Questions Asked on
January 6, 2009

  1. 12th grade

    A particle starts at x=0 and moves along the x-axis with velocity v(t)=2t+1 for time t is less than or equal to 0. Where is the particle at t=4?

    asked by Barbara
  2. math

    What is the larger remainder possible if the divisor is 5?

    asked by Dianna
  3. Calc

    How do I evaluate lim as h->0 [5((1/2)+h)^4 - 5(1/2)^4]/h

    asked by Nick
  4. English

    Did anybody read a poem "News" by George Bowering? Every day I add an inch to the pile of old newspapers in the closet In that three foot pile now, a dozen airliner crashes, one earthquake in Alaska, seventeen American soldiers face down in Asian mud. I

    asked by Victoria
  5. maths

    a floor is 5m long and 4m wide. a square carpet of 3m is laid on the floor. find the area of the floor that is not carpeted

    asked by pooja
  6. Chemistry...Please Help

    The Chemicals are: Baking Soda- NaHC03 Calcium Chloride- CaCl2 Bromothymol Blue - (acid base indicator) _______________________________________ What is: (a) The equations for the dissolution of calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate in water (b) Look up

    asked by Saira
  7. algebra 1


    asked by Kiwi
  8. algrebra 1

    Could you explain in detail how to do the equation (5b4n ) 2 2a6 keep in mind the 4 and 6 are small numbers on the right top corner and the parenthesis are for the numbers on top and bottom. There is a line in between the upper and lower numbers too.

    asked by Andree

    THERES ONLY A FEW THAT I DON'T KNOW...PLEASE HELP!!! 5.If you're looking for a light, versatile, red wine to make a simple pasta with basil and tomatoes, a good choice whould be..?? A.Pinot Grigio B.Cabernet Savignon C.Chianti D.Monks 7.Sapana and jim

    asked by KAYLA
  10. math

    solve by elimination method 7x+15y=32 x-3y=20

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Chemistry again

    Chromium is ametal that is added to steel to improve its resitance to corrosion. Calculate both the number of miles in a sample of Cr containing 5.00 x 10^20 atms and the mass of the sample. Ok this is how I worked it. 1 mole of Cr = 51.996g = 6.022 x

    asked by Chopsticks
  12. math

    you and a friend are collecting leaves.In your collection of 45 leaves, 4 are oak leaves. In your friend's collection of 36 leaves, 3 are oak leaves. Whose collection has a greater fraction of oak leaves? how do i convert it into a fraction?

    asked by Andrew
  13. geometry

    an escalator in the subway system of St. Petersburg, Russia, has a vertical rise of 195 ft 9.5 inch, and rises at an angle of 10.4 degrees. How long is the escalator? Round your answer to the nearest foot.

    asked by sarah
  14. math

    Sam's birthday is 186 days after Jim's birthday. Susan's is 24 days after Jim's. Sam was born on September 6th. What day was Susan born on if it wasn't a leap year?

    asked by vanessa
  15. Chemistry

    A silicon chip is used in an integrated circuit of a microcomputer has a mass of 5.68 mg. How many Si Atoms are present in this chip. Okay here is how I worked it. Can someone please tell me if its right? 1 mole of Si = 28.086g = 6.022 x 10^23 5.68mg of Si

    asked by Chopsticks
  16. Physics

    Oxygen for hospital patients is kept in special tanks, where the oxygen has a pressure of 62.0 atmospheres and a temperature of 293 K. The tanks are stored in a separate room, and the oxygen is pumped to the patient's room, where it is administered at a

    asked by Z
  17. pre-algebra

    show that the number is rational by writing it as a quotient of two integers. 1. 24 2. 5 7/18 3. 1 4. 0.3 im not so sure what your suppose to do

    asked by Christa
  18. Physics

    In a diesel engine, the piston compresses air at 305 K to a volume that is 0.0624 of the original volume and a pressure that is 48.5 times the original pressure. What is the temperature of the air after the compression?

    asked by Z
  19. 6th grade

    Hello, I need help in trying to figure out rates (as in ratios and rates). What is a formula that I would use? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Bobby
  20. Trig Identities

