Questions Asked on
January 8, 2009

  1. Math

    My question: A spinner looks like this: A disc divided into sections that might or might not be the same size, with a pointer that when spun will land on some part of the disc at random. The sections might be colours, or, as in these problems, have numbers

    asked by Daniel
  2. chemistry

    A 0.03 mol sample of NH4NO3(s) is placed in a 1 L evacuated flask, which is then sealed and heated. The NH4NO3(s) decomposes completely according to the balanced equation above. The total pressure in the flask measured at 400 K is closest to which of the

    asked by jerry
  3. Math

    A password consists of 2 letters and 2 digits (0-9). The letters and digits cannot be repeated. How many passwords are possible?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Calc

    Let f be the function given by f(x)=2ln(x^2+3)-x with domain -3 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 5 a) Find the x-coordinate of each relative maximum point and each relative minimum point of f. Justify your answer. b) Find the

    asked by Bob
  5. calculus

    A 384 square meter plot of land is to be enclosed by a fence and divided into equal parts by a fence parallel to one pair of sides. What dimensions of the outer rectangle will minimize the amount of force used?

    asked by pam
  6. trigonometry

    the radius of the tires of a car is 13 inches, and they are revolving at the rate of 506 revolutions per minute. how fast is the car traveling in miles per hour. A. 6.23pi mph B. 1.25pi mph C. 149.50pi mph D. 12.46pi mph

    asked by y912f
  7. Physics

    Is the surface of water truly a node? Why? An airplane mechanic (standing still) notices that the sound from a twin-engine aircraft rapidly varies in loudness when both engines are running. What could be causing the variation back and forth between loud

    asked by Lisa
  8. 3rd grade-art

    In the art piece "Diego on My Mind" by Frida Kahlo, what can be inferred or concluded about the artist based on this painting? Use`details in the painting to support the ideas.

    asked by Elaine
  9. Science

    1: TRUE or FALSE? Elements are pure types of matter. 2: TRUE or FALSE? Atoms are made from molecules. 3: TRUE or FALSE? Chlorophyll is needed for cellular respiration. 4: TRUE or FALSE? Matter and energy flow through food chains. 5: TRUE or FALSE? Chemical

    asked by Happy Face
  10. algebra

    The ratio of adults to children at a holiday concert is expected to be 5 to 2. If 490 peole attend, approximately how many will be children? How many will be adults? Thank you! Last problem and cant figure it out!

    asked by Bella
  11. algebra

    A train left Podunk and traveled north at 75km/h. Two hours later, another train left Podunk and traveled in the same direction at 100 km/h. How many hours had the first train travelee when the second overtook it?

    asked by joshua
  12. calculus

    A rectangle has its base on the x-axis and its 2 upper corners on the parabola y=12-x^2. What is the largest possible area of the rectangle?

    asked by pam
  13. Chemistry

    One mole of nirtogen at 273K occupying 10 litres (state 1) is to be expanded to a volume of 20 litres at 373K (state 2). An infinite number of paths from state 1 to state 2 are possible. Consider the following important paths: (a) The gas is expanded

    asked by Alice
  14. Math

    could someone please check these problems for me? thank you! 1. Soybean meal is 16% protein; cornmeal is 8% protein. How many lbs of each should be mixed together in order to get 320 lb mixture that is 9% protein/ A: cornmeal- 40lbs soybean-280 lbs 2.

    asked by deedra
  15. Physics

    A cylindrical diving bell 5 m in diameter and 10 m tall with an open bottom is submerged to a depth of 150 m in the ocean. The temperature of the air at the surface is 20 degrees Celsius, and the air temp 150 m down is 2 degrees Celsius. The density of

    asked by Phil
  16. calculus ab

    What is the integral of sin4xcos4x dx?

    asked by Bill
  17. math

    Can someone check over these problems for me? 1. The width of a rectangle is fixed at 28 cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 70 cm? A: the length must be greater than 7 cm. 2. 7x=-63 A: x=-9 3. Is (-8.-9)a solution of 2x+4y=12 A: No 4.

