Questions Asked on
March 28, 2009

  1. Math

    When Albert flips open his mathematics textbook, he notices that the product of the page numbers of the two facing pages is 156. Which equation could be used to find the page numbers that Albert is looking at? a. x+(x+1)=156 b.(x+1)+(x-2)=156

    asked by Angie
  2. statistics

    Determine the sample size required to estimate a population proportion to within 0.032 with 95.7% confidence, assuming that you have no knowledge of the approximate value of the sample proportion. Sample Size = B. Repeat part the previous problem, but now

    asked by Joey
  3. history

    a major environmental crisis of the 1930s was known as a. the Dust Bowl b. the Grapes of Wrath c. Black Tuesday d. the Great Crash A? "dust bowl, a region in the Great Plains where drought and dust storms took place for much of the 1930s."

    asked by history
  4. history

    what did president Truman promise in the Truman Doctrine? a. to support nations trying to resist Soviet control b. to fight hunger anywhere in the world c. to enforce the American foreign policy of brinkmanship d. to reject the former policy of containment

    asked by history
  5. history

    which belief was held by most Progressives? a. the government should own American industries b. Houseing and health care should remain private c. the government should protect agricultural interests d. the government should intervene in unfair business

    asked by history
  6. Math

    Point (k,3) lies on the line whose equation is x-2y=-2. What is the value of k? a.-8 b.-6 c.6 d.8

    asked by Angie
  7. chemistry

    Calculate [Fe^2]+ when the cell reaction reaches equilibrium? A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations: Fe^2+,( 0.0050 M ) + Ag+,( 2.5 M ) ----> Fe^3+,( 0.0050 M ) + Ag(s)

    asked by HELP!!!
  8. chem

    Why was a strong base (KOH) used in the synthesis of ferrocene? Why would a strong acid not be a suitable alternative?

    asked by dana
  9. physics_heat

    an ideal refrigerator-freezer operates with a COP=7.0 in a 25 degree room. what is the temperature inside the freezer?

    asked by lisa
  10. college physics

    A stone with a mass of 0.800 is attached to one end of a string 0.800 long. The string will break if its tension exceeds 60.0 . The stone is whirled in a horizontal circle on a frictionless tabletop; the other end of the string remains fixed. Find the

    asked by layla
  11. Math

    Jordan and Missy are standing together in the schoolyard. Jordan, who is 6 feet tall, casts a shadow that is 54inches long. At the same time, Missy casts a shadow that is 45 inches long. How tall is Missy?

    asked by Angie
  12. US Government

    Where did the phrase "Separation of Church and State" come from?

    asked by Jon
  13. chemistry

    A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations: Fe^2+,( 0.0055 M ) + Ag+,( 2.5 M ) ----> Fe^3+,( 0.0055 M ) + Ag(s)

    asked by lynn
  14. history

    why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States? a. it gave the United States territory in China b. it gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China c. it increased Chinese investments in the United States d. it kept European

    asked by history
  15. history/MS.SUE

    Ms.Sue please check this why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States? a. it gave the United States territory in China b. it gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China c. it increased Chinese investments in the United

    asked by history
  16. Economics

    Suppose that a firm is currently employing 30 workers, the only variable input, at a wage rate of $60. The average product of labor is 30, the last worker added 12 units to total output, and total fixed cost is: $3,600. a. What is marginal cost? b. What is

    asked by Kingram
  17. history

    An important strategy used by American forces in the Pacific was a. blitzkrieg b. island-hopping c. kamikaze attacks d. the Bataan Death March D?

    asked by history
  18. history

    which of the following was part of the New Deal legacy? a. guaranteed health insurance for all citizens b. an end to recessions in the economy c. a restored sense of hope among the people d. an end to discrimination against African Americans and women C?

    asked by history
  19. Chemistry

    A voltaic cell is constructed as follows: Ag(s)|Ag^+,(satd Ag2CrO4)||Ag^+(0.110 M)|Ag(s). What is the value of Ecell? For Ag2CrO4, Ksp=1.1*10^-12.

    asked by Daniel
  20. Economics- Help Please!!!

