Questions Asked on
January 25, 2009

  1. Physics

    what forms of energy are involved in the following situations? (choices: kinetic energy, potential energy - gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy) a. a bicycle coasting along a level road b. heating water c. throwing a football d.

    asked by PB and apples
  2. chemistry, polar or nonpolar

    Why is NO3 nonpolar but CIF3 is polar? I looked at the lewis structures, they look similar, but why is one opposite. also, when something is polar or non polar, my teacher said I should see which atom is more electronegativity is higher and draw arrows

    asked by Anonymous
  3. CHemistry....Please help

    How would i calculate the density of Li2S in grams per cubic centimeter? I have to use the equation : density= mass/ volume: But i don't know how to find out the volume using the edge length of the unit cell which is 5.88* 10^2 pm.

    asked by Saira
  4. Chemistry repost

    Whoever you are -- Please DO NOT USE TUTORS' NAMES where your name or nickname should be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ as i earlier posted and , 1 day ago , i am confusesd hw we ll find freezing point......isnt it T pure solvent - T solution .. which ll be

    asked by Writeacher
  5. physics

    An airplane traveling 1001 m above the ocean at 125km/h is going to drop a box of supplies to shipwrecked victims below. What is the horizontal distance between the plane and the victims when the box is dropped?

    asked by Sophia
  6. reading

    I really need help in understand what I read. Everyday we have to summarize a chapter in a book. Well I do read the chapter but I always find myself writing 2 sentences out of the chapter for my summary. My grades are not good in reading and I want to know

    asked by Nehemiah
  7. chemistry

    Benzene has a heat of vaporization of 30.72kj/mol and a normal boiling point of 80.1 C . At what temperature does benzene boil when the external pressure is 410 ? This is how I am solving this problem, ln(415/760)= (30720/8.314)*(1/80.1 - 1/T2) It is

    asked by Lost
  8. U.S.History

    In the Declaration of Independence what evidence is there that the colonists had already unsuccessfully voiced concerns to the King? i found this phrase from it, could it be the answer?: "He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause

    asked by y912f
  9. physics

    A pitched ball is hit by a batter at a 45-degree angle and just clears the outfield fence, 98 m away. If the fence is at the same height as the pitch, find the velocity of the ball when it left the bat. Ignore air resistance.

    asked by Sophia
  10. Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost

    Could you check these answers thanks. 1. Where do Frost's roads diverge? Answer: Frost's roads diverge in a yellow wood. 2. Which road did the speaker in Frost's poem choose? Answer: The speaker chose the road that was less traveled by. 3. In Frost's poem

    asked by Crystal
  11. Chemestry

    How much heat (in kJ}) is required to vaporize it? (Assume a density of 1.00 g/mL ) I have this 60.0ML/ 1.00 g/ml = 60grams 60/153/81 g/mol = .3900916715 moles .3900916715 moles / 43.9 kj/mol = 17.122 And it keeps telling me the answer is wrong.

    asked by Creative9k
  12. U.S.History

    According to the Declaration of Independence, why were the colonists unhappy with the fact that their judges' salaries were paid by the king?

    asked by y912f
  13. history

    The 38th parallel is associated with what war? I'm just confused is it Korean ????

    asked by kool
  14. chemistry

    The instruction booklet for your pressure cooker indicates that its highest setting is 13.5psi . You know that standard atmospheric pressure is 14.7psi , so the booklet must mean 13.5psi above atmospheric pressure. At what temperature will your food cook

    asked by blah
  15. Chemistry

    Use the experimental molar mass to determine the molecular formula for compounds having the following analyses. A. 41.39% carbon, 3.47% hydrogen, 55.14% Oxygen; experimental molar mass 116.07 I got C4H4O4 as the molecular formula. Can someone check this

    asked by Chopsticks
  16. Poem Lineage by Margaret Walker

    I need help with this question? How does the last line affect the interpretation of the poem.

    asked by Kisha
  17. chemistry

    I don't even know where to begin to solve this problem please help A 6.5 g piece of copper was rolled out into a thin sheet measuring 24.0 cm x 18.0 cm. The density of copper is 8.90g/cm3 1. Calculate the volume of the sheet of metal 2. Calculate the

    asked by Jennafer
  18. math and desperate

    What similarities and differences are there between functions and linear equations? Are all linear equations functions? Is their an instance when a linear equation is not a function support your answer. Im not good at math please help.

