Questions Asked on
November 20, 2008

  1. 8th grade

    The panthers could drive to their game on I-_ _, "The Backbone of the Pmont".

    asked by miriam
  2. 8th Grade

    If you purchased a new house and wanted new carpet and new furniture, you would probably get these items from the states of which two competing teams? ______________vs._______________

    asked by miriam
  3. 8th Grade

    The USS Midway is what type of ship? ______________

    asked by miriam
  4. physics

    A car moves with speed v on a horizontal circular track of radius R. The height of the car's center of mass is h, and the separation between the inner and outer wheels is d. The road is dry, and the car does not skid. Find the maximum speed the car can

    asked by Mischa
  5. 4th grade English

    Should the word veterinarian be capital when used like this If you have a pet that gets sick, take it to a veterinarian.

    asked by Tracy
  6. 4th grade English

    Which sentence is the correct way to write. A tick has no wings, but an insect does. A tick has not wings but an insect does.

    asked by Hayley
  7. physics

    a force F applied to an object of mass m1 produces an acceleration of 3.30m/s^2. the same force applied to a second object of mass m2 produces an acceleration of 1.5m/s^2 if m1 and m2 are combined, find their acceleration under the action of the force F.

    asked by raymond
  8. pre-calc

    how would you solve 3/(x+2) - 6/3x = 6/(3x+6) algebraically and graphically?

    asked by Allie
  9. algebra, i just dont get it?!

    point slope?

    asked by ariana
  10. physiology

    An evolutionary “simple” muscle would be?

    asked by dt
  11. physiology

    During myasthenia gravis, the body attacks the Ach receptors so they do not work; this could cause?

    asked by tt
  12. math

    Use the rule of Logarithm, then solve for x Log 2x+1 - log (x+5)=0 x=4 *I know x equals for can you explain how?

    asked by dj
  13. pre-calc

    how would you solve x^(5/2)(x^(1/2)- 1/x^(1/2))

    asked by Allie
  14. math

    Find the vertex of y = −3(x + 1)2 + 5 Find the vertex of y = −2t2 + 12t − 23

    asked by dj
  15. Chemistry

    Hi can someone please help with this question, or atlest direct me in the right direction. Please and thank you. The initial rate of reaction H2O2(aq) --> H2O (l) + 1/2 O2(g) is found to be1.7*10^-3 M/s . Assume that this rate holds for 2 minutes. Start

    asked by Melanie
  16. Quadratic Equation

    Solve s2 + 5s + 7 = 0

    asked by Latoya
  17. English

    "the company is expected to incur high cost if they hope to increase ..." i was told that there is verb tense problem in "is" and "if they", how can i change this sentence to make it correct?

    asked by A
  18. Physics

    Please help me with this problem. The standard source for radiation therapy was radioactive 60Co which decays with a halflife of 5.27y, into an excited nuclear state of 60Ni. That nickel isotope then immediately emits two gamma ray photos wach with energy

    asked by Velaria
  19. Math (Check)

    Find an equation of the line containing the given pair of points (3,4) and (9,6) I got 2/3x+2. is this right?

    asked by Bryan
  20. Math

    How do i do this. Graph the equation by plotting points. x=6

    asked by Bryan
  21. Finance

    You have been reading about Maddy Computer Company (MCC), which currently retains 90 percent of its earning ($5 a share this year). It earns an ROE of almost 30 percent. Assuming a required rate of return of 14 percent, how much would you pay for MCC on

    asked by dominicano174
  22. organic

    what is the best synthesis of 4-heptanol (CH3CH2CH2)2CHOH CH3CH2CH2MgBr (2 moles)+formaldehyde (CH2=O) in diethyl ether followed by H3O+ (CH3CH2CH2)2ChMgBr+formaldehyde (CH2=O) in diethyl ether followed by H3O+ CH3CH2CH2MgBr+butanal (CH3CH2CH2CH=O) in

    asked by Jake
  23. Science

    What are the differences between these things? 1. substance vs. mixture 2. homogeneous vs. heterogeneous 3. solute vs. solvent 4. saturated vs. supersaturated 5. concentrated vs. dilute 6. element vs. compound 7. aqueous solution vs. universal solvent 8.

