Questions Asked on
March 26, 2009

  1. physics

    In a double-slit experiment, it is found that blue light of wavelength 460 nm gives a second-order maximum at a certain location on the screen. What wavelength of visible light would have a minimum at the same location?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    How far apart are an object and an image formed by a 75 cm focal length converging lens if the image is 2.5x larger than the object and is real?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. reding

    milkweed jerry spinelli what do you think the black horse on the merry-go-round might have symbolized?

    asked by joseph
  4. Pre-Cal.

    Determine between which consecutive integers one or more real zeros of f(x)=3x^4+x^3-2x^2+4 are located? A. no real zeros B. 0 and 1 C. -2 and -3 D. -1 and 0 I was thinking it's either A or C? I need lots of help.

    asked by Spencer
  5. reading

    milkweed by jerry spinelli one,a thick, burly monster of a tree with warts, came down with a high, thin wail that sounded exactly like ababy criyng. what is bieng personified? what does this reaveal about the narrator`s feelings?

    asked by joy
  6. Math

    Let S = {Barnsley, Manchester United, Southend, Sheffield United, Liverpool, Maroka Swallows, Witbank Aces, Royal Tigers} be a universal set, A = {Southend, Liverpool, Maroka Swallows, Royal Tigers}, and B = {Barnsley, Manchester United, Southend}. Find

    asked by Rachel
  7. math

    Use the solution of the system below to find x-y: 4x-2y=11 3x-4y=-6 a 11.3 b 0.1 c -0.1 d -11.3 please explin how to do this. Thanks!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  8. reading

    jerry spinelli milkweed what is the dramatic irony in the scene when misha accompanies janina`s family on their way to the ghetto? what is the effect of this device?

    asked by joseph
  9. math

    Use the solution of the system below to find x-y: 4x-2y=11 3x-4y=-6 a 11.3 b 0.1 c -0.1 d -11.3 please explain how to do this. Thanks!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Algebra 2

    "At a school sponsored car wash, the fees charged were: $5 per car, $8 per truck, $10 per van. Twice as many cars were washed as pickup trucks. The amount collected for washing cars and pickup trucks was $360. A total of $410 was collected. Let x represent

    asked by Anonymous
  11. lisa

    Distinguish between a project-wide evaluation plan and an objective-oriented evaluation plan. What are the pros and cons of each type of evaluation plan?

    asked by HSM 270
  12. algebra

    I have tried these problem cannot get the answer so could some one help me. Solve by the subsitution method. 2x-7y=-11 2x +17=y What is the solution of the system.

    asked by Keaton
  13. Social Studies Project

    I have to creat a kids book of about 15 pages or more that tells the story of Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, or Life in New France. It has to be written nice and simple with awesome drawings for kids! But, I must tell the whole story. I decided to

    asked by Larry
  14. chemistry. please help!!!

    A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations: Fe2+ (0.0050M) + Ag+ (2.2M) -> Fe3+ (0.0050M) + Ag(s) calculate [Fe2+] when the cell reaction reaches equilbrium i'm so confused. please help. thank you!

    asked by Theresa P.
  15. reading

    milkweed novel by jery spinelli the literary devices the streetlight were like moons cupped in iron fingers what is being compared?

    asked by jad
  16. reading

    milkweed jerry spinelli the steetlights were like moons cupped in iron fingers what does this reaveal about the narrator`s view of the world around him? thanks

    asked by jad
  17. history

    Franklin Roosevelt put together a coalition of different groups that became the backbone of the Democratic Party for the next thirty years. FDR’s Democratic Party coalition included all of the following EXCEPT A. Southerners B. urban political machines

    asked by kyle
  18. English

    Does this sentence have correct punctuation? "The ball hit me on the head!" exlaimed Airick.

    asked by Yan
  19. English 4

    I have a project due tomorrow and no matter HOW HARD I look I CANNOT FIND any quotes supporting the theme "painted faces" AND I have to document them with the page number!!! Can somebody please help me? I have to have atleast five. Any help would be

    asked by Carly
  20. health

    Which of the following digestive functions can occur in the mouth? A. Enzymatic action on protein B. Absorption of water C. Enzymatic action on carbohydrates D. Secretion of bile

    asked by Anonymous
  21. physiclscience6thgrade

    something that does not change

    asked by tammy
  22. grammar

    does this sentence need a comma? "next time you see a bat don't be afaird.