    asked by tera
  19. Poem Fable for when there's no way out

    Could you help me with this poem I read it out loud I don't understand it one bit. Here's the questions. 1. How does the boy hear about the wonder horse? 2. Why does the boy admire the horse? 3. In what season does the boy capture the horse? 4. How does

    asked by Crystal
  20. Chemistry

    Metals above hydrogen in the reactivity series react with dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulphuric acid to give metal chloride + hydrogen. 1)Is it correct to say that we use dilute acid,not concentrated acid because the reaction can take place with

    asked by candy
  21. U.S.History

    i have to analyze a political cartoon. it appeared during the American Revolution by Benjamin Franklin. it shows a snake broken into many parts. each part has a initial of a state like., NY, NC, P, NE, V, M.etc on the bottom it says JOIN or DIE. i have to

    asked by y912f
  22. U.S.History

    i have to write a letter to the Continental Congress from the perspective of a woman or an African American who has just read the Declaration in 1776. in the letter i have to comment on the Declaration's statement that "all men are created equal" and also

    asked by y912f
  23. Humanities of Arts and Culture

    Complete a virtual tour of an art museum exhibition located on the Internet. Post a 350-700 word response discussing the museum exhibition and your reaction to the visit. Your response should include the following: 1. Name of the museum, 2. URL for the

    asked by B.B.
  24. U.S.History

    i have a chart labled 'African-American Population, 1690-1750'. it shows the year, new england colonies, middle colonies, and southern colonies. the question is: In which group of colonies did the number of African Americans increase most sharply? well the

    asked by y912f
  25. 7th grade

    what is the relationship between physical and health education.

    asked by jolomi skinn
  26. previous chemistry.

    can some one reply to my last chemistry post? thanks.

    asked by Chopsticks
  27. Biochemistry

    On preparation of a solution of protein, you attempted to dissolve the substance in water, but a suspension resulted. Drop-wise adition of NaOH solution, with stirring, eliminated the suspension. Addition of acid to the original suspension had no effect.

    asked by Andrew
  28. Physical Education

    Discuss how each developmental concept might impact the physical education environment from a teaching and learning perspective -social development -moral development -emotional development -search for identity -behavior and self-esteem

    asked by Sarah
  29. College Algebra

    Part 1: Measure the distance of the diagonal (from one corner to the opposite corner) of the screen on your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the height of the screen along the vertical as well. Use the

    asked by Nicole
  30. Help with this saying

    What does this mean: "They have many clean words to say." God Bless

    asked by Kisha
  31. chem

    2) How many moles of nitrogen monoxide will be produced when 80.0 grams of oxygen are used? What volume of ammonia is needed? this iz the equation 4NH3 + 5O2 -> 6H2O + 4NO the 1st part i got 4 mol NO and i don't no how to do the 2nd prt

    asked by gabriella
  32. math

    for every 8cds sold, there were 12 dvds sold. a combined total of 70 cds and dvds were sold. how many cds were sold that day? write a proportion to show the relationship and solve it to find the number so cds sold

    asked by dawn
  33. Chemstry Help Drbob!

    How much heat (in kJ}) is required to vaporize it? (Assume a density of 1.00 g/mL ) I have this 60.0ML/ 1.00 g/ml = 60grams 60/153/81 g/mol = .3900916715 moles .3900916715 moles / 43.9 kj/mol = 17.122 And it keeps telling me the answer is wrong.

    asked by Creative9k
  34. Math

    Josh and Mike live 13 miles apart. Yesterday Josh started to ride his bicycle toward Mike's house. When they met, Josh had ridden for twice the length of time as Mike and at 4/5 of Mike's rate. How many miles had Mike ridden when they met? (a) 4 (b) 5 (c)

    asked by Josh
  35. Math

    Write the equation of the circle with center (-2,-3) and tangent to the line 2x+5y=10.

    asked by Hannah
  36. MATH

    Solve this system of equations. 3x+y+60=180 5y-5+2x=180

    asked by Jen
  37. Physical Education

    The possibility "What if we designed a school that acknowledged the physical changes that these students are going through." Discuss what that possibility might look like in a physical education setting

    asked by Sarah
  38. math

    Suppose that humans walk about 10,000 steps perday on average. Your average step is probably about 18 inches. If so, how many inches per day do you walk? How many feet per day do you walk? How many miles per day do you walk, to the nearest whole mile?

