Questions Asked on
March 5, 2009

  1. chemistry

    The density of a gas is 2.0 grams per liter at STP. Its molar mass is approximately?

    asked by Crystal
  2. chemistry

    What do you get when you mix nickel sulfate and sodium carbonate?

    asked by Leroy
  3. Chemistry!!!

    Use Le' Chatelier's Principle. a solution at equilibrium: BaCrO4(s) Ba^2+(aq)+ Cr)4^-(aq)recall: 2CrO4^2-(aq)+ 2H^+(aq) Cr2O7^2-(aq) +H20 2CrO4^2- yellow Cr2O7^2- orange Make predictions about colour changes or changes in the number of states a) To a

    asked by Sandra
  4. physics

    A plumb bob does not hang exactly along a line directed to the center of the Earth's rotation. How much does the plumb bob deviate from a radial line at 38.5° north latitude? Assume that the Earth is spherical

    asked by mightymouse
  5. English

    1. What's your future job? I want to be an architect. My future job is an architect. (Are the questions and answers all correct?) 2. What do you want to be in the future? What kind of job do you want to have in the future? What do you want to do in the

    asked by John
  6. chemistry

    what [I-]should be maintained in KI(aq) to produce a solubility of 1.3*10^-5 mol PbI2/L when PbI2 is added?

    asked by jimmy
  7. Math (grade 4)

    how is the toal number or sides of the faces related to the number of edges ? (my little sister needs help)

    asked by Dawn
  8. Social Studies

    Even if you don't live in Missouri could you still please help me with this question. Which of the following cities have been capitals of Missouri? A. St. Louis, Chesterfield, Kansas City B. St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City C. St. Louis, St. Charles,

    asked by Anonymous
  9. algebra

    suppose the supply and demand for a certain videotape are given by: Supply:p=1/5q^2 Demand p=-1/5q^2+30 where p is price and q is quantity find the equilibrium price?

    asked by mike
  10. math

    The last week of the month a car dealership sold 12 cars. A new sales promotion came out at the first of the week of the next month and they sold 19 cars that week. what was the percent increase in sales from the last week of the previous month compared to

    asked by Anonymous
  11. biology

    If a particular experiment were known to have a transformation efficiency of 3 x 10^3 bacteria/µg of DNA, how many transformant colonies would be expected to grow on the LB/amp/ara plate? You can assume that the concentration of DNA and fraction of cells

    asked by nathan
  12. math

    suppose sinx=1/5, cosy=2/3, and x and y are in the first quadrant. determine sin (x+y)

    asked by sh
  13. physics

    Three forces acting on an object are given by F1 = ( 1.95i - 1.60j ) N, F2 = ( - 4.50i - 3.25j ) N, and F3 = ( 46.0j ) N. The object experiences an acceleration of magnitude 3.85 m/s2 (a) What is the direction of the acceleration? (b) What is the mass of

    asked by mightymouse
  14. bio

    Scientists often want to know if the genetically transformed organism can pass its new traits on to its offspring and future generations. To get this information, which would be a better candidate for your investigation, an organism in which each new

    asked by sam
  15. Medical Insurance

    I am having a difficult time finding a resource to site for why it is necessary to have both federal and state worker's compensation plans.

    asked by Sandi
  16. Math

    Sam had 2 pounds of turkey and 3 pounds of ham. He will use one fifth pound of turkey for each sandwich. How many turkey sandwiches can Sam make?

    asked by Deja
  17. Chemistry-Urgent Help Please

    What are the differences between -ate, -ide, -ite, and the other suffixes? What are some ways of remembering? Thank you for clarifying this.

    asked by Josh
  18. chemistry

    what is the volume of a 2.00 gram sample of helium gas at STP?

    asked by crystal
  19. Travel

    Okay, I may not have been clear in my previous post. I'm doing a powerpoint on Spain for a school project. I need 4 places to visit, excluding the capital. What it's like and what to do there. Also I need 1 or 2 Festivals/Celebrations located differently

    asked by Larry
  20. college

    Review the variety of indoor pollutant hazards posted on the EPA Web site. Describe at least three potential indoor air quality (IAQ) hazards in your home. What are the possible health impacts of each hazard? Do you believe your health is at risk based on

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Biology

    This is an mRNA sequence for the name of a protein found throughout your body: 5' C U A C C U C A G A U U C G C C U A C C U 3' What is the DNA sequence that encodes for the word for this protein? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends.

