Questions Asked on
January 5, 2009

  1. chemistry

    The element rhenium (Re) has two naturally occurring isotopes, 185Re and 187Re, with an average atomic mass of 186.207 amu. Rhenium is 62.60% 187Re, and the atomic mass of 187Re is 186.956 amu. Calculate the mass of 185Re. am i supposed to multiply the

    asked by lyne
  2. Gr.11 Math

    A large company has a phone tree to contact its employees in case of an emergency factory shutdown. Each of the five senior managers calls three eployees, who calls three other employees and so on. If the tree consists of seven levels, how many employees

    asked by Nancy
  3. Math

    What did they call the duck who became a test pilot? (no it is not firecracker) (its 13 letters) (the worksheets box thing is sk y s af e il ly be er st qu it i a du ck mb in h er up)

    asked by skoolgurl
  4. chemistry

    The compound adrenaline contains 56.79% C, 6.56% H, 28.37% O, and 8.28% N by mass. What is the empirical formula for adrenaline? i worked the problem out and got C8O3N but its not right..what did i do wrong?

    asked by lyne
  5. math-help

    The person in the word problem wants to run a total of 1000 miles in a year and within a 2 month process she ran a total of 231.05 miles, so now they are asking how many more miles she has to run in the year to reach her goal of 1000 miles. So I think I

    asked by dev
  6. math riddle

    what do you call a duck that steals

    asked by anonymous
  7. AP Chemistry

    The identity of an unknown solid is to be determined. The compound is one of the seven salts in the following table. Al(NO3)3•9H2O BaCl2•2H2O CaCO3 CuSO4•5H2O NaCl BaSO4 Ni(NO3)2•6H2O Use the results of the following observations or laboratory

    asked by some kid

    which of the following mothers has the greatest chance of birthing a baby with birth defects due to contracting rubella during pregnancy? A a woman who has the illness during the first month of pregnancy B a woman who contracts the disease during the

    asked by tzeni
  9. Chemistry

    A sample consisting of 22.7 g of a nongaseous, unstable compound X is placed inside a metal cylinder with a radius of 8.0 cm, and a piston is carefully placed on the surface of the compound so that, for all practical purposes, the distance between the

    asked by lulu
  10. algebra

    What is the slope-intercept form of an equation for the line that is parallel to 5x-3y=1 and passes through (0,-4)?

    asked by james
  11. algebra

    solve the linear system by using elimination. x-1/2y = 11/2 -x+4y = 26 i cant ever seem to get an answer that isn't nonterminating.

    asked by peter
  12. Science

    Why you feel pressed back into the seat of a car when it accelerates. ps.. its based on Newton's inertia, i think. I don't understand this,and i have no idea what this is about...........NO IDEA............. __ ____

    asked by I+6 grade science=i don't understand science
  13. AP Chemistry

    An unknown compound contains only the three elements C,H, and O. A pure sample of the compound is analyzed and found to be 65.60 percent C and 9.44 percent H by mass. a.)Determine the empirical formula of the compound. b.)A solution of 1.570 grams of the

    asked by some kid
  14. math

    find the sum of the interior and exterior angles of a polygon of 7 sides. find the measure of the exterior and interior angles of a regular pentagon.

    asked by john
  15. EDU

    what practices have you encountered that enhance effective instruction in the clasroom setting

    asked by luli
  16. chemistry

    Calculate the number of C, H, and O atoms in 4.50 g of glucose (C6H12O6), a sugar. okay i did it and i got just the C right and not the H and O help?

    asked by lyne
  17. Recent History

    I don't understand what the big deal was about Y2K. Why would the world stop just because the computers would...I mean we existed all of these years without computers. It would make life more difficult certainly, but it wouldn't entirely end life as we

    asked by Ben
  18. math

    Make I the subject of the formula V = IR. a) I = VR b) I = V/R c) I = R/V

    asked by Renee
  19. 7th grade (General_

    Ok, I really like taking random notes but my teacher hates the fact that I do. She says I need to pick a note style. What style is similar to random but has something.

    asked by Abby
  20. math

    how do you write in decimal form, five and fourteen thousandths?

    asked by deb
  21. geometry

    what the angle between the tangents at T?