    asked by lil
  23. math

    Can you please explain how to put the following fractions in order from Least to Greatest? Thank you 3/10, 2/5, 1/4, 1/2

    asked by deb
  24. writing

    if this is a subject verb agreement Did you know a famous animal rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the danger involved? and why

    asked by alberto
  25. english 3

    Why does nick think Gatsby is gorgeos in the novel The Great Gatsby?

    asked by renee
  26. writing

    Where could I find information on differnent types of beef?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Energy

    is the world running out of energy?

    asked by Rachel
  28. 9th grade weighte average

    how should i do weighted average

    asked by josh
  29. spanish

    i was wondering if the following sentences correctly use the preterite and/ or imperfect: Juan pensaba que fue al amore al principio vista, pero Isabel empezo a trabjar con juan una dia despues de trabajo, Juan pidiera Isabel a comiera la cena con el

    asked by auburn
  30. science help

    what is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

    asked by sam
  31. science help

    what is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

    asked by sam
  32. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? What are these people doing? Use elements from each bracket to write three complete sentencs. (nosotras)--(aprender)---(el almuerzo) (usted)-----(compartir)--(una carta) (yo)--------(escribir)---(el español) 1. Nosotras

    asked by Larry
  33. Chemistry-help needed

    I am asked to draw the 'dot and cross' diagram to show the ionic bonding in sodium chloride. I am asked to show only the outer electronic structure. Sodium has 2.8.1 electronic configuration. After losing 1 electron to chlorine, it has 2.8 electronic

    asked by carrie
  34. Chemistry

    Starting with S = kB * ln W Derive S = (U(T) - U(0)) / T + N * kB * ln q(T)

    asked by Sean
  35. 10th grade English

    This is my To Kill a Mockingbird monologue I am doing Nathan Radley. Any suggestions or corrections will be helpful I know what I¡¯m doing Arthur and it is for our own good. I told you many times about staying away from those Finches. Lord, I have. You

    asked by Andy
  36. health

    In which condition is the patient most likely to hemorrhage? A. Thrombocytopenia B. Polycythemia C. Thalassemia D. Erythroblastosis fetalis I think the answer is (A)

    asked by Megan
  37. body structure/terminology

    Which is not considered a complication of peptic ulcers? A. Hemorrhage C. Perforation B. Obstruction D. Gangrene D

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    These are two equations: 1)y=|x|-3 2)y=|x|+3 a. Which equation translates the parent graph _ units up? b. Which equation translates the parent graph _ units down?

    asked by Angie
  39. Health of young children

    Which of the following statements regarding exclusion policies is true? A.They prevent illness and infection in centers B.They're necessary only when there's threat of serious illness C.They protect care providers against charges of negligence D. They

    asked by Cynthia
  40. Physics

    For Hooke's Law, the one about springs and mass, is the mass M a unit of g or kgs?

    asked by TP
  41. ethics

    Are there any situations in business that are legal but unethical? Can you think of any situations that are ethical but illegal

    asked by Anonymous
  42. 4th grade

    1) write one or two theories you have about this myth[Enana and tamuzz]this book

    asked by yokashi
  43. health

    Which of the following structures are tubes? A. Frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal, ethmoidal B. Eustachian, pharynx, bronchi C. Cilia, adenoids, mucous, epiglottis D. Apex, base, hilum b

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    how to complete the square for -2x^2+3x-1? can you plz help me, and any help is greatly appricieted. thnx a lot for your effort.

    asked by gagan
  45. Math

    For each statement, write it as a conditional statement. (A) All 18- year olds in the United States can vote. (B) You'll be happy if it's not raining. (C)Today is Friday only if yesterday was Thursday.

    asked by Jacobi
  46. government

    How can you compare and contrast Obamas administration with Bush's on Healthcare, Education and taxes.

    asked by Amanda
  47. social studies

    which major ocean lies east of the continent of africa?

    asked by naihomy
  48. English

    I'd like to make the program, "Let's Learn Japanese". In this program, the main characters are two Japanese and a Japanese teacher. With the help of the two Japanese, the teacher can make a good textbook, and learners can learn correct Japanese

    asked by John
  49. Social Studies

    When Chinese immigrants in the 1800s moved to America, were most of them happier here than in China?

    asked by Angie
  50. English

    What are the good points and bad points of watching TV? The strong points are as follows. We can learn a lot of things by watching TV. There are many kinds of educational programs, so we can learn many subjects. We can get the information about the

    asked by John

    NH3 + HCl --> can someone please finish that?? is it 2H2 + N2 + Cl or something? if so how would i balance it?

    asked by lyne
  52. chemistryy

    Most window cleaners are aqueous solutions of ammonia. A 9.00 mL sample of a particular window cleaner requires 42.95 mL of 0.0508 M HCl for its titration. What is the molarity of ammonia in the window cleaner? i am completely lost i cant even find the

    asked by lyne
  53. Adv. Math.