    asked by deedra
  18. 4th grade


    asked by ANNETTE
  19. calendar

    what is the origin of the months of the year?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    You gave yourself 35 min to drive 23 miles to the party, but you are caught in traffic and average 20 miles/hour for the first 15 min. What is your average speed for the rest of your journey to the party. I am lost any help in approaching the problem

    asked by George
  21. math

    If A farmer uses a large tractor,she can plow a filed in eight hours. Her sister, using a smaller tractor can plow the same field in 12 hrs. How many hours would it take to plow the field if they worked together ? Express your answer as a mixed number and

    asked by bailteeeydh
  22. math- logarithms

    how do i solve these logs? log1/2 (3x+1)^1/3= -2 3^(x^3)= 9^x

    asked by kayla
  23. English

    Write a short essay on the aspects of Michael Longley’s poems (their content and/or style) that you found most interesting. Support your discussion by reference to or quotation from the poems you have studied.

    asked by Dylan
  24. statistics

    what method gathering data may be best use for the following situations. about culture minorities. about pre-marital sex among college students and the respondents are friends or classmates. 3.the subject of study is patients in comatose

    asked by
  25. Science

    During photosynthesis, plants produce something that humans need for survival. What is it?

    asked by Samantha
  26. cultural diversity

    list two to three characteristics of orientalism. For muslim and Arabs. How many orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups?

    asked by angie
  27. 4th Grade Math Correction

    PLEASE HELP.I am sorry. I posted the question wrong earlier this evening. Instead of 300 it should have read: 3000 exercise books are arranged into 3 piles. The first pile has 10 more number of books than the second pile. The number of books in the second

    asked by Sean
  28. Chemistry grade 12

    Molar Heat of Fusion of Ice Experiment. Does the Temperature of a component of a system [cup of warm water from experiemtn] depend on the quanity of matter in the sample? two different ways to increase the temperature of a pan of cold water??? Does the

    asked by Vincent
  29. fine arts

    1.Because of the style of some sculptures found in a Romanesque church, they are sometimes called: A. Bibles in Stone B. minaret C. illuminated manuscripts D. Psalters i think its either A or C 2.In which of the following painting is pigment applied to

    asked by y912f
  30. Algebra Word Problem

    I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Elena bicycles 7 km/h faster than Dennis. In the same time it takes Dennis to bicycle 60km, Elena can bicycle 81km. How fast does each bicyclist travel. Dennis travel_____ km/h Elena travel ______ km/h

    asked by pj
  31. ratios....unit rates

    what is the unit rate of 120 b lbs/ $15

    asked by 6th
  32. Message to Students re Math

    Just thought I would let you young'nes know that being a Mathematician has just been chosen as the most rewarding profession. Now I know why I have been so happy all my life, lol So keep

    asked by Reiny
  33. m

    Ok here are a few more 1. collect like terms 12r+6s-3r-9s A:9r-3s 2. translate to an algebraic expression The product of 46% and some number A: y=0.46x 3. In 1993, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 61.3 yrs. In 1999, it was 64.7yrs. Let

    asked by deedra
  34. math

    PROBLEM TYPE YOUR SOLUTIONS HERE Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #18 Add. Write the answer in lowest terms. Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #38 Evaluate the following. Write the answer in lowest terms. 9-3=13 13+ 7 = 16 Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #44 44. Number problem. One

    asked by fay1985
  35. algebra

    find the dimensions of a rectangle if the perimeter is 10cm and the area is 3cm squared

    asked by Chris
  36. grammar

    What part of speech is the word loves in the sentence "Sarah loves dancing".

    asked by Chris
  37. math

    how do i solve these logs? log1/2 (3x+1)^1/3= -2 3^(x^3)= 9^x

    asked by kayla
  38. science - pls help me ! i know i've sent it before

    when we stand on a titled floor in our bare feet we feel cold but do not feel so cold if we are standing on a carpet. i wanted to ask has it got to do with heat energy as it is gaining the energy when your standing on the carpet and when your on the titled

    asked by fern
  39. Chemistry-12th

    1]What do u mean by: Philosopher's wool 2]what will happen if door of refrigerator is open 3]How can we increase life of Daniel cell?

    asked by Shefali
  40. Algebra

    mkayy. suhh i have this math question that i don't understand. Do these two exuations have the same slope? i know like ones a negative, other positive but Im confused. y=-3x-7 y=3x+33 So, same slope? yea? no? and what type of equations are they? like,

    asked by Dune
  41. Science

    I am a large mass of frozen water. I can move rocks and boulders. I move very slowly, but i cause great changes on Earth. What am I?