    Please help...I'm not understanding trig identities and how to manipulate and express these two problems in their associated functions. Thanks a)Express as a function of cos (theta) 2 sin^2(theta) - 1 b)Express as a function of sin (theta) or cos (theta)

    asked by Donovan
  21. 7th grade

    if I have the circumference of a circle how do I find the diameter, and how do I find the radius

    asked by shaquahia
  22. Math

    At the school store Juanita bought two books and a backpack for a total of $26 before tax. Each book cost less than $8. Find each price.

    asked by Stephen
  23. math

    If you have a gross of items, you have 144 items. If you buy a gross of eggs, how many dozen eggs do you have?

    asked by jen
  24. chemistry

    Describe the attractive and repulsive forces that exist between two atoms as the atoms move closer togther.

    asked by Kate
  25. Algebra

    I was given this example for solving an equation ax=b 1/2(ax)=1/2b (1/2a)x=b/a x=b/a I do not understand why you would multiply ax by 1/2. I also do not get why canceling out 1/a times a/1 leads to a transferring to the other side. Thanks for your

    asked by Shelbourne
  26. 5th grade math

    write the fraction or mixed number as a decimal. 1/5 -5/3 3 4/25 8 5/44

    asked by greg
  27. math-please help!!

    Diego has 15 yards of ribbon. He will use 2/5 of the ribbon to make bows for some costumes. Each bow will be made with 1/3 yard of ribbon. Diego will make 5/6 of the bows today. How many bows will he make today?

    asked by sacha
  28. English

    I need to combine each of the folowing sentences and improve them( clarity and interest). English is not my first language,i am having harder times understanding this. 1. Every so often, a large group of wales or dolphins will throw itself upon shore. The

    asked by Karina
  29. English

    can someone help me i need citasisom to help me get past this writers block. The Adventures Of The Dragon Of Light By Michael Evatt "It was a dark and stormy night, his mother ran into the cave. She is about to have her baby but she was pursued by people,

    asked by Mike
  30. 4th Grade History

    I know Lewis and Clark started from St. Louis, but what River did they go up to? Also, do you know what lands they traveled through? Thanks! -Rosalie

    asked by Rosalie
  31. Science.

    What did scientist learn from studying Supernova 1987A?

    asked by Kristin
  32. Please help--algebra!

    Here's the question I'm having trouble with. Please walk me completely through the question and give me the answer so I can thoroughly understand it, so I can solve similar problems in the future. #1: Mary uses a secret code to write messages. First, she

    asked by Caroleen
  33. frations

    write the decimal as a fraction or mixed number. _ 1. 0.7 _ 2. -9.6 __ 3. -1.36 ___ 4. 2.707

    asked by Kayce
  34. medical termenology

    when are abbreviations acceptable in tne medical field who should use them and why?

    asked by bonnie
  35. government

    what are 5 problems africa suffers from and their causes

    asked by lila
  36. Algebra

    On its first three plays in a football game, the offense gains 6 yards,loses 5 yards, and then gains 7 yards. Write an equation that could be used to find y, the number of yards needed on the fourth play for the overall 10-yard gain required for the first

    asked by Rachel
  37. history

    the production of_________ was one of the first industries to be affected by the industrial revolution.

    asked by karla
  38. 8th grade

    how do atoms in covalent bonds become slightly negative or slightly positive?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Algebra2/Trig

    Find all the zeros of the function and write the polynomial as a product of linear factors. g(x)=3x^3-4x^2+8x+8 On my graphing calculator it says that it is -2/3. But when I do it by hand using synthetic division, I don't get a zero. I'm going crazy

    asked by Vincent
  40. speech

    I need examples of words with accented schwa [^] in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of each word...

    asked by klar_maesen
  41. chemistry

    Why do molecular compounds have low melting points and low boiling points relative to ionic substances?

