Questions Asked on
January 15, 2009

  1. chemistry

    At a particular temperature, K = 3.75 for the following reaction. SO2(g) + NO2(g)= SO3(g) + NO(g) If all four gases had initial concentrations of 0.840 M, calculate the equilibrium concentrations of the gases.

    asked by Enrique
  2. Similes

    Complete each sentence with a simile. His tail wagged like..... the old man petted him as tenderly as he would...... Like, can someone please help me with these two. It's driving me crazy! thank you,

    asked by Larry
  3. Chem/math question - from Sam

    For the following reaction at 600. K, the equilibrium constant, Kp, is 11.5. PCl5(g) = PCl3(g) + Cl2(g) Suppose that 2.510 g of PCl5 is placed in an evacuated 470. mL bulb, which is then heated to 600. K. (a) What would be the pressure of PCl5 if it did

    asked by Writeacher
  4. algebra I

    System of Equations I need help with the following problem: A youth group with 26 members is going skiing. Each of the five chaperones will drive a van or a sedan. The vans can seat 7 people and the sedans can seat five people. How many of each type of

    asked by Brittani
  5. trigonometry

    A wheel with a 20-inch radius is marked at two points on the rim. The distance between the marks along the wheel is found to be 3 inches. What is the angle (to the nearest tenth of a degree) between the radii to the two marks? someone helped me on this

    asked by y912f
  6. Science (atoms) 8th grade

    Chlorine has an average atomic mass of 35.45 amu. The 2 naturally occurring isotopes of chlorine are chlorine-35 and chlorine-37. Why does this indicate that most chlorine atoms contain 18 neutrons?

    asked by Twilight lover

    At a certain temperature, K = 9.1 10-4 for the following reaction. FeSCN2+(aq)= Fe3+(aq) + SCN -(aq) Calculate the concentrations of Fe3+, SCN -, and FeSCN2+ in a solution that is initially 4.0 M FeSCN2+. OKAY SO i started by doing an ice table with

    asked by Taylor
  8. Physics B

    A 40-kg block of ice at 0°C is sliding on a horizontal surface. The initial speed of the ice is 7.0 m/s and the final speed is 4.7 m/s. Assume that the part of the block that melts has a very small mass and that all the heat generated by kinetic friction

    asked by Lucy
  9. chemistry

    what is AL(MnO4)3

    asked by vicki
  10. Chemistry Concept

    Is it physically possible to separate table sallt, sodium chloride, NaCl, from table sugar, sucrose? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Songyi
  11. Chemistry+Empirical formula

    This is kind of tricky for me. What os the empirical formula (lowest whole number ratio) of the compounds below? A. 25.3% Cu, 12.9% S, 25.7% O, 36.1% water How would i set this up? The water at the end is confusing me. I think I need to find the percentage

    asked by Chopsticks
  12. Personification

    Think of two things that can have human body parts substituted for their own. What parts does a clock have that a human body has? Now use the objects you though of in a line of poetry. The face of Big Ben watches over the city of London. Big Ben's hands

    asked by Larry
  13. english

    Comment on Ben Smith's commentary on the "lipstick on a pig" commenting on the motives of Obama's surrogates joking that Palin's record can't be concealed with lipstick, and the motives of the Republican charge that Obama compared Palin to a pig.

    asked by Kate
  14. Science Sorry I just need help one more time!

    Ok I am doing a project in science on radiation. I have to make a brochure. I need help answering these questions about radiation. Or some good sites would be nice too. I looked on google but they didn't really help. Thank you! Where does radiation come

    asked by Amy
  15. trig

    The high level bridge, a railway bridge that crosses the Oldman River is over 1km long. From one point on the river, the angle of elevation of the top of the bridge is 62.6 degrees. From a point 20m closer to the bridge, the angle of elevation of the top

    asked by garry
  16. trig

    In a regular octagon, AB is a diagonal and CD joins the midpoints of two opposite sides. The side length of the octagon is 4 cm. To the nearest tenth of a cm. find a)AB and b)CD. I'm stumped.

    asked by Cathy
  17. books

    The Call of the Wild: One of the themes in Jack London's book, "The Call of the Wild" is power. Discuss Buck's use of power throughout the book.

    asked by Jordan
  18. science

    how ocean currents affect biomes??

    asked by Mongsey
  19. DDP

    what types of numeric constraints may be applied to sketches?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    How far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 15 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 76 meters?

