Questions Asked on
January 28, 2009

  1. Physics

    A 2.0 kg mass starts from rest and slides down an inclined plane 8.0 X 10^-1 m long in .50s. what net force is acting on the mass along the incline. I have no idea how to do this I don't know why they just didn't say .8m the back of the book says 13 N down

    asked by physics
  2. SCIENCE!!

    what are two examples of these four types of systems? Physical systems designed by people Naturally occuring physical systems Social Systems that I am a part of Naturally occuring social systems

    asked by beeca
  3. chemistry naming

    are these names correct? i'm not sure if i did the anion/cation right.. ***numbers are subscripts 1. Rb[AgF4]= Rubidium tetrafluoroargentate 2. [Ir(CO)Cl(PPh3)2] = 3. [Co(en)2CO3]Cl= bisethylenediamine tricarbonyl cobalt (I) chloride 4. Cr(H20)3Br3=

    asked by john
  4. science

    According to the rock cycle, which of the following transitions are possible? Assume an unlimited number of steps. A. An intrusive igneous rock becomes a sedimentary rock. B. A sedimentary rock becomes soil. C. A metamorphic rock becomes an extrusive

    asked by bianca
  5. physics

    A 5.0 kg bucket of water is raised form a well by a rope. If the upward acceleratiopn of the bucket is 3.0 m/s^2 find the force exerted by the rope on the bucket of water what exactly do i do here? 3.0 m/s^2 upward? is this the Fn? I have no idea how to do

    asked by physics
  6. math

    In standard position, an angle of 7pi/3 radians has the same terminal side as an angle of? A)-420 B)120 C)60 D)625

    asked by paul
  7. Geometry

    Angle JKL is congruent to angle MNP, KL= 21x - 2, NP = 20x, LJ = 15x, PM = 13x + 4. Find LJ. I don't understand how to do it! Please, help! :)

    asked by Tracy
  8. College Statistics 2

    I saw that this was already answered but I can't find it if anyone knows, can you point me in the right direction? A recent poll of 700 people who work indoors found that 278 of them smoke.If the researchers want to be 98% confident of thier results to

    asked by Andrea
  9. Physics

    A box slides down a 30.0 degree ramp with an acceleration of 1.20 m/s^2. Determine the coefficient of kinetic fiction between the box and ramp. I'm not exactly sure what to do here I know the formulas are uk = Fk/Fn Us = Fs, max/Fn not exactly sure how to

    asked by physics
  10. Spelling

    analogy flower is to rose as tree is to what?

    asked by Tyler
  11. Physics

    please check this the Greek letter delta indicates a(n) A. difference or change b. sum or total c. direct proportion d. inverse proportion i chose A?

    asked by y912f
  12. Math Geometry

    A triangle has vertices P(a,b), Q(c,d), and R(e,f). You are asked to prove that the image triangle angle P'Q'R' of triangle angle PQR after reflection across the y-axis is congruent to the preimage. What coordinates should you use for the vertices of

    asked by Tracy
  13. Physics

    these are practice questions that i have the answer to, but i don't know how to solve them: 1.A human hair is approximately 50um in diameter. Express this diameter in meters. 2. if a radio has a period of 1us, what is the wave's period in sesconds? 3. A

    asked by y912f
  14. Pre-calculus

    Find the first three iterates of the function f(z)=z^2+i for Zo=2+3i Is my answer right? 2+3i -2-2i 2+3i

    asked by Mary
  15. History

    How did the Chernobyl disaster affect the U.S? Did it at all?

    asked by Dani
  16. math

    Charlie wants to buy a $900 TV in 9 months. How much should he invest now at 17% simple interest to have the money in 9 months?

    asked by mel
  17. science

    a material that reduces the flow of heat by conduction, convection, and radiation is a. a solar collector b. a conductor c. and insulator, or d. condensation

    asked by delane
  18. history

    Ok i am having trouble with my world history homework questions........Please HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Ok these are the three questions i am having trouble with: 1. What are some of te characteristics of the "Renaissance man" and "Renaissance woman"? 2.

    asked by chris
  19. Chemistry

    Vinegar is 5% acetic acid. If the density of household vinegar is approximately 1.00 g/mL, how many grams of acetic acid are contained in 10.0 mL of vinegar? So I started out with 10.0 mL of HC2H3O2 then multiplied by 1.00g/1mL. What do I do next? Is it

    asked by Samantha
  20. chemistry

    Between HF and H2O, which one has the greater intermolecular force? i know they both exhibit hydrogen-bonding, but which one is greater? thanks

    asked by andrew
  21. Biology

    Why is it difficult to convert miles to yards or feet?

