Questions Asked on
March 23, 2009

  1. Romeo and Juliet

    Why does the nurse agree to help juliet marry romeo? By the way it's in act 2 scene 5. I can't find the answer. Thanks for your help

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    In the Figure the pulley has negligible mass, and both it and the inclined plane are frictionless. Block A has a mass of 1.3 kg, block B has a mass of 2.7 kg, and angle è is 26 °. If the blocks are released from rest with the connecting cord taut, what

    asked by chirayu
  3. Geography

    What are the namesz of insects that live on cattle?

    asked by KERRY-ANN
  4. Environmental Science

    1. Estimate the velocity of the groundwater flowing from a point 1000 feet from a creek. The point is 30 feet above the surface of the creek and the permeability of the subsurface is approximately 10-5. Approximately how long would it take the groundwater

    asked by Wilson
  5. math

    Four quilters are preparing patches for a quilt. When finished, the quilt will contain 200 patches. The quilters’ contributions thus far are in the table below. Name Number if patches Lia 65 Brian 17 Elle 88 len 6 Find the probability that a randomly

    asked by chris
  6. chemistry DRBOB

    Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration, in moles per liter, for solutions with each of the following pH values. pH=1.10 im guessing that this is what i did in my previous question except now i have to do it backwards. but i don't know how to do the

    asked by lyne
  7. Independent and dependent events

    A six-sided-cube is labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, and 3. Four sides are colored red, one side is white, and one side is yellow. Find each probability. Tossing 2, then 2. Tossing red, then white, then yellow.

    asked by jaz
  8. To Bob DD

    Because of your terribly rude and uncalled-for remarks directed at one of our tutors, your ugly post was removed. Please do not post here again.

    asked by Writeacher
  9. English

    If I had studied harder, I would have passed the test. Is this Future perfect? or based on the condition is it past? If I had studied medicine I would be a doctor. The condition is I would be. So this sounds present perfect. True?

    asked by Mick c
  10. Physics: Lenses

    1) A convex lens with a focal lenght of 4.0cm is placed 20.0cm from a concave lens with a focal lenght of 5.0cm. Find the position of the image when the object is placed 12.0c, in front of the convex lens. 2) A double concave lens has a refractive index of

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Advanced Math.

    List the possible rational roots of 2x^3 + 17x^2 + 23x - 42 = 0 My answer: the possible rational roots are {±1, ±2, ±3, ±6, ±7, ±14, ±21, ±42. ±1/2, ±3/2, ± 7/2, ±21/2}. Correct?

    asked by Jamie
  12. ARTS


    asked by BILAL
  13. health

    During an emergency room examination for an injured arm, the physician palpates the arm’s entire length, starting at the shoulder and ending at the fingers of the hand. This process takes him from a/an _______ position. A. right to left C. anterior to

    asked by Mandy
  14. French

    Could you please check these answers also thanks. Directions: Use the verb fais in the following blanks. (fais, fais, fait, faisons, faites, and font) Hugo et moi, on est copains. Il est très intelligent. Hugo (1)------ du russe. Moi aussi, je (2)------

    asked by S.B.S.P
  15. French

    Could you check this answers also thanks. Directions use the correct form of the verb faire. Je vais chercher Sophie. On va ---------- les courses. Answer: fait Vous ------- souvent les courses? Answer: faites Mon cher ami, nous -------- les courses tous

    asked by S.B.S.P
  16. Statistics

    A certain airplane has two independent alternators to provide electrical power. The probability that a given alternator will fail on a 1- hour flight is .02. What is the probability that (a) both will fail? (b) Neither will fail? (c) One or the other will

    asked by Jazmyne
  17. Chemistry

    If 2.40 g of CuSO4 is dissolved in 8.57 x 10^2 mL of 0.360 M NH3, calculate the concentrations of Cu^2+, NH3, and Cu(NH3)4^2+???? Don't even know where to start.

