Questions Asked on
March 2, 2009

  1. chemistry

    the quantity of electricity required to reduce 12.3g of nitrobenzene to aniline assuming 50% current efficiency is 1. 115800 C 2. 57900 C 3. 231600 C 4. 28950 C

    asked by hriday
  2. Precalculus

    A swimming pool is 3 feet deep in the shallow end. The bottom of the pool has a steady downward drop of 12 degrees toward the deep end. If the pool is 50 feet long, how deep is the deep end. So I said that first you would subtract three from 50, of course

    asked by Ms. Suzie
  3. Algebra I

    What is the answer to Algebra with pizzaz p.93 How Can Fisherman Save Gas?

    asked by Chris
  4. Math

    from a window 35 meters high, the angle of depression to the top of a nearby street light is 55 degrees. The angle of depression to the base of the streetlight is 57.8. How tall is the streetlight?

    asked by Brooke
  5. chemistry, plz check work


    asked by Anonymous
  6. Precalculus

    1.A plane takes off at an angle of 6 degrees traveling at the rate of 200 feet/second. If it continues on this flight apth at the same speed, how many minutes will it take to reach a n altitude of 8000 feet? 2. A plane takes off at an angle of 5 degrees.

    asked by Ms. Suzie
  7. Gen. Chemistry

    A 0.887 g sample of a mixture of NaCl and KCl is dissolved in water and the solution is treated with an excess of AgNO3 producing 1.822 g of AgCl. What is the percent by mass of each component in the mixture?

    asked by Jake
  8. Precalculus

    1. A man stands 12 feet from a statue. The angle of elevation from the eye level to the top of the statue is 30 degrees, and the angle of depression to the base of the statue is 15. How tall in the statue? 2. Two boats lie on a straight line with the base

    asked by Mz. Suzie
  9. dual nature of matter & radiation

    Light of frequency 1.5 times the threshold frequency is incident on photo-sensitive material.If the frequency is halved & intensity is doubled,the photo current becomes 1. Quadrupled 2. Doubled 3. Halved 4. Zero

    asked by hriday
  10. Precalculus`!

    Ruth is flying a kite. Her hand is 3 feet above ground and is holding the end of a 300 ft. kite string, which makes an angle of 57 degrees with the horizontal. How high is the kite above the ground

    asked by Janae
  11. OChem

    Anhydrous conditions are vital for a successful Grignard synthesis. To demonstrate this point calculate the mass of the water it would take to destroy the phenylmagnesium bromide you will synthesize. What is he volume of this amount of water? -How exactly

    asked by Kristy
  12. physics

    A block of mass 0.570 kg is pushed against a horizontal spring of negligible mass until the spring is compressed a distance x. The force constant of the spring is 450 N/m. When it is released, the block travels along a frictionless, horizontal surface to

    asked by Jessi
  13. social

    How did diversity both provide benefits and crate problems for mongol rulers? => a rich cultural diversity developed during the Yuan dynasty. The major cultural achievements were the development of drama and the novel and the increased use of the written

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    Your friend is confused about ideas discussed in chapter 4 that seem to contradict ideas discussed in this chapter. For example, in Chapter 4 we learned that the net force is zero for a car traveling along a level road at constant velocity, and in this

    asked by sarah
  15. Chemistry

    KOH + KHP --- balanced equation???

    asked by Steve

    PartA: Ammonia,is a weak base with a Ka value of 1.8x10^-5 .What is the pH of a 0.22M ammonia solution? PartB: What is the percent ionization of ammonia at this concentration? I got the answer for PartA which is pH=11.3. but i cant slove PartB..HELP!!!

    asked by CHEMISTRY
  17. Organic Chemistry

    How would you purify Fluorene contaminated with ethyl-4-aminobenzoate? What method and solvent you would use? Please help...

    asked by Scott
  18. Chemistry

    How do you solve this: Consider the decomposition of ammonium chloride at a cerain temperature NH4Cl(s) Calculate the equilibrium constant Kp if the total pressure is 2.2 atm at that temperature.

