Questions Asked on
March 31, 2009

  1. Statistics

    I really need help with this problem. I am not sure what the question is asking and how to approach it! Thanks in advance! Its known that 2/3 of humans have a dominant right foot or eye. Is there also a right-sided dominance in kissing behaviour? In a

    asked by Hanna
  2. algebra 1

    find the common ratio of each sequence: 1. 8,20,50,125......? 2. 0.48,0.9,1.8,3.6.....?

    asked by liz
  3. calc

    Give 2 positive and 2 negative angles that are coterminal with each angle? 1. 30 degrees 2. 135 degreed 3. -93 degrees

    asked by peter
  4. math

    You are having a pool party and invite 2 of your best friends. These two friends each invite two other people. Each of these 2 people invite 2 people that haven't been invited. How many people will be invited if this process continues for four rounds?

    asked by Alice
  5. pre calc

    Find the complement and supplement of each angle. 1. 40 degrees 2. 89 degrees

    asked by jaz
  6. French

    How would you use the word "gros" in french for masculine, plural?

    asked by Angie
  7. 11th grade Algebra II

    Chad had a garden that was in the shape of a rectangle. Its length was twice its width. He decided to make a new garden that was 2 feet longer and 2 feet wider than his first garden. If x represents the original width of the garden, which expression

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Calculus

    Let h(x)= x^3 + 4x -2. Let g(x) represent the inverse of h(x). Find g(14). I know that if (a, f(a)) is on h(x), then (f(a), a) will be on g(x). I also know that if f^-1(a)=b if f(b)=a. I thought that if I could find the x value(s) at which h(x)=14, I would

    asked by Kelly
  9. Business Communication

    You are a technical writer in a large company, working on a training manual to help new users learn the company's computer system. Employees will use your manual in training seminars taught by your company's trainers. the manual will aslo serve as an

    asked by Anonymous
  10. 3rd grade art

    In the painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte", by George Seurat, what is the story the painting is telling? What is happening?

    asked by elaine
  11. english

    i was just wondering does this song lyric have a metaphor? The stars will cry The blackest tears tonight And this is the moment that I live for I can smell the ocean air And here I am Pouring my heart onto these rooftops Just a ghost to the world That's

    asked by christina
  12. speech/english

    this is kinda similar to last nights question We have to write an introduction, thesis, and now part of the body My topic was if I could do anything without getting in trouble, what would it be? My introduction is life is a risk itself, can you imagine how

    asked by jerson
  13. Math

    Define variable and write a system of equations for this situation. Solve using substitution. A farmer grows only sunflowers and flax on his 240-acre farm. This year he wants to plant 80 more acres of sunflowers than that of flax. How many acres of each

    asked by Angie
  14. calculus

    I need help simplifying this problem. f(x)=x^4/5(x-4)^2 f'(x)=x^4/5*2(x-4)+(x-4)^2*4/5x^-1/5 it is suposed to end up as this: 1/5x^-1/5(x-4)[5*x*2+(x-4)*4] but how do i get it to there? I need to see all the steps and how to get them. Thanks

    asked by Riley
  15. physics

    A reel has radius R and moment of inertia I. The reel is positioned at the top of a slope and a block is also on the slope with some angle theta. One end of the block of mass m is connected to a spring of force constant k, and the other end is fastened to

    asked by mightymouse
  16. Psychology

    Discuss the 3 levels of memory processing: encoding, storage, and retrieval then describe 3 techniques that can be used to enhance memory.

    asked by Bryan
  17. psychology

    discuss the role of fathers in childhood development? i've read the section and it does not really mention about the father, but mostly the motehr.

    asked by joey
  18. economics

    What happens to wages and employment if the government imposes a payroll tax on a monopsonist? Compare the response in the monopsonistic market to the responsse that would have been observed in a ompaetitive labor market.

    asked by anonymous
  19. Business

    Does a company that is a town's main employer, owe anything to the town and/or its citizens if it closes its operations in the town?

    asked by Jazzy101
  20. Global

    Fascist leader in Italy and Germany came to power in the 1920s and 1930s because they : a) maintained political traditions b) supported the League of Nations c) resisted all forms of extreme nationalism d) exploited economic hardships to gain popular

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Global

    Which statement explains the decline in unemployment rates in Britain between 1914 and 1918? a) The British were buying huge amounts of war materials from the United States b) Assembly-line production of consumer goods required more workers c) World War I

