Questions Asked on
January 23, 2009

  1. chemistry

    Nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2) react to form ammonia (NH3). Consider a mixture of six nitrogen molecules and six hydrogen molecules in a closed container. Assuming the reaction goes to completion, what will the final product mixture be? number of NH3

    asked by lyne
  2. math

    A water balloon is shot into the air so that its height h, in metres, after t seconds is h = —4.9t^2 + 27t + 2.4 a)How high is the balloon after 1 s? b)For how long is the balloon more than 30 m high? c)What is the maximum height reached by the balloon?

    asked by gagan
  3. 3rd math

    Write 35 divided by 7 in three different ways. What is the quotient? do they mean 35 divided by 5= 7 , 35 divided by 7= 5 or by sign?

    asked by eve
  4. chemistry

    Aspirin (C9H8O4) is synthesized by reacting salicylic acid (C7H6O3) with acetic anhydride (C4H6O3). The balanced equation is given below. C7H6O3 + C4H6O3 C9H8O4 + HC2H3O2 What mass of acetic anhydride is needed to completely consume 3.60 x 10^2 g salicylic

    asked by lyne
  5. sci

    o Description of difference between weathering and erosion. o Graphical representation of the following: · mechanical weathering · chemical weathering · water erosion · wind erosion · ice erosion · Include a References slide for the graphical images

    asked by troyer0269
  6. French

    Fill in the blank with either leur or leurs. Fabien et Christophe sont freres. Ils sont sans -----(leur) chambre. Ils ecoutent -----(leurs) disques. ----(Leur) collection de CD est surtout de la techno. -----(leurs) amies, Catherine et Emilie, aiment aussi

    asked by Megan
  7. Physics 12 Review

    End of the semester, working on the final review... I have a couple of questions I am stuck on right now. My notes on these questions seem to have vanished into the void... 1. "A 2.0kg puck travelling due east at 2.5m/s collides with a 1.0kg puck

    asked by solexgirl12
  8. math

    Dental services. The national cost C in billions of dollars for dental services can be modeled by the linear equation C=2.85n+30.52, where n is the number of years since 1900 (Health Care Financing Administration,.a) find and interpret the C-intercept for

    asked by Geno
  9. accounting

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if not what I did wrong. Thank you Exercise 3-7 On March 1, 2003, a company paid a $16,200 premium on a 36-month insurance policy for coverage beginning on that date. Refer to that policy and fill in the blanks in

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chemistry

    NH4HS(s)-> NH3(g) + H2S(g) What direction does the equillibrium shift when NH4HS is added? I think that the equillibrium won't shift since we are adding a pure solid and pure solids are not included in the equillibrium expression. Just want to make sure.

    asked by jeff
  11. U.S. History

    please check these: 1. The French and Indian War led to: a. a massive migration to Canada b. a weakening of colonial loyalty to Britain c. the end of Britain's involvement in colonial affairs d. an increased colonial dependence on britain i picked B 2. Why

    asked by y912f
  12. math

    (6) Which equation is equivalent to 4^-x=8? a. log8 4=x b. logx = -4 c. log -x 4=8 d. log 4 8= -x

    asked by bob
  13. 3rd math

    Square each of these numbers. There's a square, on top is the number 5 and on the left side 5. Inside the square is a line?

    asked by eve
  14. accounting

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if not what I did wrong. Thank you Exercise 3-7 On March 1, 2003, a company paid a $16,200 premium on a 36-month insurance policy for coverage beginning on that date. Refer to that policy and fill in the blanks in

    asked by Anonymous
  15. accounting

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if not what I did wrong. Thank you Exercise 3-7 On March 1, 2003, a company paid a $16,200 premium on a 36-month insurance policy for coverage beginning on that date. Refer to that policy and fill in the blanks in

    asked by Anonymous
  16. chemistry

    When ammonia gas is burned in oxygen the products formed are water and nitrogen monoxide gas. Write the balanced equation showing this reaction NH4 + O2 --> H2O + NO i am stuck balancing this

    asked by lyne
  17. Math

    Suppose that humans walk about 10,000 steps per day on average. Your average step is probably about 18 inches. If so, how many inches per day do you walk? How Many feet per day do you walk? How many miles per day do you walk, to the nearest whole number?