    asked by Bob
  39. Poems help pplz

    What similarities are between the grandmothers in The Courage That My Mother Had, and Lineage. I read the poem but I'm not so sure.

    asked by Kisha
  40. college Algebra

    1) Solve the following by factoring: a) Answer: Show your work here: b) Answer: Show your work here: 2) If , find a) f(2) Answer: Show your work here: b) f(-1) Answer: Show your work here: 3) Solve 6x2 + 3x – 18 = 0 using the quadratic formula. Read the

    asked by Nicole
  41. Science

    Explain the difference between conduction and convection heat transfer,and give an example of each.

    asked by Jillian
  42. Math

    Express 5.6 x 10 (minue two squared) in standard notation

    asked by Jeff
  43. Quotes in essays

    I want to put a quote at the very beginning of my essay. How do I go about doing that? Should it be the same or a smaller font than the rest of my essay? I'm planning on putting the quote, then starting a new paragraph to begin the actual essay. Should I

    asked by Anonymous
  44. adult education

    EXAM # 01392900 1. The Preliminary Pages of A business report include such items as a title page and a table of contents. Which one of the following is also considered part of a report's pages? A. Index B. Citations C. Table of Figures D. References 2. If

    asked by Advanced Word Processing
  45. To writeteacher about poem

    I have a question about that poem It's where it said read this writeteacher

    asked by Kisha
  46. 8th grade

    what government imposed barriers stop or hinder the export of automobiles?

    asked by Andriaana
  47. Social Studies

    Where did Coronado explore?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. U.S.History

    the Declaration states the unalienable rights of individuals as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hapiness...but i need an example of if these rights are upheld today or not.

    asked by y912f
  49. chemistry

    Alloys are harder and stronger than pure metals. I saw this sentence, "Alloys make the metal harder by preventing the layers of atoms from sliding." I think it is more correct to add the word "easily" at the end of the sentence since in an alloy, it is

    asked by janice
  50. Chemistry`

    1.35 x10^24 g to pounds and then to ounces

    asked by Yasmin
  51. U.S.History

    according to the Declaration of Independence, what evidence in the Declaration is there of religious faith? How do you think this religious faith influenced the ideals expressed in the Declaration? i read it but did not find anything about religion in

    asked by y912f
  52. Child Care Facility

    One of the major purpose of the personal interview is to relieve the anxieties of the A. program director B. caregivers C. enrolling child and parents D. children who are already in the program. I pick the letter C

    asked by Jackie
  53. math

    rename 3/5 as a percent without using a calculator

    asked by sherri
  54. 8th Grade Algebra Answer Check

    Josh and Racquel sold corn dogs and burritos at the math club fundraiser. The corn dogs(c) cost $.35, and the burritos(b) cost $.75. They sold a total of 600 items, and raised $360. a)Write an equation for the total # of items sold. b)Write and equation

    asked by <3Medic+Droid<3
  55. Algebra

    Hi, I'm looking at my book and I can't see how they've gotten this answer: The last bit: -11/20y=-3 Their answer is y=60/11 How did they get that? The full problem, if it helps: 1/4y+2=4/5y-1 1/4y-4/5y=-1-2 -11/20y=-3 y=60/11 Okay, since typing it out - I

    asked by Kat
  56. confused

    as i earlier posted and , 1 day ago , i am confusesd hw we ll find freezing point......isnt it T pure solvent - T solution .. which ll be 0-(-23.3) = 23.3 plz conform .. and do we have to use Kf.m .. formula in order to get ( -23.3)(1)= -23.3 .. as someone

    asked by Dr Bob plz conform
  57. GEO HELPP!

