Questions Asked on
November 24, 2008

  1. English

    1. I am into sports. (What is the meaning of this sentence?) 2. Exercise is good for the health. 2-1. Exercise is good for health. 2-2. Exercise is good for your health. 2-3. Exercise does good for people. (Are all correct?) 3. Our athletic meet took place

    asked by John
  2. Chem

    what kind of intermolec forces are in NH4Cl i thought it was london dispersion, dipole dipole, and hydrogen bonding and nottttt ionic. what am i doing wrong?

    asked by Brian
  3. physics

    At an amusement park, a swimmer uses a water slide to enter the main pool. If the swimmer starts at rest, slides without friction, and decends through a vertical height of 2.40 m, what is her speed at the bottom of the slide?

    asked by lydia
  4. Physics help please**

    A water pipe having a 2.1 cm inside diameter carries water into the basement of a house at a speed of 0.88 m/s and a pressure of 169 kPa. The pipe tapers to 1.0 cm and rises to the second floor 7.1 m above the input point. (a) What is the speed at the

    asked by kelsey
  5. psychology

    The longest period of time during prenatal development is the -Period of the fetus - Third Trimester - Period of the embryo - Germinal Stage - Period of the zygote I believe the answer is period of the fetus.

    asked by Courtney
  6. Socials

    Why was Pharaoh so stubborn about setting the captives free? Please and thanks!

    asked by Shelly
  7. chem

    what is the appropriate hybridization for the carbon atom in CO2? the explanation I was given is 2 electron groups around the center atom carbon suggest sp hybridization. the 2 unhibridized p orbitals on carbon form the 2 pi bonds. My question is why pi

    asked by Natash
  8. probability and statistics

    a set of 10 cards consists of 5 red cards and 5 black cards. the cards are shuffled thoroughly and i choose one at random, observe its color, and replace it in the set. the cards are thouruoghly reshuffled and i again choose a card at random, observe its

    asked by Derek
  9. Science

    Which is the number haploÏde of an organism possessing 18 pairs of equivalent chromosomes?

    asked by Niki
  10. science

    what is the amount of light energy reflected back into space called?

    asked by adam
  11. Math

    Cheryl gave Brenda 7 coins worth .92 cents. Two coins were quarters. What were the other 5 coins?

    asked by Tracy
  12. Biology

    If the fourth base in the original DNA strand (AAT-GCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC) where changed from G to C, would it be... AAT-GCC-AGT-CGT-TCG-CAC or AAT-CCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC

    asked by Jackie
  13. English

    Playing the dice game, have a conversation about what you must do and what you must not do at each place. After that write down the rules as in the example. You should work in pairs. One should roll the dice and according to the number on the dice, he

    asked by John
  14. Physics

    Blocks of mass m1 and m2 are connected by a massless string that passes over a frictionless pulley. Mass m1 slides on a frictionless surface. Mass m2 is released while the blocks are at rest. The pulley is a solid disk with a mass mp and a radius R. Use

    asked by Elizabeth
  15. english (iliad)

    Pretty much i am asking you guys just to proof read this and tell me things i should add/remove and change. Any help will be appreciated. The paper is: Analyze Homers style, purpose, and theme in the iliad. Support your assertions with evidence and quotes

    asked by henry
  16. Chem.

    How would someone extract silver from silver nitrate? *silver isn't soluable in water so I was thinking I wouldn't be able to do a single displacment reaction. I don't know how to go about this :S

    asked by Lena
  17. 9th grade

    at 30degrees celcius, 80 grams of potassium bromide is dissolved in 100 grams of water. is this solution unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated.

    asked by kim
  18. Earth Science

    1. Is it true that since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, the total energy of the river system remains constant? 2. What is the source of energy that powers the water cycle? a. sunlight insolation b. kinetic energy c. radioactive decay d.

    asked by John
  19. College - Microeconomics - help

    Need some help on these questions. Thanks for your help. 9. The models used in economics: a)are usually limited to variables that are directly related. b)are essentially not reliable because they are not testable in the real world. c)are of necessity

    asked by Brittany
  20. rhetorical devices

    Economists say this layoff is Cleveland's final readjustment to a service economy. What is the statement's persuasive motive Why does this example affect you

    asked by Cable
  21. Statistics

    Does the t distribution have a mean of zero, or is it a continuous distribution?

