Questions Asked on
April 3, 2009

  1. math

    how would you find an equation to a line that is parallel and 3 units away from the line x-5y+10=0?

    asked by kim
  2. physics

    Oxygen gas having a volume of 784 cm3 at 23.3°C and 1.03 x 105 Pa expands until its volume is 1170 cm3 and its pressure is 1.07 x 105 Pa. Find (a) the number of moles of oxygen present and (b) the final temperature of the sample. (Unit kelvin, K, for part

    asked by sweety
  3. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? ¿Qué hacen? Write complete sentences using the elements below. 1. entender el español/nosotras Nosotras entendemos el españl. 2. no querer sombreros amarillos/Ramón y Antonio Ramón y Antonio no quieren sombreros

    asked by Larry
  4. Spanish #2

    Write a paragraph about what you like to where during the 4 seasons. Must have 3 sentences. Include what you like to wear and the color and what you don't like to wear. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Las Estaciones En

    asked by Larry
  5. Calculas

    If a ball is thrown in the air with a velocity 44 ft/s, its height in feet t seconds later is given by y = 44t - 16t2. (a) Find the average velocity for the time period beginning when t = 2 and lasting 0.5 second. ft/s (b) Find the average velocity for the

    asked by Mimi
  6. english

    i am going to be writing a research paper over vending machines in schools. i need help making the outline. there are three main body parts: issue, change, and opposition, but these need to be further broken down into 3 or 4 sections. BODY A. issue 1. 2.

    asked by anonymous
  7. art -year8

    i need to design a renaissance outfit for art. please could someone help me find some websites that show some outfits that can help me. thankyou.

    asked by ellen
  8. English

    I am trying to find sites where it gives the history of erasers. Does anyone know of any good sites? Thanks:)

    asked by Nicky
  9. physics

    An electron has a kinetic energy of 4.2 x 10-17 J. It moves on a circular path that is perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 3.3 x 10-5 T. Determine the radius of the path. The electron in the problem has Charge of the electron (q) =

    asked by Determine the radius
  10. science

    can someone please give me a website in which i can find a diagram dpicting the earths seasons! thank you!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Annaiiz
  11. Business Communication

    Which of the following is ACCURATE in terms of the words it uses? a) "There is a large amount of people at the convention." b) "We have to decided between the four options available to us." c) "Fewer people will attend the conference this year because of

    asked by Anonymous
  12. 11th grade English

    Can someone please help me with the topics for a research paper. It needs to be based on some medical issues. This is the first time I am writing a research paper. please help me with a topic. Please!!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physical science

    Trace the energy transformations from gasoline in a car to sound from the radio playing hitting your ears. There should be 4 transformations. please help me i only have a couple of hours left til i have to turn it in.

    asked by kt1993
  14. Maths

    can u tell any site regarding to math 5-10 class plz thanks.

    asked by Bilish
  15. accounting

    a higher interest rate would: reduce the price of corprate bonds; reduce the price of preferred bonds; reduce the price of common stock; all of the above

    asked by pookie
  16. accounting

    a ten year bond pays 11% interest on a $1000 face value annually. If it currently sells for $1195.00 what is its approximate yeild to maturity?

    asked by pookie
  17. accounting

    the longer the time to maturity: the greater the price increase from an increase in interst rates; the less the price increase from an increase in interest rates; the greater price increase from a decrease in interest rates; the less the price decrease

    asked by pookie
  18. accounting

    a 10 year bond pays 8% on a face value of $1000. If similar bonds are yeilding 10%, what is the market value of the bond. use annual analysis

    asked by pookie
  19. accounting

    a 15 year bond pays 11% on a face value of $1000. If similar bonds are currently yeilding 8%, what is the market value of the bond? use annual analysis

    asked by pookie
  20. english

    can you come up with a catchy name for this product? It'sa juice carton with fruit and veg names around the side of it, you pick 5 of the fruit/veg and it makes it. If you drink it it equals to all of your 5 a day

    asked by lucy
  21. Physics

    Which of the following physical properties can be used to measure temperature using a thermometer? A. volume B. pressure C. density D. viscosity I think the correct answer is D?

