answer a question which asks to explain the sequence of pKaH values for a series of substituted guanidines (NH2)2CNR where R varies. The order is R = H , Ph , CH3CO , MeO , CN , NO2 pKaH = 14.5 , 10.8 , 8.3 , 7.5 , -0.4 , -0.9 I'm not

    asked by Alice
  19. Literature

    Out of the way of human life, tenderness, or the glance of heaven? -from "In the Jungle" by Annie Dillard What does this question mean?

    asked by Astrid
  20. Spanish 1

    Can someone please help me with the correct form of the adjetives? Thank you millions. 12. La profesora tiene pelo _____ largo. 13. Los gatos tienen las piernas ______ (corto. 14. La lengua española the Spanish language es ___________: divertido 15. Mis

    asked by James
  21. trig

    Scientists believe that the average temperature at various places on Earth vary from cooler to warmer over thousands of years of gradual climate change. Suppose that at one place, the highest avg temp is 80 and the lowest is 60. Also suppose that the time

    asked by DK
  22. Physics

    Ans in revs. The tub of a washer goes into its spin- dry cycle, starting from rest and reaching an angular speed of 5 rev/s in 10.5 s . At this point the person doing the laundry opens the lid, and a safety switch turns off the washer. The tub slows to

    asked by Amanda
  23. Physics

    (1) 45 micro coulombs of charge is passed through a wire in 35 seconds. How many electrons does this represent? What is the current in the wire? (2) A piece of copper wire has a resistance of 5 Ohms at 20 degrees celsius. If another piece of copper wire at

    asked by Bob
  24. Algebra

    Knowing that television sets screen size refers to the diagonal of the screen if a 35 in set also has the width of 28 inches what is the height of this set?

    asked by radioman
  25. Chemistry

    The addition of aqueous ammonia to the cathode compartment of the cell described below reduces the cell potential. Likewise, the addition of aqueous ammonia to the anode compartment increases the cell potential. Zn(s)/Zn^2+(aq)//Cu^2+/Cu(s) Assume that

    asked by Annie
  26. Science gr 8

    What are three problems that fluid technology helps solve?

    asked by Hello
  27. Physical Science

    Here are a few questions that I have answered; can someone please check if they are correct? Thanks! 1.In which type of waves do the particles in a medium move parallel to the direction that the waves move? Ans- longitudinal waves 2.Which type of wave

    asked by mysterychicken
  28. 3rd grade grammar

    Identify the helping verb, linking verb and subject pronouns in each sentence. 16. The mother cat has curled into a ball. HV-has LV- SPN- 17. Kate's kitten has disappeared. HV-has LV- SPN- 18. It is not with the other kittens. HV-is LV- SPN-It 19. I have

    asked by Claire
  29. spanish

    please help me , i neeed help writing this in Spanish: My classes are very difficult, and i don't enjoy them mi (mis?) clases muy difícil, y yo no disfrutar de i know this is a messed up sentence, but i'm just giving it a try. can someone please show me

    asked by y912f
  30. algebra

    Jack usually mows his lawn in 6 hours. Marilyn can mow the same lawn in 5 hours How much time would it take them to mow the lawn together?

    asked by anxious
  31. finacnce

    In the percent-of-sales method, an increase in dividends? A. will decrease required new funds. B. more information is needed. C. has no effect on required new funds. D. will increase required new funds.

    asked by Betty romero
  32. Ruminant Nutrition (college)

    I'm studying for a Ruminant Nutrition final exam and have a couple essay questions that I'm really struggling with... - How do ruminants fit into sustainable food production systems? - Assume that you can genetically modify a rumen microbe to perform any

    asked by Lacey
  33. 3rd grade grammar

    I have no clue how to help my daughter. I looked in wikipedia but there was not any information. So here I am looking for advice. There are many sentences where she needs to circle or underline a vowel pair or vowel digraph. What is a vowel pair? What is a

    asked by parent needs help
  34. History

    Why was Catherine de Medici disliked? Please don't give me a Google search, because I have already tried that. Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie
  35. English

    Yeot is a traditional Korean sweet like taffy. It is made from sweet potatoes and grains. Because it is sticky, Koreans like to give it as a present to students. They hope students to pass their exams. As yeot is sticky, when you put it on the wall, it

    asked by John
  36. Social Studies

    How does the incentive of greater profits affect the quantity supplied?

