Questions Asked on
November 27, 2008

  1. Physics

    The intensity of sound from a source is measured at two points along a line from the source. The points are separated by 14.7 m, the sound level is 67.10 dB at the first point and 55.68 dB at the second point. How far is the source from the first point?

  2. physics

    The amount of heat Q needed to turn a mass m of room temperature T_1 water into steam at 100degrees C T_2 can be found using the specific heat c of water and the heat of vaporization H_v of water at 1 atmosphere of pressure. Suppose that a commercial

  3. physics

    Your 300mL cup of coffee is too hot to drink when served at 87C. What is the mass of an ice cube, taken from a -20C freezer, that will cool your coffee to a pleasant 58C?

  4. physics

    A 0.52 kg piece of wood floats in water but is found to sink in alcohol (specific gravity = 0.79) in which it has an apparent mass of 0.040 kg. What is the SG of the wood?

  5. Maths ... help

    Paloma has 3 jackets, 6 scarves, and 4 hats. Determine the number of different outfits consisting of a jacket, a scarf, and a hat Paloma can wear.

  6. social studies

    which president set three unique records while in office?

  7. chemistry

    1-ACETOXY-1,3-BUTADIENE which of the funtional groups exist in the compound above? a. Ketone b. Aldehyde

  8. Physics

    Hi guys, Im a bit stumped on how to solve an online physics homework problem and it's really bothering me. I have no idea how to come up with the angles or even attempt the problem and neither do my friends. We'd all really appreciate it if someone could

  9. science

    what must designers consider when planning a project?

  10. Math please help...younger brother needs help

    1.HOW do you state the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift for the function y= 2sin[4(angle symbol)-pie/2]-5? 2. Describe the function y= -5sin4 (angle symbol+30degrees)-4 as a transformation of the function y= sin(angle).

  11. wishes

    Ms. Sue, Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Rose

  12. chemistry,acid and alkali.

    What is the pH of organs, e.g, the stomach and liver? I only need 3 or 4 , pleeeeeeeeeeeease help?

  13. Math

    If a train is going at a speed of 30 mph, and takes two minutes to go through a tunnel 9 times as long as the train, how long is the train?

  14. Algebra

    What is the quadratic formula and Unitary method?

  15. Ecinimics

    Define homebuilders elastic and inelastic features

  16. algebra

    (x^2n - y^n)(x^2n -Y^n)

  17. 3rd grade music

    "I Am a Rock" by Paul Simon, how is the character feeling i the song? Why does he describe himself as "I am a rock, I am an island"?

  18. algebra

    (x^2n - y^n)(x^2n -Y^n)

  19. Student teacher needs your help

    Hello, I am planning to teach my 5th grade class how to write a persuasive letter to the President of the United States. However, I need to show them a few examples of how other students wrote their persuasive letters about particular issues. Where online

  20. ponctuation, mechanisme, and writing

    CheckPoint: Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint • Resources: Appendix F; A Pocket Style Manual; designated Exercise Central practice exercises on grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and writing; and the Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint exercises • Due Date:

  21. Old -Linear programming - up where it may be found

    Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 8:49pm. P=-30x+25y Subject to 2x+3y>=30 2x+y=30 when x = 0, y = 10 when x = 15, y = 0 area above that line is in our region (are you sure your arrow is correct?) second constraint #2 2x+y

  22. spanish

    what are the classroom items in spanish

  23. math

    if 3M/2N=0.125, what is the value of N in terms of M? This is the workout solution.... 3M=2N(0.125) 3M/0.125=2N 24M=2N 12M=N I still don't understand....Please help..


    what would happen if the cell plasma membrane was hydrophilic? how would this affect molecular movement?? The links didn't answer my question...thanks Sra but they didn't help

  25. geometry

    A carpenter needs to add a handrail to the staircase shown. The handrail needs to be parallel to the staircase. Each step is 9 inches wide and 6 inches high a) calculate the handrail slope. b) if a coordinate plane is placed over the diagram of the same

  26. English

    1)In what ways are the societies described in "The Children of Men" and "Brave New World" dystopias? 2)For what common reasons do the characters of "The Children of Men" and "Brave New World" rebel against their respective societal values?

  27. world history

    When and how was the Italian Peninsula originally settled? What were the three groups that originally settled the Italian Peninsula? When and how was Rome first settled? What is the legend that explains how Rome was founded?

  28. diversity

    Religious Impact Matrix

  29. Algebra 2

    Solve by completing the square y=2x^2-3x+7

  30. world history

    Someone please describe the conflict in Rome following the conquest of Carthage.

  31. Chemistry (bond energies)

    Why is it possible to have an accurate value of the energy of a hydrogen-hydrogen bond, but not of a carbon-oxygen bond? I know carbon and oxygen can form both double and single bonds, and hydrogen can only form single bonds. But apparently C=O has two

  32. English

    Write CX before each complex sentence. Write CP before each compound sentence. I need to know whether or not they are correct. 1. (CX) The workers who patrolt he park must know every centimeter of the grounds. 2. (CX) Saul and Mike get together whenever

  33. SAT Essay

    REFORMATTED Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below. In many circumstances, optimism—the expectation that one's ideas and plans will always turn out for the best—is unwarranted. In these situations