    Find the number of possible negative real zeros for f(x)=6+x^4+2x^2-5x^3-12. Answer: 0 2) Approximate the real zeros of f(x)=2x^4-3x^2-2 to the nearest tenth. Answer: no real roots

    asked by David
  54. chem

    When hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium metal, hydrogen gas and aqueous magnesium chloride are produced. What volume of 1.0 M HCl is required to react completely with 4.00 g of magnesium i did 4.00g x (mol/24.31 g Mg) x (2 mol HCl/1 mol Mg) x (L/!.0

    asked by Anon
  55. Socials Studies (URGENT)

    I need to create a children's book of at least 15 pages. I must write about Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain or what life was like in New France. I was going to do Jacques Cartier, but it was too hard. I didn't know how to do it. I've decided to try

    asked by Larry
  56. Music

    What is the Mongolian equivalent to the guitar called? I've searched under Mongolian instrument lists, but I couldn't find it. Thanks!

    asked by Benjamin
  57. chemistry

    The total acidity in water samples can be determined by neutralization with standard sodium hydroxide solution. What is the total concentration of hydrogen ion, H+, present in a water sample if 300. mL of the sample requires 7.5 mL of 2.8 10-3 M NaOH to be

    asked by lyne
  58. Reading

    Can Some One Help Me Unscramble These Letters To Make One Word!!! These Are The Letters, crpesaymu Please Help Me If I Don't Get The Answer Then I Am Gonna Fail ELA So Please HELP Me!!!!!! :)

    asked by Jenique
  59. Algebra

    Solve by the substitution method 8 m + n=1 M-4N=29 What is the solution of the system

    asked by Keaton
  60. Physics

    what is the relationship between specific heat capacity and conduction? if an substance has a higher heat capacity is it a better heat conductor?

    asked by Chris
  61. physics

    If you were to burn a candle under equal masses of water and iron for the same amount of time, would one increase in temperature more than the other? which one?

    asked by Chris
  62. english

    Any one help me to choose the correct meaning of the word 1. Disperse: move, separate,throw,distract 2.snarl:shout stare, attract,threaten 3.Notorious: popular, various, difficult, disgraceful. 4.wrench: pull, bird, destroy, wet. My answers are :

    asked by ramesh reddy
  63. 4th grade math

    compare the mixed numbers. write , or = ro each . 1. 1 1/3 > 1 5/8. 2. 6 5/6 < 6 2/6. order the mixed number froms least to greatest. 5 1/8, 5 2/3, 5 4/9.

    asked by Nora
  64. Socials Studies (URGENT) #2

    Alright, for my children's story on life in New France. This is what I have so far. --------------------------------------- Little Jon-Jon was exploring his backyard. He saw a tunnel that wasn't there before. He crawled right in.... ...and came out the

    asked by Larry
  65. English

    We are doing research papers in my English class on controversial issues. My topic is endangered species and we need to present the two different sides of the issue. I am unsure of what two sides I should write about.

    asked by Linda
  66. math

    In the number 268,743 how many times greater than the 3 is the 6

    asked by charlie
  67. English

    Please suggest me the best fit in each sentence. 1. the car--------dangerously before coming to a sudden halt.(turned, swerved, screeched) my answer is "turned" 2. The Manager------------off angrily after giving them orders.(broke, stalked threatened) My

    asked by ramesh reddy
  68. English

    Please correct following sentences. 1. You can tell him. you will meet him today. when--- My answer is When you will meet him today? tell me. 2. I was ill. I went to the doctor. I went------------- My answer is I went to the doctor because I was ill. 3.