    asked by Kaity
  24. organic

    what is the best synthesis of 2-heptanol CH3CH2CH2MgBr(2 moles)+formaldehyde in diethyl ether followed by H3O+ CH3CH2CH2MgBr+butanal in diethyl ether followed by H3O+ CH3CH2CH2CH2MgBr+acetone in diethyl ether followed by H3O+ CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2MgBr+ethanal in

    asked by Jake
  25. College History

    Comment on what James Baldwin said of the Civil rights movement challenging the Unites States to rethink “What it really means by freedom, including whether freedom, applied to all Americans or only to part of the population.

    asked by T-Bone
  26. Math

    Mix A=2 cups concentrate:3 cups water Mix B=5 cups concentrate:9 cups water Mix C=1 cups concentrate:2 cups water Mix D=3 cups concentrate:5 cups water For each mix, how much concentrate and how much water are needed to make 1 cup of juice?

    asked by Gaby
  27. maths

    An employer pays one and half times the hourly rate for each hour worked in excess of 8 hours. If an employe works 10 hours by what percent are wages of an 8 hour increased (a)25% (b)32.5% (c)37.5% (d)40%

    asked by tushar das
  28. random

    What do blades, rolling hills, liquid and sidewalk games have in common?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. chemistry

    Is hydrogen a greek/latin word

    asked by tushar das
  30. organic

    which is false about naturally occurring a-amino acids? they belong to the D family of chiral compounds related to D-glyceraldehyde all are chiral except for glycine each has a characteristic isoelectric point the ph at which there is no net migration of

    asked by Jake
  31. Sociology

    CheckPoint: Sociological Research Methods • Resources: Ch. 1, the Applying Theory table on p. 14, and the Summing Up table on p. 19 in Society: The Basics; and the Online Library • Due Date: Day 5 [post to the Individual forum] • Search the Online

    asked by Anonymous
  32. organic

    a peptide contains amino acids Phe,Gly Met,Ala, and Ser. N-terminal analysis yielded the PTH derivative of alanine. Partial hydrolysis of the petapeptide yielded the dipeptides Gly-Ser, Ala-Gly, and Ser-Met. The peptide sequence is what?

    asked by Jake
  33. Chemistry

    An ammonium halide A contains 9.664% nitrogen. Identify A.

    asked by Alice
  34. Chemistry

    An anhydrous metal chloride, MCln, (1.500 g) is dissolved in water and the solution reacts with silver nitrate, requiring 47.34cm^3 of 0.5000M solution, to precipitate all the chloride as silver chloride. Identify M.

    asked by Beth
  35. Maths

    The first odd number can be expressed as 1 = 1squared - 0squared. The second odd number can be expressed as 3 = 2squared - 1squared. The third odd number can be expressed as 5 = 3squared - 2squeared. a) Express the fourth odd number in this form. (Am I

    asked by Stephanie
  36. sosial studies

    positive and negative things about Andrew Jackson's presidency

    asked by vitaliy
  37. college psychology

    Blank is when members of a particular minority group have a longstanding lineage of repression and oppression. Research suggests that it can lead to stress in some individuals of that minority group. -subjective racism - historical racism - unconscious

    asked by Michele
  38. 3rd grade

    language & arts question Relationships Example: glance is to look as gasp is to sound glance is a type look and gasp is a type of sound _______________________________________ make a realtionship: 1. Shatter is to break a. talent is to crowd b. batter is

    asked by Carlo
  39. biology

    I h

    asked by Anonymous
  40. biology

    I had to think of a project idea for lab biology. I have decided to do fermentation. My variable would be carbohydrates. My problem is I'm not sure where to start on planning it (what will I need for it, how do I start...) Please help!

