Questions Asked on
March 7, 2009

  1. Organic Chemistry

    Q: Each of the solvent given should effectively separate one of the following mixtures by thin-layer chromatography. Match the appropriate solvent with the mixture that you would expect to separate well with that solvent. Select your solvent from the

    asked by Scott
  2. Chemistry

    A student observed the following reaction: AlCl3(aq)+3NaOH(aq) -> Al(OH)3(s)+3NaCl(aq) After the products were filtered, which substances remained on the filter paper and why?

    asked by P
  3. math

    Vitaly and Jen have 24m of fencing to enclose a vegetable garden at the back of their house. What are the dimensions of the largest rectangular garden they could enclose with this length of fencing?

    asked by izzy
  4. Operations Management

    The maintenance department of a hospital uses 816 cases of liquid cleanser annually. Ordering costs are $12, carrying costs are $4 per case a year, and the new price schedule indicates that orders of less than 50 cases will cost $20 per case, 50 to 79

    asked by Bob
  5. Calculus

    An indoor physical fitness room consists of a rectangular region with a semicircle on each end. The perimeter of the room is to be a 200m running track. Find the dimension that will make the area of the rectangular as large as possible.

    asked by Marty
  6. Algebra

    1) Two cars leave town at the same time going in opposite directions. One travels 44 mi/h and the other travels 55 mi/h. In how many hours will they be 297 miles apart? 2) Two cars leave town at the same time going the same direction on the same road. One

    asked by Nancy
  7. science

    The bedrock around Elmira, NY represents what geologic time period? help please !!

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Algebra: 8th Grade; Equation Check

    1) A private airplane leaves an airport and flies due south at 192 km/h. Two hours later a jet leaves at the same airport and flies due south at 960 km/h. When will the jet overtake the plane? t = time Equation: 192(t+3) = 960 2)An airplane flew for 4

    asked by Meaghan
  9. Chemistry

    What type of reaction may be occurring when a person's skin develops a green stain beneath a 14 K gold bracelet? Using HA as the chemical formula for acid in skin, write a balanced chemical equation to represent the reaction.

    asked by Lucy
  10. chemistry

    What mass of lithium in grams is required to react completely with 57.9mL of N2 gas at STP? 6Li(s)+N2 (g)yields 2Li3N (s)

    asked by rusty
  11. chem

    an (aq) ammonium chloride solution, rather than H2SO4, is used in the hydrolsis of the magnesium complex of 1,1-diphenylethanol to ensure that no acid catalyed dehydration occurs. write the chemical structure of the dehydration product from

    asked by yen
  12. math

    If a line is horizontal, its slope is 1) 1 2) 0 3) undefined 4) neative please explain ..thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  13. csun

    What will the pressure inside the container become if the piston is moved to the 1.60 L mark while the temperature of the gas is kept constant?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Organic Chem

    Q: Each of the solvent given should effectively separate one of the following mixtures by thin-layer chromatography. Match the appropriate solvent with the mixture that you would expect to separate well with that solvent. Select your solvent from the

    asked by Scott
  15. Algebra

    Student loans. Brandt's student loans totaled $2500. Part was mde at 3% interest and the rest was made at 2.5%. After the one year Brandt had accumulated $97.50 in interest. What was the amount of each loan? Please HELP ME!!!!!

    asked by A.W.
  16. physics please help

    A "Stomp Rocket" is a toy projectile launcher illustrated in figure (i) below, which uses a blast of air to propel a dart made of plastic. The air blast is produced by jumping on a plastic bladder as shown in figure (ii) below. It is found that when a 187

    asked by cb
  17. English Essay Writing

    The Computers are taking over our lives do u agree or dis agree

    asked by PAVITHRA
  18. math

    The angle of elevation from a buoy to the top of a bridge is 19 degrees. The bridge is 150 feet high. How far from the foot of the bridge's pillar is the buoy?