    asked by Keisha
  22. Alg2/Trig

    How would I go about solving this equation algebraically? Find the equation of the parabola y=ax^2 + bx+c that passes through the given points. (2,0) (3,-1) (4,0) Thanks.

    asked by Chris
  23. english

    Can someone give me an example of a metaphor

    asked by bill
  24. physical education

    What side do you start on in a doubles game? even side, odd side, or it all depends on the score? is is even side?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. 5th grade

    need answers complete 7 km 8 m = 6 km __m 2. 3mi 27 ft = 2 mi __ ft

    asked by marcus
  26. Geometry

    If 9 counters are 1/3, then what is ONE? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:():

    asked by marissa
  27. Math

    how do you factor 3x^3-6x^2-24x I know that it becomes 3x(x^2-2x-8), but you can still factor it more. how?

    asked by Angie
  28. science

    Circular depression can be found in the area near Fishers. What are these features called?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math b

    solve each system of equation algebraically: x2+y2=18 x+y=4

    asked by jojo
  30. English

    How can i improve my intellectual wellness? list three if you can

    asked by Growler
  31. English

    1. She pecked at the ground and found the first seed. (the hen = she) 2. Look at the rooster. He pecked at the ground and found the first seed. (Do I have to use 'He' in this sentence?) 2-1. Look at the chick. It pecked at the ground..... (Do I have to use

    asked by John
  32. Chemistry

    What are the differences between -ate, -ide, -ite, and the other suffixes? What are some ways of remembering? Thank you for clarifying this.

    asked by Josh
  33. Financing and Budget

    This financial ratio measures the business's liquidity A.days recivable ratio B.average daily rate ratio C.current ratio D.profit margin I chose the letter D.Can someone check my answer

    asked by Cynthia
  34. simplify w/radicals

    (3+4root(15))/(4-3root(15)) please show me your work

    asked by Rick
  35. 3rd grade reading

    The prefix uni-means "one."write two other words that have the prefix uni.

    asked by carol
  36. English

    I need a list of essay topics for an arguement essay? It doesnt have to be a serious topic like abortion or the death penalty or anything. ideas? thanks in advance

    asked by ying
  37. Math

    I'm not sure I understand this answer.

    asked by Deja
  38. Algebra

    How do I set this problem up and do it? Blending Granola. Deep Thought Granola is 25% nuts and dried fruit. Oat Dream Granola is 10% nuts and dried fruit. How much of Deep Thought and how much Oat Dream should be mixed to form a 20 pound batch of granola

    asked by A.W.
  39. Chem

    the equation is, 2KCL0subscipt3--->2KCL+3Osubscript2 if 5.0 g of KCLOsubscript3 is decomposed, what volume of 0subcript2 is produced at STP?

    asked by Donald
  40. social justice and ethics

    Discuss current trends affecting social welfare. Do modern trends favor the solution of social issues? What are the most effective social welfare organizations today, in your opinion, and why?

    asked by connie
  41. culutral diversity

    What is the difference between Muslims and Arabs.

    asked by krystle
  42. College Chemistry

    Calculate the molar concentration of acetic acid (CHcCOOH) in the vineagar sample using the average volume of NaOH. Assume that the density of vinegar is 1.00 g/mol. Average volume of NaOH- 27.88

    asked by Ivana
  43. trig

    please simplify sin (7pi/6 -x) + cos (2pi +x)

    asked by Rick
  44. math

    Throwing a Wrench. An angry construction worker throws his wrench downward from a height of 128 feet with an initial velocity of 32 feet per second. The height of the wrench above the ground after t seconds is given by S(t)=-16t^2-32t+128. a) What is the

    asked by Debbie
  45. Alegebra

    Find the y-intercept and the x-intercept for the equation. -6x + y=22 -6x +y=22 -6(0) + y=22 y= (0, 22) Is this right for y, and how do you get x, I need some help please!!

    asked by keaton
  46. Algebra

    Solve y-5>-14 y=5>-9 Is this right if not will you help by corrected this. Thank you

    asked by Elaine
  47. Algebra

    Find the slope, if its exists y= -7x + 3 y=-7x+3 y=-4 Is this right help me

    asked by Elaine
  48. English

    In English, I am writing an essay about lawsuits. Is it true some people have sued restaurants because they spilled coffee on themselves, supposidly making them infertile? Or is this just a rumor? I want my essay to be as factual as it can be. Thank you!!

    asked by Genna
  49. 3rd grade science

    1)list five ways germs were spread in pioneer days. 2)list the names of the various pioneer the ones that make people sick today in north America. Can you please help me with my homework please.

    asked by saira
  50. comparing fractions

    what is 5/6 of an hour

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    a 3 digit, and 1 digit number have a sum of 147, a different of 133 and a product of 980. find the numbers, and then give their quatient.

    asked by sam
  52. science.