    asked by Jessica
  18. Science

    the black hills are an example of which type of mountain building? a. uplifted mountains b.fault-block mountains c.volcanic mountains d. oceanic mountains

    asked by Angie
  19. Algebra

    The volume of a rectangular box is given by the formula V = lwh, where l is length, w is width, and h is height. What happens to the volume if the length and height are doubled and the width is tripled? I don't know how to solve this problem at all. Thank

    asked by Cassie
  20. Science

    List 10 Tundra producers. Thank you!

    asked by Sam
  21. biology

    what is the relationship between rate of ion exchange and surface to volume ratio?

    asked by ashley
  22. college

    Maximize z=16x + 8y subject to: 2x + y0

    asked by Al
  23. english

    explain Romeo and Juliet Scene 4 A street near the Capulet house.

    asked by justin
  24. chemistry

    Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration and the pH of each of the following solutions of strong acids. (a) 0.00010 M HCl if you could just explain how to do this that would be great! thanks

    asked by lyne
  25. math

    a-------is1/100 of a dollar.

    asked by queeneka
  26. math

    this is fractional parts what is 1/10 of 50

    asked by queeneka
  27. Math

    Assigning each letter of the alphabet the numerical values of its position in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc) find a familiar first name witha product of letter values that is equal to 100,000.

    asked by Dan
  28. Chemistry

    Are volume and temperature directly proportional?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    what is the inverse of addition?

    asked by queeneka
  30. english

    what is a pronoun

    asked by john
  31. story problem(math)

    Riders of the scorpion must be at least 48inches tall.Jim is 4 feet 2 inches tall. Kim is 3 inches shorter than jim. Give their heights in inches and tell who may ride.

    asked by queeneka
  32. law...?

    Hi, l'm wondering, what are laws about assisted suicide and euthanasia, and the thing l need the most is: What countries allow euthanasia? Which states allow euthanasia? Which countries allow assisted suicide? Which states allow assisted suicide? Thanks!

    asked by ...
  33. chemistry help

    Determine the empirical formula for each substance. 1. A dead alkaline battery is found to contain a compund of Mn and O. Its analysis gives 69.6% Mn and 30.4% O. 2. A compound is 38.77% Cl and 61.23 %O. 3. Magnetic iron oxide is 72.4 % iron and 27.6%

    asked by peter
  34. history

    Submit a 150- to 200-word response comparing Nixon’s policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Cold War.

    asked by manda
  35. Algebra

    Solve using multiplication principle. 2.8x = 22.4

    asked by Sadie
  36. math

    how to factor 3x^3+7x^2+3x+1

    asked by Sandra
  37. Pre-Cal.

    Which of the following results in the graph of f(x)=x^2 being expanded vertically by a factor of 3 and? reflected over the x-axis? a. f(x)=1/3x^2 b. f(x)= -3x^2 c. f(x)= -1/x^2 +3 d. f(x)= -1/3 x^2

    asked by Jamie
  38. college math

    Maximize z=16x + 8y subject to: 2x + y0

    asked by Al
  39. math

    what is 1/100 of a dollar?

    asked by queeneka
  40. Final thought+Suggestion

    Okay, I recently made a post about converting the homework help section into a homework help forum. I have heard that many tutors have suggested this but there were some problems that occurred. What do you guys think? I want to here opinions from all the

    asked by Chopsticks
  41. college english papre

    I have paper written in english, not sure its correct or not. My english is kinda bad. grammar and spelling mistakes. If someone can help me out with this one. the paper is not long 2 pages. so i think it a couple minutes work. You can mark the mistakes

    asked by YW paper
  42. Physics

    Hi again, Can anyone help me with the physics problem I posted earlier today (Sunday) at 3:47 p.m. I would really appreciate it!!Thanks!

