Questions Asked on
November 22, 2008

  1. chemistry


    asked by Komal
  2. Algebra

    Micheal loaned two of his roommates a total of $4,000. He charged his first roommate 3% interest and his second roommate 4% interest. After six months he collected a total of $332 in interest. How much did he loan each friend?

    asked by Julissa
  3. Chemistry.

    Calculate the mass of CaCO3 that would produce 40 mL at STP. STP means P= 1 atm and T= 0 degrees C. How do I find the mass?

    asked by Jordan
  4. college grammar

    Iknow the right answers but I cannot explain why they are right. Please help using the indicator of what to look for. Pronoun-antecedent agreement 12a. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually test drives them. COM 150 12b. When a driver

    asked by Brett
  5. Math

    Describe an application for the use of ratios or proportions

    asked by Greg
  6. Business Ethics

    Neka Kiser, vice president of operations for Mountain National Bank, has instructed the bank’s computer programmer to use a 365-day year to compute interest on depository accounts (payables). Neka also instructed the programmer to use a 360-day year to

    asked by Key
  7. sose

    what are some bad points about monarchy?

    asked by mellie
  8. Math

    YOu want to buy either secented lotion or bath soap for 8 people. The lotions are 46 each and the soaps are $5 each. Using alphabhat l for the number of lotions write an expresion for the total amount you must spend in terms of alphabhat l.

    asked by Swetha

    what does it mean when it is said that a prokaryote has biochemical versatility and genetic flexibility

    asked by kimora
  10. English Criticism

    POEM FOR ELSA by Michael Roberts THAT day the blue-black rook fell pitifully dead You wept and stormed, tossing your lovely head, Hurling commiseration into broken skies That wept and wept, vainly as any eyes. You pitifully wept, nor would be comforted

    asked by Ruth
  11. maths

    they call me a man,but i will never have a wife.I was given a body,but not a life.they made me a mouth,but did not give me breath.water gives me life,but the sun brings me death! what am i ?

    asked by billy
  12. history

    I am doing a school project about the real Pocahontas. I have found some info. thanks!

    asked by yve
  13. social studies

    What are the factors of ocean currents? give four factors

    asked by tushar das
  14. social studies

    give reasons (a)There are two high tides and two low tides (b)Warm currents produce amilder climate (c)There is a heavy rainfall in queensland but the atacama desert is arid (d)rich fishing grounds are located on the pacific coast of north america

    asked by tushar das
  15. History

    1. COmment on what James Baldwin said of the Civil rights movement challenging the United States to rethink"What it really means by freedom, including whether freedom, applied to all Americans or to part of the population? This is what I put : With their

    asked by Nikita
  16. english 3

    what symbols in "young goodman brown" show the theme, the rerlization that evil can affect those who seem up right

    asked by renee
  17. physical

    branches of physical education

    asked by nina
  18. health

    branches of health education

    asked by nina
  19. math

    can u help me ... if these question are asked does it mean that we need to write the domain and the range ?? the questions are what are the elements of the doamin? what are the elements of the range?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    Could you help me with this math? i don't know what is 2 gram equal to how much of a teaspoon. I'm trying to measure the granulated sugar. Thank you in advance.

    asked by Happy Face
  21. english

    Hi:)I don't know the term in english but I'll try to explain.Last week i had to teach a class in school.Now i need to write teaching plan.It is supposed to be a table with every detail what has happened in class.You know what i mean?Can you find some

    asked by jilly
  22. math

    how do tou add decimals?

    asked by Jiggly Dog
  23. math help needed

    if x^3

    asked by Anonymous

    . A small amount of solid Hg2Cl2 and 25 ml of metallic mercury were added to a solution of 5.03 x 10-2 M NaCl. A platinum electrode immersed in the layer of mercury was connected to a reference half-cell whose electrode potential was 0.222V. The voltage of

    asked by ABDULALEH

    . A 25.0 ml sample of Ni2+ gave a weight height of 2.36 uA( corrected for a residual current) in a polarographic analysis. When 0.500 ml of solution containing 28.7 nmol of Ni2+ was added the wave height increased to 3.79 uA. Find the concentration of Ni2+

    asked by ABDULALEH
  26. SCIENCE!!!