    asked by Kate
  42. English

    Does anone know who says this quote, what's it about or what page it is on in the book Great Expectations "... The wretched man, after loading me with his wretched gold and silver chains for years, had risked his life to come to me, and I held it there in

    asked by Delaney
  43. math

    If Steven can mix 20 drinks in 5 minutes, Sue can mix 20 drinks in 10 minutes, and Jack can mix 20 drinks in 15 minutes, how much time will it take all 3 of them working together to mix the 20 drinks? A. 2 minutes and 44 seconds B. 2 minutes and 58 seconds

    asked by tammy
  44. grammar

    what is a predicate? My son's assignment is to circle the action verb and underline the predicate. I've tried to explain what a predicate is, but he still doesn't understand.

    asked by Laura
  45. response

    the problem reads out like this -3/5m= -45 there trying to find m

    asked by Alex
  46. math

    is this correct? find the slope (1,6) (-6,-5) -5-6 -6-1=11/7

    asked by deedee
  47. response to answer on algebra 1

    6a + 18b - 8b- 20a is the answer 26a + 10b

    asked by Kiwi
  48. language arts

    analogie for broom is to sweep as brush is to?

    asked by josh
  49. 5th grade math

    A 5 hour party is being planned to start at 11:00am and will include a social time, a game, lunch, and dancing. Game time is after lunch and will last 3/4 of an hour. Social time will last 1 1/2 hours. The event will end with 1 1/2 hours of dancing. What

    asked by sacha
  50. english

    "most men lead lives of silent " what does that quotes mean to you write 5-7 sentences

    asked by mel
  51. chemistry

    how many moles of zinc atoms are need to supply the same number of atoms as 56.0g of argon? #mol Zn=56.0gAr x 1mol/40g = 1.40mol Zn? since it has the same amount of atoms I don't have to multiply anything else?

    asked by sh
  52. social help

    can anyone explain me this question. i don't understand it C/C Rome and Greece it is saying to differenciate?

    asked by lica
  53. chemistry

    What information can be obtainted by knowing the electronegativity difference between two atoms?

    asked by Kate
  54. English

    Ben Smith on Obama: 'Lipstick on a pig' Comment on Ben Smith's commentary on the "lipstick on a pig" remark copied below. Write about commenting on the motives of Obama's surrogates joking that Palin's record can't be concealed with lipstick, and the

    asked by Kate
  55. chemistry

    what is the density of ammonia at 90 degree C and 740 torr pressure?

    asked by saad
  56. math

    In Music,What Does "allegro" mean?

    asked by hey im in late homework and i need help
  57. algebra 1 help pplz this is an emergency

    fifteen less than six times a number b is equal to seven more than four times b. Find b.

    asked by Kiwi
  58. ART

    What are 15 facts about clay that are easy

    asked by Gabriel
  59. Mrs. Sue I need u

    -3/5m= -45 if you can't see the m its next to the fraction sign thank you and could you please show your work

    asked by Kiwi
  60. math

    Can someone please check my work? Solve using substitution method 1. 3x+2y=12 x=52-6y answer:-40.8 I am pretty sure that one is wrong. Solve using elimination method 2. 2r-7s=-31 7r+2s=24 answer: (230/53,-468/53) 3.3x+4y=3 6x+8y=6 answer: No answer.

    asked by deedee
  61. 4th grade

    Cody (shop) for a new camera. What would the present tense of shop be?

    asked by Amy
  62. response to dr. bob algebra 1

    I'll try 2 remember that the next time we do a question

    asked by Kiwi
  63. algebra

    is it ok if one of u experts can check some of my math homework would that be a problem thanks

    asked by Kiwi
  64. check my answers pplz

    1. simplify 6(a+3b)-4(2b-5a) is the answer 26a+10b

    asked by Kiwi
  65. chem

    Nacl what is the metal ion formuala and non metal formula

    asked by mel
  66. Math (Algebra 1)

    ok, we are learning about simplifying radical equations and I am really confused about. Please help me. This is one of the problems in my book: Sorry but my computer does not have the root sign root sign and then under it 4n^3 (to the power of three. Do

    asked by MissyQ
  67. Business, help asap!

