Questions Asked on
March 17, 2009

  1. math

    Why couldn't the two elephants go swimming together?

    asked by bob
  2. Chem Check

    Can someone verify my answers please? convert the folowing into a pressure reading expressed in torr A. 1.25atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 950. torr B. 2.48 x 10^-3 atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 1.88 torr C. 4.75 x 10^4 atm* 760torr/1.0atm = 3.61 x 10^7 torr D. 7.60 x

    asked by Chopsticks
  3. music

    does any 1 have any info on mozart ?

    asked by Sian x
  4. Chemistry

    In a methane molecule (CH4) there are 4 single covalent bonds. In an octane molecule (C8H18) there are 25 single covalent bonds. How does the number of bonds affect the dispersion forces in samples of methane and octane? Which compound is a gas at room

    asked by Taylor
  5. Chemistry check

    Can someone check to make sure my answer is correct? The question is: Which of the following statements is incorrect? a. Complete combustion has occured when all the carbon in the product is in the form of carbon dioxide. b. A single reactant is the

    asked by Mike
  6. English

    Which class are you in? I'm in class 2. What class are you in? I'm in class 2. Which year and which class are you in? I'm in the second year and the second class. What year and what class are you in? I'm in the second year and second class. I'm in the

    asked by John
  7. algrebra

    why did gyo go into a bakery? also what happened when two fruit companies merged?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Chenistry check

    Can someone check my answer? The question is: In order for the reaction 2Al(s) + 6HCl(aq)-> 2AlCl3(aq) + 3H2(g) to occur, which of the following must be true? a. Al must be above Cl on the activity series. b. Al must be above H on the activity series. c.

    asked by Mike
  9. poem:incident in a rose garden

    why do you think death is considered a connoisseur of roses

    asked by eric

    6. f(x)= 12x^5 + 30x^4 - 160x^3 +4 For this function there are four important intervals:(-inf, A] , [A,B] ,[B,C],[C, inf) where A ,B ,C are the critical numbers. Find A B AND C and at those points do they have a local min, max or neither??

    asked by mkcolema
  11. physics

    Two meteoroids 250,000 km from Earth are moving at 2.1 km/s. Meteor one is headed in a straight path for Earth, while meteor two is on a path that will come within 8500 km from the Earth's center. (A) What is the speed of the first meteroid when it strikes

    asked by James
  12. chemistry

    intermolecular forces Rank the following substance from highest melting point to lowest melting point. My teacher gave a list of compounds: H2O, NO2,F2,CI2 and to have a high melting point means that you need a stronger IMF. Rank the following substances

    asked by jen
  13. physics

    the figure shows a uniform beam of weight 420 N and length 2.0 m suspended horizontally. On the left it is hinged to a wall, on the right it is supported by a cable bolted to the wall at distance D above the beam. The least tension that will snap the cable

    asked by sweety
  14. CHEM HELP!

    Nicotinic acid (niacin) is a monoprotic acid with the formula HC6H4NO2. A solution that is 0.012M in nicotinic acid has a pH of 3.39 at 25*C. What is the acid-ionization constant, Ka and pKa for this acid at 25*C?

    asked by Ashley
  15. Law

    Will you help me solve this for my health law midterm please? Following an automobile accident, a 16-year old boy who had recently escaped from a detention center was brought to the hospital emergency department by ambulance. The patient seemed to be alert

    asked by Kelly
  16. Biology

    Hi guys, need help with some done, but not sure about these thanks for any help! :) Take a balloon filled with hydrogen gas. Touch a match to the balloon. What happens? Big boom and lots of heat given off. Is ΔH favorable or unfavorable??

    asked by Jessie
  17. calculus

    f(x)= x^3/x^2-16 defined on the interval [-19,16]. Enter points, such as inflection points in ascending order, i.e. smallest x values first. Enter intervals in ascending order also. What are F(x) TWO vertical asympototes? F(x)is concave up on the region

    asked by mkcolema
  18. physics

    please tell me if thsi si correct Two equal charges are separated by 3.7 * 10^-10 m. the force between the charges has a magnitude of 2.37 * 10^-3 N. What is the magnitude of q on the changes? f=1/4pi Er * q^2/r^2 2.37 * 10^-3 = 9*10^9 * q^2 ______________

    asked by physics
  19. Chemistry

    For the system, H2(g)+X2(g) 2HX(g) Kc=24.4 at 300K. A system was charged with 1 mole of H2 and 1 mole of I2 in a 3 liter container. The catalyst was introduced using a remote unit, and the system was allowed to come to equilibrium. How many moles of H2

    asked by Anonymous
  20. pre-calc

    The original ferris wheel, built by George Ferris for the Columbian Exposition of 1893, was much larger and slower than its modern counterparts: It has a diameter of 250 feet and contained 36 cars, each of which held 40 people; it made one revolution every

    asked by chris
  21. Science

    If a tsunami develops during an underwater earthquake, what will most likely occur? a. deep-ocean sediments will travel great distances. b. no destruction will occur near the origin of the earthquake. c. the magnitude of the earthquake will determine the

    asked by Angie
  22. algebra

    How is doing radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions?