    MC = 125 - 0.42Q + 0.0021Q^2 Given the estimated marginal cost function, what are the total, variable, and average cost functions? At what output level does AVC reach its minimum value in the long run? What is the value of AVC at its minimum point?

    asked by eStone
  21. math

    A high school has designed he yearbook. A company charges $900 to assemble the master copy and $42 to make additional copies. The total selling price depends on how many copies are made. Write a funtion rule and determine how much will the school save on

    asked by Anonymous
  22. history

    how did Woodrow Wilson's reform platform during the 1912 campaign differ from that of Theodore Roosevelt? a. Wilson supported federal regulation of business b. Wilson promised to preserve free economic competition c. Wilson supported tariff reduction d.

    asked by history
  23. US history

    Rock-and-roll gave the young people of the 1950s?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Trig

    A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 17deg leads from a lodge to an elevation of 900 feet to a mountain lake at a elevation of 5500 ft. what is the length of the trail? (im soo stuck on this problem)

    asked by Amber
  25. For my son (maybe considered homework...)

    Do you have a good link to where my son can print out fun activities for kindergarten, and 1st grade. He's in kindergarten but I want to see what he can do with 1st grade since he's really smart. Thanks.

    asked by Cassie S.
  26. Physical Science

    I needed help on these 3 questions that I don't quite understand. Can someone please explain to me how to solve the answer? Use this scenario to answer questions 1-3: A car crashes in a tree at a velocity -26.6 m/s. The passenger in the car is wearing a

    asked by mysterychicken
  27. history

    which New Deal agency was created to help business? a. Federal Reserve Board b. National Recovery Administration c. Civilian Conservation Corps d. Home Owners' Loan Corporation B?

    asked by history
  28. Science

    I did A Lab in science where I had a Small hotwheels car and started and 6 books and made a ramp. I then timed how long it took the car to go 2 meters from the ramp. after each trial I added one more book to make the slope higher. The car stayed the same

    asked by Nicky
  29. History After 1945

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960s Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Do you think there is a counterculture today? Explain your answer.

    asked by Cace
  30. us Government

    Through what does the Constitution forbid Congress from sending individuals to prison?

    asked by Jon
  31. To Anonymous -- college law enforcement

    I've removed your complex post for two reasons. First it refers to materials to which we don't have access. Second, it copies your assignment, but gives us no idea about your thoughts and attempts to fulfill this assignment. Please note that the Jiskha

    asked by Ms. Sue
  32. earth science

    please define and describe deep ocean trenches...

    asked by angelN
  33. Business ethics

    Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. Justify your position.

    asked by Cat
  34. Physics

    An electromagnetic radiation has a frequency of 5.00 X 10^14 Hz. Calculate its wavelength in a vacuum in metres and nanomatres?

    asked by Sarah
  35. history

    the goal of wartime rationing was a. to speed up war production b. to distribute scarce items fairly c. to ensure business profits d. to end racial discrimination i cant find this in my book,...can you give me a helpful site , that i can use if i had to

    asked by history
  36. Spanish

    I just want want to know if I answered these questions the right way. 1. ¿Cuántas esposas tiene el hombre y cómo son? El hombre tiene dos esposas 2. ¿Qué desea cada esposa? Desea cada verlo con la apariencia de un compañero adecuado para ella. 3.

    asked by Toya
  37. science

    largest layer of earth's surface, composed mostly of silicon, oxygen,magnesium,and iron is called____________

    asked by sara
  38. math

    specify the sets b roster {odd counting numbers less than 11}

    asked by bo
  39. history

    what is the term used to describe Nzai Germany's systematic annihilation of European Jews? a. blitzkrieg b. the Holocaust c. Kristallnacht d. the Manhattan Project C?

    asked by history
  40. Science

    Does anyone have any websites that shows different food webs? I need to find a food web with at least 12 different animals. thank you!