    asked by niki
  22. math

    if you toss a coin 3 times what is the probability it will land on heads twice and how do you show it in a tree diagram

    asked by kelly
  23. Math- Check over please

    A ball is dropped from a height of 3m and bounces on the ground. At the top of each bounce, the ball reaches 60% of it's previous height. Calculate the total distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground the fifth time. Could you please check over

    asked by Mae
  24. pre-algebra

    convert the units. Round the result to the nearest tenth. 1- 2 years to months 2- 168 days to weeks 3- 1270 minutes to hours

    asked by Lily
  25. Biology

    I need help making a food web for the following: Forest-field ecosystem, Corn,Decomposers, Deer,Fox,Grass,Mouse, Owl,Rabbit, Seed-eating bird,Snake, Squirrel,Tree I also need help on another one: Saltwater Marsh Ecosystem, Algae, Crustacean, Decomposers,

    asked by Jennifer
  26. math

    Can anyone help, my calculator does not have enough space for simplifying this, sqrt[(16*10^113)/250*10^-28]

    asked by ABCD
  27. science

    the top of a volcano contains a

    asked by Esteven
  28. math

    ¬=Square root How is [3*(¬2)+2*(¬3)]^2 expanded?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by Juanairis
  30. US history

    How did the Supreme Court decisions mentioned (Marbury v. Madison, McCullough vs. Maryland, and Martin v. Hunter's Lessee) strengthen the American republic?

    asked by Lauren
  31. science

    what is a cell

    asked by danielle
  32. Science

    A polar substance is most soluble in ... ? A non-polar substance is most soluble in ... ? A generalized statement summarizing the effect of bond polarity on the solbility of a substance in a solvent is ... ?

    asked by Virginia

    Can you help me set it up please?

    asked by George
  34. math

    What is a rate and how doI find it?

    asked by Madison
  35. math word problem

    Tickets to the jazz concert cost $12.00 for reserved seats and $15.00 for walkins.Of all the walk-ns 3/4 of them paid in cash. How much money did the theater earn from walk-in tickets?How much of that was cash? Jazz concert reserved seats= 185 walk-ins =47

    asked by Carlos
  36. work problem math

    The theater seats 300 people . How many seats were not sold for the musical? What fraction of the total seats available for the musical were sold as walk-in tickets? If reserved seats cost $12.50 , how much did the theater make from reserved seats to the

    asked by Carlos
  37. 5th Grade-Fractions

    Pedro used 2/3 of a 33 ounce bottle of soap to wash his mother's car. How many ounces of soap did Pedro use?

    asked by SG
  38. chemistry

    How do I change the molecular weight(58) of NaCl to grams?

    asked by Iedane
  39. Math

    The temperature dropped from 44 degrees farenheit to -56 degrees farenheit in Browning Montana in a 24 hour period. By how many degrees did the temperature change?

    asked by Joe
  40. Algebra

    16. I am supposed to multiply the matrices B and C by each other B is: 7 6 2 -3 -1 8 9 5 and C: 0 8 -2 1 Would someone mind showing me how to multiply CB? Thanks ~Saria

    asked by Saria
  41. chemistry

    How do I change grams to moles.

    asked by Iedane
  42. DR BOB???


    asked by MAtt
  43. collage algebra 1

    find the equation of a line with a slpoe of -2 that passes through the point (4,3).

    asked by crystal
  44. math

    From the question before, I got to 18+6*SQRT5+6*SQRT5+12 am I on the right track or did I make a mistake somwhere?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. collage algebra 1

    solution by the substitution method: 4x + 3y =9 3y + 6 = x

    asked by crystal
  46. chemistry

    Calculate the number of C, H, and O atoms in 4.50 g of glucose (C6H12O6), a sugar. help please?

    asked by lyne
  47. 7th grade

    why would some one want to read your paper.

    asked by HELP
  48. algebra1

    how do you solve: 7x+4y=-4 5x+8y=28 in elmination

    asked by baylee
  49. math

    Can you please tell me what you get when you subtract 1000 miles from 231.05 miles. Thanks!

    asked by dev
  50. math

    can you tell me is .300 equivalent to .3 ?

    asked by dev
  51. College Lookup?

    Can someone teach me how to search colleges like when people say. oh what major is that college good for? I need help finding that. any suggestions on liberal arts colleges?

    asked by Taylor
  52. math(again)

    the ? says "a cone has the surface area of 160 sq. in. If the dimensions are reduced by 1/2,what is the surface area of the new cone?" i just cant seem to find the formula for the surface area of the cone.

    asked by brianna
  53. 2 math questions

    Can anyone help?

    asked by dev
  54. math

    can someone check this please find indicated outputs for f(x)= 4x^2 - 2x f(0)=0 f(-1)=6 f(2)=14

    asked by deedra
  55. math

    the ? says "find the next 2 terms of the sequence. 1. 3n+1 2. 4n-2 How do I figure out what the next terms are?