    asked by thevi
  21. Physics - URGENT

    A small block of mass 5 kg initially rests on a track at the bottom of a circular, vertical loop-the-loop, which has a radius of 0.8 m. The surface contact between the block and the loop is frictionless. A bullet of mass 0.7 kg strikes the block

    asked by Richard
  22. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of 0.6M HNO3 necessary to neutralize 28.55 cm3 of 0.45M KOH. please show work and detail.

    asked by Paige
  23. Simile & Hyperbole

    Complete the sentence with a simile. 1. His tail wagged like.... 2. The old man petted him as tenderly as he would..... Help with these. I can't think of anything. --------------------------------------- Write two hyperboles to complete each sentence. 1.

    asked by Larry
  24. DDP

    what types of numeric constraints may be applied to sketches? whaty disadvantages do CAD sketches have over freehand skethes?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    A cyclist leaves his training base for a morning workout, riding at the rate of 18mph. one hour later his support staff leaves the base in a car going 45mph in the same direction. How long will it take the support staff to catch up with the cyclist?

    asked by jessica
  26. chemistry

    what is the lewis dot structure for SO4 -2 and the ideal bonds, mollecular structure and hybrid orbitals?

    asked by Raj
  27. environmental studies

    Find out about the crops-cereals,vegetables,pulses-that are grown in your area.Of those, is there anything that is famous across the country?

    asked by arya
  28. Science(emergency)

    What are the animal adaptations in the polar regions? (structural, physiological, and behavioural) What are the plant adaptations in the polar regions?

    asked by Mongsey
  29. smallest algebra

    Let F be a family of subsets of a set X such that empty set is the element of F. A subset A of X belongs to F1 if and only if either A is a subset of F or complement of A is the subset of F. A subset B of X belongs to F2 if and only if B is a finite

    asked by sxxx123456
  30. Math 8th grade

    A pen contained chickens and pigs. There were 28 legs and 9 heads. How many chickens were in the pen? I think the answers in 4. Is that right?

    asked by Rosalie
  31. math

    A herd of 40 elks is introduced into state game lands. The population of the herd is expected to follow the model. P(t)=40(a+2t)divided by 1+0.2t a. determinated the carrying capacity of the herd. b. what will the population be after 7 years.

    asked by carol
  32. math

    Please help. the question is: Estimate the quotient. Tell what compatible numbers you used 817 divided by 4

    asked by barbara
  33. trigonometry

    i have posted this question up alot of times before but i guess no one gets it because no one ever replies.. find the latitude of Spokane, WA if Spokane and Jordan Valley, OR, 43.15degN, are 486 km apart. (assuming that the cities lie on the same

    asked by y912f
  34. algebra

    Solve for x 1. log5 X=3 2. Log2 16-log2 =x 3. Log9 6561=x

    asked by bobby
  35. trigonometry

    can someone check the first one and help me with the last two find the values of s in the interval [0,pi/2] that make the statements true. 1. sin s = 0.75438373 i got 0.8547148 2. cos s = 0.74241049 is it .83666126?? 3. cot s = 5.6394377 :)

    asked by y912f
  36. math

    A nurse wants to add water to 30 ounces of a 10% solution of benzalkonium chloride to dilute it to an 8% soultion. How much water nust she add?(hint water is 0% benzalkonium chloride)

    asked by jessica
  37. 5th grade

    whats the synonym and antonym for privateers

    asked by katie
  38. Social Studies

    In What ways did Dutch customs influence The Engilish who took over colonial New york?

    asked by Alex
  39. Questions on economics

    1 what do economic model assume? 2 in what way are models helpful to economists? 3 what does an economist develop in order to test his or her theory or model?

    asked by rose
  40. fine arts

    i got this question on my homework and i don't get it. Analyze the terms Romanticism and Realism and discuss your ideas of what is involved in the two movements.

    asked by y912f
  41. Chemistry+empirical formula

    What is the empirical forumla (lowest whole ratio) of the compounds below? A. 13.0g Mg 1 mole/24.312 = .53 mole 87.0g Br 1 mole/79.909g = 1.09 mole Mg .53/.53 Br 1.09/.53 Mg 1.0 Br 2.1 What do i do now?

