Questions Asked on
January 14, 2009

  1. Poetry (metaphors)

    What's the metaphor? --------------------------------------- The Toaster A silver-scaled dragon with jaws flaming red sits at my elbow and toasts my bread. I hand him fat slices, and then, one by one, He hands them back when he sees they are done.

    asked by Larry
  2. O-Chem

    A student wished to prepare ethylene gas by dehydration of ethanol at 140 C using sulfuric acid as the dehydrating agent. A low-boiling liquid was obtained instead of ethylene. What was the liquid, and how might the reaction conditions be changed to give

    asked by dora
  3. Poems

    Open-End poem with a metaphor. Choose a metaphor. Use the primary word for your title. Then write three lines. Each line should say something different about the subject, or give an idea of what it is like. Each line can be either a phrase or a sentence.

    asked by Larry
  4. Precalculus

    How could I find all the possible radii of a sector a cirle with a perimeter of 12 cm and area of 8 cm^2?

    asked by Jaslyn
  5. Chemistry+Percentage

    Calculate the percentage of water in each of the following hydrates. Aluminum bromide hexahydrate I just need help setting this up. I can work it from there Would it be: AlBr * 6H2O Did I write it right?

    asked by Chopsticks
  6. Physics

    You toss a ball up at 7.3m/s leaving your hand at 1.5 m above the floor. What is the balls velocity just before it hits the floor. Is the answer 2.7 m/s Suppose a second ball is tossed straight down at 7.3 m/s (from the same place 1.5 m above the floor).

    asked by Chloe
  7. Atoms-Science

    Explain how a rotating electric fan might be used to model the atom. Explain how the rotating fan is unlike an atom.

    asked by Twilight lover
  8. 4th grade

    A class can make equal teams of 5 for basketball, or equal teams of 6 for volleyball. Each student in the class was on a team. How many students might be in the class? Please explain.

    asked by brooke
  9. 8th Grade Algebra-Radicals:Answer Check

    Write each expression in simplest form. ( means square root 4. 3(11 + 4(11 Answer: 8(11 7. 7(2 - 2(8 Answer: 1(2 ?? 8. (48 + (75 Answer: 9(3 9.(3(10) Answer: 19 + 6ã10 10. (27/64 (Fractions) Answer: 3(3/8 ?? 11. 10(20 - 3(80 Answer: 10(5 12.

    asked by Joy
  10. Symbolism (final)

    Can you find the symbol in this line from Emerson's "The Concord Hymn"? What does it represent? Their flag to Aprils's breeze unfurled... Okay, this makes no sense to me whatsoever. Can't seem to figure it out. Final question on symbolism. Any help is

    asked by Larry
  11. Language Arts

    What is a helping verb?

    asked by Juan Colis
  12. Chemistry

    Determine wether the following acids are strong or weak? NOTE: all numbers in the chemical compounds below are subscripts belonging to the element before it, NOT COEFFICIENTS. a.)HCl b.)H2SO3 c.)HNO2 d.)H3PO2 e.)HNO4 f.)H2SO5 g.)HI

    asked by Paige
  13. algebra; slope

    what did the ape think of the grape's house?its not divine that's not enough letters! according to some students, what if the true purpose of homework?

    asked by mandy
  14. Poetry (personification)

    Think of two things that can have human body parts substituted for their own parts. What parts does a clock have that a human body has? Now use the the objects you though of in a lines of poetry. Example: The face of Big Ben watches over the city of

    asked by Larry
  15. world literature 210

    Write a 350-700-word ... essay comparing and contrasting the themes and writing styles of two of the literature selections listed below. evaluate the effectiveness of both authors uses of fictional literary devices and conventions. a clean well lighted

    asked by johnnetta
  16. Chemistry

    The cell Pt|H2(1 bar)|HCl(m)|AgCl(s)|Ag has an Stadard elctrode potential value of 0.2224V at 298K Using the Nernst equation, calculate a value for the EMF when the HCl concentration is 0.20M. I know what the Nernst equation is but I am unsure how to use