    Technological change often stimulates economic activity, suck as the factories that grew out of the Industrial Revolution. Think of what you have learned about the past 100 years. What technological change do you think has created the most economic

    asked by beeca
  58. st.louse

    My task is to research the application of centrifuges for medical, forensic, and industrial purposes, and for testing and training humans. As an extension, im supposed to research and compare the use of centrifuges in space with Earth-bound centrifuges."

    asked by almutasem
  59. algebra

    write in standard from: 8.36 x 10^5 and -6.43 x 10^-4

    asked by bob
  60. organic chemistry please help

    Write a mechanism to illustrate what will happen if the addition of bromine to trans-cinnamic acid is syn; what do you expect the melting point of the syn addition product to be?

    asked by ladi
  61. math help

    Could someone tell me how to find the inverse of g(x)= x^2-5x-6

    asked by Mae
  62. MATH

    Given a circle with an inscribed equilateral triangle with each side of the triangle having a measurement of 18cm. What is the probability of selecting a point at random inside the triangle, assuming that the point cannot lie outside the circular region?

    asked by Janet
  63. geo

    what are 5 economic activities , and why they would be considered as an economic activity. plz help!

    asked by beeca
  64. Algebra

    I am a bit confused about vertical asympotes. These two examples show different ways of getting asympotes. If I was to follow the first example to get the second example's asympote, it would not work out. Which example is correct, or are they both? 1.

    asked by Gina
  65. Algebra Systems with Substitution

    I have a similar problem to

    asked by Victim of Stupidity
  66. 3rd grade

    My nana has this thing called bells palsy which makes one side of her face hang down.She can't move her mouth and her eye won't close.we are learning about nerves and I need to know which nerves make her smile the motor nerve or sensory nerve.She is sad

    asked by Katie
  67. chemistry

    is carbon dioxide an example of ion-dipole force? I say no, because it is nonpolar since ion-dipole force is an attraction between an ion and polar molecule.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math - Derivatives

    Differentiate the given function. Simplify the answer. f(x) = 28x*ln√x + 42 f'(x) = 28*ln(x)^(1/2) + (1/(x^(1/2))*(1/2(x)^(-1/2)28x) f'(x) = 28*ln(x)^(1/2) + (14x*x^(-1/2))/x^(1/2) f'(x) = 28*ln(x)^(1/2) + (14x^(-1/2))/x^(1/2) f'(x) = 28*ln(x)^(1/2) +

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Public Policy Development in Human services

    What are the different types of eligibility rules used by the Planned Parenthood?

    asked by Brooke
  70. Math

    I need help with this problem: Write an equation that will give the slope of f(x) at every point: f(x)= -4x^2-17x+5.6. It seems basic but I am having trouble understanding what the problem is asking for.

    asked by Amy
  71. history

    Who are Frances current Allies & Enemies?

    asked by mat
  72. U.S. History

    i have to choose two amendments from the Bill of Rights. then make the case for passage of them. i chose.8th Amendment-protects against cruel and unusual punishment and excessive bail 1st Amendment- guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly,

    asked by y912f
  73. re

    i need help desperately i am struggling with baptism in a catholic church i need to write an essay about it . thankyou

    asked by hum
  74. Physics

    In the first application of interferometric methods in radio astronomy, Australian astronomers observed the interference between a radio wave arriving at their antenna directly from the Sun and on a path involving reflection from the surface of the sea.

    asked by Sam
  75. Science (Phases)

    Why does the moon rise and set at different times?

    asked by Eddie Veneziale
  76. U.S.History

    according to the declaration of independence, was the statement "all men are created equal" intended to apply to all human beings? can someone help me in this and explain ..

    asked by y912f
  77. Home Economics

    State five different reasons which help determine the type and amount of food we need.

    asked by Kerry
  78. U.S.History

    i have to make a graphic organizer showing causes of the American Revolution. i have written down: 1.French and Indian War 1. 2. 2.New British Taxes 1. 2. 3.New Ideas about Natural Rights 1. 2. now i have to write at least two examples of colonists'

    asked by y912f
  79. math

    Find the slope of the line passing through the points (-9,12) and (14,-34).