    asked by sophie
  22. information technology

    Currency Conversion Design

    asked by Rossia
  23. Business Communication

    Which of the following selections contains a fragment? If none of the selections contains a fragment, select "Correct." a) To prepare for the 10K race. b) Eric eliminated greasy foods from his diet and began eating fresh fruits and vegetables. c) He also

    asked by Anonymous
  24. 9th grade math

    how do i solve for this problem? Xsquared-10=0

    asked by anonymous
  25. Business Communication

    Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. (a) Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technolgy continue to attract predominately men. (b) Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technology continues to

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Business Communication

    Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. (a) Dental veneers made of porcelain or plastic can covers chipped, stained, or crooked teeth. (b) Denatl veneers made of porcelain or plastic can hides chipped, stained, or crooked teeth. (c) One

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Physics: true or false

    1. In a gas kept at a constant temperature, all molecules move with the same speed. A. True B. False 2. A hot object has more thermal energy than a similar cold object only because of greater kinetic energy. A. True B. False 3. The thermal energy of the

    asked by sophie
  28. Business Communication

    Identify the sentence with correct pronoun agreement. (a) I know who parks his car illegally in the stall reserved for the provost. (b) I know whom parks his car illegally in the stall reserved for the provost. (c) Everyone at the building permit office

    asked by Anonymous
  29. catering

    You're likely to encounter formal service in all of the following settings except which one? A. A gourmet restaurant B. A wedding C. A church outing D. A dinner party

    asked by Anonymous
  30. math

    how do i solve x^2-4x

    asked by anonymous
  31. Physics help!

    The thermal energy of the particles in a gas is related to the temperature of the gas. A. True B. False This question is a bit tricky, but I think it is true?

    asked by sophie
  32. Business Communication

    Identify the sentence with the correct adjective or adverb. (a) Dorie is the short person in the room, standing at just five feet tall. (b) My mother has five children, and I am the oldest. (c) Habanero chilies are more hotter than jalapeno peppers. (d)

    asked by Anonymous
  33. 9th grade math

    how do i solve this problem? X^2-4X=0

    asked by leslie
  34. Business Communication

    Identify the sentence with the correct adjective or adverb. (a) I have a little to offer, but you have lesser. (b) If Dennis were least obnoxious, potential clients might find him more approachable. (c) I need a haircut badly (d) The summer solstice is the

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Physics help!

    Heat is added to an open container of a liquid. The liquid is brought to its boiling point and half the liquid boils away. Which of the following graphs shows how the temperature changes with this time period? Would the graph be just an ascending line?

    asked by sophie
  36. Health

    I am trying to build medical word that corresponds to this definition. Pertaining to the heart and lung cavity is what?

    asked by Kee
  37. Business Communication

    Which of the following selections contains a run-on? If none of the selections contains a run-on, select "Correct." (a) Everyone praised Matthew for his will power. (b) He quit smoking five years ago, he still craves a cigarette from time to time. (c)

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Business Communication

    Identify which of the following sentences uses modifiers correctly. (a) Kurt and his hockey teammates nearly cooked two hundred pancakes for the breakfast fundraising event. (b) Rudolph enjoys eating curries from the Indian delicatessen with a lot of

    asked by Anonymous
  39. pholosophy

    Write an informative 700-1050-word letter in the persona of one Eastern philosopher to one of his pupils. In the letter, describe your chosen philosopher's viewpoints concerning one of his philosophies. If needed, cite secondary sources according to APA

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Algebra

    Please Simplify 5x^-2 - 3y^-1 -------------- x^-1 + y^-1

    asked by Alicia
  41. math

    a store charges $28 for a sweater.this price is 40% more than the amount it costs the store.during a sale, store employees can purchase it at 30% off the stores cost. how much will it cost an employee to buy the sweater?

    asked by leslie
  42. Physics

    The melting point of a solid is 90.0 degrees C. What is the heat required to change 2.5 of this solid at 40.0 degrees C to a liquid? The specific heat of the solid is 390 J/kg (K) and its heat of fusion is 4000 J/kg. A. 4.9 10^4 J B. 1.0 10^4 J C. 5.9 10^4

    asked by sophie
  43. communication

    describe an academic paper.