    asked by Jeff
  37. Physics

    There a five positions (A=-10cm, B=-5cm, C=0cm, D=5cm, E=5cm). A block is at rest at location C when a student pulls it to position A. The student then releases the block and it begins to oscillate. Given the block has a mass of 2kg and the spring has a

    asked by Joe
  38. (8th)English, Research Project

    I am researching C.S. Lewis, and I have to write a research paper on him. However, I don't know where to look for information on how he positively affected society. Even if I get the information, I am unsure about how to write the thesis statement.

    asked by Samantha
  39. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 2.40 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2(aq)? So, here's my working so far: .00024 mol NaOH .0008 mol HC2H3O2 .0008 - .00024 = .00056 mol HC2H3O2 .00056mol / 0.0104L = .05385

    asked by Brandon
  40. 3rd grade phonics

    Can you please check these? Thanks. Vowel Pairs: freezing rain sleet beat gray streets blue play Kay raisin feel easy Vowel Digraphs: looked said caught headline said school because heavy weather good sleigh said could neighbor bread instead

    asked by Claire
  41. algebra

    IF a pro basketball player has a vertical hang-time of about 35 inches, what is his hang-time? Use hang-time function V=48T^2. This is how I have started this question 35=38T^With this my answer is 0.854, -0.854 Is this right?

    asked by aimee
  42. Spanish III

    ¿Cuáles son los dos tiempos compuestos del subjuntivo?

    asked by Anna
  43. math

    Does x = 5 satisfy the equation 17x = 85? a. yes b. no

    asked by ange
  44. math

    Solve the equation: 14x + 3x - 40 = 11

    asked by ange
  45. Pre-Algebra [urgent!]

    I can't find the solution to this problem; can someone please show me how to solve it step-by-step? Solve the equation for y in terms of x: 1. -8x + 5y = 10 Thanks! -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  46. Chemistry

    I am not quite sure how to do this problem, it doesn't seem to fit into any of my given equations: A gas has a volume of 35.5L and a pressure of 765mmHg at standard temperature. If the same sample is placed in a 56.0L container and the pressure is measured

    asked by Nick
  47. Chemistry

    A 11.7 m solution of the solute C2H5OH dissolved in the solvent chloroform is available. Calculate the mass ( kg ) of the solution that must be taken to obtain 2552 g of C2H5OH.

    asked by Tylor
  48. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass ( g ) of the solute acetonitrile and the volume ( L ) of the solvent C6H6 that should be mixed to produce 4.72 kg of a solution that is 1.34 m acetonitrile.

    asked by Tylor
  49. spanish

    is this correct? "¿Como celebran Uds. el Día de la Independencia en los Estados Unidos?" "Siempre _____." a. comemos pavo b. lanzamos fuegos artificiales c. nos saludamos d. nos escribimos C?--shoot fireworks

    asked by y912f
  50. Statistics

    You draw three tickets at random with replacement from the box. What is the chance that you draw at least one odd number? [Hint: A direct calculation of the chance might be hard, so Pascal and Fermat would subtract the chance of its opposite from 100%.]

    asked by Karen
  51. math

    factor 1) X^2+4X-6 2) X^2-3X-28

    asked by laly
  52. 5th grade Math

    how do you find the median of a box and wisker plot? the number is 87.

    asked by Morgan Rosell
  53. biology

    site where you can see many sensory receptors

    asked by mike
  54. spanish

    "¿Qué le regalarion Uds. a su padre para el Dia del Padre?" "Le _____ una corbata y una camisa." a. dieron b. damos c. dimos d. dan what gift did you give your dad for Father's Day? _____ a necktie and a shirt. which one of the choices would it be ??

    asked by y912f
  55. spanish

    "Federico, ¿vas a hacer algo especial para tu novia para _____?" "¡Claro que sí! Le voy a regular unas flores y después vamos a un baile." a. el Día de la Independencia b. el Dia de los Enamorados c. el Día de la Raza d. el Día de la Madre

    asked by y912f
  56. Algebra

    Find all the numbers for which the rational expression is undefined s^3-6x/ s^2-9 Thanks for the help

    asked by jennie
  57. Chemistry

    If 395.3 g of a substance is dissolved in 872.6 g of cyclohexane solvent, the boiling point of the solution is 87.38 oC. Calculate the apparent molar mass (g/mol) of substance.