    asked by Alice
  17. Metaphors

    Complete each of these with a metaphor. Happiness is the rainbow in the sky. Loneliness isan overcast sky. Fear is...... Embarrassment is standing unprepared in a the face of a hurricane. Love is........ Courage is a ferocious lion. Need help finishing

    asked by Larry
  18. statistics

    The time (sec) that it takes a librarian to locate an entry in a file of records on checked-out books has an exponential distribution with lambda symbol=0.5. a)What proportion of all location times are less than 20 sec? At most 20 sec? Atleast 25 sec/

    asked by jen
  19. 4th grade math

    How many thousands are in 70,000? a) 7 b) 70 c) 700 d) 7,000

    asked by Hayley
  20. Metaphors

    Find a metaphor --------------------------------------- DREAMS Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, For when dreams go, Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. -Langston Hughes !. What

    asked by Larry
  21. french

    1) What is the translation for the french celebration, Le jour de l'an? 2) What is the date of the celebration? 3) What is done during the celebration?

    asked by Kerry-Ann
  22. Chemistry

    Aluminum bromide hexahydrate How would you know its AlBr3 * 6H2O instead of just AlBr * 6H2O?

    asked by Chopsticks
  23. algebra

    The most economical tin can to manufacture is one that is a right circular with height equal to twice the radius. one such can has a volume of 54 pi cm cubed. what is the total surface area of this can in cm squared?

    asked by Mackenzie
  24. Algebra (urgent!)

    A line has the equation x = my + b for some real nonzero constants m and b. a. In terms of m and/or b, what is the x-intercept of this line? b. In terms of m and/pr b, what is the slope of this line? I have no idea how to solve this, so please walk me

    asked by Bella
  25. french

    fill in the blank with a, ai, as, avons, avez, or ont Halima et Ahmed ----- un petit chat adorable. Du balcon les Ghez--- une tres belle vue sur la mer.

    asked by Spongebob
  26. biology

    What is the genotypic ratio for AaBB x AaBb

    asked by Anonymous
  27. algebra

    of ten boxes, five contain pencils, four contain pens, and two contain both pencils and pens. How many boxes are empty??

    asked by Zachary
  28. english

    Ozymandias I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert…. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its

    asked by Peter1
  29. calculus

    What is the derivative of square root x ?

    asked by Barbara
  30. Chemistry

    91.7g of HCl solution was added to the calorimeter and brought to a constant temperature. Then 0.5278g of MgO was added and the temp rose from 25.65C to 32.60C and held steady. Then 0.0185g of Mg was added and the temp again rose from 30.35C to 32.20C

    asked by Laura
  31. algebra II

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of 2/3 that goes through the point (4, 5) With a slope of (-1/3) that goes through the point (2, -4) With a slope of 3 that goes through the point (-5, -1)

    asked by Bob
  32. Symbolism

    1. What does the color white symbolize? Answer: Purity and innocence 2. What does Santa Clause symbolize? Answer: Christmas 3. What does a cupid symbolize? Answer: Love 4. The image of the lion lying doen with the lamb symbolizes what? Answer: ??? Can

    asked by Larry
  33. Physics

    for gamma radiation 1rad=1rem, but for alpha radiation 1 rad=20rem. Why is there a difference?

    asked by Leila
  34. 7th grade

    Can someone please help i need a six=link food chain beginning with a shark as a top predator. I need to label the producers, primary cconsumer and secondary consumer. Thanks

    asked by Peyton
  35. Advanced Functions

    Determine the value of Tan2x when Sinx = -12/13 and 3pi/2 < x < 2pi.