    asked by Brigid
  43. algebra check these answere please

    Four quilters are preparing patches for a quilt. When finished, the quilt will contain 200 patches. The quilters’ contributions thus far are in the table below. Name Number if patches Lia 65 Brian 17 Elle 88 len 6 Find the probability that a randomly

    asked by jaz
  44. Math

    Define a parallelogram

    asked by Kristie
  45. 5th grade math

    an someone help me learn an easy way to remember metric conversions?? thanks, Seth

    asked by Seth
  46. English

    I'm writing an essay that goes into how important body language and voice tone is. I remember reading a quote online that said something about how BLANK percent of what people take away from what you say is from how you say it, not what you say. But I

    asked by Cassia
  47. Estimating rounding(Math)

    Round each to the nearest ten dollars, then estimate the answer. $88.99=---dollars +9.69=---dollars ----------------- Total is about---Dollars. $34.00=----dollars -19.29=----dollars ------------------ Differences is about-----dollars.

    asked by queeneka
  48. english poem

    how to write a poem about mrt train

    asked by aqilah
  49. math (place value numeration)

    What is ten less than65,403?

    asked by queeneka
  50. Chemistry

    Xenon of mass 5.08 g reacts with fluorine to form 9.49 g of a xenon fluoride. What is the empirical formula of this compound? A) XeF6 B) XeF4 C) XeF2 D) XeF E) Xe2F I am not familiar with these types of empirical formula problems. If I'm given the

    asked by Olivia
  51. math place value numberation

    in 92,370 the nine stands for what.

    asked by queeneka
  52. math place value numberation

    write expanded notation.40,050=----

    asked by queeneka
  53. Math

    How do you write an equation for the line that is parallel to the given line and that passes through the given point: y=-3x;(3,0) I know how to do this using point-slope form, but not with slope intercept form..

    asked by Angie
  54. math(vocabulary concepts facts

    A------is 1/1000 of a dollar.

    asked by queeneka
  55. Physics

    Calculate g at the midpoint of the earth moon system.

    asked by Christina AAAA
  56. Math

    Estimate the velocity of the groundwater flowing from a point 1000 feet from a creek. The point is 30 feet above the surface of the creek and the permeability of the subsurface is approximately 10-5. Approximately how long would it take the groundwater to

    asked by Wilson
  57. English

    If it rains tomorrow, I'll buy and umberella. Is this future tense?

    asked by Mick c
  58. Algebra

    Solve: Type an integer or fraction 8x=4=6x=5 I think the answer is 1/2 or .5 Thanks

    asked by Sadie
  59. Suggestion to Website

    I was just wondering if it was a good idea to convert this part of the website into a homework forum? It would be alot more organized that way because everything would be under sections and stuff. People can also distinquish between tutors and students as

    asked by Chopsticks
  60. Algebra

    Evaluate (-6y) to the second power and -6y to the second power when y=2 I did not know how to put the little two by the numbers. Thank you!

    asked by Sadie
  61. science

    at which type of plate boundary does rift volcanish occur

    asked by sina
  62. English

    Can any kind person proof this please Change the following from the active into the passive(the first one has been done as an example) A crocodile eats Henry – Henry is eaten by a crocodile. A crocodile is eating Henry – Henry is being eaten

    asked by Mick c
  63. Spanish

    ¿Qué le duele mucho a Andrea? I have: El estómago ha dolado mucho a Andrea. I'm not sure if the le has to be in the answer though because I don't really understand what the le means.

    asked by Katie
  64. estimation rounding(math(

    round each to the nearest ten dollars, then estimate the answer. $34.99=---dollars. -19.29=---dollars ----------------- Difference is about---Dollars.

    asked by queeneka
  65. English

    Can someone check this for me please. Report these spoken remarks to a freind, making the necessary changes. 1. I live it a. she....said that she loves it. 2. I am leaving in half an hour. a. He said that he's leaving in half an hour. 3. The rain has

    asked by Mick c
  66. calculas

    how to find the x intercepts for f(x) = 3x^3+7x^2+3x+1

    asked by Sandra
  67. Natural Logs

    When you are subtracting functions with ln, I know you divide the numbers after ln, but what do you do with constants in front of ln? For example, I'm currently dealing with: 4ln8 - 4ln3 Thanks!