    asked by Chris
  41. Nutrition of the young child

    Why shouldn't unmodified cow's milk be given to an infant under one year old? A.Infants are able to digest only breast milk. B.It contains too much bacteria for young babies to handle. C.It can cause an upset stomach D.Most infants are allergic to it. I

    asked by Cynthia
  42. algebra

    {2y =8x+6 9x+3y=21

    asked by bob
  43. Englsih

    The word it has how is the correct version written when you are contracting it?

    asked by Michelle
  44. english

    any ideas on how to tesch young learners alphabet and prepositions?(they are foreign language learners)

    asked by mir
  45. 8th Grade Algebra

    For a graph of the equation y = x^2 + bx + c, the x-coordinate of the vertex is a function of b. Write an equation for the function.

    asked by Joy
  46. maths

    what are magic squares? what is mathematical logic?

    asked by bilish
  47. Math/Chem

    I have a quick question. How does this work: ln Keq = 29.05 Keq = 1.12 * 10^23 What was plugged in the calculator to get Keq?

    asked by Sam
  48. Favorite subject

    composition on my Favorite subject

    asked by kiran
  49. Economics

    ABC publishing uses 400 printers and 200 printing presses to produce books. A printer's wage rate is $20, and the price of a printing press is $5,000. The last printer added 20 books to total output. Is this publisher making a rational decision? Why or why

    asked by Kingram
  50. math

    I know that (n+1)! = n!(n+1) but how would i solve the factorial: (2n+3)! thank you.

    asked by mark
  51. Physical Science

    Need help on this one as well: How can you predict whether an object will float or sink in a fluid if you don't know the force of its weight or the buoyant force? Thanks! -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  52. science

    what is an area where an oceanic plate goes down into the mantle?

    asked by sara
  53. Latin

    What is the latin word for normal? Is it normalia? I've been having a hard time finding it. Thanks

    asked by Gina
  54. spanish

    how do you say: This mourning i was wonken up by the sounds of the birds calling my name. I stood up with a smile to get on with my day.... in spanish

    asked by jojo
  55. Factorning exponets

    How would you factor 5x¯¾ +35x¼ ?? My answer is 5x¼ (x¯¹ + 7) but its wrong..can somebody please hellp!!

    asked by Brian
  56. Biology

    when might you use the "poor-quality website" in an academic Assignment in Biology?

    asked by biology
  57. literary

    What are "styles" in literature?

    asked by Dylan
  58. Chemistry

    Information about the development of Avogadro's number.

    asked by Eve
  59. art

    i had done very nice glass paintings but i just trace so my teacher said to make it on mirror now the question is how to use the carbon paper?

    asked by bilish
  60. US Government

    Why did Madison feel that natural rights had to be expressed in the Bill of Rights

    asked by Jon
  61. history

    in 1993 the Twenty-first Ammendment brought an end to a. Prohibition b. stock speculation c. the Depression d. the Untied States Communist party A?

    asked by history
  62. AE

    · Choose one of the following issues regarding students’ rights and teachers’ responsibilities: o Random student locker searches without permission ( I chose this one) o Student safety on field trips o Student news articles and freedom of speech ·

    asked by scooby91320002
  63. accounting

    1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you assume the role of Kardell¡¦s CEO. As CEO, critically examine each stakeholder position in light of the facts of the case. „h Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each stakeholder position, especially how

    asked by shelli
  64. political science

    Identify the specific a.) cabinet departments, b.) regulatory agencies, c.) government corporations, and d.) independent executive agencies that are involved in policy that impact offshore drilling.

    asked by Eula
  65. history

    what was the most important development in the biological and medical sciences during the late 19th and 20th centuries based on roy porter and ernst mayr's work

    asked by sena
  66. European History

    Can anybody help answer one or all of these questions? I'm dying here. Even though the First International died out by 1872, what lessons were learned with regards to workers' liberalsm? What is anarchism? Who were their greatest supporters? How were

    asked by Brianna
  67. Physics

    I'm writing a prac report, and I just need something clarified. The experiment was different masses were attached on a hanging spring, then it had to be pulled down a certain distance, then find the period by finding the time fo each oscillation for each

    asked by TP
  68. chemistry

    For the reaction that occurs in the voltaic cell Fe(s)|Fe^2+(aq)||Cr^3+(aq),Cr^2+(aq)|Pt(s) a) Determine delta G not b)Determine K

    asked by lynn
  69. English

    1. I believe her to be very careful. (Can we omit 'to be' in this sentence?) 2. It's already summer. Leaves are dark green. 2-1. It's already summer. Leaves have dark green. (Which one is correct?) 3. He kept her delicious cake. 3-1. The game kept me

    asked by John
  70. economics

    what are economies of scale?