    asked by Timro
  23. Science

    The distance from an earthquake epicenter to New York City is 3000 km. What is the approximate travel time for the P-waves from the epicenter to the city??

    asked by Angie
  24. stats need help

    Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample

    asked by Jaz
  25. writing paragraphs and sentences

    Background Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she

    asked by Anonymous
  26. algebra 2

    i need help with my algebra 2 homework, the section is called using matrices to represent data. here is one of the problems: -1/2A+(B-A) A=[7 3 -1 5] [-2 8 0 -4] and B= [6 0 11 -3] [-5 2 -8 9] i don't know how to do this problem and the book doesn't have a

    asked by brittany
  27. inorganic chemistry

    what is the point group and character table for: cis-Fe(CO)4Cl2? I got D2d as the point group and 4,0,0,0,0 as the character table (although I don't think that is correct) THANKS

    asked by jan
  28. eighth grade math

    at temperaturesof 100 degrees celsius or higher, water changes to steam (a gas).At temperatures of 0 degrees celsius or lower water changes to ice (a solid) . in between these extremes, water is a liquid. draw number lines showing the tempertures at which

    asked by lauren<3
  29. math

    what is the difference between dependent and independent variables? Can you provide an example for me indicating which of the variables is dependent and which is independent?

    asked by Debbie
  30. english3

    the theme of the story " the use of force" is that: a0 children should not exercise their right to privacy b)adult should use thier authority to oppress children c)when authority demands to have its way, both the oppressor and the oppressed suffer d) most

    asked by britoney
  31. chemistry

    I need to know the structures for the following formulas: hexamethylene diamine (1,6-hexanediamine) sebacoyl chloride (decanedioic acid chloride) ethenylbenzene terephthalic acid (1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid) thank you so much!!!!

    asked by Heather
  32. Accounting

    The company borrowed 85,000 from eastern Bank and the questions are a. List thename of the accountsthat are impacted by the transaction. b. For each account, indicate whether the transaction increased or decreased the account. c. For each account, indicate

    asked by johnny
  33. Economics/social studies

    This isn't an example of an invisible hand is it? A single drug company obtains a patent on a lifesaving drug. The company can charge whatever it chooses for the drug and will not lose customers. Is the invisible hand at work in this scenario? I say no

    asked by Camilla
  34. sciecne

    Which agent probably contributes most to the genral wearing down of Earth's surface? explain i know the answer is "running water" but how to explain it?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. research paper question

    I am currently taking a class that focuses on the History of Hip-hop; I have to choose a hip-hop topic and write a 9 page paper about it. However, I am having a hard time choosing a topic: Do you have any topics in mind that would be easy to research?

    asked by Sam
  36. Medical information management and office practice

    please check my answers. penn foster exercise 6 questions cms-1500 1.title in heading section? designated insurance co 2.location of title? right hand side top of blocks 3. cms-1500 form number? 4. location of cms-1500 top left side 5. spacing type of

    asked by MARIA
  37. Economics/Social Studies

    Please help me with this it's about the invisible hand here's the question. Two family-style restaurants are located in the same city block. I oreder to stay competitive, the prices are kept low and the quality of the food and service is excellent. Is the

    asked by Camilla
  38. spanish

    help unscramble these words please. they are in spanish. ridaoi termain qaenuu ozarab ndoaros reatyane rescaas atirztse eisitngeu aposiser

    asked by nina
  39. english

    need some ideas please:)what can you do with a text(7 pages long) that could last for 45 minutes?any ideas?which activities can you as a teacher give to your students?so i need 2-3 taks which you can do with the same text

    asked by craly
  40. calculus

    5. f(x)= -2x^3 + 27x^2 - 108x +10 Value of x and local min? value of x and local max?

    asked by mkcolema
  41. Math

    what is the difference between dependent and independent variables? Can you provide an example for me indicating which of the variables is dependent and which is independent?