    In powder mills park there is a lake called a kettle lake. describe how this lake was formed.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. English Ms. Sue

    Can you please explain to me what this means? I'm really confused. Thank you for your help. It's greatly appreciated It has been argued that creating a clone so that its tissues can be transplanted into the original person cheapens life and makes the

    asked by Michele
  54. Grade 8 science

    What is an example of a non-living thing made up of cells?

    asked by Emma
  55. geography

    What is the largest inlet in the United States?

    asked by Maria
  56. 4th grade

    I am having trouble finding 21 compound words that are 2 words. This is for a word study project. I would appreciate it if I could get some help. Thank You Chelsea

    asked by Chelsea
  57. College Algebra

    A 10-m ladder is leaning against a buildng. The bottom of the ladder is 5m from the buildiing. How high is the top of the ladder?

    asked by Babette
  58. alegebra

    x+7y=14 x=2 is this right could you help me. 7x>56= 7x>8 is this right.

    asked by Elaine
  59. English

    1. You grew so much the last few days. 1-1. You grew so much for the last few days. (Was 'for' omitted in #1? Are both OK?) 2. I am ready to go abroad. I am ready for going abroad. I am ready for the trip. I am ready for soccer. I am ready for playing

    asked by John
  60. advanced algebra

    solve this system of equations 2x-3y=7 3x+y=16

    asked by jesusa martinez
  61. Accounting

    Absorption Income versus Contribution Margin Income Absorption Income versus Contribution Margin Income Given the computations for both gross profit on sales and contribution margin, can you give specific benefits to be derived from gross profit on sales

    asked by Te
  62. 5th grade

    5-4x4 divided by 7 plus 4 = negative 13 and 2 7ths.....can you insert parentheses to make this a true number sentence?

    asked by jordan
  63. physics

    What are the advantages of using v= f(L2- L1) rather than using v= 4f L1 ?

    asked by coolio
  64. Fashion

    How long should it take for someone that knows what they are doing to make a pair of jeans?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. spanish

    How do you say great great grandmother and great great grandfather in spanish?

    asked by Jane
  66. psy 210

    how might michael's situation illustrate adjustments

    asked by patiance
  67. Algebra

    Simplify: 16t³/14t³ Is the answer 2, 2t, or something else? Thank you!

    asked by Cassie
  68. math

    a 3digit, and 1digit number have a sum of 147, a different of 133 and a product of 980. find the numbers, and then give their quatient

    asked by sam

    Was Andrew Jackson truly a democrat?

    asked by Dee
  70. Travel (Quick Question)

    Okay, so the Pamplona Bull Run. Is it an event/festivl or something? If it is, then that means I need another place to visit in Spain. Thanks.

    asked by Larry
  71. physical education

    is there such a thing as mixed singles in badminton?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. TRIG

    if sin s = -5 /13 and sin t -3/5 s is in QIII t is in QIV find tan (s-t) i got that tan (s-t)= 56/53 is that right? can someone check my work?

    asked by John
  73. English

    what is intellectual and physical mean in personal wellness?

    asked by Growler
  74. Math

    Solve. |3w-1| = |3w| or abs(3w-1) - abs(3w) I know you can use a calculator and find the answer easily, but we're supposed to know how to do this without a calculator.

    asked by Cyn
  75. Spanish, Grade 11

    ¿Podría alguien repasar este párrafo? Pues, las corporaciones quieran usar aceite porque lo está más barato como energías renovables y estas corporaciones contaminan el aire con plantas eléctricas industriales. Ese problema es causado por

    asked by Anonymous
  76. 9th grade math

    What are casual relationships??

    asked by Jelani
  77. Math

    Algebra: How do you factor a trinomial with 2 negative integers? (Ex: s2-4s-12 )

    asked by Eryka
  78. Chemistry

    I am writing out ionic compounds. The compound given is Fe(subscript)2O(subscript)3. I noticed on the periodic table iron had a charge of 3+/2+. Which should I then write down in the cation column of my ionic compound chart? Thank you.

