Questions Asked on
March 29, 2009

  1. Statistics- I think I have the answer

    The salaries (in thousands of dollars) for a sample of 13 employees of a firm are: 26.5, 23.5, 29.7, 24.8, 21.1, 24.3, 20.4, 22.7, 27.2, 23.7, 24.1, 24.8, and 28.2. Compute the variance of the salaries. a)2.562 b)6.125 - I Picked this c)9.223 d)7.097

    asked by Stuart
  2. Chemistry

    Topic: Sublimation and Fusion How much heat (in kJ) is required to warm 13.0 g of ice, initially at -14.0 C, to steam at 112.0 °C? The heat capacity of ice is 2.09 J/g⋅°C and that of steam is 2.01 J/g⋅°C. Any help on how to start this is really

    asked by Pete
  3. science

    Why are new ideas often rejected, and what is needed before new ideas should be accepted?

    asked by nataline
  4. Quadratic Equations

    The height of an object projected upward from ground level is given by h=-16t squared + 128t. When will the object be 240 feet above the ground? (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)

    asked by purpletree
  5. Spanish

    Fill in the correct possessive adjectives. 1. su libro (his) 2. nuestro padre (our) 3. sus abuelos (their) 4. tus primas (your, familiar singular) 5. tu familia (your, familiar singular) 6. nuestros primos (our) 7. mis gatos (my)

    asked by Larry
  6. AP Chemistry

    In the titration of 50.0 mL of 1.0 M CH3NH2 (kb=4.4 x 10^-4), with 0.50 M HCl, calculate the pH a) after 50.0 mL of 0.50 M has been added b) at the stoichiometric point.

    asked by some kid
  7. Solution Stoichiometry

    If 75.0 mL of an AgNO3 solution reacts with enough Cu to produce .25g Ag by single displacement, what is the molarity of the initial AgNO3 solution if Cu(NO3)2 is the other product?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. health

    which of the following structures are regions of the lungs? a. frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal, ethmoidal b.eustachian, pharynx, bronchi c. cilia, adenoids, mucous, epigilottis d.apex, base, hilum d could someone check my answer

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math3

    how do u write 7/33 as a decimal

    asked by rocks
  10. HS Calculus

    Having trouble with this questions. Please help. A particle moves on the x-axis so that its position at any time t (is greater than or equal to) 0 is given by x(t) = 2te^-t a) Find the acceleration of the particle at t=0 b)find the velocity of the particle

    asked by Jane
  11. math

    simplify 2u^5x^5*2w^-8u^5x^5*3w^7

    asked by Debbie
  12. Physics

    On August 20, 1989, in Cologne, West Germany, Said Aouita of Morocco also established a world record when he ran the 3000 meter run in 7.00 minutes 29.45 seconds. What was his average speed (in m/s) for the race? Do I divide 3000 by 7 minutes and 29.45

    asked by Jake
  13. History

    1. Why is American participation in the Great War important? 2. What were the "acids of modernity" that began to reshape American society in the 1920s? How did they achieve this? 3. How would you characterize the cultural and political temper of 1920s

    asked by Ryan
  14. Economics

    Suppose that a firm is currently employing 30 workers, the only variable input, at a wage rate of $60. The average product of labor is 30, the last worker added 12 units to total output, and total fixed cost is: $3,600. a. What is marginal cost? b. What is

    asked by eStone
  15. science

    what is an area where an oceanic plate goes down into the mantle

    asked by mike
  16. 6th Grade Science

    What are: -Groups of similar cells doing the same work? -Organs working together? -A long branched type of cell that sends messages quickly? -Cell surrounded by calcium and phosphorous? -Cells in many celled organisms are ______? -The smallest living unit

    asked by Brandi
  17. english

    1. Rewrite sentences using the Passive They’re going to open the sports complex next week. The sports complex... The USA manufacture a lot of sports equipment A lot of sports equipment... They’re building some tennis courts in the park. Some tennis

    asked by Joan
  18. Business Statistics

    ) A sample of eight observations of variables x and y is shown below: x 5 3 7 9 2 4 6 8 y 20 23 15 11 27 21 17 14 Find the value of coefficient of correlation, r. a) - 0.991 b) 0.872 c) - 0.512 d) 0.942 2) In the past, young women drivers have maintained a

    asked by Stuart
  19. math

    Write the expression without using the factorial symbol. (n+1)!/(n-1)! my work: (n+1)!/((n+1)(n-1)!) =1/(n-1)? Thanks in advance.