    asked by Samantha
  42. fine arts

    How was the Romanesque church built (or modified) to accommodate the worshippers who took part in pilgrimages?

    asked by y912f
  43. Literature

    Can someone help me on this? its really urgent. what is Foil Character and Background Character? please don't give me the stage meaning just fiction. thanks. its really urgent.

    asked by Akitsuke
  44. 4th grade

    The total bus fare was $2.10. what was the distance travelled when the fare is 0.90 for first 1/3 km and 0.10 for each 1/8 additional kilometer

    asked by shakira
  45. Math

    Here is the question that I need to answer: Mr.T wanted to remodel his box, He wanted to make it the shape of a perfect regular dimension. A.) How many total degrees would the interior of Mr.T's decagon have? SHOW WORK. B.)How many degrees would each angle

    asked by Jade
  46. math

    13. If two planes leave the same airport at 1:00 PM, how many miles apart will they be at 3:00 PM if one travels directly north at 150 mph and the other travels directly west at 200 mph? A. 50 miles B. 100 miles C. 500 miles D. 700 miles E. 1,000 miles

    asked by tammy
  47. music

    4.What was origin of the blues and how did the blues influence jazz? 5.Who were the first important jazz musicians? 6.What changes came about in the 1930s?

    asked by Peter
  48. author

    after reading the authors biographies, choose two authors and describe how you think their lives shaped stories they wrote.

    asked by johnnetta
  49. English

    I have to plan for an essay. The essay is to do with Arcadia. I'm having a bit of difficulty. Why is Arcadia an artificial play? Please help

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    If Bill drives 45 MPH and Jim leaves 2 hours later and drives 75 MPH and they both maintain constant speed, how long will Jim travel before passing Bill?

    asked by Sally
  51. science

    when we stand on a titled floor in our bare feet we feel cold but do not feel so cold if we are standing on a carpet. i wanted to ask has it got to do with heat energy as it is gaining the energy when your standing on the carpet and when your on the titled

    asked by fern
  52. fine arts

    i need help comparing and contrasting the architectural details of the Early Christian basilica with those of the Gothic Cathedral. thnks

    asked by y912f
  53. biology

    what letter represents the nucleus of a cell?

    asked by Daniel
  54. Algebra

    Give the domain for each of the following: 5+2y/6 5-r/r 2y+1/y+5 I don't get these so yea thank you!

    asked by Ben
  55. technology

    What is the proper way to put the transparency in the overhead projector? Help me please, I don't know how.

    asked by june_06
  56. Calc

    Can someone help me with this calc problem? lim as x->0 (tan^3 (2x))/(x^3)

    asked by Nick
  57. 8th grade algebra

    same slope?? y=-3x+7 y=3x+33 and what type equation? dependent consistant? independent? inconsistant?

    asked by Dune
  58. Math

    63x^2 - 42x + 700 completely

    asked by Joshua B
  59. social studies

    witch religon spred all over the world

    asked by Alec
  60. physics

    what area of physics studies motion and its causes?

    asked by chevis
  61. math

    Write as an algerbraic expression 10 times higher than the chair's height h, plus 3 inches. Also$3 more tha half of whaat Jason makes d.

    asked by Carlo
  62. Math - Quadratics

    Hey, I have some questions. How would I find the domain and range for these equations: y = -5x^2 + 1 y = 3x^2 + 3 x = -x^2 + 5 Also, how would I solve these equations: (2x + 2)^2 = 1 7x = 3x^2 - 1 Thanks for the help!

    asked by G
  63. fine arts

    More frequent use of stained glass windows was made possible by A. pointed arches B. flying buttresses C. illuminated paintings D. thicker walls i think its B or C

    asked by y912f
  64. Math

    I skakeboard 5 blocks west abd 8 miles north to get to my friend's house. Each block is 1/8 in length. How far does it take me to travel in a round trip to my friend's house? A mile is 5,280 feet and 1/8 mile is 660 feet. I am thinking 8 x 660 =5,280 or 1

    asked by Joy
  65. music

    Log on to MTVTr3s and answer the following question : What videos were voted Best of 2008 ? Name the artist and the Title of the Song ? mtvtr3s. com/music/ For some reason I could not find them?