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    Downward movement of a drill bit towards the metal plate was in the?

    asked by susie
  42. Food Prep

    foods cooked in a cheese sauce

    asked by Anonymous
  43. crital thinking

    How will thinking critically influence the ways that you read, write, and process information?

    asked by byrd
  44. Bio 30

    Genetic crosses question ? When a white ram was mated with black ewes, it sired only white lambs. When this ram was mated with a certain white ewe, all lambs were white. When one of thes lambs reached maturity, it was back-crossed with its mother, which

    asked by Sam
  45. math

    (ADBC) (DACB) (BADC) (BDCA) (DCAB) 8 5 3 1 2 Using that table, determine: a) the total number of votes b) what does (ADBC) mean c) What the "8" mean d)how many votes will be necessary for a majority, why? is a)19 b) rank c) the number of votes d)?

    asked by jason
  46. Science

    How do Quaker Parakeets meet their basic needs

    asked by Twilight lover
  47. Science

    How do frogs and lilies ( the flower) meet their basic needs

    asked by Twilight lover
  48. Microecomonics (need to see if i got these right

    1. Microeconomics deals with: (Points: 3) the working of the entire economy or large sectors of it. economic growth. individual units in the economy. THIS ONE I PICKED all of the above. 2. The basic concern of economics is: (Points: 3) to keep business

    asked by Heidi
  49. math

    make a tree diagram for rolling a die first foloowed by spinner. Does anyone understand this??!!

    asked by miley
  50. biology

    If iodine and water are mixed together and form a clear yellow solution and then cornstarch is added to iodine and form a dark brown color, what is the signifigance of the two different colors? Which one showed a positive presence of a sugar?

    asked by astrid
  51. enghish

    I understand Dr. Maurice hired a new nurse. What is her Is this question correct? if please explain

    asked by Erica Barrett
  52. Math

    A=2 cups concentarte:3 cups water B=5 cups concentrate:9 cups water C=1 cup concentrate:2 cups water D=3 cups concentrate:5 cups water For each mix, how many batches are needed to make juice for 240 campers? (each camper gets half a cup of juice)

    asked by Gaby
  53. Biology

    I had to think of a project idea for lab biology. I have decided to do fermentation. My variable would be carbohydrates. My problem is I'm not sure where to start on planning it (what will I need for it, how do I start...) Please help!

    asked by Anonymous
  54. business law

    Read Bank of America's newly adopted Code of Ethics on its Web site. Debate the adequacy of this code. Prepare an essay on strengths and shortcomings of the code. Also include in the essay an argument about whether or not other companies should adopt

    asked by Deb
  55. Algebra

    I'm having a little trouble with this problem... Please try and walk me through the problem, too: #1. A motorboat leaves a dock and travels at an average speed of 15 mi/h toward an island. The average speed on the return trip is 10 mi/h. How far is the

    asked by Celina
  56. math help

    Leo purchased 5 shirts, 3 pairs of plants, and 4 pairs of shoes. which expresson represents how many different outfits consisting of one shirt, 1 pair of pants and one pair of shoes Leo can make? 5*3*4 12c3 5+3+4+ 12P3

    asked by Anonymous
  57. world history


    asked by RODNEY
  58. algebra1

    how do you turn 2y=x-1 into slope intercept form?

    asked by jessica
  59. algebra! help!

    In 1994 school lunch was $1.20. In 1999 it increased to $2.25. FInd the rate of change for school lunch from 1994-1999

    asked by Katy
  60. math

    subtract 9 3/10- 7 14/15= complete the statement 11g=____ mg 1,312.5 is 375% of what number?

    asked by Lisa
  61. SCIENCE!!!

    What are the organizational levels of a bird from smallest to largest?!?

    asked by Ella
  62. Math - gr.11

    Hi, can someone help me figure out how to do this question? A 5m stepladder propped against a classroom wall forms an angel of 30 degrees with the wall. Exactly how far is the top of the ladder from the floor? Express your answer in radical form. This

    asked by Kim
  63. 8th advanced math

    how do you turn 3y=-2x+6 into slope intercept form?

    asked by Jessica
  64. instrumental

    where can find the hercules instrumental by traffik

    asked by Anonymous
  65. ELA

    Where did Patrick find the letter in the book Chasing Vermeer?

    asked by BMan
  66. MATH


    asked by SETH
  67. English

    Can someone check this and tell me if I did it right? The sentence is: Go and watch the children crowded around the beaches during the first week of summer. Go and watch Prep phrase and opt ADV the children NP1 and subject crowded around tr-vb and pred vb

    asked by Bethany
  68. 6th geography

    what is the shallow part of the sea off the coast of Boston called?

    asked by Shawn
  69. Algebra! Help needed!