    asked by sh
  20. Quadratic Equations

    The height of a triangle is 1 in. more than twice the base. Find the base and the height if the area of the triangle is 52-1/2 sq in. (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)

    asked by purpletree
  21. 7th grade

    Does anyone know what aruba's primary, secondary and tertiary industries and were i can find information on them?

    asked by Brooke
  22. psychology

    Explain what role psychology has played in understanding and managing these health problems. Migraines and Coronary heart disease

    asked by latham
  23. havelock high

    An object accelerates (changes its speed) only if the forces acting on it in one direction are greater than the forces in the opposite direction, All of the following objects will accelerate EXCEPT? A) a ball striking a wall, in which the force of the ball

    asked by marty
  24. physics

    Which will result in the greatest acceleration? 56 N action on a 1-kg box 56 N acting on a 2-kg bag 23 N acting on a -kg bag 23 N acting on a 5-kg bag

    asked by Tiara
  25. chem

    If pentane,hexane and hexanol are heated evenly at different altitudes, rank them according to the order in which you would expect them to begin boiling.

    asked by alisha
  26. Statistics

    I have a question that involves explaining what is wrong in each of the following situations: (a) A random sample of size 20 is taken from a population that is assumed to have a standard deviation of 12. The standard deviation of the sample mean is 12/20.

    asked by Lynn
  27. Physics

    In 1989, Carl Lewis established a world record when he ran the 100 meter dash in 9.92 seconds. What was his average speed(in m/s) for the race? Remember to include your data, equation, and work when solving this problem. I am not sure how to do this

    asked by Jake
  28. american education

    identify the main characteristics of Progressivism, Reconstructionism, Positivism, Constructivism, Behaviorism, Humanism, and Essentialism

    asked by scooby91320002
  29. math

    how do i find the square root of 50x^10

    asked by Debbie
  30. math

    (z^-6)^5 simplify

    asked by Debbie
  31. Calculus

    Here's another one that I do not really understand. A company estimates that the cost (in dollars) of producing x units of a certain product isgiven by: C=800 + .04x + .0002x^2. Find the production level that minimizes the average cost per unit.

    asked by Jane
  32. Sleeping.

    Is sleeping a waste of time? Now that I think about it, sleeping seems like a waste of time.

    asked by Chopsticks
  33. science

    What is the unit for magnetic circuit?

    asked by Ellie
  34. English

    1. Is "Snow White" on TV an animation program or an animated program? 2. This is a chef. He made a delicious food for his father. On the right side, there are various fruits. On the left side we can see food made of fruit. In the middle of the picture,

    asked by John
  35. math

    how do i factor 3y^2+y-10

    asked by Debbie
  36. Accent Marks

    I need help when you type boeuf in french how to you make the "o" and the "e" come together.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Geomtric Series

    I need to find the equations of the following, using Σ (and the n=1 which is at the bottom of the Σ) (and infinity is at the top of the Σ) 1) 5/1 + 8/1 + 1/1 + 14/1 + . . . 2) 6/5 + 9/8 + 14/11 + 21/14 + . . . 3) -6/3 - 4/4 - 2/5 - 0 + . . . 4) 9/1 +

    asked by Janet
  38. 7th grade

    Does anyone know what the vegetation breakdown is for Aruba. Examples grasslands,forests and deserts? I know that it is pretty scarce but if anyone has any websites that might have some sort of vegetation this would be great thanks.

    asked by Brooke
  39. AE....

    what are teachers Rights and Responsibilities

    asked by scooby91320002
  40. Math 10 x-intersept y-intersept

    Please help me with this question Q:For each line,determine the x-intersept,the y-intersept,and the slope a) 2x-5y+10=0 b)4x+y-12=0 please explain carefully , I'm dumb... thank you

    asked by Rach
  41. Statistics Help Please

    A sample of eight observations of variables x and y is shown below: x 5 3 7 9 2 4 6 8 y 20 23 15 11 27 21 17 14 Find the value of coefficient of correlation, r. a) - 0.991 b)0.872 c)- 0.512 d)0.942

    asked by Stuart
  42. Statistics Help

    A medical statistician wanted to examine the relationship between the amount of sunshine (x) and incidence of skin cancer (y). As an experiment, he found the number of skin cancers detected per 100,000 of population and the average daily sunshine in eight

    asked by Stuart
  43. Algebra

    I need to simplify this equation. I think this is the correct answer but would like a second opinion. Thanks! Ok here it is 20 X 10^7/5 X 10^3 I got 4 X 10^4 Is this right?

