Questions Asked on
February 6, 2009

  1. Algebra

    Snape has 2000 mL of a magic potion that is 30% DeMuggle Juice. He also has hundreds of 25 mL bottles that are full of 75% DeMuggle Juice solution. Every time he waves his wand, one of these bottles is added to his magic potion. How many times must he wave

    asked by Meghan
  2. CHEM-vaporization

    A 50.0g piece of iron an 152°C is dropped into 20.0g H2O(l) at 89°C in an open, thermally insulated container. How much water would you expect to vaporize, assuming no water splashes out? The specific heats of iron and water are 0.45 and 4.21

    asked by -
  3. managerial economics

    Suppose the market for good X has a four-firm concentration ratio of 0.50. Furthermore, assume that total sales in the industry are $1.2 million. Based on this information we know that sales for the largest four firms in the industry equals (in aggregate)

    asked by Carol
  4. chemistryyy

    Germanium has a cubic unit cell with a side edge of 565pm. The density of germanium is 5.36g/cm^3. What is the crystal system adopted by germaium.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. psychology

    I only need some pointers!!!!!! I have an assignment in my class and I have to Outline, in a paper, the main points that a therapist might cover in a counseling session to help each individual for each scenario. Here are the scenarios! Remember, I only

    asked by needhelp
  6. 7th grade

    Why do pesticides create the greatest problems for carnivores?

    asked by Brooke
  7. college-history

    1. Should American foreign policy be based on our values and beliefs or on “real politics” (the real world)? Explain 2. Was American foreign policy, during the period 1890-1917, based upon humanitarian assumptions, bringing about a better world, or

    asked by sunshine
  8. Chemistry please help

    Lead metal is added to 0.140 Cr^3+(aq). Pb(s)+ 2Cr^3(aq) Pb^2+(aq)+2Cr^2+(aq) KC=3.2*10^{-10} A. What is Pb^2+ when equilibrium is established in the reaction? B. What is Cr^2+ when equilibrium is established in the reaction? C. What is Cr^3+ when

    asked by Saira
  9. chem

    reaction order I know the form is r=k(A)a(B)b (a, b are exponents) and I know a and b depend on the concentration, but how do i know the number a and b. can you please explain in your own words instead of giving me websites because i look and i'm still

    asked by Anonymous
  10. American History

    I'm trying to write a term paper and get an A with as little effort as possible. Is it easier to write a paper that SUPPORTS Truman's decision to drop the A-bomb or REFUTES the decision?

    asked by Rae
  11. Physics

    1. A test charge of +2x10^-7 C is located 5 cm to the right of a charge of +1x10^-6 C and 10 cm to the left of a charge of -1x10^-6 C. The three charges lie on a straight line. Find the force on the test charge? 2. A charge of -2x10^-9 C in an electric

    asked by konan
  12. Spanish

    What does Pablo Neruda refer to in the last verse of his poem "La Anaconda Copper Mining Company"? "Y hay una y otra cruz torcida en las laderas infernales como única leña dispersa del árbol de la minería."

    asked by Alice
  13. 7th grade

    Why are there usually more producers in an ecosystem than consumers?

    asked by Brooke
  14. Chemistry, help.

    Household bleach is 5.25% NaOCl by mass. Assume a density of 1.00g/ml. What is the pH of bleach? Hint: assume 100 ml. Answer: 10.7. How does one approach this question? Kati

    asked by Kati
  15. science

    Why do pesticides create the greatest problems for carnivores?

    asked by Brooke
  16. Algebra

    Graph the inequality 4x - y/2 < 6. I don't know how to start... would multiplying each side by 2/1 work? Thank you!

    asked by Meghan
  17. Literature

    For Literature i have to write a REGIONAL NARRATIVE. i know that a narrative is a story, but what is a REGIONAL narrative? i'm going to write a fictional story about a boy who moves to a new town and is stuck between his decisions and his parents

    asked by y912f
  18. math

    Tank 1 initial contains 70 L (liters) of water and 450 g of salt, while tank 2 initially contains 20 L of water and 200 g of salt. Water containing 10 g/L of salt is poured into tank1 at a rate of 1 L/min while the mixture flowing into tank 2 contains a

    asked by alice
  19. SS

    Which battle was not fought between the British and mericans in Revolutionary War?