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Algebraic Systems

    Okay i just wanna know what you think is the easiest between substitution and elimination/combination. I hate elimaination becuase i get confused quicker with this when actually solving it than in substitution, but it's actually easier for me. Still,

    asked by <3Medic+Droid<3
  81. Math 115

    Perform the indicated operation. 11-6 /7-7 what the answer my answer is 5/7 is that right. Add-26+(-29). I said 55 is the answer is that right. I am confused.

    asked by Johnnie
  82. adult education

    I need to identify technical and political aspects of program planning and evaluation that you might encounter in the program scenario you chose, and explain how these aspects could affect your planning and evaluation process. My scenario is this: PEACE's

    asked by dianne
  83. Science

    1).What moons will be mostly during day? Night? **Try and answer them both** 2).Why does high tide and low tide change times?

    asked by Eddie Veneziale
  84. Math

    It has schools but no children roads but no cars ,lakes but no water, and neighborhoods but no yards?

    asked by Eric
  85. BUS 210

    Where can i find the information for "Job Fair Brochure" I have absolutely no idea how to start This was due last week just found I needed the brochure I have the information

    asked by Mary
  86. georgia studies

    What did Atlanta do to recover from the civil war??????

    asked by cheley
  87. chemistry

    if salt is dissolved in water, what is the sign of enthalpy of solute, enthalpy of hydration, sign of entropy. I think it's positive, negative. The sign of entropy is positive, right? If I am correct, can you explain why it's positive.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. chem

    how wood i balance itt?? NH3 + O2 -> H2O + NO

    asked by gabriella
  89. Math

    In a circle , the radius is 68 units and a chord of the circle is 120 units. Part A)How far is the chord from the center? Part B)Find the measure of the arc created by the chord.

    asked by Dixie
  90. College Algebra

    Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice. Use the rational exponent equation L = 2.43 * W^0.3326 to estimate the wingspan L in feet of the bird that weighs W pounds

    asked by Nicole
  91. math

    I'm doing my math, but i don't understand these 3 things mean: lowest common denominator simplest form of a fraction reciprocal help plz and thank u!

    asked by beeca
  92. 10th grade/ business studies and communication sym

    difference between formal and informal mettings?

    asked by heng pang
  93. history

    Was it president William Clinton or George Bush who described Iran as "an inspiration and paymaster for terrorists"?

    asked by kool
  94. French

    Can anyone find a French dictionary online with spoken pronounciations, where you click, and a voice pronounces the word? Thanks ~Elise

    asked by Elise
  95. U.S.History

    In the Declaration of Independence what reference is there to Native Americans? What attitude toward Native Americans does this express? pleease helpp!!!

    asked by y912f
  96. business

    An appropriate science activity for a child 6 t0 12 years of age is A. collecting leaves B. using a compass to find a specific site C. growing plants from seeds D. experimenting with a magnet. I pick the letter B. IS THIS RIGHT

    asked by Cynthia
  97. Biochemistry

    I have a 1/40 dilution as 19.18 mg/ml. how would i get back to the original solution?

    asked by Andrew
  98. Math

    In a circle , the radius is 68 units and a chord of the circle is 120 units. Part A)How far is the chord from the center? Part B)Find the measure of the arc created by the chord.

    asked by Dixie
  99. College Algebra

    I have tried and struggled I really need osme help. I have an A average and this is the second time I am taking this course I totally suck at math and I don't get this at all, somebody help please lol!

    asked by Nicole
  100. 5th grade

    Ms.Sue, are u a teacher? if r,what school? just wondering?

    asked by Aastha
  101. need creative picture

    -A picture symbolizing somebody who worries a lot.. I was thinking of a scope like a sniper rifle -A picture symbolizing somebody who helps somebody find their identity -A picture symbolizing somebody who blames themself for another's death

    asked by Jimmy
  102. com 135

    Discontinuation of major equipment components for a computer network upgrade will cause a major setback in the installation of the network for a project you are managing. You must provide information about the delay to your project team members, to upper

    asked by Adebayo
  103. math

    I have to construct a box-and-whisker plot using the set of number 146,221,234,247,276,303,348,384,487, can anyone explain to me what I am suppose to do.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. preschool

    identify factors which may have influenced the validity and reability of the ovservations.thank for your help.

    asked by natasha
  105. english

    if a task description is to write an essay what is a goal?( in a language learning diary) and if a task desription is to learn some theory for an exam what is a goal?

    asked by lily
  106. Math

    HELP I am having trouble with metric conversions. 84.0 mL x _____ = ___________liters I have 84mL x 10-3 ml = 84.0x 10-3liters but i don't think it is right please help

    asked by Mary
  107. Criminal Justice

    Need help with Analyzing the history, purpose and how does the rivalry continue to shape and influence American thinking about the prison system's purpose. This is concerning the Great Penitentiary Rivalry: Pennsylvania Versus New York.