    Explain how each of the following cell's structure is related to it's function Red blood cell- Nerve cel- Musle cell-

    asked by Ella
  27. Chemistry!!

    How do I go about doing this question? How much heat energy is involved when 5.58g of Fe metal reacts with excess oxygen to produce Fe2O3? Do you need the equation, and if so, what would tha be? Fe + O2 > Fe2O3? I don't think that is right though. And

    asked by Lulu
  28. Chemistry

    In the Periodic Table, why does Group 2 and 17 bond together so easily? ~thanks

    asked by Momo
  29. law

    I have write a paper on a way to solve street racing and under age drinking using the COPPS philosophy and write a formal report to the chief of police. I have to use the S.A.R.A method (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment) Can someone please help

    asked by ask
  30. methodologies

    Compare points-of-service (POS) plans with maintenance organization(HMO) plans

    asked by Debbie
  31. math need help please

    The area H of a triangle with base b and height h is given by H=1/2bh. Find the area when b=21m (meters) and h=38m.

    asked by nonna
  32. Science

    Is ice inorganic and why?

    asked by Amelia
  33. health

    Can anyone help me find things on this question. I have to answer this and then if I think it is going to be realalistic.What are some other potential communication processes that may become available in the future for health care?Think in areas of records

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Physics

    a child causes a wagon to accelerate by pulling it with a horizontal force. newton's third law says that the wagon exerts an equal and opposite force on the child. how can the wagon accelerate

    asked by Betsy
  35. science

    Why do certain comets return at regular intervals?

    asked by Brody
  36. math

    What Happens to People Who don't Know Toothpaste From Putty?

    asked by sam
  37. math

    Translate to an algebraic expression 50 multiplied by q

    asked by nonna
  38. math need help please

    Translate to an algebraic expression The product of 19% and some number

    asked by nonna
  39. Microeconomics (trying this question again)

    Just want to see if i did good in my choices, thank you 11. If an economy has to sacrifice increasing amounts of good X for each unit of good Y produced, then its production possibilities curve is: (Points: 3) bowed out from the origin. I PICKED THIS ONE

    asked by Heidi

    Do you know what the words concnetrated means and like the difference between a concentrated soloution and a dilute souloution is?

    asked by Mary
  41. methodologies

    What is the importance of Blue Cross and Blue Sheild plans in the evolution of health care coverage

    asked by Debbie
  42. Algebra

    Rod is a pilot for Crossland Airways. He computes his flight time against a headwind for a trip of 2900 miles at 5 hr. The flight would take 4 hr and 50 min if the headwind were half as great. Find the headwind and the plane’s air speed. Please help me

    asked by Julissa
  43. L.A

    What does harsh rhme with? Thank you

    asked by soccer
  44. calculus

    Two runners, A and B run on a straight race track for 0

    asked by Kenneth
  45. Integrated Science

    cabbage leaves___caterpillar___kisskadee___hawk 1.)what do the arrows in this food chain show? 2.)give the reason why a food chain must begin with a plant. Thanks for all your help.

    asked by Kavita
  46. algebra

    let the function by y = ax^2 + bx + c and sub in (1,2),(2,7), and (3,15) this gives you 3 equations in 3 unknowns which solve quite nicely to a = 3/2 b = 1/2 c = 0 so the function is y = (3/2)x^2 + x/2 or y = (3x^2 + x)/2 can somone please explain to me

    asked by qwerty
  47. earth science

    what is the process that binds sediments into sedimentary rocks? i think it is deposition, compaction, and cementation. am i correct???

    asked by jess
  48. Physics

    A projectile is fired with a speed of 50 m/s at an angle of 37 find the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity find the time that the projectile will spend in the air find the distance downfield that it will travel

    asked by IDK
  49. Ap World History

    This is my DBQ for an essay The Islamic and Christian religions differed on their views of merchants tell about 1500 C.E. As time crept by people of the Christian religion changed their views and became almost identical to the Islamic view that didn’t

    asked by IDK
  50. AED

    Choose a grade level and a scientific concept appropriate for that level. • Plan a science experiment to explore this concept. In your paper, address the following points: o List the equipment and materials to be included in the science kit. o Explain

    asked by troyer0269
  51. government

    What factors enabled congress to dominate the American government in the nineteenth century? Was the problem a series of weak president?