    asked by ramesh reddy
  69. English

    1. When the program is going on, the director sits in the control room. (At a TV studio) 2. When the program is continuing, the director sits in the control room. (At a TV studio) 3. When the program is happening, the director sits in the control room. (At

    asked by John
  70. Biology

    How is information stored and coded in DNA and genes? A. In sets of three nucleotides called codons B. In amino acids that are bonded together to form proteins C. as mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA D. By an RNA polymerase I am stuck between A and B, but am pretty

    asked by Rachale
  71. english

    The cheetah has a thin elongated body and is said to be the fastest runner on earth. in the above sentence, runner is a noun or not

    asked by ramesh reddy
  72. english

    If you fall off during our flight, you'll die please help me to rewrite the above sentence by using commas, full stops, exclamation/question/quotation marks whereever necessary.

    asked by ramesh reddy
  73. english

    in the following set which rhymes with the word "awoke". broke provoke soak pack. please help me

    asked by ramesh reddy
  74. math

    1-cos^2 (x) = sin^2 (x) is this correct?

    asked by jasmine
  75. math

    how to simplify: {cos(x)/sin(x)} / (sin^2 (x))

    asked by jasmine
  76. PreCalculus

    I have to write the equation of a hyperbola whose center is (0,0) and which has a vertical transverse axis. The equations of the asymptotes are 6x+2y=0 and 6x-2y=0. I don't even know where to begin. Could someone help? Thanks.

    asked by Joanie
  77. math

    the figure shows eight congruent triangles. redraw the figure with four fewer segaments, so that only four congruent triangles remain.

    asked by donna
  78. statistics

    The average price for new mobile homes is known to be distributed with a standard deviation of 350. if a random sample of 49 homes resulted in a sample mean of 38500, obtain a 90% confidence interval on the population mean.

    asked by April
  79. Stats

    If X is a normal random variable with mean 60, and a standard deviation of 2, find: A: P (X63) C: P(57

    asked by April
  80. Physic

    Given that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is d = 3.84 􀀁 108 m, show that a satellite located exactly in-between the Earth and the Moon at a distance of 90% d from the Earth experiences no net force (at least when only the gravitational

    asked by Jorge
  81. Algebra

    3(square root of)18 + square root of 2. How would I solve this problem, preferably making the numbers after the square root sign the same? P.S: Is there a way to do the square root sign on the computer?

    asked by Cassie
  82. science

    why is the northern hemisphere colder in the winter even though its closer to the sun?

    asked by mike
  83. science

    how were the latitudes of the tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, Arctic circle, and Antarctic circle determined?

    asked by rob
  84. Biology

    How could one change in a DNA nucleotide alter the formation of the translated protein?

    asked by Astrid
  85. math

    A ladder 8ft long leans against a wall. It rests on the ground 2ft from the wall. How high on the wall does the ladder reach?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. science vocabulary

    What does "deviations" mean?

    asked by Emma
  87. reading

    the stetlights were like moons cupped in iron fingers? what does this reveal about the narrator`s view of the world around him

    asked by joy
  88. Physics

    Given that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is d = 3.84 x 10^8 m, show that a satellite located exactly in-between the Earth and the Moon at a distance of 90% d from the Earth experiences no net force (at least when only the gravitational force

    asked by Jorge
  89. science- bio

    how can traits on a particular chromosome be determined? how can these traits determine the characteristics of an organism? what could happen if a base is out of order?

    asked by trixie
  90. 7th grade

    What word means the same as > To reduce the brightness of something

    asked by Tatiyanna
  91. reimbursement methodologies

    you work for a third party payer performing medical records review, your job is to match codes that are submitted on the claim form to documentation in the medical record. the code has been inputed but you don't see the procedure report anywhere in the

    asked by uknown
  92. reading

    milkweed jerry spinelli what dop you think the fox-face furs with beady black eyes symbolize?

    asked by joseph
  93. Intermediate Algebra


    asked by Sonia
  94. science

    what do the tropic of capricon, tropic of cancer lines, artic, an antartic circles represent?

    asked by rob
  95. art

    what's the purpose of reflecting something that's happening in society in art? What does it accomplish?

    asked by help please
  96. Algebra

    2ã48 - ã3 Thank you!

    asked by Cassie
  97. spelling

    Could you give me the synonyms & antonyms for face, door, cut, done, group, true, half, red, fish, and plants? Thanks.

    asked by Yan
  98. Biology

    how can traits determine the characteristics of an organism? and what would happen if a base [i'm assuming in the dna sequence] is out of order?

    asked by Tori
  99. Nationalism in Europe

    I am doing a research paper on 19th Century European nationalism. During my research, I came upon a famous Italian nationalist by the name of Mazzini. I read some of his writings and I was led to the realization that he believes in the sharing of

    asked by Trudy
  100. French

    How do you say (a) What is your family like (b) When is your birthday in French?