    asked by Lisa
  36. math

    does anyone understand what this question means? your school is planning to bring 193 people to a competition at another school. there are eight drivers available and 2 types of vehicles, school buses and minivans. the chool buses seat 51 people each, and

    asked by Anonymous
  37. algebra

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of (-1/3) that goes through the point (2, -4) With a slope of 3 that goes through the point (-5, -1)

    asked by Peter1
  38. english

    What is the speaker's attitude towards his father? Father My father knows the proper way The nation should be run; He tells us children every day Just what should now be done. He knows the way to fix the trusts, He has a simple plan; But if the furnace

    asked by Bob
  39. Algebra

    The base of a triangle is 8cm greater than the height. The area is 42cm^2. Find the height and length of the base.

    asked by Kim
  40. algebra

    How many cards mush you draw from a deck of 52 playing cards to be sure tat at least two are from the same suit? how would you work this out??

    asked by Ronda
  41. Another Algebra (urgent!)

    Find A if the graph of the equation Ax + 3y = 5 is parallel to the graph of 5x - 2y = 4 I tried to solve the problem, but I couldn't really get a good answer. Thanks!

    asked by Bella
  42. math

    On a pool table, where along the potion of CD of the railing should you direct ball A so that it will bounce off CD and strike ball B? Assume that A obeys the law of reflection relative to the rail CD. AC= 15 CD= 30 BD= 10

    asked by Sam
  43. language arts

    what is a main verb?

    asked by eze sleepy
  44. 8th grade

    i have a homework assignment i do not know how to do. i was out sick so i have not learned this. hear is the question......y varies directly as x. find the constant of variation and write an equation for the direct variation. question 1: y=15 when x=5

    asked by gavyn
  45. math

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of 2/3 that goes through the point (4, 5)

    asked by Peter1
  46. Algebra (urgent!)

    Let P be (-3,7) and Q be (5,-12) Find the point T on line segment PQ such that PT/TQ = 1/3 How would I go about solving this problem? Thank you so much!

    asked by Bella
  47. math

    what did they call the duck who became a test pilot

    asked by jack
  48. 6th grade science

    how much thermal energy produced by burning gasoline is converted into kinetic energy?

    asked by desteny
  49. math

    Please help me. Thank you! I need help freshing my memory. How do you calculate the slope of a horizontal and a verticle line? I remember how to do a diagonal but that's it. Please and thank you.

    asked by Amy
  50. Still Physics...

    A 200 N/m, 5 m spring on a 20 degree incline is compressed 2.3 m and a 5 kg block is placed on it. If we neglect friction, how far up the incline will the block travel? How fast will it be traveling when it is 0.2 m up the incline?

    asked by Phil
  51. Math

    The following table gives the winning percentages of the top five coaches in NFL history. What fraction of his games has each coach won? Don Shula 0.676 George Halas 0.672

    asked by Jan
  52. drama

    do you know any good urban myth sites? please could you send me some links. thankyou.

    asked by jo
  53. statistics

    For a given level of significance, the critical value of Student's t increases as n increases.

    asked by PAM
  54. 9th grade

    how many members are in the u.s house of representatives?

    asked by crystal
  55. algebra II

    Find the x and y intercepts: 3x + 4y = 8 8x – 5 =6y

    asked by kate
  56. alegebra

    a stone is thrown into a cylindrical water tank 2 feet in diameter, causing it to rise 1.5 inches. what is the volume of the stone?

    asked by Rachael
  57. Research Writing

    My topic is on Abortion and I am supposed to come up with a thesis statement. Create a thesis statement for your research paper. Abortion is one of the most controversial moral issues of our age. Although pro-choice and pro-life arguments centering on the

    asked by Marleen
  58. Molly

    What is a good definition for electricial charge? (I can't put in good words)

    asked by Christopher
  59. Math

    What makes a line an "undefined slope"?

    asked by Angie
  60. algebra

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of 3 that goes through the point (-5, -1)

    asked by kate
  61. social studies

    What particular disadvantages might an island nation like Indonesia or Phillippines have in providing government services to the people?

    asked by tammarashea
  62. Business Law

    What is the source of the federal court system's authority?

    asked by Jaslyn
  63. Algebra

    Write the point-slope form of an equation for a line that passes through each point with the given slope. (2,2),m=-3 This is one example, I'm not sure how to do this.

    asked by Brooke
  64. calculus

    Oh pardon me i meant to ask what is the anti-derivative of square root x

    asked by Barbara
  65. anne frank.