    asked by Bob
  18. More french

    Directions: Complete the sentences, choosing the correct possessive adjective. 1. (Mon, Ma, Mes) Tu as ------- livre de maths. Answer: Mon 2. (Notre, Nos) C'est ------- maison. Answer: Notre 3. (Leur, Leurs) Voila -------- enfant. Answer: Leur 4. (Ton, Ta,

    asked by Megan
  19. ochem

    Can you suggest some possible reasons for using a mixture of water and ethanol (1:1 mixture H2O/EtOH) as crystallizing solvent rather than using either pure ethanol or pure water?

    asked by lili
  20. 11th grade Art

    What is keyhole painting? Could you help me with analysing an artwork. What information should I give.

    asked by Lauren
  21. science

    The Smiths have four children, all girls. Their fifth child is a boy. Why did this change occur? A) the father' contribution of a Y chromosome. B) the conception classes taken by the parents. C) the mother' contribution of a Y chromosome. D) the timing of

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    What is $600 invested at 9% interest, compounded quarterly, worth in 3 years? a. $640.50 b. $641 c.$762 d.$784

    asked by bob
  23. capitalization in book titles

    Do you capitalize the word "in" or "on" in book titles? For example, if there was a book called "He Is in the Park", would you capitalize the word "in"? Thanks, Leo

    asked by Leo
  24. Math

    is this a direct variation? 5x + 2y = 9

    asked by Angie
  25. algebra

    (1) If the population of a city was 2 million in 1995 and growing at a rate of 6.4%, what will the population be in the year 2000? a. 2.5 million b. 2.7 million c. 10.64 million d. 43.6 million

    asked by Peter
  26. college

    what is a vague pronoun?

    asked by terry
  27. Journalism

    Can someone tell me a website where I can find terms for broadcast journalism? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  28. University of Phoenix

    My Ethical Analysis is 1. Basic Ethical Decision Making Model Learning Team Ethical Analysis. In your Learning Team, identify a particular health care administrative ethics dilemma from the text, material provided to you by your instructor, or otherwise

    asked by Bublegum
  29. Factor Completely

    c^2 - 8c + 16 - y^2 (c + 4) (c + 4) (c + 4)^2 - y^2 (c +4 +y) (c + 4 - y) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  30. Math 012 Help

    I need help with this problem. I have to use the distributie property to write the expression without parantheses, then simplify if possible. It's been awhile since ive done this and I think i will understand once I see how it is written out. Thanks to

    asked by WVSU
  31. maths

    List all the subsets(include the null set and the set itself. a) (p) b) (p,q) c) (p,q,r) d) (p,q,r,s) By the way the brackets are supposed 2 b the weird curly brackets.

    asked by Nabiha
  32. algebra

    The first three equations I have solved, I would just appreciate someone checking them over to make sure I'm doing them right. Find the GCF: 16x^2z ,40xz^2 , 72z^3 = 3^3z Factor our GCF: a(a+1) - 3(a+1) = a+1 Factor Polynomial: 9a^2 - 64b^2 =

    asked by kay bri
  33. math

    find the first and third quartiles, Q1, and Q3, of the following numbers, 13,5,12,16,7,14,7,3,10,7

    asked by Anonymous
  34. More French

    Directions: Answer the following questions about myself and my family. 1. Votre maison ou votre appartement est grand(e) ou petit(e) Answer: Notre maison est grande. 2. Vous avez une voiture? Quelle est la marque de votre voiture? Answer: Oui, notre une

    asked by Megan
  35. U.S. History

    i need help with this quesiton How did the Nationalists regard Shay's Rebellion? a. as proof that the states had too little power b. as an example of how governments abuse their power c. as proof that only a strong national government could prevent social

    asked by y912f
  36. World Religions

    How does the faith of Judaism affect the everyday life f a believer?

    asked by Joan
  37. sci

    HELP PLEASE!!!! Write a 700-word paper in APA format that provides an overview of how plate tectonics affects sedimentation. Answer the following questions: o Where do sedimentary rocks originate? o How are they formed? o What are the three categories of

    asked by troyer0269
  38. Education

    List three factors that define teaching as a professional career.Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis.