    I have questions of Ethical or Unethical behaviour, and need to determine wether it relates to fairness, respect or honesty. 1. The police force in a small city refuses to hire a qualified polic-college graduate who has an artificial leg. This is unethical

    asked by Victoria
  68. check #2


    asked by Kiwi
  69. english

    Hi, I've just read an essay on Downloading music from internet, obviously the main theme is that it is wrong. Well, I have to defend the oposite view and make up a thesis.

    asked by Victoria
  70. Social Studies

    What type of government does the Ivory Coast have? What languages do the people speak?

    asked by Jillian
  71. science

    what are three ways to use electromagnetic energy?

    asked by jessie
  72. english

    Hi..I have a long question, but hopefully you can help me out. Does TV present only sensational or drmatic moments that are not necessarily representative of actual events? Is the reporting usually complete and impartial? What effects do negative stories

    asked by Victoria
  73. Language

    List all of the adjectives in the sentence: As the withered old woman approached the microphone, the audience became silent.

    asked by Michael
  74. chemistry

    What was Le Chatelier’s principle, in The effect on the equilibrium yield of nitric oxide of increasing the pressure?

    asked by trigger
  75. intensive reading

    who invented the sport american football?

    asked by abdias
  76. Science

    What is the difference between interspecific competition and intraspecific competition?

    asked by Michael
  77. healthcare

    what ethical issues might arise by relying more and more on technology in Health Care or Human Service? As you answer,consider ethical issues from a consumer’s perspective and from a Health Care or Human Service worker’s perspective.

    asked by kim
  78. 4th grade

    what is my number I am a three digit number I am less than 200 i am divisible by 12 and by 9 my units digit is less than my tens digit

    asked by sandra
  79. math!! help pleaseee

    5: 2 = 8 : 10 please explain to me how to do thissss :( im so lost and i have to one to turn to or any math books or anything.

    asked by eddie
  80. Math

    5 5^5=25 25-1=24 24/4=6 6-5=1 =1 Did I solve this right,Please help I just don't get it

    asked by Julissa
  81. spanish/art

    i need help finding a picture/work of art that demonstrates the hispanic culture. i would like one that demonstrates the daily life of people, not something related to war.

    asked by carr
  82. math

    If Sam can do a job in 4 days that Lisa can do in 6 days and Tom can do in 2 days, how long would the job take if Sam, Lisa, and Tom worked together to complete it? A. 0.8 days B. 1.09 days C. 1.23 days D. 1.65 days E. 1.97 days thanks.

    asked by tammy
  83. Child Care Facility

    A child care program that operates only in the morning will still reqiure A. a full kitchen with appliances B. napping space C. a quite, semi private space for children D. A refrigerator. I pick the letter B. Can you tell me if I am right.

    asked by BRENNA
  84. Science

    plse help me and thxs you very much. A. What is the anology diffrence between a strong force and electrostatic force. B. What is the anology about the relationship between strong electrostatic forces in nuclear stability. plse help thxs

    asked by ADL
  85. marketing

    What arguments can you make against the common assumption that marketers only worry about advertising? What are some of the roles that marketers play within an organization?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. knights-european studies

    What were knights social class in medieval times?

    asked by miya
  87. algebra response to property

    The question is like distributive, or associative or communitve have u ever heard of them before?

    asked by Missy
  88. algebra

    Twins Diana, and Riana are each 6 years older than their younger brother Kyle. Together, their three ages total 21 years. How old is kyle? Please show your work to help me understand how to work the problem

    asked by Theresa
  89. geometry

    What is the geometric figure called when two right angles are formed when a ray joins a line.

    asked by Loryn
  90. 4th grade english

    Sometimes she copy something over to get it right. What would be the correct way to write copy? copies or copys

    asked by Chris
  91. math

    solve with distributive property 7(w-5)=-35 7w-35=-35 If add 35 to both sides i get zero 7w=0 so w=0?

    asked by deedra
  92. c++

    what would the the answer to 55%7 be?

    asked by lyne
  93. response to algebra 1

    is it 14a + 26b

    asked by Kiwi
  94. science

    how can the chemical energy of your lunch today become the energy you need to deliver the newspapers after school tomorrow?

