Questions Asked on
December 14, 2008

  1. Physics

    A crate is pulled right with a force of 82.0N to the left wtih a force of 115N upward with a force of 565N and downward with a force of 236N Fine the net external force in the X direction Find the net external force in the y direction find the the

    asked by Physics
  2. chemistry

    are these right? How many atoms are there in 1.3x10^22 molecules NO2? atoms=(1.3x10^22 molecules NO2) x (2atoms/1molecule) = 2.6x10^22 atoms NO2 A 5.0g sample of O2 is in a container at STP. How many atoms of oxygen are in the container? atoms = (5.0g O2)

    asked by s

    i have a tritation lab due tomorrow and i am stumped on a couple things. its a titration lab using sodium hydroxide (NaOH)- 250 mL 0.300 M concentration, 10 mL of an unknown substance of vinegar, the avg. of titrated NaOH in the flask with vinegar is 27.7

    asked by student
  4. physics

    The position of a particle moving along an x axis is given by x = 15t2 - 2.0t3, where x is in meters and t is in seconds. (a) Determine the position, velocity, and acceleration of the particle at t = 3.0 s. x = m v = m/s a = m/s2 (b) What is the maximum

    asked by help
  5. physics

    Panic escape. The figure below shows a general situation in which a stream of people attempt to escape through an exit door that turns to be locked. The people move toward the door at speed vs = 3.7 m/s, are each d = 0.20 m in depth, and are separated by L

    asked by john
  6. 4th grade math

    The distance from the pole in the center of the tetherball circle to the painted circle was about six feet. What was the approximate radius of the tetherball circle? Thank you. A. 12 ft B. 4 yd C. 3 ft D. 2 yd

    asked by Mary
  7. physics

    a wheel is rotating at 30 rev/min. The angular velocity of the wheel is a. 2pi^2 rad/s b. 2pi rad/s c. 2 rad/s d. pi/2 rad/s e. pi rad/s explain please!

    asked by rory
  8. us history

    a majority of the early english migrants to the chesapeake bay area were a. families with young children b. indentured servants c. wealthy gentlemen d. merchants and craftsmen e. disfranchised catholics is it b?

    asked by rory
  9. Algebra ugh!

    How do I graph piecewise functions? Like f(x)= x+2 if x greater/equal than 0 x less than 0 Also, how do I write an equation of the line passing through (2,1) and is perpendicular to the line y= 1/2x+1

    asked by Ang
  10. physics help

    a particle moves uniformly around the circumference of a circle whose radius is 8 cm with a period of pi/20 s. the angular velocity w of the particle is a. 2.5 rad/s b. 3.2 X 10^2 rad/s c. 40 rad/s d. 7.9 rad/s e. 96 rad/s please explain thanks!

    asked by rory
  11. Grade 11 English

    I'm reading macbeth and i don't really understand some of the symbolisim. One question i have is : in Act 5 scene 3, Macbeth changes his mind about puttin on his armor. What does this reveal about his mental state?

    asked by Lizzie
  12. elementary algebra

    ron and kathy are ticket-sellers at their class play, ron handling student tickets that sell for $3.00 each and kathy selling adult tickets for $6.50 each. If their total income for 29 tickets was $125.50, how many did ron sell?

    asked by Lily
  13. algebra

    A salesperson earns a salary of $500.00 per week, plus a commision of 2% of her total weekly sales. write an algebraic expression that computes the total weekly salary. Let m represent the total weekly sales.

    asked by stephanie
  14. physics

    A railroad freight car of mass 3.30 104 kg collides with a stationary caboose car. They couple together, and 16.0% of the initial kinetic energy is transferred to thermal energy, sound vibrations, and so on. Find the mass of the caboose.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. psychology