    asked by Chopsticks
  42. Science

    A heat island is an example of what type of climate? a. trropical climate b. microclimate c. dry climate d. polar climate

    asked by Angie
  43. reading

    Case Study: Chris took the Learning Styles Quiz and found out he is an auditory learner. This makes sense to Chris because when he reads, he does not retain much information. He is very frustrated by this situation and tells people how much he hates

    asked by mizz lynn
  44. Algebra

    Determine whether the given numbers are solutions of the inequality. t - 8 > 2t - 3 The given numbers are: 0, 3.3, -9, -3 I understand the problem and how to figure it out. Its just that when I tried this problem, none of the numbers worked. Did any work

    asked by Carrie
  45. trigonometry

    im really stuck on these, can anyone help me and also explain how to solve them: Find the exact values of s in the given intervals that have the given circular function values. 1. [pi/2, pi]; sin s=sqrt2/2 2. [pi/2, pi]; cos s=-sqrt3/2 thnks:)

    asked by y912f
  46. Physics

    A 5 kg mass is thrown up with a velocity of 4 m/s from a height of 30 m onto a spring with a relaxed length of 10 m, and a constant of 400 N/m. What will the maximum compression of the spring be? What will the speed of the object be when the spring is

    asked by Bartholomew
  47. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.5M HNO3 is required to neutralize 25 cm3 of a 0.2M NaOH solution? please show work and detail.

    asked by Paige
  48. Science

    When a plastic rod is rubbed on fur, does it become negitive or positive charge. Also, is a tinsel positive or negitive charge?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. trigonometry

    Write the function in terms of the cofnction with an acute angle. tan 18degrees A. sec18deg B. cot18deg C. cot72deg D. cot108deg find a solution for the equation. sin(2theta+20deg) = cos(3theta-5deg) thnkks:))

    asked by y912f
  50. 5th grade

    Find out about crops-cereals,vegetables,pulses-that are grown in kasargod.Of those,is there anything that is famous across the country?

    asked by arya
  51. Peter

    A 200 N/m, 5 m spring on a 20 degree incline is compressed 2.3 m and a 5 kg block is placed on it. If we neglect friction, how far up the incline will the block travel? How fast will it be traveling when it is 0.2 m up the incline?

    asked by Physics
  52. biology

    Describe the three main differences between arteries and veins and explain why they have these differences.

    asked by Sabs
  53. science

    the quetion says "f the half life of Americium-241 is 433 years, &your sample size is 80 grams, how much will remain after 1,732 years?" i don't quite understand how to solve this problem... PLEAS HELP. SOS (gotta test 2morrow, and don't really know how to

    asked by brianna
  54. psy

    I need some info. to interprate this assignment below: the conduction action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters is compared to a row of mousetraps on a wobbly shelf. Think of another analogy you can use to describe the conduction of action

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  55. poem

    Is this poem good or bad? What is love? It's a special feeling Deep inside our hearts That is very reavling What is love? It's a special part of life The two of each other together Forever in each others lives What is love? It's in a shape of a heart

    asked by Kiki
  56. chemistry

    need essay on,(a)Briefly describe the important similarity between light and matter revealed by Louis de Broglie's discovery of matter waves, and (b)list two important differences between light and matter waves.

    asked by madison
  57. Chemistry+Reply

    Can someone reply to my previous post.

    asked by Chopsticks
  58. trigonometry

    find the values of y if the distance between the two points (10,y) and (16,2) is 10. i wrote down the distance formula: 10=SQRT(16-10)squared + (2-y)squared now how do i solve for y??

    asked by y912f
  59. trigonometry

    Perform the calculation 180degrees-73degrees56'6" i think its 107degrees4'54''

    asked by y912f
  60. Physics

    A bullet train is traveling at 23.3 m/s when it approaches a slower train 47 meters ahead traveling in the same direction at 6.67 m/s. If the faster train begins decelerating at 2.1m/s^2 while the slower train continues at constant speed, how soon will

    asked by Harold
  61. Chemistry-TITRATION

    A titration of 15.0 cm3 of household ammonia, NH3, required 38.57 cm3 of 0.78M HCl. Calculate the molarity of the ammonia. please show work and detail.

