Questions Asked on
December 12, 2008

  1. the novel

    After having lived with her for a year, Chad studied Marilou's eyes across the table, realizing he had never had a clue about what make her tick." This sentence from a hypothetical novel suggests what kind of narrative voice?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chem

    I had a question that said would butane sink to the floor or rise to the ceiling in air. I would say sink to the floor but I was googling this and several sites said it wouldn't completely sink and that it would float. Is this right? And if so how would I

    asked by Lena
  3. college precal

    find all the values: sin2x- sqrt3cosx=0

    asked by Shawn
  4. math/chem

    I need to find the mass of butane gas and I only know the following things (you cannot use the molar mass of butane): volume = 80 mL pressure = 98.23 KPa temp.= 298K So I found the number of mols and I got 0.003171814 mols. of butane. But I don't know what

    asked by Lena
  5. Question

    Okay, I'm doing a project on careers and one of the questions I have to answer is: Career Description: "What do people in this career do?" So, what does that question mean? What does it want me to include in my answer? I wrote down what the career is, what

    asked by Larry
  6. Chem, could someone cheak my work please.

    I did this experiment where I filled a graduated cylinder with water. The I put a stopper on it and put it under water and removed the stopper. The with a modified lighter (that wouldn't release sparks) I added butane gas. I got the following results: mass

    asked by Lena
  7. Math

    A club of 10 members is to select 3 officers (president, vice-president and secretary). In how many ways can they do this? A club of 10 members is to select a committee of 3 persons. In how many ways can they do this?

    asked by Amanda
  8. English

    2.Some writers argue that planning messages wastes time, because they inevitably change their plans as they go along. Please explain.

    asked by Sonam
  9. West Civ

    How did the Black Death cause social problems in europe? Give Example

    asked by Steve
  10. College Psych

    All of the following would be considered psychotherpy EXCEPT: a) Cognitive Therapy b) Gestalt Therapy c) The use of ECT d) Aversion Therapy e) Humanistic Therapy I'm like 95% sure that the answer is c after looking up all the definitions of each of them.

    asked by Michele
  11. chemistry

    calcium hydroxide reacts in a neutralization reaction with sulfuric acid in a 1:1 ratio to form water and calcium sulfate. if you have 23.5 grams of calcium hydroxide, how many milliliters of water can you form? how do i use dimensional analysis to solve

    asked by lyne
  12. math

    A box contains 4 coins: a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. It costs a dime to reach in and take a coin. What is the expected value of this game?

    asked by Samantha
  13. history

    i have to write a paper about why lincoln was a better president than george washington. What were some of george washingtons mistakes and how could lincolnn be better?

    asked by kayla
  14. sci

    help i am having trouble with these: The three branches and three systems of geology. According to the Nebular Theory, how did the solar system develop? How is uniformitarianism related to the evolution of Earth and the solar system? i know its in my

    asked by troyer0269
  15. fifth grade: subway unit

    I am sitting here trying to figure out what post lessons to give fifth graders who came from a trip to the New York Transit Museum. For my first lesson, I they had to compare the trains/subways in the past to the trains/subways in the present. Do you have

    asked by Rena
  16. Air and Butane

    If air was at STP and butane was released, would the butance sink or woulf ir rise to the ceiling? I know that the density of air at STP is 1.292g/L. How would I go about figuring this out?

    asked by Lena
  17. Social Studies

    Was King Tut killed? My teacher said he was, but the my S.S. teacher said he killed himself. I'm confused!

    asked by Berry
  18. Math

    A ladder 10 ft long rests against a vertical wall. If the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall at a rate of 1.2 ft/s, how fast is the angle between the ladder and the ground changing when the bottom of the ladder is 8 ft from the wall? Evaluate

    asked by Aiton
  19. Math

    Suppose you toss a coin and roll a die. What is the probability of obtaining heads and a two?

    asked by Sabrine
  20. finance

    the cost of common stock is usually greater than the simple dividend yield because?

    asked by molly
  21. Statistics

    In the United States, 43% of people wear a seat belt while driving. If two people are chosen at random, what is the probability that both of them wear a seat belt?