    Regarding the use of anesthetics during childbirth, which of the following statements is true? A. they are rarely used these days B. the epidural procedure is most often favored. C. anesthetics is current use can't cross the placenta barrier to affect the

    asked by ourania
  16. PHYSICS 102E

    1. How much ice at -10 degrees Celsius is required to cool a mixture of 0.1 kg ethyl alcohol and 0.1 kg water from 20 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius? 2. Find the heat produced by 1 KW heating element in one hour. 3. A 3g lead bullet at 30 degrees

    asked by Akitsuke
  17. physics

    a uniform beam of weight 420 N and length 3.2 m is suspended horizontally. On the left it is hinged to a wall; on the right is it supported by a cable bolted to the wall at distance D above the beam. The least tension that will snap the cable is 1200 N.

    asked by john
  18. English

    retell the story of the Viet Dinh's family experience by turning their story into a poem. the story is An American Story it is a short story by Anthony Lewis it is 3 pages long

    asked by Jameisha
  19. physics

    A craet is pulled right with a force of 82.0 N to the left with a force of 115N upward with a force of 565N and dow ward with a force of 236N Find the net external force in the x direction find the net external force in the y directin find the magnitude

    asked by Physics
  20. physics

    A force of 291.0 N is used to push a 140 kg mass 30.0 m horizontally in 3.00 s. Calculate the power developed in kW.

    asked by Mara
  21. physics

    a ugst of wind blows an apple from a tree. AS the apple falls the force of gravit on the apple is 9.25N downward and the force of the wind on the apple is 1.05N ot the right. Find the magnitude and direction fof the external force on the apple

    asked by Physics
  22. physics

    The block in the figure below lies on a horizontal frictionless surface and is attached to the free end of the spring, with a spring constant of 65 N/m. Initially, the spring is at its relaxed length and the block is stationary at position x = 0. Then an

    asked by help
  23. math

    the revenue R from selling x units of a certain product is given by R=x(20-0.2x) How many units must be sold to produce a revenue of $500?

    asked by Mary
  24. physics

    A rotating fan completes 1200 revolutions every minute. Consider a point on the tip of a blade, at a radius of 0.11 m. (a) Through what distance does the point move in one revolution? m (b) What is the speed of the point? m/s (c) What is the magnitude of

    asked by john
  25. Algebra Word Problem

    COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!! The base of a triangle is 3cm greater than the height. The area is 44cm^2. Find the height and length of the base. The height of the triangle is_______ cm The base of the traingle is_______cm

    asked by pj
  26. physics

    A train moving at a constant speed of 68.0 km/h moves east for 33.0 min, then in a direction 40.0° east of due north for 30.0 min, and then west for 59.0 min. What is the average velocity of the train during this run? Magnitude km/h Direction °

    asked by john
  27. math- statistics

    If the probability of a swan drowning is 0.23, find the probability of exactly 4 out of the 7 swans drowning. I think that the answer is: (0.23)(0.23)(.00003404)= .000001801 is the right? *round your answer to 3 significant digits*

    asked by Sherri
  28. Social psychology

    Please help me define: maladaptive and adaptive. I've try googling it and unable to find please help. Thanks

    asked by Karria
  29. physics

    A rotating fan completes 1200 revolutions every minute. Consider a point on the tip of a blade, at a radius of 0.11 m. (a) Through what distance does the point move in one revolution? m (b) What is the speed of the point? m/s (c) What is the magnitude of

    asked by john
  30. child care

    Which of these descriptions of Julie best depicts growth as it's defined. a. Julie loves to paint with water colors. b.Julie cried when her cat cut it's paw. c. Julie's legs are four times as long as they were when she was born. d. Julie has learned how to

    asked by Cynthia
  31. math-statistics

    If the probability of an authentic laying goose is 0.83, find the probability of getting a laying goose on or before the fourht trial. I think that answer is: (0.17)(0.17)(0.17)(0.83)=.00407 *the answer needs to be rounded to three significant digits*

    asked by Sherri
  32. English

    Copy the passages on the website and paste them on the word Processor. You have to get the printouts of the passages. (Is this passage correct?)

    asked by John
  33. physics help

    A circular-motion addict of mass 70 kg rides a Ferris wheel around in a vertical circle of radius 10 m at a constant speed of 6.5 m/s. (a) What is the period of the motion? s (b) What is the magnitude of the normal force on the addict from the seat when

    asked by john
  34. Physics (checking my thinking)