    asked by Paige
  62. Physics

    A figure skater glides along the ice at 2.2 m/s , she then accelerates at 1.3 m/s^2 for 3.0 seconds. At the end of that time she is moving at 6.1 m/s. What would be the angle between the acceleration vector and the initial velocity vector? .. please help

    asked by Harold
  63. Hyperboles

    My lawyer is so smart the trial ended 10 minutes after he started. My lawyer is so smart he makes an owl look dumb. He is so handsome that whoever looks at him faints. He is so handsome that girls fell in love with him at first sight. Okay, can someone

    asked by Larry
  64. please help

    You know that a cetrain electroscope is charged because the foil extends when there is nothing near to influence it. when a balloon rubbed with fur is brought near (but not near to change the net charge on the electroscope), the gold foil is seen to move

    asked by jen
  65. Science

    What are the animal adaptations in the polar region? (structural, physiological, and behavioural)

    asked by Mongsey
  66. Science

    When a plastic rod is rubbed on fur, does it become negitive or positive charge. Also, is a tinsel positive or negitive charge?

    asked by Jericho
  67. Psychology

    Application of cross-cultural psychology to other disciplines such as a. Health b. Medical and counseling decisions c. Business decisions 1) Organizational development 2) Human resource management d. Education e. Law f. Human rights g. Working abroad h.

    asked by Jennifer
  68. science

    Hello! I need help with some Science things. 1. Where is a good place to find a picture that describes radioactive decay, fussion and fission/ 4. Scientists use the amount of radioactive isotopes found in rocks and fossils to calculate their ages. This

    asked by Amy
  69. Physics

    A 5 kg mass is thrown up with a velocity of 4 m/s from a height of 30 m onto a spring with a relaxed length of 10 m, and a constant of 400 N/m. What will the maximum compression of the spring be? What will the speed of the object be when the spring is

    asked by Bartholomew
  70. english

    Hi..I need to rewrite this passage as formal. Walker wants to see you at eight sharp tomorrow. He didn't say what was hassling him but he looked pretty uptight. Why do you think he's on your case? You didn't skip yesterday did you? You don't think he's on

    asked by Maria
  71. math

    with summer appraching,t he number of air conditioners sold is expected to be double hat of stoves and refrigerators combined. stove sell for $350, refrigerators for $450, and air conditoners for $500, and sales of $56,000 are expected. If stoves and

    asked by jessica
  72. math

    the concentration of a mixture is guven be the following function: c(t)=(2x+9)/3(x+12) A.what is the maximum amount of concentration that this function can reach in terms of percent? B. what is the name of the line you looke for to answer part A.

    asked by leah
  73. Physics

    A 5 kg mass is thrown up with a velocity of 4 m/s from a height of 30 m onto a spring with a relaxed length of 10 m, and a constant of 400 N/m. What will the maximum compression of the spring be? What will the speed of the object be when the spring is

    asked by Al
  74. Lbesgue measure

    Let E(1,2) be the set of all numbers in (0,1) such that their decimal representation does not contain 1 and 2. Prove that E(1,2) is Lebesgue measurable and find the Lebesgue measure of E(1,2).

    asked by sxxx123456
  75. math

    The equation H=62+12(a-50) can be used to represent the maount of new hair growth on a Hair Club for men client. find the amount of hair, H, of a a client after 117 applicatons, a.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. poem

    Is this a good title? Believe in yourself If there ever is a time That you shall fall Pick yourself up And stand up Be proud who you are Every single day Believe in yourself And you succeed that way Think about your future Think about your dream Push

    asked by Kiki
  77. 8th Grade Math

    Can someone please help me with the following problems? I do not have the formula for finding the slope of a line. These are not homework they are for a portfolio. Find the slope of each of the following lines. 1. y=-5-17 2. 10 + y = x 3. y = -2x - 5 4. 4x

    asked by Rusty
  78. Religion

    What is the Ethics and morality for Buddhism? I have been looking but not sure where else to look that will give me the answer.

    asked by Brooke
  79. science

    a word for footprints in rocks it has 11 letters i believe like this. i- - - - p - - o - m

    asked by shere
  80. math

    To find 304 - 126, Jill regrouped 30 tens 4 ones as 29 tens 44 ones. What did she do wrong?

    asked by Deja
  81. accounting

    An employee who is married and has two children submits a W-4 form to his employer indicating that he is single and claims zero deductions. Is this action ethical, unethical, or illegal?

    asked by China
  82. trigonometry

    i am homeschooled so i don't really have a teacher teaching me one on one. so most of my help comes from here.thnks..can anyone help me on this. use identities to find the indicated function value. secA=5/4 and A in quadrant IV. Find tan A. A. -sqrt9/5 B.

    asked by mysterychicken
  83. math

    How do I evaluate 44 ft./s x 1 mi./ 5,280 ft. x 3,600 s/h ?

