Questions Asked on
January 9, 2009

  1. art

    i have to write a full A4 page with no pictures about Franz Marc but i can not find enough info i have when he was born where an when he died an some other stuff but i am not sure what else to think of an put in!!!

    asked by sophie
  2. Statistics

    Maria and Zoe are taking Biology 105 but are in different classes. Maria's class has an average of 78% with a standard deviation of 5% on the midterm, whereas Zoe's class has an average of 83% with a standard deviation of 12%. Assume that scores in both

    asked by Peter
  3. Physics

    A large ant is standing on the middle of a circus tightrope that is stretched with tension T_s. The rope has mass per unit length mu. Wanting to shake the ant off the rope, a tightrope walker moves her foot up and down near the end of the tightrope,

    asked by Sam

    can anyone help me with my math please?

    asked by Mike
  5. AED

    Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum · Write a 350- to 500-word statement that reflects on how your ethnicity influences your personal behavior, attitudes, and values. · Post your statement. Can any one give me suggestions on this cause i really do not

    asked by troyer0269
  6. fine arts

    true or false Gothic style churches were not limited to France. i think its true ???

    asked by y912f
  7. Introduction To Teacher Aide

    Ok i need help please! I don't have the book to help me so can someone please help me! I did my best to answer some..if i got them wrong please correct them for me... Thanks :) 1. Which of the following might be a duty of a noninstructional aide? A.

    asked by KAYLA

    I need help! I don't have the book to help me..i tried to answer some and if i got them wrong please help and correct them for me! Thanks :) 1. What is active listening? A. Interrupting the speaker with questions B. Listening attentively and asking

    asked by KAYLA
  9. math

    The weights (in pounds) of a sample of five boxes being sent by UPS are: 12, 6, 7, 3, and 10. a. Compute the range. b. Compute the mean deviation. c. Compute the standard deviation.

    asked by Dan
  10. precalculus with applications

    Which of the following is not a root of z^2= 1-square root of 3i to the nearest hundredth. a. -0.22+1.24i b. -0.97-0.81i c. 1.02-0.65i d. 1.18-0.43i Iam not sure how to do this problem. Can someone help me? Thanks

    asked by Mary
  11. french

    Les activités que j'aimais quand j'étais un enfant sont(être?) dessiner et j'aimais jouer avec des jouets et le barbie avec ma soeur qui est plus âgée que moi. what verb do I use for: The activities that I liked to do "was" thanks in advance

    asked by Sh
  12. AP Statistics

    Maria and Zoe are taking Biology 105 but are in different classes. Maria's class has an average of 78% with a standard deviation of 5% on the midterm, whereas Zoe's class has an average of 83% with a standard deviation of 12%. Assume that scores in both

    asked by Peter
  13. eth 125

    Why do you think Asian Americans do not appear interested in political careers? Why do you think there is such a big change when they move here to the United States?

    asked by meshelle
  14. Technology

    For my final exam I must build a paper tower that stands at least 60+ inches. These are what I can use. -One sheet of paper (8.5x11) -Two feet of tape -Pencil -Ruler I can't seem to find the correct way to do this anywhere on the internet, so can I get

    asked by Jacob
  15. social studies

    How did Octavius Valentine Catto die?

    asked by Kate
  16. 4th grade English

    Today our entire class (was, are) excited about the talent show. Is was the correct answer for the sentence?

    asked by Hayley
  17. science

    The sun is actually about 865000 miles in diameter, so 1cm of the model represents how many miles?

    asked by luca
  18. science

    1) The moon is about 250,000 miles away from the Earth. To the nearest centimetre, how far would it be from the Earth in our scale model? 2) In this mode, how far away from the Earth would the Sun be?

    asked by luca
  19. spnaish HELP

    Por y para traduce 1. I want to go to Colorado for Christmas. Quiero ir a Colorado para Christmans 2. Did you buy anything for dinner ¿Has comprado algo para la cena 3. This cell phone is for emergencies only. Este teléfono celular es sólo para

    asked by sam


    asked by Mike
  21. Aferican American History

    I need some informationon Octavius Valentine Catto to put into a powerpoint? What information should I include as well?