    asked by Breanna
  44. Statistics Help

    Six candidates for a new position of vice-president for academic affairs have been selected. Three of the candidates are female. The candidates’ years of experience are as follows. Candidate Experience Female 1 Female 2 Female 3 Male 1 Male 2 Male 3 5 9

    asked by Stuart
  45. Statistics

    Intentions of consumers regarding future automobile purchases and the financial capability of the consumers are given below: What is the provability of P(A | D)? a)0.5 b)0.75 c)1 d)0

    asked by Stuart
  46. AE

    How will responsibilities as a teacher influence the rights of a student?

    asked by scooby91320002
  47. To Akashdeep Singh

    Since your question had to do with computer games, not homework, it has been removed. Please post only homework questions here. Thanks.

    asked by Writeacher
  48. AE

    Is it fair to infringe on students' rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why or why not? I am not sure what they are asking

    asked by scooby91320002
  49. Stoichiometry Problem?

    How many Milliters of 18.0M H2SO4 are required to react with 250mL of 2.50 M Al(OH)3 if the products are aluminum sulfate and water?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Algebra

    Factor x^2 - 3xy - 18y^2 I am not too sure if this is right, but any help is appreciated! Thanks! (x – 6y) (x + 3y) is this correct?

    asked by Loren
  51. English

    Posted by John on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 4:11pm. 1. Is "Snow White" on TV an animation program or an animated program? 2. This is a chef. He made a delicious food for his father. On the right side, there are various fruits. On the left side we can see

    asked by John
  52. Please help--Geometric series

    I need to find the equations of the following, using Ó (and the n=1 which is at the bottom of the Ó) (and infinity is at the top of the Ó) 1) 5/1 + 8/1 + 1/1 + 14/1 + . . . 2) 6/5 + 9/8 + 14/11 + 21/14 + . . . 3) -6/3 - 4/4 - 2/5 - 0 + . . . 4) 9/1 +

    asked by Janet
  53. English

    I pretend I am a PD. I will make an educational program. I will call it "Let's Learn Japanese". I need two native speakers and a Japanese teacher. With the help of the nateive speakers, the teacher can make a good textbook. The native speakers can talk

    asked by John
  54. Statistics

    A monthly report to the Texas Department of Health, division of Water Hygiene, contained the following water production data in thousands of gallons: 5263 5636 5264 4395 6090 5293 4668 5725 5171 4378 5118 5538 4838 5167 5119 5438 6843 5262 4653 5303 5913

    asked by Stuart
  55. Social Studies

    How many rooms are usually inside a poor village?

    asked by Amy
  56. Health of young children

    Why is the incubation stage of an illness of concern to day care workers? A.Children in this stage require a great deal of care and special attention. B.Children in this stage often need special medical help. C.Children in this stage can often pass on the

    asked by Cynthia
  57. AE

    Describe a experience where a teacher's responsibilities limited the students' rights.

    asked by scooby91320002
  58. History

    How have the lessons learned from the Holocaust changed the world? What do you think has happened and how we are continually surprised when there are bad people doing evil things in the world.

    asked by Peter
  59. Chemistry

    1.) The average velocity of Cl(2) molecules is 2.50 x 10^3 m/sec at a temp of 25 C therefore the average velocity of helium atoms is ?? [ i got the answer 5.94 x 10^2 m/Sec is that right] 2.) A gas is allowed to expand from 1.5 : to 12.5 L against a

    asked by Emmanuel
  60. 7th grade

    What types of landforms are found in Aruba I only found the Hooiberg which is a mountain are there any other landforms. Thanks

    asked by Brooke
  61. Heath (quick question pplz read)

    Does everyone like white milk?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. AE ( last and final one)

    describe a situation in which the students’ rights might override a teacher's responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment. I can not think of any

    asked by scooby91320002
  63. History

    How does overpopulation create starvation. What are some strong reasons besides people fighting over food.

    asked by Kara
  64. math

    What is 1 1/2 times of 14?

