Questions Asked on
December 5, 2008

  1. algebra with pizzazzi

    Do Elephants know how to gamble

    asked by lizzy
  2. physics

    A rectangular trough, 2.0 m long, 0.50 m wide, and 0.50 m deep, is completely full of water. One end of the trough has a small drain plug right at the bottom edge. When you pull the plug, at what speed does water emerge from the hole? (in m/s)

    asked by Sandhya
  3. 11th grade visual art

    first of all this is my first time so i don't know if i am doing it right. I need help i have holiday homework that i need to do but i cant find good enough info for question 1 and i don't understand how to do question 2 below i will write homework

    asked by Luke

    A loaded ore car has a mass of 880 kg and rolls on rails with negligible friction. It starts from rest and is pulled up a mine shaft by a cable connected to a winch. The shaft is inclined at 28.0° above the horizontal. The car accelerates uniformly to a

    asked by john
  5. Education

    Fill in the table by describing the role and influence each group has on curriculum. Some may have direct influence and some may have indirect influence. Identify whether their influence deals with selecting, maintaining, or evaluating the curriculum and

    asked by sally
  6. Epidemiology

    For each of the scenarios described below (#1-3), identify: a. Study design b. Exposure/Risk factor c. Outcome d. Main advantage or strength of this study design e. The measure of association in this study design 1. In a group of 763 middle age men who

    asked by Daga
  7. Basic Math

    If a person weighing 150 lbs. jogs at a rate of 5 1/2 mi/h burns 740 Cal/h how many calories do they burn running 3 1/2 h in a week?

    asked by A.W.
  8. MATH

    I'm totally lost as to how to address this. Given the following which statement is correct? Y=1250(X)-0.120294 Four (4) Possible answers: a)The slope equals 1 - 0.120294 = .8797 or 87.97% b)Y is the cost of the first unit. c) Y represents the cost of the

    asked by bestoftwo
  9. marketing

    I have no idea how to calculate ROMI. Could someone help me how to calculate, Please? Problem: Conversion Pretend you work for the Tournament Player's Club (TPC), which owns several top-notch golf courses in the U.S. Your marketing process is 3 steps: Your

    asked by Japanese
  10. Chemistry

    I have to build a model of a molecule and I was wondering how to determine its bond lenghts. (It has C-H, C-O, C=O, C-N, C-C & C=C bonds.) Also, will the lengths of all of one type of bond be the same throughout the molecule? Er...for example, if I found

    asked by Lucy X
  11. math

    according to some students what is the true purpose of homework

    asked by dan
  12. history

    The Division of Buddhism: Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Buddhism, the religion was born in India in the sixth century, with wide spread over a large part of Asia and many parts of the world. After the death of the Buddha, the Buddhist communities of

    asked by Michelle
  13. algebra

    jill has $ 9.96 in nickles pennies and dollar bills. she has 12 more pennies than nickles and 5 less dollar bills than nickles.

    asked by lisa
  14. math

    Hi, Nearly all of the energy used on earth comes originally from the sun, and that solar radiation is intercepted at 1370 Wm^-^2 at the top of the atomsphere, and that 49%of this radiation is absorbed by the earths surface. If a shallow dish containing ice

    asked by carl
  15. unscramble

    what is this unscrambled (lBcak neaeBi iVros )

    asked by chris
  16. 9th grade science

    if the turns of the output gear over the turns of the input gear is equal to the number of teeth on the input gear over the number of teeth on the output gear, the input gear has 36 teeth and the output has 10, the output gear has turned twice as much as

    asked by Mr. Me
  17. Mircoeconomics

    Figure 3-1 ____ 2. Refer to Figure 3-1. Assume that Cliff and Paul were both producing wheat and corn, and each were dividing their time equally between the two. Then they decide to specialize in the product they have a comparative advantage in. As a

    asked by Steven
  18. American Education

    What are the characteristics of Progressivism,Reconstructionism,Positivism,Constructivism,Behaviorism,Humanism,and Essentialism?

    asked by B.B.
  19. Question

    Okay, so I'm doing this project for school about careers. And I decided to do "Games Developer" and "Computer Animation" I'm wondering whether or not those two jobs are somewhat similar. ANy insight is appreciated, thank you.