    asked by jayme
  95. 3rd Grade

    Could you give me a website on how to write in cursive?

    asked by Yan
  96. 5th grade problem solving

    Mario walked his dog 5 miles. He walked 3 1/5 miles from home to the post office, and then walked to the library before going home. Mario lives 1 1/2 miles to the library. How far is it from the post office to the library?

    asked by Supergirl
  97. will some1 reed bellow post

    see above

    asked by mike
  98. Chemistry

    What is sodium acid pyrophosphate used for in food products.

    asked by Dominik Brame
  99. Algebra

    How would I write a matrix equation for... 0.2x+0.04y-0.2z=-.03 1.1x-0.6y+0.7z=0.5 0.25x+0.3y-0.35z=0.1 Would you be able to explain WHY you are doing your particular steps (my book offers explanations for similar problems, but I do not understand why each

    asked by Shelbourne
  100. science 3rd grade

    how is the distance a model car travels affected by the angle of the ramp. 6" ramp & 9" ramp

    asked by michael
  101. science

    how do you keep your body from being crushed by air pressure?

    asked by kayla
  102. Algebra--please help!

    I'm having some trouble with my algebra homework. Please walk me through the question completely and give me the answer so I can fully understand it if I would ever need to solve a similar problem. Here's the problem: #1: Jon begins jogging at a steady 3

    asked by Caroleen
  103. Spanish Flu

    Any cures or anything that could help someone affected?

    asked by Lena
  104. Algebra

    How would you solve x=2uv _________ g in terms of v?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math 115

    Still need help with these 2 problems 16 ÷ (-2) * (-4) OVER 2^3 + 4 4 - (-3) +1 OVER 2-2 ÷ (-2)

    asked by Deb
  106. history

    what is the roman term for paying a huge cost for war with respect to war casualties

    asked by sam
  107. math

    how do you find the diameter of a circle if you have the area

    asked by shaquahia
  108. science

    what is the element of living things

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Algebra--help really needed!

    I'm having some trouble with my algebra homework. Please walk me through the question completely and give me the answer so I can fully understand it if I would ever need to solve a similar problem. Here's the problem: #1: Jon begins jogging at a steady 3

    asked by Caroleen
  110. math

    solve for t 13e^(.081t)=25e^(.032t)

    asked by maddie
  111. college math

    convert to decimal notation. 8.03 x 10^7

    asked by kacie
  112. c++

    The first character of a(n)__ must be a letter or an undeerscore(_). a.class b.identifier c.module d.program please explain

    asked by lyne
  113. 7th grade

    humidity and relative humidity

    asked by nguyen vinh quoc
  114. adjectives

    That large white house looks expensive. name all adjectives thanks

    asked by Michael
  115. Math

    6w+3(w+2)= -(2w+7)+w Find w..

    asked by Reanne
  116. yr 8 ART

    Q/ during the italain renaissance period what images were generally shown? A/ heavens and saints is this right? thanks!

    asked by Kingsley
  117. science

    Can someone explaine to me how to solve a net force problem... Please answer soon... p.s. if you can give an example to me that would be great. thank u...

    asked by Juanairis
  118. math

    please help me with this question What is your fear of math or if no fear, what do you like about it?

    asked by sandra
  119. Math

    150 people for 5 classes. wouldnt it be 30 people in each class?

    asked by Martha
  120. 11th grade

    what were the most significant tecchnological innovations of the medieval period? need help this subject kills me!!!!!!

    asked by tiana
  121. algebra help

    how the !@#$%^& do you do thissssss? 5:2=8:10 never seen this in my life.

    asked by eddie
  122. 11th grade

    what were knights social status and daily lives like?? its kind of confusing how this site puts it to me please help me understand..

    asked by tiana
  123. spanish

    Can you please see if I wrote the Spanish part correctly based on the English? I appreciate your suggestions. Thank you. Play 1 M: Our friends are fighting. What should we do? Nuestras amigas están peleando. ¿Qué debemos hacer? S: They need to reach an

    asked by s
  124. science

    what organs can the body do without

    asked by alex
  125. pplz help thank you

    -3/5m= -45 the m is next to the fraction sign if unable to see could you please show your work thanks

    asked by Kiwi
  126. Algebra help 2

    name the property shown by the statement below 8+4*3-8+3*4

    asked by Rachel
  127. Algebra

    [-k-2]+2=3 thank you have a happy new year

    asked by Missy
  128. algebra help!

