Questions Asked on
February 2, 2009

  1. physics

    suppose a .3 kg mass on a spring that has been compress .1 m has elastic potential energy of 1 j. how much further must the spring be compressed to triple the elastic potential energy? the answer is .07, but how do i get that?

    asked by april
  2. Physics/ Precalculus

    If a ball is thrown upward from a building 30 m tall and the ball has a vertical velocity of 25 m/s, then its approximate height above the ground t seconds later is given by h(t) = 30 + 25t - 5t^2 a. After how many seconds does the ball hit the ground? b.

    asked by Gerrad
  3. Calculus

    The equation for converting Farenheit to Celcius is F=9/5C + 32. What is the meaning of the slope of this line? A. For every 9 degree increase in Celcius, there's a 5 degree increase in Farenheit. B. For every 5 degree increase in C, there's a 9 degree

    asked by twa
  4. Physics

    Problem: A hunter shoots an arrow at a deer directly away from him. When the arrow leaves the bow, the deer is at a distance of 38 m. When the arrow strikes, the deer is at a distance of 51.00 m. The speed of the arrow is 65.00 m/s. What must have been the

    asked by Cathy
  5. Pasta cars

    Okay, so my science assignment is to build a pasta car. There is a compitition between all of my teacher's classes, and the other team's science teacher's classes.--losers have to buy the winners a breakfast party. Awards go to the fastest, and the most

    asked by <3Medic+Droid<3
  6. reading

    can u help unscramble these words they both have something to do with christmas [roddne] [nspreep]

    asked by cadlyn
  7. History

    Since the time of the Portuguese sailors of the 15th century man has developed many new ways of communicating, what are they and in when were these new methods developed?

    asked by Kerry-Ann
  8. French/Social Studies

    When did euros come into use? Why did euros come into use? Who are the members of European Parliment in the EU? This is a French worksheet.

    asked by Greener the Better
  9. physics

    A jogger maintains a speed of 2.5 m/s for 188 m until he encounters a stoplight, and he abruptly stops and waits 27 s for the light to change. He then resumes his exercise and maintains a speed of 3.6 m/s for the remaining 51 m to his home. (a) What was

    asked by kj
  10. english

    what is the verb phrase in this sentence-Do you know the meaning of its letters?

    asked by Meghan
  11. probability

    how do we find the least residue of 1789 (mod 4), (mod 10), (mod 101)

    asked by yugio
  12. statistics

    sometimes it is difficult or impossible to determine the population size before selecting a random sample. describe how you would go about selecting a random sample of trees from a 1-square mile area of forest.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    The molecular structure around the oxygen in water is ?????? The molecular structure around all the carbons in ethanol is ?????

    asked by Anonymous
  14. English:writing memo

    Write a memo of 6–15 sentences based on the scenario given here. You’ve been put in charge of planning a one-day departmental training seminar with Dr. Melanie Dobler as the speaker. You must make travel arrangements for the speaker, reserve a company

    asked by Crystal
  15. Physics

    Yah i got another question a large crate is placed on the bed of a truck but is not tied down as the truck accelerates forward the crate slides across the bed until it hits the tailgate explain what causes this i'm completley lost

    asked by Physics
  16. U.S.History

    please check these 4: 1. In the 1840s, the prase MANIFEST DESTINY referred to the idea that the U.S. would inevitably a. abolish slavery b. become the most powerful nation in the world c. stretch across North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific d.

    asked by y912f
  17. 3rd Grade Poems

    Is there anything else I need to know about limericks?

    asked by Yan
  18. 4th grade

    What was the Geography and Climate in 1600-1700 Colonial America?

    asked by Kendall
  19. accounting

    Ok, the case is this. Six months ago, you closed your business. Now, a person has expressed an interest in acquiring the business. The potential buyer requests a current balance sheet, but you provide her with the one that was prepared just prior to

    asked by Maria
  20. Chemistry-help needed

    Concentrated sulphuric acid and manganese(IV) oxide were added to the solid. On warming a gas was evolved which turned litmus colourless. The answer is that Cl2 gas was evolved and chloride ion is present. Can you please explain the reaction that took

    asked by Janice
  21. Chemistry

    What does C12H26 stand for?