    I'm having a little trouble with this problem... Please try and walk me through the problem, too: #1. A motorboat leaves a dock and travels at an average speed of 15 mi/h toward an island. The average speed on the return trip is 10 mi/h. How far is the

    asked by Celina
  70. Biology

    I had to think of a project idea for lab biology. I have decided to do fermentation. My variable would be carbohydrates. My problem is I'm not sure where to start on planning it (what will I need for it, how do I start...) Please help!

    asked by Anonymous
  71. geography

    What is the main mountain range in western Mexico that rins roughly parallel to the Pacific coast? What is a huse plateau that covers most of central Mexico and is surrounded my mountains? What is the main mountain range in eastern Mexico- containing

    asked by Kasindra
  72. 6th geography

    Yeah i have 2 more that i cant find: can you answer (or atleast help with) these questions- Number the rivers in the sequence the NY giants will cross them en route to the valley of the sun(Tennessee) And (the other question is much more important)what 5

    asked by Shawn
  73. algebra1

    how do you turn 6x+y=4 into slope intercept form? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    asked by Jessica
  74. Government

    what is the significance of the FAIR as in Iowa and Proposition 187 in Clifornia?

    asked by Morgan
  75. Geography

    What is the plain that extends through northern Aregentina, Paraguay, and southern Bloivia? What is the grassy plateau located in southern Argentina between the Andes mountains and the AAtlantic ocean? What is the fertile plain that covers most of central

    asked by Cecilia
  76. 6th geography kinda in a hurry

    Number the rivers in the sequence the NY giants will cross them en route to the valley of the sun(Tennessee) Arkansas Delaware Hudson Illinois mississippi Missouri Ohio Rio Grande

    asked by Shawn
  77. social studies

    Are there ant websites I can go to that tell me about Latin America's geography?

    asked by ShElLy
  78. 5th grade

    what is 7/42 in simplest terms

    asked by alexis
  79. American History

    I need to find good resources on the changing North-South relations between 1859 and 1863

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Biology

    When doing fermentation (variable: carbohydrates) what equipment would I need? What is the first step? help!

    asked by Anonymous
  81. 9th grade

    What catastrophe makes your kitten happy?

    asked by Austin
  82. geography/spanish

    What does "llanura costera del pacifico" mean?

    asked by Cecilia
  83. math

    Using the table (ADBC)= 8 (DACB)=5 (BADC)=3 (BDCA)=1 (DCAB)=2 (it is supposed to be a table but the table won't paste correctly). Deter mine: a) deter mine the winner using the Borda count b) deter mine the winner using the Hare method? What round did you

    asked by jason
  84. 5th grade

    who is prince henry and what did he discoverd

    asked by eugenia
  85. Pigskin

    Which two competing teams would deserve this tittle of the kudzu klash

    asked by Preston
  86. 11th grade chemistry

    whats the ionic name for strontium iodide

    asked by latifa
  87. Physics Gravitational Force

    Geosynchronous satellites orbit the Earth at a distance of 42000km from the Earth's center. Their angular velocity at this height is the same as the rotation of the Earth, so they appear stationary at certain locations in the sky. What is the force acting

    asked by Angeline
  88. Social Studies

    What year did the first strike take place and how long?Didnt it take place in 1972 and last 13 days

    asked by Hannah
  89. com220

    While cyclical revision is obviously more time-consuming than holistic revision, what might be some advantages of using the former rather than the latter method to revise written work?