    asked by Larry
  20. chemistry

    suggest a mechanism for 2Fe(3+) + 3I- -> 2Fe(2+) + (I3)-

    asked by Mischa
  21. college

    What is the fallacies in this statement. Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I

    asked by jessica
  22. physics

    . Ethyl alcohol has been added to 160 mL of water in a container that has a mass of 130 g when empty. The resulting container and liquid mixture has a mass of 510 g .What volume of alcohol was added to the water? (in mL)

    asked by Sandhya
  23. algebra

    how would i solve this question. Please show work 12000 + 7t^2 + 6000

    asked by Amy
  24. Health

    I am having a hard time trying to determine this. I know this may sound horrible but I do not know much about the economy and need help with this: In what ways do health care expenses affect an economy?What are the economic advantages and disadvantages in

    asked by jenny
  25. Math

    Consider the function f(x) whose second derivative is f(x)=10x+2sin(x). If f(0)=4 and f'(0)=4, what is f(x)? Please do not include the constant (+C) in your answer. I got f(x) to be (10/6)x^3-2sin(x), but don't really know what to do with the f(0)=4

    asked by Jaylll
  26. 12th grade IPT

    i need to gather information about E-commerce and there are questions i don't get. such as, how is the communication system is used and discuss some situations in which the system is used?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. psy

    Ms. Sue, Could you help me find some datas that could help me explain : Jane Loevinger's stages of ego development. Include manifestation that might appear during each of the stages.

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  28. math

    the two parallel bases of a trapezoid are 5inches and 6 inches long. the altitude of the trapezoid is 4inches. what is the area of the trapeziod? i got 15

    asked by laura
  29. Algebra

    Please state the DOMAIN of the following, and explain how you obtained that answer please. g(x)=5^x

    asked by Sophia
  30. math

    What is The solution set of 2k^2=21k-49 ?

    asked by Confused
  31. Persuasive writing....

    I will be teaching my grade 5 students a lesson on persuasive writing. Do you know where I could find some sample persuasive essays to show them, especially ones that are on fifth grade level. Thanks for your help

    asked by Rena
  32. math

    The graph of 8y-2x=-10 has what x intercept & y intercept?

    asked by Sally
  33. Physics

    A pendulum of a given mass is pulled back through a given vertical height and released to swing back down to a 'wall' where it impacts. Can i use mg delta h to get E kin; and then use E= half mv^2 to get the collision impact velocity? Would someone check

    asked by charlie
  34. pre calculus

    27^8x-3=(1/81)^8x-4 x=?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. 5th grade math

    Need help... equivalent decimal for 214% =.214right? percentage 7 1/2% of 120 = 9% percent 15 is what percent of 75 = ?

    asked by Sierra
  36. health

    If the Doctor's office computerized records have been compromised by a hacker, resulting in damages to patients is: A - The doctor liable if he didn't have proper firewall or other protections. B - The doctor is not liable. C - The doctor is liable D - The

    asked by Mary
  37. Math

    Can someone check my answers for me pls? True or False LCM of 10 and 18 is 180; False LCM of 8 and 30 is 120; True LCM of 3 and 4 is 12; True LCM of 42 and 28 is 168; True LCM of 9 and 15 is 45; True

    asked by Jaden
  38. chemistry A level

    hello my teacher has really confused me. can anyone tell me how you can figure out the shapes of molecules and what types of shapes there are??? i am really confused! thankyou xxxx

    asked by yasmin xx
  39. Math

    If sally can paint a house in 4 hours and John can paint the same house in 6 hours. How long will it take for them to paint the house together?

    asked by Britanny
  40. MATH

    Two brands of paper towels are priced and described like this: Brand A: 100 sheets per roll for $1.20 a roll. Brand B: 60 double sheets per roll for $1.44 a roll. Which brand’s roll has the most “towel” for the money?

    asked by meshelle
  41. spanish

    Does anyone know where I can find a script (or a good summary) of the Spanish play "La Mordaza" by Alfonso Sastre?

    asked by Robin
  42. Sci

    Can anyone help me with this please? What is a sustainment plan for Endangered and Extinct Species?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Art