    asked by Lyndsey
  20. Biochemistry

    For dialysis, why is leaving it overnight a more adopted practise than measuring the sample during the lab period?

    asked by Chris
  21. History

    I'm designing my energy transformation for my rube goldberg project, and i can't seem to figure out how to design some of them. How could i represent the american boycott of the moscow olympics, the soviet boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics, the signing

    asked by Dani
  22. science

    does anyone know of a few invertebrates,and vertebrates they could tell me about?

    asked by katy
  23. Literature

    Has anyone read the story "Son" by John Updike..i have a few questions about it. please let me know :)

    asked by y912f
  24. Chemistry

    A sample of an ideal gas consists of 2 moles, pressure = 1 atm, volume = 0.5 liters Find the temperature pV=nRT T = p*V/(n*R) T = 1 atm * 0.5 liters / (2 moles * .08206 L atm K^-1 * mol^-1) T = 3.04 K Did I do that problem correctly? That temperature seems

    asked by chemstudent
  25. organic

    what will the structure look like if a tetrahedral intermediate is formed during the reaction of an ester with an amine?

    asked by johny
  26. physical science

    how do you distinguish between iron and iron sulphide?

    asked by shariska
  27. Chid Care

    By providing shelves low enough for children to select materials, you encourage the development of A. social skills B. solitary play C. cleanliness D. independence I pick the letter D.

    asked by Ann
  28. Chemistry -Please help !

    Suggest an appropriate reducing reagent for the following substrates and predict the product of the reactions : (a) 2-hexanone (b) ethyl 4-nitrobenzoate (reduction of the nitro group) (c) hexanal

    asked by cassie
  29. U.S.History

    What happened at Massacre at Wounded Knee? a. American soldiers killed more than 200 unarmed Sioux b. General Custer's cavalry was completely wiped out c. The Nez Perce fought for possession of their homeland d. The last buffalo of the Great Plains were

    asked by y912f
  30. physics 2

    How many electrons must be removed from each of two 5.40kg copper spheres to make the electrical force of repulsion between them egual in magnitude to the gravatational attraction between them?

    asked by Brooke
  31. Chemistry

    The complete combustion of 0.100 mol of CH4 in oxygen in a bomb calorimeter caused the water of the calorimeter to rise in temperature from 25.00 degrees Celsius to 37.70 degrees Celsius. Suppose that the combustion of the 0.1 mol of CH4 was instead run at

    asked by HELP!!!
  32. Chem help please

    What volume ( L ) of the solute methanol should be added with 4450 mL of the solvent water to make a solution that is 0.443 m methanol. i do not know how to approach this question

    asked by henry
  33. chem urgent

    Calculate the mass ( kg ) of the solute benzene and the mass ( kg ) of the solvent acetone that should be combined to generate 1.51 kg of a solution that is 0.275 m benzene.

    asked by henry
  34. english paper

    Hello I have a quick question. I have to write an english paper on the recent issues in business. it says that "purpose in writing this report is to SYNTHESIZe current, reported information on a recent issue in bussiness" The reason why i have the work

    asked by bob
  35. Calculus

    1.Evaluate: (1/(x*sqrt(x^2-4)) I know the answer is -1/2*arctan(2/sqrt(x^2-4)), but I am having trouble getting to this answer on my own. I know the formula to solve it is 1/a*arctan(x/a) and that a=2, but that's all I know. 2.Find the limit of x^((ln

    asked by Sandy
  36. spanish

    Could anyone offer any suggestions on the following essay? I have been teaching a lower level of Spanish that the more complex grammar is a little rusty. Thanks Cuando tuve catorce años, yo quise ser maestra. Yo ame la idioma francés, pues quise

    asked by Chrissy
  37. stats

    Often the percent of an animal species in the wild that survive to breed again is lower following a successful breeding season. This is part of nature‘s self- regulation, tending to keep population stable. A study of merlins (small falcons) in northern

    asked by peter
  38. software enge.