    asked by B.B.
  39. Pre-calculus

    Th weekly salaries of a sample of 100 recent graduates of a private women's college are normally distributed with a mean of $600 and a standard deviation of $80. Determine the interval about the sample mean that has a 1% level of confidence. Use t=2.58 Not

    asked by Mary
  40. English

    "So you're quite shook up about this then?" asked the detective. "And what did you think of that?" inquired the detective. "Where were you when they died?" questioned the detective. Okay, I need help with the dialogue. Is it correct the way it is thanks.

    asked by Larry
  41. Chemistry

    How would you name the compound P4?

    asked by Ashley
  42. french

    I want to say "Yes, I obey my parents most of the time." in french. is this right? oui, j'ob¨¦is ¨¤ ma parents pour la plupart du temps. my question is, do you have to put an ¨¤ before ma parents?

    asked by Angie
  43. all teachers

    is dr bob on

    asked by lyne
  44. Factor Completely

    I used the U-substitution t^8 + 3t^4 - 40 t^8 = u^2 t^4 = u u^2 + 3u - 40 (u - 5)(u + 8) (t^4 - 5) (t^4 +8) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  45. algebra

    The ratio of the measures of three sides of a triangle are 1/2:1/3:1/5, and its perimeter is 6.2 centimeters. find the measure of each side of the triangle

    asked by chargersmath
  46. Math

    -5x=2y=9 Is this a direct variation?

    asked by Angie
  47. Math 012

    I need help with this one too, same thing. Rewrite without parerntheses, then simplify if possible. -4(4+2p+5)+16

    asked by WVSU
  48. Organic chemistry

    When the collected crystals are washed, what is being removed from the crystals?

    asked by tina
  49. algebra

    Ice (at 0 degrees celsius) has a density of 922 kg per meter cubed. If the edge of a cube of ice is 4 cm, what is the mass of the cube?

    asked by Sammantha
  50. Factor Completely

    I used the U-substitution x + 1 = u u^2 -11u + 24 (u + 3)(u - 8) ( x + 1 + 3) ( x + 1 - 8) (x + 4) ( X - 7 ) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  51. math

    okay, this i cannot figure out anywhere. 2[ln(x)-ln(x+1)-ln(x-1)] evaluate into logarithm of a single quantity.

    asked by strawberryfields
  52. U.S. History

    please tell me if this is right or not Which of the following was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation? a. only Congress had the power to tax b. there was no legislative branch of government c. state goverments had no authority d. there was no

    asked by y912f
  53. French

    I want to write at "what time do you finish the film?" in french. is this how you write it? ¨¤ quelle heure finis-tu le film?

    asked by Angie
  54. Business writing

    The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. The employee guide indicated that men could add their spouses to their health care plan.

    asked by Faye
  55. IT 205

    What are the fundamental differences between Windows®, Mac OS®, UNIX, and Linux operating systems for personal computers? What unique characteristics do mainframe operating systems have?

    asked by Adebayo
  56. Algebra 2

    CAn someone help me solve [SQRT(4 - x)] - [SQRT(x + 6)] = 2

    asked by Justin Little
  57. social studies

    the meaning of segregation and seperation is equal

    asked by tushar das
  58. health

    A structure above the cellular level

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Food

    How many servings is 1 plate of spaghetti, with tomato sauce, and meatballs.

    asked by John
  60. algebra

    Find the value of y in the equation y = log 2 32. a. 5 b.16 c.64 d. 1024

    asked by Kate
  61. Math

    A new car depreciates an average of 22% in its first year of use. If the car was worth $16,000 when it was new, what will the car be worth after 1 year?

    asked by Ali
  62. algebra

    Which best describes the following function? f(x)=2^3.5x-7 a. exponential b. linear c.cubic d. quadratic

    asked by bob
  63. U.S. History

    please check these: 1. The First Continental Congress voted to a. end the boycott of imports from Britain b. call for the formation of colonial militias c. imprison all British tax collectors d. adopt the Declaration of Independence i picked B 2. the

    asked by y912f
  64. Factor Completely

    I used the U-substitution 6x^6 + 13x^3 - 5 x^3 = u x^6 = u^2 6u^2 + 13u - 5 (6u^2 + 2u) + (15u - 5) u(6u + 2) + 3 (6u + 2) (6u + 2) (u + 3) (6x^6 + 2) (x^6 + 3) Is this correct?