    asked by Celeste
  22. calculus

    Find the numbers b such that the average value of f(x) on the interval [0, b] is equal to 9. f(x)=7+10x-3x^2

    asked by matt
  23. Chemistry

    14.1g of hydrated zinc sulphate was heated. 0.52moles of water was driven off. What is the hydrate formula?

    asked by Lenece
  24. History

    Since the time of the Portuguese sailors of the 15th century man has developed many new ways of traveling. What are these new ways and when were they developed?

    asked by Kerry-Ann
  25. chemistry

    What is the chemical name for Salt Water

    asked by Coco
  26. Finance

    Ambrin Corp. expects to receive $2,000 per year for 10 years and $3,500 per year for the next 10 years. What is the present value of this 20 year cash flow. Use a 11% discount rate.

    asked by usha
  27. Science

    Please answer the following questions clearly: 1a) (ii) Why would a 15 year old male need more calcium than a 30 year old male? (iii) Why does a 25 year old pregnant female need more protein than a non-pregnant 25 year old female? 1b) A hammer hits a nail,

    asked by Renee =D
  28. chemistry

    Chlorine dioxide, ClO2, has been used as a disinfectant in air conditioning systems. It reacts with water according to the following equation. 6ClO2 + 3H2O --> 5HClO3 + HCl If 142.0 g of ClO2 is mixed with 33.0 g of H2O, how many grams of the reactant will

    asked by lyne
  29. algebra

    Reduce to lowest terms 3x-6/x^2-4x+4 perform operation w^2-1/(w-1)2 times w-1/w^2+2w+1 Find LCD and convert rational express. to equivalent rat. exp. with LCD as the denominator: 4/a-6 , 5/6-a

    asked by allie
  30. physics

    two pellets each with a charge of 1 microcoulomb 10 to the negative 6 c are located 3 cm apart what is the electrical force between them what would be the mass of a object that would experience the same force in the earths gradational field

    asked by christina
  31. ss

    what are the disadvantages and advantages of laissez-faire? advantage-government takes care of theeconomy what ar the disadvantages?

    asked by bee
  32. physics (plz help)

    In SI units, acceleration is measured in units of meters per second squared (m/s2). Which of the following combinations of units can also be used to measure acceleration? km/s2 cm/s miles per hour m3/(mm2 · s2) cm/s2 miles/(minutes)2

    asked by kj
  33. algebra

    hi can someone help me with this problem. i cant figure out which equation to use. thanks a full-price ticket for a college basketball game costs $2.50, and a student ticket costs $1.75. if 585 tickets were sold , and the total reciepts were $1,217,25, how

    asked by ramla
  34. math

    function rule for tis points- 1 2 3 4 lines- 0 1 3 6 its similar to an earlir one i posted but i still don't quite understand thanks

    asked by lyne
  35. ss

    what are the disadvantages and advantages of laissez-faire? advantage-government takes care of theeconomy what ar the disadvantages?

    asked by bee
  36. science...URGENT

    How are well developed soils similar to young soils? How are they different? Please help... i don't knoiw anything about it. pleae don't ask me to refer to my book... i don't have it with me...i googled it but i don't get any specific answer....plz help

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Geography

    does anyone know where i can find positive facts about McDonalds

    asked by Numz
  38. college (physics thermo)