    asked by Peter
  22. spanish help

    Ser or Estar use correct form 1. Yo estoy de Claifronia 2. Nosotros estamos estudiant de VP 3. Tu y tus amigos eres simpaticicos e inteligentes 4. Hoy yo _____ un poco nerviosa por la prueba. 5. Ayer es Domingo 6. Ella no _____estadoundidenses. ____ingeles

    asked by sam
  23. spanish

    1.Ellos no es estadounidenses son ingleses 2. Mi tarea esta en mi cuaderon 3. La clase de espanol es divertida ser y estar use the corrent form 1. es and son 2. esta 3. es

    asked by sam
  24. social studies

    I need information on Octavius Valentine Catto to form into a powerpoint? What information should I include in it as well?

    asked by Peter
  25. spnaish help 2 more

    Mi tarea eres en mi cuaderno La clase de expanol ______divertida complete with correct form of ser or estar

    asked by sam
  26. Re: french SraJMcGin, January 9, 2009

    Sorry I forgot the accents on aîné= oldest And i spelled cadette wrong i know now its cadet and lofer= (NAVIGATION) to luff I know it might sound strange since it has no context. This was a part of a half page review on "en mer" by Guy maupassant. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Eth 125

    What do you believe is the future of Asian diversity in America?

    asked by coreen
  28. AP Stats

    Maria and Zoe are taking Biology 105 but are in different classes. Maria's class has an average of 78% with a standard deviation of 5% on the midterm, whereas Zoe's class has an average of 83% with a standard deviation of 12%. Assume that scores in both

    asked by Peter
  29. french

    hmm..are the tenses correct? It is still a bit difficult on when to use passe compose and when to use imparfait, eventhough I know passe compose is a finished action and imparfait are events that lasts long (or not so long) S: Tu n'es pas retourné à la

    asked by sh
  30. math -solution

    how many solution do this problem have? 3x(4x-5)(3x+7)(x-6)=0

    asked by Joshua B
  31. spanish

    Ser or Estar use correct form 6. Ella no _____estadoundidenses. ____ingeles All are done except this one for this section.

    asked by sam
  32. spanish

    Mi tarea eres en mi cuaderno is eres correct???

    asked by sam
  33. fine arts

    Describe what work the three brothers from Flanders are known for and how this work was illustrated. i think their most known work is the "Book of Hours" . but i need help in the second part

    asked by y912f
  34. chem

    find the density of a cube if it has a mass of 2 grams and has a length of i centimeter on each edge/

    asked by tonya
  35. cover letter for homework

    Hi! I want to do a nice cover letter for my Social Studies homework, which information i should have on it to make it look REALLY NICE!

    asked by Arturo
  36. Human Geography

    How have religious groups in the U.S. been affected by changes in their enviroment ?

    asked by Dominic
  37. Human Geography

    How would demographic differences affect future relationships among two religious groups?

    asked by Dominic
  38. English

    what can you lie on sit on and comb you hair with ???

    asked by sharon
  39. music

    1. What were the beginnings of music in America that developed into jazz? 2. In which city did jazz take hold? Why?

    asked by Peter
  40. fine arts

    did the Gothic period begin around the middle of the twelfth century and last throughout the fifteenth century?

    asked by y912f
  41. fine arts

    Which of the following artists used his creations to try to teach lessons of morality to viewers? A. Mazzoal B. Tintoretto C. Raphael D. Bosch

    asked by y912f
  42. fine arts

    this one is hard for me to find exactly where it is in the book major artistic achievemnets in the 17th century were seen in A.France B.Spain C.Germany D.England

    asked by y912f
  43. science

    99% 1st graders get it right , 5% MBA's get it right- Rich do not have it, the poor have it, more powerful then God and if you eat it you die--what is it?

    asked by John
  44. Nutrition

    A pair of nutrients ( one mineral and one vitamin) that works together in the body.

    asked by James
  45. physics

    why woods do not radiate electricity?