    asked by RJ
  56. math

    800 at 8% for 1 year

    asked by De sean
  57. math

    Last question. How do I add 2*SQRT50+7*SQRT2

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Calculus(Derivative of ln)

    I get everything, but I can't seem to crack this one out, only one I got problems on.. -sqrt[x^2 +1]/x + ln(x + sqrt[x^2 + 1])

    asked by Jim


    asked by TOM
  60. medical transcriber

    in medicine when are abbreviations acceptable who should use them and why?

    asked by bonnie
  61. physics

    If a plane is diving straight towards the ground at 500 m/s how high up must he pull out of the dive to avoid hitting the ground.

    asked by john marsh
  62. physics

    a rope can withstand 300N of force before snapping. assume that a 4 kg object is attached to the rope and is being spun in a horizontal circle with a .5 m radius. Find the velocity of the object when the rope breaks.

    asked by john marsh
  63. physics

    a man and a woman are sitting .5m away from each other. the man has a mass of 75 kg and the woman has a mass of 65 kg. what is the attractive force between them due to gravity?

    asked by john marsh
  64. AP Chem

    How many mL of 3.84 M HCL are required to consume 4.12g of Zinc in the following reaction? Zn(s) + 2HCL(aq)----> ZnCl2(aq) + H2(g)

    asked by Bobby
  65. Business

    How can a person distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by Debra
  66. math

    the ? says "find the 10th term of the sequence" 5n+3 Would I do 5(10) +3 and get 53 as the answer? Am I doing this correctly? Thank you for your help.

    asked by RJ
  67. Dialog/Dialogue?

    How do you spell dialog(ue) when using it in this context: "Much of the dialog(ue) used in the movie was identical to that of the book"? Or can you use either variation? Thank you in advance

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Human Resources

    Can someone tell me what is employee training and employee development?

    asked by Chloe
  69. Trig Identities

    a)Express as a function of cos (theta) 2 sin^2(theta) - 1 b)Express as a function of sin (theta) or cos (theta) tan^2(theta) - 2 sec(theta)sin(theta)

    asked by Donovan
  70. Geography

    What is geography's effect on the Industrial Revolution and the current Mid-East crisis?

    asked by Mary


    asked by kAYLA
  72. Algebra

    Do the matrixes of -1 4 3 5 2 0 -6 1 multiplyed by 2 0 1 4 3 -2 -5 1 equal -3/4? Thanks, I just want to confirm that my answer is right (or wrong)

    asked by Saria
  73. math

    what is a range?

    asked by brianna
  74. geography (population)

    Hello...uh yeah I have this one question i'm not really understanding....this is the question List the 5 largest immigrant populations in Canada and their population. yeah...I don't actually even understand the quesiton! population?

    asked by Dawn
  75. math

    how do you graph 0.04 on a grid sheet with counting squares in the hundreths? Would it be the first 4 blocks colored in? _____________________ x_____________________ x_____________________ x____________________ x____________________ _____________________

    asked by deb
  76. Science - gr. 10 physics

    How do you find displacement when given a velocity/time graph?

    asked by Jake
  77. central algebra

    simplify k squared plus 6k-1 all divided by k+5

    asked by shaila
  78. chem

    Dr Bob please answer below

    asked by lyne
  79. TRivia

    Who said,We may have disagreement, but let some other country step on our tail and see how quickly American unite. It is a Western movie star.

    asked by Steven
  80. Math

    is this correct? find domain of the function p(x)=x^2-2x+2 x is a real number

    asked by deedra
  81. math

    Fill up the missing columns in the following. 1.length----cm,breadth----cm,-----area0.64 m(square)

    asked by ritu
  82. psychology

    Regarding the use of anesthetics during childbirth, which of the following statements is true? A They are rarely used these days B The epidural procedure is most often favored C Anesthetics in current use can't cross the placental barrier to affect the

    asked by tzeni

    Can someone please solve these for me? Thank you. x^2 + 5x + 6 = 0 [SQRT(x + 3)] = 2[SQRT(x)]

    asked by SAL
  84. Math

    -9/7 x 2/3 = -18/21

    asked by deedra
  85. science

    how do you use a microscope?

    asked by ana
  86. english

    a special plane stood waiting for the president find the italicized word

    asked by yeshua
  87. math

    It is hard to type fractions here, but I will try. My book says I need to "tell why the ratio $0.37 $1.85 ______ and ______ 1 stamp 5 stamps is not a proportion." It looks like a correct proportion to me! Is the problem that there is a 1 as a denominator?