    asked by ztan
  65. reading

    what those this quote mean: "The world is full of willing people to work, the rest willing to let them" -Rober Frost

    asked by sara
  66. social studies

    I am trying to unsramble a city the word is i tall tacks ye. Thanks

    asked by diana

    what is the purpose of step 5 in glycolysis. Can pyrutate be made without the enzyme that catalyzes step 5? In this step(5), two main events take place: 1) glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate is oxidized by the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD); 2)

    asked by cubanita
  68. reading

    what does this qoute mean: "Forgive your enemies but never forget their names." -John !@#$%^&enedy

    asked by sara
  69. chemistry

    Ok, I'm sure this is a stupid question, but when I try to break down the following equation to its net ionic equation, all of the elements cancel out. I'm obviously doing something wrong... Can anyone help with the net ionic equation for: Fe(NO3)3 (aq) +

    asked by lholmq
  70. science

    why does the carbonated drink pitted the iron nail? thanks!

    asked by al
  71. 2nd grade

    How can I figure out the perimeter of a shape?

    asked by Dan The Man
  72. History

    Can you please explain this to me the best that you can? GP would create tolerance because everyone would be in each other's space due to overpopulation. What is a good follow up sentence to put after that.

    asked by Kara
  73. science

    how are hearing and touching different

    asked by john
  74. science

    what is the largest layer of earth's surface , composed mostly of silicon,oxygen,magnesium,and iron

    asked by sara
  75. math

    write each expression without using the factorial symbol. 1)(n-3)! ----- n! 2) (n+4)! ------- (n+2)!

    asked by sh
  76. science

    what is the outermost layer of earth's surface

    asked by sara
  77. SraJMcGin are you still here

    I'll post my finished work when you answer me that you are still online

    asked by Destiny
  78. business help

    16. (TCO 2) Which of the following is the most important step to help improve America's business ethics? Middle management support. Training. -- Enforcement. Identification of the organizational ethics officer. 17. (TCO 2) Top leaders in government and

    asked by Bryan
  79. business

    Identify and explain how the four steps to change the mental models/mindsets can help General Motors. The four steps are recognizing, test, overcome, and transform GM’s mental model/mindset: GMs management is pushing electric vehicle technology I am

    asked by Christina
  80. social civics

    Before the Civil war a policy of free compulsory education had been adopted throughtout the United States? true or false

    asked by Austin
  81. Math

    whats the answer to 2 raised to 4x+1=3 raised to 1-x

    asked by Audrey
  82. Program Planning and Grant Proposing

    Expalin the relationship between planning and grant proposal. When describing each component address their similarities and differences and how hey relate to each other.

    asked by Lisa
  83. social civics

    the Monroe Doctrine stated that the United States would not intervene in the affairs of countries in latin America? true or false

    asked by Austin
  84. Maths - Matrices

    I'm having trouble with doing this matrix proof The question is "Given some matrix A has the property A*2=A^-1, show that determinant A = 1, i.e |A| = 1" I've tried for ages, but I can't seem to do it, this is what I got to A^2= A^-1 |A^2| = |A^-1| |A|^2 =

    asked by TP
  85. Logging in.

    What is the purpose of the login function on this website? You can always change your name to whatever you want, so why even have it there?

    asked by Chopsticks
  86. social civics

    Under the Monroe Doctrine European powers were allowed to intervene in the affairs of independent countries of latin America? true or false

    asked by Austin
  87. history

    the earliest foreign policy of the United States was to avoid entangling alliances. true or false

    asked by ted
  88. Science - Biology

    Please can someone help me! I've got to do a biology experiment to Investigate the relationship between reaction temperature and the effectiveness of action of the enzyme amylase on starch. I really don't know what it is all about pls someone help :)

    asked by Kate
  89. history

    I am doing a history project about Martin Ward's eviction in Loughrea town in Ireland, 1906, I already found some informations in local library however it is still not enough and i really cannot find anything more, maybe you have something? I also tried to

    asked by susan
  90. math

    Use the graph, showing the yearly food costs of a family. What was the percent decrease in the cost of food from 2003 to 2004? Your answer must be a percentage. 2003 is 10,500 and 2004 is 9,500

    asked by jp
  91. Ict

    My homework assignment is to design an anti-bullying logo. I thought of a computer and then putting Stop cyber bullying now! but i don`t know . any ideas? i have looked on different websites but can`t find anything. thanks

    asked by Tobie
  92. science

    momentum (p) is 88 kg * m/s, velocity (v) is 2 m/s. find mass (kg)

    asked by kathy
  93. 9th grade

    9 divided by radical 27a to the fifth power

    asked by mike
  94. social

    Amount of people that Hagia Sophia can hold?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. english

