Questions Asked on
May 1, 2009

  1. Calculus

    A light is suspended at a height h above the floor. The illumination at the point P is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the point P to the light and directly proportional to the cosine of the angle θ. How far from the floor should

    asked by Dominick
  2. Chem

    How much water must be added to 500.mL of .200M HCL to produce a .150M solution? (.500mL x .200M)/.150M = .667mL Correct? A chemistry student needs 125mL f .150M NaOH solution for her experiment, but the only solution avail. is 3.00M. Describe how the

    asked by Chopsticks
  3. zero cubed

    What is zero cubed or zero to the third power

    asked by Paul
  4. Probabilities

    There are 5 rotten apples in a crate of 25 apples. How many samples of 3 can be drawn from the crate?

    asked by Andrey L
  5. math

    Let C be the curve of intersection of the parabolic cylinder x2 = 2y, and the surface 3z = xy. Find the exact length of C from the origin to the point (3, 9/2, 9/2).

    asked by anglo
  6. spanish

    "¿Qué programas de televisión te gustaban más?" "Me gustaban más las comedias. Yo las _____ a menudo." a. iba b. veía c. comia d. vivia "What tv program do you like most? i like comedy most. I ___ often" again, confused on the asnwer choicces

    asked by y912f
  7. health

    can someone give me some good examples for what conditions a physician should be suspended from a medical staff.

    asked by ajg57
  8. math

    The position function of a spaceship is below and the coordinates of a space station are (8, 5, 11). The captain wants the spaceship to coast into the space station. When should the engines be turned off? r(t) = (5+t)i + (3+ln(t))j + (9 - 4/(t^2) +1

    asked by ibob
  9. Prob:

    Each month, a sales manager classi¯es his sale people as low, medium, or high producers. There is a 20% chance that a low producer will become a medium producer the following month, and a 5% chance that a low producer will become a high producer. A medium

    asked by Andrey L
  10. Probabilities

    A game has the following rules. A fair die is tossed. The tosser wins $7 if a 1 or 2 shows and wins $11 if a 6 shows. The tosser pays $14 if a 3 shows and $6 if a 4 or 5 shows. The tosser's expected winnings for one toss is closest to?

    asked by Andrey L
  11. physics

    A human wave. During sporting events within large, densely packed stadiums, spectators will send a wave (or pulse) around the stadium (Fig. below). As the wave reaches a group of spectators, they stand with a cheer and then sit. At any instant, the width w

    asked by chirayu
  12. Really Quick French

    @Sra Et je vais pour se détendre. What I'm trying to say here is, "And I'm going to relax." If this is the wrong way to say it, please correct me. Merci.

    asked by Larry
  13. spanish

    is this correct? "De pequeño, ¿cómo eras?" "_____ que era tímido." a. lloro b. molesto c. recuerdo d. me porto C?

    asked by y912f
  14. Pre-Algebra

    Here are some more: 1.Use transformations to solve the equations: 5{6+k}=3k 19-3m+ 5+7m

    asked by mysterychicken
  15. Pre-Algebra [repost for Reiny]

    In my last post for #1, I asked my teacher and she said that it's actually k=30 . Could you have gone wrong somewhere? That's the only one. -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  16. History

    What castle/palace did Catherine de Medici rule from? I could not find this information in the Wikipedia article, maybe I overlooked it. Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie
  17. 2

    what relationship factors or considerations might be influencing michael's problems?

    asked by christina
  18. Linear Algebra

    V = Mnxn is a space vector formed by all the square matrices. Is W = {A in Mnxn : A^x = A} a subspace of V? Thanks

    asked by Isaac
  19. Maths

    A 5 digit number is written on a white board. Ron erases one of its digits and adds a newly constructed number to the original one. The results is 41751. What is the original number? - My problem is that wouldn't there be more than one possibility? Can you

    asked by Leighton M
  20. criminal justice

    Write a 350- to 700-word response describing each court level and its responsibilities. Then, describe the two main differences you found between the state and federal court systems.

    asked by Wendy
  21. algebra

    Factor : (4x^2-7x+3) - (3x^2-5x)

    asked by Natalie
  22. English- Word Choice

    The general idea about war has always been a controversial subject that has sparked powerful opinions and emotions. We cant use the word always what is another word that I can replace it with? There are many different viewpoints about why war is considered

    asked by Kara
  23. Physics

    Which is the strongest fundamental force acting between microscopic particles? A. Strong force B. Weak force C. Gravity D. Electromagnetic Force I think it's either A or D, but I'm not sure which.

