Questions Asked on
January 24, 2009

  1. chem

    The crystal structure of lithium sulfide (Li2S) is pictured here. (Intro 1 figure) The edge length of the unit cell is 5.88*10^2^2 pm. i guess it is FCC ( face cenred cubic) 1-- What are the coordination numbers of and Li^+ and S^2- in the lithium sulfide

    asked by Dr Bob plz help
  2. CHemistry....Please double check DrBobb

    What mass of ethylene glycol C2H6O2, the main component of antifreeze, must be added to 10.0 L water to produce a solution for use in a car's radiator that freezes at -23C? Assume density for water is exactly 1g/mL. First we find out the freezing point:

    asked by Saira
  3. Math - Exponential Decay

    Radium decays exponentially. Its half-life is 1,690 years. How long will it take for a 50-gram sample of radium to be reduced to 5 grams? 1/2P = Pe^(-1690k) (ln1/2)/(-1690) = k 4 x 10^-4 = k 5 = 50e^-kt ln0.1 = -kt ln0.1/-k = t 5,630 years = t ...but

    asked by Anonymous
  4. college Chemistry

    Write a balanced equation for the dissolution of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) in water. Find the number of moles of Na+ produced when 0.318 mol of sodium carbonate dissolves. Answer in units of mol.

    asked by guy
  5. science help

    how are well-developed soils similar to young soils? how are they different?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    why did the cow want a divorce?

    asked by Greener the Better
  7. Poem: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe

    Could you check these answers that go with the poem? Thanks 1. After reading "Annabel Lee," what images linger in your mind. Answer: The images that linger my mind are the kingdom by the sea, her grave by the sea, and the great love the two both shared. 2.

    asked by Crystal
  8. Urgent Chem help.plz

    The crystal structure of lithium sulfide (Li2S) is pictured here. (Intro 1 figure) The edge length of the unit cell is 5.88*10^2^2 pm. i guess it is FCC ( face cenred cubic) 1-- What are the coordination numbers of and Li^+ and S^2- in the lithium sulfide

    asked by Julia
  9. Math

    Charles's Law states that at constant pressure, the volume of a fixed amount of gas varies directly with its temperature measured in degrees Kelvin. A gas has a volume of 250 mL at 300 K. what is an equation for the relationship between volume and

    asked by Angie
  10. Statistics

    A sample of 12 measurements has a mean of 24 and a standard deviation of 4.5. Suppose that the sample is enlarged to 14 measurements, by including two additional measurements having a common value of 24 each. Find the standard deviation of the sample of 14

    asked by Nao
  11. Poem: Incident in a rose garden: By Donald Justice

    Could someone please check my answers to the poem thanks. 1. How does the gardener recongize Death? Answer: The gardener recognizes death as a dressed spanish waiter. 2. Why is the gardener afraid of Death? Answer: The gardener is afraid of death because

    asked by Crystal
  12. math

    Solve following system of equations? x+3z=-2 2x+2y+z=4 3x+y-2z=5 i need help with few so i can get hang of this math plz. Perform row operations write new matrix [132 -312 2-11| 073] R1+R2 using x,yand z variables write system linear equations represented

    asked by sherri r
  13. Poem: Hanging fire by Audre Lorde

    Could you check these answers thanks. 1. Did you feel more or less sympathy with the girl speaking in "Hanging Fire," than with the one speaking in "Young," explain your answer. Answer: I felt more sympathy with the girl in "Hanging Fire," because she's

    asked by Crystal
  14. U.S. History

    please check if my answer is correct Which was a provision of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 a. Missouri and Maine were denied statehood b. Western territories north of Missouri's southern border were closed to slavery c. Slavery could not spread to any

    asked by y912f
  15. statistics...Please help

    A sample of 12 measurements has a mean of 24 and a standard deviation of 4.5. Suppose that the sample is enlarged to 14 measurements, by including two additional measurements having a common value of 24 each. Find the standard deviation of the sample of 14

    asked by JT
  16. earth science

    how are well-developed soils similar to young soils? how are they different?