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Global

    How did geography affect both Napoleon's invasion and Hitler's invasion of Russia? a) warm-water ports prevented the flow of supplies b) the climate created obstacles to success c) the tundra enabled the movement of troops d) deserts made invasion possible

    asked by Anonymous
  23. word analysis

    which word has the same vowel sound as join? tool joke spoil cold

    asked by jake
  24. 11th grade Algebra II

    if the roots of ax^2+bx+c=0 are real, rational, and equal, what is true about the graph of y= ax^2+bx+c? 1.) it intersects the x-axis at two distinct points. 2.) it lies entirely below the x-axis 3.) it lies entirely above the x-axis 4.) it is tangent to

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chemistry pls help

    C6H14(l)->C6H14(g) ->6CO2(g) + 7H2O(g) ->6CO2(g) + 7H2O(l) Hexane is a liquid at room temp. It can be converted into carbon dioxide and water through the above processes. There are 3 steps. Steps 2 & 3 are exothermic, right? I think step 2

    asked by jan
  26. French...please help!

    ht t p :// tin ypic . c o m /view . php ?pic= 4hbd34&s=5 can someone click on the link above and help me translate the passage...i have a test on it tomorrow. I don't understand this particular section of the story and another part (I'll post the second

    asked by kayla
  27. medical information management and office practice

    Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative medical record analysis.

    asked by Kim
  28. ACC

    Can anyone tell me if an accounting professional is guaranteed to act ethically just because he or, she has completed a course in ethics?

    asked by Tammy
  29. All core classes.

    What were some 80's icons? I have a project that's on the most important political and environmental events in the U.S during the 80's. I want to make some titles, for each subject (i had an assignment for almost each class, excluding my elective and p.e),

    asked by Dani
  30. Economics

    A newspaper story on the effect of higher milk prices on the market for ice cream contained the following: "as a result (of the increase in milk prices), retail prices for ice cream are up 4 percent from last year... and ice cream consumption is down 3

    asked by Steven Davis
  31. math

    is this correct when combining like terms 17a^2b-16ab^2+3a^3+4ba^3-b^2a= 17a^2-17ab^2+7ba^3

    asked by ferrer
  32. History

    Where can I find some information on the American military's POV on dropping the bomb on Japan during WWII? Thanks!

    asked by Momo
  33. MATH:Solving with 3 variables

    03p-0.25r-03q=0 0.8p-0.6r-0.05q=0 0.9p-0.15r-0.65q=0 I don't know if this help but i think p+q=1.

    asked by Brad
  34. Business Communication

    With increased market globalization, intercultural competence: A) becomes less of a challenge b) is aided significantly by advanced technologies such as faxes, overnight delivery, and e-mail c) reduces the chances of interacting with people who speak

    asked by Shonda
  35. math

    5^-1 z^7 __________ 5^2 z^9 = 5^3 ______ z^2

    asked by ferrer

    What career paths are of interest to you? How has the information presented in this course influenced your thoughts about your personal career path? What insights or reactions do you have concerning what you now know about the field of business?

    asked by Orquidia
  37. Business Communication

    Many companies have found that family-friendly policies: a) are good recruiting tools, but often result in relocation failures b) are one of the six leading reasons that new managers fail c) have given employess with children higher overall compensation

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Legal Aspects of Health Info

    dr. Bob is preparing to operate on Sally for an immediately life-threatening condition. just before he begins the operation, he discovers that she is 17 years old. Her parents, with whom Dr. Bob has never discussed the operation, are in the waiting

    asked by Mary
  39. 7th grade

    Why cant petrol driven cars we use on earth be used on moon?

    asked by Saad Faisal
  40. Electronics

    Hey. I have been working on some exercises. It all went well until I got to this one. The transistor in the picture is an NPN transistor. I know the RC value is missing. That’s probably an error, but as long as an

    asked by Muuusen
  41. Physics

    Determine the value that has the largest total energy. Assuming that the orbirts are circular. (a) 1000 kg satellite at geosynchronous orbit (b) 1000 kg satellite in low earth orbit—roughly 300 km (c) 500 kg satellite at geosynchronous orbit (d) A 500 kg

    asked by Malcom
  42. science

    want are invertebrates an animal with symmetry has body parts that macth other body parts around a point or cintral-----.

    asked by queeneka
  43. science

    animals can be classified by whether or not they a -------.

    asked by queeneka
  44. science

    invertebrates makes up the ------- animal group on earth.

    asked by queeneka
  45. Pre Cal.