    asked by Lou
  22. math 117

    A rectangle has an area of (a^2+4a+4) square inches, and you know that the width is (a+2) inches. You can use long division to determine the length of the box. area = length * width, length = area/width I got this as my answer The length is going to be a+2

    asked by Karria
  23. math


    asked by tina
  24. Math

    Solve the following by Factoring.. 5t^2 - 10t = 0

    asked by Sophie
  25. english

    hello:)i have to give my class a writng exercise which has to involve all children.they all have to work on writing out one and the same text?any ideas?

    asked by jane
  26. Business Studies

    Why is it an opportunity to have change in consumer taste? (In SWOT Analysis)

    asked by Rorj
  27. AED

    the top 10 characteristics of a multicultural school environment. CHARACTERISTICS OF A SCHOOL THAT IS The composition of the faculty, administration, and other staff accurately reflects the pluralistic composition of the United States. h Differences in

    asked by troyer0269
  28. Math

    What are the 3 numbers that com after trillion. I'm talk about this- Ex: million then billion. I want to know what comes after trillion 3 times.

    asked by Rachael
  29. science EASY but help plz

    Solve: A jar contains 45mL of corn syrup whose mass is 41.4g and 90mL of glycerin whose mass is 75.4g. Which liquid is on top? SHOW MY WORK? im not sure how to do that what math would i show?

    asked by lindsay
  30. math

    how do i solve this? sin of 30 degrees - cos of 45 degrees

    asked by kayla
  31. Math

    Sove the equation in Rational form -2x - 4 < 10

    asked by Sophie
  32. chemistry

    1 km = ? cm. I was thinking 1,000,000. Could someone double check that?

    asked by Please help!
  33. science

    What are at least three attributes that distinguish a mold from a fungus?

    asked by michelle
  34. Math-statistics

    The annual sales, in millions of dollars, for 28 toy department stores is listed. 38 35 43 27 24 40 38 21 34 27 35 36 24 33 27 33 44 45 23 33 33 24 33 27 32 35 29 31 A)Calculate the mean,(u), and standard deviationof the data. Answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Jodine
  35. college Ecology

    1. How can we determine the maximum sustained yield of a vertebrate population? I need details and preferable real examples!!

    asked by Jen
  36. Math

    J drove from bright town to Happy town at a speed of 64km/h. Two hours later H stated driving from Happy town to Bright town at a speed of 96km/h. When J reached Happy towm H was still 32km/h away from bright town. What was the distance from the towns?

    asked by Shaba-laba-ding-dong
  37. math

    97.3 is 7% of what number?

    asked by jane
  38. College psych

    Freud's view that there is pertinent information in what is NOT being said is referred to as a) Resistance b) Genuiness c) Free Association d) An Automatic Thought e) Transference After looking up all of the definitions the only one that seems like it fits

    asked by Michele
  39. arithmetic

    In 2002 there were more than 30,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the world. Of these, approximately 14,000 were in the United States. In Great Britain there were 1,116 McDonald’s franchises. The following data are taken from those 1,116 McDonald’s.

    asked by fay1985
  40. Health

    Describe the importance of Blue Cross and blue Shield plans in the evolution of health care coverage.

    asked by bobbi
  41. math

    A real world problem would be using division of polynomials if the area of a rectangle is given for example: x^2+7x+12 and the length is given as (x+3), you want to find the width in terms of x you divide x^2 +7x+12 by x + 3 and you get x+4 as an answer by

    asked by karra
  42. Math

    In a survey of a TriDelta chapte with 54 member, 20 were taking mathematics, 35 were taking English, and 6 were taking both. How many were not taking either subject?

    asked by Nadine
  43. World History

    Can anyone give me a link to a good website about imperialism in Africa, China, and/or Japan?

    asked by Alex
  44. english

    Hi I have to write a paper on 2 opposing sides of tattoos. but everytime I show my teacher 2 sides I think of she keeps saying the paper is still one sided. Can someone please help me find 2 truly opposing arguements when it comes to tattoos thanks sooooo

    asked by jenny
  45. Math

    What is 88divided by 2 then multiplied by 33 plus 7-18 multiplied by 3?

    asked by Henry
  46. English

    Hello, Does this sentence make sense? If not, can you please provide suggestions on what I could write in place of? I need a sentence that is strong to reflect my desire to enter the business workforce. I find myself driven, as I expect to demonstrate my

    asked by S
  47. Math

    Need help! this is out of my math book. max had 192 apples. kyle had 409 apples. If abby adds them together then divides them by 3 what would it be? also adding onto that is 95?