    asked by Kate
  66. math

    Round 907.457 to the nearest tens place. A. 908.0 B. 910 C. 907.5 D. 900 E. 907.46 why wouldn't the answer be 908

    asked by tammy
  67. 4th Grade Math

    300 exercise books are arranged into 3 piles. The first pile has 10 more books than the second pile. The number of books in the second pile is twice the number of books in the third pile. How many books are there in the third pile?

    asked by Sean
  68. easy trig

    If sin(theta)=[sqrt(70)]/7 and theta is in Quadrant two, find the exact numerical value of tan theta without using a calculator. I got tan(theta)=[sqrt(294)]/42 Is that right? if sin(theta)=-a where 0

    asked by jen
  69. Calculus

    I rewrote the quesion y = sqrt (4 + sin 10x)

    asked by Jane
  70. fine arts

    In a few sentences can you give some information about Stonehenge and the cave paintings that were found in Spain by the two boys. Which is a greater achievement of these time periods?

    asked by y912f
  71. fine arts

    please check these: true or false- A minaret was a spiral tower _F A muezzin is a niche in the wall_F i need help in these three 1.Gothic style churches were not limited to France. 2.Two famous architects designed the dome of the Hagia Sophia 3.The Gothic

    asked by y912f
  72. Sociology

    Explain how having a negative self-schema affects one’s social interactions. How does social intelligence affect one’s responses in any given situation? How might a person’s self-guides impact his or her perspective on the world? My

    asked by SiNnErSaVeD
  73. math

    what would be a counterexample of this converse statement: If a and b are even number, then a+b is a consecutive odd number.

    asked by xboxwee
  74. Metrics--Science

    1000 grams=_______ (eight letter word) measure of the force of gravity acting on an object_____ (six letter word) How many seconds are in six hours?

    asked by Ang
  75. math

    What is finance charge and how do you figure it out?

    asked by xboxwee
  76. Math

    1. Soybean meal is 16% protein; cornmeal is 8% protein. How many lbs of each should be mixed together in order to get 320 lb mixture that is 9% protein/ A: cornmeal- 40lbs soybean-280 lbs 2. -0.7x50 3. 2+4x

    asked by deedra
  77. calculus

    the integral sign where 4 is on top and 2 is at the bottom (x/2 + 3)dx and im trying to find the areas to evaluate the intrgral

    asked by Barbara
  78. 8th grade

    hi everyday my teacher gives us a paragraph to fix: grammar ,spelling,commas,ex.and i always fail.I don't understand how fix a paragraph or my rough drafts can you help me !!!!

    asked by jodi
  79. Calculus

    Need help to find dy/dx: 1) y = (sin x) ^-1/3 answer dy/dx = - 1/ 3(sinx) ^4/3 2) y = sqrt 8 + sin(6x) answer - lost

    asked by Jane
  80. math

    How do you decide where to put the decimal's on the "decimal chart"? (tens, ones, tenths, hundrendths) These are the numbers I need to place.... .073, 1.9, .8, .225, .604

    asked by liley
  81. science

    I’m 16 years old from Cambodia. Please give me some science competition website available for me that use internet to have contest (mean that no traveling). Thanks!

    asked by kimlang

    what are other sciences that might provide information that is useful to biologists? i have not been able to find any internet websites that are helpful

    asked by Casey
  83. english

    join the sentence using not only------but also 1.Shopping malls are found in Delhi.Shopping malls are found all over the country.

    asked by ritu
  84. social studies

    The explorer LsSalle built forts for the French on his trips around the great lakes and beyond?

    asked by Brooke
  85. social studies

    In the 1600s the French founded a colony in the Mississippi River Valley? True or False

    asked by Brooke
  86. math

    write as an algebraic expression five trips of x mileseach, plus another 5.8 miles. i am thinking 5 x + 5.8

    asked by Carlo
  87. math

    write as an algebraic expression five trips of x mileseach, plus another 5.8 miles. i am thinking 5 x + 5.8

    asked by Carlo
  88. Literature

    This question is for anyone who has read Island of the Blue Doplphins by Scott O' Dell. I don't quite understand the ending, like what happens? They mention that the ship was sunk as it was going so does that mean that all of Karana's people died? Also,

    asked by mysterychicken
  89. chemistry

    What mass of iron contains the same number of atoms as 70.05 g of nitrogen?

