Questions Asked on
January 12, 2009

  1. Operations management - Business

    Determine which shipping alternative would be most economical to ship 80 boxes of parts when each box has a price of $200 and holding costs are 30 percent of price, given this shipping information: overnight, $300, two-day, $260, six-day, $180.

    asked by Nora
  2. 10th grade

    A car crashes into a wall a 25m/s and is brought to rest in 0.1s. Calculate the average force exerted on a 75-kg test dummy by the seat belt. What is the formula to solve this problem.

    asked by Nikki Rozzell
  3. chemistry

    What is the explanation for the discrete lines in atomic emission spectra?

    asked by Rebecca
  4. econ

    How is underutilization depicted on a production possibilities frontier?

    asked by trista
  5. english essay

    i need help with figuring out the satirization of Huck Finn. such as with the word choice/ dialect he uses and the irony in the book.

    asked by lauren
  6. music appreceation

    A poem set to music and sung is called a(n)

    asked by carrie
  7. Managerial Economics

    a private garage owner has identified two distinct market segments: short term parkers and all day parkers with respective demand curves of Ps = 3-(Qs/200) and Pc = 2-(Qc/200). Here Pis the average hourly rate and Q is the number of cars parked at this

    asked by Chris
  8. bio

    On the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, which most geologists believe to be of volcanic origin without ever having had any land connection with the west coast of South America, Darwin discovered a group of small finches. These birds have since been

    asked by phil
  9. geometry

    how do you find the circumference of a circle with the area of 169 pie m squared(in the terms of pie)? Please tell me how to do it. Don't just give me the answer

    asked by jordan

    What is the explanation for the discrete lines in atomic emission spectra?

    asked by Rebecca
  11. math

    The number which best completes the sequence below is: 10 8 7 14 15 13 12 24 25

    asked by christy
  12. music

    Many composers of the Impressionist era wrote harmonies consisting of chords that moved in _______ motion. A. reverse B. indirect C. parallel D. convex 4. Who was the virtuoso violinist that had a profound influence on Franz Liszt? A. Giuseppe Verdi B.

    asked by cheryl
  13. math

    Can you show me how to round 3.472 and 15.197 to the nearest hundredths. Thanks.

    asked by deb
  14. chem lab

    In a pottasium permanganate and oxalic acid titration..why do we add sulfuric acid to the oxalic acid solution and then boil it before titrating??

    asked by sylvia
  15. Social Studies

    What are the 5 major geographic features in Africa? Is 2 of them rivers and mountains? Please help!! Thank you!

    asked by Happy Face
  16. Science

    What are the disadvantages of cutting down rainforests? I've already looked it up and got some info, so if anyone knows any additional info i could add to it, I'd appreciate it. Well, here's what I got: -Trees produce Oxygen and carbon dioxide -farmers CAN

    asked by John
  17. 7th grade

    How do you make a net for a 3D letter T?

    asked by Duncan
  18. COM/150

    What kinds of supporting paragraphs (examples, details, definitions, analysis, division and classification, process analysis, comparison-contrast, cause-effect, argument) are appropriate to support this topic?

    asked by DPore
  19. bio essay

    Hi. I need more help with this question. On the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, which most geologists believe to be of volcanic origin without ever having had any land connection with the west coast of South America, Darwin discovered a group of

    asked by phil
  20. science

    why don't soft animals like sponges cnidarians live on land?

    asked by Sha
  21. AP Chem

    In a typical synthesis reaction, 0.142 g of chlorine gas is reacted with an unkown elemnt X to form a compound with the formula XCl3. If the final product has a mass of 0.178 g, what is the atomic mass of the unknown element?

    asked by Anna
  22. Math

    We built a big cube from identical size smaller cubes.1/8 of the small cubes used was red.1/4 was white and the rest were green. We used more then 300 green cubes. How many small cubes did we use if we tried to use as few as possible?

    asked by Tsunami
  23. english

    How do you spell misconnentation? I tried five different ways, but the spell checker won't recognize it!

    asked by Leanora
  24. criminal law for criminal justice

    Write a 5-6 page paper, in APA format (excluding the cover and reference pages) discussing the influence of society, medicine, and psychology in the decision to deny the use of the Death Penalty when sentencing juveniles. It can be argued that this is one

    asked by annia
  25. ALGEBRA--MAT 117

    Quadratic equations can be solved by graphing, using the quadratic formula, completing the square, and factoring. What are the pros and cons of each of these methods? When might each method be most appropriate? Which method do you prefer? Why?