    asked by Lee
  88. quote

    what does "you can't keep the birds of sadness from flying into your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair" means?

    asked by Juanairis
  89. ALEgBRA 2

    Give the domain (that is, possible values of x): 1. y= 2[SQRT(x - 1)] 2. y=-[SQRT(4 - 3x)] + 6

    asked by Matt
  90. Social Studies

    Who refused to sign the US Constitution and why?

    asked by DurreShehwar Ali
  91. math

    What formula is this? (x1+x2/2, y1+y2/2)?

    asked by Kyle
  92. 5th grade

    Why did many peple come to the Middle Atlantic colonies?

    asked by Andy
  93. chemistry

    Is 0.2% is 2/100 or 0.02/100

    asked by Lilly
  94. statistics

    hey guys,im sorry if i did any wrong that my question has been deleted,but please help me... hi,care to explain this..its really hard..i only got 2/40 in my exam yesterday,so we have a retest tomorow,and i really need to pass that in order to pass..please

    asked by
  95. Basic Math

    Evaluate the following. 4-(-3)+1 / 2-2/(-2)?

    asked by A.W.
  96. us history

    How does Cre'vecoeur's description of an American apply to Byrd?

    asked by will
  97. spelling

    Could you give me a couple more synonyms for fun? All I have is enjoyable, amusing, lively, pleasant, entertaining, pleasing,and pleasureable.

    asked by Anya
  98. chem

    What mass of iron contains the same number of atoms as 70.05 g of nitrogen?

    asked by lyne
  99. physics

    two small objects of masses 'm' & '2m' each are attaached to the ends of a light rigid rod of length 'L' . the rod is pivoted at a point where centre of mass of the two objects lie. the moment of inertia of the arrangement about an axis through the centre

    asked by hriday
  100. math

    The width of a rectangle is fixed at 28 cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 70 cm?

    asked by deedra
  101. math

    Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! 1. is (-8,-9) a solution of 2x+4y=12 No 2. Solve using the multiplication principle. -1/2x=-9/10 answer: 9/5

    asked by deedra
  102. Math

    Solve the inequality: absolute value of x+is greater than or = to1. What form do you put it in? I missed class, and would appreciate someone telling me how to do this problem. Thanks!

    asked by Amir
  103. math

    I am having a really hard time with these! 1. Solve system of equations x+3y=7 (1) x=8-3y (2) 2. find slope (9,8) (10,-7) 3. translate into an algebraic expression The product of 46% and some number

    asked by deedra
  104. History

    Where did George Rogers Clark march begin and end?

    asked by Luther
  105. SS

    Where are the Norwegin Fjords?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. leopard manuel

    computer upgrades are great but what's one to do when there is no manuel for teaching the new upgrades? my question: has anyone found an apple manuel (book of info) that has the in(s) and out(s) for leopard X.5.4???

    asked by barb
  107. computer subject

    SPECS:construct a flowchart that shall producethe corresponding sales commission amount of each sales income enterd. LEGND: commission table(per month) sales income bracket commission rate above $/100,000 15% $/75,000.01-$/1000,000 12% $/50,000.01-$/75,000

    asked by
  108. Grade 7 Science

    Why are matter cycles essential in an ecosystem?

    asked by Peyton
  109. Math

    Solve the inequality: Absolute Value of X+5 is greater than or equal to 1. I'd appreciate someone telling me how to solve it and get the answer. Thank you

    asked by Amir
  110. Chemistry

    I have 250 grams of Al2(PO4)3 How many moles of Al are there?

    asked by mw
  111. 7th grade

    Why are matter cycles essential in an ecosystem?

    asked by Peyton
  112. 7th grade

    How is a food chain different from a food web?

    asked by Peyton
  113. 7th grade

    Wolves don't eat plants, but a wolf could not live in an ecoystem that didn't have plants. Please Explain.

    asked by Peyton
  114. O Chem

    1. What is the maximum volume (at STP) of the butene mixture that could be obtained by the dehydration of 81 mg of 2-butanol? 2. When 2-methylpropene is bubbled into dilute sulfuric acid at room temperature, it appears to dissolve. What new substance has

    asked by dora
  115. 7th grade

    Can anyone help with some ideas in constructing a food web of the organisms found in a landfill site. Thanks.

    asked by Peyton
  116. Geography

    Why have countries in the Pacific South America have developed slowly?

    asked by Lily
  117. English

    What does this quote mean? "What I lack in SKILL, I make up for in LAZINESS" Please help.

    asked by Adam
  118. Principles of Business

    What are sources of fixed and working capital? Give some examples of each.

    asked by Shabida
  119. Principles Of Business

    Explain potential for growth internally and externally.

    asked by Shabida
  120. 8th grade honors class (math)

    Why did they call the duck who became a test pilot?

    asked by honorsclass
  121. English help!!

