Questions Asked on
November 19, 2008

  1. chemistry

    Which of the following diatomic species are paramagnetic and which are diamagnetic? A blank molecular orbital diagram (Part B 1 figure) has been provided to help you. Drag the formulas to the appropriate magnetic bin :C2^2+,Li2-,B2^2-

    asked by defferan
  2. chemistry

    Arrange the following in order of decreasing stability. A blank molecular orbital diagram (Part A 1 figure) has been provided to help you. Rank the fluorine species from most to least stable. To rank items as equivalent, overlap them. F2, F2+, F2-

    asked by defferan
  3. Chemistry

    What would be the whole name of 2-butene and hydroiodic acid. Or the diagram. h h Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by George
  4. history

    What is the relationship between the ruling class and warrior class in Japan and Europe? I know that in Japan the Samurais were the warrior and ruling class till the Edo period right? but what about Europe?

    asked by christina
  5. cal

    Water, at the rate 10 ft^3/min, is pouring into a leaky cistern whose shape is a cone 16' deep and 8' in diameter at the top. At the time the water is 12' deep, the water level is observed to be rising 4''/min. How fast is the water leaking away? Can

    asked by Sammy
  6. Physics

    When a wheel is rotated through an angle of 35 degrees, a point on the circumference travels through an arc length of 2.5 m. When the wheel is rotated through angles of 35 rad and 35 rev, the same point travels through arc lengths of 143 m and 9.0 X 10^2

    asked by Bob
  7. biology

    A couple has four children. What is the probability that there will be 2 boys and 2 girls? Assume that no outside forces influence the births.

    asked by katt0109
  8. Chemistry

    Does Pb(NO3)2 + AgNO3 form a precipitate?

    asked by Mackenzie
  9. College History

    During the 1960s the United States had become a more open,more tolerant- in a word, freer country. Defend or refute that statement.

    asked by Teri
  10. eco

    Assume that American rice sells for $100 per bushel, Japanese rice sells for 16,000 yen per bushel, and the nominal exchange rate is 80 yen per dollar. Suppose that rice is the only commodity in the world. What would happen to the real exchange rate

    asked by Karen
  11. psychology

    When an individual feels that both health and illness are a product of psychological, biological, and social forces he or she believes in the - Biomedical model - Western Perspective Model - Biopsychosocial model - Scientific approach to medicine - Primary

    asked by Abby
  12. physical science

    An 8-kg ball rolling at 2m/s bumps into a pillow and stops in 0.5s (a) Show that the force exerted by the pillow is 32N. (b) How much force does the ball exert on the pillow?

    asked by Shevon
  13. AP Chem

    Would someone please check these for me? 52. In an experiment, you fill a heavy-walled 5.00-L flask with methane gas, CH4. If the flask contains 7.13 g of methane at 19 degrees C, what is the gas pressure? 2.14 atm 56. A 2.50-L flask was used to collect a

    asked by Anna
  14. college health

    All of the following are true of sexually transmitted diseases EXCEPT: -The incidence of STDs has largely increased over the past 30 yrs - THose with a viral cause have no cure - About 20% of the adult population in the US is infected with genital herpes -

    asked by Stacey
  15. college psychology

    Developmental psychologists study all of the following EXCEPT: -What part of the brain is involved in the development of depression - Smoking trends of adolescents - Prenatal development - Aging issues of the elderly - How personality develops across the

    asked by Michele
  16. Chemistry

    What is another name or diagram of 2-butene and hydroiodic acid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by George
  17. psychology

    Rodney is described by others as always in a hurry, always trying to one-up the next person, impatient, and quick to become irritated. Based on this information, Rodney can be described as having? - Type B behavior pattern - A hardy personality -

    asked by Melissa
  18. Physics

    In a popular amusement-park ride, a cylinder of radius 3.00 m is set in rotation at an angular speed of 5.00 rad/s (counter-clockwise). The floor then drops away, leaving the riders suspended against the wall in a vertical position. What minimum

    asked by Bob
  19. Economics

    ob's lawn-mowing service is a profit-maximizing, competitive firm. Bob mows lawns for $27 each. His total cost each day is $280, of which $30 is a fixed cost. He mows 10 lawn a day. What can you say about Bob's short-run decision regarding shut down and

    asked by Lynda
  20. psychology

    Which of the following characteristics is associated with sense of hardiness? -Pessimism - Believing in fate, destiny, and luck - Expecting positive outcomes - Viewing stressors as challenges are met - Type B behavior pattern I think it's the second or

    asked by Melissa
  21. psychology

    Individuals who exhibit the characteristic of what generally have an expectation that things will turn out well? Optimism Hardiness Type A behavior Pattern Pessimism Type B behavior pattern I believe the answer is optimism

    asked by Ashley
  22. 9th grade

    find the unit rate 3 tablespoons for 1.5 serving how do u do it??? helpp thanks

    asked by kelly
  23. math

    Each camper gets a 1/2 cup of juice. For each mux how much concentrate and how much water are needed to make juice for 240 campers. Mix A 2 cups concentrate 3 cups water Mix B 5 cups concentrate 9 cups water Mix C 1 cup concentrate 2 cups water Mix D 3

    asked by Gaby
  24. Physical Science

    Two people who weigh the same climb a flight of stairs. The first person climbs thestairs in 30s, while the second person climbs them in 40s. Which does more work? Which uses more power?

    asked by Shevon
  25. physiology

    You are a physiologist on a space flight to a distant planet. You discover aliens inhabiting the planet and they are willing to submit to your tests. You discover that the aliens kidney handles the sugar alcohol mannitol just like our kidneys handle

    asked by Erika
  26. college psychology

    What targets the stressor itself whereas what deals with the emotional or psychological impact of the stressor? -Emotion-focused coping; proactive coping - Problem focused coping; proactive coping - problem-focused coping; emotion focused coping - emotion

    asked by Michele
  27. accounting 2 urgent please help

    part 2 thank you Prepare a statement of cash flows, using the indirect method of presenting cash flows from operating activities a.Equipment and land were acquired for cash b.There were no disposal of equipment during the year c.The investments were sold

    asked by gabrielle
  28. english

    In her essay "what is poverty?" jo parker goodwin tries to convince the reader to help the poor. What 3 strategies did she use to achieve her goal?

    asked by macy
  29. science

    how do the words matter,element,atom,crystal,compound,and molecule relate

    asked by ciara
  30. 6th grade

    A hole is punched in a kickball. Most of the air escapes and the ball collapses and shrinks. What happens to the ball? A. The volume of the ball decreases. B. The mass of the ball does not change.

    asked by Britty
  31. physical science

    what is the overall change of an ionic compound?

    asked by b
  32. Science

    Suppose a large atom bonds with a small atom. Predict whether the properties of the new molecule will be the same as the large atom, the same as the small atom, or different from both atoms.

    asked by Amber
  33. english

    How many phonemes are in the word football? I think there is two but I'm not sure.

    asked by Michele
  34. health

    All of the following are true of alcoholism EXCEPT: - those who abuse alcohol are twice as likely to die of cancer - Much of the research suggests that genetics plays very little role in the disease - Males are three times more likely to abuse alcohol than

    asked by Ashley
  35. physics

    A primitive diving bell consists of a cylindrical tank with one end open and one end closed. The tank is lowered into a freshwater lake, open end downward. Water rises into the tank, compressing the trapped air, whose temperature remains constant during

    asked by kb
  36. follow up to psychology answer

    You answered this question with some helpful information but after reading what u put would the answer be how personality develops across the lifespan then? Developmental psychologists study all of the following EXCEPT: -What part of the brain is involved

    asked by Michele
  37. college psychology

    All of the following may interfere with problem solving except -functional fixedness -not knowing enough information -using a heuristic -correctly using an algorithm when appropriate -The mental set

    asked by Michele
  38. math

    A nutrition center sells haelth food to mountain climbing teams. The trailblazer mix package contains 1 pound of corn cereal mixed with 4 pounds of wheat cereal.The frontier mix package contains 2 pounds of corn cereal mixed with 3 pounds of wheat

    asked by shala
  39. college psychology

    All of the following are true regarding billingualism EXCEPT: -Individuals who learn a second language during childhood are more likely to speak it with the appropriate accent. - Those who are billingual usually demonstrate a less efficient performance on

    asked by Michele
  40. 10th grade science

    Which of the following would most likely be the prototype for a flower? an aster a magnolia a hibiscus a gladiola a rose I have no idea i know that a prototype serves as typical example but to me all the answers work

    asked by Tracy
  41. AP Chem

    When dealing with gasses, do you subtract the pressure of water vapor every time it is in the equation? I'm confused on when you subtract it. Such as this problem... NH4NO2(s) -> 2H2O(g) + N2(g) How many grams of ammonium nitrate must have reacted if 3.75

    asked by Anna
  42. 8th grade

    A game between two of the competing teams from bordering states might well be called the "Kudzu Klash". The game between which teams would deserve this title?