    Solve 3y^2 + 4y - 2 greater than/equal to 0 3y^2 + 4y - 2 ≥ 0 3y^2 + 4y - 2 = 0 y = [-4 ± sqrt (4^2 - 4(3)(-2)]/(2 • 3) = (-4 ± sqrt 40)/6 = (-4 ± 2 rad 10)/6 = (-2 ± rad 10)/3 Is this right?

    asked by Jennifer
  46. Romeo and Juliet quotation help!

    I'm reading act 2 of Romeo and Juliet and I have no idea what the quote, "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" means. Could someone please help me thanks:) J-J:)

    asked by Jamie:)
  47. science

    what are some invertebrates. sponges do not have ------.

    asked by queeneka
  48. Math

    How many corners are there on a solid pyramid?

    asked by Bob
  49. science

    invertebrates that have ------- on tentacles are called -------.

    asked by queeneka
  50. Psychology 210

    For this assignment, you will create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Your presentation must briefly summarize how psychological disorders are classified including the role of the DSM IV. Your presentation must have at least one slide for each of

    asked by Candee
  51. Business Communication

    When an audience feels your message is unimportant to them, you should: a) use threatening language to show the seriousness of the matter b) make any action requested as easy as possible to accomplish c) avoid imposing deadlines for action d) make the

    asked by Anonymous
  52. math

    -5 times the power of two

    asked by John
  53. science

    clams,squid,and snails are soft bodies invertebrates with hard shells are called -------.

    asked by queeneka
  54. history

    please help me with this during the Cold War, a major goal of United States policy in Latin America was to a. build nuclear weapons bases in Central America b. encourage the countries of Latin America to join in the United Naitons c. protect American

    asked by history
  55. science

    i did raed my book but this are the six i could not find in my book

    asked by queeneka
  56. Criminal Justice - Defense Lawyer ?

    I am working on a project towards my criminal justice degree and need to find out what a defense lawyer typically charges per hour, specifically for serious crimes. Does anyone know a typical rate would be or where I can find this information?

    asked by Shania
  57. history

    1.a. which countries remained neutral during World War II? SWEDEN, SPAIN, IRELAND, TURKEY, SWITZERLAND (please correct me if i'm wrong) b. How did Britain's location help that nation to avoid a German invasion? (help) c. why might it have been a mistake

    asked by history
  58. Pre Cal.

    Together, two printers can print 7500 lines if the first printer prints for 2 minutes and the second prints for 1 minute. If the first printer prints for 1 minutes and the second prints for 2 minutes, they can print 9000 lines together. Find the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    combine like terms and simplify. 17a^2-16ab^2+3a^3+4ba^3-b^2a=

    asked by ferrer
  60. math

    (a^5 B/a^7 B^-2)^-3

    asked by ferrer
  61. Business

    As a business manager, do you think that a corporation's decisions should be goverened by a social conscience or is it ethnical for a business to simply pursue a profit for its shareholders?

    asked by Jazzy101
  62. math

    5^-1 z^7 /(5^2 z^9 ) = 5^3 / z^2 ??

    asked by ferrer
  63. Romeo and Juliet Quotation Help

    I need help with one more quote what does "parting is such sweet sorrow mean?"

    asked by Jamie:)
  64. History-Read

    This is what I have so far for pro-war diminishes overpopulation I need to add more any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks First, pro-war diminishes overpopulation. During war many individuals are killed, physically resulting in a smaller

    asked by Kara
  65. Business

    General Motors is currently negotiating with the Obama Administration for federal assistance. Should the Obama Administration force General Motors to renegotiate its union contracts, including benefits for retirees, as a condition for receiving federal

    asked by Jazzy101
  66. Adv. Math.