    asked by Kim
  19. chem

    If 60.0 mL of 0.150 M CaCl2 is added to 50.0 mL of 0.100 M AgNO3, what is the mass in grams of AgCl precipitate?

    asked by ash
  20. college math

    Assume that there are 16 board members: 10 females, and 6 males including Larry. There are 4 tasks to be assigned. Note that assigning the same people different tasks constitutes a different assignment. (1) Find the probability that both males and females

    asked by Nala
  21. Math help

    A rocket shoot straight up from the launch pad. Five seconds after lift off, an observer 2 miles away notes that the rocket's angle of elevation is 41 degrees. How far did the rocket rise during those 4 seconds?

    asked by Janae
  22. MATH!!!

    Suppose that a person with a reach of 27 inches and a shoulder height of 5 feet is standing upright on a mountainside that makes a 62 degrees angle with the horizontal..Can the person touch the mountain?

    asked by Rene
  23. Grade 6 math

    In what way is the measurement 5.60 cm like 5.6 cm? How is it different?

    asked by vana
  24. Algebra

    Find the y- and x-intercepts for the equation. Then graph the equation. Does y come first in the solution? I figured that: the first solution is (0,-3) is this correct? and is x = to {3/7,0}? Thanks! f(x) = - 3 - 7x

    asked by Rachale

    from a window 35 meters high, the angle of depression to the top of a nearby street light is 55 degrees. The angle of depression to the base of the streetlight is 57.8. How tall is the streetlight?

    asked by Brooke
  26. Algebra

    For the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions. -7x^2+3x-4=0 What is the value of the disriminant? Does the equation have two imaginary solutions, two real solutions, or one real solution?

    asked by Sam
  27. social studies

    what was the reason for baltimore's successful shipyards

    asked by tooty
  28. Math

    solve the equation 20x^3 +44x^2 -17x -5 given that -5/2 is a zero of f(x) 20x^3 +44x^2 -17x -5 I used synthetic division and got 20x^2-6x-2=0 took 2 and divided it out of that equation 2(x+5/2)=10x^2 -3x-1 then i factored it out the right side of the

    asked by sarah
  29. TRIG

    find: sin 23pi/12 i got totally the wrong answer how do i approach this?

    asked by Carry
  30. Chemistry

    Include an explanation, balanced chemical equation, units, significant figures and/or calculations where appropriate. Standardization of NaOH Solution Trial 1: 0.501 g KHC8H4O4 15.22 mL NaOH Trial 2: 0.503 g KHC8H4O4 15.11 mL Trial 3: 0.500 g KHC8H4O4

    asked by Jake

    I don't know what to put down for the concluding section. For my introductory, I put down - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPPA). The congress mandated implementation of several federal privacy protections that allows

    asked by Alana
  32. stats ?

    In order to improve the English speaking and reasing skills of their students, Jack Box Elementary assigns students whose native language is Spanish to a bilingual program for 8 week. To test the effectiveness of this program, then also need a control

    asked by ash
  33. Biology

    In the following chemical reaction, what is carbon dioxide (CO2)? 12 H20 + 6 CO2 -> 1 glucose molecule + 6 O2

    asked by Michelle
  34. Math

    Another question is a guy wire stretches from the top of an antenna tower to a point on level ground 18 feet from the base of the tower. The angle between the wire and the ground is 63 degrees. How high is the tower? So I said the tower was 3503 fet high

    asked by Ms. Suzie
  35. college gen chem

    A quantity of 16.13 mL of a KOH solution is needed to neutralize 0.4883 g of KHP. What is the concentration (in molarity) of the KOH solution?

    asked by han
  36. English

    How would you put this in your own words. I'm having some trouble can you please help me out. Organs that are grown from stem cells from a foreign source would have foreign DNA that does not match the DNA of the individual. That patients would have to take

    asked by Lana
  37. grade 6 math

    The shorter side of a rectangle is 20 m. Decreasing the longer side by 30 cm reduces the perimeter by one half. How long are the longer sides of the original rectangle? Explain the reasoning.