    2 spheres, of unequal masses, hang on strings and are touching. Sphere a is pulled back to the left, string taught, and released, hitting sphere B at a known velocity. Sphere B's post impact velocity is known, and to the right. i have to find A's post

    asked by charlie
  35. To Troyer 0269

    I deleted your last science post, as I promised I would a couple of weeks ago. You posted five questions that I'm sure you could answer by reading your text. As you know, we don't give answers, but help students with problems they don't understand. If you

    asked by Ms. Sue
  36. Social psychology

    what are the differences between collectivism and individualism? what are two advantages and two disadvantages of collectivism and individvialism? please help me answer : )

    asked by Karria
  37. Studing for French Final

    I have been studing for the past four days except I think I need some better ways to studying for my french final. I am in French 1 and we are doing auditory exams tomorrow and then oral on tues. and the written exam on Wednesday. I have tried not cards

    asked by Micheal
  38. 7th grade

    Idk this it's so confusing... "Students in the school band are selling calenders.They earn $.40 on each calender they sell.Their goal is more than $327" "Here is the answer given: $.40c

    asked by Maria

    1. (1-sin²B)/(sin²Bcos²B)= csc²B-sec²B --that's really the given. please help.

    asked by anjelica318
  40. MATH

    Tim and Judy mix two kinds of feed for pedigreed dogs. They wish to make 29 pounds of feed worth $0.47 per pound by mixing one kind worth $0.44 per pound with another worth $0.55 per pound. How many pounds of the cheaper kind should they use in the mix?

    asked by raylene
  41. psychology

    If you are not currently aware of something, but you can make it conscious by focusing on it, you may assume that information resides in the A. unconscious mind B. preconscious mind C. conscious mind D. subconscious mind. i believe the true answer is B. If

    asked by ourania
  42. Trigonometry

    What are the steps in verifying that -ln|secx+tanx| = ln|secx-tanx| Thanks

    asked by Victoria
  43. physics

    A circular-motion addict of mass 70 kg rides a Ferris wheel around in a vertical circle of radius 10 m at a constant speed of 6.5 m/s. (a) What is the period of the motion? s (b) What is the magnitude of the normal force on the addict from the seat when

    asked by help
  44. chemistry

    Balance the following equastions: Fe2O3 +c --> Fe +CO2 SO2 + O2 --> SO3 for physical science.. the numbers are subscripts.. thank you.

    asked by Carla
  45. physics

    a penny is placed .1 m from the center of a turntable. if the coefficient of static friction between the penny and the turntable is .5, the maximum linear speed at which the penny can travel without slipping is approximately a) .49m/s b) .7 m/s c) 1.3 m/s

    asked by rory
  46. physics

    An Earth satellite moves in a circular orbit 775 km above the Earth's surface. The period of the motion is 100.1 min. (a) What is the speed of the satellite? m/s (b) What is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the satellite? m/s2

    asked by john
  47. Economy

    Need help here plz. In a private closed economy, if aggregate expenditures equal GDP, then... A = Consumption equals investment B = Planned investment equals to saving. C = Disposable income equals consumption minus saving D = Consumption equals aggregate

    asked by George
  48. Physics

    a meter rule is suspended from a horizontal pin through the 20 cm mark and allowed to oscillate (with simple harmonic motion). In this position, the ruler completes 20 oscillations in 45.8 seconds. derive an expression for the period T in terms of I20, M,

    asked by Kimora
  49. child psychology

    Charles Darwin is considered a pioneer in the study of child psychology because he A. compared animal and human behavior in infancy. B.studied children at play. C. mainained a ''baby diary'' D. kept a detailed record of his wife's pregnancies. i believe

    asked by ourania
  50. PHYSICS 102E

    (0.2kg)(4190J/ Celsius)(T-70 degrees Celsius)+(0.1kg)(390J/ Celsius)(T-20 degrees Celsius)= 0. how will I equate it to get the final Temperature? I don't understand how did they get the answer of T=67.8 degrees Celsius. can someone

