Questions Asked on
December 11, 2008

  1. physics

    A 1175 kg car carrying four 82 kg people travels over a rough "washboard" dirt road with corrugations 4.0 m apart which causes the car to bounce on its spring suspension. The car bounces with maximum amplitude when its speed is 24 km/h. The car now stops,

    asked by johnny
  2. Math

    a gasoline pump delivers 4 2/5 gallons of gas per minute. How many minutes will it take to fill a gas tank that holds 16 1/2 gallons?

    asked by Andy
  3. physics

    A firefighter with a weight of 722 N slides down a vertical pole with an acceleration of 3.11 m/s2, directed downward. (a) What are the magnitude and direction of the vertical force (use up as the positive direction) exerted by the pole on the firefighter?

    asked by johnny
  4. physics

    An automobile can be considered to be mounted on four identical springs as far as vertical oscillations are concerned. The springs of a certain car are adjusted so that the oscillations have a frequency of 3 Hz. (a) What is the spring constant of each

    asked by johnny
  5. Chemistry

    How Many Molecules are contained in 0.25 moles of Fe?

    asked by Zach
  6. algebra 1

    what do you call a duck that steals?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    Consider that a coin is dropped into a wishing well. You want to determine the depth of the well from the time t between releasing the coin and hearing it hit the bottom. Suppose that t=2.059 s and assume the speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. What is the

    asked by jamie
  8. physics

    An object is hung from a spring balance attached to the ceiling of an elevator cab. The balance reads 60 N when the elevator is standing still. (a) What is the reading when the elevator is moving upward with a constant speed of 9.6 m/s? N (b) What is the

    asked by johnny
  9. physics

    In an electric shaver, the blade moves back and forth over a distance of 2.0 mm. The motion is simple harmonic, with frequency 118 Hz. (a) Find the amplitude. mm (b) Find the maximum blade speed. m/s (c) Find the magnitude of the maximum blade

    asked by johnny
  10. Math

    Ms.Daza bought 3 1/2 yards of fabric. She used 2/3 of the fabric to make a costume. How much fabric did she use?

    asked by mindy
  11. Math

    An aquarium holds 6 1/4 gallons of water. The water level has dropped to 4/5 of this amount. How much water should be added to fill the aquarium?

    asked by Kenneth
  12. Chem

    What is the difference between an unsaturated system and an electron deficient one?

    asked by Kimora
  13. physics

    A 38 kg girl and an 8.4 kg sled are on the frictionless ice of a frozen lake, 16 m apart bu connected by a rope of negligible mass. The girl exerts a horozontal 4.7 force on the rope. (a) What is the acceleration of the girl? m/s2 (b) What is the

    asked by johnny
  14. Chem

    What is the difference between an unsaturated system and an electron deficient one?

    asked by Kimora
  15. physics

    The figure below shows a "conical pendulum", in which the bob (the small object at the lower end of the cord) moves in a horizontal circle at constant speed. (The cord sweeps out a cone as the bob rotates.) The bob has a mass of 0.035 kg, the string has

    asked by johnny
  16. physics

    At what altitude above Earth's surface would the gravitational acceleration be 3.0 m/s2?

    asked by johnny
  17. AP Human Geography

    explain why economic sucess and political power are closely linked? What role does colonization play in the establishment of todays state?

    asked by Mercedes
  18. Math

    Julia studied math for 3 1/2 hours during the 4 days before her last math test. What was the average amount of time she studied each day?

    asked by mindy
  19. physics

    In 1956, Frank Lloyd Wright proposed the construction of a mile-high building in Chicago. Suppose the building had been constructed. Ignoring Earth's rotation, find the change in your weight if you were to ride an elevator from the street level, where you

    asked by johnny
  20. physics

    The floor of a railroad flatcar is loaded with loose crates having a coefficient of static friction of 0.20 with the floor. If the train is initially moving at a speed of 47 km/h, in how short a distance can the train be stopped at constant acceleration

    asked by johnny
  21. physics

    A tourist being chased by an angry bear is running in a straight line toward his car at a speed of 4.38 m/s. The car is a distance d away. The bear is 25.4 m behind the tourist and running at 5.88 m/s. The tourist reaches the car safely. What is the