    asked by vana
  38. Grade 6 math

    One side of an isosceles triangle is 15 cm shorter than the other 2 sides. The perimeter is 120 cm. How long are the sides of the triangle?

    asked by vana

    A solution of volume 80.0 mL contains 16.0 mmol HCHO2 and 9.00 mmol NaCHO2. If 1.00 ml of 12 M HCl is added to this, what will be the resulting pH?

    asked by Kat
  40. social

    How did Mongol rule affect cultural development in the lands under their control?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Chemistry

    Include an explanation, balanced chemical equation, units, significant figures and/or calculations where appropriate. Determination of the Molar Mass of an Unknown Acid Trial 1: 0.499 g unknown acid 24.07 mL NaOH Trial 2: 0.501 g unknown acid 23.71 mL NaOH

    asked by Jake
  42. History PLEASE HELP

    Describe your nationalism...why do you support being part of United States?

    asked by Mary
  43. finance

    An increasing average collection period indicates 1)the firm is generating more income. 2) accounts receivable are going down. 3) the company is becoming more efficient in its collection policy. 4) the company is becoming less efficient in its collection

    asked by jason
  44. Math

    A plane passes directly over you head at an altitude of 500 feet. Two seconds later you observe that is angle of elevation is 42 degrees. How far did the plane travel in 2 seconds?

    asked by Baby D
  45. precal

    Determine the quadrant in which theta lies: sec theta>0 and cot theta

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Finite Math

    A delicatessen serves meat sandwiches with the following options: 3 kinds of breads, 5 kinds of meat, and lettuce or sprouts. How many different sandwiches are possible, assuming that one item is used out of each category? Thank you!

    asked by Jennifer
  47. chemistry

    what is the difference between the combined gas law and the ideal gas law? are they the same thing?

    asked by kayla
  48. Grade 6 math

    A rectangular tablecloth is 2.5 m long. Trim is to be sewn around the perimeter of the cloth but there is not enough. What decrase in width will make the perimeter 0.4m shorter if the length remains the same?

    asked by vana
  49. Grade 6 math

    Draw an equilaterla triangle. Divide each side in half and join the points to make four small equilateral triangles. Rearrange these four equilateral triangles into a parallelogram. Compare the perimeter of the original triangle with the perimeter of the

    asked by vana
  50. chemistry

    How would you prepare 250.0 ml of a 0.6 M aluminum sulfate solution

    asked by lyne
  51. finance

    A firm has $600,000 in current assets and $150,000 in current liabilities. Which of the following is correct if they use cash to pay off $50,000 in accounts payable? 1)Current ratio will increase to 5.0. 2)Net working capital will increase to $500,000.

    asked by jason
  52. Math

    What is the volume of a square pyramid with the height of 8cm and the base 10cm by 12cm?

    asked by Kyra

    Posted by Kat on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 11:21am. A solution of volume 80.0 mL contains 16.0 mmol HCHO2 and 9.00 mmol NaCHO2. If 1.00 ml of 12 M HCl is added to this, what will be the resulting pH? Responses * CHEM HELP...PLEASE!! - DrBob222, Monday,

    asked by Kat


    asked by ANDRIA
  55. physics

    Does the KE of a car change more when it goes from 10 to 20 km/h or when it goes from 20 to 30 km/h?

    asked by sarah
  56. science

    OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay thx 4 readinng this. anywho, my science teacher says that humans come from apes. we have to write a paper on the subject, but it sounds kinda strange to me. is he making this up?

    asked by Cruella DeVil
  57. Substitution Method Algebra

    4x+y=6 y=2x

    asked by LeeLee
  58. English- Oedipus

    Why did Oedipus gouge his eyes out?