    asked by Debbie
  42. English

    Let's play the building names game. Four of you come up here. Are there any volunteers? OK. You, you, you and you, come to the front. You should introduce yourselves. First, you should say your name. Then you add your personality or specialty. For example:

    asked by John
  43. science

    why are trilobites not found in Triassic rock?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. debate

    We will be having our debate. Our proposition is entitled, "Resolved, that Capital Punishment be restored." Particularly, here in the Philippines. I am the third speaker in the affirmative side, what would be my contentions to make Capital Punishment be

    asked by klarmaesen
  45. math

    improper fractions to its mixed number

    asked by ricky
  46. History

    What made Charlemagne such a "Great Man" or what are the main reasons he is famous today??

    asked by Ashley
  47. physics

    please tell me if this is correct, A step-down transformer has 16000 turns on the primary and 95 turns on the secondary. If the rms emf across the secondary coil is 120 V, what is the maximum emf across the primary coil? is the answer 28577.69 V ?

    asked by physics
  48. Math

    11-6x = 4x -1

    asked by Chris
  49. Physics

    what is the weight of a 10g object? this is my answer: W = m.a W = 0,01(9.8) W = 0,098 kg i divided the 10g by 1000 to conver it into kg. is this answer correct?

    asked by Candice
  50. Physical Science

    I had a couple of questions for homework and I answered them the best I could. Can someone check and tell me if they are correct? 1.To describe the position of an object accurately, scientists use what? Ans- Coordinate Systems 2.In science, we have to

    asked by mysterychicken
  51. Pre-Cal.

    Describe the end behavior of f(x)=2x^4-5x+1: A. x-->‡, f(x)-->‡; x-->-‡, f(x)-->-‡ B. x-->‡, f(x)-->‡; x-->-‡, f(x)-->‡ C. x-->‡, f(x)-->-‡; x-->-‡, f(x)-->‡ D. x-->‡, f(x)-->-‡; x-->-‡,

    asked by Mia
  52. Accounting

    Impact of a Transaction The company borrowed $85,000 in cash from Eastern Bank. a. List the accounts impacted by the transaction. b. For each account, indicate whether the transaction increased or decreased the account. c. For each account, indicate how

    asked by patti
  53. economics

    What three ways does the consumer influence the product?

    asked by Yessie
  54. math

    How do you change fractions to percents HELP

    asked by Daniella
  55. Calculus II

    Solve the Initial Value Problem: Let k and Po be positive constants. P(0)=Po dP/dt = kP^2

    asked by Michelle
  56. Chemistry

    A .405 g sample of gas contains .0050 moles. What is the molar mass of this gas? Please round your answer to the tenths place. I am confused by this. Molar mass = mass of sample/moles of sample The answer is either: molar mass = .405g/.0050 = 81 g/mol (I

    asked by bob
  57. Science

    How did early astronomers figure out how large the Earth really was? Thank you! :-)

    asked by Cassie
  58. English

    where can I find relationship short term effects and long term effects? please

    asked by Growler
  59. Chemistry check

    Can someone make sure I have the right answer. The question is: Classify the statement as always true, sometimes true, or never true. A net ionic equation shows all ions present. I say never true because it only shos soluble strong electrolytes reacting

    asked by Mike
  60. French

    In french, does le, las, and les always mean "the"? For example, in the title les couleurs, does that mean "The Colors", or can it mean just "Colors?

    asked by Angie
  61. Social Studies

    I need a link for a map of the united states that has the following foods produced in the state: chicken, potatoes, spinach, salad, and sliced tomatoes

    asked by Pinkie
  62. english

    ok so i have to right a 500 word journal about a topic and the topic i chose is "if someone gets high or drunk, they are responsible for there own actions " i have to explain how that right plz help

    asked by gaga
  63. science

    i need information on " the past atmosphere" please help me ive look on the internet and havent found anything

    asked by anonymous
  64. Physics

    Thank you so much for answering my questions thus far drwrls. One more,A force of 100 N, acting over a distance of 10 meters, increases the kinetic energy of a moving object by 500 J. This information is sufficient to conclude that the object accelerated,

    asked by Harold
  65. french

    i need to unscramble these french words: chupket and mèrce. they are in the food catagory

    asked by mark
  66. Physics

    The chemical potential energy of a certain amount of gasoline is converted into kinetic energy in a truck that increases its speed from 0 mph to 30 mph. To pass another truck the driver accelerates from 30 mph to 60 mph. Compared to the energy required to

    asked by Harold
  67. math

    The math problem we need help with is: lbs of can collected by 4 children were as follows: #1 49 #2 72 #3 108 #4 121. the answer is 10. what is the question. where do i start to figure out what the question is their looking for?