    asked by Clarissa
  22. communication processing

    How are men’s and women’s speech traits associated with power and status? What situations or purposes tend to elicit these traits?

    asked by jay jay
  23. chemistry

    RE: Le Chatelier's principle. this was the whole question i was given. Write a short account of around 250 words in total, with reference to Le Chatelier’s principle, in which you explain the following: (i) The effect on the equilibrium yield of nitric

    asked by trigger
  24. Science

    which is more dense, cold freshwater or warm seawater? why?

    asked by Angie
  25. math

    i have 5 coins, penny, nickel,dime,quarter and a loonie. Ho many different amounts of money could i pay using any combinations of these coins?

    asked by tyler
  26. english - ms. sue please help

    How can a certain narrative show originality? I have to write an essay about how the story we read in class narrative shows originality...

    asked by Joey
  27. Pre-calculus

    Does Sin^-1(-x)=-Sinx? Is it true or false and explain.

    asked by Mary
  28. Science

    What is the arrangement of the objects in the universe from largest to smallest

    asked by Kiana
  29. physics

    The diameters of Earth and the Sun are approximately 1.3 107 m and 1.4 109 m respectively, and the average Sun-Earth distance is 1.5 1011 m. Consider a scale model of the solar system, where Earth is represented by a peppercorn 2.3 mm in diameter.

    asked by kj
  30. spanish sra jmcgin

    hi i have a spanish essay draft to write can I scan and email you or someone the assignment it is half a page in spanish. this way you will know what the assignment is and hopefully can review my draft. it is due tomorrow

    asked by sam
  31. Anatomy and Physiology

    a 73 year old woman suffers a severe cerebral hemorrhage after minor trauma. Blood work reveals that her blood clotting ability is impaired. Disease of which abdominal organ may contrbute to this? Why?

    asked by Sharon
  32. Math

    Simplify the exponential expression. Assume the variables represent nonzero real numbers. (2^-1 x^-5 y^-5)^-2 (2x^-2 y^4)^-2(4x^-2 y^4)^0 ______________________________________ (2x^-5 y^-5)^2 the line by the way means to divide. i have no idea how to solve

    asked by Jake
  33. Physics

    i have the answers to these i just need explanations; steps on how to do them 1. Heather and Mathew walk with an average velocity of 0.98 m/s eastward. If it takes them 34 min to walk to the store, what is their displacement? 2.If Joe rides his bicycle in

    asked by y912f
  34. 10th grade

    bob accidently falls out of a helicopter that is traveling horizonally at 160m/s. he plunges into the water below 4s later. assuming there is no air resistance, what is the horizontal distance he travels while falling

    asked by jacqueline
  35. Chemistry

    How would you balance this equation: CuS + KCl = ? Can you explain.

    asked by Mary
  36. Pre-calculus

    Find the values of x in the interval 0

    asked by Mary
  37. English

    this question is for the short story lamb to the slaughter there are many dramatic irony in the text such as ??? what does dramatic irony mean?? can you please give me one example thanyou

    asked by lila
  38. physics

    A vector has components Ax = 44 m and Ay = 30 m. Find the length of the vector vector A and the angle it makes with the x axis. in meters and in degrees

    asked by kj
  39. Science

    Why do red fish look black at ocean water depths greater than about 10 m?

    asked by Angie
  40. hsm 220

    identify similarities and differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Provide at least five short examples of both as they apply to an organizational setting.

    asked by Kristy
  41. Math

    In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter (L) bottle in 0.5 seconds and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 s. How many 2-l bottles can be filled by the machine in 2 h?

    asked by Dana
  42. english

    What did Mr. St JOhn inform Jane about?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math - Derivatives

    How would one take the derivative of "f(x)^[g(x)]? Is there a formula I can follow to differentiate functions like that?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Electricity