    How do you write the lines of a play in MLA format? Would it look like this: “And she in mild terms begg'd my patience, / I then did ask of her her changeling child"

    asked by Takada
  96. ict-SraJMcGin

    Sorry i didn`t reply sooner ive only just looked at the post.Thankyou so much for finding the images it was kind of you to use the time you had spare to help me. thanks again:)

    asked by Sydney
  97. health

    In which condition is the patient most likely to hemorrage? a.thormbocytopenia b.polycythemia c.thalassemia d.erythroblastosis fetalis (c) could you please check my answer?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. AED 205

    What does the saying "don't smile till |Christmas mean?

    asked by Nicole
  99. calculus

    What is the period of y=5 cos pi x and how do you find it?

    asked by lilbits
  100. 8th Algebra

    If S represents the greater of the two solutions of the equation x^2 - 4x - 3 = 5, then : A) S>3 B) S

    asked by Joy
  101. chemistry

    Why does a solute dissolve faster in hot water than cold?

    asked by Michelle
  102. Anatomy

    What accounts for more than 60% of the total bran weight? I looked in my book and it said one part accounted for 85% and then another part said 40%. I think it's the cerebral hemispheres, but I don't know for sure.

    asked by Katie
  103. Geometric series

    please help with finding the equations to these where n= 1; which means 1 is needed to find the first number in the series 1) 5/1 + 8/1 + 1/1 + 14/1 + . . . 2) 6/5 + 9/8 + 14/11 + 21/14 + . . . 3) -6/3 - 4/4 - 2/5 - 0 + . . . 4) 9/1 + 36/4 +27/9 + 144/16 +

    asked by Janet
  104. history

    I'm doing an essay on the new world mystery and about England and Spain's economies during that time, the 16th-18th centuries. I have to write an essay (letter) to the King of Spain or the King of England telling them what they could do to change it. I'm

    asked by anonymous
  105. History

    Which of the 1st explorers made one of the 1st maps of the North American coast?

    asked by Philip
  106. 8th grade

    what role does lena play in the book copper sun

    asked by jaritza
  107. sciences

    you and your partner are about to toss 2 coins 100 times. Predict about how many times the outcome woukd be. a. heads-heads b. heads-tails c. tails-heads d. tails-tails - My answer is 25% for each toss. you need to EXPLAIN your answer. HELP HELP HELP ME!

    asked by jouan
  108. health care

    Write a 350- to 700-word paper in APA format describing two approaches or indicators to measuring patient outcomes. Measuring the quality of care is essential to being able to identify which areas of patient care need improvement. A positive patient

    asked by doannial
  109. trig

    The period of y=5 cos pi x is 2 but I don't know how to find it.

    asked by lilbits
  110. Program Planning and Grant Proposing Writing in Hu

    Expain the relationship between planning and grant proposal. When describing each component address their similarties and differences and how they relate to each other.

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Quadratic Equations

    Find two consecutive integers, the sum of whose squares is 1 more than twelve times the larger. (Please provide the steps/explanation for solving this problem)

    asked by purpletree
  112. Algebra 1- 8th Grade

    What is the relationship between the x-intercepts of a parabola and its vertex's x-coordinate?

    asked by Nancy
  113. Quadratic Equations

    The length of a rectangle is 5 ft more than the width. If the area of the rectangle is 36 sq. ft what are the dimensions of the rectangle? (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)

    asked by purpletree
  114. Quadratic Equations

    The longer leg of a right triangle is 3 ft longer than three times the shorter leg. The hypotenuse is 3 ft shorter than four times the shorter leg. Find the lengths of the three sides of the right triangle. (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this

    asked by purpletree
  115. history

    1. what was one result of the baby boom? a. overcrowding became a problem. b. families had to buy a second car. c. families moved from cities to the suburbs. d. all the above. answer c 2. In the 1950 men roles included all of the following except a. going

    asked by LaNoria
  116. General

    Do you know of any website where i can find the average age that people live up to in different countries?

    asked by Ryan
  117. Quadratic Equations

    The height of an object dropped from a 100-ft-tall building is given by h=-16t squared + 100. When will the object hit the ground? (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)

    asked by purpletree
  118. social

    Amount of people that Hagia Sophia can hold? i don't get it from the one Guru.. posted.