    asked by Please help!
  22. physics

    In the figure below, a damped simple harmonic oscillator has mass m = 220 g, k = 95 N/m, and b = 70 g/s. Assume all other components have negligible mass. What is the ratio of the amplitude of the damped oscillations to the initial amplitude at the end of

    asked by johnny
  23. biology

    If an atom of sulfur (atomic number 16) were allowed to react with atoms of hydrogen (atomic number 1), which of the molecules below would be formed? a.S-H b.H-S-H c.H-S-H | H d.H | H-S-H | H e.H=S=H

    asked by Emma
  24. Math

    Meat patties are sold in packages of 12. Buns are sold in packages of 8. What is the least number of meat patties and buns needed to have an equal amount of each?

    asked by Rachael
  25. physics

    a slide loving pig slides down a certain 44° slide in twice the time it would take to slide down a frictionless 44° slide. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the pig and the slide?

    asked by johnny
  26. Social Studies

    What is the name of the mixture of sand, lime, and water used as lubricant to help move stones?

    asked by Rachael
  27. school work

    Factoring Polynomials and Simplifying Rational Expressions

    asked by sherri

    COS[ARCSIN (SIN 3PI/4)] =COS[ARCSIN (SQRT2/2)] =COS [PI/4] = SQRT2/2

    asked by Confused
  29. Chem: Mole and Avogadros Number

    How many molecules are in the quantities below? 2.0 moles 0.75 moles

    asked by Lauren
  30. English

    How high is Mt. Everest? It is 8,848 meters high. How tall is Mt. Everest? It is 8,848 meters tall. (Are both questions and answers correct?) 1. How high Mt. Everest is! Yes, it is. Yes, it really is. Yes, you are right. Are the responses all right? Would

    asked by John
  31. Mat

    Eduardo owned 6/7 of a family business. He sold 1/5 of the business to his son. What portion of the business does he still own? Is this correct 6/7 - 1/5 = 30/35-7/35=23/35

    asked by Angela
  32. chemistry

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of cooking vegetables and fruits?

    asked by naomi
  33. government

    My question concerns the 21st president Chester Arthur, I need to know any controversies that occur during his term.

    asked by Janet
  34. Math

    What is the cardinal number for the follwing sets? 1). 101,102,103,104,....121 2). (1,2) (101,102) (0,105)

    asked by Bria
  35. physics

    Time standards are now based on atomic clocks. A promising second standard is based on pulsars, which are rotating neutron stars (highly compact stars consisting only of neutrons). Some rotate at a rate that is highly stable, sending out a radio beacon

    asked by johnny
  36. managerial economics

    Discuss the role of costs and demand in cost-plus pricing. Suppose that through experimentation you know that if you change price by $6, the number units of the product you sell changes by 24. The current price for your product is $10. The number of units

    asked by ryan
  37. physiology

    starvation decreases metabolic rate by as much as a. 10% b.20% c. 40% d.65%

    asked by anna
  38. physics

    The mass of the block is 1.8 107 kg, the dip angle è of the bedding plane is 26°, and the coeffient of static friction between block and plane is 0.63. (a) Show that the block will not slide. (b) Water seeps into the joint and expands upon freezing,

    asked by johnny
  39. Math

    1) Solve for x and check Radical (x^2-10x)=3i 2) Simplify (5+ Radical 2)/(5-Radical 2) 3)describe the nature of the roots x^2-x-6=0 x^2+4x+29=0 4) Solve for x and check Radical (x^2 +4x +44) +3=2x I got 7 and -5/3 as answers, was not sure though

    asked by JP
  40. Math

    What is the cardinal number for the following sets? A) 101,102,103,104,.......121 B) (1,2), (101,102), (0,105)

    asked by Bria
  41. math

    1).Write the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is -10n-1. 1ST_ 2ND_ 3RD_ 4HT_ 5TH_

    asked by Bria
  42. managerial economics

    Discuss, in some detail, the following pricing concepts, especially their relevence for pricing decisions. a. Transfer pricing b. Joint product pricing c. Price leadership d. Bundle pricing

    asked by ryan
  43. Chem.