    A 1.20 mol sample of an ideal diatomic gas at a pressure of 1.20 atm and temperature 380 K undergoes a process in which its pressure increases linearly with temperature. The final temperature and pressure are 680 K and 1.83 atm. (assume 5 active degrees of

    asked by dennis
  39. math grade 10

    1.) express each equation in the form y=mx+b a.) 2x+2y=2 b.) 5x-10=-3y

    asked by Nini
  40. crt205

    your teacher might have called this paper on capitalism independent thinking

    asked by ann
  41. earth/science 245

    Plate tectonics and earthquakes: what are the two historical figures and the process of mantle convection and plate movement.I understand that the whole continent moves but what is plate tectonics and the historical figures that contributed to the plate

    asked by dianne
  42. calculus

    how do you find the x and y intercepts of an equation? i forgot.

    asked by mtaq

    I have been stuck on this for hours and feel completely stupid, could someone help? Read the story problem given below. Identify what unit conversions must be made and show your unit fractions in making the conversions. Make the required conversions and

    asked by cupcakedoll
  44. math grade 10

    1.)Determine the x- and y- intercept of each equation. (if u can please show me a step by step answer so i understand it:) a.) 9x=54-6y b.) (x/5)-(y/10)=2

    asked by Nini
  45. school

    how many years my daughter have to attend grammar and high school all together?

    asked by erika
  46. SS for 7th grade

    where does the european parliament meet? When does it meet? (how often) Who presides over the parliament?

    asked by Greener the Better
  47. algebra 1 math

    Find the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs measuring 5.2 cm and 7.8 cm respectively

    asked by mike
  48. Social Studies for 7th grade

    What kind of designs are on the bills and on the coins of euros?

    asked by Greener the Better
  49. English

    What is an example of a question sentence using the word no?

    asked by Sarah

    I Need to write a letter to a girl in spanish for my spanish class. how do i start? how do i say, hi i really like you?

    asked by Spencer
  51. Art history

    what are the major connections between the ashcan schools ethics and todays documentary photogrphers such as nan godin and corrine day?

    asked by Rachael
  52. physics

    A person bounces up and down on a trampoline, while always staying in contact with it. The motion is simple harmonic motion, and it takes 2.82 s to complete one cycle. The height of each bounce above the equilibrium position is 40.8 cm. Determine (a) the

    asked by Sarah
  53. HSM 270 human services

    Describe the general attributes of a grant proposal.

    asked by dianne
  54. Alg 2

    X^1/3 - 2/5 = 0 x^1/3 = 2/3 x= 2/3^(1/3) x=1.38 is that right? Also (x-4)^3/2 = -6 How do you do that?

    asked by Chopsticks
  55. Chemistry

    Hexane is a hydrocarbon (a molecule containing only carbon and hydrogen) with a molecular weight of 86.18 g/mol, a density of 0.660 g/mL, and a boiling point of 69C. Pentanol is an alcohol (a hydrocarbon with a "OH" group attached to one of its carbons)

    asked by Anonymous
  56. SS for 7th grade

    Name 27 countries and give the date that they joined the EU.

    asked by Greener the Better
  57. english

    which principle part of the verb hear is used in this sentence-You problably have heard the name unesco

    asked by Meghan
  58. english

    whats a sentence using periodically

    asked by mel
  59. Probability

    Every Persons blood belongs to one of four blood groups. The percentage of U.S. blood donors to the Red Cross is given: Type A=37% B=12.5% AB=3.5% O=47% a)What is the Probability that the blood of any two unrelated people in a Red Cross blood drive belong

    asked by Chris
  60. Reiny

    Can u answer my last alg post?

    asked by Chopsticks
  61. math

    I have been stuck on this for hours and feel completely stupid, could someone help? Read the story problem given below. Identify what unit conversions must be made and show your unit fractions in making the conversions. Make the required conversions and

    asked by Math 60
  62. spanish

    This is the assignment: copia las frases remplazando los sustantivos subrayados con pronombres de objectodirecto e indirecto seguin elcontexiode la frase. Usa los dobles cuando sea posible. 1. Mario compro un libro anteayer por la tarde. 2. Mark invito a

    asked by sam help please very confused
  63. math

    how do we find the least residue of 1789 (mod 4), (mod 10), (mod 101)

    asked by yugio
  64. chemistry

    write the metal ion complex (predominant one) for the beakers: all four beakers contained .1M Ni(NO3)2 6H20, which was a light teal green to beaker 2, 1mL of 6MNH3 was added, and it turned bright blue to beaker 3 and 4, 1 mL of 30%en was added and they

    asked by sam
  65. Physics

    Suppose you throw a stone straight up with an initial speed of 15.00 m/s If you throw a second stone straight up 1.00s after the first, with what speed must you throw the second stone if it is to hit the first at a height of 11.0?