    name the property shown by the statement below: 8+4*3-8+3*4

    asked by Missy
  129. algebra response

    2-2=0 So is 0 the answer?

    asked by Missy
  130. General

    It is nearly always election time nowadays, when logical fallacies abound. What is your opinion of the current political scene? Do you follow it? Do you think all candidates are guilty of logical fallacies when campaigning? Can you provide a recent

    asked by Bryan
  131. 4th grade

    What is the present tense of shop?

    asked by Amy
  132. Math 115 9.5 58

    16 ÷ (-2) * (-4) OVER 2^3 + 4 4 - (-3) +1 OVER 2-2 ÷ (-2)

    asked by Deb
  133. algebra 1

    this may seem like alot but i want to make sure i did this write at a wedding you may choose either a garden or caesar salad, a steak, chicken,, or fish entree, broccoli, or asparagus, and chocolate cake or apple pie for dessert. how many dinners are

    asked by Kiwi
  134. figured out problem please check my work

    Kyle is 3 years old and the twins are 9

    asked by Theresa
  135. MEGSSS (math)


    asked by Leslie
  136. Algebra 1

    -3/5m=-45 please show work thank you

    asked by Alex
  137. algebra 1

    could you please help me? b+10 b-6 ---- = ----- 6 2

    asked by Andy B.
  138. algebra response to Dr. Bob

    It's not written like that the -3 is the numerator the 5 is the denominator then you have to divide the -45. like this -3 ---- = -45 5

    asked by Kiwi
  139. question mistake

    it's supposed to have the 2 under the b-6 can you show your work please thank you sorry for the mistake

    asked by Andy B.
  140. algebra 1 response

    the answer is 24 right?

    asked by Kiwi
  141. 3rd grade English

    They all carry many kinds of computers. What would the correct present tense of carry be?

    asked by Brady
  142. math

    x=-2 does not have a slope does it?

    asked by deedee
  143. Sci 275 Environmental Science

    what is environmental sustainability?

    asked by Norma
  144. math

    Solve by multiplication principle -2x is greater than 1/9 answer: x is greater than -1/18

    asked by deedee
  145. algebra 1

    6(a +3b)- 4(2b-5a)

    asked by Kiwi
  146. math help pplz

    this may b alot 2 ask 4 but here is my question. find the range of x-3y=10 if the domain is {- 5, -2, 7, 13}

    asked by Sam
  147. chem

    what is the metal ion formula for BaCL2 (times) 2H2O

    asked by mel
  148. science

    i do not understand how to answer the question if it has (N) instead if saying (kg) how would i answer, and the question is.: if the net force is 100N, and the acceleration is 5m/s squared how much mass am i moving? please answer soon!! Thank You!!

    asked by anna
  149. response to dr. bob

    Sorry i'm a new student on this site i had no idea but when the next time in the future when I need this site again I will remember sorry for the confusion thanks.

    asked by Kiwi
  150. response

    could you show me one example and ill do the rest thanks

    asked by Sam
  151. m

    Solve for d C=9d answer: d= -C+9

    asked by deedee
  152. algebra 1

    6(a+3b)- 4(2b-5a)

    asked by Kiwi
  153. math

    Simplify 1[-61-(58-85)] 1[-61-58+85] -61-58+85 -34

    asked by deedra
  154. Chemistry

    How would you clean stagnant water if your materials were: Bamboo and wood(ring stands) Bleach Cutting Tool(scissors) Sand and rocks mask plastic bag dishwasher scrub labels maker coconut halves to hold the purified water in

    asked by Cindy
  155. Math

    Laurie is self employed and expects to make $96,000. She expects to pay 12.4%, 2.9%, and 25% in taxes. What is Laurie's expected tax payment for the fourth quarter?

    asked by Marie