    asked by bob
  90. Calculus

    More questions on - finding dy/dx 1) y = sqrt 4 + sin 10 x - I am lost again 2) y = 10/sin x answer: - 10 csc x cot x 3) y = sin x/ 8x

    asked by Jane
  91. Accounts

    A company produces just one standard product. The company's budgeted overheads for the next financial year are £80000. Other relevant information includes: Budgeted Production: 16000 units Cost of Raw Material per unit: £4 Cost of Direct Labour per unit:

    asked by Claire
  92. comparative essay help

    I'm an 8th student who has never doen a comparative essay before. I have to compare the lebanese civil war of 1975 from the fictional book I read about it and the research i did about it. The problem is they're the same.

    asked by omer
  93. French - Imparfait

    I am doing a skit on being an annoying wife, questioning her husband on what he was doing and where he was. "where did you go after dinner" qu'as-tu fait après dîner ? or can I write Que faisais-tu après dîner? thanks in advance

    asked by Sh
  94. psy

    Need the definition of buttons that is within the central nervous system. Happy new year. rose. I cannot find it anywhere. please help.

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  95. Spelling

    I need help with finding contractions. I need to find 3 will/shall contractions (I need 9 but I already have I'll, She'll, He'll, They'll You'll, We'll). Then I need 6 is/has contactions (I also need 9 and I have She's, He's, It's). Then I need 11 not

    asked by Nellie
  96. simple trig

    If sin(theta)=[sqrt(70)]/7 and theta is in Quadrant two, find the exact numerical value of tan theta without using a calculator. I got tan(theta)=[sqrt(294)]/42 Is that right? if sin(theta)=-a where 0

    asked by jen
  97. problem of the week

    there are three children in the mocks family. the sum of the ages is 60. how old are the three children in the mocks family?

    asked by cruz
  98. social studies

    how old was john adams when he first went to school a)4 b)5 c)6 d)7

    asked by allie
  99. physics

    finding the acceleration of a simple pendulum g= 4pi^2 x length/T^2 T^2= 2.28 length= 70cm

    asked by Kayleigh
  100. science

    What part of the vertebrae provides an articulation point for the ribs?

    asked by Giselle
  101. 9th grade science

    What foods have all 3 organic compounds and are good for health? And why?

    asked by Spongebob
  102. swo wg

    what is the city, located on the Conagree River, that is the capital of south carolina?

    asked by manuelR
  103. biology

    How does the process of photosynthesis impact the flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients

    asked by tyler
  104. science

    if you had 1.5 liters of water, how many millilimeters would you have?

    asked by mk
  105. Biochemistry

    When do plants carry out aerobic respiration

    asked by Jordan
  106. Biology

    What is the name of the type of bacteris that live in harsh environments? is the answer, archaebacteria?

    asked by Lena
  107. calculus ab

    What is the integral of sin4xcos4x dx?

    asked by NJ
  108. ETH 125

    Why do you think there is a lack of Asian American professors? What are some of the types of problems that Asian Americans are experiencing?

    asked by Meshell
  109. science

    my project is to use 4 index cards, scotch tape, and elmers white glue. I have to make something that will hold the weight of a text book without breaking. also it has to be one inch off the ground but no more than one inch. need help please

    asked by coby
  110. social studies

    how many represnatives that are in the house of represenatives are from texas

    asked by kenia wilkins
  111. physics

    a force of 50 N directed at an angle of 45 from the horizontal pulls a 70 kg sled across a frictionless pond. the acceleration of the sled is most nearly

    asked by maddie
  112. government

    how many total representives make up congress

    asked by kenia wilkins
  113. social studies

    how many represenatives are from houston

    asked by kenia wilkins
  114. social studies

    how long is a term for a represenative

    asked by kenia wilkins
  115. social studies

    how long is a term for a senate

    asked by kenia wilkins
  116. Advanced writing

    what is the technical element to write to be advanced?

    asked by Noble
  117. Math

    How do you bisect angles?

    asked by Solomon
  118. Geography

    what is the biggest holiday for followers of Shinto?

    asked by Matthew
  119. social studies

    how was alexander influenced by greek culture

    asked by ariana
  120. Math

    Plz help kay!! How do i ge 40 into 100?