    asked by A.W.
  84. math

    A prfessor wants to supplement her pension with investment interst. If she invest $28,000 at 6%, how much more would she have to invest at 7% to achieve a goal of %3,500 per year in supplemental income?

    asked by jessica
  85. Religion

    What are the countries of origin, Historical figures and events, central beliefs, nature of god, texts, ritual and practice (sacred elements and their meaning), and ethics and morality for Buddhism?

    asked by Brooke
  86. spanish

    1. What are some similarities and differences between who is considered a friend in a Spanish- speaking country and in the United States?

    asked by bobby
  87. poems

    would anyone like to read my other poems. Thanks

    asked by Kiki
  88. physics

    consider three charges: +Q, -Q, q where the center charge is equidistnat from the other two. assum that the two Qs cannot move. you also want to charge q to be at rest. if q=-8.0 nC, find Q+ You don't have to solve it but can you lead me in the right

    asked by jen
  89. psychology

    can anybody direct me towards empirical studies (peer reviewed journal articles) done no earlier than the year 2004 on language development in infants or in early childhood? thanks

    asked by tory
  90. science

    I need a picture that describes radioactive decay, fussion and fision. Someone said that they would give me a link earlier but they didnt. Thank you! This website helps me out so much.

    asked by Amy
  91. trigonometry

    y=5x^2+8 give the domain and range of the relation and indicate whether or not it is a function.

    asked by y912f
  92. algebra

    Write an inequality and provide a value that may or may not be a solution to the inequality.

    asked by mary
  93. french

    Not sure about some grammar merci beaucoup Un moment mémorable de mon enfance était avec mon grand-père et moi(do i need "et moi"?). J'étais en troisième année. J'avais quatre ans, de plus, il était sur mon anniversaire. Comme je pleurais, mon

    asked by sh
  94. Question

    hi, so i just made a model of an aspirin tablet,and i was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate on how many grams it would be? The diameter is around 23inches. it doesnt have to be exact, i just need a guess. thanks

    asked by Mae
  95. cultural diversity

    what is the legislation linked to the Native Americans and the federal government?

    asked by BLeighT
  96. science please help me

    I need help finding some descent pictures of radiation. I went on google but their is no good pictures. Please help me!

    asked by Amy
  97. english

    make the word with below letter eiiioblrsty

    asked by yoshi
  98. World geo

    i do not understand this question and do not know how to respond... arrange the seven countries of Central America in alphabetical order.

    asked by SMTE
  99. function and trig.

    (1/x - 3/x+4) / 1/x square -16 please help me with this question if you can show the work or explain how to solve. thank you

    asked by yaneth
  100. math

    (1/x - 3/x+4) / (1/x square - 16) please help me with this question if you can show the work or explain how to solve.

    asked by leah
  101. math (fractions)

    ethan has ninety nith of them are many are you?

    asked by jjj
  102. Geography '

    Does Anyone Know About Australasia .. like how many people are living there or Anything Else Like That ? Thanks For The Help .. x

    asked by fern
  103. math

    Thank you for taking my question. Please show me how to problem solve the following: Bridgette has gotten a promotion. Her monthly salary will be $3500. Her bonus will be 1% of last year's profit, which were $500. In 6 months she will receive a 5% raise.

    asked by Ryan
  104. management

    search web for project planning tools and describe at least two

    asked by christi
  105. 8th Grade Algebra

    Rewrite each polynomial as the product of two binomials. 1. y^2 + 6y + 9 2. 25x^2 - 10x + 1 3. 36 - y^2 Can someone please help me do these correctly?

    asked by Joy
  106. math

    Let S be the set of all measurable functions on [0,1]. Then the set O of all functions in S equal to 0 a.e on [0,1] makes an additive subgroup of a commutative group S. Show that S/O with the distance p(f,g)=indefinite

    asked by sxxx123456
  107. Personal Finance

    Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a

    asked by Bill
  108. English lit.>Grendel

    Having trouble understanding the book there a site you know of that may help? Thank you, Kevin

    asked by Kevin
  109. Math

    Jamal is fencing a retangular field that measures 37 ft. by 27 ft. How much fencing should she buy?

    asked by A.W.
  110. Math

    To find 304 - 126, Jill regrouped 30 tens 4 ones as 29 tens 44 ones. What did she do wrong?

    asked by Deja
  111. Science

    Can you give me some science project ideas that can be experimented quickly? Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  112. spanish

    What are some similarities and differences between who is considered a friend in a Spanish- speaking country and in the United States?