    asked by Alveera
  46. Science

    What are ten scientific facts found in Jurassic park? Include page numbers for reference.

    asked by Christine
  47. english

    i need information on a storyboard

    asked by shania
  48. english

    "context affects content" what does this mean

    asked by tomi
  49. Finance 200

    . If you purchase a zero coupon bond today for $225 and it matures at $1,000 in 11 years, what rate of return will you earn on that bond (to the nearest 10th of 1 percent)?

    asked by Stacy
  50. irregular verbs

    That day in June he had swum in the ocean. Is swum the proper verb for this sentence?

    asked by Lily
  51. proofreading

    The sentence to be corrected is.. Last night an ice storm ringed in the evening, bringing winds that blowed all night. Wouldn't it be rung and blew?

    asked by Sam
  52. Psych 230

    Can someone help me understand what the personal construct theory is? Thank-You

    asked by SiNnErSaVeD
  53. crt 205

    Over time, non-specialists are usually able to assimilate radically new scientific ideas, even though these ideas may seem strange when they are initially introduced. Such was the case with Newtonian physics; when Newton proposed his ideas regarding motion

    asked by Jacob
  54. english

    When was Gullivers travels written? please help me i have looked everywhere i need this answer it is urgent !!!

    asked by saffy
  55. Employment

    How old do you have to be to work at "Tim Horton's"? I cannot find a specific age minimum, so I'm assuming it's 16?

    asked by Anonymous

    I ANSWERED SOME OF THEM BUT I DON'T KNOW IF THERE RIGHT OR WRONG..CAN YOU HELP ME? I DON'T HAVE THE BOOK TO HELP.. THANKS SOO MUCH!! 1. The term superman or supermen was developed by..? a. Nietzsche (my answer) b. Marx c. Hegel d. Mann 2. The novel Les

    asked by KAYLA
  57. Math 115 3

    #1 2/3 - 1/6 + 5/9 #2 4 1/3 - 3 1/9 + 2 1/2 #3 Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. (Show the work and label your answers.) 335, 234, 187, 394, 237, 452, 300, 201, 303

    asked by Deb
  58. Math 115 1

    Find the mean of the following set of numbers. 10, 8, 10, 12, 14

    asked by Deb
  59. Math 115 #20

    Label each statement as true or false a. All integers are real numbers. b. All negative integers are whole numbers. c. Zero is neither positive nor negative. d. All integers are whole numbers. I think all answera are TRUE am I correct

    asked by Deb
  60. Math 115 # 19

    The following information shows a relationship between the speed of a certain car over a 100-mi test trip and the gas mileage obtained: Speed 40 45 50 55 60 gas millage 35 33 28 25 22 Use this information to make a line graph and then predict the gas

    asked by Deb
  61. biology

    what oganic molecules provised structure for hair, nail, bones/cartilage

    asked by ethan
  62. Day Care

    Children will develop a sense of self-direction and competence if materials are arrangeed so that children A. must apply ingenuity to find needed materials. b. must ask a caregiver for needed materials c. can easily find matereials themselves. d. will be

    asked by Cynthia
  63. Vocabulary

    Polar ice caps melted in springlike weather and _______ themselves in the Martian version of autumn. originally, the word in the blank was 'replenished' would a synonym be: completed, hid, built, or renewed? I believe it is renewed.. is that correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. sci

    Respond to the following scenario: o Your younger brother is in 5th grade. He comes home and tells you to look at an animation his teacher showed him in geology class. o Review the Continents of the Past animation on this week’s aXcess page. o After

    asked by troyer0269
  65. Day Care

    Which one of the following is a good traffic pattern arrangement? A. Exits should be routed away from heavily used play areas. B. For safety reasons, the kitchen area should be located as far as possible from the classrooms. C. Shelving, dividers, and

    asked by Cynthia
  66. french

    Does this make sense Et pourtant, ils n’ont réussi pas. La seule manière qu’ils l’ont pu sauver est coupe la corde. Mais couper c’était perdre le chalut, et ce chalut vaut de l’argent; et il a appartenu à Javel aine, qui tenait à son avoir.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Science