    asked by John
  121. Math

    Box A has 3 black marbles and 2 white ones, Box B has 2 black marbles and 1 white one. If i close my eyes and pick a blaack marble to win a prize, which box gives me the best chance of winning?

    asked by Joy
  122. Business Statistics

    The manager of a vacation resort has claimed that, on average, a guest spends at least $3000 at the resort during a one week stay, including meals and entertainment. A member of the accounting staff does not believe the amount is that high. They authorize

    asked by Bev
  123. 7th grade

    I am haveing trouble with Complete Subjects and Predicates. We have to write a short paragraph about an organization whose purpose we admire.

    asked by alex
  124. science

    what are the prefixes in the metrics system

    asked by Jen
  125. calendar

    what are the meanings of the months of the year?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. 5th grade

    I need help with this input output table.

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math

    Jordan's pet, king, grew between 2 and 6 inches a month for 4 month. how many inches could he have grown?

    asked by JOhn
  128. math

    1/2|6y-9| +5 is < or = 2 i solved it and got two fractions but the answer is 0 can anyone explain? btw this is absolute value inequality.

    asked by lyne
  129. Science

    wat dus magnesium + oxygen equels

    asked by Lizzie
  130. Physics

    In my last post, I'm confused how drwls got P2/P1 = 14.8

    asked by Phil
  131. reading

    bud not buddy vocabulary words list

    asked by Kate
  132. Algebra

    2n(x-n)=x-5n+2 Solve for x

    asked by Austin
  133. spelling

    mark:marker::spread: ????? spreader????

    asked by auddy_9
  134. algebra

    I'm in algebra class, and my graphing calculator isn't allowed. So I'm trying to get used to using a ti-36xsolar. I can't figure out how to put in simple algebraic expressions though, like 2x+1. In my graphic calculator, i could put that in and it solves

    asked by Help please
  135. music

    Log on to MTVTr3s and answer the following question : What videos were voted Best of 2008 ? Which is your favorite and why? mtvtr3s. com/music/

    asked by Peter
  136. psychology

    can someone answer my last two questions?

    asked by tzeni
  137. grammar

    what is the difference between a predicate and a verb? is a predicate a type of verb and if it is then how can i tell when it is just a verb and when it is a predicate

    asked by Lindsay
  138. Math

    find the domain of the following: 2x ___________ x^3+x^2-6x

    asked by Amy
  139. history

    what are the major exports iof new hampshire?

    asked by super
  140. 4th grade english

    Yesterday some people (was, were) practicing musical numbers.

    asked by Joshua
  141. arithmetic


    asked by jason
  142. science

    what is chemical energy and physical energy?

    asked by riley
  143. english


    asked by Joshua
  144. 4th Grade Math Correction

    drwl,thanks so much for your help. You are right I do not understand the method that you used. I was trying to do it the way you described before giving me the answer and it was not working.

    asked by Sean
  145. Oral mark

    ello we are doing speeches in Language i am new to canada so i have never done a speech before so how do you you start and end it? i don't have enough information.

    asked by Rosila
  146. Ordinary people

    Chapter 7, Why does Karen say they should be careful about who they see? It is because Karen likes Conrad? OR that she's telling Conrad to control his life and live his life??

    asked by Tom
  147. Basic Biology

    What is the process by which oxgen get into the blood in the capillaries?

    asked by Anna
  148. time

    How many degrees are there in a clock? Example: how many degress from 10-11? or How many degrees from 3-3:01

    asked by isabella
  149. math

    write the equation of a line with a y-intercept of -3 and passes through the point (2,4)

    asked by Amy
  150. Oral report

    I have to do an oral report and i have never realy written one before so how should i start off, like should I say my name or talk about the topic ...? Thanks: Leslie

    asked by Leslie
  151. SS/WGeogrophy

    which lake does the equator pass through: Lake Victoria,Lake Malawi,or lake Chad?

    asked by rosmeris
  152. science

    can you give me examples of lipids (examples of food)

    asked by Spongebob
  153. 9th grade science

    For examples of carbohydrates if eggs one of them

    asked by Spongebob
  154. math

    how do you compare -71/3 to -9

    asked by tabitha
  155. French 1

    Can you tell me how to say grandparents,granddaughter,and grandson in french thanks

    asked by Mark