    asked by adam
  19. English

    An essay on the following question: How is Macbeth affected when he learns of his wife's death? Consider: -The Action of Act 5-Macbeth is standing almost alone, most of his warriors have fled, and he questions what it was all for. -The Characters of

    asked by Nabiha
  20. algebra 1

    I am having trouble with this problem. I have an equation written down but I have my doubts as to how correct it is. I am thinking of 3 consecutive negative numbers. If I multiply the first with the second and then subtract three times the third, the

    asked by Dippy
  21. English

    I'm having trouble coming up with a good title for my essay. It's an argumentive essay on why therapeutic cloning is better than reproductive cloning. It can't be more than four words. The only one that I have is "Therapeutic cloning" but that is so

    asked by Michele
  22. health care

    What are some activities that you could engage in as a department manager to continue involving your employees in education with little or no direct budgetary impact.

    asked by april
  23. French Revolution - Music #2 (URGENT)

    1. La Marseillaise 2. La Carmagnole 3. Le Chant Du Départ 4. Le Temps Des Cerises 5. La Butte Rouge 6. Deux Siècles Plus Tard 7. Le Chants Des Marais 8. Le Chant Des Partisans 9. Un Jour L'Homme 10. Le Chiffon Rouge 11. Ah Ca Ira Okay of these 11 songs,

    asked by Larry
  24. accounting

    describe a balance sheet, income statement, retained earnings statement, and statement of cash flows? How does a company use these financial statements to make future business decisions?

    asked by scooby9132002
  25. 8th Grade Algebra

    I don't know how to do these types of problems whatsoever. 1) It takes a small jet plane 4 hours less time than it takes a propeller-driven plane to travel from Glen Rock to Oakville. The jet plane averages 637 km/h while the propeller plane averages 273

    asked by Gabrielle
  26. hhs 265 accounting

    calculating the current ratio of the XYZ nonprofit corporation balance sheet using appendix b.

    asked by Mable
  27. Math

    Polygon TUVW has vertices T(2,-4), U(3,-1), V(-1,0), and W(-2, -3). If this polygon were to rotate 180 degrees, what be be the coordinates for the new vertices?

    asked by Angie
  28. Enm Science

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal studies and epidemiological studies for establishing dose-response relationships?

    asked by Jordan
  29. Science

    How are hydraulic lifts and hydraulic brakes similar? thanks:)

    asked by Mike
  30. Latin

    I'm a little bit confused about Latin declensions. I understand that there's first and second declension nouns and adjectives (as well as a handful of other declensions which we haven't learned yet). But what if you want to mix declensions, and decline a

    asked by Marie
  31. Business

    Who are l'Oreal's biggest competitors?

    asked by Chace
  32. science

    what site would i go to to summerize the climate changes that have accured from the past to the present and predict what you think the Earth will look like into the 21st. century????

    asked by dd
  33. Social Studies

    What would symbolize Madrid, Spain. Like, maybe the main attraction in Madrid? Thank you.

    asked by Larry
  34. religious education

    what were the names of jesus 12 disciples? were Matthew Mark Luke and John the names of 4 of the disciples?. thanks for your help.

    asked by fearne
  35. calculus

    I have a multipart problem, but I'm unclear on how to approach the second half. I integrated the equation dL/dt=a(Le - L ) (where Le = eventual length)...then next part of the problem says to evaluate the new constant of integration (the integrated

    asked by dolphin1384
  36. 9th grade Arts and Culture

    What are the elements of art

    asked by Thembi
  37. Chemistry

    Why are alloys used to make coins rather than the pure metal?

    asked by Lucy
  38. Chemistry

    When you have a choice of two or three ions, how do you determine which one to use in your cations/anions? Thanks!!

    asked by Nelle
  39. chem

    Calculate the pH of the solution that results from mixing the following four aqueous solutions together: (1.) 100. mL of 0.300 M HI (2.) 200. mL of 0.250 M LiCl (3.) 300. mL of 0.200 M KOH and (4.) 150. mL of 0.150 M HBr a. ) 2.00 b. ) 3.99 c. ) 5.32 d. )

    asked by Anonymous
  40. chemistry

    You want to make an acetic acid/acetate buffer, pH 3.8, with a volume of 250 mL, and a final concentration of ([AcOH] + [AcO-]) = 0.1 M. You may only use acetic acid and sodium acetate (no strong acid or base). How many mL of glacial acetic acid would be