    asked by veronica

    Select all substances with a hydrogen atom that would participate in hydrogen bonding with an appropriate acceptor atom. (CH3)2CO acetone CO carbon monoxide S8 octasulfur CHClCHCl cis-1,2-dichloroethene CF3CF3 hexafluoroethane CH3COCH3CH2 methylethylketone

    asked by chris
  18. Math - ln

    Find ln(1/(√(ab^3)) of lna = 2 and lnb = 3. = ln1 - ln(ab)^(3/2) = ln1 - lna^(3/2) + lnb^(3/2) = 0 - 3/2(lna) + 3/2(lnb) = -3/2(2) + 3/2(3) = 1.5 --textbook answer is -5.5 ... where did I go wrong?

    asked by Anonymous

    Select all substances with a hydrogen atom that would participate in hydrogen bonding with an appropriate acceptor atom. (CH3)2CO(acetone), CO(carbon monoxide), S8(octasulfur), CHClCHCl (cis-1,2-dichloroethene),CF3CF3(hexafluoroethane),CH3COCH3CH2

    asked by chris
  20. The writer by Richard Wilbur Poem

    Could you please help me I have no idea what this poem means it's so confusing. Thanks for your time. God bless. And could you help me with these questions about the poem. 1. In "The Writer," what is the speaker's daughter trying to write? 2. What does the

    asked by Cartman
  21. CHemistry....Please help

    1.SOLUBILITY: At 25C, the molar solubility of calcium phosphate in water is 1.1*10^{-7}M. Calculate the solubility in grams per liter. I m not sure how to convert M to g/L MOLAR MASS OF COLLIGATIVE PROPERTIES: 2.tert-Butyl alcohol is a solvent with a Kf of

    asked by Saira
  22. chemistry

    Benzene has a heat of vaporization of 30.72kj/mol and a normal boiling point of 80.1 C . At what temperature does benzene boil when the external pressure is 445 ? This is how I am solving this problem, but when I enter the answer it says im wrong. Can

    asked by confused
  23. chemistry

    The alkanes are a homologous series of compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen that have the general formula . Members of this series include butane (), 2,2-dimethylpentane (), hexane (), and heptane (). The boiling points of some members of this

    asked by isthiscorrect
  24. Math - Exponential

    Tests of an artifact discovered at the Debert site in Nova Scotia show that 28% of the original C14 is still present. Approximately how old is the artifact? 28% = 7/25 (7/25)P = Pe^(-5730k) (ln(7/25))/(-5730) = k 2.22 x 10^-4 = k (7/25)P = Pe^(-kt)

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math - natural log

    Solve for x. (25e^0.1x)/(e^(0.1x) + 3) = 10 e^2.5x / (e^(0.1x) + 3) = 10 e^(2.5x - 0.1x) + 1/3 = 10 e^2.4x = 29/3 ln^(e^(2.4x)) = ln(29/3) 2.4x = ln(29/3) x = 0.945 Is that correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. CHemistry....Please help

    How do you find out the coordination number of a crystal? For example im given a picture of the crystal structure of lithium sulfide Li2S. SO i need to find coordination number for: Li^+ S^2-

    asked by Saira
  27. U.S. History

    please check this The Treaty of Greenville was the result of which of the following battles a. Battle of Ticonderoga b. Battle of Burnt Cabins c. Battle of Fallen Timbers d. Battle of Little Big Horn i picked C

    asked by y912f
  28. Math - Compound

    If a bank offers interest at a nominal rate of 6%, how much greater is the effective rate if interest is compounded continuously than if the compounding is quarterly? I don't get this question at all... All I'm given is the rate and how am I suppose to

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Urgent Chem Help someone plz

    Calculate the mole fraction of the solute in the following aqueous solutions 3.25% ethanol, by volume (d= 0.993 g/ml ; pure C2H5OH, d= 0.789 g/ml )

    asked by Casandara
  30. Organic Chemistry

    Explain why the addition of bromine to trans-cinnamic acid takes place more slowly than the addition of Br2 to a normal alkene like 3-hexene or cyclohexene.

    asked by Jenn
  31. Poem: Young by Anne Sexton

    Could you check these answer thanks so much 1. How do you think the girl in "Young," feels about where she is in her life. Answer: The girl wonders what is coming next in her life because she is full of questions about what's her future going to be like.