    asked by Britt
  22. psychology

    How many phonemes are in the word football? -two -eight -five -six -four I think the answer is four but everyone that I talk to has a different answer. It's driving me crazy no one knows who's right!!

    asked by Courtney
  23. English

    Did I identify the gerund direct object and the main verb correctly? We enjoy shopping as a group. gerund direct object - shopping main verb - enjoy

    asked by Megan
  24. Physics help 2 please **

    A garden hose is attached to a water faucet on one end and a spray nozzle on the other end. The water faucet is turned on, but the nozzle is turned off so that no water flows through the hose. The hose lies horizontally on the ground, and a stream of water

    asked by kelsey
  25. physics urgent!

    A vaulter holds a 34.1 N pole in equilibrium by exerting an upward force U with her leading hand and a downward force D with her trailing hand. Point C is the center of gravity of the pole. Given d1 = 1.100 m, d2 = 1.65 m, and d3 = 2.75 m, what are the

    asked by tony
  26. Physics

    One application of the index of refraction is analysis of crime scenes. Using the index of refraction, forensic scientists can determine what type of glass has been left at a scene. Read the following and answer the questions below. Different types of

    asked by Suzy
  27. psychology

    how does distance relate to spatial frequencies with one's perception

    asked by john
  28. chem

    (R)-(+)- limonene has a boiling point of 176 C. What made it possible to steam distill it at 100C? - is it because you could have different weights of each one?

    asked by Jason
  29. physics

    What effect does increasing each of the following have on the wavelength of a wave? a)amplitude, if speed is constant b)speed, if frequency is constant c)frequency, if speed is constant

    asked by Sabina
  30. English

    What color do birds wear in November? Using letters Y R I U E E O T K S fill in the blanks "_ _ _ _ _ _" - _ _ _ _

    asked by Sarah
  31. Physics Help Please?

    My Professor gave us 10 Chapters of Physics homework to do in a week! While I have gotten most of it done, there are a few questions I was unable to find answers to. Is there any way you can help me out a little bit? When an electron in an atom makes a

    asked by Brandon
  32. English

    1. He narrowly escaped being drowned. 1-1. He narrowly escaped from being drowned. 1-2. He escaped from the thief. 1-3. He tried to escaped from the angry lion. 1-3. He could not escape from his father. 2. He dropped the ball-point pen from the table. 2-1.

    asked by John
  33. 2nd grade english

    what is the verb in this sentence: He's very smart.

    asked by Tessa
  34. math

    solve with logs 3^(1-2x)=4^(x)

    asked by kayla
  35. Biology

    Where within the cell are the DNA instructions located?

    asked by Melly
  36. Health terms

    What is another term for playing drinking games?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Mix B= 5 cups of fruitjuice ; 9 cups of soda For this mix how much fruit juice and how much soda are needed to make punch for 240 people( each person gets half a cup of punch)

    asked by Anna
  38. science-urgent

    What are differences between Continental Drifts and Plate Tectonics? I need at last 4 for each. Please help its urgent!!!!! Thanks a bunch! Ellie

    asked by Ellie
  39. history

    How did the minority groups’ struggle for civil rights begin in the 1950s? Which event from this time do you think was most responsible for bringing public attention to the American Civil Rights Movement? Explain why you bringing public attention to the

    asked by Candy
  40. ochem

    propose structual formulas for pheophytin a and pheophytin b

    asked by anna
  41. French

    Dit-on "je cuis dîner" où "je fais cuire dîner"? Merci de votre aide!

    asked by E.G.
  42. Algebra 1A

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4, 10] looks like? Please help me answer this question thanks..

    asked by Julissa
  43. Differential equation

    variable saparable(separation of variable) 1.) (2x+y)dy + (2x+y+6)dx=0 2.)(5t+1)t ds + (25t-1)sdt=0 I don't the solution of this problem I think it a "repeated expression". Can someone help me on this? thanks a lot. :)

    asked by Akitsuke
  44. english (iliad)