    asked by andrew
  68. English

    the RCY 1 club the RCY 2 club the RcY 3 club the yc gag club the science invention club the pop music yp club the reading essay the mountain climbing club the robot manufacture club the cartoon drawing club the badminton 1 club the badminton 3 club tµµ

    asked by John
  69. Math

    4x+3y=5 x-3y=5 solve by linear equations

    asked by LaSalle
  70. Geography

    what are physical and human features on an island

    asked by Vanessa
  71. Physical Science

    One more worksheet with questions that I need to have checked! 1.Average speed is the ________ an object travels divided by the ________ it takes. Ans- distance; time 2.The velocity of an object is its ___ in a certain _______. Ans- speed; direction 3.The

    asked by mysterychicken
  72. Algernr 2

    Can someone please help me with these equations. 2x(x+2)(x^2 - 2x + 4) = 0 and Simplify (be sure to rationalize all denominators) 3/[SQRT(5) - 2]

    asked by Justin
  73. college

    There is a debate about whether sterile needles should be given out in cities with high drug use. Some say that doing so will decrease HIV/AIDS from sharing needles. Others believe it will encourage drug use. As an economist, you must know the following:

    asked by Kingram
  74. Medical information

    CMS-1500 forms Where does the title go? Location of the CMS-1500 form #? Date of CMS approval? Date of AMA approval?

    asked by MARIA
  75. social studies

    what are two achievments that the olmec did?

    asked by jennifer
  76. Sociology

    Will someone please explain gender stratification. I have tried to read about it online, but don't exactly understand what it is. Most websites want you to pay to read the articles or essays. Thanks.

    asked by amy
  77. CJ

    How would you define crime? Based on your definition, which model do you relate to (consensus or conflict)? Why?

    asked by mama boo


    asked by ANGELO
  79. music

    do u no any info on the countries mozart travelled around ?

    asked by Sian x
  80. Oxymorons

    I need a list of oxymorons and I searched google; Can someone let me know which ones I am missing? Here's what I have so far: civil war diet ice cream living dead butthead old news same difference Thanks!

    asked by mTaq14
  81. math

    what is the advantage of algebraic equation insltead of numerical values?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Algebra

    3. To estimate animal populations, biologists count the total number of animals in a small section of a habitat. The total population of animals is directly proportional to the size of the habitat (in acres) polled. a. Write an equation using only one

    asked by Anonymous
  83. acrostic peom for march

    M A R C H please help me today is my last day

    asked by janny
  84. Health

    This is sort of a gross question, I apologize, but in Health we are doing reports on medicine. I got anti-gas medicine. Do Tums help get rid of gas or do they contribute to it?

    asked by Sherryn
  85. French

    what does ta tenue-ton ensemble mean?

    asked by Angie
  86. history

    what Africans fought against the Europeans?

    asked by chris
  87. math

    a) Given f(x)=(x=4)(x-2), write equtions for -f(x) and f(-x) b)Sketch the tree graphs on the same set of axes c) State the domian and range of each function

    asked by Anonymous
  88. science

    i still need a few more facts about the past atmosphere

    asked by anonymous
  89. math

    which number cann be used in place of the variable in each rational expression a^2-b^2/a-b

    asked by lewis
  90. History

    Who are some Great men or women in world history after the date 500 AD

    asked by Ashley
  91. macro-economics

    Using the aggregate supply and demand model analyzes the long-run effect of a less open immigration policy in the U.S. on the following: • The real wage rate • The level of employment, the unemployment rate want be so high • The rate of inflation •

    asked by cloris
  92. science

    i need a worksheet about " the past atmosphere" any worksheet

    asked by ha
  93. algebra

    Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line. Express your answer in the form Y= mx+b (6,8); x+6y=5 The equation of the line is Y= I do not how work this problem help me, please

    asked by Johnnie
  94. calculus

    4. f(x)= 7-5x^4 What does x equal? what is the absoloute max?

    asked by mkcolema
  95. Chemistry

    Explain what change substituting a chlorine for one of the hydrogen atoms to make CH3Cl would create in the molecule?

    asked by ???Help! Please and Thank You
  96. calculus

    7. f(x)= 6x^3- 9x^2- 360x - 5 What interval is it decreasing? What 2 intervals is it increasing? What is the local max?

    asked by mkcolema


    asked by Anonymous
  98. english3

    the theme of the story" The Use of Force: is that:

    asked by britoney
  99. Algebra 2

    Can't someone please help me with these equations. State whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. 16. -14x = -632 - 26y y = (7/13)x - 316/13 18. x + 6y = 196 689 = (6201/230)y + (4823/460)x I would really apreciate your help.