    Describe how the graph of y= abs(x-2) is related to the parent graph? My answer: The graph is shifted 2 units to the right (or in the positive direction) in comparison to the parent graph.

    asked by Maria
  67. economics

    is this a service, greeting or merchandise approach You work as a sales associate in a camera store. you observe a woman looking at a digital camera. wouldn't that be service?

    asked by Blake
  68. chemistry

    Describe what happens to the shape and volume of a solid, a liquid, and a gas when you place each into separate, closed containers?

    asked by chrissy
  69. Last Question Romeo and Juliet Quotes Help

    This is the last question I promise I'm sorry I'm being such a bother but I need help with this quote. "I have forgot that name and that name's woe." Does this quote mean that it tries to forget that name, and all about her. (Rosaline he's referring to)

    asked by Jamie:)
  70. Business

    As a business manager, do you think that a corporation's decision should be goverened by a social conscience or is it ethical for a business to simply pursue a profit for it shareholders?

    asked by Jazzy101
  71. Accounting

    Horse Country Living publishes a monthly magazine for which a 12-month subscription costs $30. All subscriptions require payment of the full $30 in advance. On August 1, 2008, the balance in the Subscriptions Received in Advance account was $40,500. During

    asked by Barry
  72. Business Communication

    Which statement correctly identifies the main benefit of writing a paragraph using the deductive order strategy? a) You can present any kind of evidence you wish to use. b) The reader knows from the outset what your main point is so he or she is prepared

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math

    long division 3x^2+8x+4/x+2=

    asked by ferrer
  74. history

    i have 4 questions from an excerpt from President Truman's "Truman Doctrine" speech, made to Congress in March 1947. "nearly every nation must chose between... i believe that we much assist free peoples to work out their.." my first question is : when

    asked by history
  75. Criminal Justice

    I am preparing for DSST college credit by examine in criminal justice. I am looking for some good practice questions.

    asked by G
  76. science

    could you please help me i stil did not fine what i was looking for?

    asked by queeneka
  77. math

    combine like terms 18x^4+2x^3y^3-1-2y^3-17x^4=

    asked by ferrer
  78. economics

    If the government imposes a payroll tax on a monopsonist, do the wages go down along with the employment?

    asked by lam
  79. pre cal--check

    Name all the values of x that are not in the domain of f(x) = (2–x^2)/ (x+ 5) I got only x= -5 because that's the only value that would make the denominator zero.

    asked by Jason
  80. 10th grade history

    Tomorrow in class, I have to write a "letter" to philip II of spain telling him a course of action he should take to make the economy (back in the 16th century) better. So far I think I am going to say some stuff about religious toleration and wars caused

    asked by anonymous
  81. french

    I'm not sure if I understood these correctly can someone help? Et il a mis ses poings devant sa figue et il a commence a danser tout autour d'Eudes commes les boxurs a la tele chez Clotaire, d'ailleurs nous on n'en a pas encore et moi je voudrais bien que

    asked by kayla
  82. math

    what is 0.042 turned into a fraction

    asked by gretchen
  83. Spanish Help Please! Tenses

    Hi, I need help with Spanish homework. This is on tenses: "I have to" or "I must (Future imperative, I think)," "I will" (Future), I am (present), and "I have" (past). Please tell me if my grammar is correct in the following sentences. Thanks! Tengo que

    asked by Chris
  84. french

    can someone help me translate? Djodjo: Dingue, espèce guignol, sale menteur, sauvage, mal élevé! Maîtresse: Mais ... mais George. Il ne faut pas dire des choses comme ça! Agnan: Vous avez vu, mademoiselle? Qu’est-ce que je vous disais? Maîtresse:

    asked by jackie
  85. math

    where can i find pictures of symmetrical shapes so that i can identify the rest of the shape

    asked by janice
  86. calc

    Find x. Supplementary angles with measures 10x+7 and 7x+3. Complementary angles with measures 3x-5 and 6x-40.

    asked by bob
  87. 7th grade

    Does anyone know why chef's stick metal objects into potatoes when they cook them?

    asked by Peyton
  88. Socials Studies Project (URGENT)

    Researching the Northwest Coast people. I need help with finding info on agriculture, nomadic, hunters, fishers. Thank you very much!!

    asked by Larry
  89. Labor economics

    The daily inverse demand curve for pet grooming is P=20-0.1Q. where P is the price of each grooming and Q is the number of groomings given each day. This implies that the Marginal revenue is MR=20-0.2Q Each worker hired can groom 20 dogs per day. What is

    asked by anonymous
  90. science

    I only found one more out of the six.