    I am currently writing a paper for my english class. Can someone read this paragraph and tell me some more things i should add/fix to make it correct, grammatically and book wise? In our paper we are supposed to: Anazlyze Homer's style, purpose, and theme

    asked by henry
  45. Finance

    Preferred stock question. I need help with part b. A share of preferred stock of MXT Ltd. is expected to pay $1.5 per quarter into indefinite future. The current annual expected rate of return (k) is 12%. Suppose that an investor buys 10 shares today and

    asked by Barney


    asked by stacy
  47. chem

    Would you expect 2-chlorobutane to react faster or slower than 2-bromobutane under Sn1 conditions? Sn2 conditions?

    asked by Jason
  48. math

    Write an algorithm that seems to make sense for dividing any whole number by a fraction

    asked by Dezy
  49. english

    is there any new format of english telegran or telegraph??? if yes plz tell me where can i find it????

    asked by pulkit
  50. ochem

    Why is that that a third order alkyl halide reacts faster in SN1 mechanism? Why is it the opposite for SN2? (is it just steric hindrance? )

    asked by Dora
  51. biology

    who discovered the cell theory? What are the 3 parts of the cell theoy?

    asked by kayla
  52. Francais

    Hi, could you see if i have translated the following english sentences correctly into french. 1.)Hello Class! Bonjour Classe! 2.)The name of my planet is asteroid S-12. Le nom de ma planète est asteroїde S-12 . 3.)On my planet there are four symbolic

    asked by Arriana
  53. MATH


    asked by MICHELLE
  54. english/photography

    i have three photographs, one of a soccer ball, one of cd's, one of books, and one of boxes and chaos. i have to write one sentence that connects them all and tells about my life but it cant be really cliche and concrete.. i cant think of anything that

    asked by christina
  55. project management

    Using the MBO approach (management by objectives)come up with a strategy.(make it up) Break them into the 4 levels level 1 top level 2 division level 3 department level 3 employ

    asked by matthew
  56. Composition

    What is the theme of a poem? In a simple deifinition. I need help finding a simple theme for the poem The Wreck of The Hesperus, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Thanks-MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  57. Math

    Find an equation of the line containing the given pair of points. (2,3) and (6.5) M=1/2. my question is where did 1 over 2 come from. how do m equal 1/2?

    asked by Bryan
  58. chem

    List the experimental conditions that favor Sn1 reactions, and those that favor Sn2 reactions.

    asked by Jason
  59. Science

    idont understand anything about the big idea of energy plz plz Help

    asked by Jammee
  60. Math

    The critical numbers of the function: f(t)=7t^(2/3)+t^(5/3) f'(t)=14/3t^(-1/3)+(5/3)t^(2/3) I got 0 as a critical number but it is hard for me to factor the f'(t). Whats the other critical number? Thank you.

    asked by Jay111
  61. chem

    would you expect 2-chlorobutane to react faster or slower than 2-bromobutane under sn1 conditions? sn2 conditions? - would it slower because of the stronger bond? and it would be sn2 reaction? i'm i on the right track?

    asked by Jason
  62. Math

    For x [–14,13] the function f is defined by f(x)=(x^3)(x+6)^4 On which two intervals is the function increasing (enter intervals in ascending order)? I got increasing intervals between [-14, -6], but can't find the other increasing interval. I believe it

    asked by Jay111
  63. Algebra2/Trig

    Evaluate the indicated function for f(x)=x2+1 and g(x)=x-4 Note: x2+1 means x squared plus one. (2f)(5)

    asked by Vincent
  64. functions

    what percent of the area between f(x)=e^-x2 and the x axis is between x=-2 and x =2

    asked by jerson
  65. 5th grade

    There are 7 girls in a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats. Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

    asked by anne
  66. Creative Writing

    I am working on an oral presentation on Dorothy Parker for my creative writing class. I am required to focus on her non-fiction work. I have researched her endlessly and have come up with nothing. Everything that I am finding concerns her poems and short

    asked by Einstein
  67. English

    I am in need of some paraphrasing worksheets to help firm up that concept. Not a question, but need help.