    Lightning occurs when charges jump the gap between the ----- cloud and the ----- ground? Lightning can go to one of three places. It can: a.________________ b._________________ c._________________ The energy caused by the flow of particles with negative

    asked by Agnes
  45. trigonometry

    1) show that: 1-cos2t divided by sin2t= TANt 2) show that: 1-(cos2t divided by (cos x cos)t)= (TAN x TAN)t

    asked by Craig
  46. U.S.History

    how did the issue of Gold, Glory, and God influence the economic gain and glory for all individuals involved.[involved in the colonizing activities of Spain and England] i really, really need help with this..i have been trying to find the answer for this

    asked by y912f
  47. 7th grade Science

    What kind of a tissue does photosynthesis take place in?

    asked by Brittany
  48. Biology

    Two samples of DNA have the same melting point and density. Does this prove that they are from the same species? Explain clearly and back up your reasons. I read in my notes and all it said was that DNA species isolated from different organisms have

    asked by Lilah
  49. FRENCH

    I am so sorry, I know I have asked that question before but I still do not see the difference between those two sentences. In my book it says: "Nous avons besoin des nombres pour le commerce." and then it says: "Nous avons besoin de nombres pour désigner

    asked by E.G.
  50. Social Studies

    How did the French and Indian War change Pennsylvania?

    asked by Chelsea
  51. 3rd grade

    Would you capitalize (golden eagles) in this sentence? Do you recall the golden eagles in the forest?

    asked by Matt
  52. 9th grade

    wich one is the (SI) unit temperture? kelvin fahrenheit joules celsius thank you

    asked by kalene
  53. Engish

    How does the author of A Nation Apart By Simon on time com Elegant organize information to build his argument? Does he includes any counteragument? Why or why not? What kinds of statistics, graphs, or illustrations does the author include? In what ways do

    asked by destiny
  54. Physics

    How fast does a car have to accelerate to go from 10.0 m/s to 30 m/s in 125 meters?

    asked by Kira
  55. AED

    List five key educational issues related to the First Amendment from your reading. Briefly describe how each issue impacts the classroom. Give intext citations and references for sources used in this paper. Please attach. Paragraphs are indented 5 spaces

    asked by troyer0269
  56. English

    How can a certain narrative show originality? I have to write an essay about how the story we read in class narrative shows originality...

    asked by Joey
  57. World literature

    I nedd to find 15 reasons why people like world literature. Please help me!!! im new in high school.

    asked by Chris thompson
  58. Physics

    please check my answers, they are Capitalized 1. the SI base unite used to measure mass is the a. meter b. second. C. kilogram d. liter 2. how does a scientist reudce the frequency of human error and minimize a lack of accuracy? a. take repeated

    asked by y912f
  59. english

    What does these phrases mean? Very confused.This is about Spielberg. 1. He makes movies when marketing controls the industry 2. Mystery offrs promises instead of threat 3. In his best films he tapped into dreams fashioned by our better natures appriciate

    asked by Maria
  60. 11th grade

    hi, i am haveing prob;ems with my math its called solving the quadratic equation but my teacher is not really giving me the attention i need to pass the class but will you help me please

    asked by boartavis
  61. english

    Hey Guys! It's confused english here! I was wondering if you could answer this question. In this sentence - what would rubbish be used as? A noun, verb, or adjective? Sue Ellen was talking rubbish when she told people about the story. Please answer this

    asked by confused english
  62. Chemistry

    Why do we store very reactive metals such as potassium and sodium in oil? What kind of oil is it?

    asked by janice
  63. geometry

    each line segment in a polygon is called a what?

    asked by john smith
  64. Math

    What is the only quadalateral to have a 45 degree angle?

    asked by Haley
  65. Algebra

    GIven any positive integers, show that at least two must exist whose sum or difference is divisible by 10.

    asked by Renee
  66. College Prep

    Scenerio: Two days ago your manager phoned and said he would like to plan a field contact in order to evaluate your promotional deals and marketing skills. He will meet you at Kroger's, your top account, at 2:00 p.m. You immediatly got antsy because you

    asked by Jason
  67. Math

    Train A and Train B are traveling towards each other but are 2,100 miles apart. Train A is traveling at 50 mph and Train B is traveling at 35 mph. When will they collide?

    asked by Lor
  68. english

    When does the sentence "By the time he reached the seventeenth floor, which seemed to take forever, he was winded and gasping?" use dependent, independent, and adjective clauses?

    asked by Arika =]
  69. social studys

    where did the three fifth compromise take place?

    asked by cody
  70. math

    find all positive integers for 15x+18y=17.