    asked by Sage


    asked by BREA
  67. Chemistry

    Deduce the anion present in the salt. Assume that the reagent is added to simple salt: - Test: - Concentrated sulphuric acid and manganese(IV) oxide were added to the solid. On warming, a gas was evolved. It turned litmus colourless. Is there something

    asked by janice
  68. eng

    please make me a sentence for personally

    asked by leee
  69. Social Studies

    For homework I'm supposed to write a letter to Barack Obama about an important politcal issue. What do you think is more important education or animal rights. I would really like to know your opinion.

    asked by Pink
  70. algebra

    What did the squrrel reply when the cat asked what are you eating

    asked by jaelan
  71. 5th grade social studies

    What were the names of the colonies in New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies

    asked by LeeAnn
  72. Chemistry-help

    Is it correct to say that sulphur dioxide gas will only turn moist blue litmus paper red but will not bleach it?

    asked by Janice
  73. analogies

    What is the analogy for South America: Brazil :: North America:

    asked by Bob
  74. science repost

    Which parts of the molecule benzophenone are chromophores? is it the two aromatic rings? what types of electronic transitions are responsible for the molecule absorbing the light?

    asked by mary
  75. social studies

    define party

    asked by annomas
  76. algebra II

    Solve each a equation. 5x=-2x-6 -5y+7=-18

    asked by bob
  77. chemistry

    At 20. °C, the vapor pressure of toluene is 22 millimeters of mercury and that of benzene is 75 millimeters of mercury. An ideal solution, equimolar in toluene and benzene, is prepared. At 20. °C, what is the mole fraction of benzene in the vapor in

    asked by Unsure
  78. Physics

    I don't see how I have enough information to answer this question If a car is traveling westward with a constant velocity of 20 m/s what is the net external velocity

    asked by Physics
  79. Another question about Napolean

    Thank you for that website Ms Sue, it gave me good information which greatly assisted me in answering my question. However, I have another question that I cannot seem to get an answer to: How did Napoleon undermine the liberty of the French people?

    asked by thea
  80. psy210

    I had to compare and contrast two personality theories and would like if someone could give me some constructional feedback. When compared Psychodynamic theory and Humanistic theory they both try to define why we do what we do as humans, and why we choose

    asked by Malkia
  81. Math

    what do you have to do in order to graph this leniear inequality? y

    asked by Angie
  82. Physics

    An object thrown into the air stops at the highest pooint in its path is it in equilbrium at this point explain? I siad yes because it's moving for that one breif moment I wasn't sure or not so I'm asking to see if this is right

    asked by Physics
  83. algebra II

    solve each equation. 5y-2(y+3)=4y

    asked by bob
  84. Algebra

    I keep confusing myself when I look at this word problem. I am not sure if I am setting it up correctly. Any advice would be appreciated. It has several parts to it. 1. Suppose you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing

    asked by It's me :)
  85. social studies

    which solony wanted to heop debtors and what happenen in carolina in 1712

    asked by sam
  86. 116 math

    can some one help me break this down? -6 (x-2) -2 > -2 (x+1)

    asked by meshelle
  87. 3rd Grade Poems

    What is a limerick?

    asked by Yan
  88. Math

    Does 1.3*10^0=1.3??