    2SO2(g) + O2(g) ---> 2SO3 It says that 12.0 L of sodium trioxide are produced at 100 degrees celcius. What volume of oxygen is produced? How would I go about doing this. I was going to use PV=nRT but I dunno the pressure so I can't find the moles. What do

    asked by Lena
  44. math

    could you tell me how to do the following problem 3 - 8 ______ 24 3/8 over 24

    asked by jessica
  45. math 115 #14

    Identify the base in the following application: The sales tax rate in a state is 7.5%. If you pay a tax of $8.00 on an item that you purchase, what is its selling price?

    asked by Debbie
  46. Math

    In 2002 there were more than 30,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the world. Of these, approximately 14,000 were in the United States. In Great Britain there were 1,116 McDonald’s franchises. The following data are taken from those 1,116 McDonald’s.

    asked by Happy
  47. math 115 #8

    On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is 3 in. equals 8 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's office if it measures 6 in. long on the blueprint?

    asked by Debbie
  48. Math

    Two cats are taking a walk. 1 cat runs off. three cats come back. 1 cat sits down. How many cats in all are there if 6 more cats came back with one of the cats being the one that ran off?

    asked by Rachael
  49. Math/Trigonometry

    Is there a formula for sin(x/3)?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. need help

    Factor Completely (x-4(x^2+3) Perform the indicated operations (-(7x^3+6x^2-11x+13) +(19x^3-11x^2+7-17 Find The Product (2x-1)- (-x^2-4x+3)

    asked by sherri
  51. Chem

    I did this experiment where I filled a graduated cylinder with water. The I put a stopper on it and put it under water and removed the stopper. The with a modified lighter (that wouldn't release sparks) I added butane gas. I got the following results: mass

    asked by Lena
  52. Math-Involing i's

    1)What is the product of 5+ Radical (-36) and 1-Radical (-49) expressed in simplest a+bi Form? 2) Express Radical (-27) + i^22 + 3-Radical (-25) +5 Radical (-3) in simplest a+bi form.

    asked by Joey
  53. 8th grade math problem

    buck said "gee whiz, there must be between 10 and 20 animals in the yard!" "yes" said chuck. "there is one more cat than there are dogs, and there is one more squirrelthan there are cats." What are the greatest possible number of dogs in the yard??

    asked by Lauren<33

    A troll on a 75m tall cliff throws a 35 m/s boulder at 35 degrees above the horizontal at a herd of sheep. What is the time of flight, the range and the maximum height for the boulder? HOW DO I DO THIS??

    asked by Susan
  55. math

    i need help on ratios, gears and teeth.ex. teeth on driving gear A-35 teeth on driving gear B-? gear ratio-2 1/2 to 1 what is gear B, and how will i figure this out?

    asked by Sorrells
  56. Question

    I have to do a powerpoint presentation on a career. Which job do you think is easier to do a powerpoint with? - computer animation - web designer - games developer Thank you for any input.

    asked by Larry
  57. spanish

    que slgnifica 'diario'? is it like daily or newspaper?: Escriba un editorial para el periódico local, expresando los buenos deseos del diario para el nuevo año.

    asked by carroll

    Table Sugar can react with water to form 2 other compounds, glucose & fructose. But, when you add sugar to a glass of water the reaction is very slow - WHY? What would it need to speed it up?

    asked by JOHN
  59. S.S plse help

    ok i really need help kind of like a SOS. i need a website that describes the flapper. and its like a news style of a woman more bold and stuff. i need to right an article about it plse give me some links or some facts about it thxs a million in advance.

    asked by Amy
  60. math 115 #17

    If $5,600 is deposited into an account paying 5% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 3 years? This is what I get" 5600 X .05 =280 X 3 =840

    asked by Debbie
  61. Georgia Studies

    I've been trying to figure this out but I'm having a very hard time: Which of these courts would handle cases involving wills and estates? A.juvenile court B.probate court C.magistrate court D.municipal court I'm pretty sure it can't be A. Any idea?

    asked by mysterychicken
  62. Religions of the World

    What are the central beliefs of Islam, and how are they reflected in the "Five Pillars” (McInerney, 2003)?