    asked by Cassidy
  59. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions complete each sentence with the form à (such as au, aux ect.) or de. 1. En Franch, un garçon, de treize ans va --------- collège. Answer: au 2. Et une fille qui a seize ans va ---------- lycée. Answer: au

    asked by French gurl
  60. Math

    Use synthetic division and the remainder theorem to find the value 3x^3-5x2-6x+4 f(-5) I got a remainder of -466 is this correct

    asked by sarah
  61. reading

    Read the passage labeled number 2 starting on p. 473 in your text. As you read, either use the Two Column Note (see directions on how to create a table below these directions) or the Spider Web graphic organizer to identify the main idea and supporting

    asked by mizz lynn
  62. Historical Fiction

    My teacher wants me to write a historical fiction story. We need a source from the internet with ".edu" at the end of the address. My paper is going to be on World War II, so could you find a website on World War II with ".edu" at the end?

    asked by Ben
  63. Chem

    Colloidal sulfur Would it be network, molecular, ionic or atomic?

    asked by Lena
  64. 10th grade

    do advertisements do more harm than good

    asked by rohan
  65. Language

    One particularly nice afternoon, several students were trapped in a classroom listening to a monotonous lecture by a professor the local college. After over two hours of mind-numbing discourse, one student stood up in despair and noted that she had a book

    asked by Megan
  66. Pre-Chemistry

    What is the chemical name thing for salt? Anyone? Bueller?

    asked by Madeleine
  67. Chemistry

    Could you help me with this question: A molecule of chloroform, CHCl3, has the same shape as a molecule of methane CH4. However, methane's boiling point is -164 degrees celcius ans chloroform's boiling point is 62 degrees celcius. Explain the difference

    asked by Sabrina
  68. Physical Science

    I need help answering a few questions? What is intertia? How is it involved in the first law of motion? Two children who are fighting over a toy pull on it from opposite sides. The result is a stand off. Explain this in terms of the net force. These

    asked by sfsfsfs
  69. physics

    A loaded ore car has a mass of 935 kg and rolls on rails with negligible friction. It starts from rest and is pulled up a mine shaft by a cable connected to a winch. The shaft is inclined at 26.0° above the horizontal. The car accelerates uniformly to a

    asked by Jessi
  70. physics

    A quick ratio much smaller than the current ratio reflects 1) a small portion of current assets is in inventory. 2) a large portion of current assets is in inventory. 3) that the firm will have a high inventory turnover. 4) that the firm will have a high

    asked by jeopardy
  71. 6th grade Math

    I don't get this question, can someone please explain it, thanks. Heres the question: A lighthouse beacon can be seen 24 mi in all directions. What is the area over which the beacon can be seen? - I think it's circumfrence, but I don't really know what to

    asked by Bob
  72. MATH!!!

    Suppose that a person with a reach of 27 inches and a shoulder height of 5 feet is standing upright on a mountainside that makes a 62 degrees angle with the horizontal..Can the person touch the mountain? I said no but idk why?

    asked by Rene
  73. intro to economics

    Please check my answers and I need help on some of the problems. I'm in a intro to economics course at a university. My professor did not provide a book for this course citing that she rarely had her students use it. So all I have are notes. I would like

    asked by anna
  74. physics

    On a slide a child has a potential energy that decreases by 1000 J while her kinetic erergy increases by 900 J. What other form of energy is involved and how much?

    asked by sarah
  75. Social Studies

    According to Procopius two sixth century Christian monks undertook an elaborate smuggling operation to provide Byzantium with the expertise to produce what? A) steel B) iron C) ceramics D) gun powder E) silk

    asked by Kathryn
  76. math

    Evaluate x^2 - 3x + 6 for x=3+i (3+i)^2 - 3(3+i)+6 3+2i-9-3i+6 I got 0 - 1i is this correct or do i use 0

    asked by sarah
  77. Algebra

    Find a polynominal for the perimeter and for the area. The demensions are: Width:b+3, Length:b The perimeter is: The area is: Do not factor. Please help.