    Is their a website that has a few of annes journal entries?

    asked by cookie
  66. physics

    sigh this is killing me here... ok rockets launch at 250 m/s @ an angle of 75.0 degrees. There's a mountain 2500m away from launch point that is 1800m high. There's a boat 610 m from the island. So i'm suppose to find out how much it'll clear the moutain

    asked by physics
  67. accounting

    Are condominiums taxable or exempt

    asked by David
  68. Accounting

    How does discounted cash flow differ from the other valuation methods?

    asked by Jin
  69. English

    I've always wondered when to use who and when to use whom. Do any writing teachers know? Thanks!

    asked by Twilight lover
  70. government

    define: a powerful government leader

    asked by Frank
  71. 2nd grade

    Hi!Somebody can help me to make a sentence with this words? Chat Chip Them Then Ship Sheep Thank you very much!

    asked by Cosmin
  72. csa

    The great French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874) sympathized with the French Middle Ages and with the Revolutionary epoch in France, yet he wrote his best work on the despotic French monarchy, which he despised.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. 4th grade science

    what effect would too many hawks have on the ecosystem

    asked by chris
  74. DDP

    whhat is a geometric constraint?

    asked by vero
  75. computer

    What can be added to the microsoft surfaace computer to make it better.

    asked by bobby
  76. math

    Due to dwindling reserves of copper ore, the price of a 100-foot spool of copper wire increased 20% this year to $144. What was the old price (last year's price) for a 100-ft spool of wire? $130 $145 $120 $115

    asked by Dawn
  77. Symbolism #2

    A symbol that represents the following ideas. beauty (a red rose) wisdom (an owl) love evil Can someone help me with 'love' and 'evil' Can't seem to figure out what symbolizes them. Thank you very much.

    asked by Larry
  78. Writing Essays

    Im writing an essay and i have to include quotes with citations. if i wanted to include this quote: Dr. David M. Kent, founder of Lifestyle Lift, states, “It warms my heart to see two of our surgeons take part in such a noble cause." What would be the

    asked by sylvia
  79. Physics

    sigh this is killing me here... ok rockets launch at 250 m/s @ an angle of 75.0 degrees. There's a mountain 2500m away from launch point that is 1800m high. There's a boat 610 m from the island. So i'm suppose to find out how much it'll clear the moutain

    asked by physics
  80. 8th Grade Algebra:Radicals

    { this means means square root How do you solve these kind of radicals: 1. (5-{14)*(3-{2) 2. (4{2+2)*(3{3-1) Can someone show me how to do these correctly please ?

    asked by Joy
  81. Hard Physics

    A bullet train is traveling at 23.3 m/s when it approaches a slower train 47 meters ahead traveling in the same direction at 6.67 m/s. If the faster train begins decelerating at 2.1m/s^2 while the slower train continues at constant speed, how soon will

    asked by Harold
  82. science

    foot prints in rocks are called what/ it begins with an i.10 lettersthe other is GONE FOR GOOD it begins with e and has 10 letters we are studying fossils

    asked by shere

    can someone explain how i would write an interpolation and extrapolation in a conclusion statement for a biology project? i don't know how to word it.

    asked by SMITHly
  84. Italian 2

    i need help. well, not really. i just need someone to proofread this paragraph and make sure its good/ no spelling errors and etc. thanks a lot --------- Io vorrò essere una farmacista. Perché è una buona professione e affinché potrò aiutare la gente

    asked by Aryan
  85. Bobpursley+Chemistry

    Hey Can you take a look at my previous post that you replied on.

    asked by Chopsticks
  86. Physics

    is physics neccessary for becoming a pharmacist or no? i searched the web and it says yes. so is it true?