    asked by pennet
  44. Eth125

    What part of legislation has to do with the Native Americans and there land ,education problem?

    asked by michell
  45. Pre-Cal

    FIND A POWER WHOSE SUM IS: (a) 5 / (1-3x) (b) 9 / (1-4x) (c) 6 / (2-4x)

    asked by Bob
  46. communication

    how does the academic paper differ from the memo

    asked by pennet
  47. Statistics formula

    Which stats formula would i use for the following: Using the following computer output and a=0.05, test for equal means. group n mean std dev 1 10 77.4 16.4 2 12 68.8 15.2 test u1=u2 (VS NE) t=1.29 p=0.21

    asked by April
  48. Stats formula

    i have a hard time figuring out which formula's to use when solving problems. which would i use for the following: if X is a normal random variable with mean u=60 and a Std Dev.=2 find: A. p(x63) C. p(57

    asked by April
  49. Algebra

    Simplify (p^-4+m p^2m)^-4 ---------------- (p^-4)^-m Theses are the choices A) p-16m + 16 I say its A or B B) p-8m – 4 C) p-11m – 4 D) p-3m + 16

    asked by Carmin
  50. Algebra

    Simplify (2^-1∙7^-4)^-2 Is it 1/2^2*7^8 OR simply just 2^2*7^8

    asked by Kim
  51. Physics

    - How do you calculate proper time (Tau) between two events with coordinates (0s, 0m) and another pair of coordinates in a frame S? - how much work must be done on a particle of mass m to move it to a speed of 0.905c?

    asked by Sam
  52. chem

    Lead metal is added to 0.140M Cr^+3(aq). Pb(s)+ 2Cr^3+(aq)---> Pb^2+(aq) + 2Cr^2+(aq) a)What is [Pb^2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? b)What is [Cr^2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? c)What is [Cr^3+] when equilibrium

    asked by tomi
  53. art

    How do you see archetypes affecting our individual lives and how are they gods and goddesses.

    asked by help please
  54. Business Communication

    Before writing a recommendation report to the CEO, Dee and Carlos distribute a survey to everyone in their company to determine which new benefits employees are most interested in. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? (a) Planning

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra

    Factor (m + 4) (a – 5) + (m + 4) (a + 3)

    asked by Beth
  56. Business Communication

    Matthew interviews the director of computing services to get information for the company newsletter. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? (a) Planning (b) Editing (c) Getting feedback (d) Gathering I know its not (b) editing, for

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Anthropology

    How do we distinguish between sex differences and gender differences? Is it possible to always isolate biological influences from those that are cultural?! Answer this question as possible as you can! I would appriciate your help so so so much:)))

    asked by mimi
  58. Math

    A piano has 88 keys. Show with numbers the probability of hitting a particular key if you shut your eyes and strike one key.

    asked by Tyler
  59. social studies

    i need help with my math test

    asked by nickie
  60. Macbeth

    Hi there. I have to write a paper on why some people believe that Lady Macbeth could be Duncan's daughter. I don't need help in writing it, I just want to know reasons why that could be true. I believe one of them is because Lady Macbeth knew that she

    asked by Jenny
  61. Rationing

    Compare the rationing in WWII to how we have been affected by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. How would Americans today react to a government rationing program? Choose 3 of the items you read about that were rationed during WWII and explain whether or

    asked by Chopsticks
  62. Economics

    1) If C = 1000 + 7/8[GDP-1000], I = 700 and G = 1000 and the economy is currently in equilibrium at 400 below full employment GDP, the correct fiscal policy would be to increase G by? 2) If C = 500 + 3/4[GDP- 100], I = 300, G = 400, Xn =- 10 and full

    asked by Shanna
  63. physics

    carol and bruno drag a box of mass 58.0 kg along a frictionless floor. Carol pushes the box with a force of 11.4 N at an angle of 40.0 downward from the horizontal. Bruno pulls the box from the other side with a force of 11.0 N at an angle of 40.0 above

    asked by sophie
  64. math

    how do you divide fractions

    asked by carl
  65. Pre-Cal

    How do you find the distance from the point to the line given the equation and the coordinates? 4x-2y-6=0 (1,1)

    asked by Shirley
  66. social studies

    what war in the U.S history did people have problems with freedom of speech(amendment)

    asked by nene
  67. College Sociology

    Do you know of any websites that give an overview about elderly/aging in general? Its a project that were doing for sociology and we need something interesting for are introduction.