    asked by Akitsuke
  51. geog

    ive just finished my geography homework on deforestation of the amazon rainforest in brazil which damon kindly helped me with yesterday i just want to make sure ive put the right answers. this is what ive put.- pastureland cattle ranches mining logging

    asked by Charlotte
  52. Math help

    How do i do this Divide and write the result using scientific notation the 8 and -4 is to the second power 8x10(8) 4x10(-4)

    asked by Bryan
  53. MATH

    a guy wire is connected 3 ft. from the top of a pole. The guy wire is 36 ft long and it is fastened to an anchor in the ground that is 12ft. from the base of the pole. How tall is the pole? (nearest tenth) PLEASE HELP! =)

    asked by REANNA
  54. math (again ugh)

    A rectangular place mat and matching napkin are proportional. The dimensions of the place mat are 1.5 times as large as the napkin's dimensions. If the perimeterof the place mat is 60 in., the perimeter of the napkin is what? i think i have to divide 60 by

    asked by brianna
  55. psychology

    If you take the information-processing view of cognitive development, you would say that A. typing on a computer keyboard is the equivalent of short-term memory. B. thinking and data processing are similar, but not actually related. C. storing information

    asked by ourania
  56. FRENCH

    Could you please tell me how to say "all in all" in French. It snowed a bit more during the night but all in all it's not very much. Il a neigé un peu plus pendant la nuit mais "all in all" il n'est pas beaucoup. Thank you so much!

    asked by E.G.
  57. psychology

    sociocultural theory interplay of genetic inheritance and environment(right) impact of being African American on your learning abilities (wrong) role of the unconscious in learning(wrong) role of consciousness in child development(wrong)

    asked by ourania
  58. math

    susan wants to mix 10 pounds of virginia peanuts that cost $3.50 a pound with Spanish peanuts that cost $3.00 a pound to obtain a mixture that costs $3.40 a pound. How many pounds of Spanish peanuts should she use?

    asked by leenie
  59. 8th grade

    2 cylinders are proportional the smaller cylinder has a radius of 4 centimeters, which is half as large as the radius of the larger cylinder. the volume of smaller cylinder =250 cubic cemtimeters. what is the volume of the larger cylinder?

    asked by brianna
  60. Social Studies

    Where did the Puritins settle in the New World? Where did the Pilgrims settle in the New World?

    asked by Christopher
  61. algebra

    hi. I'm expected to solve (27ab^3)^1/3 times the sq. root of (there is a three in the nook of the square root) 5a^4b. I follow it until it reduces to the square root of (still with the three in the nook), 3^3a^3b^3 times 5 a^2 b. Where does the three on

    asked by Anna
  62. english

    I have trouble finding the tone of this piece by Aristotle. Seeing then that the state is made up of households, before speaking of the state we must speak of the management of the household. The parts of household management correspond to the persons who

    asked by Lauren
  63. physics help please

    Consider a system in which 3.60 mol of an ideal monatomic gas is expanded at a constant pressure of 101 kPa from an initial volume of 2.15 L to a final volume of 3.87 L. (b) Find the change in temperature for this process. ? K (c) Determine the amount of

    asked by kelsey
  64. Chemistry

    Hi! I was studying for an exam (lol) and I came across something I don't quite understand.. could someone help me with Standard Enthalpy of Formation? The equation in my notes looks like this: ΔHºrxn = ΣΔHºf(products) - ΣΔHºf(reactants) Thanks in

    asked by Chris
  65. Math

    How would I rewrite 3(x + 2) in Distibutive property?

    asked by Lauren
  66. Math

    There is a horizontal rod of length L and mass M. A point mass m is vertically above the rod at a vertical distance L/4 and horizontal distance L/3 from one end of the rod.Using The Riemann sum Integral,find the magnitude and direction of the gravitational

    asked by Sandhya
  67. Chemistry

    Are bond lengths measured from the center of the atom to the surface? Or from the surface to the surface of atoms?