    asked by queeneka
  91. english

    Please help me with my thesis. i have to write a thesis statement in the topic topic "Poverty in USA". like i had lots but my teacher didn't agree with those. can anyone please give me idea what to write. by starting the sentence with " Poverty in USA

    asked by Anonymous
  92. reading

    what those this qoute mean "The young think they know everything and are confident in their assertions." -Aristotle

    asked by sara
  93. French

    Bonjour!! I posted a question a few days ago sorry I didn't answer you back but now I have the chance. Could you please check over this french paragraph. Thank you so much:) Dans ma famille ma mère et mon père font les courses. Ma mère et mon père font

    asked by Destiny
  94. Chemistry

    I am currently balancing chemical equations. A few of them I am not sure if I correctly balanced or not, so could you check them over so I don't continue to do them wrong? C3H8+O2 yields CO2+H2O. I balanced it as 1C3H8+5 O2+4H2O. If this isn't right, could

    asked by Misha
  95. 7th grade

    How would you describe how you could use a set of temperature probes connected to a computer to test how quickly various solids transfer heat.

    asked by Peyton
  96. math/equations


    asked by sara
  97. High School Courses

    How often do state colleges which are moderately competitive require trigonometry? Is trigonometry something like algebra that they expect you to have, or do they usually not care as long as you have the right number of math courses? Would it look better

    asked by Evelyn
  98. French

    Could you please check my answers thank you so much:) Use the verb pouvoir or vouloir Ah, je regrette, mais je ne ------- pas. À la télé, il y a ... Answer: Peux Si je comprends bien, tu ne ------ pas faire le dîner, parce que tu ------ regarder la

    asked by Mark
  99. cjs

    Post your response to the following: What is your overall opinion on the community era of policing as opposed to past eras and their role in society? What aspects of the previous eras would be beneficial today? Should policing continue with the way it is

    asked by mama boo
  100. His

    Can anyone tell me if these are correct please? From the list provided below, you must decide if each item was an initiative only within Kennedy’s New Frontier, if it was proposed by both presidents, or if it was an initiative only within Johnson’s

    asked by fran
  101. History-Read

    I responded back to your last post that you didn't read. We can't use any statistics. I re-wrote what i had but can you please tell me what else I should put or how to make it stronger. Does it sound like I'm pro-war? I'm so confused right now. Thank you.

    asked by Kara
  102. business

    What financial resources would and would not be considered available financial resources? I NEED HELP£¡£¡£¡THANKS£¡£¡

    asked by Joey
  103. History

    Pro-war and economics. What are some reasons for that besides since their is a war going on those people fighting are employed so more jobs become available (I don't have a reason why or know if that's right)

    asked by Kara
  104. business

    Should salary increases, life insurance proceeds and expected inheritances be considered available resources for financial planning? Do you consider it wise to include them in a financial plan? Why/ Why not? I am getting confused with it!!CAN ANYONE PLEASE

    asked by Joey
  105. math

    ther is 7 girls on a bus each girl has 7 bookbags each bookbags has 7 big cats for every big cat there are 7 little cats how many legs are on the bus

    asked by Anthony Holley
  106. history

    please help me with this why did Congress pass the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947? a. to protect union officials against undue invasion of privacy b. to raise wages c. to increase unemployment benefits d. to restrict labor strikes that threatened the national

    asked by history
  107. high school

    explain reverse operations in algebra when to do it and when not to do it

    asked by Anonymous
  108. pre. cal.

    Find the least integral upper bound of the zeros of the function f(x) = x^3 - x^2 + 1? I got... The least upper bound of the zeros of f(x) is -0.7549

    asked by stephanie
  109. trig

    unscramble these letters into 3 words: rceureigthorty

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Global

    Which United States foreign policy was used to maintain the independence of Greece and Turkey after World War II? a) militarism b) neutrality c) containment d) nonalignment Is the correct answer D, nonalignment?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. calc

    Give 2 positive and 2 negative angles that are coterminal with each angle? 1. 30 degrees 2. 135 degreed 3. -93 degrees

    asked by peter
  112. Intergovernmental Relations

    I am doing a paper on the balance of power between federal local and state governments in the even of a national disaster. One of the questions posed to me was Should the federal government's superior financial resources supersede concerns about

    asked by V
  113. math

    rich ran a 5 kilometer race how many meters is five kilometer

    asked by tracy
  114. arts survey

    how has visual and performing arts reflect and influence society?

    asked by tonya
  115. social studies

    what does goods mean?