    asked by tt
  52. America Governmetn

    historian Henry Adams argues that declining quality of president since Washington disproves the theory of evolution. If the initial president were wrong, why did congress dominate even at that time?

    asked by ee
  53. government and nation

    Why didn’t presidential power increase after the nation’s first three wars (1812, Mexican, Spanish-American)? Were the wars different or was the nation different?

    asked by dt

    The results show I am a leader. I would apply my strength as a leader to a mix situation that might arise regarding the supervisory responsibility I selected by ..... i need to finish this by explaining it more.....

    asked by troyer0269
  55. government

    Why is the president more successful in foreign policy? This difference narrowed from 1965 to 1975 (55% foreign policy to 46% domestic policy). What explains the president’s poorer recent performance in foreign policy?

    asked by dd
  56. Science

    Can you please tell me about what the difference between a dilute and a concentrated souloution is? Can you please tell the difference between a acid and a base? What are their similarities and their differences? How can we know when somehting is a acid

    asked by Mary
  57. congress and law

    Why hasn’t the president simply vetoed such laws since Congress was most often unable to override a veto? Will a line-item veto now give the president too much of an advantage over Congress?

    asked by elley
  58. government

    Does a president’s personality have much to do with the selection of staff organization (circular or pyramid)?

    asked by ivy
  59. government

    Why can’t the president sit down with a group of able and intelligent advisers and produce an effective program to address the problems facing the nation?

    asked by et
  60. spanish need help

    I did the work and would be gratful if someone could check it. complete sentences with imperfect or preterite forms of verb in parenthses My word form is in "Quotes" - The sentences were given to us in the workbook 1. (escribir) Claudia "escribio" un

    asked by sam
  61. MATH HELPPPP!!!!!

    If the sum is zero, what is the relationship of the two numbers? (this is an integers question--adding and subtracting-multiplying-and deviding positive and negative numbers)

    asked by Mary
  62. social studies

    immigration time line in us

    asked by walid
  63. social studies

    imigration time line in the usa between 1450-1900

    asked by walid
  64. measuring quality

    word paper in APA format describing two approaches or indicators to measuring patient outcomes

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Question

    Before the Civil Rights Movement there was a lot of prejudice towards blakc people. In the boxes below, draw three signs you might have seen that were unjust towards black people in a small southern town. I need help. I sorta understand what it is asking.

    asked by John
  66. methodologies

    Why did Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services(CMS) implement National Correct Coding Initiative 1996?

    asked by Debbie
  67. methodologies

    What are some of the risk areas that can be identified through the auditing process?

    asked by Debbie
  68. Literature

    How does the water symbology in Whitman's poetry connect to his philosophy on Transcendentalism?

    asked by Katie
  69. Geography- Canada

    what are the factors of precipitation in Regina?

    asked by hassan altaf
  70. english 3

    what symbols and imergry are used to create the theme, "the relization that evil can infect poeple who seem upright" from Young Goodman Brown

    asked by renne
  71. Math

    1 Multiply; 3 ( y + 8 ) = 2. Multiply; -4 (y-10) =

    asked by LaNasha
  72. Math

    Factor 7x-7

    asked by LaNasha
  73. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation 2sin^2x-cosx=1 in the interval [0,2pi) x1= ? x2=? x3=?

    asked by Natash
  74. Chem Urgent Help ?