    asked by ahb
  71. grammar

    examples for prefix and sufix

    asked by sara
  72. laws and ethics


    asked by evan
  73. social

    how long did hagia sophia take to build?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. physics_Heat

    standing upright, a giraffe's head is around 1.5m above its heart. what excess pressure does this imply for cerebral blood compared to that just leaving the heart?

    asked by lisa
  75. music history

    Explain at least three African American music traditions that contributed to the initial development of jazz. What are their musical characteristics? 2. What is meant by the term “Africanisms”? List at least three Africanisms

    asked by Linda
  76. Physics

    I'm writing a prac report, and I just need something clarified. The experiment was different masses were attached on a hanging spring, then it had to be pulled down a certain distance, then find the period by finding the time fo each oscillation for each

    asked by TP
  77. AP European History

    Help! What is the appropriate relationship between people and their government? Does true democracy exist in Europe? Should it? do you feel that these are merely opinion based questions up for debate? or do you feel that my teacher is asking for specific

    asked by Brianna
  78. history

    financing the war with borrowed money was an example of a. the cost-plus system b. deficit spending c. the Gross National Product d. wartime conversion the only two i could find in my book are B and C, and i don't think they are the its

    asked by history
  79. Careers

    How do you become a font designer? What skills do you need, and how much do you get paid?

    asked by Gina
  80. math/slope-intercept form


    asked by Kim
  81. Civics/ history

    when was Maya Lin born

    asked by softball gal
  82. 7th grade

    Does anyone know what renewable resources are unquie to the country of Aruba. For example plants and animals Thanks

    asked by Brooke
  83. french

    How does one say? 'new money" Is it something like nouveau rishe??

    asked by jules
  84. Math

    How do you write the equation x+3y=6 in slope-intercept form?

    asked by jen
  85. physics-speed

    the mean volume folume flow of blood in the arterial system is X m^3 s^-1. the area of the aorata is Y m^2. calculate the speed of flow.

    asked by lisa
  86. Science

    Hi!! Which sentence is better: 1. The systems of the human body. 2. Systems of the human body. Please Help!! Thank You!!

    asked by ~{Happy Face}~
  87. Nutrition of the young child

    According to the food pyramid, a child should have a total of ----- cups of milk or the equivalent from the milk, yougart, and cheese group each day. A. one and one-half B.two and one-half C.three D. four I chose C aas my answer.acan someone tell me if I

    asked by Cynthia
  88. women mathematicians

    what field of mathematics was mabel schmeiser barnes involved in and, in comparing her and ada byron king, what kind of environments were they raised in and what kind of access to schooling did they have?

    asked by Ty
  89. French

    when you say volley ball in french, is it "volley"?

    asked by Angie
  90. us history

    1. during the 1950 americans placed the most value in a. comfort and security. b security and cauton. c. adventure and excitment. d. rock and roll and nigth. answer d. 2. one of president truman greatest challenges in reconverting to a peacetime economy

    asked by LaNoria
  91. Math

    If x=4 and y=-2, the value of 1/2xy^2 is..? i think it's 8.

    asked by Angie
  92. AP European History

    What were the prevailing views regarding women’s roles, status, etc., in 19th century society? How were these views beginning to change? What is the appropriate role of women? Children in modern Europe?

    asked by Brianna Yost
  93. history

    is pakistan a country or city?

    asked by AQ
  94. math

    what is a prime #

    asked by ihatehw
  95. algebra II

    {2y =8x+6 9x+3y=21

    asked by chrissy