    Compare and contrast the representation of weight and space in the painting of The Good Shepherd in the Catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcellino and the mosaic of Justinian and Attendants in Ravenna’s Church of San Vitale.

    asked by Brett
  44. English

    I have been a carpenter for five years. Is this Future continuous or Present perfect continuous. ‘have been’ is a current and in this case ongoing state. So while it is present it is also continuous.

    asked by Toni
  45. appeal letter

    I have received a exclusion from uni, because I fail 3 courses this semester.So school ask me to write an appeal letter in order to get a chance of re-enrollment. Please help me and give me some advices, thanks a lot!!!

    asked by Stephanie
  46. Env, sci.

    I am doing a report on salmon and i need help finding the research on these quastions. What safety features are currently in place to hold Farm raised salmon in place to keep from escaping? What can we improve to make sure that Farm raised salmon don’t

    asked by Mike
  47. Math (CHECK)

    Decide wheather the pair of lines is parrall, perpendicular or neither. what is the slope? 5x+4y=6 4x-5y=10 I GOT -5/4 AND 4/5 NEITHER.

    asked by Bryan
  48. French II

    Can someone check my letter? Thanks! We are writing about how our family spends Christmas in America to our penpals. The words I don't know how to say are in parentheses. Chère Laurie, J'espère que (you are doing well?) and (enjoying the holidays?). Je

    asked by Kellie
  49. english

    what is Erotophobia and the common side affects?

    asked by tyrae
  50. International Business

    Your boss, the CEO of Wal Mart is interested in expanding operations into India. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for the company stakeholders that will inform them of the status of the market in India. Create a 7-12 slide presentation

    asked by Donna
  51. Essay

    Being an English Teacher in a Foreign Country

    asked by ann
  52. cjs 210

    Write a 350- to 700-word response describing three case law decisions from the chapter you believe have the most substantial impact on policing today. · Use APA formatting guidelines. · Post as an attachment.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Job Interview

    Is this good to say for a thank you letter. Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and see your office last Thursday. Both the interview with you and Ms. Robinson made for an exciting and complete day. Thank you for your hospitality during my

    asked by Bryan
  54. 9th grade chemistry

    what is the name for CsF? i had cesium flouride but it's wrong... help?

    asked by lyne
  55. math

    Can i get help in multiply and division problems?

    asked by henry
  56. algebra

    write the slope of a line parallel to the given line y=8-3x

    asked by britt
  57. IPT

    i need help with E-commerce. like where and how is the system used (i'm doing it about an online bookstore.. and discuss some situations in which the system is used.

    asked by Anonymous
  58. philosophy

    Why do the Skeptics treat lack of belief as the goal of life? what purposes does that serve for them?

    asked by Ben
  59. math

    240 pounds of fertilizer/6 lawns. What is the rate?

    asked by Roger
  60. Algebra

    What is a factor of: 104x^3-52x^8? I can't figure out the process of this problem.

    asked by Sam
  61. math

    2 /r + 8/r- 2 =

    asked by help
  62. math

    8x^0(10x^-2)(-2x^-6y^7)= ??? please help

    asked by Brenden
  63. History

    When did Women in Islam receive equal rights as men?

    asked by Ashley
  64. Health

    How many people are cured from cancer each year, and around the world?

    asked by Kellie
  65. yr 8 art

    i need to colour these 2 words which reflect their meaning i need to use tone and layering. the words are:- Decorative and Strawberry i have no idea what to do please help thankyou

    asked by cassidy
  66. math

    find the prime factorization of 24

    asked by tierra
  67. Georgia Studies

    Wow! It's been a while since I've been on this. My question is: Why is a juvi act such as running away from home, as serious as they make it? Like they might detain the juvenile for 24 hours. Why is that? Thanks-MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  68. Science

    For my homework assignment it is asking me to Choose a terrestrial resource issue discussed in Ch. 12-16 of the text. I know you do not have chapters 12 through 16. But I am wondering if Water Pollution or Land Pollution (i.e.: loss of land because of

    asked by Layla
  69. multivariable calculus

    int (30y1y2)dy1 ?

    asked by maria