    asked by Kate
  113. math and science

    I am trying to get accepted in the science and math magnet program and have to write an essay on why this pathway is the best choice for me, why would I like to be a part of the program and what makes me a good candidate. This is what I have written so

    asked by DeAndre
  114. Science

    Which of the following would most likely NOT be likely to produce a microclimate? a. an ocean shoreline b. a valley c. a flat prairie d. a large city

    asked by Emma
  115. 10th grade

    how do you convert linear feet into square yards?

    asked by sara
  116. Algebra

    Can someone explain to me why the intersection of two infinite sets is not always an infinite set, but the union of two infinite sets is?

    asked by Lindsay
  117. history

    i need to find out about george stephenson. who he was , date of birth why he was famous and when he died. does anyone know any good websites . thankyou.

    asked by nikola
  118. calculus

    x^2/3 (x-9)

    asked by najma
  119. 7th grade

    Can anyone tell me what potential Human threat there is against the cotton tailed rabbit. Food. Habitat loss. Global Warming? Pollution? Also does anyone know about their adaptations. THANKS.

    asked by brooke
  120. math

    Let E(1,2) be the set of all numbers in (0,1) such that their decimal representation does not contain 1 and 2. Prove that E(1,2) is Lebesgue measurable and find the Lebesgue measure of E(1,2).

    asked by sxxx123456
  121. health

    i need to complete my health assignment. i need to give some advice to my best, who is a regular drinker or pot-smoker, that might influence him/her positively? i cannot think about anything else except that it is very bad for a person and it will harm

    asked by Anonymous
  122. math

    Directions: Determine if the given lengths in each problem can form a triangle. 1. 7in. , 3in. , 10in.

    asked by cole
  123. DDP

    what are the different types of geometric constraint that are appiled to sketches and what are their functions? answer: is it geometric constraint numerical constraint assembly constraint

    asked by Anonymous
  124. cjs200

    What impact do the media have on public opinion? On the roles and responsibilities of the attorneys in a trail? Does this media viewpoint accurately portray these professionals? Why or Why not?

    asked by lisa
  125. Human Services 245

    Because of the confusion between the words “problem,” “policy,” and “program,” write a definition—within the context of health and human services—for each of these three words.

    asked by mikalah
  126. physics

    please answer my question below

    asked by physics
  127. science

    what are the plant adaptations in the polar regions??

    asked by Mongsey
  128. math

    what method do you use to solve a number line starting at 0 three blank integers and the fourth is 68?

    asked by Naomi-Eliana
  129. Poem

    Please someone read my poems I posted I am really desperate, and I need a response. thanks

    asked by Kiki
  130. math

    Is it possible to mix a 10% sugar solution with a 20% sugar solution to get a 30% sugar solution?

    asked by jessica
  131. Poem

    Is this a good poem? Wedding Day Chimes ring, and hearts sing A special day has come For two special people To join together as one To hold, and to love And feelings to share To touch, and to look after To to know they both care As the two look in each

    asked by Kiki
  132. science

    How has a fly adapted to live in the desert?

    asked by Rachel
  133. Math

    -3/5(8/35) the answer I got is -13/35 is this correct?

    asked by Roxy
  134. input output table

    how to find the rule of input output table?

    asked by elias
  135. math

    -3/5 + (8/35) i got a -13/35 is that correct?

    asked by Roxy
  136. science

    which year would you pridect produced the greastest percentage of fish? 1970, 1975, 1993, 1980, 1960?

    asked by gloria
  137. math

    What is the greatest common factor of 18, 30, and 45? I come up with 3 as the greatest common factor am I right?

    asked by A.W.
  138. E V S


    asked by AADITH
  139. economics

    the demand for land is?

    asked by tumahole
  140. drama

    what does suspension mean ?

    asked by dff
  141. world history

    i have a report due tomorrow and i need help!!! it has to be on italy. i need info

    asked by tiffanie
  142. 4th grade

    what are two examples of condensation

    asked by Clark
  143. 7th grade

    how do i find ratios to similar paralleograms?

    asked by breanna
  144. Health

    Sorry it's been a while but I need this answered: 1) Is there anything one can do by themselves to increase their height? Thanks -MC :)

    asked by mysterychicken
  145. math

    What is the greatest common factor of 18, 30, and 45? How do figure this out?

    asked by A.W.
  146. english

    i need a one page pitch to a producer about why or why not it would make a good movie

    asked by Anonymous