    asked by Hannah
  68. English

    What would the following time expressions change to in reported speech? Write a sentence in direct speech followed by one in reported speech to illustrate each change. The first one has been done for you as an example. a) today – that day Direct

    asked by Mick c
  69. astronomy

    Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope revealed a planet about 16 AU from a star whose mass is the same as our Sun’s mass. How long does it take the planet to orbit the star?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Algebra


    asked by Sadie
  71. Algebra

    Find an equivalent expression without parentheses: - (a-14) =

    asked by Sadie
  72. Algebra

    -9 - (-3) =

    asked by Sadie
  73. Algebra

    Use multiplying by 1 to find an expression equivalent to 16/7 with a denominator of 42z.

    asked by Sadie
  74. math

    The cost, in millions of dollars to remove x% of pollution modeled by c=6000/200-2x. A) what is the cost to remove 75% of the pollutant? B) what is the cost to remove 90 % of the pollutant ? C) what is the cost to remove 99 %of the pollutant?D) for what

    asked by tera
  75. math(fractional Part)

    1/6 of42

    asked by queeneka
  76. Algebra

    14-6(-8)+5 =

    asked by Sadie
  77. Math(place value numberation)

    in 92,370 the nine stands for-----.

    asked by queeneka
  78. Math

    For each of the following, find the parametric equations of the line that passes through the point P with direction vector d. In each case, find two points on the line different from P. a) P(1,1) d=(4,-4) b) P(5,0) d=(1,3) answer at the back of the book

    asked by Steffy
  79. world geo.

    Hi can anybody help me with some websites leading to interesting facts about mt everest. For example its history,the culture,first women to climb.etc. Thank you.

    asked by Christina
  80. health

    The most serious type of allergic reaction is A. atrial fibrillation. C. anaphylaxis. B. psoriasis. D. lupus. I think it is (c)

    asked by Mandy
  81. Social Studies

    Could you please check the definition that matches with the term. Here are the terms: free enterprise Economics trade-off economic models market econonmy total costs wants marginal benefit fixed costs rational choice Here are the definitions study of the

    asked by Sam
  82. Math

    If lynn can ytpe a page in p minutes, what piece of the page can she do in 5 minutes?

    asked by Donna
  83. Advanced Functions

    I need help answering these questions 1. State the Common Ratio of the following Geometric sequence 3/4 , 3/10 , 3/25 , 6/125 2. In the Arithmetic Sequence below, X = ___ 100 , ___ , _X_ , 64 3. For the Geometric Sequence below, X = ___ _X_ , 48 , ___ ,

    asked by Temour
  84. science

    Combining a base and an acid forms A. DNA and gas. C. sodium hydroxide. B. ions. D. salt and water I think (b) Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Social studies

    Could you please check these other sets of terms. Here are the terms: scarcity cost benefit analysis marginal revenue needs incentives economy opportunity cost variable costs capitalism marginal cost food, clothing,shelter, and other things required for

    asked by Sam
  86. Health

    I need answer to these questions Research the Walkerton Tragedy. Explain what happened, why and what specifically is being done to prevent it happening elsewhere. Your report should be one to two pages long. Air Pollution Often we do not think of air

    asked by Temour
  87. math(story problem

    I still cant figure out the problem with the rider of the scorpion. Riders of the scorpion must be at least 48inches tall.Jim is 4feet 2 inches tall. Kim is 3 inches shorter than jim. Give their height in inches and tell who may ride.

    asked by queeneka
  88. Social Studies

    Could you check this question it goes along with the passage. Passage: Manufacturing establishments become a blessing or a curse according to the facilities which they create for acquiring a living, to the necessary articles which they provide, and the

    asked by Sam
  89. social studies

    i need to know hre diffrent trading goodes for each province in canada

    asked by rhea
  90. Math

    What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 12 ft by pi? Please help me with the formula~thanks!