    asked by Jess
  24. reading

    I have question about the milkweed book by jerry spinelli What do you think the milkweed symbolized? I think is a symbol of hope and angel. Do you think my answer is correct or there is a different answer. Thank you

    asked by john 2
  25. art

    Search the internet and find one specific example of each of the eight types of art listed below. Your examples should be by established artists and/or from museum collections online. Submit the URL for each example, a description of the art and an

    asked by valarie
  26. Exponential Equations

    HOw would you solve this equation 5^x+6=4 Correct me if I'm wrong so far.. x+6 ln5=4 Divide by x+6..which would be ln5=4/x+6...then what??

    asked by Amber
  27. English

    1. Is Kelly a male name or a female name? 2. What is the difference between the two sentences? 1) He lost his watch. 2) He has lost his watch. 3. My father reads the newspaper every day. (What is the meaning of this sentence? Does the father read the same

    asked by John
  28. Gr. 10 CIVICS

    can u please help me find a picture that shows one of the element in a democracy. the element is Being Informed and Getting Involved. the picture has to fulfill this element. thanks .u can just paste the site of the picture.

    asked by airas
  29. Probabilities

    There are ten contestants in a chess tournament. The number of ways in which the first, second, and third place prizes can be awarded is closest to?

    asked by Andrey L
  30. Probabilities

    A safety engineer claims that only 60% of all drivers use seat belts on short trips. The probability that exactly 2 out of five drivers will be using his seat belts is closest to?

    asked by Andrey L
  31. Probabilities

    An investor has $20,000 to invest in stocks. She can buy blue chip or specu- lative stocks. If the market goes up the blue chips will pay o® $30,000 and speculative will pay o® $50,000. If the market goes down, the blue chips will pay o® $10,000 and

    asked by Andrey L
  32. Probabilities

    There are 10 contestants in a scrabble tournament. The number of ways in which the 3 finalists can be chosen is closest to?

    asked by Andrey L
  33. Probabilities

    A team has 10 players named A, B, C, ... . Before each game an o®ensive captain, a defensive captain, and a water-boy are determined by chance. No one may have more than one of these honors per game. The probability the C and D both win honors for the

    asked by Andrey L
  34. Gr. 10 CIVICS!!!!please HELP!! :(

    can u please help me find a picture that shows one of the element in a democracy. the element is Being Informed and Getting Involved. the picture has to fulfill this element. thanks .u can just paste the site of the picture.

    asked by ARIAS
  35. Gr. 10 CIVICS!!!!please help again! :(

    being informed n getting involved means people communicate about and participate in important issues... i need a picture that represents or fulfills this. thanks

    asked by ARIAS
  36. Trigonometry

    How would you solve this using logarithims?? 7^(x)=6^(x+7)

    asked by Tony
  37. 10th grade CIVICS!!!!

    being informed n getting involved means people communicate about and participate in important issues... i need a picture that represents or fulfills this. thanks

    asked by ARIAS
  38. adult education

    Determine what makes each source credible or not credible. In addition to the steps you should follow to determine the credibility of a source, be aware of any biases or fallacies in the materials. „h Explain what information you think you will be able

    asked by carol
  39. physics

    A bullet (m = 0.0290 kg) is fired with a speed of 94.00 m/s and hits a block (M = 2.70 kg) supported by two light strings as shown, stopping quickly. Find the height to which the block rises

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics

    An ice cube of mass M is placed at rest in on a circular track of radius R, as shown at right. The position of the ice cube along the track follows that of a circle, given by: x^2 + (R – y)^2 = R^2 . A)With respect to the bottom of the track, calculate

    asked by Jimmy
  41. math

    A can paint a room in 3 hours, and B can paint a room in 4 hours. How long will it take if they paint it together?

    asked by Kacey
  42. Supply Chain Technology

    It is always better to define a technology broadly so one can learn as much as possible? True or False

    asked by Lorna
  43. French

    Can someone please check my work? Write a short paragraph about your weekend plans. Describe four things that you are going to do and two things you are not going to do. Dans le week-end, je vais utiliser l'ordinateur. Aussi je vais jouer au basketball. Je

    asked by Larry
  44. physics

    An oscillator consists of a block attached to a spring (k = 299 N/m). At some time t, the position (measured from the system's equilibrium location), velocity, and acceleration of the block are x = 0.0817 m, v = -16.9 m/s, and a = -108 m/s2. Calculate (a)

    asked by chirayu
  45. English

    First thanks to everyone who has helped me with my topic Breakfast! It went great in the class! Now I need some advice on how to divide a class in groups( or better to say my topic is called student groupings)I need to think of 3 activities on how to

    asked by cary
  46. Chemistry

    What is the difference between the substance oxidized and the oxidizing agent?

    asked by ?
  47. algebra II

    Find the equation of the line that passes through (-2,5) and (-6,-3).

    asked by tommy
  48. History

    In what ways did the renaissance humanism draw upon the classical heritage?