    asked by Lucy X
  68. gen studies

    identify the advantages and disadvantages of organizational structure. how it affects day to day operation of managing a counseling center for domestic abuse victims

    asked by lele
  69. Finance

    Why do you think that many health care organizations handle their budgets very poorly?

    asked by Trish
  70. science

    The fact that marble,chalk and limestone all contain calcium carbonate is a problem. Explain why and give examples.

    asked by Helpme
  71. science

    True or False 1. Strep throat is caused by bacteria (true?) 2. Athlete's footis caused by bacteria (true?)

    asked by Anya
  72. math- statistics

    If the probability of a dancing lady accepting an initation to dance is 0.18, find the expected number of ladies you would have to ask before one accepts. I think that the answer is: 1(.18)+2(.18)+3(.18)...7(.18)+8(.18)+9(.18)=8.1 *round answers to three

    asked by Sherri
  73. math

    how do I find the sin, cos, and tan of -60 degrees without using a calculator?

    asked by chris
  74. 8th grade

    What federal officials are elected for the longest terms?

    asked by Tyler
  75. science

    How do you bond ions? covalent?

    asked by morgan
  76. locus

    Write an equation of the locus of points a. equidistant from the x-axis and the y-axis and whose coordinates have the same sign b.equidistant from the x-axis and the y-axis and whose coordinates have the same sign Can anyone please give me some ideas to do

    asked by Tracy
  77. AP Biology

    Which of these characteristics are typical of a r-selected population? a. occurence in variable environments b. high intrinsic rate of growth c. onset of reproduction at an early age d. extensive parental cae of offspring e. occurrence in open habitats

    asked by Anonymous1
  78. Honors World History

    Finals are coming! Can someone tell and explain to me what the 6 characteristics of civilization are?

    asked by Jasmine
  79. algebra

    An architect makes $75.25 per hour. What will his/her gross income be after completeing a 95-hour project?

    asked by stephanie
  80. Algebra

    I am supposed to simplify b^2-49/b^2-8b+7. I know about separating the parts by factoring them out. For example, the numerator would be (b+-7)(b+7). But how would I do the bottom, since nothing goes into seven evenly? Thanks, Holly

    asked by Holly
  81. Algebra

    I am supposed to simplify 28/4a^3 times 4a^5/21 times 3/49a^4. I just want to make sure my answer is correct since I have a difficult time with these problems. Is it 4/7a^6?

    asked by Holly
  82. 2nd grade

    find island in the world,describe where it is and write some facts about it

    asked by anaina
  83. Health

    could Intelligence and the development of language may be related?

    asked by Myra1
  84. Research

    I am using the book, Ancient India by R.C. Majumdar for my research project, and have found it on google books, but cannot find the publishing city. Thanks so much!

    asked by Anonymous
  85. college writing

    Read the following scenario: Discontinuation of major equipment components for a computer network upgrade will cause a major setback in the installation of the network for a project you are managing. You must provide information about the delay to your

    asked by brandy
  86. science

    Are bacteria one-celled or two-celled microbes?

    asked by Anya
  87. Calculus

    If f(x) and g(x) are continuous functions with f(6)= 3 and limit as x approaches 0 of (5f(x) - g(x)) = 4, what is g(6)?

    asked by Kristen
  88. science

    __1.a condition that damages or weakens part of the body __2.the passing of characteristics from parents to their children organism or virus that causes disease __4.pathogens that can be seen only with a microscope __5.the smallest microbes that

    asked by Anya
  89. electricity

    before you touch a wire in an appliance how should you make sure itiis not hot

    asked by GATOR
  90. algebra

    5x+5=y-5 solve for y

    asked by Melissa
  91. math

    2 cylinders are proportional. The smaller cylinder has a radius of 4 cm. which is half as large as the radius of the larger cylinder.The volume of the smaller cylinder is 250 cubic cm. What is the approximate volume of the larger cylinder?