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Science

    Reproductive cloning could possibly diminish the sense of human individuality and freedom? Why? Is it because when an individual is cloned they have the same characteristics as their parents? If you could explain this to me that would be helpful. Thank you

    asked by Michele
  42. physics

    Can fruits be used to make a lightaaulb glow?

    asked by Thembi
  43. Chemistry

    I have a compound of Na2subscriptCO3subscript. The cation it breaks into is NA+1 in the upper righthand corner, and the anion is CO3subscript,-2in the upper right hand corner. Where did the anion numbers come from? How can you tell what the charge is? I

    asked by Nelle
  44. trigonometry

    If sine of an angle is ¼ and cosine of an angle is 15/4.. find cosecant.

    asked by Amber
  45. chemistry

    how many 18 carbon cis-monunsaturated fatty acids are there?

    asked by Anonymous

    1. Introduction – You need to work out what is the business scope of the company. That is what business are they in? 2. You will conduct an internal environment analysis – with a particular view to how well the company is placed to operate in another

    asked by VISHNU
  47. maths

    could you explain me that how to take LCM in division method ?

    asked by Muslimah
  48. Sra or re teachers

    I am sorry to ask for help again and i am not asking for you to do my homework but please could yo tell me if these are the correct names of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Simon , Andrew , James ,John, Philip ,Bartholomew,Matthew,Thomas,

    asked by fearne
  49. math

    Eduardo owned of a family business. He sold of the business to his son. What portion of the business does he still own? I just need help with setting up the problem. I will get the answer from that

    asked by Tammy
  50. Child Care

    To succeed,a parent-caregiver relationship must be baed on mutual B.wariness C.doubt D.ability I chose A as my answer.

    asked by Cynthia
  51. Chemistry

    I am working with cations, and anions. Are you supposed to have the subscripts balance, or the top numbers? Or both? Why would a cation of AL +3( upper corner) and an anion of PO -3 in the upper corner 3 as the subscript become a compound of

    asked by Nelle
  52. boy scouts

    what is the meaning of life

    asked by j
  53. Math

    Multiply (4x + 6) ^2

    asked by Connie
  54. DDP

    What advantage is there to using algebric eqautions instead of numerical values when defining the dimensions of a CAD model?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. chem

    What is the structure of the white precipitate that forms when actophenone is added to a solution of phenylmagnesium bromide?

    asked by yen
  56. algebra

    Check this problem for me do I have negative sign right with the answer. -1(-1)+-5-5=-2/-10==-1/5 the one on top and the -1(-1) and on the bottom is -5-5. so check this answer for me. Please, Please

    asked by Elaine
  57. algebra

    Check this problem for me do I have negative sign right with the answer. -1(-1)+-5-5=-2/-10==-1/5 the one on top and the -1(-1) and on the bottom is -5-5. so check this answer for me. Please, Please

    asked by Elaine
  58. music

    i need to find 5 traditional indian instruments. thanks

    asked by ceri-anne
  59. calculus

    d=dmax (1-e^(-kt)) This equation is the result of integrating an ordinary differential equation. Derive that ODE and the associated initial condition.

    asked by dolphin1384
  60. Financing and Budget

    In preparing a budget for a day care center, you must plan for taxes. As an employer, you must pay part of each employee's---- tax. A.Social Security B.federal income C. state income D. local My answer is A.Can someone check this answer for me.

    asked by Cynthia
  61. Math/ Algebra

    Could you please help me with this thanks. 6a(-5 power)b(2nd power)c(-3 power)

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math/Algebra

    Express 12.5 micrograms in standard form as grams.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. English Quick ?