    asked by Julie
  71. home economics

    Need help looking up data on unemployment from 1998-2008 yearly data and 2008 monthly data. Also finding gdp defliator form 1998-2008 yearly and quantity

    asked by Rosslyn
  72. English

    When writing about movie titles, are they underlined, italicised (sp?), or put in quotes? Thanks.

    asked by Mary
  73. geometry

    in a translation, how can you use the relationship between some points and their images to find the images of other points?

    asked by susan
  74. sra jmcguin

    I'm supposed to do a draft essay on helping a high school senior with improving his grades. 3 recommendation as his friend and there explanations, along with introduction and conclusion sentences. Only one paragraph. ths is the draft any suggestions are

    asked by sam help please
  75. 4th grade math

    Which object is most likely to be about 4cm long? a textbook a pair of scissors a cricket a new crayon

    asked by Ms. Lynn
  76. medicine

    Does the AMA ethics poinion mention encryption as a technique for security?

    asked by Julie
  77. Physics - Damon

    Hey Damon, I posted this question a while back and you helped me figure out the first part of it. Assume that radio waves have a frequency of 6.0 × 10^7 Hz, and that the radio receiver is 25 m above the surface of the sea. What is the smallest angle theta

    asked by Sam
  78. english

    writing sentences and paragraphs

    asked by tara
  79. Astronomy

    Why is the time at which leo transits the meridian different for mexico city and chicago?

    asked by Melissa
  80. math

    a machine can fill a 2 liter bottle in 0.5 second and move the next bottle in place in 0.1 second how many 2 liter can be filed by the machine in 2 hours

    asked by bobbie
  81. Math - exponential

    How many inflection points does f(x) = xe^(x^(-2)) have? -- is there one inflection point? and does this apply to all functions? How many relative max or min does the function, f(x) = xe^(x^2) have? -- it only has 1 relative min, am i correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Health and human services

    Nine major forms of benefits/services in the U.S. social welfare system? Choose three out of the nine major forms of benefits/services in the U.S. social welfare system for each of the three; give an example of when you believe that benefit or service

    asked by Ree
  83. Physics

    i have just started physics, can someone please show me step by step how to do this: The radius of Earth is 6 370 000 m. Express this measurement in km in scientific notation with the correct number of significant digits. thank you for your help

    asked by y912f
  84. English

    Nothing seems at first sight less important than the outward form of human actions, yet there is nothing upon which men set more store; they grow used to everything except to living in a so- ciety which has not their own manners. The influence of the

    asked by Joe
  85. Pysch

    How do various behaviors of social dominance and courtship display affect the evolutionary process? What other behaviors might have an impact on evolution? Provide specific examples. Can someone explain it better to me plz

    asked by SinnerSaved
  86. Electricity

    The energy caused by the flow of particles with negative electrical charge is called?

    asked by Agnes
  87. Grammar (clauses)

    How does the sentence "By the time he reached the seventeenth floor, which seemed to take forever, he was winded and gasping?" use dependent, independent, and adjective clauses?

    asked by Arika =]
  88. psychology

    Is their a certain format for article reviews, possibly in APA format? If so, where can I find an example?

    asked by Jennifer
  89. history

    Was Westernization the best policy for China, Japan, Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire? i don't need a direct answer, just links to websites that could help me out with this. google didn't come up with anything for me.

    asked by jane
  90. sciencs

    i have to wright a five paragraph essay about erosion i need some suggestions on what to wright or how i should i wright it because its confusing to me i have no idea how to wright or format a 5 paragraph essay

    asked by billy
  91. computing

    indentify 3 aspects of a good HCI

    asked by arron
  92. Math - Derivatives

    I find it difficult to take the derivative of something that has a constant base with a variable as an exponent...and simplify it... PLEASE HELP ME! f(x) = e^(x^(-1)) f'(x) = -1(e^(x^(-2))e^(x^(-1)) f'(x) = -e^(x^(-2))e^(x^(-1)) ????? and... f(x) = 3^x

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry-help needed

    1) Does Alumnium react with steam to give metal oxide and hydrogen gas? 2) Does Aluminium react with dilute hydrochloric acid? What are the products? 3) Will Tin react with dilute hydrochloric acid to give tin(II)chloride and hydrogen gas?

    asked by anne
  94. electric fields, showed work

    imagine sitting a distance r from a charge q. you measure both the electric field and electric potential. now imagine that the charge is halved and you move three time as far away. you measure the field and potential again. b what factor has the electric

