Questions Asked on
January 1, 2009

  1. math

    If the vertices of quadrilateral ABCD are A(1,1), B(-2,3), C(-4,-1), and D(2,-3), and the quadrilateral is dilated so that it's perimeter is 2 times the original perimeter, what would the vertex matrix look like?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. algebra

    A square and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The length of the rectangle is 4cm less than twice the side of the square, and the width of the rectangle is 6 cm than the side of the square. find the perimeter of each figure

    asked by ???E
  3. History

    Why was Canada's role in the Korean war significant to Canadian history?

    asked by Shakura
  4. Math

    When seven times a number is added to the square of the number the result is 18. Find the number.

    asked by mark
  5. Physics

    I failure to find an observation related to motion in two dimension projectile motion. Prove That/Show that maximum range =4Height or Rmax=4H please help me thanks Ahsan Khan

    asked by Muhammad Ahsan Khan
  6. Chemistry

    If I was to react a borax solution with a sulphuric acid to neutralise it, what products will I get?

    asked by Serre
  7. math

    tony ordered 3 pizzas for a party. each person at the party ate 1/6 of a pizza. there was no pizza left over. how many people were at the party?

    asked by shawn F
  8. math

    find the zeros of the function by rewriting the function in intercept form? y=81x^2-16

    asked by key
  9. sra JMcGuin spanish

    We are suppose to start our paragraph with the first sentence she provided in Spanish. Pleae make any suggestions also on the English grammar. This is my first draft and has taken me a very long time to do. a big thank you. El evento más importante para

    asked by sam
  10. English

    What does it mean by "... Old fools are babes again ..."? Please explain to me!!! THANKS A LOT!

    asked by Katie
  11. chemistry

    How can use litmus paper to distinguish an acid from a base?

    asked by Lisa
  12. math

    Simplify: i^25 Sqrt-900 cuberoot-125x^6

    asked by mark
  13. poetry

    what free web sites can I search for poetry regarding "mexican crossing the boarder and their hardships that go with it? I am in the 4th grade and need this for school.. thank you

    asked by avie
  14. Chemistry

    Is Magnesium Oxide reactive? If it is, can you please explain how reactive it is? Thanks so much!

    asked by Matt
  15. algebra

    7n + the squareroot of n =18

    asked by louis
  16. math

    solve the equation: p^2+6=127

    asked by keke
  17. thermodynamics

    what is difrent between cp and cv

    asked by aru
  18. sra JMcGuin spanish

    Hi This is sam's mom - you have helped my child enormously - Whenever work is done with you the grade is amazing. Finals ae coming up and I think you are close to us. We live on the west side and go to school in the valley. SO anywhere would be convenient

    asked by sam's Mom
  19. 8th grade

    what are the pros and cons of industry

    asked by deb
  20. math

    solve the equation (x-5)^2=10

    asked by bebe
  21. Biology

    Which of these organisms have cell walls? Which have chloroplasts? Describe their organization. Paramecium Amoeba Chilomonas Volvox Paranema

    asked by anna
  22. English

    1. You don't have to unplug the electric cord to the pressure cooker. You can see the light of preserving temperature on the cooker. If you unplug the electric cord, the cooked rice in the cooker will be spoiled with ease. (Is this passage correct? Would

    asked by John
  23. sra JMcGuin spanish

    Can you also look at the ENglish grammar I may have missed something thanks - El evento más importante para mí del año pasado fue cuando entregué mi proyecto de historía. When I was in eighth grade history in Ms. Harvey's class, I had spent three

    asked by sam
  24. re-SraJMcgin geography

    thankyou for your help that link was very useful and i found alot of information that can help me. happy new year!

    asked by kia
  25. Geometry

    How do you find the center of an equilateral triange?

    asked by Cole
  26. English

    I am trying to choose books to replace the ones read by the monster in Frankenstein. I need two more, I have already chosen The Bible and Watership Down. What books would you suggest and why?

    asked by Christy
  27. Science

    What type of front is associated with floods?

    asked by Josephine
  28. sra McGuin

    Hi - where would I scan these to - thanks again my child thinks you are the best - nice to see people who make such a positive impact on kids. 9th grade and all honors classes is tough.

    asked by sam's mom
  29. scholarship thing

    for the scholarship, it says we can submit additional work that would give evidence to why we would excel in an honors program. i would really like to submit some photos i took but i'm not sure that would help me, especially when i plan on majoring in

    asked by lillian
  30. algebra

    the larger of two consecutive integers is 7 greater than twice the smaller. find the intergers

    asked by ???E
  31. AP Biology

    My F1 generation gave me 30 males (5 were mutated) and 10 females 5 were mutated. My F2 generation gave me 50 males, 20 were mutated, and 30 females, 15 were mutated. I don’t know how to determine my crosses identifying if its sex linked or autosomal and

    asked by Manuel
  32. math

    4[-8 2 9] is scalar and would just be multiplying each of the terms by 4 right? Happy New Year!

    asked by Anonymous
  33. economics

    Different market structures are prevailing in our different sectors like agriculture, power supply, transport industry, cement industry, restaurants, etc. Analyze and compare the characteristics of all market structure with respect to the given sectors.

    asked by abc
  34. geography

    Causes of deforestation- i found theses causes i just need the meaning or explanation on each one i need to write a detailed explanation on each one commercial logging , forest fires , farming , mining , roads and railways , disadvantages of deforestation

    asked by kia
  35. MAT 116 Algebra 1A

    Buying a Home For most people, buying a house is a great investment that can offer security in an uncertain world, but buying a house is also a commitment. Application Practice Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical

    asked by candace