    The understanding of basic human rights fits with an individual's right to believe that cloning is either right or wrong. We can't use the words right or wrong. Any ideas that I could replace them with and still having it make sense?

    asked by Michele
  64. French Cuisine (URGENT)

    I need to find 5 foods (dishes/meals) from before the french revolution. I've searched and can't find anything. Can someone help me please? Thank you very much

    asked by Larry
  65. business

    if government should not intervene in business, then how does an economy operate or correct itself without government intervention

    asked by Bryan
  66. Social studies

    How are mountains different form hills?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. 3rd grade math

    three boys are going to play pitcher,cather, and outfielder. Sam is not the catcher. The outtfielder lives next to Sam. The catcher and Jim go to the same school.What position does Bob play.

    asked by carol
  68. chem

    NO2(g) → ½N2(g) + O2(g) DH1 = -33.9 kJ NO2(g) → NO(g) + ½O2(g) DH2 = 56.5 kJ What is DH for the reaction ½N2(g) + ½O2(g) → NO(g) ?

    asked by han
  69. Chemistry

    What are the factors that can cause titration of 25 mL mixture of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate with HCL not to reach the end point especially after addition of two 25 mL aliquots of NAOH and 10ml BACO3? And why is it that 25ml aliquots of NAOH

    asked by chemy
  70. Biochemistry

    Is the substrate level phosphorylation (of succinate) spontaneous under conditions that exist in the mitochondria?

    asked by Andrew
  71. Science

    Therapeutic cloning forces people to choose between two potentially life-protecting principles - eradicating devastating diseases and defending human life? What does eradicating mean related to therapeutic cloning?

    asked by Michele
  72. History

    I'm doing a project on international music. How many tones can a Mongolian throat singer make at the same time? Thank you so much!!

    asked by Layla
  73. Eng. Ms. Sue

    What was the name of that website that you gave me last time that helped me cite my work. You could type your info in the box then it would show you how it should look like?

    asked by Michele
  74. college

    Can someone tell me anything about PowerPoint storyboard. I have an assignment to do and do not even know how to get started.

    asked by anonymous
  75. Fitness

    How can you use body composition tests in real life?

    asked by LW
  76. English

    In general why is it good to have good ethics?

    asked by Molly
  77. Algabra One

    According to some kids, what is the meaning of homework?

    asked by Kara
  78. Visual Art

    How has contempory life become increasingly fraught with complexity?How have artworks shown us that values have become eroded?

    asked by Aymi
  79. Biochemistry

    How were the 3 coupling sites in phosphorylation discovered using ETC poisons and artificial electron acceptors?

    asked by Jason
  80. French Revolution - Music

    Can someone please help me make up 3 song names that reflects the ideas of France before the French Revolution and 3 song names that reflects the ideas of France after French Revolution. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!

    asked by Larry
  81. chemistry

    Plz Help or give a highlight

    asked by chemy
  82. Sra or re teachers

    thanks for finding that website Sra. sorry i need more help. i have symbols on the pictures of the 12 disciples and i need to name the disciples by using the symbols. i have named 4 of them. the symbols i have are and the ones i have named:- Coins- Thomas

    asked by fearne again!
  83. english

    what is clauses?

    asked by Rabika
  84. science

    Which side of the hills (compass direction) is the steepest?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Romeo and Juliet HELP

    In act 1 scene 4 (this is not homework) can you give me your opinion on the Elizabethan attitude towards the speech about using astrology and stars.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. History

    On the subject of Mongolian music, what are some names of strummed Mongolian instruments? Thank you!!

    asked by Layla
  87. English

    Is this sentence correct? Those who can not afford it and desperately need this cloning to survive will end up dying, especially when they could of had a change of survival.

    asked by Michele
  88. math

    Simplify (2c^-4)^2 * (3^-2 c)^-2 1) 2c^14/9 2) 4/ 9c^10 3) 324/ c^10 4) 162c^14 is it 3 ???

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Sra Mcgin +bob pursley

    THANKYOU so much for all your help i am sorry that i was going on i was getting confused with the different names. thankyou again i do appreciate it and i am very grateful.

    asked by fearne
  90. cjs210

    Is racial profiling a merited or an unmaerited law enforcement practice.

    asked by lisa
  91. ap spanish

    Mis _ _ (1.visitar) Bolivia dos veces.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. science

    What 2 types of electromagnetic energy have wavelenghts of 0.76 cm? can anyone help me please,,,,Thanks !

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    can you explain to me what rotational symmetry is?

    asked by Angie
  94. Math

    can you name all the angles of rotational symmeetry a hexagon has?

    asked by Angie