Questions Asked on
January 2, 2009

  1. chemistry HELP

    A 46.2 gram sample of copper is heated to 95.4 degrees celcius and then place into a calorimeter containing 75.0 grams of water at 19.6 degrees celcius. The final temp of the water and copper is 21.8 degrees celcius. Calculate the specific heat capacity of

    asked by lyne
  2. human resources

    What long-term recruiting measures should US hospitals strive for?

    asked by China
  3. AP Stats

    Surveys indicate that 5% of the students who took the SATs had enrolled in an SAT prep course. 30% of the SAT prep students were admitted to their first choice college, as were 20% of the other students. You overhear a high school student say he got into

    asked by Stephanie


    asked by JIM
  5. Physics

    A hot air balloon is ascending straight up at a constnat speed of 7.0 m/s. When th balloon is 12.0 m above the ground, a gun fires a pellet straight up from ground elvel with an initial speed of 30,0 m/s. Along the paths of the balloon and the pellet,

    asked by Anonymous
  6. 11th grade

    A sample consisting of 22.7 g of a nongaseous, unstable compound X is placed inside a metal cylinder with a radius of 8.0 cm, and a piston is carefully placed on the surface of the compound so that, for all practical purposes, the distance between the

    asked by rikita
  7. chemistry again :)

    A compound containing only sulfur and nitrogen is 69.6% S by mass; the molar mass is 184 g/mol. What are the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound? i solved for empirical and got a 1:1 ratio so it would be SN. for the molecular do i take

    asked by lyne
  8. chem

    which element has a more favorable (exothermic) electron affinity? K Mg how do i determine this?

    asked by lyne
  9. physics

    An object starts from rest and accelerates uniformly down an incline. If the object reaches a speed of 40 m/s in 5 seconds, what is its average speed?

    asked by Kevin
  10. physics

    The average velocity for a trip has a positive value. Is it possible for the instantaneous velocity at any point during the trip to have a negative value? (I'm thinking yes because derivatives can be negative but I'm not sure). also A ball is dropped from

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chem

    a certain substance strongly absorbs infrared light having a wavelength of 3.75µm. what is the frequency of this light in hertz? i know that i have to use the equation c = frequency x wavelength and that c = 2.998 x 10^8 m/s. how do i convert that to

    asked by lyne
  12. Biology

    What are two types of materials or observations that would necessitate the use of the stereoscopic microscope? What organelles are visible with the electron microscope but not with the light microscope? (we've been studying single celled organisms and

    asked by anna
  13. mathb

    what is the smallest positive angle which satisfies the equation 2cosx-5cosx+2=0

    asked by millz
  14. Physics

    Two knights on horseback start from rest 88.0 m apart and ride directly toward each other to do battle. Sir George's acceleration has a magnitude of .300 m/s^2, while Sir Alfred's has a magnitude of .200 m/s^2. Relative to sir Ggeorge's starting point,

    asked by Dala
  15. art

    for my homework assignment i have a picture of Michaelangelo , creation of Adam painting i have to describe what i think is happening in the painting and also write a story about the painting . Ive described the painting but i am struggling with the story

    asked by Ashleigh
  16. Global

    For a global paper I have to take 20 notecards my topic before I write it. I am looking for online sources that are either professional or they are endorsed by a professor. My paper deals with the adaptations humans made in order to survive based on the

    asked by Anonymous
  17. 9th chemistry

    I don't understand the formula for sodium hydrogen phosphate. Can you please tell me it and explain it?

    asked by alexa
  18. math

    matthew travels two and one half miles to get to school. this is 3 times the distance that Jennifer travels. how far does Jennifer travel?

    asked by ???E
  19. Precalc

    What does something have to be inorder to be considered a function. I'm not talking about the verticle line test or somethng to verify, im saying in words. like can it not be negative or somehting?

    asked by Lauren
  20. Algebra

    I have to solve the following equation: x+y=9 xy=54 I changed the first equation to y=9-x to solve for y. I got x(9-x)=54 and then 9x-x^2=54. I then changed 9x-x^2= 54 to -x^2 +9x-54=0. I got stuck around here, can someone explain...

    asked by rob
  21. math

    how to make multiplication and division easier?