    What are the task of system enginering and system analyst?

    asked by lalit
  39. science

    Could some one please list the scientific names for vertebrates and inveretebrates?

    asked by katy
  40. School Projects

    My son in grade 4 got zero for his project, "autobiography" What exactly are teachers wanting and is there a site that I can go to to show him some examples? Hes really upset and I don't know what the teachers wants!

    asked by Lesley
  41. History

    Can someone summaries Warren G. Harding inaugural address in 1921 because i don't get it. what are the main ideas?

    asked by LANI
  42. Calsius-Clapeyron Equation

    The vapour pressure of methyl alcohol is 40 mmHg at 5°C. Use this value and the calsius-clapeyron equation to estimate the normal boiling point of mythl alcohol.

    asked by need help
  43. 8th grade

    What is domain?

    asked by Alice
  44. business

    for all questions i asked i need suggestions and websites to best find these questions

    asked by sherri r
  45. solving for variable

    if 2=2^m what is m. I know m is one by looking at it but how do i solve for m by showing work

    asked by Anonymous
  46. history/science

    hi. i would like to know if someone can send me websites other than wikipedia that might be able to help me find out stories of how the earth and the things on earth were made...

    asked by Trixie
  47. Physics, Did I do this right?

    I just want to make sure that I have this right. If 2.4 m^3 of a gas initially at STP is compressed to 1.6 m^3 and its temperature raised to 30 degrees C, what is the final pressure? P2 = T2p1v1 / V2t1 P2 = (303.15*1*2.4) / (1.6 *273.15) P2 = 727.56 /

    asked by Vern
  48. Science-Math

    What equipment do you need to go snorkling? How much does all weigh? How do you even spell weigh?

    asked by Sam
  49. Buisness retail

    Im am going to be doing an open debate in one of my lessons. We'll be debating a number of points, but i am finding it hard to reseach one of the points. The point being; "Is it fair that employers ask for experience when advertising for a new post?"...

    asked by Sam
  50. science

    how is quartz seen in the make-up of granite?

    asked by hanna
  51. math

    how many nonempty subsets does a set with ten elements have... my question is what is a non empty subset i know for regular its 2^n

    asked by math/subsets
  52. Literature

    Who was Walt Whitman's wife? I googled it but they got be all confused some say he did some say he didn't. If so what's her name? thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  53. opinion sociology

    Sociology perspectives!? 1. Although it does not endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit? A. Functionalist perspective B. Conflict perspective C.

    asked by dean
  54. Statistics

    I have a couple questions I answer for home work could some look atthem and tell me If I am doing them right I also am having problems understanding the variance and standard deviation are the site you can suggest that would help with this I need a step by

    asked by KEENE
  55. density of Magnesium!

    Magnesium crstallizes in the hcp arrangment. The dimensions of the unit cell are height 520om, length on an edge, 320. Calculate the density of Mg (s) and compare it with the measured value of 1.738 g/cm^3 this is what i did : m= 2* 24.30g/6.022*10^23 =

    asked by sandy
  56. chemistry

    What is the chemical test to distinguish between iron and iron sulphide?

    asked by Liza Mac Arthur
  57. Chemistry

    I have to do an A4 page about Isotope uses and all the websites ive gone on are too complicated for me to understand. Does anyone know any uses of Isotopes?

    asked by Nabiha
  58. english

    in what ways are people prideful?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Idk, easy question though

    Whats the difference between biome and habitat?

    asked by Sam
  60. accounting

    I've done the entire problem and I am at a complete loss on how to find the manufacturing overhead at the end. Help please. Problem below. I've scanned the pages, but can't put them up here.

    asked by Ashley
  61. revised sociology question

    Sociology perspectives!? 1. Although it does not endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit? A. Functionalist perspective B. Conflict perspective C.