    asked by A.W.
  63. people

    marco polo's childhood

    asked by sarah
  64. math 115 #7

    Solve for the unknown: s/24.0 = 8.0/1.6

    asked by Debbie
  65. geollogy-radio metric dating and half lives

    How would I go about solving this problem? a granite contains150 parts per million (by atomic proportion) ppma of 235 U and 1050 ppma of 207 Pb. Using the decay rate from above, how old is this rock? My teacher said the answer was 2100. How did he get

    asked by camille
  66. Geology

    Scientists debate about the use of fossils as a tool to determine records of various events, such as the vanishing of the dinosaurs or the origin of our ancestors. Based on what you know of fossils from your textbook and other sources, discuss the role of

    asked by Hi
  67. math

    is the cos x

    asked by renita
  68. Math Prob

    ok for changing the base of a log from 10 to e is there a formula?

    asked by confused
  69. school work

    Factor the following polynomials 9-x^2 4x^2+81-36 4y2^+16y+16 x2^-25/x+5

    asked by sherri
  70. need help

    factor completely 4x2^-8x

    asked by sherri
  71. Math

    What is the L.C.M. of 9 and 27? Also the G.C.F. of 9 and 27?

    asked by Rachael
  72. University Physics (Cal-Based)

    Calculate the velocity of a 20kg object that is dropped from a height h above the Earth, where h is very large compared to the radius of the Earth. The radius of the Earth is 6380 m and the mass is 5.94 x 10^24 kg.

    asked by Naaz
  73. Physics

    Can someone please tell me the right answer to this problem. A troll on a 75m tall cliff throws a 35 m/s boulder at 35 degrees above the horizontal at a herd of sheep. What is the time of flight, the range and the maximum height for the boulder? I got the

    asked by Susan
  74. Math

    1)Write a quadratic equation with integer coefficients that has -4+7i(Radical 3) and -4-7i(Radical 3) as its roots. 2) Solve your answer to part 1 using the quadratic formula verifying your answer

    asked by Jason

    Write 75.42 in fractional notation.

    asked by Kim
  76. math problem

    a number is a common multiple of 7 and 11. It is the least such number with a sum of digits equal to 11. find the number

    asked by fanny
  77. college-Organic Chemistry

    Why is cyclooctatetraene neither aromatic or anti-aromatic? (I can explain why it isn't aromatic (4n+2 fails), but i can't explain why it isn't anti-aromatic)

    asked by Amanda
  78. math

    On a set of bluepints the scale is half an inch=4feet Find the actual lengthof a room that measures 2.8 inches on the blueprint

    asked by Gaby
  79. math

    A baseball team wins 11 of its 25 games with no ties. Write the ratio of wins to losses.

    asked by Debbie
  80. math 115 5-7

    Write the proportion 5 is to 8 as 15 is to 24 5/8 = 15/24 correct?

    asked by Debbie
  81. math 115 5-7

    Solve for the unknown s/24.0 = 8.0/1.6 ?

    asked by Debbie
  82. scince

    You burn a pice of paper what are the proucts after it burns?

    asked by Uiay
  83. science

    I have a hard time studying especially for science. Is there any where on the web i can find a good review sheet to print out I appreciate the help Ian strauss monroe NY 10950

    asked by Ian strauss
  84. physiology

    starvation decreases metabolic rate by as much as a. 10% b.20% c. 40% d.65%

    asked by anna
  85. Math

    What is the slope? 2x+5y=9 5x+2y=10 I got -2/5 and 5/2

    asked by Anonymous
  86. math 115 #5

    Is the rate1.2 inches of rain/5 hrs equivalent to the rate2.1 inches of rain / 8 hrs ? I said NO because: 1.2 x 8 = 9.6 2.1 x 5 = 10.5

    asked by Debbie
  87. Chemistry

    Um how do i balance these word equations for chemistry... I think I'm suppose to look them up on a common table of ions and then I don't know wat to do ferric Oxid --> iron oxygen what exactly am i suppose to do please tel me thr throught process that's

    asked by Bob
  88. science

    what is the definiton of earthquake structure damage

    asked by Taylor swifft
  89. math

    find the area of this ring to the nearest square unit. Show your work. The image shows a ring, the inside raius is 2.0m, and the outside radius is 3.2m. The area of the ring is... plz help!! thx.