    asked by Crystal
  68. algebra/trig

    A person is standing 50meters away from a target whos center is 90cm off the ground. The height to the person's eyes is 66inches. Find the correct height for the target if the person is standing 4.5 meters from the target. I have tried a couples times to

    asked by Riley
  69. math

    how do you find the area of a circle

    asked by carl
  70. English

    Old age is the verdict of life. (Amelia E. Barr) What does this mean?

    asked by Monica
  71. math

    The Harveys keep their goat on a 3-meter chain connected to a metal hook on the corner of a shed that is rectangular in shape (5-meters by 4-meters). To the nearest tenth, what area of grass in square meters can the goat reach to eat? (use 3.14 for pi)

    asked by Pranav
  72. History

    What are some physical concepts of being pro war (meaning I'm against global peace) besides economics & religion

    asked by Kara
  73. Math

    Lianne has nineteen coins worth $1.45. Some of her coins are dimes & the rest are nickels. How many dimes does she have?

    asked by Laurie
  74. gov and pol

    i cannot for the life of me find the number of employees in the dept of labor and education in 1960 online!!! please help!

    asked by Amy
  75. Chemistry

    A textbook says that each ion in an ionic compound has the noble gas configuration. What about aluminium oxide?

    asked by candy
  76. Math

    How many bricks that are 16 by 16 will fit in a 10 foot by 10 foot square?

    asked by Jordyn
  77. business management

    Today, many organizations and managers face new challenges everyday. One critical aspect of the challenges that managers lack in is within the planning stage. You have been asked by your manager to conduct a preliminary search of recommending the two most

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English-Essay Writing

    If someone could check this for me please. I'm writing an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird and have to have 3 conjunctives that follow the pattern-semi colon, conjunctive adverb, comma. I'm hoping I don't have to write the whole sentence so here goes: be

    asked by Mike
  79. history

    please check these: 1. Which of the following best describes Kennedy's domestic policy success? a. Congress supported nearly all his programs, but most were failures b. He had won a popular mandate that made passage of his programs easy c. He rarely

    asked by history
  80. science

    is disconformity and unconformity the same thing?

    asked by Angie
  81. history

    please check this President Wilson convinced the Allies to a. divide the spoils of war among the victors b. accept his plan for the League of Nations c. make Germany pay heavy war reparations d. allow Germany to keep its overseas colonies i'm stuck between

    asked by history
  82. history

    please check president Roosevelt's progressive record included all the following EXCEPT a. conservation of forest land b. break-up of several trusts deemed harmful to the public c. regulation of food and drugs d. establishment of the Federal Reserve System

    asked by history
  83. Physics: waves

    You are creating a transverse wave in a rope by shaking your hand from side to side. Without changing the distance that your hand moves, you begin to shake it slower and slower. What happens to the frequency? What happens to the amplitude? What happens to

    asked by sophie
  84. Algebra

    27.9^1/4, round to the nearest hundredth

    asked by Blanca
  85. Math

    Simplify. -81^1/4

    asked by Lenny
  86. Physics

    How much work W must be done on a particle with a mass of m to accelerate it from a speed of 0.905c to a speed of 0.980c? Ok I know that you compute the Lorenz factor gamma but my question is what value would you use for the v? And do you minus anything

    asked by Sam

    PLEASE REVISE. THAN YOU This group is the same as a subordinate group. A defining feature of this group is that its members have less control or power over their lives than do members of dominant groups. Minority Group This describes the social structure

    asked by Rimmy

    I need help in revising this than you. I basically didn't post all the answer properly. This group is the same as a subordinate group. A defining feature of this group is that its members have less control or power over their lives than do members of

    asked by Rimmy