    asked by Paradise
  26. chemistry

    1) To prepare a 200 mL of aqueous stock solution X, you transferred 50 mL of a known concentration solution into a 200 mL volumetric flask. If you realize that the volumetric flask was contaminated with water droplets after you cleanly transferred the

    asked by Brad
  27. Chemistry

    91.7g of HCL solution was added to the calorimeter and brought to a constant temp. Then 0.5278g of MgO was added and the Temp rose from 25.65C to 32.60C and held steady. Then 0.0185g of Mg was added and the temp again rose from 30.35C to 32.20C. Calculate

    asked by Laura
  28. Geography

    Is the United Kindom just the united kingdom, or is it made countries like England? I know that sounds stupid...but can somebody help me please?

    asked by Dawn
  29. Math 30 Pure

    9x^2+16y^2+64y+28=0 I am supposed to convert this to standard form, but my answer doesn't make sense. One part was 9x^2/92...does that sound right?

    asked by Jodine
  30. maths

    i need to come up with 3 examples of an equal chance of something happening. these are the examples i have thought of but don`t know if they are right. 1/flipping a coin 2/coloured counters out of a bag 3/rolling a dice. please could someone tell me if

    asked by jemma
  31. Math 115 CAP

    Describe some coping mechanisms developed in MAT 115 that can be used for another math course.

    asked by Deb
  32. pozon

    author of vengeance is not ours it's gog's

    asked by kimberly
  33. Physics

    A train travels 84 km/h when it reaches a slower train 47 meters ahead traveling the same direction at 24 km/h. If the faster train decelerates at 2.1 m/s^2 while the slower train is at a constant speed, when will they collide? If the train that is faster

    asked by Chloe
  34. english

    If i am writing an english comp 3rd person and she asked for the organization to be spatial - what exactly does that mean?

    asked by christian
  35. 7th grade

    1,500 pages in 12 days = _____ pages in 3 days.

    asked by lexi
  36. algebra

    3/5+(4/9*3/8) divided by 2/3

    asked by Tifany Jackson
  37. Math

    1. A figure has the ordered pairs: A(2,0); B(7,2); C(3,4). Construct the new figure dilated by a scale factor of 2. 2. In the city of Vegas, they have a replica of the sphinx that is originally 240 feet tall. They used a scale factor of 1/3 to create the

    asked by Happy Face
  38. Math 115 5

    If the base of a parallelogram is 4 1/2 in. and its height is 5 1/3 in., what is its area?

    asked by Deb
  39. Math 115 6

    Evaluate. 128 ÷(5^2 + 7) 128÷ (25 + 7) = 128 ÷32 = 4 correct?

    asked by Deb
  40. Calculus

    find the integral of x^2 - sec3xtan3x

    asked by Bill
  41. Math 115 8

    m ‡˜ A = 81 Find the supplement of ‡˜ A. those are angle signs.

    asked by Deb
  42. algebra

    2c-d=-2 d=-4c+20

    asked by lindy
  43. science

    2. Assignment: Psychological Disorders’ Presentation For this assignment, you will create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Your presentation must briefly summarize how psychological disorders are classified including the role of the DSM IV. Your

    asked by lilly


    asked by George
  45. Geometry

    Please help me with this problem because i do not understand and also, there is a diagram too but, i cannot copy and paste here. so, here is the problem A simple roof truss design is shown below. The lower section, VWXY,is made from three equal length

    asked by Milo
  46. math

    ok Here is my solution Sales records at Burger Heaven show that an average of 5 out of 8 customers ask for catsup. If there are about 5,600 customers per week, about how many requests for catsup are expected each week?

    asked by kristisparklez
  47. medical billing and coding

    youre reveiwing reimbursement for a medicare surgical craniotomy case. the case falls into DRG1, which has a relative weight of 3.0970 and a geometrice mean length of stay of 6.3. the hospitals current standard reimbursement rate is $1500. calculate the

    asked by r
  48. algebra Urgent!

    I need help with the problem: A is a constant such that the graph of the equation Ax-3y=6 passes through the point (1,-3). Find A.

    asked by Caroline
  49. com 150

    i need help with a good thesis statement for gas and oil prices

    asked by kerrie
  50. biology

    How does geographic isolation contribute to evolution thank you

    asked by phil
  51. Literature

    In "It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free" by William Woodsworth, what does Woodsworth achieve by using enjambment?

    asked by Jaslyn
  52. 4th grade english

    Now the porpoises _______ over three buoys.(jump) have jumped Is have jumped the correct form of the verb in parentheses?

    asked by Amy
  53. math

    2/3 of 9 equals what

    asked by mimi
  54. Algebra (URGENT!)