    asked by Aryan
  87. algebra II

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of (-1/3) that goes through the point (2, -4) With a slope of 3 that goes through the point (-5, -1)

    asked by kate
  88. Geography

    My question is: How are the tribes of the Amazon and other rainforests affected by deforestation?

    asked by Jamie
  89. 8th grade

    Find the equation of the line With a slope of (-1/3) that goes through the point (2, -4) With a slope of 3 that goes through the point (-5, -1)

    asked by kate
  90. 4th grade

    what effect does an increase in average temperature have on the ecosystem

    asked by chris
  91. Translation exam part 2 (from French into English)

    Okay, here are the 10 isolated sentences (I was in a rush while translating them, ahem...). Thanks :) 1. According to a new study, going for four short walks every day might be healthier than a single long one. 2. In the face of it, the idea of projecting

    asked by green_heart
  92. govt

    in congress what is the number of seats in the house and how its determined

    asked by m
  93. Japanese

    Anybody know how to type Japanese? What system/program do i need?

    asked by Ashley
  94. TAG. Math

    How do I solve Radical square root. Such as 11 times the square root of 196 divided by 9 times the square root of 256

    asked by Dakota
  95. 7th grade

    i don't get how to do circumference

    asked by rylee
  96. HELLP!!!

    Greatest Common Factor of 15 and 21

    asked by soukhya
  97. What is the difference?

    What is the difference between Student-Teaching and a Supervised Practicum?

    asked by thea
  98. algebra 2

    Please help! y=2x I need to find the inverse, and I am wonderingif the inverse is x= 2y or f-1 = x/2????

    asked by Betty
  99. Language of Health Care

    How are the processes of blood clotting, immune response, allergic reaction, and hormone release interrelated?

    asked by Patricia
  100. art

    What does Renaissance mean?

    asked by john
  101. french

    fill in the blank with either the words ai,as,a,avons,avec,or ont Hamlima a dix-sept ans et son frere. Ahmed ---- quinze ans.

    asked by Spongebob
  102. Poem

    is this a good poem title, and is it good. Broken Heart Pieces torn apart My heart is empty Nothing of compassion, or joy Just the pieces that were many Joined together to form As one as all Are now just two halfs They are very small Love, and careness Was

    asked by Spongebob
  103. science

    what effect does washing away of soil have on the ecosystem

    asked by mike
  104. science

    what effect does an increase in average temperature have on the ecosystem

    asked by mike
  105. Translation exam (from French into English)

    Hello! I'm a French-speaking student and I had an English exam this morning. We had to translate a text and 10 isolated sentences from French into English. This is, more or less, what I wrote for the text. What do you think of it? If you don't mind, could

    asked by green_heart
  106. siuxth grande academy

    what is a color mixed with white

    asked by tayler
  107. arithmetic

    What is the answer of a subtraction sentence called?

    asked by Kyanna
  108. Writing Lab

    Ok....i have an essay to write about how Bilbo was underestimated in the book The Hobbit. I cant think of a title for my essay though...any ideas?

    asked by Chris
  109. science

    what are the 2 scales

    asked by agatha
  110. history

    what was the first movie to feature music

    asked by lil mama
  111. Cultural Diversity

    What are the current issues between Native Americans and the federal government? WHy do you think there is a connection?

    asked by BLeighT
  112. college

    Please help. I'm stuck. Solve: 20/5p+3/5q-6/5p+14/5q Please show me the steps. Thank you

    asked by Momsbubs
  113. Science

    What Alkalis are there that i would find in my house for like cleaning ect and what is the strongest alkali. thank-you x

    asked by Demi
  114. Math

    How do you know whether an inequality, such as this,|2c-5|

    asked by Angie
  115. 5th grade

    how do you this problem.. 27x0x3=

    asked by teanna
  116. french

    could you check these? fill in the blanks with ai, as, a, avons, avec, and ont La famille Ghez ---- un bel appartement a Nice. Answer: a Leur appartement ----- six pieces. Answer: ont

    asked by Spongebob
  117. science

    what effect do hawks have on the ecosystem

    asked by mike