    After selecting your quote, write a statement explaining your choice. Define your statement and discuss its importance to your life. Your statement must be at least half page in length. Express yourself!! This is my quote: I'm not lazy. I'm energy

    asked by Jim
  122. math

    0.5x + 7 less than or equal to 1.3x-8 .5xless than or equal to 1.3x-15 -.8xless than or equal to -15 x less than or equal to-18.75 Is this correct?

    asked by deedra
  123. math-3rd grade

    Darin counted 46 more cars than trucks in a parking lot. There were 29 trucks write an expression that shows how many cars were in the parking lot.

    asked by Jalyn
  124. 3rd grade

    would you use 1000 as a benchmark to estimate the number of shoes in your classroom?

    asked by Sandy
  125. Accounting

    The question is, indicate which of the following accounts normally require an adjusting entry. The accounts are Salaries Payable, Land, Dana Cates - Drawing, Accumulated Depreciation, Unearned Rent and Supplies. The ones that I think require an adjustment

    asked by Teresa
  126. science

    why would a car with a large mass might use more fuel than car with a smaller mass. Assume both cars drive the same distance..

    asked by Juanairis

    9y2 + 16=0

    asked by Matt
  128. 7th grade

    I created a food chain with three organisms corn,cow,and humans. Can only pleas tell me if I can make a food web out of my chain and what other organisms would i add?

    asked by Peyton
  129. English

    Hi, I am doing an !@#$%^&. on transitions. I need some help. Here is what I have. 1. Care for a crispy, juicy grasshopper for breakfast? For example, in many parts of the world, it is considered perfectly acceptable to eat. I added for example. 2. People

    asked by Victoria
  130. Chemistry

    What is the weight/volume for a 0.2% solution?

    asked by Lane
  131. chemistry

    How to make a 2 Molarity solution?

    asked by Da
  132. math

    How could knowing that 35/7=5 help you find 42/7? Explain

    asked by Jake
  133. Science

    How can you estimate the time difference between your home and places that are 60 degrees east and west longitude of your home?

    asked by Angie
  134. science

    word containing the word rock with ice only

    asked by Jonathan
  135. Chemistry

    How to make a 55ml of a 3% solution of NaCl?

    asked by Kristy
  136. math

    8 8 ^ 8 8 ^ 8 =64 64 – 7 = 63 63/7 = 9 9-8 = 1 =1 How can you put this as a negative -1? please help

    asked by Julissa12
  137. fine arts

    please can you help me with these two questions. i have tried looking it up on google, but cant get the exact answer. 1. During what period did worshipping of the Virgin Mary begin to grow steadily? a. Gothic b. Romanesque c. Early medieval d. Feudal 2.

    asked by y912f

    Based on the reading in Chapter 3 of the text, what factors do you think most contributed to the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education (1954)? How does this decision continue to impact education today? I say the Civil rights. I say this

    asked by troyer0269
  139. government

    what is the structure of the united nation (UN)

    asked by lila

    [SQRT(x + 3)] = 2[SQRT(x)]

    asked by Matt
  141. More Acctg

    The supplies account had a beginning balance of $1245 and was debited for $2860 for supplies purchased during the year. Journalize the adjusting entry required at the end of the year assuming the amount of supplies on hand is $1349. I added the $2860 for

    asked by Teresa
  142. 8th grade math

    The radius of circle M is 3 times the radius of circle P. If the area of circle P is abotu 27 sq. cm. the area of circle M is about what? (Use 3 as pie) i don't get it. is the scale ratio 3:1?

    asked by brianna
  143. Chemistry

    Sorry, just asking a question on chemistry.

    asked by Kristy
  144. Chemistry

    I am making a NaCl solution. What are the steps in calculating and weighing out NaCl for a 4 M solution.

    asked by Kyle
  145. math

    blank times blank equals 140 what is the two blanks

    asked by Dave
  146. math

    how to solve (x ^2-1)/(x+1)-x ho can I solve to a -1. Please help

    asked by Julissa12
  147. math

    unscramble these letter for a 5th grade math question dealing with fractions and decimals. the letters are IPDLISAF

    asked by Deborah
  148. Help!

    I was wondering if someone could show me how to post links on this website. It gives me an error when I try to post a link in my reply.

    asked by Don