    asked by Crystal
  32. U.S. History

    this is one of my questions. i have answered it. please add or make changes to this as neccessary. :) WHO ARE THE ANTI-FEDERALIST?EXPLAIN WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN.WHY DID THEY OBJECT TO THE PROPOSED CONSTITUTION? Anti-federalists were people who opposed the

    asked by y912f
  33. DrBob

    How would i explain the readiness of allyl alcohol to react with the Lucas test???? Thanks!! ------------------- I still don't understand-- I know Lucas Test is best for tert carbocations but 2-propen-1-ol gives secondary carbocation at best even with

    asked by Andrew
  34. Algebra

    A long-distance call using DEC costs 20 cents for the first minute and 16 cents for each additional minute. The same call, placed on LCS, costs 19 cents for the first minute and 18 cents for each additional minute. For what length of phone calls is DEC

    asked by Gemma
  35. chemistry

    I need help on these questions. They all seem pretty similar i think? i don't know what formula i am suppose to use. And what does nonvolatile mean? is that like a clue or something? 1) 2.6 g of the nonvolatile solute sucrose (C12H22O11) is added to 465 g

    asked by confusedkid
  36. chemistry

    A gas has an empirical formula of POF3. If 0.350L of the gas at STP has a mass of 1.62g, what is the molecular formula of the mass? molar mass= 1mol x 22.4L/1mol x 1.62g/0.350L = 103.7g molarmass/empirical formula mass = 103.7g/214.5g = 0.4834 ... how do I

    asked by Sh
  37. Chemistry Concept

    The iron in steel has a density of 7.86 g/cm3. When iron rusts, it forms hydrated Fe2O3 that has a density of 5.12 g/cm3. What happens to the volume as iron rusts? Like does it expand? contract? stay the same? expand then contract?

    asked by Soonjung

    Select all substances with an acceptor atom that can hydrogen bond to a hydrogen atom that is part of a polar covalent bond. HCCH ethyne Br2 dibromine H2CCH2 ethene CH3Cl chloromethane CH3CH2CO2H propionic acid OF2 oxygen difluoride

    asked by chris
  39. College level math

    Suppose you deposit $100 in an account that earns 0.5% each month. You make no withdrawals from the account and deposit no more money into the account. How much money will you have in the account after 4 years?

    asked by Steph
  40. FRENCH

    Could you please give me the English translation for "je dormais"(imparfait) and "je dormisse"(imparfait du subjunctif) The translator site gives me "I slept" for both.That couldn't be right, could it??! Merci beaucoup!

    asked by E.G.
  41. Chemistry

    What happens when equal volumes of 0.2M Na2SO3 and 0.2M CaSO3 are mixed? A. Only Na2S precipitates. B. Only CaSO3 precipitates. C. Both CaSO3 and Na2S precipitate. D. No precipitate forms.

    asked by Aubrey
  42. Math 116A

    I have been out of school for a very long time and I just enrolled to take some classes online and I am having a lot of trouble with my math. I just cannot seem to understand what it is that they want. Is there anyone that can help me with this. I am

    asked by Robert

    how to write a debate? I mean does it have a special form? is it like a letter? what kind of language do you use when writting a debate?

    asked by alex
  44. English

    oh I got a terrible hard question for homework and got any qlue how to start it and develop and etc thats it: i ave to write a "debate" to analyse the role of media in Irish society my english teacher gave us pros and cons how to start? and how to match

    asked by Katy
  45. Chemistry

    When we test for carbon dioxide gas, we bubble it through limewater and get a white precipitate CaCO3. What is the equation for the reaction? Is it CO2 + Ca(OH)2 --> CaCO3 + H2O

    asked by janice
  46. math

    Write the equation of line passing through the pints (4,3) and ( -18, 24).