    asked by olivia
  90. Business systems

    Why do heuristics and biases play a major role in the success/failure of an IT project? What specific kinds are the most influential factors – in general and for your specific organization?

    asked by Pam
  91. Biology

    How many grams of the molecule in the figure above would be required to make 1 L of a 0.5 M solution of the molecule? H O | || (looks like C=O on the vertical) H-C-C-O-H | H a.29 b.30 c.60 d.150 e.342

    asked by Emma
  92. Chemistry

    What is the formula for? Do you just take the charges so they can equal out to each oter? Silver (I)acetate silver (I) bromide

    asked by Alyssa
  93. Puerto Rican Studies

    Jim Cummins' intervention model offers solution that could reverse the academic failure experienced by the Puerto Ricans students in American school which have existed for generations. Assess their history of integration in American society and their

    asked by Terry
  94. more help

    want to apologize for and to ms sue and all

    asked by sherri
  95. English

    Much of the 18th century writing reflects classical (Greek and Roman) influence. What are the principles that Classicism emphasizes? I believe it's society, the Englightenment, and the Age of Reason. Can anyone help me here? Thanks

    asked by Mike
  96. Precal

    How do you find the 6th root of -i?

    asked by Sara
  97. ETH

    Secondly, what constitutes an "economic opportunity"?

    asked by meshelle
  98. 125

    Do you think he will considered a "bad president" if things do not change very much? Also, what things, do you feel, is the responsibility for the people(of the United States) to change?

    asked by meshelle
  99. physio

    satiety would be induced by all of the following EXCEPT a. cholecystokinin b. naloxone c. morphine d.seratonin I know its not a or c, because those induce satiety. I'm stuck between b and c ...i think its b though

    asked by Natash
  100. economics

    Part One Case Study One The Challenge How do we maximize profitability, enjoy increased contribution margin while securing 50% to 70% of TRex business? How should we trade sales volume vs. sales discount? The Information • Our MVD division sells a

    asked by braindeath by economics
  101. Math

    wat r the factors for 125-50-54 and 48?

    asked by neha
  102. math

    there are 3purple, 2yellow, 6blue, 1pink marbles ina bag. suppose one marbl is drawn at random. What is the probability that the marble is not yellow.

    asked by jamecia
  103. 5th grade math

    A donkey and a mule were carrying bags of corn. If the mule gave the donkey 1 bag, they would have the same number. if the donkey gave the mule 1 bag, the mule would have twice as many bags as the donkey. how many bags is each carryung?

    asked by malik
  104. 5th grade math

    You have 2 pails. One holds 4 gallons and the other holds 7 gallons. How can you go to the lake and bring back exactly 5 gallons of water?

    asked by malik
  105. managerial economics

    Distinguish the differences between the traditional economic regulation and the newer social regulation. Are they costless to us and, thus, should be of little concern?

    asked by ryan
  106. physics

    A 72 kg man drops to a concrete patio from a window only 0.60 m above the patio. He neglects to bend his knees on landing, taking 2.0 cm to stop. (a) What is his average acceleration from when his feet first touch the patio to when he stops? m/s2 (b) What

    asked by johnny
  107. Biology

    Entire organish, with even their most delicat parts intact, have been found preserved(fossilized) in ________ and ____________?

    asked by Austin
  108. physiology

    neurons typicallyjoin axon to dendrite. how could this information be used to explain why some neurons need to receive input from many cells in order to "fire" a message? (this called a neuronal pooling)

    asked by may
  109. algebra 2

    How would 3x^2-27y^2 be factored completely?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Physics

    There is a horizontal rod of length L and mass M. A point mass m is vertically above the rod at a vertical distance L/4 and horizontal distance L/3 from one end of the rod.Using The Riemann sum Integral,find the magnitude and direction of the gravitational

    asked by Sandhya
  111. Business

    Explain the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and decentralised delivery systems. please could somebody help me with this

    asked by sam
  112. biology

    Which part of an atom has a positive charge?

    asked by Hi There
  113. Math

    Find the Sim -5+[6+(-8)+(-3)]

    asked by Bryan
  114. Math check

    Find an equation of the line having the given slope and contaning the given point. m=-3(6,7) I got y=-3x-25 for the answear. Is this correct?