    asked by Carolyn
  68. trig

    can you please tell me if the points (8,9) (15,2) (17,4) are the vertices of a right triangle

    asked by y912f
  69. college

    Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Read the following sentences, and focus on the grammar area specified in the left column. Then, complete Appendix H by selecting the correct sentence (a or b) for each number and providing an explanation of why you made

    asked by Denise
  70. trig

    can you please tell me if the points (8,9) (15,2) and (17,4) are the vertices of a right triangle

    asked by y912f
  71. chemistry

    Gallium crystallizes in a primitive cubic unit cell. The length of an edge of this cube is 362 pm. What is the radius of a gallium atom? The face-centered gold crystal has an edge length of 407 pm. Based on the unit cell, calculate the density of gold.

    asked by ea
  72. systems analysis design

    Task: Draw an ERD that shows cardinality relationships among the entities. When you create your ERD, you'll need to consider the training courses, trainers, corporate clients, students, test results, class schedules, and probably a few more. You'll find it

    asked by lacour
  73. MATH

    I don't understand this question The formula B=0.01m0.6 relates the mass of the brain in kilograms to the body’s mass in kilograms. What is the mass of an animal if the brain’s mass is 4.2 kilograms? Could someone explain to me the steps to the whole

    asked by Lisa
  74. Systems Analysis Design Repost

    Draw an ERD that shows cardinality relationships among the entities. When you create your ERD, you'll need to consider the training courses, trainers, corporate clients, students, test results, class schedules, and probably a few more. You'll find it

    asked by lacour
  75. Algebra

    Wow, this one is hard to explain... First, I'll give you the info you need to solve the problem. Tough Cell Batteries Battery Life in Hours Lower Extreme: 84 Upper Extreme: 140 Lower Quartile: 97 Upper Quartile: 110.5 Median: 104.5 If you need more info

    asked by Celina
  76. math

    what is the meidan of: 1,6,6, 7, 7,16, 18, 18,22,22

    asked by bev
  77. history

    Why is the current court called the "The Roberts' Court"? i searched but didn't find any answer. Can somebody help please? Thank You!

    asked by jess
  78. english

    how does education enhance freedom

    asked by shirley
  79. SOC

    I am having a hard time finding sources on juvenile crime (delinquency) in Chicago. Thank you

    asked by Melanie
  80. spanish

    i have to unscramble spanish words for homework and i can't figure this one out! the topic is clothing items (la ropa) and i need help unscrambling the word ROBNAAD

    asked by Lilly
  81. health

    What is the ability of the body to take in a drug without feeling the expected effects?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. health

    what may happen withing minutes of drinking alcohol?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. chemistry

    In terms of chemical bonds and electrons, what kinds of changes occur between atoms when substances undego chemical reactions?

    asked by Akshay
  84. Algebra 1A

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4, 10] looks like? I really need help, I do not understand graphing. Please help me!!!

    asked by Julissa
  85. health

    what is it called when you roll someone if they may be suffering from alcohol poisoning?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. health

    what is another term for "playing drinking games"?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. health

    What is the type of alcohol in an alcoholic beverage?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. health

    what is it called when people have no idea that they are in their drinks because they are tasteless and odorless?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. algebra

    susie has designed an exercise program for herself. one part requires her to walk between 25 and 30 miles each week. she plans to walk the same distance each day five days a week. what is the range of miles that she should walk each day? write and solve a

    asked by meghan
  90. english

    what does it mean to be educated

    asked by shirley
  91. science

    ok so plse heko me i have to come up with some examples of chemicals changes and identify the product and the reactent. i need three more i already have these two you start out with a egg (reactant) and then it gets burnt (product) you have a pile of wood

    asked by Amy
  92. Finance

    A share of preferred stock of MXT Ltd. is expected to pay $1.5 per quarter into indefinite future. The current annual expected rate of return (k) is 12%. Suppose that an investor buys 10 shares today and holds them for two years. Find his/her cash flows on

    asked by Barney
  93. math

    how do i solve this using logarithms: 1) 4^(x)=8 2) 2^(x) * 8^(-x)= 4^(x)