    asked by Jamie
  91. Help HEALTH

    where can I find the meaning of root words? for example:furc/o valve phag/o

    asked by Anonymous
  92. 9th Pre Algebra

    I need help with exponents -n6 for n=2

    asked by Erin
  93. physics

    The mass of the blue puck shown below is 10.0% greater than the mass of the green one. Before colliding, the pucks approach each other with momenta of equal magnitudes and opposite directions, and the green puck has an initial speed of 8.0 m/s. Find the

    asked by mightymouse
  94. French

    Could you please check my answers thanks. Directions: Give my own answers. 1. Tu fais quelquefois la cuisine chez toi? Answer: Oui, je fais quelquefois la cuisine chez moi. 2. Tu fais études dans un lycée français ou dans une école secondaire

    asked by S.B.S.P
  95. French

    Could you please check these answers thanks so much. Directions: give own answers 1. Qu' est-ce que tu fais comme langues? Du français? De l'espagnol? Answer: Je fait du français. 2. Et tes copains, qu'est-ce qu'ils font comme langue(s)? Answer: Ils font

    asked by S.B.S.P
  96. social studies

    Can someone give me a link that explains the problem of scarcity or if you have any facts feel free to share them.

    asked by Sam

    you have a small business and must decide what method to use to prepare bills for your 107 CHARGE customers. you want to send the customer the original copy and want to keep three copies in-house. THE MOST EFFICIENT CHOICE IS TO

    asked by Anonymous
  98. social studies

    I need help with this question according to economists do all societites face scarcities?

    asked by Sam
  99. math

    3 ducks and 1 chick cost the same as 2 geese. one duck, 2 chicks, and 3 geese cost $25. what is the price of each? i get: 3d+c=2g d+2c+3g=$25 i'm stuck from there. is there something missing? thanks in advance for any help.

    asked by ken
  100. Calculas

    how to find the x intercepts for f(x) = 3x^3+7x^2+3x+1 please show your steps

    asked by Sandra
  101. Romeo and Juliet Help

    For act 2 scene 4 I don't understand this question. It says what malapropisms does the nurse use?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Algebra

    Find -x when x=-49/39. Thanks!

    asked by Sadie
  103. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 10.00g of a monobasic salt in a total volume of 1.00litres. Th pH of this solution was measured at 13.07 and a conductivity experiment determined that this salt was completely ionized in solution. What is the molecular

    asked by tomi
  104. English

    1. Do you know what? 2. What do you know? (What is the difference between them?) 3. Which club do you go to? 3-1. I go to a dram club. 3-2. I go to the drama club. (Which answer is right? Are both correct?) 4. I am Bora, your student from last year.(Is it

    asked by John
  105. Social Studies

    Can I get someone's opinion on this: How has electricity over the past century and a half chaged the way we manufacture things? I'm not going to take your answer but I just want to know what you think.

    asked by Sam
  106. physics, lenses

    I need to calculate the magnification, m of an objective lens, so I can then x it by the eyepiece value for M to get the total magnification. I need v/u (v is dist from lens to image; u is dist of object to lens) I'm using 1/f = 1/v+1/u rearranged for 1/v.

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Math

    When y-1=-4/5(x-3) is written in standard form using positive integers, what is the smallest possible coeficcient of x?

    asked by Kayla
  108. Physics 30

    How would I figure out the horiz. distance if I have the velocity and the vertical distance? I also have the acceleration. What formula could I use?

    asked by Jodine
  109. English

    1. I am in the first grade in London Middle School. 1-2. I am in the first grade at London Middle School. (Are both prepositions correct?) 2. How many hours does Bora study in school? 2-2. How many hours does Bora study at school? (Which preposition do we

    asked by John
  110. Science

    Is orogeny the process that all 3 types of convergent boundaries have in common?

    asked by Angie
  111. science

    Why do many earthquakes but few volcanic eruptions occur in the Himalaya?