    asked by Jennifer
  65. science

    pure gold is highly malleable. describe a use og gold when this property is not desirable

    asked by dawn
  66. math

    evaluating functions For some reason I can't get these 3 problems correct: g(x) = x^2(x-5) g(3/2) g(c) g(t+2) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I contribute as much as I can and I don't seem to get any help. Maybe these are too hard of problems?

    asked by strawberryfields
  67. Math 9th

    I've been trying to figure this one out all day. I have to use either substitution or elimination to solve a system for how many cookies and brownies two kids sold at a bake sale. The system is: c+b=600 $.35c+$.75b=$360 (obivously, c is the amount of

    asked by Kat
  68. math

    Inverse function f(x)x^7-1 And I got root(7(x))+1 which is the (7root of x)+1

    asked by strawberryfields
  69. Math

    I cant figure this out, does 235+z=xy/3 or does 354+z=xy/3? thanks!

    asked by Eliza
  70. math

    are there only odd numbers in the 6* tables?

    asked by Nabiha
  71. Nutrition

    What is the bodies for protein? What is the bodies for carbohydrates? Don't understand the question and what's asking. Can someone please clarify. Thanks.

    asked by Larry
  72. english

    Hi, I have a picture in front of me and it is showing how one figure is throwing a radio(like bowling), another jumping over a computer( hurdles) and other is kicking a tv( soccer). The last square says "Healthy mind lives in healthy body". Now, the title

    asked by Yana
  73. art

    Hi. I am year seven girl. I got art homework. THis is making a hybrid animal in innovate material. but i think this homework is so hard for me. can you give me advice for me please. thank you very much

    asked by KHaliunaa
  74. college

    If a single taxpayer has regular income tax liability of $19,500 and AMTI of $130,000, calculate the AMT for 2008.

    asked by Earl
  75. Critical thinking

    How Do a person distinguish between prejudical and nonprejudical use os rhetorical devices

    asked by Clair
  76. biolgoy

    Is it appropriate to describe a cladogram as consisting of a nested hierarchy of clades?

    asked by jennifer
  77. Social Studies Essay Thesis

    Well, I'm doing a report on William Cockerill and I need a thesis statement that answers this historical question: What was the importance of William Cockerill and how did he impact future generations?

    asked by Brandon
  78. anatomy & physiology

    how does the structure of the organ of corti allow for detection of high & low pitches? why is it possible to lose ability to hear a specific pitch?

    asked by Lesa
  79. math

    how do i find the lentgh of the radius given the volume and height useing 3.14 example v=314ft3 h==25 ft Please show me how to do it

    asked by polly
  80. English

    I need the names of actors who have played Macbeth. I need to see clips of the daggar scene so that I am able to answer the question. How does the actor show his feelings in the daggar scene.

    asked by Rhyannon
  81. math

    y=2x+5:(8, ),(-1, ),( , -1) ordered pair

    asked by Geno
  82. algebra

    Solve the equation 10 x = 20 for x. a. x=1/2 b.x=2 c.x=1.3 d.x=10

    asked by bob
  83. performance measures

    What are some common ways of measuring “individual” performance?

    asked by april
  84. More french

    Rewrite these sentences correctly such as Votre=Notre and Vos=Nos 1 Votre ecole est grande ou petite? Notre ecole est une grande. 2. Votre ecole est pres ou loin de votre maison? Notre ecole est un loin de maison. 3. Votre ecole a combien d' eleves? Notre

    asked by Megan
  85. CIVICS

    what does the department of justice do?

    asked by bianca
  86. Math

    How do you find what x is? (-2,8) and (x,12)

    asked by Angie
  87. math

    graph each equation x-2y=6

    asked by Geno
  88. language arts or science

    have you ever gone out of your way to help a starnger?

    asked by hiugj