    asked by Emily
  101. Economics (Equilibrium)

    Suppose fred ethel ricky and lucy have the following demand functions for a public good Qf= 40-1/2p Qe= 20-p Qr= 30-1/2p Ql= 50-p The good can be produced at a constant cost of 5 dollars Calculate the Lindahl Equilibrium I know that the lindhal is the

    asked by Brett
  102. Biology

    Based on a reigious viewpoint why is using human embryonic stem cells from embryos wrong?

    asked by Sabrina
  103. Microbio

    Please write a one paragraph abstract arguing for or against one of the following statements: Hormone replacement therapy is carcinogenic Water fluoridation causes bone cancer Regulation of carcinogens should take hormesis into account Aneuploidy, not

    asked by Jorge
  104. math

    Arrange the fractions in order from smallest to largest. , , , 5/8,3/4,9/16,7/8 Add. Write the answer in lowest terms. 3 2/7 + 5 3/7 Subtract. Write the answer in lowest terms. 6 4/5 - 2 1/5 Evaluate. Write the answer in lowest terms. 8/15-4/15+1/15 Add.

    asked by sw
  105. Pre-calculus

    Given the following values for f(t): t : f(t) 3 : -7 6 : 6 9 : 19 12 : 6 15 : -7 18 : 6 a) What is the period, frequency, midline, amplitude, maximum, and minimum? b)Find a possible formula for f(t) c)Find the domain and range of f(t) d)Find a formula for

    asked by Elle
  106. math (rounding)

    3,845,211 round to the nearest ten thousand. is this the right answer. 3,850,000

    asked by queeneka
  107. Math/Algebra do u know how to do slope intercept?

    The following problems are in slope,point slope, and slope intercept forms of a line. Could you check these thanks. Find the slope intercept form of a line that passes through these two points (-4,4) and (2,1) Answer: y= -1/2x-2 Find the slope intercept

    asked by Chico
  108. 8th grade science

    infer why deposits form in the steam vents of irons in some parts of the country. thank you.

    asked by al
  109. 8th grade science

    Explain if it is possible to have a dilute solution of a strong acid? Thanks.

    asked by al
  110. Romeo and Juliet Help!!!

    Could someone please help me I can't find the answer anywhere! thanks for you help! Why does Romeo's answer to Tybalts insults upset Mercutio? What does he think Romeo is doing? (By the way this is all in act 3 scene 1)

    asked by Alex
  111. Math

    Sometimes when you're graphing a linear equation, you get that u-shaped line called a parabola. And sometimes you get a v-shaped line,and I forgot what you call that..

    asked by Angie
  112. math

    i want 2 know if these are correct!!!! 5+6*3-2=21 4^2+7(3-(-5))=26.15 4*9/2+(-4+6)=36 (2.3+7.8)*4+3=43.4 ((2*4)+3)*6/2=33 -3-/-3+6-4=5.3 ((4+11)*-3)/9*-3=.48 thank u.. __ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    asked by elenny
  113. math (rounding)

    7,568,250 round to the nearest hundred thousand. is this the right answer 7,570,000

    asked by queeneka
  114. Math

    Explain how the translations of y=|x|+k as k changes are similar to translations of y=mx+b as b changes.

    asked by Angie
  115. Rounding (math)

    598,587 round to the nearest ten thousans is this the right answer. 600,000

    asked by queeneka
  116. Safety of the young child

    The leading cause of death and permanent disabilities due to untentional injury is A.drowning B.falls C.poisoning D.automobile accidents I chose B as my answer. Can someone check my answer.

    asked by Cynthia
  117. US history

    how did president eisenhower domestic policy reflect that of his republican predecessors coolidge and hoover? he favoed a national health plan. truman fair deal aimed to. appeal to conservative republican eisenhower and his administration wholly supported.

    asked by LaNoria
  118. Physics

    I'm having a hard time with some free body diagrams. If you have a box on a slope/ramp and the angle of the ramp is X degrees why is it that the angle between the normal force and the gravitational force is also X degrees? Am I missing something obvious

    asked by KC
  119. biology

    Which organ sterilizes ingested food? A. Salivary glands C. Pancreas B. Stomach D. Liver (B)

    asked by rick
  120. social studies

    What is china's involvement in the World trade Organization?

    asked by nick