    asked by Paper
  108. In-text citation

    What would I use as the in-text citation for something like this? "William Cockerill." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2009. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 23 Jan 2009 .

    asked by Brandon
  109. To Victim of Stupidity's Algebra Systems with Subs

    How do you make that a matrix in the form of [1 0 A] [0 1 B] ? I have a system, but i missed the lessons on all that matrix stuff. If you could tell me how to make one too, that'd be great.(you were the first person with that i found with a solved system

    asked by Casey
  110. Coding

    I have read the coding guidelines for V codes inpatient and out patient. I am missing something. Can anyone give me any in put on the differentiate offical coding guidelines for the V codes.

    asked by Debbie
  111. Algerbra

    Can anyone help me on these two problems also. I am getting so confused and tired. The length of a rectangle is fixed at 27cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 100cm? also this problem Trians A and B are traveling in the same direction on

    asked by Kim
  112. Algebra 2 help

    1. (3ã6 * 4ã6)^12 Answer :6^7 2. 3ã9 * 3ã6 / 6ã2 * 6ã4 Answer: 3 Can you guys show me how to work those? I got the answers from back of the book, but I have no idea how to work it. The number behind the square root sign is the nth.

    asked by Chopsticks
  113. math

    What is the slope and y intercept of the following? y= - 2/3x-12

    asked by tera
  114. 8th grade Math

    Megan has at most $1500 to invest. She plans to invest some of the money in a long-term CD at 6% and some of it in a short-term CD at 3%. She wants to earn at least $75 in interest per year. Write a system of inequlites to represent the situation, and use

    asked by Carleigh
  115. open

    What does "the salt of truth" mean and where did it come from?

    asked by syd
  116. math

    What is the difference between a domain and a range? Describe a real life situation thatcould be modeled by a function.

    asked by tera
  117. help interpreting a DBQ question- Us History

    I have to write about the: constitutional, political and practical concerns of the Indian Removal act. i get the constitutional point but i don't understand what a political concern is or what a practical concern is is practical like they were afraid that

    asked by Spencer
  118. Math 115

    Add 1/6 + 1/2. help with this . Add -4/5 + (-3/4).

    asked by Johnnie
  119. U.S.History

    My question is how does this speaker describe the value of the land?: "It is very true that lands are of late becoming more valuable; but what rises their value? Is it not entirely owning to the industry and labor used by the white people in their

    asked by y912f
  120. Maths

    (x+5)(x-1) Expand the brackets

    asked by Sammy
  121. Chemistry repost

    A student determined that ethanol was the best solvent to use for a recrystallization based on small scale trials. When the recrystallization was carried out on a larger scale, no crystals were obtained on cooling the hot solution. Why? and how would you

    asked by Matt
  122. math

    For each of the following expressions, show each step a student would folow to mentally perform the calculations in the whole numbers. For each step, identify the law, definition , axiom ec that was used to roduce that step. 125x 15x 3 x 8

    asked by lalone
  123. Physical Education

    pro’s and con’s of health-criterion-based fitness assessments and normative-based fitness assessments?

    asked by Sarah
  124. Math

    Please help me with this question: What is the supplement of 125degrees?

    asked by Jeff
  125. The novel Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    Hey everybody here at Jiskha, I was just wondering how old are the following characters: Beth Jarrett Conrad Jarrett Dr.Berger I know Calvin's age is 41, but what about the others?

    asked by BIG D
  126. algebra

    factor 6x^6-15x^3+21x^2

    asked by kate
  127. 5th grade

    what are the 3 major citiest in indiana exept Indianoplis

    asked by Aastha
  128. math

    what are the similarities and differences between functions and linear equations?

    asked by tera
  129. College Algebra

    Part 1: What is the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid? Find an object in your residence that has the shape of a rectangular solid. Measure and record the length, width, and height of your object in either centimeters (to the nearest 10th of a

    asked by Nicole
  130. math

    simplify (25x^2)^1/2( one over two)

    asked by ashley
  131. Factor Completely

    25x^2 - 60x + 36 I get (5x - 6)(5x - 6) If this is correct, then I am having problems showing the work. Any help?

    asked by Jennifer
  132. history

    what was the longest war in american history??

    asked by kool
  133. chemistry

    In the Periodic Table,there are some elements such as Pm (Promethium) and Cm(Curium) that do not have any relative atomic mass. Why is this so?

    asked by janice
  134. Math - Simplify

    Is it possible to simplify (6x^5)(lnx) + x^5 into x^5(6lnx + 1)??