    asked by Carly
  48. 12th grade Math-statistics

    The annual sales, in millions, for 28 toy department stores is listed. A)Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the data. Answer to the nearest tenth. B) Calculate the percent of sales to the nearest whole number, that are: i)within one SD of the

    asked by Jodine
  49. chemistry

    where salt is or goes water follows! WHY?

    asked by marie
  50. college

    where salt is water follows! Why? WHere salt goes water follows! why?

    asked by marie
  51. math

    how do I figure this out? if logb (x)=-3 then when simplified, what does logb (1/x) equal?

    asked by explanation needed
  52. Math

    Steady Tortoise stated crawling from Woody Woods to Fresh Forest at 7:30 a.m. Sprightly Rabbit left Woody Woods for Fresh Forest at 8:00 a.m. and caught up with Steady Tortoise at 10:00 a.m. Rabbit reached Fresh Forest at 11:00 a.m. When will Tortoise

    asked by Shaba-laba-ding-dong
  53. PDHPE

    Describe how each energy system is used during a triathlon event.(swim - 1500m, cycle - 40km, run - 10km)

    asked by Thaksha
  54. PDHPE

    Describe how each energy system is used during a triathlon event.(swim - 1500m, cycle - 40km, run - 10km)

    asked by Thaksha
  55. Pdhpe

    Explain how the six principles of training can be addressed in a triathlon training program

    asked by Thaksha
  56. 12th grade chem

    wats the dif betn. H3PO3 and P(OH)3

    asked by mukund
  57. financial

    Is it possible for a business to prepare financial statements using the cash basis of accounting if they use the accrual basis of accounting for bookkeeping purposes? What adjustments would need to be made?

    asked by jay
  58. Science

    What happens when you leave yeast open? thanks- MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  59. Math

    What is the probability of obtaining at least one tail when a coin is flipped six times?

    asked by James
  60. reading

    can you help me to unscramble these words. 1. rglsentri 2. rgntae

    asked by june
  61. eth 125

    describe what a "euphoric post-effect" is.

    asked by meshelle
  62. Chemistry

    What is the formula for: calcium iodate and iron (III)perchlorate

    asked by Tracy
  63. college

    what are terrestrial challenge plans?

    asked by Wendy
  64. Medical Coding

    Indicate factors influencing health status and contact with health services? according to what I have read I have came up with the answer: Cross reference codes. Not sure if that is the correct answer

    asked by Debbie
  65. Science

    Why is it that milk sours so fast. I had googled it and false imformation has came up. I have to write a 3 page essay about how certain things sour too quickly.

    asked by Owen
  66. chemistry

    What happens when you mix an acid and a base?

    asked by sarah
  67. MGT

    You purchase an electronic item and it does not fulfill the promises that the company advertised. In addition, this electronic item causes injury to you. Assume that this civil case will be taken all the way to the appellate court. Outline and describe the

    asked by Bob
  68. math

    1/(the 4th root of x^3) is equal to x^(-4/3) right?

    asked by plz help
  69. Math

    Write the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is -7n-4.

    asked by Kim
  70. Math

    let f(x)= x+3/x-11 and let the domain of the function be the set of all intergres except 11. Find the function values f(9)=

    asked by Kim
  71. math

    According to Einstein’s equation, what mass is equivalent to an energy of 6.7 × 10–14 J? You should use a value for c of 3.0 × 108 m s–1 and give your answer in kilograms, in scientific notation and to two significant figures. thx trigger.

    asked by trigger
  72. math

    domain of f(x) = sqrt (x-1)(x+1)

    asked by tina
  73. math

    roberto has 22% of his pay withheld for deductions. if he earns $680 per week, what amount is withheld?

    asked by jane
  74. medical codng

    where can I find info on the importance of a fee schedule and the factors its based on thank you

    asked by uknown
  75. Science

    What are some species that produce asexually? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  76. Mathematical Methods IB, SL

    e^(ln2x)=e^2 (?) thanks in advance

    asked by vilmer
  77. Medical Abbreviations

    Should written policies be developed for abbreviations usage?

    asked by Mikki