    asked by Kaui
  78. math

    write 0.3246 as a percent

    asked by eriel
  79. Finite Math

    A manufacturing company in city A wishes to truck its product to 4 different cities, B, C, D, and E. If the cities are all interconnected by roads, how many different route plans can be constructed so that a single truck, starting from A, will visit each

    asked by Jennifer
  80. Identify the substance

    There was a substance I used in a lab for chem class and I`m not too sure what it was. They were tiny white balls about a millimeter in diameter. What would they be?

    asked by Lena
  81. algebra

    You want to refurnish your home in 3 years. The interior decorator informs you that this will cost $25,000. What should be your payment into an account that gives 6% compounded quarterly?

    asked by Patrice
  82. math

    There are 11 players on a soccer team. A basket ball team has 5 players. How many more players are in the soccer team. can u explain me this question

    asked by Sam
  83. Grade 6 math

    Draw a hexagon and a rectangle that have the same perimeter as the triangle.

    asked by vana
  84. misc-college info

    so for my work i have to pick a career choice and do some research on the basic information needed for that choice for example: i am interested in culinary arts. ..can someone give me information like, how many years of college you must take, and what are

    asked by y912f
  85. English

    do advertisements cause more harm than good

    asked by Kavita
  86. Psychology

    I am trying to find info on the Wolf Man case that Freud did, I can't find much on it

    asked by Adam
  87. 8th Grade Algebra

    How do you solve this problem? 3x = 4y x + y = 21 Help please.

    asked by Lilian
  88. Algebra I

    (-4m^3)(2m+m^2) I have to use the property of exponents to rewrite the expression. I'm just asking if -3^6 is right. (we don't have to solve it--just simplify it) Thank you!

    asked by Katy
  89. Math

    Graph the linear equation. I need coordinates, but don't think they match up to my choices. I would appreciate some feed back. ThankS! 4y + 36x = -32

    asked by Michelle
  90. chemistry

    what happens to sodium zeolite A at the end of the wash cycle? Describe an experiment you could do to test this hypothesis.

    asked by annemarie
  91. Biochemistry

    Could someone please tell me the effects of anions on enzymes? For example, does anion such as NaCl act as an activator or inhibitor of the enzyme amylase?? I tried google but it just gave me nonsensical scienfitic papers. My reasoning is that it is an

    asked by Andrew
  92. social studies

    What countries did Fidel Castro help gain independence

    asked by brandon
  93. misc-college info

    Ms.Sue told me that the best thing would be to go and interview the chef. but that is only for if i want to work with the chef right. like if i was interested in restaurant management, talking to the owner would be a better choicce.. right?

    asked by Bella
  94. Reiny+ In need of help

    Hey Reiny, could you please take a look at my expo growth and decay post? Thanks alot.

    asked by Chopsticks
  95. life science

    i have to write a essay on the human reverse life cycle. i know i have to start with a introduction. i need to know how to start the introduction.can you help me to start my human reverse life cycle introduction?

    asked by dylan
  96. Reiny

    Can you check back at my last post again? Thanks.

    asked by Chopsticks
  97. science

    i need help writing up the discussion for a science experiment. I need to know what to include and say in it.

    asked by casey
  98. math

    how do you make a ratio table to solve a word problem ?

    asked by alex
  99. Eng. Ms. Sue

    How could I put this is my own words? Reproductive cloning could be used effectively for repopulating endangered species or to help make breeding of specific animals easier.

    asked by Michele
  100. HUM 130

    How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar?

    asked by NeedHelp
  101. Statistics

    What kind of transformation will remove a right skew or a left skew from a distribution of data?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. English

    what are the negative points of the topic "advertisements do more harm than good".

    asked by Kavita
  103. dental assistant

    what film size is known as the standard film?

    asked by lupe
  104. music

    When a piece of music is in 3/4 time, does it have a swaying or marching feel? P.s..I'm typin this in class so could ya hurry??

    asked by Madeleine
  105. Culinary Arts...HELP!!

    Okay. sooo...i know that if you add flour to a substance it thickens up.But what can you add to a substance to thin it out (other than water...)

    asked by Jenna-fer
  106. Algebra I

    If i have two base variables with exponents for example: 4x(3x) After getting x^2-would i have just ONE variable base? i.e. 4(3x^2) or place the exponent on BOTH variable bases like this: 4x^2(3x^2)? Thanks!

    asked by Katy
  107. History in the Arts

    Does anyone happpen to know what years Audrey Hepburn received her Academy Awards?

    asked by Logan:)
  108. math

    3 2/3*2 7/8

    asked by allison
  109. random assignment-stats

    Would this correctly result in random assignment? A researcher assigns students to one of three conditions based on the month of their birth. If they were born in January, April, July, or October, they are assigned to condition A. February, May, August,

    asked by ash
  110. Maths

    Trudy brought a large bag of wine gums to school. She gave half to the first student she met, half the remainder to the next and half of what she had left to the third student. The last 5 wine gums she ate. How many were in the packet?

    asked by Jessika.
  111. MATH

    Addition of Polynomials (w^2 -2w+1) + (2w-5+w^2)

    asked by JORGE
  112. French continued

    Could you please check these too (God Bless) Directions: Write sentences according to the model below. (Doesn't matter if you use the form of de or à) Example: l'école/le restaurant Je rentre de l'école et je vais au restaurant. 1. le lycée/le magasin

    asked by French gurl
  113. english

    examples of predicates and subjects

    asked by Anonymous
  114. chemistry

    what happens to sodium zeolite A at the end of the wash cycle? Describe an experiment you could do to test this hypothesis.

    asked by annemarie
  115. Math

    Determine the solution set to the equation: 2sin^2x+cosx-2=0

    asked by Mac
  116. chemistry

    How much water should be added to 55.0 mL of 0.201 M HCl to dilute the solution to 0.155 M? i used M1V1 = M2V2 and i got 71.3mL its wrong so im confused

    asked by lyne
  117. For all teachers

    Does anyone know when the french teacher will be online? I just wanted to know thanks.

    asked by French gurl
  118. Science

    What is waters freezing point? What is Magnesium and Ammonias freezing point?

    asked by Logan


    asked by ACHU
  120. Literature

    Have anybody ever read anne franks diary.?

    asked by Omaria
  121. Algebra - check to see if correct

    Telephoto lens. Use the formula from Exercise 67 to find the image distance i for an object that is 2,000,000 mm from a 250-mm telephoto lens. (Section 6.7 (1/f = 1/0 +1/i) 1/i = 1/250 - 1/ (2*10^9) i=25.

    asked by help please
  122. math

    how do you solve 2a in construction

    asked by mm
  123. 10th grade English (Art Essay)

    This is my Art assignment but I just wanted to make sure whether there are any mistakes. Please help! Reading or evaluating the visual images around us is a critical skill to have in our lives. By looking at different images and sculptures, people can

    asked by Andrew
  124. Science

    How many oranges will one orange seed produce?

    asked by Debbie
  125. English

    What is poetry?

    asked by Molly
  126. Algebra

    40=-0.2x+45 i cant seem to solve this problem.

    asked by Tasha
  127. social studies

    which country would experience tropical masson climate

    asked by mellssa
  128. Math

    how do you factor d^2 -19de+48e^2? What two numbers multiplied together will equal 48, and has a sum of -19?

    asked by Angie
  129. stats ?

    A researcher is designing a study to examine whether "talk therapy" (psychotherapy) can help people suffering from depression, as an add-on to taking medication. Finances and logistics limit her to having one control group, so she has to choose the best

    asked by ash
  130. stats ?

    A researcher investgating depression devises a study that contains the independent variable "Treatment," manipulated between-participants. Participants may experience "psychodynamic therapy," "cognitive behavioral therapy," "medication," or "waiting list

    asked by ash
  131. stats ?

    The Title I coordinator for the district has been tasked with developing a plan to test two new intensive remediation programs for students with dyscalculia (like dyslexia, only numbers are the problem, rather than words!). The students are 60 8th graders

    asked by ash
  132. organic chemistry

    What compounds gives diethylamine, on reduction with lithium aluminum hydride?

    asked by johny
  133. organic

    what amine forms an N-nitrosoamine on treatment with NaNO2 in dlute aqueous acid at 0 degrees celsius?

    asked by johny
  134. organic

    what is the best way to synthesize 4-isopropylbenzonitrile?

    asked by johny
  135. ALGEBRA...please help me!!

    When you are multiplying something such as (3x^5y^4)(2x^2y) you add or subtract the exponent thingies?? AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    asked by Logan:)
  136. History!!

    What year did Christopher Columbus reach America?? I forgot...;)

    asked by Aunt Jan
  137. math

    coleen hid a coin equivalent to a fraction of a dollar behind her back. She said the fraction is smaller than 1/2 and greater than 1/20. What is two possible coin could she have hidden. How do you know? Then she sid it was five time greater than 1/20. Shat

    asked by zacky
  138. Algebra

    What is the function of f(0), f(1), and f(2)? f(0)= f(1)= f(2)=

    asked by A.W.
  139. Algebra

    How do I find the function value of f(x)=x^3; f(2)=?

    asked by A.W.
  140. 4th grade reading

    Some words ending in "e" are irregular in their formationsnof the past tense. For each word underline the root word, circle the ending, and draw a box around the irregular forms of the words.Please help. ride rides rode riding

    asked by Clayton
  141. anatomy

    What is the muscle in your calf the really long word? Also the arm bones are the humerus and radius, right?

    asked by ROSIE<3
  142. Algebra: Answer Check

    1) 5 = 2t - s 20 = 8t - 4s Answer: Identity 2) 4t - 6s = 2 -6t + 9s = -3 Answer Identity

    asked by Gabby
  143. Math

    Find the y- and x-intercepts for the equation. I have an idea of how to do this but want to make sure I am going in the right direction! Thanks! 4y = -28 + 7x

    asked by Tia
  144. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. Express your answer in the form x=a,y=b or y=mx+b; with m=-8,(7,0)? how do I do this?

    asked by A.W.
  145. Science

    how does mass affect the way an object moves?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. test socal studies

    what is a business composition

    asked by joel la
  147. random assignment-stats

    Would this correctly result in random assignment? 1. A researcher assigns students to one of three conditions based on the month of their birth. If they were born in January, April, July, or October, they are assigned to condition A. February, May, August,

    asked by ash
  148. MATH


    asked by JASMIN
  149. English

    I have to write a research paper on Maya Angelou. I can do it in autobiographical stlye. I have no idea of how to begin with this. I picked up 3 books of her works, but don't have a clue. Any help? I want to do it myself, but do it well.

    asked by Marsha
  150. French continued

    Could you please check these to thanks! Directions: Complete the names of these dishes you have for lunch using à, au, aux. 1. une soupe ------- oignon. Answer: à l' 2. un sandwich -------- jambon. Answer: au 3. un sandwich ------- fromage. Answer: au 4.

    asked by French gurl
  151. math

    2i/4-8i 2i/4-8i * (4+8i)/(4+8i) then i multiplied the top and bottom and got 8i/ 4^2 + 16i/8^2 8/80 + 16i/80 reduce to 4/5 + 2i is this correct

    asked by sarah
  152. Nutrition.

    What are the nutritional needs of adult men and women between the ages of 19 to 65?

    asked by A.W.
  153. Math

    (10 Squar root -13)(-5 square root -5) put in standard form a+bi I really don't understand square roots so can you show me how to do these please

    asked by sarah
  154. math

    use synthetic division (x^3+6x^2-6x+3)/ (x-6) I got 1 0 -6 -33 so I put it in an equation Quotient: x -6 Remainder -33 Is this right?

    asked by sarah