    asked by lorenzo miguel palacios
  22. books

    examples of odysseus struggles in the odyssey portrayed in real life

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Shoes are on sale, buy one and get the cheaper pair 50% off. Jane and Janette wants to buy shoes and share equal amount of discount. If the pair of shoes that Jane wants to buy is 120, and the pair that Janette wants to buy is 60, how much do they each

    asked by Tim
  24. Math

    Find an equation of the parabola with vertex at the origin that passes through the point (-36, 2) and opens to the left. I believe you start with (x-h)^2 = 4p(y-k) and plug in the given point and (0,0), and solve for p. I got y^2 = 144x. Is this correct?

    asked by Momo
  25. Physics ideal gases

    Would someone check my thinking please. PVT of an ideal gas (nitrogen) are all given. I've used PV=nRT rearranged to get the number of moles. Then, U= 3/2nRT to get the internal energy of the sample. Am I on the right track? Thanks.

    asked by charlie
  26. Math

    How do you find the surface area of a triangular prism.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. sra JMcGuin spanish

    is the english grammar correct also. today i have my math tutor from 9 to 12 so i am trying to finish this up Can you please explain this one: yo era capaz a de conseguir = (you must drop "a") = yo era capaz de conseguir --i cant find the error i made. El

    asked by sam
  28. english - writing

    I'm looking for a succinct way to help one of my sales guys write better. His syntax and use of verbs and adjectives is often weak. Here is a typical short example. What comments or observations would you make to help me help him? "Sure I have no problem

    asked by Tom
  29. 10th grade Algebra


    asked by Yaya
  30. Algebra


    asked by Nanit
  31. Algebra 1

    Hey :) Can anyone appoint me to a/some good link(s) for Nineth Grade Algebra? Thank you.

    asked by Jessie
  32. Algebra


    asked by Bob
  33. PreCalc

    I am supposed to graph this y= -x^2+2x he told us to coplete the square to get us the vertex, but how do i complete the square with a - in front of the x^2??

    asked by Lauren
  34. Poetry for Avie

    Here is a book to look for, if you aren't happy with the poems you now have: The River Is Wide / El río es ancho. Twenty Mexican Poets/A Bilingual Anthology. The ed. is Marlon C. Frick. tr. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2005. Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  35. sra JMcGuin spanish

    HI I am not sure if I put in all the corrections in properly I tried please let me know thanks El evento más importante para mí del año pasado fue cuando entregué mi proyecto de historía. When I was in eighth grade history in Ms. Harvey's class, I had

    asked by sam
  36. Biology

    Which of these organisms have cell walls? Which have chloroplasts? Describe their organization. Paramecium Amoeba Chilomonas Volvox Paranema I've tried searching on the web, but the pages don't mention chloroplasts or cell walls. Which means they either

    asked by anna
  37. economics

    what is the efffect of monetary policy in setting macroeconomic policy

    asked by jessica
  38. algebra

    solve the following equation 5x + 4y = 12 Please show work... Thank You!!!

    asked by Sophie
  39. science

    Is obsidian (igneous) extrusive or intrusive.

    asked by sayd
  40. conversion

    what is the easiest way to convert 11 liters to gallons

    asked by jacob
  41. spanish sra mcguin

    Yo recibí una a por mi trabajo. Eso me enseñó que yo era capaz de conseguir una buena nota en un proyecto difícil 1. does the "a" belong before por? 2. is it a period after trabajo?

    asked by sam
  42. math

    solve the equation (x-5)^2=10

    asked by key
  43. accounting

    Malissa is an accountant. Sometimes printouts of financial statements have errors and are not usable. Malissa doesn't like to waste anything, so she takes the unusable financial statements to her son's day care center to use for drawing paper.

    asked by China
  44. 10th grade Algebra


    asked by Yaya
  45. AP human Geography

    Hey, I have been searching to find what stage France is in referring to the demographic transition. could you Please help me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.

    asked by Tori
  46. Algebra


    asked by Bob
  47. Algebra


    asked by Nanit
  48. Algebra

    I need help factoring 64b^2-(q+r)^2

    asked by Christina
  49. Math

    which ordered pair can be generated by using the rule (9x-3)

    asked by Shameke
  50. math

    How is a determinant found using expansion by minors? The only way I was taught to do it was by using diagonals.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. government

    declarartion of independence

    asked by nicole
  52. math

    what is the inverse of -3 4 -4 8?

    asked by Anonymous