    asked by anonymoys
  90. 5th grade math

    Make up a set of at least 12 numbers that have the following lankmarks : Maximum: 8 Range: 6 Mode: 6 Median: 5 Please explain and help! Thank you

    asked by Gracie
  91. Canadian Political Science

    Is the Quebec National Assembly simply the provincial legislature of Qc? Are its members provincial MPs?

    asked by JM
  92. space

    What is the importance of Space exploration?

    asked by Marian
  93. space

    What is space exploration?

    asked by Marian
  94. English

    Write the comparative and superlative form of each adverb. I need to know whether I'm doing this correctly or not. The order is adverb, comparative, superlative. 1. promptly, less promptly, least promptly 2. quickly, more quickly, most quickly 3.

    asked by Larry
  95. Grammar

    how do i write galaxy in a literally sentence and metaphor sentence

    asked by Abir
  96. English

    What are four words that virtue can replace in everyday life?

    asked by Lily
  97. math

    line segment AB has coordinates (-2, 1) and (6, 3) find the coordinates of the three points that divide the segment AB into four equal parts

    asked by lisa
  98. Geography- Canada

    are the important industries of Canada called Grand banks? If not, what are they? What are the Atlantic provinces? Do they unclude Newfoundland and Nova Scotia? Is the St.Lawrence Seaway Canada's water highway to the world? Is Montreal the largest province

    asked by Lily
  99. Chemistry Please helpppp

    Molecular Orbitals 1.Which of the following diatomic species are paramagnetic and which are diamagnetic? a.C2^2+ b.B2^2- c.Li2^- 2.Arrange the following in order of decreasing stability. a.F2 b.F2^- c.F2+ I know that as you go to higher subshells like from

    asked by Saira
  100. 12th Calculus

    a 13-ft ladder is leaning against a wall. suppose that the base of the ladder sides away from the wall at the constant rate of 3ft/sec 1. explain why the motion of the two ends of the ladder can be represented by the parametric equations: x1(t)=3t, y2(t)=0

    asked by tt
  101. Physical Science

    can you plse show me a link that links to a picture that explains the law of coservation of matter

    asked by Amy
  102. English

    Complete each sentence using eh correct degree of comparison for each adverb i parentheses. Some of the forms are irregular. I need know whether or not I'm doing it correctly or not. 1. (carefully) Does Jonah paint more carefully than Eden? 2. (soon) Which

    asked by Larry
  103. AP Chem

    87. At what temperature would CO2 molecules have an rms speed equal to H2 molecules 25 degrees C? First I got the rms of H2 to be 1927.3 by taking u= sq root (3*8.31*298)/(.002 Then I tried to find the temp of CO2 by using 1927.3 sq root .044/ sq root

    asked by Anna
  104. Biology

    Whats the history/background on the pH Scale

    asked by Kate
  105. social studies

    how did andrew carniege achieve vertical integration of the steel industry?

    asked by linda
  106. 5th grade

    how dud sqyabti, the interpreter for massasoit and the pilgrims. learn english

    asked by jerry
  107. College History

    Discuss how successful the antiwar movement was in changing the course of the war. What methods did they use? How did the movement view freedom and the war?

    asked by T-Bone
  108. College History

    Explain why, although liberal celebrated the fall of Richard Nixon, the public revulsion against Watergate undermined the foundations of liberalism itself

    asked by T-Bone
  109. College History

    Ultimately, how conservative was Ronald Regan’s tenure in office? Why might some conservatives feel he did not go far enough, while some liberals felt that he dismantled too much?

    asked by T-Bone
  110. 7th grade

    There are at least 5 more than twice as many students taking algebra 1 than taking algebra 2. If there are 44 students taking algebra 2, what is the least number of students who could be taking algebra 1. Show all work

    asked by lee
  111. English

    Underline each adverb. Indicate whether the adverb is modifying a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. This part is hard for me, but here's what I got. Oh, and I will indicate the modifying part in brackets. 1. (verb) Knute lay "quietly" on the sofa. 2.

    asked by Larry
  112. trig

    solve for C0T^2X - CSC^2X =?

    asked by CYNTHIA
  113. Urgent Chemistry!!