    Can you help me with this problem: Find a formula for the distance from the point (X1, Y2) (The numbers next to X and Y are like X sub 1, Y sub 2...)

    asked by Caroline
  55. 5th grade-grammar

    Can you please check these sentences for me? -Write a sentence that includes an adverb modifying an adjective That person is sad. -Write a sentence that includes an adverb modifying an adverb I like to eat fast. Please let me know if these are right. thank

    asked by sacha
  56. bobpursley

    2 3/5 = 6c 13/5= 6 You said to divide both sides by six can you show me an example please? Thanks!

    asked by Payge
  57. Science-Weather

    which statement best explain wy the greenhouse effect incrases earth's average temperature? a. CO2 has a high latent heat b. less infrared raditon escapes to outer space. c. More incoming solar radation is aborbed by the atmosphere. d. less incoming solar

    asked by Twilight lover
  58. math

    what is the LCM of 14 and 21?

    asked by austin
  59. biology

    can someone better explain to me what the independent/manipulated variable is in an experiment. also, i am not clear on what the dependent/responding variable is. please help

    asked by Casey
  60. Chemistry

    You want to make 1000 ml of an 0.1 M HA buffer so that the pH=pKa of HA. To make this buffer you need to add ____ HA and ____ mL of 1M NaOH and then add enough water to give 1000 mL. HA is a weak acid.

    asked by Jessica
  61. Spelling

    Could you help me to find the definition of Arch? It has to relate to fingers. I check few website but does not say about fingers or relate to science. Thank you for your help.

    asked by HAPPYFACE
  62. fine arts

    this is what i have so far for my question about the relationship between Baroque style and the Counter Reformation. "The Counter Reformation was an attempt by the Catholic Church to allure people back and to regain its former power. Art played a key role

    asked by y912f
  63. philosophy

    According to some acienct mayan philosophers the world is supposed to end in 2012. Is this true? They were responsible for predicted world war 1 and 2 and 9/11 as well. This all happened, and also their calander ends in this year. What is going to happen

    asked by Anonymous
  64. General

    how can you help others think more critically?

    asked by Bryan
  65. Physical Science

    What is the process by which the products of plants are used by animals? What gas is released to the atmosphere as a result of the products of plants being consumed?

    asked by Jennifer
  66. Essay Writing

    In the sentence: "Dr. Phil counseled the mother of a four-year-old who weighs 150 lbs." Would it be better to say, "Dr. Phil counseled the mother of a child who weighs 150 lbs." Because wouldn't the first sentence be considered wrong because it states the

    asked by Laurie
  67. math

    write an equation of the line that passes through the given points: 1.(-1,0),(0,-2)

    asked by krystal
  68. science

    Does the total amount of oxygen adoms on the earth increase or decreace over time? Explain.

    asked by gaby
  69. Language Arts

    Could you give me examples of action verbs, linking verbs and helping verbs?

    asked by Pam
  70. French

    My french teacher has asked us too gather us questions to ask our pen pals on a live link up. (webcam to each other) but, i cannot think of anything to ask her. Please help and give me some ideas ? Charlie. x (:

    asked by Charlie
  71. Social Studies

    I have researched this a little but am still not sure what the answer is... Why was Sir Thomas More beheaded? With waht did he disagree? Thanks:)

    asked by Micheal
  72. science

    help me if a poisonous pollutant got into the food chain of pike water beetle tadpole pondweed which is likely to be most affected

    asked by destiny
  73. Intermediate Algebra

    Find the maximum value of the objective function and the values of x and y for which it occurs. F = 5x + 2y x + 2y (greater than or equal to) 6 2x + y (greater than or equal to) 6 Both x and y are greater than or equal to 0. I don't understand how to do

    asked by Lauren
  74. medical billing and coding

    yourre an inpatient coder in a hospital. you've just coded a medicare part a record with a diagnosis related group reimbursement of $12000. you notice in the hospitals computer billing system that the patient's charges are $19500. that's $7500 more that

    asked by r
  75. math

    Find the slope of the linear function g if g(3) = 6 and g(-2) = 4.

    asked by kiran
  76. science

    source of energy of oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, water

    asked by sebastian
  77. american literature

    In "Where the Cross is Made" how does O'Neill indicate what is real or fantasy?