    asked by whitney
  116. math

    how many milliliter equals 3 liters

    asked by tracy
  117. Physics

    The co-efficient for static friction for a 5 kg box on a floor is .72. How much force if required to start the box sliding? I worked it as follows: Force of friction=Force normal * co-effic. of friction which is .72*5*9.8=35.28 but answer in back of my

    asked by CC
  118. Social Studies

    Why did flappers shock some Americans?

    asked by sarah
  119. english

    I have to write a persuasive speech about religion and I was wondering what would be some good ideas to base my speech off? I was thinking something like... religion is relevant anymore, or religion causes more bad then good. Any other ideas? It has to be

    asked by John
  120. history

    please give me links from which i can find the answer to this question the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was based on the principle of a. free trade b. collective security c. appeasement d. isolationism thanks:D

    asked by history
  121. Social Studies

    Describe 3 main contributors to the Harlem Renaissance and their accomplishments. I think 3 can be 1.fads and fashions 2.New music 3.Literature am i right?

    asked by Sarah
  122. English

    Help me unscramble these letters to make a word: c,i,o,p,o,n,a,m

    asked by Jo Ann
  123. business-repost

    What financial resources would and would not be considered available financial resources? I couldn't find it in google!!PLEASE HELP!!!!THANKS A LOT!!!

    asked by Joey
  124. business-repost

    Should salary increases, life insurance proceeds and expected inheritances be considered available resources for financial planning? Do you consider it wise to include them in a financial plan? Why/ Why not? I AM CONFUSED WITH IT!!CAN ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME

    asked by Joey
  125. history

    i'm not sure where to find the answer to this question, I've searched google,..but it gives too much irrelevant information.please help what led the government to evacuate Japanese Americans from the West Coast? a. long-held prejudice, and fears inflamed

    asked by history
  126. Science

    what evolved during the precambrian time period?

    asked by Angie
  127. continuing speech

    how did those sound then for the other part of my thesis it says a list of main points to be discussed (a preview) A. keywords b. keywords. Then for the body we got to make a complete transitional sentence main point whats that stuff mean?

    asked by jerson
  128. chemistry

    For Hg2+(aq) + 2e -> Hg(l) E=0.851 V This means that: A) Hg(l) is more readily oxidized than H_2(g); B) Hg^2+(aq) is more readily reduced than H^+(aq) C) Hg(l) will dissolve in 1 M HCl D) Hg(l) will displace Zn(s) from an aqueous solution of Zn^2+ ion

    asked by someone
  129. pre alg

    12a^-4 b^6 c^-3 / 30 a^2 b^-5 c^-3 is the answer 2b/5a^6 c^?

    asked by alley
  130. History

    Is it true that pianos in ghost towns can "play themselves?" I don't mean because of supernatural forces, but I remember reading once there is a scientific explanation for it. Do you know why that might be? Thank you.

    asked by Evelyn
  131. english

    does found as the same vowel sound as down?

    asked by jake
  132. math

    A jacket Jason wants to buy is priced at $18.99. The sales tax is 8%. What is the total cost of the jacket, including tax?

    asked by Alice
  133. Calculus

    I have a two part question that pertains to a curve (r(x)) and its tangent line at x=3. We are given that at x=3, r(x)=8. In order to find the slope of the tangent line, we are given another point (on the tangent line): (3.2, 8.5). Therefore the slope of

    asked by Lauren
  134. CDA

    I need two resources designed to assist teachers in constructively dealing with children with challenging behaviors(such as aggressive behavior like hitting or biting, or shyness)

    asked by Lou
  135. english

    how did the cat catch the mice? isn't that a sentence?

    asked by jake
  136. speech/english

    this is kinda similar to last nights question We have to write an introduction, thesis, and now part of the body My topic was if I could do anything without getting in trouble, what would it be? My introduction is life is a risk itself, can you imagine how

    asked by jerson
  137. math

    4 to the third power divided by (2-18)x(negitive8-3)

    asked by rocks
  138. Math

    ___% of 24 = 6 and 20% of ___=8

    asked by Ty
  139. History

    What would my topic sentence be for this paragraph that I have been working on? Because my points are overpopulation, economics, and religion. I have another ?. Pro-war and economics. I already expanded on the creation of more jobs due to the need of

    asked by Kara
  140. french

    Nicolas: Il a eu tort parce que Eudes est très fort et il aime bien donner des coups de poing sur les nez et ça n’a pas raté pour celui de Geoffroy. Quand il a vu le coup de : POING ! Djodjo s’est arrête de dire : Dingue-dingue-dingue! Espèce

    asked by jackie
  141. math

    a box holds 23 puzzles. How many boxes are needed to hold 238 puzzles?