    asked by Tylor
  58. differential geometry

    given a circle in S^2 with radius p in the spherical metric, show its area is 2pi(1-cos p)

    asked by bert
  59. Physical Science

    I need help answering these two questions, can someone please help? 1.How does energy transfer by waves differ from energy transer my moving objects? 2.Define amplitude and frequency as they relate to a wave. [I know amplitude is the height of a wave and

    asked by mysterychicken
  60. English

    I've completed all my body paragraphs and now I need to write my conclusion. However, I do not know how to start my conclusion. Several sights have said that I should start by restating the thesis but I think I'm missing a transistion sentance. I was

    asked by Lena
  61. Social Studies

    What are five other words besides pandemic that use the word pan and fit with something being widespread? thanks:)

    asked by Nicky
  62. division

    how can I learn simple division

    asked by Ross
  63. spanish

    is this correct? "¿Que come tu familia en el Dia de Accion de Gracias?" "Generalmente comemos jamón, porque a nadie te gusta _____." a. la flor b. el fin de año c. el pavo d. bailar C?

    asked by y912f
  64. Algebra

    I am stuck on this problem Identify the degree of each term of the polynomial and the degree of the polynomial in -8x^3 + 6x^2 +5x +5 The degree of term 1 = The degree of term 2 = The degree of term 3 = The degree of term 4 = does the degree of the

    asked by peyton
  65. math

    how do i solve? X^2=44

    asked by laly
  66. English 10 Cp

    What is the definition of a Rhetorical Question?

    asked by M.
  67. Physics

    What are some of the safety considerations and technologies used in designing a safe roller coaster ride?

    asked by Lena
  68. math

    what is (2exponetA)then multiply by 2.

    asked by cassandra
  69. 9th grade

    how does increasing the temperature of a solvent affect the solubility of a gas?

    asked by jazmin
  70. 8th grade prealgebra

    Complete to show how the given expression can be written as the product of two factors. -3m-3n=-3

    asked by Alex
  71. university of phoenix

    lingustic of puerto rican americans

    asked by sean
  72. UIC

    Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a

    asked by Mizzy Kay
  73. chemistry

    What is a serial dilution and why might you want to use it?

    asked by peter
  74. spanish

    is this correct? Cuando alguien se gradúa, es imprtante _____. a. decirle "¡Hola!" b. encontarse c. felicitarle d. hablarse C?

    asked by y912f
  75. English

    In my concluding paragraph of my essay I was thinking of doing this: In conclusion, it is evident that THESIS. I don't really know what to say after I've restated my thesis.

    asked by Lena
  76. math help quickly

    Find the length of the total time, of the journey of Sky Lab 4 was, in days, hours, and minutes. Then convert the time of the journey into just hours. Also, convert the time of the journey into just minutes. Show your calculations.

    asked by math project
  77. algebra

    we have a triangle with side a,b,&c. Side b=1,c=sqrt10 what is the length of side a?

    asked by josh
  78. french

    Le train arrive et les voyageurs montent _____. a. sur la voie b. en voiture c. devant la gare d. au kiosque I know it isn't d.... not sure though! Le train arrive Presque toujours _____. a. en retard b. a l'heure c. le matin d. l'horaire is it b....?

    asked by sophie
  79. Home Economics

    1. Is a green pepper green and a red pepper red? Is a hot pepper red? 2. Are hot pepper paste, red pepper paste, green pepper paste the same? 3. Are a hot pepper, a green pepper, and a red pepper the same? 4. Cut a hot pepper into three pieces. 5. Cut hot

    asked by John
  80. chemistry (litmus paper)

    When using litmus paper I was wondering why do you first wet it? Second, I wanted to know is why is it not suppose to touch the solution? Third, how doo you test for solutions if it is not suppose to touch the solution.

    asked by Lou
  81. History

    In a story I am writing for a project in school, the main character is a lady-in-waiting who serves Catherine de Medici. Since a lady-in-waiting is noble, what would be an appropriate job for her other family members, such as her mother, father, and

    asked by Cassie
  82. Math

    A message was encoded using the matrix [7 2 3 1] and you can decode the message 2 numbers at a time in a [1 x 2] matrix. Here are the first four numbers: 66 21 119 35 I know it's coded row matrix times the decoder = the uncoded row matrix. (The key is A=1,

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math

    solve for x x^2+4X=6

    asked by laly
  84. English

    How does vanity bring forth someones downfall?