    Do you know how big the Sun is? The Sun is 400 times as big as the Moon and 400 times as far away. The Moon: 2.5mm diameter a) How big would the Sun be if the Moon were the size shown above? b) The Sun is actually about 865,000 miles in diameter, so 1 cm

    asked by luca
  68. Astronomy/Math

    I am going to make a moon phase program. Is there a formula for the phase angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    why is it impossible for a tiangle to contain a 180 degree angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    what would be a counterexample of this converse statement: If a and b are not consecutive odd numbers,then a+b is not an even number.

    asked by xboxwee
  71. Math (Probability)

    I've worked out the first part of the question, just need help with the second part which is: The spinner has three sections. While no two are the same size, one of the sections is half the size of another. • You are more likely to get 2/3 than one if

    asked by Daniel
  72. Physics

    A jet powered car leaves from Georgia to Virginia , 4600 km away. It goes 1010 km/h. At the same time another jet powered car drives from Virginia to Georgia, but it only goes 750 km/h. Where do the two jet powered cars pass each other? Km from Georgia,

    asked by George
  73. Math 115 23

    Multiply (1)(–6)(–2). 1 x -12 = -12 correct?

    asked by Deb
  74. 8th Grade Algebra

    I missed the lesson for this unit. (=sqaure root sign How do you solve these step by step: - 2(5 + 4(5

    asked by Joy
  75. Adv. Math

    Replace each question mark with one of the four mathematical signs: +, -, x, or /(divide). Each sign can be used only once. 7?5?4?7?6=15 P.S. YOU HAVE TO USE THE ORDER OF OPERATIONS

    asked by Kenya
  76. Math 115 24

    Simplify: -5^3 -3 -125 -3 = 122 correct?

    asked by Deb
  77. 4th Grade Eng

    Yesterday some people were practicing musical numbers. were practicing--is that the correct helping verb for the sentence

    asked by Joshua
  78. World Religions

    Islam What are some advantages and disadvantages for praying five times a day?

    asked by Lisa
  79. Essay

    I've written an essay and I'd like to know if there is any help you can give me on how to make it better or is it okay as is? It felt as if I were unconscious. I couldn’t think straight at that point in time; things were happening so fast, and I wasn’t

    asked by Preston
  80. math

    What is the difference between a expression and a equation?

    asked by DJ
  81. social studies

    what are new hampshire's major exports???

    asked by super
  82. Business

    You've completed a job analysis for the teachers in your program and are now preparing a job description. Which one of the following areas should be included in a description? A. Salary B.Benefits C. Conditions of contract D.Daily responsibilities. My

    asked by Cynthia
  83. World Religions

    Islam Ihram is the word given to the special state in which pilgrims are expected to live while they are on Hajj - the prilgrimage to Makkah. They are expected to live pure lives, and are not supposed to swear or quarrel. Any sexual relationship is

    asked by Lisa
  84. math

    y = 4-2cosx what does the 4 mean since it is not part of the amplitude. thanks in advance

    asked by Sh
  85. Math

    "How many different equivalent expressions for a particular number can be found?" Various constraints can be (and need to be) applied, such as the use of integers only, the number of expressions listed, a restricted choice of digits, or operations etc.

    asked by Henry
  86. research

    How to write a rationale of the study in research? What are its guidelines in writing?

    asked by joanalyn
  87. 9th grade English

    I'm having a hard time understanding the difference among a subordinating conjunction, a correlative conjunction, and a coordinating conjunction. Thank you! Thank you!

    asked by Lauren.
  88. geoligy

    "description of the three branches and three systems of geology." after rrading my text im still clueless about the 3 branches and systems and help please?

    asked by m
  89. Poetry

    Okay, heres an "I am" poem. But I need help on what to put for the "i am" lines. It has to be two personality characteristics. The theme is about the world being destroyed. I was thinking of using "I am hopeful and amazed", but don't if that would fit into

    asked by Larry