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Physical Science [repost]

    needed help on these 3 questions that I don't quite understand. Can someone please explain to me how to solve the answer? Use this scenario to answer questions 1-3: A car crashes in a tree at a velocity -26.6 m/s. The passenger in the car is wearing a seat

    asked by mysterychicken
  120. Algebra

    Add. (8n6 - 6n - 5n4) + (2n4 + 2n6 + 3n) I think I have this answer but am not sure if its 10n^6 - 3n^4 - 3n OR 10n - 3n^6 - 3n^4 I am pretty confident on the first answer. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    asked by Michelle
  121. Algebra

    Add The following (8n^6 - 6n - 5n^4) + (2n^4 + 2n^6 + 3n) I think that this is the answer but am not sure. 10n^6 - 3n^4 - 3n

    asked by Michelle
  122. Math

    need to find the equations of the following, using Ó (and the n=1 which is at the bottom of the Ó) (and infinity is at the top of the Ó) 3) -6/3 - 4/4 - 2/5 - 0 + . . . 4) 9/1 + 36/4 +27/9 + 144/16 + . . . 5) 20/4 + 25/5 + 30/6 + 35/7 +40/8 + ... i

    asked by Janet
  123. Chemistry

    A zinc-copper battery is constructed as follows. Zn | Zn2+ (0.70 M) || Cu2+ (2.30 M) | Cu The mass of each electrode is 200. g. (a) Calculate the cell potential when this battery is first connected. 1 V (b) Calculate the cell potential after 10.0 A of

    asked by Amy
  124. Chemistry

    I just did a lab on Acids and Bases and I am having trouble with the lab questions I was given to complete. Concentration of NaOH: 0.09999 M Volume of NaOH: 3.25 mL # moles of NaOH: 0.325 moles Initial Concentration of Weak Acid: ? (How do we calculate

    asked by Lalu
  125. Physics E=mc^2

    Can you explain what formula (like quadrantic..whatever formula) and what is it for. The equation E=mc^2. Thanx!

    asked by John
  126. Chemistry (Acids and Bases)

    I just did a lab on Acids and Bases and I am having trouble with the lab questions I was given to complete. Concentration of NaOH: 0.09999 M Volume of NaOH: 3.25 mL # moles of NaOH: 0.325 moles Initial Concentration of Weak Acid: ? (How do we calculate

    asked by Lalu
  127. Physics

    Find the energy necessary to put 5kg , initially at rest on Earth's surface, into geosynchronous orbit. Do I use the formula U=GMm/r G=6.67*10^-11 M=2.5*10^24 m=5 r=41000 Is this sort of right, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by James
  128. calculus

    i have to integrate using u substitution, but i am not sure if i did it correct. çtan^3(5x)sec^2(5x)dx u=5x du=5dx 1/5du=dx 1/5çtan^3(u)sec^2(u)du 1/5tanusec^2u+c 1/5tan(5x)sec^2(5x)+c

    asked by Devon
  129. Physics

    The escape speed from a planet of mass 2.5×10^24 is 7.0 km/s.What is the planet's radius? Iam using the formula v=sqr(2GM/r) v=7 G=6.67*10^-11 M=2.5*10^24 r=? I get 6.8*10^12 Where did I go wrong?

    asked by James
  130. French

    Could you translate this in french for me because I don't want to have anything wrong with mine. I appreciate my dad for doing the grocery shopping for the family because he buys healthy foods for us and he knows what kind of foods we like and don't like.

    asked by Destiny
  131. Algebra

    What is the value of (10^3 * 10^-4)^2 I think the correct answer is supposed to be 1/100, but I don't know how to get to this point. Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie
  132. Business writing

    Write a memo of 6–15 sentences based on the scenario given here. You’ve been put in charge of planning a one-day departmental training seminar with Dr. Melanie Dobler as the speaker. You must make travel arrangements for the speaker, reserve a company

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Algebra

    What is the value of 3²/3^-1? I figured out that 3² is 9 and that divided by 3^-1 was 30, but that was not one of the listed answers. Where did I go wrong and what is the correct answer? Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie