Questions Asked on
February 20, 2009

  1. Physics

    There are six books in a stack, and each book weighs 5 N. The coefficient of static friction between the books is 0.2. With what horizontal force must one push to start sliding the top 5 books off the bottom one. my answer is 3N but i don't think that's

    asked by Bella
  2. Chemistry

    Based on the balanced equation Al2S3 + 6H2O → 2Al(OH)3 + 3H2S calculate the number of excess reagent units remaining when 4 Al2S3 formula units and 30 H2O molecules react? Molar Mass (g/mol) Al2S3 150.16 H2O 18.015 Al(OH)3 75.361 H2S 34.082 Avogadro's

    asked by SIMON
  3. Algebra

    The Nutty Professor sells cashews for $6.75 per pound and Brazil nuts for $5.00 per pound. How much of each type should be used to make a 50-lb mixture that sells for $5.70 per pound? c = lbs of cashews b = lbs of brazil nuts Are these the right equations?

    asked by Valeria
  4. last calc question, i promise!

    given the curve x + xy + 2y^2 = 6... a. find an expression for the slope of the curve. i got (-1-y)/(x + 4y) as my answer. b. write an equation for the line tangent to the curve at the point (2,1). i got y = (-1/3)x + (5/3). but i didn't any answer for c!

    asked by jane
  5. Math

    Matt has twice as many stickers as David. If David has d stickers, and Matt gives David 10 stickers, how many stickers does each have in terms of d?

    asked by Craig
  6. computers:algorithm

    Write a pseudocode to find the average of any amount of positive numbers.

    asked by Ephraim
  7. History

    "Although the economic growth of the United States between 1860 and 1900 has been attributed to a governmental policy of laissez-faire, it was in fact encouraged and sustained by direct government intervention." Assess the validity of this statement. Is

    asked by Claire
  8. Organic Chemistry

    The reaction of (Z)-butenedioic acid with 1,3-cyclopentadiene gives only one product. Why?

    asked by Blair
  9. Organic Chemistry

    Write an equation for the reaction that occurs in the gas trap between SO2 and NaOH.

    asked by Blair
  10. Science

    between 4 C and 0 C water particles form little _ I _ _ _ ? crossword puzzle

    asked by Ryan
  11. 12th grade

    whick is a positive connotaion of the word inactive? a)lazy B)passive C)relaxed d)slacked

    asked by kayla
  12. Cuutural Diversity

    what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of society?

    asked by Angelo
  13. science

    what is the ionization of hclo3 in water

    asked by jamarr
  14. History

    Why did the institution of slavery develop in Africa? a. Africa had too many people b. Slaves were valued as goods to be sold and traded c. European traders introduced slavery to West Africa d. Africa had an excess of land and a shortage of labor A

    asked by Bella
  15. History

    How did Andrew Carnegie gain control of the steel industry? a. by giving away his money b. by becoming a partner of Edwin Drake c. by buying all the other steel mills D. by practicing vertical consolidation D

    asked by Bella
  16. history

    Which of the following led to a nomadic way of life on the Great Plains? a. drastic climate changes B. the coming of the horse and buffalo c. the influx of white settlers d. war among Native American groups B

    asked by Bella

    THERE ARE 3 LIGHT HOUSES,THE FIRST ONE SHINE FOR 3 SECONDS, THEN IS OFF FOR 3 SECONDS.the 2 one shine for 4 seconds then is off for 4 seconds.the 3 one shine for 5 seconds,then is off for 5 seconds.all thr 3 lights have just come together.when is the first

    asked by DJAZIA
  18. spanish sra jmcguin

    Hay muchas vacas en los campos de la region (probable) answer Es probable que haya muchas vacas en los campos de la region rewrite sentence using word in parenthesis

    asked by sam help please very confused
  19. spanish sra jmcguin

    El gobierno protege todos los peces del ocean (imposible) answer Es imposible que ela gobierno protege todos los peses del oceano 2 more left

    asked by sam help please very confused
  20. spanish sra jmcguin

    La poblacion reduce el uso de los envases (improbable) Es improbable que la poblacion reduce el uso de los envases

    asked by sam help please very confused
  21. science

    Someone asked me this question but I just do not know how to reply to it.Any help would be awesome. There are some who feel urbanizing is a bad thing for our environment, but it would be the answer to problems like this that we go through. What do you

    asked by jenny
  22. i lied. very quick calc problem.

    f(x) = abs(sin(x)), -pi less than or equal to x less than or equal to pi g(x) = x^2 let H(x) = g(f(x)) i got that H(x) would equal sin^2(x). THIS IS WHERE I AM STUCK! find the domain of H. do i still need to account for "-pi less than or equal to x less

    asked by jane
  23. intro to business

    Financial planning involves which of the following? Short and Long term forecasting Advertising Human Resources Brand Awarness

    asked by tiffani
  24. crt

    Which of the following illustrates the key difference between subjective and non-subjective issues?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. 8th Grade US History

    Who was the black man that momorized the blueprints for Washington DC after the frenchman who was orginally building it quit?

    asked by brianna
  26. Math

    Use the functions f(x)=1/8x-3 and g(x)=x^3 to find the indicated value or function. (g^-1 X f^-1)(-3)

    asked by Dan
  27. Math

    use the functions f(x)=x+4 and g(x)=2x-5 to find the specified functions. (g X f)^-1 Would the answer be x+1 over 2?

    asked by Dan
  28. english

    diagram the suject pronoun, action verb or verb phrase, and direct ovject (pronoun) in the sentence. 1. pastors do god's work. 2. god has created all things.

    asked by angela
  29. english

    which is the subject pronoun, action verb an verb phrase, and direct object (pronoun) in this sentence. he is giving it to mother. they helped us move.

    asked by tommy
  30. Organic Chemistry

    List the following compouns from highest to lowest frequency. Cyclohexanone, 2-cyclohexenone, cyclohexanecarbaldehyde

    asked by Blair
  31. health

    Could someone please tell me how blood clotting, immune response, allergic reaction and harmone release are interrelated. My daughter has a bet going.

    asked by tink
  32. civics

    what was Jan Brewers previous position held?

    asked by TT4
  33. English

    Which is correct "In Jan 2009" or "On Jan 2009"

    asked by Lim
  34. math

    how to get the answer for this problem (x1+x2/2,y1+y2/2

    asked by britney
  35. interior designing

    what is colour?

    asked by nigel
  36. Child Care

    Which one of the following games would be most helpful to a child learning to speak English as a second language? A.Follow the Leader B.Old Maid C.Checkers D.Jump Rope. I pick the letter A.

    asked by Brenna
  37. GEO!!

    could i please get some information on secondary industries?? plz and thank u!:)

    asked by beecca
  38. math/science

    I have a right angled triangle hyp=10,and angle=60deg.I need to find how much magnetic field in Tesla passes through the hyp(ie a wire in magnetic field) at this angle.I have tried 10*(sin60deg)=8.66T.My tutor says its 10*(cos60 deg)=5T.The field comes

    asked by kyley
  39. Math

    List all subsets for (m,a,t,h)

    asked by Paul
  40. Math

    If x is a natural number, then (x +4)^2 =x +16

    asked by Jacob
  41. Math

    If x is a natural number then,(x+5)/5=x+1

    asked by Jacob
  42. eth 125 culture diversity

    • • Select an immigrant group from Ch. 4 of the text. Imagine yourself as a current member of that group, and consider the question, ―Would I want to immigrate to the United States , and why?‖ Think about what opinion you would have of the

    asked by Mary
  43. communicatins

    Create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search, spanning 3 weeks.

    asked by com140
  44. ethnics

    What other measurements do sociologist use to measure prejudice besides the IAT? How many are there?

    asked by KR
  45. grammar

    can u edit this sentence? A potluck dinner is when friends or neighbors bring food to share. is this correct or not?

    asked by ashley
  46. homework

    1.What sentence is unrealed to the topic and can be elimnated? 1)A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressure of life. (2)A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. (3)the rhythm of the ocean

    asked by Jenny
  47. Health

    Does anyone know what our daily percentage of carbs is? And how many grams of starch we need in our daily diets? Please help.

    asked by Cassandra
  48. Math

    How can I get help with certain math problems? I am homebound right now due to a medical condition.So I can't listen on how to do certain things.

    asked by Jericha
  49. 12th grade

    please help how to paraprhase the paradise lost

    asked by migdalia
  50. Biology

    5' C U A C C U C A G A U U C G C C U A C C U 3' a.What is the DNA sequence that encodes for the word for this protein? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends.

    asked by Connie
  51. geometry

    the vertices of triangle ABC are A(1,7)B(9,3)C(3,1) a.prove that the triangle is a right triangle b.which angle is the right angle? c.which side is the hypotnuse? d.what are the coordinatesof the midpoint of the hypotnuse? e.what is the equation of the

    asked by melissa
  52. reading

    describe montag at the beginning of the book of Fahrenheit 451

    asked by crystal
  53. Science[I think]

    edible/drinking items with colors such as blue and black are less desirable for eating or drinking;usually red and green increase appetite. So why is it that Coke is so desirable, even with children, despite its color? -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  54. com140

    resume and job letter

    asked by mattie
  55. english

    Does anyone know a quick short really good summary of the story of Macbeth? Its for my theatre programme I'm doing. I also do a short bit about all 5 acts and the descriptions I've looked at on the internet are too long. Does anyone know a short quick way

    asked by Nabiha
  56. U.S.History

    Southern states adopted the northern system of a. cash-crop agriculture b. government-funded, urban social reform c. mandatory, tax-supported education d. problem-solving political commissions i'm not sure...

    asked by y912f
  57. Physics

    I'm having a difficult time understanding the formulas for maximum constructive interference and perfect destructive interference. I know that MCI there's the biggest amplitude? and for PDI it's 0. The forumlas are delta phi = 2pi(deltax/lambda)+delta phi

    asked by Sam
  58. us government

    what are the six goals of american government as indentified in the preamble

    asked by mary
  59. Biology

    5' C U A C C U C A G A U U C G C C U A C C U 3' a.What is the DNA sequence that encodes for the word for this protein? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends. I would appreciate the help! Thanks!

    asked by Connie
  60. History

    my question is this: Discuss the several plans for reconstruction and explain one success and one failure of reconstruction i don't know about the first part. but here's what i think about the successes and failures one success: Republicans carried out

    asked by Bella
  61. History

    is this correct Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was a. strong and unified b. headed by a king c. a loose alliance of states d. divided into three branches i know its not D, ...maybe A?

    asked by Bella
  62. art

    I am doing a project at school at the minute. It is surrialism and i don't no what to do. my teacher told me to do a peice of information which is in a surrialism style. What can i do, i need help????

    asked by Charlotte
  63. learning spanish

    i want to learn spanish. does anyone know what books would be best to learn spanish? thank you

    asked by John
  64. History

    Union victories at Vicksburg and Port Hudson a. offset the loss at Gettysburg b. cut the Confederacy in two c. ensured that Richmond would fall d. left the North at its lowest point B

    asked by Bella
  65. spanish sra jmcguin

    Hi - I am at study hall - I have 4 more to do 1. Ese sendero nos lleva al lago ( quizas) my answer Es quizas que easea sendero nos lleva al lago. to rewrite sentence using word in parenthesis

    asked by sam help please very confused
  66. sra JmcGuin

    1. El aqua de esos rios esta contaminada (posible) my answer? Es posible que ela aqua de esos rios esta contaminada. is it el or ela agua

    asked by sam help please very confused
  67. History

    The British government decided to tax the American colonies a. to pay off war debts b. to teach the colonists a lesson c. to increase the standard of living in Britain d. to finance westward expansion C

    asked by Bella
  68. Math

    A truck rental company charges $45 per day, plus $.39 per mile. Model the situation with a table and graph.

    asked by Alex
  69. History

    show how immigration has helped to shape America and describe some of the barriers immigrants have faced in their struggle for equality please help me with this question

    asked by Bella
  70. Science

    What are three common challenges of managing the coal oil and natural gas non-renewable energy resources?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. History

    The United State's most valuable export in the early 1800s was a. cotton b. slaves c. tobacco d. grain A

    asked by Bella
  72. Biology

    Increasing what in a plant cell will increase energy production? I was thinking glucose, water, or sunlight. But the thing is we are talking about changing something within the cell. Anyone want to chime in on this? Thanks!

    asked by Brett
  73. biology

    Discuss why tuberculosis can be described as a "social disease". (3)

    asked by Ephraim
  74. Algebra

    The Coffee Counter charges $9.00 per pound for Kenyan French Roast coffee and $8.00 per pound for Sumatran coffee. How much of each type should be used to make a 20-lb blend that sells for $8.40 per pound? Here are the 2 equations (or system of equations)

    asked by Valeria
  75. Physics

    Suppose you viewed a movie that was running backwards. You would see lots of odd things happen: streams would flow uphill, a diver would emerge upwards and go back to the diving board etc. If these backward moving events actually happened in nature, which

    asked by Kate
  76. Mahatma Ghandi

    I have a question on Ghandi. Okay, my brother's 3rd grade teacher assigned him to do some kind of project on Ghandi for Black History month... Is Ghandi even black?

    asked by Chopsticks
  77. Math

    In a raffle, the prizes that can be won are as follows: 25 gift certificates to a restaurant, 15 cash prizes, and 1 car. There are 500 tickets purchased for the raffle. What is the probability that he owner of a ticket will win a cash prize, given that the

    asked by Ana
  78. Child Care

    Carlos is playing in the sandbox. Thomas approches the sandbox, observes Carlos for a moment, then knocks over the bucket Carlos has just filled with sand. Carlos pushes Thomas away saying, " Get out of here." Thomas begins to cry. The goal of Thomas's

    asked by Brenna
  79. Physics

    how do you tell if two vectors vertical components are equal?

    asked by Bella
  80. Physics

    i'm having trouble with this Which of the following statements about floating objects is correct? a. the object's density is greater than the density of the fluid on which it floats b. the object's density is equal to the density of the fluid on which it

    asked by Bella
  81. Child Care

    Carlos is playing in the sandbox. Thomas approches the sandbox, observes Carlos for a moment, then knocks over the bucket Carlos has just filled with sand. Carlos pushes Thomas away saying, " Get out of here." Thomas begins to cry. What's the first thing a

    asked by Brenna
  82. Languages

    Just wondering: How do you say "No" In 5 different languages? -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  83. physics

    can someone please help me with this question quick... Which of the following equations expresses Newton's law of universal gravitation? a. Fc=MVt^2/r b. Fg=M1M2/r c. g=Gme/r^2 d. Fg=Gmme/r^2 i really need help..thanks:-)

    asked by Bella
  84. Physics

    how many rollers coasters are there in florida?

    asked by honorsclass
  85. Physics

    why does an astronaut weigh less on the moon than on Earth? is it because the gravitational field strength is less on the moon's surface than on Earth's surface

    asked by Bella
  86. History

    How should the phrase, "All men are created equal" be understood today, and why? What do you think Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote these words in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and why?

    asked by james
  87. Teaching as a Profession

    Assume you are a teacher who would like to address a technology issue at your school. Many of the students' textbooks provide Web links for engaging enrichment activities. Each classroom has five computers, but there is only one computer connected to the

    asked by Anonymous
  88. program planning

    explain the role grants play in the human service field. explain how and when grants are important to a human sevice program. are grants more vital to some programs than others? explain your resoning

    asked by lonnie
  89. calc again!

    i got answers for this one, but i feel like i did something wrong. f(x)= 2x+1 when x is less than or equal to 2 (1/2)x^2 + k when x is greater than 2 1) what value of k will make f continuous at x = 2? my answer: i got k = 3 because it would make the two

    asked by jane
  90. algebra 1

    x>1 y

    asked by frankie
  91. spanish sra jmcguin

    # 1 is spelled dudo . (ser) No dudo que Juan _____la mejor persona pra hacer el trabejo. **sea

    asked by sam help please very confused
  92. Teaching as a Profession

    As a teacher what would you have to do to increase internet access?

    asked by B.B.
  93. learning spanish #2

    thank you for your reply SraJMcGin. and you said, "There are sites/lessons online which I'll be happy to list for you, if you'd like." i would very much want to know the sites. thank you very much.

    asked by John
  94. spanish sra jmcguin

    rewrire sentences using word in parentheses example Hay mucha contaminacion en las ciuades (probable) Es probable que haya mucha contaminacion en las ciudades 1. El aqua de esos rios esta contaminada (posible) my answer? Es posible que ela aqua de esos

    asked by sam help please very confused
  95. spanish last one thanks

    subjective with doubt, disbelief and denial 1. Creo que ellos ( jugar) al futbol. 2. No Hiego que ustedes ( estudiar ) 3. Es obvio que Luis (aburrirse) so confused on how to conjugate these - I have ten but these first three should give me direction on how

    asked by sam help please very confused
  96. Child Care

    Carlos is playing in the sandbox. Thomas approches the sandbox, observes Carlos for a moment, then knocks over the bucket Carlos has just filled with sand. Carlos pushes Thomas away saying, " Get out of here." Thomas begins to cry. How would an

    asked by Brenna