    asked by kayla
  94. Essay Writing

    I need help with making my outline parallel. II. Body A. Needs 1. Feeding a. Cats b. Dogs 2. Training a. Cats b. Dogs 3. Grooming a. Cats b. Dogs 4. Medicating a. Cats b. Dogs B. Personalities 1. Cats a. Playing b. Vocalizing c. Independence

    asked by Anna
  95. english

    can someone help me find examples of ethos, pathos, and logos in this from frederick douglass (rhetorical strategies). I think an example of pathos is when he says: "one must needs experience it, or imagine himself in similar circumstances. Let him be a

    asked by kayla
  96. Government

    What are some of the issues that the US Department of Commerce deals with? Any links or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

    asked by Joe
  97. math


    asked by bo
  98. psy 210

    i am taking psychology and the question is why am i taking this class and what do i ope to learn from it.

    asked by MIKE THOMPSON
  99. math


    asked by bo
  100. Essay Writing

    I need help with parallel structure. My essay is contrasting cats and dogs, with cats being the superior (sorry dog lovers). One paragraph is to be block method the other is to be point by point. II. Body A. Needs 1. Feeding a. Cats b. Dogs 2. Training a.

    asked by Anna
  101. math

    f(x)=-3x²-14x=24 find the zeros of the polynomial function

    asked by bo
  102. math

    g(x)=-2x²+2x+4 find zeros of the polynomial function

    asked by bo
  103. french reflexive verbs

    are these sentences in past tense correct? je me suis lavée (f) je me suis lavé les cheveux je ne me suis lavée je ne me suis pas lavée les(de?) cheveux since in negative i always use de?

    asked by shrek
  104. Algebra! Help needed!

    I'll try posting this again since no one responded before. Wow, this one is hard to explain... First, I'll give you the info you need to solve the problem. Tough Cell Batteries Battery Life in Hours Lower Extreme: 84 Upper Extreme: 140 Lower Quartile: 97

    asked by Celina
  105. Goals and Dreams

    Okay, so what is the difference between a goal and a dream? Please explain. Thanks,

    asked by Larry
  106. Biology

    What are the roles of the mRNA codon and the tRNA anticodon?

    asked by Jackie
  107. algebra 2

    In the function f(x)=(x+5)^4 +k , for which values of k does the function have two real solutions? no real solutions? Explain?

    asked by Kiki
  108. 11th grade

    in lines 17-30, what does nature say will happen to the reader? why will the reader no be alone? In your words, how would you describe what nature says in lines 31-72

    asked by zach johnson
  109. math

    In the function f(x)=(x+5)^4 +k , for which values of k does the function have two real solutions? no real solutions? Explain?

    asked by Kiki
  110. chem

    what is the cell voltage when saturated calomel and Pt electrodes are dipped into a solution containing 0.00217 M Br2 (aq) and 0.234 M Br^-

    asked by katya
  111. Business

    Your organization (you may select any organization you wish, real or fictional) is considering investing in the Philippines, and you have been asked to give a presentation on this opportunity. In the presentation, you need to address the following: *

    asked by fairears
  112. chem

    Right hand side of cell was titrated with Nh3 while monitoring cell voltage: Ag(s)IAg^+ (aq, 0.1 M, 25.0 mL)II Ag^= (aq, 0.1 M, 75.0 mL)I Ag(s) With 1.52 M ammonia titrant, the end point was observed at 9.8 mL. The measured cell voltage was near -0.15 V at

    asked by katya
  113. chem

    order the elements Mg, K, Ca, S according to second ionization energy I know that K would have the highest second ionization energy, then come S bec it takes more energy to remove an electron from a nonmetal than a metal, which is next ?

    asked by Natash
  114. 3rd grade, social studies

    What are some of the accomplishments of the Olmecs, Mayan? Why are they considered to be advanced communities?

    asked by elaine
  115. MATH

    A garment company makes two types of woolen sweaters and can produce a max of 700 sweaters per week. Each sweater of the first type requires 2 pounds of green wool and 4 pounds of pink wool to produce a single sweater. The second type of sweater requires 4

    asked by JAYJAY
  116. 5th grade math

    What is 3,256 divided by 4? What is 99,999 divided by 3? I need these answers in an hour! Please help!

    asked by Bella