    asked by Ian
  79. science

    i need help

    asked by tristan
  80. math b

    solve each system of equations algebraically: x^2+y^2=18 x+y=4

    asked by jojo
  81. Chemistry

    Assume that you had 15 nuts (N) and 10 bolts (B). How many N2B molecules could you make by screwing two nuts onto each bolt? There are two nuts for each bolt. We have 15 nuts so we can make 7. I'm supposed to "Show all calculation for full credit." Is

    asked by Trevor
  82. finite math

    find the equation of the line 0.3,0.4 0.4,0.3 0.1,0.2 0.3,0.1

    asked by Princess
  83. American government

    What are some possible positive and negative effects resulting from the scope of the President;s military power?

    asked by Mary
  84. texas state

    draw a supply curve for an ice parlor switching production from ice cream to yogurt.

    asked by david
  85. spanish

    how do you say "liquid is turning the cold cup hot" and "which one will you chose" in spanish?

    asked by lily
  86. College Algebra

    A 10-m ladder is leaning against a buildng. The bottom of the ladder is 5m from the buildiing. How high is the top of the ladder?

    asked by Babette
  87. 3rd grade

    How is new reporting different today than it was 100 years ago?

    asked by Seira
  88. chemistry

    why is changing a metal ore into the metal known as reduction?

    asked by jess
  89. Business

    What amendments to the Bill of Rights have had the most impact on business?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Kay -- University of Arizona

    I've removed your complex post for two main reasons. You refer to materials (a tutorial) for which we have no access, and you have given us no idea of your thinking about these questions. Please repost, using an appropriate school subject and presenting

    asked by Ms. Sue
  91. algebra

    Use the intercepts to graph the equation. 4x-12=3y could someone help me with this problem .

    asked by Elaine
  92. english

    Sorry this is my last question before I begin my final draft. Can you please explain to me what this means. I found it in a book. I know that it can be a possible positive ethic of reproductive cloning. Thank you for all of your help. I have learned a lot

    asked by Michele
  93. business law

    On March 5, 2009, Andy, a local MP3 supplier, calls Betty, a local electronics chain retailer, offering to supply her with 1000 red IPODS, 1000 black IPODS, 1000 white IPODS and 1000 green IPODS at $ 200 per IPOD which Betty agrees to. After hanging up the

    asked by diana
  94. English

    One purpose of a summary is to a. save the reader time. b. correct errors in the original c. change technical terms to everyday language d. include your own opinion on the topic

    asked by sarah
  95. social studies

    Desrcibe what kennedy hoped to accomplish with the new frontier

    asked by Anonymous
  96. advanced algebra

    solve this system of equations 2x-3y=7 3x+y=16

    asked by jesusa martinez
  97. computers

    Its for a webdesign class at school. i already designed the interface in photoshop. "Take your completed interface page and using the knife tool slice it up into parts that should be segmented such as the header, content area, links, footer. Then, save for

    asked by mich
  98. French Revolution

    What are 5 foods from before the French Revolution (MUST reflect the ideas of the time) 5 foods from after French Revolution (MUST reflect the ideas of the time) 1 Dish or meal from each (2 total) must include ingrediants 2 foods that are popular right now

    asked by Larry
  99. Ideas

    hi, i need to come up with an invention/product for one of my classes, the idea should be something new that doesn't really exist yet, but that is also realistic and plausible. I am having such a hard time coming up with something, and was wondering if

    asked by Grace
  100. Math

    John is traveling to a meeting that is 28 miles away. He needs to be there in 30 minutes. How fast does he need to go to make it on time? I can use common sense to figure this out but how would you put it together to get the answer?

    asked by Nicole
  101. governernment

    explain the role of government in a free enterprise system?

    asked by jerson
  102. word problem

    If steven can mix 20 drinks in 5 minutes, sue can mix 20 drinks in 10 minutes, and jack can mix 20 drinks in 15 minutes, how much time will it take all 3 of them working together to mix 20 drinks. On this one I believe I would add 5+10+15 but what do I do

    asked by Nicole
  103. Chemistry Lab

    Hi guys, I thought it would be due to aromaticity breaking difficulty? In the bromination reaction, why are the double bonds which are par t of the phenyl r ing not brominated? A. We only added one equiv alent bromine. B. T he phenyl r ing is aromatic and

    asked by Laura
  104. french

    does this sound alright? my teacher wants 100+ words Pour le petit déjeuner ce matin j’ai mangé une banane et des raisins et j’ai bu de l’eau mais d’habitude je mange un bol de céréales et bois du lait, c’est sain. Pour le déjeuner

    asked by valerie
  105. History

    I need as many reasons as to why slavery lasted so long.