    asked by brianna
  92. 11th grade: Physics

    For each pair of frequencies below, calculate the ratio of their frequencies as a simple fraction, then determine which pair has the higher dissonance. a) 261.6 Hz and 392 Hz b) 349.2 Hz and 392 Hz I just don't know how to make these into simple fractions.

    asked by Lizzie
  93. math

    for the question i posted earlier, pie = 3. im sorry if i confused some of you people. sorry.

    asked by brianna
  94. math

    2 rectangular prisms are proportional. the edges of the smaller prism are half as long as the edges of the larger prism. The volume of the larger prism is 1,024 cubic feet. the volume of the smaller prism is what? thank you.

    asked by brianna
  95. Basic Math

    Is the following set of numbers a perfect triple? 13, 15, 18 A) Yes B) No

    asked by A.W.
  96. General

    When would you NOT want to have the data in a linked document updated when the corresponding worksheet data is updated? In what types of situations would it be critical to make sure that the linked data IS updated? Are there any disadvantages to having

    asked by Bryan
  97. math

    this is for proving identies and its fustrating i can't solve this one question! lol x=feta (btw the first part is supposed to be divided by the bottom) 1 + 2sinxcosx + sinxcosx sinx + cosx (1 + 2sinxcosx / sinx + cosx) + sinxcosx

    asked by diana
  98. math

    d=1.3times square root of h how high(to the nearest foot) would a platform have to be to see a distance of 15.5 miles?

    asked by lisa
  99. psychology

    If you're in search of the Freudian id, you will need to search the A preconscious B conscious awareness C unconscious D the preconscious or the unconscious i believe the right answer is C

    asked by ourania
  100. math

    Mr. Fairchild wants to add a playroom and a bedroom to his house. The 2rooms will be proportional, but the bedroom's dimensions will be only 1/3 as large as the playroom. If the playroom of the bedrooom is 50 ft. then the perimeterof the playroom will be

    asked by brianna
  101. science

    what are acids and baases? what do you get if you neutralize an acie?

    asked by Raven
  102. Chem?

    hi, i posted a question below under the same name and no one has answered it yet (i think bobpursley might have left) any help?

    asked by Chris
  103. history

    what were the resolutions that Lucretia Mott came up with?

    asked by kate
  104. Science

    Do humans use more metals or nonmetals?

    asked by Christopher
  105. English

    What is dramatic purpose?

    asked by Lizzie
  106. economic

    Cencentration Ratio- Suppose you have an industry with 20 firms and the cr is 20% how would you describes this industry

    asked by anita
  107. English

    Redirecting means... (I looked in a dictionary, but couldn't find the definition.

    asked by Anya
  108. Math

    How do i do this Divide and write the result using scientific notation the 8 and -4 is to the second power 8x10(8) 4x10(-4)

    asked by Bryan
  109. World Geography

    What is Venezuala's climates depended on?

    asked by LaCourtney
  110. science

    Is a pink hibiscus a monocot or dicot?

    asked by gaby
  111. government

    i am the advisor for the president.. i need to advise him on how he can get his bill passed. (the media, political party, interest group) please help

    asked by Anonymous
  112. English

    diverting means... a-redirecting b-using c-changing d-polluting I think it's c.

    asked by Anya
  113. Basic Math

    Is the following set of numbers a perfect triple? 13, 15, 18 A) Yes B) No

    asked by A.W.
  114. Math

    2s + s -- --- s^2 s-1 Add & Simplify

    asked by Jessica
  115. history

    what started first wave feminism? what made women start fighting for their rights?

    asked by kate
  116. Ottoman

    What does it mean when someone says my grandfather was ottoman? Like what does it mean to be Ottomon?

    asked by Lena
  117. math

    Classify the number 2/3 in the proper sets.

    asked by sarah
  118. government

    how can the media help the president get a bill passed?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. government

    What different kinds of opinions do Justices of the Supreme Court write?

    asked by Ash
  120. english

    What are the basic steps of conducting a college level research???

    asked by Tracy
  121. science

    what are acids and bases? neutralizing an acid with a base produces what?

    asked by Raven