    asked by Anonymous
  47. religious education

    for my re homework i need to find 3 facts about each of these churches. orthodox church anglican church baptism in a catholic church baptist church ive looked on several websites but i am still struggling. any help i would be grateful for . thanks

    asked by isla
  48. Chemistry

    Sometimes, instead of percentages compostion, you will have the composition of a sample by mass. Using the actual mass of the sample, determine the empirical formula for compounds that have the following analyses. A. a .858g sample of an unkown substance

    asked by Chopsticks
  49. algebra

    Mandi can be paid in one of two ways: Plan A-- A salary of $400 per month, plus a commission of 8% gross sales; or Plan B-- A salary of $610 per month, plus a commission of 5% of gross sales. For what amount of gross sales should Mandi select Plan A? I

    asked by Gemma
  50. U.S. History

    please tell me if these are right or not. my choice are in CAPS 1. the Antifederalists opposed the Costitution becasue they thought it a. gave the federal government too much power B. PROVIDED NO WAY TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION c. gave the state governments

    asked by y912f
  51. chemistry

    So this is the case: liquid methanol, CH3OH is being prepared to be poured into a beaker of water. (THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE ANSWER FOR Q1-3) 1) What intermolecular forces are broken in the methanol when these substances are mixed? -hydrogen-bonding

    asked by andy
  52. ETH125

    Post a current issue between Native Americans and the Federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection.

    asked by Maria
  53. Math - logs

    log_3(2x - 1) = 2, Find x. Here's what I've done: log_3(2x) * log_3(1) = 2 log2x/log3 * log1/log3 = 2 trial and error... log2 (2*1.4)/log3 * 0 = 2.03... x = 1.4 I think I did it wrong because anything that multiplies with 0 gives you 0...

    asked by Anonymous
  54. English

    I need help with this homework: Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Progressive: Choose the best answer. (In some sentences, both answers are acceptable.) 1. I’ve never (been making – made ) more than $500 a week. 2. He’s always (wanted - been

    asked by Gersy
  55. human resources

    As the company bookkeeper reviewing delinquent accounts receivable, you find that a relative of yours has not paid his account amounts of $550. You know that he has been experiencing financial difficulties, and so you set his account aside and do not

    asked by China
  56. Biology

    How is sex (gender) determined in mammals? I was thinking that if the male gave over an X chromosome that the baby would for sure be a male because males have XY and if the male gave over an X then baby would for sure be a female because all females ar XY.

    asked by Lena
  57. nutrition

    what is protien?

    asked by angela
  58. geography

    what is person suitability? (i copied it down wrong in a note)

    asked by dawn
  59. writeacher- religious education again!

    sorry to be a pain and ask for help again . i am still struggling with 3 facts about the anglican church, 3 facts about baptist church , 3 facts about the orthodox church. the only thing i have found is that Anglican means `of England` ive tried what you

    asked by isla
  60. math

    write the equation of the passing through the point (6,-8) and perpendicular to the line y=(-5/8)x+25.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. 9th grade HEALTH


    asked by SARAH
  62. calc

    ln(a² − b²)

    asked by cindy999
  63. computer graphic

    This term deals with the difference between the lightas and the darks of an image" a value b tones c contrast d variable brigthness comparisonal testing is it "c"

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Chemistry

    How would i explain the readiness of allyl alcohol to react with the Lucas test???? Thanks!!

    asked by Andrew
  65. Psychology

    Jennifer is a 29-year-old administrative assistant married to Antonio, an Italian engineer, whom Jennifer met four years earlier while on a business trip for her marketing company. The couple now lives in Nebraska, where Antonio works for the county's

    asked by Brittney
  66. Math

    A(-11,8)B(2,-6) and C(-19,-8) are the vertices of Triangle ABC. N(X,Y) is a point on AC such the BN is Perpendicular to AC. Find Area of Triangle ABC. PLEASE HELP!!!

    asked by Anonymous

    Select all substances with an acceptor atom that can hydrogen bond to a hydrogen atom that is part of a polar covalent bond HCCH (ethyne), Br2 (dibromine), H2CCH2 (ethene), CH3Cl (chloromethane), CH3CH2CO2H (propionic acid), OF2(oxygen difluoride)

    asked by chris
  68. factor completely

    125c^3 + 729x^3 (5c)^3 + (9x)^3 (5c + 9x)(25c^2 - 45cx + 81x^2) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  69. history

    Can anyone help me ?? George W. Bush's victory in presidentaial election of 2000 was finally decided by who??