    asked by sydney

    Please check my answer thanks :) An individual SAR team's mission is to A. clear the area and search for clues. B. camp out in the woods. C. help other teams. D. find the missing person. I said C

    asked by Mallie
  79. algebra

    how do I solve -2

    asked by Twilight lover
  80. Literature 10th grade

    What is a Specialized form of informal english used by Traesmen among themselves? A boorrowed word which has been made to resemble English has been what??? Threee Major North American Dialects are what??

    asked by Amanda
  81. 4th grade english

    The sharks (has, have) added to its popularity since I was there. Have Sharks (have, has) interested me for a long time. Has Could someone please tell me if I have the correct helping verb for the above sentences?

    asked by Amy
  82. econ

    How does a production possiblities curve illustrate how efficient an economy is?

    asked by trista
  83. bio

    Hi. i know I already posted this but I don't understand how polyploidy contributes to evolution in finches of the galapagos islands as polyploidy most often occurs in plants.

    asked by phil
  84. ALGEBRA-MAT117

    How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one, two, or no solutions? How do you find a quadratic equation if you are only given the solution? Is it possible to have different quadratic equations with the same solution?

    asked by Paradise
  85. calculus

    find the relative extreme of f(x) = 3x^4 - 10x^3 + x - 2 using your calculator. explain how you did it.

    asked by emily
  86. fine arts

    Explain the relationship between the Baroque style and the Counter-Reformation.

    asked by y912f
  87. 7th grade

    Can someone help me unscramble this Spanish word: sssatlfrieeu'

    asked by Hal
  88. biology/math

    an advertisement for sleeping pills claims to cause 50% longer lasting sleep. you decide to compare this new pill to your original sleeping pill. subject (A) takes the origianl sleeping pill and subject (B) takes the new pill. subject A slept for 30

    asked by SMITHly
  89. Physical Science

    Explain the importance of the water cycle to survival of the earth's organisms?

    asked by Jennifer
  90. English

    Having trouble with critical analysis forms. This is a final assignment. Can someone help me.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. us history debate

    Hi. I am doing a debate on wheter united states imperialism in the late 1800s to early 1900s was justified. I am on the side that states that imperialism was justified. I need help coming up with points to put in my rebuttal. i already have my opening

    asked by ben
  92. music

    Who was the virtuoso violinist that had a profound influence on Franz Liszt?

    asked by sarah
  93. romantic era of music

    Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called

    asked by cheryl
  94. business

    In a job analysis for a teacher's assisstant, the description " satisfaction when children learn a skill" would falll under the category A. skills required B. knowledge required C. enviornment D. work interest area. D is my answer, can someone help me.

    asked by Cynthia
  95. music

    Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called A. Carmen. B. The Barber of Seville. C. The Ring of the Nibelung. D. Siegfried.

    asked by cheryl
  96. science

    Which is an invertebrate? a-eagle b-fish c-snake d-shrimp

    asked by Sha
  97. music

    A short musical form written especially for the piano is called a

    asked by Kathy
  98. music

    Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called A. Carmen. B. The Barber of Seville. C. The Ring of the Nibelung. D. Siegfried. 10. A _______ is a musical motive associated with a character, idea, or emotion in the works of Wagner. A. pedal B.

    asked by amy
  99. social studies

    How did Buddha try to change the lives of people in India?

    asked by bob
  100. music

    What were the beginnings of music in America that developed into jazz?

    asked by Bob
  101. music

    In which city did jazz take hold? Why?

    asked by Bob
  102. ALgebra

    Can someone help me foil this equation? [ã(2x+2) - ã(x-3)][ã(2x+2) - ã(x-3)] = 4

    asked by George
  103. Phycisal Science

    What characteristic separates the planets into Inner and Outer groupings? Name each laws. Matter is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but energy can be converted from one to another.

    asked by Jennifer
  104. social studies

    what happened to buddhism in india

    asked by bob
  105. Chemistry

    Calculate the electronegativity differences between the following atoms: 1.C-H 2.O-H 3.C-O

    asked by Bob
  106. Math

    Why is this inequality "No Solution"? -4|k|=12

    asked by Angie
  107. Chemistry

    Please help me with this problem What is the Balance chemical equation for Al(s) + H2O(l)-->

    asked by Milo
  108. chemistry

    Do polar and nonpolar substances mix?

    asked by Bob
  109. math

    please explain to me how to dived this 57/550

    asked by steven
  110. 5th grade

    In Cultural Studies how to identify how a person becomes a member of a group.