    asked by dean
  62. stats

    Education 25 t0 34 35 t0 54 55+ Total Did not complete high school 4,474 9,155 14,224 27,853 Completed high school 11,546 26,481 20,060 58,087 1-3 years of college 10,700 22,618 11,127 44,445 4 or more years of college 11,066 23,183 10,596 44,845 Total

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Chemistry

    What chemical test (axcept a magnet) to use to distinguish between iron and sulphur?

    asked by Liza
  64. Science

    It wants the Abiotic element description of a certain saltwater fish. I don't get it. Whats an Abiotic element description? And then what is Biotic?

    asked by Jessie
  65. math,pre statistics

    In a recent health study it was claimed that 18% of americans are underwieght.If 4 americans randomly selected what is the probability that a. that all will be underweight b.none will be underweight c. at least one will be underweight

    asked by Angela
  66. english

    Is a hero born or made?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. easy

    Is the Atlantic Toby (Sharpnose Puffer) endangered or threatened?

    asked by Jessie
  68. math, pre-statistics

    Two dice are rolled. What is the probability that result is not doubles?(Round to the nearest thousandth)

    asked by Sabrina
  69. Math

    How do you solve this? 2x^6/4x^2 When you divide 2 and 4, how do you know whether to put the answer on the nmerator or denominator?

    asked by Angie
  70. FRENCH

    Je sais qu'on peut dire: "Je dois aller avec ma mère" mais serait-il correct aussi de dire: "il faut que je vais avec ma mère"???

    asked by E.G.
  71. pre-statistics

    Days Stayed Frequency 3 60 4 51 5 14 6 22 7 8 What is the probability a patient stayed at least 5 days? (Round to the nearest thousandth)

    asked by Regina
  72. Chemistry

    how do I find the density of CO2, I am not allowed to look it up and all I have is H202 and ethanol. I don't think I have to use both, but I can't figure out how to calculate it.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Accounting

    What are the eight accounting concepts?

    asked by Lil
  74. math help asap

    Often the percent of an animal species in the wild that survive to breed again is lower following a successful breeding season. This is part of nature‘s self- regulation, tending to keep population stable. A study of merlins (small falcons) in northern

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math, pre- statistics

    Hospital records indicated that maternity patients stayed in the hospital for a number of days shown in the distribution Days Stayed Frequency 1 34 2 23 3 17 4 11 5 8 If a patient's records are selected calculate the probability of each event. A patient

    asked by Sabrina
  76. help asap please

    I am trying to find what I need for this Checkpoint tonight and can not find it.. PLease help me... I am so frustrated.. If I have recently posted this I aplogize. Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but

    asked by troyer0269
  77. Algebra

    Aki's Bicycle designs has determined that when x hundred bicyles are built, the average cost per bicycle is given by C(x)=0.6^2-0.5x+4.021, where C(x) is in hundreds of dollars. How many biccles should the shop build to minimize the average cost per

    asked by pj
  78. science

    What type of environmental problems do they have in Kansas?

    asked by Kelly
  79. help

    Does anyone know what this word is? Uhboci was sent to me

    asked by Debbie
  80. Ionic Crystal Structures

    Calculate the density of CsCl. Use 169pm as the radius of Cs+. rCs+= 169pm length= 2*169= 338pm= 3.38*10^-8 v= l^3= (3.38*10^-8)^3 = 3.86*10^-23 m= 2* 168.36 g/mol / 6.022*10^23 = 5.59*10^-24g d= m/v d= 5.59*10^-24g/ 3.86*10^-23 d= 14.48 g/cm^3 BUT the

    asked by --
  81. chemistry

    the system side of an open u-tube manometer is 48 mm lower than the open side. What is the pressure of the system?

    asked by kayla
  82. stats

    How would r change if researchers had recordered the proportions?

    asked by kate
  83. math

    what does x equal? (2x+3)+(4x-7)

    asked by Lana
  84. Dangling predicate

    Our resolution should begin at midnight on January 1.