    asked by sara
  112. HCA 220

    Due Week 5 Day 4 This discussion question is an audio dialogue. You will start the discussion and your classmates will help you finish it by responding to you. You must also provide a written transcript of all of your responses. Your portion of the

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Social Studies

    I need help with these two multiple choice answers could you check them first. First here's the passage that goes with the two questions. Let our farmers make and wear their homespun; raise in greater plenty corn and wheat, which will enable them to raise

    asked by Sam
  114. english

    could anyone proof read my essay? could i send it to someone? If i post it here people might steal it. please i really need someone to proofread it.

    asked by daniel
  115. 4th grade

    Classify th triangle by its sides and then by its angles.

    asked by MJ
  116. AP World History

    When the civil war ended, who was in control of the Russian government? And what actions related to social and religious issues were taken by that government in the 1920's and 1930's

    asked by Wendy
  117. physics

    A 5.00 g bullet moving with an initial speed of 340 m/s is fired into and passes through a 1.00 kg block. The block, initially at rest on a frictionless, horizontal surface, is connected to a spring of force constant 860 N/m. (a) If the block moves 5.50 cm

    asked by Jennifer
  118. chemistry

    AgNO3 + KOH formula and name

    asked by molly
  119. Sociology

    I'm currently writing an essay for a Sociology class(Sociology of Everyday life), my topic was on love and prior to the essay we had to write three proposals for our essay addressing our topic with a focus on the micro-sociological aspect of it. The

    asked by jeff
  120. Science

    What does a 3d model of cesium look like?

    asked by Brandon
  121. science

    Glacial deposits often form at high latitudes near the poles. Explain why glacial deposits have been found in Africa.

    asked by sara
  122. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 10.00g of a monobasic salt in a total volume of 1.00litres. Th pH of this solution was measured at 13.07 and a conductivity experiment determined that this salt was completely ionized in solution. What is the molecular

    asked by tomi
  123. english

    Throughout the novel it is evident that Lennie and George share a deep and faithful relation with one another. For example, Although George acts as Lennie’s caretaker, they both have a sense of trust, companionship, togetherness which no other characters

    asked by daniel
  124. science

    How is magnetism used to support the theory of seafloor spreading?

    asked by sara
  125. english

    Even as mankind evolved from Neanderthals to humans, It has never officially withdrew its inherent selfish predatory trait. Evolution has taught mankind an evil lesson: “Survival of the fittest”. Likewise, in the text George shoots Lennie not only as

    asked by daniel
  126. french

    is it correct to say "je vais mettre les affiches" or should it be "je vais monter les affiches" (as in "I'm going to put the posters up")? Merci

    asked by kl
  127. 7th grade

    why do many earthquakes but few volcani eruptions occur in the Himalaya? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by sara
  128. math

    a string of lights is strung from the top of a fence post that = 4 ft tal flagpole=16 ft tall. the fence post=9 ft tall from the flagpole what's the length of the string of lights from the top of the post to the top of the pole? /

    asked by brianna
  129. Chemistry

    Rank from most to least active based on placement on periodic table : Magnesium, potassium, sodium.

    asked by danny
  130. music

    i have to do a project about 'west end musicals' can anyone suggest how i structure his and what i should include because I don't know what to include. shall i include a page about a popular musical and so on or not? can anyone find any useful sites which

    asked by Nabiha
  131. Math

    y = a(x - h)2(sqaured) + k Where would I put a number in order to stretch or compress the graph vertically in the equation above? And what does the a represent?

    asked by Lena
  132. Science

    what is the source of the magma that fuels the island arc complex? a. continental crust b. the subducted plate c. the overrriding plate d. the volcanoes that make up the complex

    asked by Angie
  133. circuits

    in a parallel RLC circuit you have L=100mH and i= inductor current i=50e^(-4000t)-10e^(-5000t) mA how do you find R and C??