    asked by K
  70. U.S. History

    please check this The War of 1812 end with a. a clear victory for the United State b. a clear victory for Britain c. the removal of all British claims to land in North America d. a return to the pre-war boundaries between United States and British

    asked by y912f

    Select all substances with an acceptor atom that can hydrogen bond to a hydrogen atom that is part of a polar covalent bond HCCH ethyne Br2 dibromine H2CCH2 ethene CH3Cl chloromethane CH3CH2CO2H propionic acid OF2 oxygen difluoride

    asked by chris
  72. Algebra

    Okay, i need help. I'm solving linear equations in intermediate algebra. My problem is that I never know which number to subtract first. Ex: 5y-8=-18 To get the right answer (-2), they move they add the 8 to both sides. But on 27w-64=-37 They move the 37

    asked by Kat
  73. math

    Explain the difference between the slopes of two parallel lines and the slope of two perpendicular lines.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. U.S. History

    i really need help with this essay question Explain How The Issues Of "Gold, Glory and God" Influenced Not Only The Colonizing Activities Of Spain And England But Also The Economic Gain And Glory For All Individuals Involved/ please help if you can

    asked by y912f
  75. english

    i have to keep a language learning diary and i am a bit confused.I have to write a tas description and a goal.what is a difference,can someone give an example?

    asked by lily
  76. English

    Debate the motion that the media has too much power in our society...

    asked by Wioleta
  77. Histoty

    Ok I would like you to read this source and explain what does it mean and why is it wrong based on a my history Question : How far can you prove that Source G is wrong? Source G The greatest danger and the one which threatenes to destroy Europe is not

    asked by Cindy
  78. Economics

    Jim signed a new deal for $10 million with the Toronto maple leafs. THe terms of the contract were 1 million immediately and 800,000 per year for the next 5 years (first payment after 1 year) and $1 million per year for the next 5 years (first payment at

    asked by Regina
  79. Definition

    What exactly would the definition of advasarial communication be? In full sentence form: Inter-departmental communication is advasarial. Can someone please help clarify?

    asked by Renee
  80. computer graphic

    this is the term for an images resolution specifically when dealing with prints. a Megapixel b screen resolution c filter resolution d DPI i guess its "a" but i am not sure. plz help thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  81. U.S. History

    can someone help me with this one Jefferson's election as President in 1800 demonstrated that a. the country could peacefully transfer power from one party to another b. the Constitution needed to be reformed c. there was no need for a two-party system d.

    asked by y912f
  82. Calculus II

    Can someone help me with this problem? Find f if f''(x) = x^-2, x>0, f(1)=0, and f(2)=0. I tried using antiderivatives but I realized I couldn't take the antiderivative of x^-1.

    asked by Marta
  83. algebra

    factor: 9w - w^3 = 3w(3-w^2) m^4 - n^4 = (m-n)^2(m-n)^2 are these correct? the next few I wasn't sure how to work... factor: 2h^2 - h - 3 = 0 x^2 - 36 = 0 x^3 = 4x

    asked by kayla
  84. U.S. History what ways did the colonies and Britain benefit from triangular trade? 2.Name two places enslaved Africans were sent to and what types of crops were cultivated in each place for the second one i got West Indies:sugar, molasses and North America: rum,

    asked by y912f
  85. U.S. History

    please check this how did the Nationalists regard Shay's Rebellion? a. as proof that the states had too little power b. as an example of how governments abuse their power c. as proof that only a strong national government could prevent social disorder d.

    asked by y912f
  86. calculus

    A question on my math homework that I can't seem to solve... Rotate the region bounded by y=x^2-3x and the x-axis about the line x=4. Set up the integral to find the volume of the solid. I'm pretty sure that the integral is in terms of (dy), and has bounds

    asked by Michelle
  87. need ideas on science fair project!!

    im doing a science fair project on teeth.... and i need ideas. i hve already tried what kind of soda affects the tooth most, and i need more ideas! plz help!!

    asked by applepies...
  88. music

    in music i need to find out about Poulenc. his date of birth- 7th january 1899 when he died- 30th january 1963 what nationality- Paris , France his musical group - Les Six are these answers right. thankyou for the help

    asked by lidia
  89. Afghan Culture

    What is he significance of the burqa, face veil, and hajib?