    asked by Alice
  142. social studies

    In the year 1900 how many colleges were there?

    asked by Alice
  143. history

    hi i need a lot of help please. I need to write a two page paper describing some of the ineffectiveness in Martin Luther King's leadership thank you soo much

    asked by fred
  144. Science

    Is it true that the age or vertabrates were in the Paleozoic era, the age of reptiles in the Mesozoic era, and the age of mammals iin the Cenozoic era?

    asked by Angie
  145. chemistry

    is borax less base than amonia and why? thsnks.

    asked by al
  146. goverment

    true or false One of the reasons for the War of 1812 with England was that our rights as neutrals had been violated by England.

    asked by history
  147. government

    True Or False TheUnited States is sad to be following a policy of isolation when it joins a world organization such as the united nations.

    asked by history
  148. Science

    Which fact provides the best evidence for the scientific theory of the evolutionary development of life on the earth? a. fossils are found almost exclusively in sedimentary rocks b. characterisitcs of simpler forms of life can be found in more complex

    asked by Angie
  149. science

    why does a baloon burst when placed on the openning of a soda bottle? thank you.

    asked by sam
  150. economics

    The daily inverse demand curve for pet grooming is P=20-0.1Q. where P is the price of each grooming and Q is the number of groomings given each day. This implies that the Marginal revenue is MR=20-0.2Q Each worker hired can groom 20 dogs per day. What is

    asked by anonymous
  151. speech

    ok im still confused about the thesis tho my thesis was Without getting in trouble, life would be more fun. Then we have to do a Division of Labor (DOL), A, support your thesis B. Major division fo top key words, spoken in sentences

    asked by jerson
  152. history

    what led the government to evacuate Japanese Americans from the West Coast? a. long-held prejudice, and fears inflamed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor b. terrorist attacks by immigrants living on the West Coast c. fear for the safety of Japanese

    asked by history
  153. Defination

    What does the word multi-flaccidness mean?

    asked by Trisha
  154. Physics (simple stuff)

    . Does the force of friction depend on the area of the sliding surface? What is larger, static friction or sliding friction when an object is stationary? Why sand is placed on icy streets and sidewalks? )something to do with friction) how could you reduce

    asked by drago
  155. Math

    There are 1170 students in a school. The ration of girls to boys is 23 : 22. The system below describes..? relationships between the number of girls and the number of boys. g+b=1170 g/b=22/23 a. Solve the proportion for g. b. Solve the system. c. How many

    asked by Angie
  156. history

    one sign that the economy might be weakening in the 1920s was a. the failure of many rural banks b. underproduction of consumer goods c. an increase in personal savings d. the collapse of large corporations this is too specific to find on the

    asked by history
  157. math

    -8xa^2 b ___________ -5xa^5 b

    asked by ferrer
  158. math

    ()around the entire problem^3 a^5 b __________ a^7 b-^2

    asked by ferrer
  159. French

    How do you say You must put on your seatbelt? ans: Vous faut mettre sur votre ceinture de securite You must use your signal to turn ans: vous faut utiliser votre clignotant avant de tourner You must not use your phone while driving ans: Vous ne faut pas

    asked by Chopsticks
  160. FRENCH

    I know that "prendre" and "emporter"(for portable items) both mean "to take" but somehow I have the feeling that they are not synonymous. Is it correct to say: "je prends un livre de la table"(I take a book from the table) but "j'emporte un livre à

    asked by E.G.
  161. Religion

    What song(s) could one play illustrating the Moral Development Theory by Lawrence Kohlberg?

    asked by Tara
  162. History

    What does it mean by being "pro-war diminishes overpopulation?

    asked by Kara
  163. american education

    What are the fundamental differences between Western philosophies and Eastern ways of knowing? (Generally, how does each culture view the world and education?)