    asked by alice
  134. Physics

    Regading my question yesterday about the ball being caught by the man on the scales (Sun. 3:47), I'm now wondering if, to get the final weight on the scales I need to add the actual ball's mass of .50 kg AS WELL AS the force of the ball on the man to his

    asked by Brigid
  135. 8th grade

    What is the name of the large island that is part of New York?

    asked by Zack
  136. french

    what type of adjectives are these? beau nouveau vieux

    asked by Angie
  137. french

    what type of adjectives are these? beau nouveau vieux

    asked by Angie
  138. history

    How did the Beatles change music and affect today's music? I have found some information on this, but I am doing a presentation and feel like I am repeating the same thing about peace and their song lyrics over and over again. Any more in-depth info would

    asked by Cassie
  139. Chemistry

    I did a lab where I had to decompose the compund patassium cholorate (KClO3)by heating,I had to weight the test tube then the test tube with the potassium chlorate to get the weight. I then had to heat it for several minutes and letting it cool down before

    asked by Sheryl
  140. 7th grade

    Explain why volcanoes do not form along the San Andreas Fault.

    asked by sara
  141. circuits

    the zero input response of a series RLC circuit with R=80 ohms is V(c)=2e^(-2000t)cos(1000t)-4e^(-2000t)sin(1000t) V for t>0 if the initial conditions remain the same, what is the zero-input response when R=40 ohms

    asked by alice
  142. World History

    What were the goals of "The Big Four"?

    asked by Zac
  143. Social Studies

    Could you check this answer that goes with this passage. It was... the greatest aggregation of labor and capital eber gathered in one place. It employed 30,000 men; it supported directly 250,000 people in its neighborhood, and indirectly it supported

    asked by Sam
  144. Math

    Find the smallest N such that N!is evenly divisable by 12^19.

    asked by Danette
  145. Math

    Assigning each letter of the alphabet the numerical values of its position in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc) find a familiar first name witha product of letter values that is equal to 100,000.

    asked by Danette
  146. Math

    How many rectangles are thre in a 6 by 9 grid that are not squares?

    asked by Danette
  147. World History

    Why were Wilson's 14 Points not accepted by other members of the paris peace conference?

    asked by Zac
  148. Geometric Series

    I need to know the equations of these were n = 1 1) 1/2 - 1/4 + 1/8 - 1/16 + . . . 2) 1 + 2 + (2^2)/2 + (2^3)/6 + (2^4)/24 + (2^5)/120 + . . . 3) 0 + 3 + 8 + 15 + 24 + . . .

    asked by Janet
  149. reading and languge

    what are the names of persuasion techniques

    asked by cody
  150. Math

    Most natural numbers can be expressed as a sum of two or ore consecutive positive intergers. Find all natural numbers between 1,000 and 10,000 which cannot be expressed as a sum of tow or more consecutive positive intergers.

    asked by Danette
  151. CDA

    I need two resource for challenger behavior like, biting, hitting, or shyness

    asked by Lou
  152. World History

    Please help i would highly appreciate it

    asked by Zac
  153. science

    Explain why the fossil of an ocean fish found on 2 different continents would not be good evidence to continental drift.

    asked by sara
  154. thermal physics

    What mass (in grams) of steam at 100°C must be mixed with 340 g of ice at its melting point, in a thermally insulated container, to produce liquid water at 12.0°C? The specific heat of water is 4186 J/kg·K. The latent heat of fusion is 333 kJ/kg, and

    asked by chirayu
  155. Algebra

    The area of a circle is given by the formula A = pi*r^2 and the circumference of the circle is given by C = 2*pi*r. Find the ratio of the area to the circumference. What happens to this ratio if the radius is quadrupled? Thank you!

    asked by Cassie
  156. Math

    is the slope of the equation y=x 0?

    asked by Angie
  157. italian

    I realy don't want this with a computer translation because it never comes out the right way could someone translate it for me? If I won 1.000.000 dollars I would go to Sardegna with all my friends for a whole year.To get their since we live in America we

    asked by joshua