    asked by Nabiha
  106. History

    Im not sure what this question is asking,can anyone help? Stidy sources F and G. What arguments do the writers use to justify the continuation of slavery and the slave trade?

    asked by Nabiha
  107. quotes for gr 8

    i need to have a quote to put in my school yearbook for grad. anyone know any good ones that i will understand?? :P

    asked by martha
  108. Scenario Project

    Scenario Project as a detective with a local law enforcement department, you are one of the first to arrive at the scene of a drive-by shooting, which resulted in the death of a teenage male. The shooting occurred at a corner gas station of a low-income

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Child Growth & Development

    You niece is three years old. How would you explain her cognitive development according to Piaget?

    asked by Michele
  110. psy210

    Michael is a 40 year old airline pilot who has recently begun to experience chest pains. The chest pains began when michael signed his final divorce papers,ending his 15 year marriage. He fought for joint custody of his two children, age 12 and 15, but

    asked by patiance
  111. 8th grade

    How does color effect memory?

    asked by Calvin Jackson
  112. Algebra

    Simplify: 6^-1*r^-3*r^2/r^5 I know that looks really complicated... sorry! How would I begin? Thank you!

    asked by Cassie
  113. Social Studies

    I am making a presentation for my class. I'm comparing how a stage backdrop is like a trompe l'oeil. Do you think it'd be too presumptive to assume 15 year olds know what that is? I don't want to act condescending and go "a trompe l'oeil is a work designed

    asked by Hilary
  114. math

    My friend found two old watches. He wound them, set them, and started both of them at the same time. He placed the two old watches on one wrist and his new watch on the other wrist. Forty-five minutes later one of the old watches had gained 1 minuate and

    asked by Shana
  115. science

    A narrow, winding hill is found just east of Lake Lacoma. what is type of hill called? plz help i do not have any idea.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. science

    What is drumlins (hill) composed of? Is it igneous and metamorphic rock.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Math

    Dear Readers, I am a 6th grader that recently took a math test. I got a question wrong, and I think it was because I don't know the definition to the question. Can you please tell me what an interval in mathematical terms is. Please give me something a 6th

    asked by Samuel
  118. stats(help)

    These are the numbers of wins for the 30 NBA teams for the 2004-2005 NBA season. 45 43 42 33 33 54 47 44 42 30 59 45 36 18 13 52 49 44 27 26 62 50 37 34 34 59 58 51 45 18 I am supposed to create a grouped frequency table for this data. I found my range is

    asked by sue
  119. English

    1. You grew so much the last few days. 1-1. You grew so much for the last few days. (Was 'for' omitted in #1? Are both OK?)

    asked by John
  120. English

    1. I feel painful in the stomach. 1-1. I feel painful on the stomach. (Which one is correct?) 2. The first seed was bigger than the second seed at first. However it was afraid of the cold. So it didn't try to go out. It waited for warm weather. However,

    asked by John
  121. English

    1. I couldn't see him in the darkness. 2. I couldn't see him in the dark. (Are both OK? In the dictionary, I was able to find "in the dark". What about 'in the darkness'? Can we use it as the same meaning?)

    asked by John
  122. math

    how do you finish factoring 3x(x^2-2x-8)

    asked by Angie
  123. health

    How are post operative death rate calculated?

    asked by ztan
  124. Biology

    5' C U A C C U C A G A U U C G C C U A C C U 3' What is the DNA sequence that encodes for the word for this protein? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends. What is the protein? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks! :)

    asked by Michelle
  125. kitchen chemistry

    what is the effect of heat on fruit ex. making a fruit roll up what is the chemical reaction

    asked by randi
  126. social studies

    How did colonization affect the governments of modern African nations? Thank you for helping

    asked by popcorn :)
  127. science

    what kind of hill is located next to (west of ) Fairport High Schhool?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Business

    What are the consequences of illegality in realtion to contract law?

    asked by Kimmy