    asked by Seiko
  100. math

    an investment of $10,000.00 in the Emerging Country Debt fund in 2001 was worth 24,780 in 2006 money mag used the formual r=(s/p)^1/n -1 to find the 5 year average annual return. What is the return. How do I solve this

    asked by Debbie
  101. 6th grade

    what are the best materials to use to build a coliseum for a school project?

    asked by pat
  102. English

    what does this question mean?: Create a goal statement that deals with one specific change that you would like to make in your life with respect to health-related decisions

    asked by Growler
  103. Economics

    There is a debate about whether sterile needles should be given out in cities with high drug use. Some say that doing so will decrease HIV/AIDS from sharing needles. Others believe it will encourage drug use. As an economist, you must know the following:

    asked by Kingram
  104. History

    What is an idea or historical occurence that exhibits a dialectical structure??

    asked by Ashley
  105. Science

    What is a solar greenhouse?

    asked by Sophia
  106. 4th grade

    How does a solar greenhouse work?

    asked by Sophia
  107. sterotyping

    how can sterotyping affect group relations?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. science

    how many tornados dose ohio average

    asked by dd
  109. Math

    3 3/8= 2 ?/8. What is over the 8?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. math

    2 1/9= 1 ?/9. What is over the 9?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math

    4 3/5= 3 ?/5. what is over the 5?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. English

    Where can i find drinking driving short term effects and long term effects?

    asked by Growler
  113. English

    can anyone give me a site about anabolic steroid short term effects and long term effects? anyone? please

    asked by Growler
  114. math

    can anyone explain how to solve 1/4 of 10 please

    asked by danny
  115. 5th grade math

    A radius and a diameter both have to ___________.

    asked by Marty
  116. college

    why should a family owned business use a financial forecast?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. math

    how do you find volume of a rectangle?

    asked by pat

    I need help fixing these sentences, I'm supposed to conjugate the verbs and add an ariticle, pleasseee HELPP !: 1. Herr/Kommen/neun uhr 2. Wir/kenne/Computerspiele 3. Kaufen/ihr/Gitarre 4. Computer/sein/ganz neu 5. Wann/begginen/Film 6.

    asked by Teutaa!
  119. 6th grade

    of all theswimmers, 7/10 got to the pool by car, 1/5 took the bus, and 1/6 walked. how many more came by car than on foot? How many fewer came by foot?

    asked by sally
  120. English

    what are written techniques?

    asked by kate
  121. English

    What are your talents? I am good at cricket, and I like making robots. What are your specialties? I am good at technical arts, and I can swim very well. (Are the questions and answers correct?)

    asked by John
  122. 5th grade

    what are the differences between American and U.A.E schools

    asked by Anonymous
  123. earth

    i need a worksheet about " the past atmosphere"

    asked by ha
  124. 8th grade history project

    I am doing a history project on marketing inventions from the 1800s. I have to create a poster that includes a catchy slogan for a factory system. (remember that it is from the 1800s.) If you could help give me some ideas that would be great!!! thank you

    asked by Coco
  125. Latin reposts for Jeremy and gggggggg

    asked by Writeacher
  126. History

    What is idea or historical occurence that exhibits a dialectical structure.

    asked by Ashley
  127. calculus

    8. f(x)= - 2x^3 + 45x^2 -300x +9 There are 3 intervals (-inf,A], [A,B], [B, inf) where A and B are critical points. Find A and B? For each of the intervals is it decreasing or increasing??

    asked by mkcolema
  128. calculus

    9. f(x)= x sqrt(x^2+4) on interval [-5,4] What region does it concave down? What region does it concave up? Max? Min?

    asked by mkcolema
  129. Science

    i hav two questions. plz help i don't kno how to explain it 1.Why do animals migrate? 2.Why don't humans migrate? thx for the help :)

    asked by Meherin
  130. maths:(

    what is three-quarters of forty four

    asked by charley
  131. physics

    what is the symbol for speed and what unit of measurement is used?

    asked by Candice
  132. history/historiography

    I am supposed to be getting acquainted with a person named Fernand Braudel. All I know at this early stage is that he must be a historian or a theorist of significance to the doing of history. It would really make my day if some individual here could give

    asked by Xavier
  133. MsSue- re

    im sorry my post appeared twice it didn't show my question when i looked then when i posted it again it was there. Im sorry my computer is a bit slow. thankyou for your help now you have explained the question ive got an idea what i need to do. Thankyou

    asked by Kerrie