    asked by Carolyn
  111. Geometry

    Please help me with this other problem and this problem has a diagram too but, i cannot copy and paste here. A block of metal has 90 degree notch cut from its lower surface. The notched part rests on a circular cylinder of diameter 2.0cm. If the lower

    asked by Milo
  112. medical billing and coding

    you work for a third party payer performning medical records review. your job is to match codes that were submitted on the claim to documentation in the medical record. you notice that a code has been input for a colonoscopy procedure, but you don't see

    asked by r
  113. chemistry

    Why do we use a boiling solution when carrying out oxidation- reduction titration?

    asked by sylvia
  114. math

    a restraurant has 11 booths and 12 tables, write the ratio of booths to tables as a fraction

    asked by Anonymous
  115. math

    is the following set of numbers a perfect triple? 7,24,25

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Random Q

    why is there so much cruilty in the world? why do people have to be so mean to others? Why do people have to be so selfish?

    asked by elenny:)love...........
  117. spanish

    interrogativas question estudias? (en mi case.)

    asked by angie
  118. 6th grade

    How did the greeks influence our world today in areas of education?

    asked by Kalley
  119. college algebra

    factor out the greatest factor from each polynomial 15R-27

    asked by chris
  120. college algebra

    Factor out the greatest common factor from each polynomial 9y^2 -18y + 8

    asked by kathy
  121. writing a paper

    Can you start a sentence of with the word at. for example At the same time

    asked by Bryan
  122. accounting

    An employee who is married and has two children submits a W-4 form to his employer indicating that he is single and claims zero deductions. Is this action ethical, unethical, or illegal?

    asked by China
  123. e science

    explain why are two stations not enough to locate an epicenter?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. social studies

    If you could talk to martin L. king,what would you say

    asked by gian
  125. algebra

    Carlo wants to buy a $425 computer. He earns $7 per hour at his job. Write an inequality to express this situation and than identify what x stands for.

    asked by Twilight lover
  126. calculus

    what is the limit as x -> 0+ (0 from the right) of |x|/x?

    asked by emily
  127. MATH!!!

    2 3/5 = 6c ???

    asked by Payge
  128. 8th grade

    Need weight of Iron vs magnesiium

    asked by Marty
  129. european studies

    i started to research but i cant find any answers that make sense. how are vikings the perfect symbol of viking society?

    asked by miya
  130. Anne Frank

    Does any one know any websites that discuss anne franks life.

    asked by Cookie¢¾
  131. calculus

    identify and explain all the kinds of discontinuity for y = (x + 4)/(x^2 - 16)

    asked by emily
  132. Algebra

    I need help with the following problems: ~23. 3^(x-6)=81 How do you solve this? I'm not sure what becomes of the -6. ~24. 11-6^x=3

    asked by Louise
  133. Algebra

    I understand how you solve 8+3^x=10, but I don't understand what becomes of the +8. Thanks for your help

    asked by Louise
  134. bobpursley!

    Sorry again but I have two questions. Is this right? 1/5 m= 22 final answer m= 11/55. Seconde how would I do 2/3c = 5.9 Thank you so much!

    asked by Payge
  135. Algebra

    Here's my question: Find a formula for the distance from the point (x(sub 1)), (y(sub 2)) to the origin. Thanks for your help!

    asked by Caroleen
  136. Humanities

    How did the pro-buisness enviroment of the 1920's contribute to the causes of the great depression? By whom and in what way was the 100 days legislature criticised?

    asked by Carly
  137. fine arts

    i need to write about the first established female artist, at what point she became recognized, and some of the ways her talents were encouraged throughout her life. first i need to make sure if its Judith Leyster. if it is then i know that her work got

    asked by y912f
  138. music

    Many composers of the Impressionist era wrote harmonies consisting of chords that moved in _______ motion.

    asked by amy
  139. Math 30 Pure

    (y+2)^2=-(x+1) I want to know if (x+1)=-(y+2)^2 is the same thing, and if it is, then is the stretch factor -1?

    asked by Jodine
  140. music appreceation

    Post-Romantic music usually has a _______ quality

    asked by carrie
  141. ecology

    what is an example of a tree that is anaerobic one hour after flooding? what does anaerobic mean!?

    asked by emily
  142. Math

    Solve this inequality. |k|>2.5

    asked by Angie
  143. Piano lessons

    I have a daughter who is 4 years old. I would like her to learn how to play the piano. At what age should I sign her up for lessons? Thanks!

    asked by Rae