    asked by Twilight lover
  90. Factor Completely

    25x^2 - 60x + 36 highest number they all go into is 1 so would this be Prime?

    asked by Jennifer
  91. english

    There is one more thing which is not 100 % clear to me. I am still writing my learning diary and have to write about my emotional temperature.I've googled it but still I am not sure what it is

    asked by lily
  92. Science

    What kind of soda affects teeth most? -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  93. Chemistry

    I saw this sentence,"Most metals are strong and can be hit without breaking because they are HARD." But aren't pure metals soft and weak? Why do we still say they can be hit without breaking because they are hard?

    asked by candy
  94. Afghan Food

    What is a typical afghan diet?

    asked by Twilight lover
  95. Chemistry

    A student determined that ethanol was the best solvent to use for a recrystallization based on small scale trials. When the recrystallization was carried out on a larger scale, no crystals were obtained on cooling the hot solution. Why? and how would you

    asked by Matthew
  96. human services management

    does anyone know how to calculate fixed costs, variable costs and break even points on balance sheets, cash statements and income statements?

    asked by Mikaila
  97. physics

    if a bean of mass 2.0 g jumps 1.0 cm from your hand into the air, how much potential energy has it gained in reaching its highest point? What is its speed as the bean lands back in the palm of your hand?

    asked by naomi
  98. Science

    Why is it that cats and dogs don't have just one or two children in a litter like humans do? Why do they have 6-9? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  99. factor completely

    c^2 + 3/2c + 9/16 (c + 3/4) (c + 3/4) (c + 3/4)^2 Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  100. factor completely

    6h^2 + 45h - 24 3(2h^2 + 15h - 8) 3(2h^2 + 1h + 16h - 8) 1h(2h + 1) + 8(2h + 1) 3(2h + 1) (1h + 8) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  101. Math - Exponential

    Evaluate [(26 + 37)/121]^(3/2) = [(2√27)^3 + (2√36)^3] / [(2√121)^3] = [(2√27)^3 + 6] / 1331 and now... I don't know what to do... the answer is (189/1331)(√7)... BUT I don't know how to get this! Please help me! Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  102. physics, fluids

    would I be correct if I explained the 3 expressions in Bernoulli's equation as representing: P is the pressure 1/2*rho*v squared is the kinetic energy rho*g*h is the gravitational kinetic energy. Or is it more complicate than that. Thanks

    asked by charlie
  103. U.S. History

    i have a map that shows the Electoral Vote in 1792 it shows each state and has a number in front of it like: NY(12) how do i figure out how many representatives NY had in the Senate and in the House of Representatives using this map??

    asked by y912f
  104. algebra

    how do you do a problem like this: (by the way ^ sybols a placement of an exponent ex. f^3 f is the variable and 3 is the exponent) (k^2e)^2 ________

    asked by mia
  105. algebra

    how do you do a problem like this: (k^2e)^2 ________

    asked by mia
  106. computer graphic

    This control on the Layers Palette in Photoshop changes the selected layer, allowing to show through from underneath. a See-through b transparency c saturation d color mode i am little confused between a and b...

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Factor Completely

    2t^2 - 18t + 5t - 45 2t(t - 9) + 5 (t - 9) (t - 9) (2t + 5) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  108. math

    Write the equation of the passing through the point (6,-8) and parallel to the line y=-(5/8)x+25?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Factor Completely

    I used the U-subsitution (x + 1)^2 - 11 (x + 1) + 24 u^2 - 11u +24 (u + 3) (u - 8) should this be (u - 3)? (x + 1 + 3) (x + 1 - 8) (x + 4) (x - 7) or should it be (x - 2) Can anyone explain which is the correct answer thanks

    asked by Jennifer
  110. sci230

    Piecing It Together on p. 78 of the text describes the six major concluding principles Mendel hypothesized from his work. Describe three of them.

    asked by ray
  111. math

    find the absolute minimum of f(x) = x - ln x

    asked by cindy999
  112. science

    how does a low voltage thermostat work?

    asked by ryan
  113. math

    the sum of 2 different numbers is 42. the difference of the same 2 numbers is 12. find the 2 numbers.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. math

    example of a linear equation that is a direct variation....

    asked by Anonymous