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Physical Science

    How do you calculate the mass and volume of an irregular solid object and calculate the density of that object?

    asked by Alex
  136. arithmetic math

    For each of the following expressions, show each step a student would folow to mentally perform the calculations in the whole numbers. For each step, identify the law, definition , axiom ec that was used to roduce that step. 345+641+255+359

    asked by walter
  137. mathematics

    For each of the following state the axiom, definition illutrated. All elements written are whole numbers. v-e= s since e< v and s + e = v

    asked by steven
  138. artist

    i think a my art teacher is very hard teaching and angry people. and i don't speak english. maybe she is doesn't like me help me i think this is not question. but you need to give me advice thank you very much for helping me!!

    asked by KHaliunaa
  139. Reading

    My teacher is asking me to "Create a two-part answer for the concepts below" what is a two part answer

    asked by LT
  140. science

    What does "the salt of truth" mean and where did the phrase come from?

    asked by syd
  141. math

    Factor 6x^6-15x^3+21x^2

    asked by kate
  142. math

    how do you graph f^-1

    asked by ashley
  143. Factor Completely

    c^2 - 4c - 32 I got (c - 4) (c - 8) but i think its wrong because the do not match to make it squared, what am I doing wrong?

    asked by Jennifer
  144. math

    solve: (2sin x-1) cos x=0

    asked by ashley
  145. history

    please could someone help me im doing a school project about george stephenson i am writing a newspaper article and i need the date that Mr Huskisson died by being knocked down by the train? Ive looked on different sites but its got different dates. 15th

    asked by dashan
  146. Algerbra

    I have a couple of problems that i am stuck on. They are word problem. 1 Soybean meal is 12% protien; cornmeal is 6% protien. How many pounds of each should be mixed together on order tyo get 280 pounds of mixture that is 11% protien? How many pounds of

    asked by Kim
  147. Factor Completely

    x^2 - 7x + 12 I got (x - 3) (x - 4) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  148. chemistry

    What is the heaviest element that has only one isotope and is not radioactive?

    asked by Joy
  149. history

    After World Was II,western nations joined together in a mutual defense pact called??? I'm confused between two answers?

    asked by kool
  150. medical terminology

    need help on medical terminology

    asked by Anonymous
  151. philosophy

    what are some principle issues for free will?

    asked by marie
  152. Symbolism?

    What does symbolism mean

    asked by Billy
  153. chemistry

    how do you balance equations?

    asked by ashley
  154. Chemistry 9

    what were the firstsubstnces to be discovered

    asked by Tom
  155. math

    how do i find 3/4 of 8 another question says find 3/8 of 1/4

    asked by kayla
  156. science

    what is the heaviest element that has only one isotope and is not radioactive?

    asked by Joy
  157. Physical Education

    What does the 8 feet Up-and-Go test evaluate and for whom?

    asked by Sarah
  158. Algebra=Confusion(Casey might wanna see this)

    Kay, so apparently Casey and I are both having trouble with creating a matrix from a system. I know what a matrix is, but i can never seem to figure them out. kay, so since it's figured out, i'll use

    asked by Kat
  159. math`

    for each state the axiom, defintion illusrated. all the elemtns are written are whole numbers. c

    asked by kris
  160. Math

    How many m^3 is 4.6cm^3 ? How do I start solving this

    asked by Mark
  161. world history

    what were the three key mistake napoleon bonaparte made?

    asked by rach
  162. math

    put the square roots in lowest terms square root 20 and square root 150

    asked by kate
  163. math

    negative 1 multiplied by .5 divided by .5=

    asked by haley
  164. science

    is a plant organic or inganic

    asked by sun
  165. math

    factor 8x^3+4x^5

    asked by kate
  166. math

    jenny invests $250 at a rate of 8% and earns $ long did she leave her money invested?

    asked by briana
  167. algebra II


    asked by bob