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by KIKI
  96. geometry

    what geometry figure begins and ends in the same point

    asked by john smith
  97. Science

    "Blow up a balloon and tie it up. Leave it for a few days. After a few days, the balloon becomes smaller.Why?" The answer given is that the air particles diffuse out of the balloon. Can you please explain the answer? I understand that diffusion involves

    asked by anne
  98. Pre Calc

    If the equation is y = -x^2 + 6/2 Would it become y = x^2 + 3? Or would it be y = x^2/2 + 3? Thanks.

    asked by Mike
  99. communication processing

    I just need some type of example I am so lose in this class. How are men’s and women’s speech traits associated with power and status? What situations or purposes tend to elicit these traits?

    asked by jay jay
  100. the novel "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest

    Has anybody read this book? I have a few questions to ask, I've read the book but forgotten a few things reply ASAP!

    asked by David
  101. math

    simplify these expressions as fractions: (26/27) + (35/4) (26/27) x (35/4) (3x/2y^2) x (2yx/x^2) and what are the restrictions of x, y? (3x^y/zw) + (tx^2y^3w^4/z) and what are the restrictions for he variables x, y, z, t, w to make the expression well

    asked by kelly
  102. 4th grade

    Which item has the capacity of about 5 milliliters< a juice glass or soda can

    asked by Ms. Lynn
  103. HELP!

    What does these phrases mean? Very confused.This is about Spielberg. 1. He makes movies when marketing controls the industry 2. Mystery offrs promises instead of threat 3. In his best films he tapped into dreams fashioned by our better natures appriciate

    asked by Maria
  104. Poem

    Do you like the title of this poem? I created it myself does it sound ok. Were supposed to write about school. Getting Ready For School Breakfast, get dressed, fix hair, get dressed, fix hair, makeup, fix hair, makeup, blush, makeup, blush, brush teeth,

    asked by KiKi
  105. social studies

    who speaks for the Executive Branch is it the senate?

    asked by armando
  106. social studies

    other famous women in 177martha washington/mary ludwig hayes

    asked by fifth grade
  107. Math

    48cm = ___m 458cm + 47m + 55cm = ____cm

    asked by Kate
  108. spanish

    the daughter of sister is my

    asked by kendra
  109. american literature

    what does her basket full of linen white mean??

    asked by brittney
  110. design a pyramid

    how to design pyramit for school project

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Physics - Damon - continued

    I don't know where you got sin theta = .1 from?? Look if I use m = 0 and the formula I used then I get L = 500m when I do arctan(25/500) I get 2.86 degrees.

    asked by Sam
  112. Science

    What is the volume of a proton and an electron?

    asked by Nicole
  113. mat1033

    Write the equation of the line that passes through the point (5, 4) and is perpendicular to y=2x-4

    asked by andrea
  114. algebra

    given any seven positive integers, show that at least two must exist whose sum or difference is divisible by 10.

    asked by Renee
  115. math

    my teacher gave us a question that says: compute the correlation coefficient (r) between pace of life and happiness. if peace of life is 4 and happiness is 2.2? how do i do that?

    asked by sean
  116. english

    The antrcedent in the following sentence is (patients, doctors). Doctors should schedule more time for the patients so they do not spend much in the waiting room.

    asked by mary king
  117. pebblebrook

    How to Solve system of equations

    asked by Marreon
  118. HRM 240

    has anyone ever heard of or experience a Real Job Preview (RJP)?

    asked by Deb
  119. geometry

    what has ends that don't meet

    asked by john smith
  120. Writing

    Where can I find information on the mobile audio & video industry?

    asked by Bryan
  121. computing

    state 2 advantages of having modules in a library file

    asked by arron
  122. HRM 240

    why would a company want to take out the personal effects on an interview?

    asked by Deb
  123. math

    |4x - 3| < 12 is equivalent to a. -9/4 < x < 15/4 b. -15/4 < x < 9/4 c. none of these d. -16/3 < x < 8/3 e. -8/3 < x < 16/3

    asked by marvin
  124. home economics

    what is physical housing?

    asked by daron mitchell
  125. history

    what happened to government surplus under president harrison?

    asked by naomi
  126. science

    what is the 5th grade definition of calcium chloride

    asked by Alexandra
  127. history

    what did Descartes mean when he said, "I think,therefore I am"

    asked by please help