    asked by Angie
  89. SCI275

    Air Pollution Chart: After reviewing Ch. 8 and 9 of your text, complete the following table, then respond to the questions that follow:

    asked by anonymous
  90. chemistry

    A solution is labeled 0.450 m magnesim nitrate. Calculate the concentration of each ion present in solution.

    asked by Nae
  91. U.S.History

    couldn't find the answr to this one in my book: Under popular sovereignty, the decision whether or not to allow slavery in a territory was mady by a. Congress b. the voters of the territory c. the Supreme Court d. the President this is all my book says:

    asked by y912f
  92. bob Joe

    38. A box slides down a 30.0 degree ramp with an acceleration of 1.20 m/s^2. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp. I have no idea how to do this with only knowing the aceleration and the angle. Please tell me how to do

    asked by Science
  93. Math 115

    Round to the indicated decimal place. 135.1967=135 To the nearest whole percent, what was the rate of increase? to nearest percent 3000/1000=1500/500=1/3 could tell me if the answer are right.

    asked by Johnnie
  94. physics

    A standing is generated by two waves which have a velocity of 20 m/s, and go through 10 cycles in 2 seconds. How far is it from the 2nd node to the 7th node of standing wave?

    asked by Phil

    Imagine that you teach in a large, linguistically diverse school district where nearly 20 different languages are spoken. How might this degree of language diversity impact your classroom, your school, and your district? How should a student's language

    asked by troyer0269
  96. english

    un scramble the following words kerba ni that means enter illegally

    asked by gk
  97. Language Arts

    In L. Arts, we are reading Mary Hoffman's "Stravaganza" series, which features a group of traveling, almost gypsy like people called the Manoush, who inhabit Italy. Do the Manoush really exist?

    asked by Kharato
  98. U.S.History

    please check: 1. Which of the following best describes the ideology of Transcendentalists? a. humans are naturally bad b. Individuals should rely on outward rituals and group worship c. People's lives have been predetermined by God d. humans should be

    asked by y912f
  99. FRENCH

    If "j'espère" requires the subjunctive, then it would be wrong to say: "j'espère que tu es bien" ? I would need to say:"j'espère que tu sois bien" ???? Merci en avance!

    asked by E.G.
  100. Rhyme

    Could you give me some words that rhyme with Bermuda.(you know like the Bermuda Triangle)

    asked by Anya
  101. 8th grade Social Studies

    How did the Cotton Gin effect slavery?

    asked by Katherine
  102. French

    Can someone check my letter? We had to write it even though not all students got their letters for some reason, so it is kind of short. Also, can someone tell me some ways to add the future tense and the subjunctive a little more? I want to show what I

    asked by Samantha
  103. AED / ASAP PLEASE 2

    Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but advocacy groups have argued that something must be done to help English Language Learners master necessary competencies. · Complete an Internet search to find at least

    asked by troyer0269
  104. Health

    Describe two different cultures and their views on health. What are the implications to health care providers? Consider cultural views on the following: -Health as organic -Health as harmony -Disease as a curse or stigma

    asked by Rose
  105. Physics

    If 2.4 m3 of a gas initially at STP is compressed to 1.6 m3 and its temperature raised to 30oC, what is the final pressure?

    asked by Chris
  106. Job: Quick Question

    Hello, I am a college student who is currently living in New York city. Do you know of any legitimate job websites that would help me find full-time or part-time jobs in the New York City Area. I have been to hotjobs, careerbuilder, monster... do u know of

    asked by Mia
  107. chemistry

    Calculate the amount (volume) of 5.25% (wt./vol.) NaOCl solution (commercial bleach) required to oxidize 100mg of 9-fluorenol to 9-fluorenone. Whenever appropriate, use balanced chemical equations as a part of your calculation.

    asked by Jane
  108. chemistry another Q

    Which, 9-fluorenol or 9-fluorenone, would have higher Rf value on a silica gel plate with 30% acetone/70% hexane at the eluent? Explain.