    asked by Faye
  85. Literature

    my homework is to write a poem in which i make something in nature speak and describe its growing process. i can either write a poem or a prose. I can choose any tone i like.. i have chosen to write on a tree's growing process.. can someone explain to me

    asked by y912f
  86. chemistry

    Balance the following equations? Fe2O3 + 3H2 → 2Fe + 3H2O 4NH3 + 5O2 → 4NO + 6H2O 2Al + 6HAsO3 → 3H2 + 2Al(AsO3)3

    asked by kate
  87. Math

    How would i solve for Y: 3.2*10^-10= (y)(2y)^2/ (0.140-2y)^2

    asked by Saira
  88. Canadian

    What is the history of french school in alberta? what is the canadian charte of rights? Why are there French schools in ALberta?

    asked by Alizah
  89. ECON

    Suppose the marginal cost of pollution reduction is ½ R, where R is the amount of pollution reduced given in percentage terms. The marginal benefit of pollution reduction is 90 - R. The government plans to auction off marketable permits in order to reduce

    asked by Brett
  90. Literature

    As a prewriting exercise for my evaluative essay, I have to open the story that i have chosen and write two quick paragraphs or a list about it. I have to put my opinion of the work first and then add specific reasons why i feel that way. I'm writing on

    asked by y912f
  91. Chemistry (kind of)

    Okay so this is actually for an english assignment where we have to report on a problem in our field....mine happens to be Chemistry so I was wondering what kind of problems or disputes can be caused in a chemistry lab...

    asked by Stefanie
  92. Literature

    This is one of my pre-writing exercise: Have you ever noticed that some reviewers list the criteria they use to evaluate something right in their review? When you write your essay, you'll need to be clear what criteria you used to evaluatate the work. In

    asked by y912f
  93. chem

    Describe the melting point you expect to observe if the isolated product is the mixture of both syn and anti addition of bromine.

    asked by Jason
  94. calc

    derivative of f(x) = x/(sqrt(x^2-4))

    asked by me
  95. math


    asked by Anonymous
  96. financial mgmt

    Ettenheim village is considering building a town swimming pool. The annual facility cost would be $200,000. Staff salaries for the pool, which would only be open during the summer would be $75,000. Other fixed cost would be $20,000 a year. There are other

    asked by cindy
  97. math

    Solve each equation , then write the general solution cos(pi/2(x+1))=cospi/2 x x=1.5, 3.5 general solution: 1/2+4n but the back of the book says that the general solution is 1/2+2n isn't the period 4?

    asked by sh
  98. math

    What are transcendental functions? How are they used?

    asked by kellly
  99. financial mgmt

    the admitting department at Kriz hospital processed 1,000 patients last month. a total of 2,500 admitting personnel hours were consumed in processing the patients. The cost of the admitting dept. were $50,000. What are 2 possible allocation bases and

    asked by cindy
  100. organic chemistry

    what is the first and second step in a alkene halogenation reaction

    asked by johny
  101. math

    What is the name for the partial differential symbol (∂)? I see some papers use greek lowercase delta instead (δ) where I believe they are implying a partial differential. Is this normal? Is there supposed to be a conceptual difference between the two

    asked by anonymous
  102. chemistry, freezing point depression

    Hey guys I did a lab and I have to answer the questions relating to the lab. I did question 1 & 2, can someone check if they are correct, and question 3 I don't know how to do it. 1. Calculation to Determine the molecular weight of unknown substance Mass

    asked by Sev
  103. Chemistry!! Please Help!

    A 0.285 M solution of the sodium salt, NaA, of the weak monoprotic acid, HA, has a pH of 9.65. Calculate Ka for the acid HA. I think I am having issues with the equation and then the math part. I figured out what 'x' was from the pH, which I believe is

    asked by Blair
  104. environmental scisence

    environmental benefits of urbanization the two 1996 award winner discussing how they overcame one of the challenges.

    asked by patricia