    asked by Latisha
  49. philosophy

    which pre-socratic philosopher had that most compelling ideas? Briefly summarize the philosophers idea(s). Why do you find these ideas compelling? Include a practical example of the philosophers idea in your response.

    asked by just me
  50. calculus

    I need help with this problem. this is what I got so far: P(x)=12x-(x^2/500)-680-4x-0.01x^2 P'(x)=12-0.004x-4-0.02x P'(x)= -0.024x-8 x=8/0.024 My book says x=8/0.024 which somehow become 1000/3. They are the same when solved but how did they come up with

    asked by Riley
  51. algebra need help

    Find the equation of the line that passes through (-2,5) and (-6,-3).

    asked by tommy
  52. Health care

    How are our state Veterans Centers funded?

    asked by Jan
  53. Records management

    I am doing a powerpoint presentation and was wondering if you could help me find some information for the following: Steps for handling clinical data a doctor needs to see, steps for handling administrative data that a doctor does not need to see, where to

    asked by Amanda
  54. algebra

    how would i find a equation for solutions given of x=5 and x=-3?

    asked by paula
  55. spanish

    "¿Por qué desobedecian Uds. a la profesora en la escuela primaria?" "¡Porque _____ niños muy consentidos!" a. ibamos b. fuimos c. estamos d. éramos does the question say, "why were you disobedient to your elementary school teacher? because ___ as a

    asked by y912f
  56. spanish

    "Cuando eran niños, ¿adónde iban Uds. a jugar." "_____ al patio de recreo, ¡por supuesto!" a. éramos b. vamos c. veíamos d. íbamos does this say, "when you were a kid, where did you play? in the playground ofcourse" i don't know what the answer

    asked by y912f
  57. math

    in music, what does allegro mean?

    asked by jaszie
  58. spanish

    "¿Cómo iba Ud. a la escuela primaria?" "Generalmente _____." a. caminaba b. lloraba c. me portaba mal d. molestaba i don't get it, does it say, "how was your elemantary schoole teacher? usually ____" i don't get what the answer would be C?

    asked by y912f
  59. spanish

    "Cuando eeran pequeños, ¿dónde vivian Uds.?" "_____ en Nueva York." a. vivíamos b. íbamos c. éramos d. veíamos "when you were little, where did you live? New York" i don't understand which would be the answer

    asked by y912f
  60. spanish

    is this correct? "¿Qué juguetes tenías en tu dormitorio?" "Yo tenía _____." a. muchos muñecos y un cajón de arena b. un pájaro y una guardería infantil c. un robot, dos osos de peluche y bloques d. un tobogán y un columpio C?

    asked by y912f
  61. spanish

    "Cuando eran pequeños, ¿tocaban Uds. algunos instrumentos musicales?" "Sí, _____ el violín y el piano." a. tocaba b. tocaban c. tocamos d. tocábamos "When you were small did you play some musical instruments? yes, _____ violin and the piano" i'm

    asked by y912f
  62. spanish

    is this correct? "¿Tenías colecciones cuando eras niña?" "Sí, yo _____ muñecos y animales de peluche." a. lloraba b. desobedcía c. coleccionaba d. saltaba "did you collect something when you were a kid? yes, i ______ action figures and stuffed

    asked by y912f
  63. spanish

    is this correct? "Cuando eras niña, ¿dónde trabajan tus padres?" "Mis padres _____ profesores en una universidad." a. eran b. iban c. trabajaban d. hacían C?

    asked by y912f
  64. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone please show me how to solve these problems step-by-step so that I can understand how to do them? 1.Use inverse operations to write a related inequality and solve for the variable: d/6 < 12 2.Use inverse operations to solve the inequality:

    asked by mysterychicken
  65. Science

    This isn't a homework question, just a general school question. There has been several cases of swine flu in my county. Do you think the government should close our school? If my school would stay open, should we continue having swimming class in gym? I

    asked by Gabriel
  66. spell

    paragraph about street accident

    asked by Anonymous
  67. SraJMcGin

    does anybody know what time SraJMcGin comes online?

    asked by spanish
  68. French

    how do you say "subject" in french? I think there's one way to say it that starts with an m?

    asked by Angie
  69. chem

    so i took a sat ii subject practice test and the question was true/false/ ionic bonds are the strongest bonds. answer was true but what about NETWORK COVALENT?

    asked by Kerrie
  70. French

    In French, how do you say "The ost useful subject is science? I need to know how to say the science it plural, like math, and is it masculine or feminine?

    asked by Angie
  71. trig

    2cosx+sinx+1=0 how do I get everything in one function?

    asked by sara
  72. social studies 3rd grade

    could you give me a good website that tells you about the religion of Finland.

    asked by sisi