    asked by Jane
  109. Pre-Algebra

    Tell whether the question is potentially biased. Explain your answer. If the question is biased, rewrite it so that it is not. Questions: Don't you think the rising cost of concert tickets is ridiculous? Do you support the mayor's proposal to limit crime

    asked by Lily
  110. Advanced Economics(resoponses to economyst to my q

    Orginal question: display.cgi?id=1233498037 although diseconomies of scale may not result in a rising marginal cost (but it is certain for AC,right?), Law of diminishing returns cause the rise of MC indirectly. Under this situation, WHY P did not

    asked by John
  111. Advanced Economics

    I know that equilibrium is a static status in model in which relevant constraints are enough so that it is restrictive to ylied testable implications (From Proffesor N.S.Cheung) while disequilibrium is the opposed. HOWEVER, STILL I have questions that are

    asked by Troublesome John
  112. english

    What information can you get from a poem?

    asked by bob
  113. Math

    How could you use the product 108 and 4 to find the product of 324 and 4? How would I know that you need to multiply times 3. How are the children given directions to work on this problem. I know understand 108 goes into 324 3 times. But are they asked to

    asked by Margarita
  114. English

    Can you please help me figure out what kind of writing this piece is considered? A Bill of Rights for Future Generations We, the people of the future, like the twenty thousand generations who came before us, have the right to breathe air that smells sweet,

    asked by Sabrina
  115. U.S.History

    What contribution did Stephen Austin make to Texas?

    asked by y912f
  116. sra JmcGuin

    This is the assignment: copia las frases remplazando los sustantivos subrayados con pronombres de objectodirecto e indirecto seguin elcontexiode la frase. Usa los dobles cuando sea posible. 1. Mario compro un libro anteayer por la tarde. 2. Mark invito a

    asked by sam help please very confused
  117. Civics

    What are exit polls?

    asked by Jaslyn
  118. Social Studies

    Could you someone give me facts on education? thanks

    asked by Kimi
  119. Math

    I need help figuring out this question 570 x 64 I need help on the steps to solve it

    asked by Kaeli
  120. Alg2

    i am realy lost as to how to do this alg 2 problem: find the two real-number solutions of each equation: x^2=100 Can you please explain how to do it? Thanks!:)

    asked by amaya
  121. 8th grade

    who was the man who won the presidential election in 1836 but then became hated in 1837!? 1)daniel webster 2)martin van buren or 3)william henry harrison!?

    asked by kayla! please help me!
  122. English

    1. I need to know if I'm eating right. (Is this sentence right?) 2. John stood on the beach looking out over the ocean. 2-1. John stood on the beach looking our over ocean. (Which one is right? Neither is tight?) 3. You go to Homeplus and buy fried chicken

    asked by John
  123. Math


    asked by Toni
  124. language arts

    what is a joke using hominems? p.s. sorry if i spelled wrong

    asked by Alex
  125. U.S.History

    In the 1830s and 1840s, most southern whites a. were beginning to oppose slavery b. saw no need to reform their society c. promoted prison and public school reforms d. encouraged industrial developement in the South please help

    asked by y912f
  126. business law

    Hello, Can 3 Partners decide to get rid of the fourth one by just voting him out? if yes, would he still be able to get his dividends? And sell his shares to them? Thanks for your help! :)

    asked by Sabi
  127. Maths

    A particle rotates in a circular orbit about a point located 30cm away, with angular speed 2 rad s^-1. If the angular momentum is 0.2 Js, determine the mass of the particle. I used L=mr^2 omega and got 1.11kg A constant torque of 0.2Nm accelerates the

    asked by Alice
  128. Global Studies

    Which principles do the writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu, and John Locke support? The principles of a democratic republic, a theocratic society, an autocracy, or a military dictatorship? I know it is not an autocracy and I don't

    asked by Anonymous
  129. yr8 geography

    my homework assignment is to colour the tributary of the river tees but i am struggling. i don`t know where to colour. please help

    asked by rachael
  130. accounting

    o How are entries made under each type of accounting? o How does each type of accounting handle depreciation, if at all? o How is inventory accounted for? o Are there any differences between the organizations that adopt a particular accounting method? o

    asked by katie
  131. RS

    How do Christians help others?