    I have done everything to solve this problem and I can't get the right answer (153.8J/degrees C). Ammonium nitrate, a component of fertilizer, decomposes: NH4NO3(s) > N2O(g) + 2H2) (g) the delta H=-36.0kJ/mol. 7.65g of ammonium nitrate was allowed to

    asked by Lulu
  114. CHEM

    is NH3 a base or an acid how do u tell?

    asked by brian
  115. Urgent Physics!

    A top starting from rest is spun for 3 seconds achieving an angular speed of 20 rad/s. How many radians has it gone through in this time? (a is constant)

    asked by Phill
  116. algebra

    what is the advantage of buying a magnetic bulletin board?

    asked by d

    Make a tree diagram for rolling die first followed by spinner. Don't tell the answer, but can you tell me how to find the answer.

    asked by MILEY
  118. cjs200

    How would you define crime? Which model do you relate to (concensus or conflict)? Why.

    asked by anonymoys
  119. History

    Discuss how successful the antiwar movement was in changing the course of the war. What methods did they use? How did the movement view the freedom and the war? Thank you for your help

    asked by Nikita
  120. MGT repost with rt. questions

    HELP ASAP>>>> here it is: Incident 14–1 No Extra Effort You are the supervisor of nurses in the pediatrics section of a 700-bed hospital in a metropolitan area. You have been in your job for six months, having moved from a similar position in a much

    asked by troyer0269
  121. science

    i need a picture that explains the law of conservation of matter

    asked by Amy
  122. Phys

    A stationary 50 kg circular object (r0=.25m) is on a 30 degree incline. The coefficient of rolling friction between the block and the incline is 0.05. If it moves for 3 seconds, what is the angular displacement of the object at this time?

    asked by Phys
  123. AP World History

    In a DBQ the should the thesis statement include the group part of the essay in it?

    asked by KIm
  124. government

    6th grader needs to answer question listing the benefits of the Hamiltonian economic plan in one paragraph. Help please!

    asked by Mom


    asked by MICAHEALLE
  126. For Dr Bob

    Can you have a look at what my reply to your help? Thanks.

    asked by Lulu
  127. 4th grade English

    Could someone tell me the possessive form of these words? foxes, monkeys, and pony

    asked by Chris
  128. Sociologists

    Give at least two specific examples from your personal experiences that demonstrate stratification.

    asked by John
  129. Genetics

    if the dominant allele factor us essential for sight and the factor B results in blindness no matter what other genes are present, then the ratio of blind to normal offspring of the cross aaBbxAabb will be a.1:1 b.1:3 c.2:1 d.3:1 I think the answer is 1:1

    asked by Robynn
  130. math/algebra

    i know how to write/make explicit formulas but i have tried long and hard to find the formula for the sequence 2,7,15,26,40 i know that it increases by "3 more than the last increase" every time but i cant write a equation for it. it describes the number

    asked by qwerty
  131. Science

    We are stumped trying to create a concept map with community, population, ecosystems, organs, tissues, cells, nucleus, golgi complex, etc. Can you help?

    asked by Tony
  132. Need many responses

    I have a history teacher that wants a paper over my article explaining who , what , when, where, why and how. The fact is these articles are short and two students turn in 3 paragraphs for a summary. . . long summary. and was given another page worth of

    asked by Alan
  133. Phys

    A top starting from rest is spun for 3 seconds achieving an angular speed of 20 rad/s. How many radians has it gone through in this time? (a is constant)

    asked by Phys
  134. Phys

    A soda can (r=3cm) rolling at 2 m/s to the right is stopped in 1 m. What is its angular acceleration? (a is constant)

    asked by Phys
  135. Language

    Will someone please give me a fact sentence using the word "peace"?

    asked by Deja
  136. Statistics

    A study found that 8-to 12-year olds spend an average of $18.50 per trip to mall. If a sample of 49 children was used, find the 99% confidence inteval of the mean. Assume the standard deviation is $1.50.

    asked by Anonymous