    asked by Lena
  85. French

    Can someone proofread my paragraph? Bonjour, Je m'appelle Larry. J'ai quatorze ans et je habite dans Vernon, BC au Canada. Où je habite, au printemps il fait beau. En été il fait chaud. Mais en autumne il fait frais. Aussi en hiver il fait froid. À

    asked by Larry
  86. Biology

    How does the pH of chyme change from acidic to alkaline once it leaves the stomach?

    asked by Lisa
  87. Grammar

    I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between active voices and passive voices. Here are some questions that I tried to answer, can someone please correct them for me? Write P for passive or A for active 1.A tiny kitten wandered into the

    asked by mysterychicken
  88. English

    How would I describe vanity as a verb. He is being ________.

    asked by Lena
  89. early childhood education

    why would a teacher check the chests and backs of children

    asked by Anonymous
  90. science lab

    does a plant need roots to have photsynthesis occur?

    asked by Ashley
  91. French 1

    C'est _____ voie? a. quelle b. quelles c. quel d. quele Is it C? Tu voyages avec ______ compagnie aerienne? a. quelle b. quelles c. quel d. quele Is it B?

    asked by sophie
  92. Social Studies

    An______ makes a living by planning, building, and running machines and sructures

    asked by Clayton
  93. french

    Choose the correct noun that matches the stated verb below. Choisir a. la fin b. un choix c. la vue d. un atterrissage Is it b? Voir a. la fin b. un choix c. la vue d. une croyance Is it C?

    asked by sophie
  94. math

    Two cards are drawn wtihout replacement from a shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the second card is each card? a) an ace P(BlA)= P(A&B)/P(A) P(BlA) = (1/208)/(1/52) =1/4 :S did I use the correct formula? The answer didn't come out

    asked by sh
  95. algebra

    i need help with this problem. much appreciated. 2k^3+ 7k^2+1k+7 divided by 2k+3 - .

    asked by Gaby
  96. Social Studies

    What is the difference between supply curve and a supply schedule? Thanks:))

    asked by Taylor
  97. Math

    What are you supposed to get when you factor 3q^2+16q=-5? I got (q+3)(3q+1)

    asked by Angie
  98. Science (urgent)

    Suppose 13.7kJ of heat are removed from 33.5g liquid sample of ethanol at 26.8^oC. When all this heatis removed from the substance, at what temperature and in what states will you find the substance?

    asked by Nick
  99. French

    Why do you have to replace plus bon ina sentence with meilleur, but not when you're using moins bon?

    asked by Angie
  100. 4th grade Vocabulary

    How can I use transmitter in a sentence? P.S it has to be aboout hiking also

    asked by Emma
  101. Math

    Today's HW, due tomorrow, I'm lost, please help. 1. 5y - 7x = 10 2. 2y = 10 - 2 (x - 3) 3. y = 2x + 1/2 (3x + 1) + 1/4 (2x + 8)

    asked by Steven
  102. Biology

    Location in the digestive tract: mouth, pH: 6.8 Location in the digestive tract: stomach, pH: 2.0 Location in the digestive tract: duodenum, pH: 9.0 Based on this info, would a bolus of carbohydrate be acidic or basic? why?

    asked by Patricia
  103. business

    what are the duties or functions of an accountant

    asked by Kavita
  104. 4th grade vocab

    how can i use territory in a sentence? P.S it has to be about hiking

    asked by Chelsea
  105. math

    please, does anyone know of a site I can go to online to help my son with some simple practice division? THX!!!

    asked by Ross
  106. History

    What tools did a lady-in-waiting use?

    asked by Cassie
  107. calculus

    I am reposting this because I still don't understand it. I need help with this problem. this is what I got so far: P(x)=12x-(x^2/500)-680-4x-0.01x^2 P'(x)=12-0.004x-4-0.02x P'(x)= -0.024x-8 x=8/0.024 My book says x=8/0.024 which somehow become 1000/3. They

    asked by Riley
  108. History

    What are French renaissance/medieval traditions?

    asked by Cassie
  109. spanish

    is this correct? "¿Desde cuando conocen Uds. a su vecino Raúl?" "Lo conocemos _____ nació." a. desde que b. cuando c. desde d. de nuevo A?