    asked by Ross
  132. calculus

    Use Newton's Law of Gravitation to compute the work W required to launch a 1500 kg satellite vertically to an orbit 800 km high. You may assume that the earth's mass is 5.98*10^24 kg and is concentrated at its center. Take the radius of the earth to be

    asked by matt
  133. To China - Business

    I've removed your post about the letter because you've posted your assignment but have given us no idea of your thoughts on it. Please repost it with your thoughts and explain specifically how you want us to HELP you.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  134. Maths - Vectors

    The position vectors a,b,c of the points A,B,C relative to the origin O are ai, bj and ck respectively.Find: 1) a vector equation for the line l throught O which is normal to the plane ABC. 2) a vector equation of the plane ABC The answers should be: 1)

    asked by Claire
  135. SCIENCE


    asked by CON
  136. accounting

    Estimating a cost function, high-low method. Reisen Travel offers helicopter service from suburban towns to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Each of its 10 helicopters makes between 1,000 and 2,000 round-trips per year. The records

    asked by jen
  137. Civics

    What is two-party competition and cross-pressures?

    asked by Jaslyn
  138. weonomics

    Original quanity | new quantity . |price. |quanity supplied demanded demanded 40 12$ 80 45 11$ 75 50 10$ 70 55 9$ 65 60 8$ 60 65 7$ 55 70 6$ 50 75 5$ 45 1. what is the equilibrium price and quanity? explain 2.what will occur if the price is instially set a

    asked by sean
  139. math

    what is the function rule for this figure sides- 3 4 5 6 7 diagonals- 0 2 5 9 15

    asked by lyne
  140. Math

    Use a metric ruler and a protractor to find 2 a (vector) - 2 b (vector). Then find the magnitude and amplitude of the resultant. When I measured I got 2 for b and 4 for a. The answers I have to choose from are 8cm,41degrees, 9cm,38degrees,6cm,36degrees,

    asked by Joanie
  141. college Medical coding 1

    If a patient suffers multiple burns, describe the correct coding sequence. This is what i came up with from reading. Can someone look at my answer? The correct coding sequence is to assign separate codes for burn sites. Catergary starting with the hightest

    asked by Debbie
  142. U.S.History

    this is my question: How did the Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans differ in their opinion of how the Constitiution should be interpreted? please tell me if you can give me information or some sites with information thanks jiskha:)

    asked by y912f
  143. english

    I'm writing a thesis statement and wanted someone to check it for me. My topic is about gay adoption, which I agree with. Thesis statement: Gay should be able to adopt because homosexual adoption also solves the problem of shortage of adoptive and foster

    asked by sueann
  144. trig

    converting degrees to radians. a) 95 degrees i did 95/180=19/36 then i did 19 pie/36. and i got 1.7. is that right if not can someone please explain! thanks so much

    asked by Kennedy
  145. U.S.History

    this is the question: How did the invention of the cotton gin change the economy of the South and the Norht? please tell me if this is a good enought answer, if i need to add anything: The cotton gin was a new machine by Eli Whitney that separates the

    asked by y912f
  146. trig

    is this right... a) give reference angle -200=20 degrees reference angle??

    asked by Kennedy
  147. trig

    give 3 different coterminal angles in radians to: pie/3 i changed that to degree and got 60 degress, but now i'm stuck...i don't know what to do

    asked by Kennedy
  148. U.S.History

    what were some problems in the North that led to reform movements [ in early 1800s]?

    asked by y912f
  149. Social Studie's

    Name 3 thing's that took place during the Renaissance?

    asked by Roy
  150. algebra I

    Divide 56 into two parts such that 3/8 of the greater exceeds 1/4 of the smaller by 6.

    asked by jessica