    asked by scooby91320002
  164. algebra 2

    If x^2-x-1 divides ax^6+bx^5+1 evenly, find the sum of a and b. Show all steps and exlain your answer. Please, please help me out!! Thanks alot. =)

    asked by betty
  165. math{HELP HELP}

    i don't understand these mmath equations. 1) 6y = 24 2)y / 7 = 2 y=_________ On number one i know that if there is a letter next to a number it means multiplication.and i still don't know how to solve it. On number two i don't understand anything at all:(

    asked by elenny
  166. history

    can i get sites where i can find the answer which of the following is a reason the United States became involved in affairs in the Middle East following World War II? a. to limit Jewish immigration into the region b. to prevent oil-rich Arab nations form

    asked by history
  167. Sra

    Is it true that in France, people get paid to make the language sound more pretty. My teacher told me that people get paid over there to make up words that sound pretty and enforce it.

    asked by Chopsticks
  168. health care

    I really need help with this assignment. please help me revise this assignment thank you. Two approaches to measuring patient outcomes are: 1) Applying process management to occupational medicine – this process involves frequency and timing of patient

    asked by doannial
  169. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? Use the comparatives (más--que, menos--que, tan--como and tanto como) to complete the following sentences/. 1. Luisa es más joven que su abuela/. 2. Trabajar es menos divertido que pasar un rato con los amigos/. 3. Soy

    asked by Larry
  170. Spanish #2

    Can someone please check my work? Your teacher has asked you to compare activities and things in your life. Use a comparative expression with the word in round brackets to complete each sentence/. 1. Mirar la televisión es [menos divertido que] montar en

    asked by Larry
  171. chem

    How long would it take for 1.50mol of water at 100.0 degrees to be converted completely into steam if heat were added at a constant rate of 23.0J/s?

    asked by alisha
  172. 10th grade Living Environment

    Explain the roles of helicase and polymerase in DNA replication.

    asked by Anonymous
  173. chemistry

    How long would it take for 1.50mol of water at 100.0 degrees to be converted completely into steam if heat were added at a constant rate of 23.0J/s ? the constants are: Specific heat of ice: 2.09J(g/degrees celcius) Specific heat of liquid water: 4.18 J

    asked by sam
  174. English

    I need to write a short story that uses suspense.

    asked by Jessica
  175. English

    Hello:)What is a difference between an instruction and an assignment?What does an instruction include and what an assignment?

    asked by lamy
  176. spelling

    I need at least 25 words that end in less. any help is appreciated!

    asked by Anya
  177. Chemistry

    what are the other chemistry forms present in the dichloromethane solution besides the normal neutral forms for benzoic acid and quinine? (benzoic acid,pKa 4.2; quinnie, pKa 8.5)

    asked by Nancy
  178. chemistry

    1)when benzoic acid and quinine is dissolved in CH2Cl2 and added 2M NaOH, what is the organic layer and what is the aqueous layer? a)and by adding another 2M NaoH to the organic layer, what is the new aqueous layer and organic layer? b)from (1), if we add

    asked by Nancy
  179. history

    in 1954, the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that a. bus segregation was unconstitutional b. the federal government must increase financial aid to education c. separate but equal policy was wrong d. the government must provide loans to

    asked by history
  180. Math

    x-sqrt(2x+1) = 7 My answer: same as: x - 7 = sqrt(2x+1) ==> x^2 - 14x + 49 = 2x+1 ==> x^2 - 16x + 48 = 0 split this up into: (x - 12) * ( x - 4 ) = 0 so, x can technically be 12 or 4 12 - sqrt(24+1) does = 7 x=12

    asked by Maria
  181. trig/cal

    how does pih^3/12 simplify to pih^2/4? If you divide denominator by 3 you get 4 and then I guess the 3 goes away leaving a 2? But if this is correct why does this work?

    asked by Anonymous
  182. Pre Cal.

    Determine the slant asympotte [sic] for f (x) = (x^2 - 5x - 3)/x My answer: (x^2 - 5x - 3)/x = x - 5 - 3/x The slant asymptote is y = x - 5.

    asked by Jennifer
  183. literacy

    when you're writing a title, how do you know what words to capitalize the first letter?

    asked by Angie
  184. Research paper topics


    asked by Vanessa
  185. Geology

    Does this sound right? Describe your assigned method and how it is used to evaluate geologic time. My assigned method was Absolute Dating / Numerical Age. Absolute Dating / Numerical Age is the process that assigns a numerical age ( this tells how old a

    asked by A.W.
  186. History

    I don't understand why people are pro-war because of religion purposes? Can you please explain this to me.

    asked by Kara