    I have a lab dis monday .. plz someone help .. Lab Title is (( Recrystallization of a Solid )) Pre-Lab Questions.... Explain the purpose of the following in this experiment. a) using hot filtration b) not cooling (chilling) the hot filtered solution

    asked by Juliana
  75. physics

    During a workout, a person repeatedly lifts a 13 lb barbell through a distance of 1.5 ft. How many "reps" of this lift are required to burn off 100 Cal?

    asked by lizia
  76. physics

    1.) Water flows from a 2 cm diameter pipe, at a speed of 0.35m/sec. How long will it take to fill a 10 liter container? 2.) A horizontal segment of pipe tapers from a cross-sectional area of 50 cm^2 to 0.5 cm? The pressure at the larger end of the pipe is

    asked by Akitsuke
  77. physics

    A 1.2 kg block of ice is initially at a temperature of -5°C. (a) If 5.8 multiplied by 105 J of heat are added to the ice, what is the final temperature of the system? °C (b) Suppose the amount of heat added to the ice block is increased by a factor of

    asked by lyd
  78. Differential equation

    1.) (2x+y)dy + (2x+y+6)dx=0 2.)(5t+1)t ds + (25t-1)sdt=0 thanks. :)

    asked by Akitsuke
  79. physics

    A 1.2 kg block of ice is initially at a temperature of -5°C. (a) If 5.8 multiplied by 105 J of heat are added to the ice, what is the final temperature of the system? °C (b) Suppose the amount of heat added to the ice block is increased by a factor of

    asked by lyd
  80. physics

    If a person radiates about 74 W of power at room temperature, how long does it take for a person to radiate away the energy acquired by consuming a 235 Calorie doughnut?

    asked by beth
  81. Astronomy help!

    The average speed of stars relative to the Sun in the solar neighborhood is about 20 km/s (this is the speed at which we see stars moving toward or away from the Sun - NOT their orbital speed). Suppose you discover a star in a solar neighborhood that is

    asked by anonymous
  82. Chem

    How would you expect the following series of compounds to compare in behavior in the two tests(SN1 vs. SN2)? CH3CH=CHCH2Br (1-bromo-2-butene) CH3-C=CHCH3 l Br CH3CH2CH2Br (1-bromopropane) I know primary alkyl halides like 1-bromopropane favor SN2 reactions

    asked by Jason
  83. I have returned

    Many thanks in advance as always. 1) Is there a resource through which I could obtain *old* newspaper material from between 1889 and 1900? 2) Both of following two topics concern the American Revolutionary War. 2)a What were relationships between white

    asked by Brandon
  84. PDHPE

    Develop a profile of Asthma. Justify why it has been selected as a health priority area in Australia. (World Limit 1000).

    asked by Mary Doherty
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the work involved if a reaction with an enthalpy change of -2418 kJ is carried out in a vessel with a mobile, frictionless piston. Other details: the reaction is H2(g) + 1/2Oxygen2(g) yields H2O(g) with enthalpy change of -241.8 kJ/mol. The

    asked by Mark
  86. history

    how do I use the word succor in a sentence?

    asked by suzanne
  87. physics

    From what height would a compact car have to be dropped to have the same kinetic energy that it has when being driven at 100 km/h?

    asked by jason----HELP!!!!
  88. 2nd grade

    I have project to do I have to do some invention can any one give me idea what to do? thanks.

    asked by bhavin
  89. trig

    solve the following equation in the interval [0,2pi]. Give the answer as a multiple of pi. Do not use decimal numbers (sin(t))^2=3/4

    asked by Natash
  90. Math

    How do you solve a quadratic function?

    asked by Alex
  91. physics

    A heat transfer of 8.7 multiplied by 105 J is required to convert a block of ice at -12°C to water at 12°C. What was the mass of the block of ice?

    asked by lyd
  92. physics

    A steel ball has a mass of 4.0kg and rolls along a smooth, level surface at 62m/s. A) Find its kinetic energy(i got this and its 7688 joules) B)?????-At first, the ball was at rest on the surface. A constant force acted on it through a distance of 22

    asked by Paul
  93. Calculus

    Find the limit as x approaches infinity of sin(2x)/x The answer is 0. How can I show that this is an indeterminate form so I can use L'Hopital's? And even if I use L'Hopital's, it comes out to be 2cos(2x), which doesn't help if I replace x with infinity.

    asked by John
  94. Calculus

    Limit as x goes to negative infinity of sqrt(x^2+3x)+x?

    asked by John