    asked by y912f
  110. spanish

    "¿Te divertiste anoche en el baile?" "Si, pero _____ demasiada gente. Era imposible bailar bien." a. era b. habían c. había d. eran Did you have fun last night at the dance? yes, but _____(there were?) too many people. it was impossible to dance well i

    asked by y912f
  111. ecology

    I am questioning the result of my ecent classroom experiment...please help:I am testing to see if CO2 is released or consumed: 4 tubes with phenol red in all. 1 added elodea plant and placed in bright light 1 nothing added to the phenol red placed in same

    asked by Ashley
  112. social studies

    What is the large bay east of Maine

    asked by Clayton
  113. Delta T

    In the delta T formula how do you find i = ? If its ionic like NaCl then i = 2 What if its like C6H12O6? i = 1 ? or i = 3? Since that is not ionic i would assume it will be 1

    asked by Chopsticks
  114. Science

    When a clown anemonefish gives birth, how many babies survive?

    asked by Hope
  115. Science

    When a clown anemonefish gives birth, where do the baby fish go?

    asked by Sue
  116. physical science

    diagram the motion of pistons in a four stroke engine.

    asked by chaundra
  117. poetry

    I need to write 5 hinky pinkies (don't need # of syllables), but can't think of anything... PLEASE, HELP!

    asked by Anonymous
  118. geometry

    how can you justify a shape

    asked by jason
  119. Monroe

    What do economist believe about future business cycles?

    asked by Josh
  120. spanish

    is this correct? "En una fiesta familiar, ¿quién es la primera persona que _____ y sale?" "Yo, porque siempre tengo que levantarme temprano." a. se hable b. se escribe c. se ve d. se despide D?

    asked by y912f
  121. spanish

    how do i say this in spanish??? at 12:00 I go to school to teach other homeschooling kids. please help me with this, thank you soo much

    asked by y912f
  122. spanish

    is this correct? "Qué día de fiesta te gusta más?" "Prefiero el Dia de la Independencia porque me gusta ver _____." a. el pavo b. el fin de año c. los fuegos artificiales d. las flores C--fireworks?

    asked by y912f
  123. English

    Would it be a bad idea to start a concluding paragraph with hence?

    asked by Lena
  124. math

    Explain what the Metric System is. Also find the year the metric system was invented and the country where it happened.

    asked by straight a student
  125. 8th Grade Algebra

    How come x^4/3 is a ploynomial, but 3/x^4 isn't?

    asked by Nancy
  126. Ethics

    Rawlsian 'state of nature' implies? (a) a veil of ignorance (b) social inequality (c) struggle of all against all (d) absolute power

    asked by Alex
  127. English

    Does the wording sound alright in this sentence. War is the solution to the world's problems because global peace is impossible to achieve. Nothing is better than having that basic understanding on how in the end war would be justified and benefits

    asked by Kara
  128. History

    Are these the seven regions of the native americans?

    asked by tammy
  129. bio

    why do fertilized plants have nodules

    asked by sue
  130. 10th Grade Math

    What is 3X^2-7=11

    asked by Brian
  131. social studies

    could you pull up (the great plains) chapter 2,lesson 2 please .

    asked by queeneka
  132. literature

    I need to find one essay about all the book of Frankenstein

    asked by monica
  133. French

    Je descends _____. a. au kiosque b despuis 45 minutes c. au prochain arrete d. a la boucherie I think it is c or b?

    asked by sophie
  134. English

    I need to show proof in my essay as quote but would it be ok if I said something like "as illustrated" and not a direct quote because I am trying to show an action.

    asked by Lena
  135. Ethics

    Can I have a few examples plz

    asked by Eva
  136. Science

    What would you estimate to be the speed of a galaxy located 60 million light-years away?

    asked by Rosa
  137. science

    list the bodies of water that collects rain when it falls?

    asked by adriana
  138. to kill a mockingbird

    what new things dose scout learn here about how the black people live

    asked by kyle
  139. ??????

    What was the main trainning center during world war 1

    asked by Sammy
  140. Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

    In the film, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, it is seen that Ulysses Everett is very self-conscious about the way his hair looks. This display vanity. Is there any different situation in the film in which Ulysses is vain? (his vanity must ultimetly bring forth

    asked by Lena
  141. spanish

    i don't understand the question "¿Recibió su nieto la carta que le enviaste?" "No sé. Nunca me contestó. Voy a escribirle _____. a. especial b. de nuevo c. desde que nació d. a los 12 años (did you receive your grandson's letter?)??

    asked by y912f
  142. math

    can you please answer my last question??

    asked by math project