    asked by Bryan
  115. Math

    How do I graph y=-3x

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math check

    Find an equation of the line containing the given pair of points. (1,5) and (3,6) Is the answear y=1/2x

    asked by Bryan
  117. please help me unscramble this word


    asked by Sydney
  118. Literature

    In the story Frankenstein, Was it really the monstor who killed Victor's little brother William? Because that's what Victor says but at that point in the story the monstor has not told Victor he will get back at him. I know it's not Justine so it must be

    asked by mysterychicken
  119. psychology

    List of Personality Traits

    asked by Carlos
  120. Math

    How do find the value for n 30 over 60 = n over 100

    asked by Bryan
  121. Biology

    What is needed for respiration?

    asked by Lori
  122. Medical coding and billing

    How can eliminating medical abbreviations reduce errors?

    asked by Mikki
  123. 9th grade

    Can you give me the city build by a man that last name is the great?

    asked by ms.u
  124. college, structures

    the rectangular steel bar shown supports a concentric load of 13000lbf. Both ends are fixed. If te modulus of elasticity is 29x10^6 lbf/in^2, what is the maximum length the rod can be without experiencing buckling failure? P=13,000 lbf | _________________

    asked by jai
  125. medical coding and billing

    If HIPAA rules are stricter than state laws, which standard should you follow and why? What if the state law was stricter?

    asked by r
  126. Math

    The radian measure of 1.2 radians IS its own reference angle

    asked by Is this right?
  127. Math

    A function is a rule, which assigns one and only one range element to each and every domain element? I want to answer that this is true but the word "every" is questionable. am i reading too much into this?

    asked by Confused
  128. math

    I need to know how to factor the following expression: x^6 - y^6 The teacher said that the answer is (x+y)(x-y)(x^4+x^2y^2+y^4) I need to know HOW to factor this. Does it have anything to do with making x^6 = (x^2)^3??

    asked by Corey
  129. Chemistry

    What volume will the following quantities of gases occupy at STP? 5.0 g of H(2) subscript=2 228.0 g of N(2) subscript=2

    asked by STEPHANIE
  130. 6th grade

    Why does a bouncy ball bounce in spite of gravity?

    asked by Ashlee
  131. physics

    A 72 kg man drops to a concrete patio from a window only 0.60 m above the patio. He neglects to bend his knees on landing, taking 2.0 cm to stop. (a) What is his average acceleration from when his feet first touch the patio to when he stops? m/s2 (b) What

    asked by johnny
  132. com 140

    Post your response to the following: What strategies can you use to incorporate effective visual elements into business presentations? Explain your answer. need help getting started

    asked by Anonymous
  133. arithmetic

    What are the multiples of 3

    asked by Nicholas
  134. physiology

    Ghrelin is postulated to ba a satiety factor. True or False. I think its false, but im not sure

    asked by Natash
  135. 8th grade

    what does "new moon" have to do with the book new moon

    asked by k
  136. Phy

    what can have a varying velocity and varying speed

    asked by Jessica
  137. Physics

    what can have a varying velocity and varying speed

    asked by Jessica
  138. math

    i am really stuck on this application problem in my quadratic equations unit... find the width of a uniform concrete path placed around a 30m by 40m rectangular lawn if the concrete has an area that is 1/4 of the lawn.

    asked by garry
  139. math 115 5-7

    Is the rate 1.2 in rain/5hrs equivalent to the rate 2.1 in rain / 8 hrs ?

    asked by Debbie
  140. physics

    Three vectors are given by = 4.5 + 2.5 - 2.0, = -1.0 - 4.0 + 5.0, and = 2.0 + 2.0 + 1.0. Find the following. (a) a · (b*c ) (b) a· (b+c) (c) a x( a+b)

    asked by johnny
  141. Physiology

    Glucagon and cortisol increase lipolysis. True or False Plz if your not a 100% sure don't answer, THanx!

    asked by Natash
  142. Business

    Hi First off, I do not know anything about US auto parts. I want to know how strong the competition is here. Who are the big players? If you have any relevant articles as well, i would be happy. Thanks in advance Martin

    asked by Martin