    asked by miriam
  43. Physics

    A uniform, spherical bowling ball of mass m and radius R is projected horizontally along the floor at an initial velocity v0 = 6.00 m/s. The ball is not rotating initially, so ω0 = 0. It picks up rotation due to (kinetic) friction as it initially slips

    asked by Samantha
  44. college psychology

    Which of the following is FALSE? -Chinese American infants have the lowest mortality rate - In the United State, physicians view physical complaints from men the same as they do from women - African Americans have higher rates of hypertension and diabetes

    asked by Michele
  45. health

    All of the following are true regarding smoking EXCEPT: - Smoking inhibits the T cells from working properly in the lungs - Smoking is viewed by many today as being socially unacceptable - Research shows that the nicotine patch is no no more effective than

    asked by Melissa
  46. grouping

    i am trying to solve for A and B....this question comes from a Differential equations...but this step goes back to basics... Asinx-Bcosx+6Acosx+6Bsinx=3-cosx when you group all the sinx and cosx you get (A+6B)sinx+(6A-B)cosx=3-cosx you get (A+6B)=0 and

    asked by mary
  47. medical records

    when the computer service bureau destroys or erases records, should the erasure be verified by the bureau to the physician?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. science

    Air is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and other gasses. How may air be best described?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Life Science

    Where does photosynthesis occur in a plant cell?

    asked by Nancy
  50. English

    What part of speech is has passed?

    asked by Bailey
  51. art

    What is a Three dimensional representation of shape

    asked by Ian
  52. English

    No smoking = Do not smoke here. No parking = Do not park here. No swimming = Do not swim herre. No tipping = Do not tip here. No ________ No ________ No _________ (Would you let me know some more expressions which signs say? Or do you have a good website

    asked by John
  53. Math

    I'm sorry it's been a while since I've been on Jishka. how are you guys? My question is: I keep getting confused in adding, subtracting,dividing,and multiplying postive and negative numbers. What are the rules for this and is there any easy way to remember

    asked by mysterychicken
  54. Science

    Explain Succession Ecosystem? What is the Climax Community? What limits the development of each ecosystem

    asked by Lily
  55. physiology

    should ACh (acetylcholine) fail to be release in muscle contraction?

    asked by ee
  56. Geography

    If Death Valley was located in an area with a lot of rainfall, how would the valley floor change? How would Death Valley change? Thanks!

    asked by Charlie
  57. math

    he cost of a protein bar increased from $2.50 to $2.80. The percent increase in the $2.80 rate was how much?

    asked by damion
  58. history again

    one more question.i have to compare the class structure of japan and europe during feudalism. Europe was royals, nobility,manor lords, and serfs right? What was Japan? and am i leaving anything out of the Europe one? thank you!

    asked by christina
  59. AED

    Post your response to the following: The introduction of calculators and computers into the mathematics classroom has made it faster and easier for students to complete difficult problems. Technology should not, however, replace the students’

    asked by troyer0269
  60. Economics

    The question is, what is the for Math formula to show rather the demand of apples is Elastic, Inelastic, or Unitary Elastic Thank You Suppose the price of apples rises from $3.50 a pound to $4.00 and your consumption of apples drops from 30 pounds of

    asked by Randy
  61. Social/Psych

    Please define and describe relationship. What are the characteristics of a healthy marriage relationship of husband and wife.

    asked by Chris
  62. accounting 2

    a.Equipment and land were acquired for cash b.There were no disposal of equipment during the year c.The investments were sold for 45,000 cash d.The common stock was issued for cash e.There was a 65,900 credit to retained earning for net income f.There was

    asked by gabrielle
  63. algebra

    (3.2 x 10^5) (2 x 10^-3) ------------------------- (2 x 10^-3) I got 1.6 x 10^5 like this, (3.2 x 10^5) (2 x 10^-3) ------------ x ----------- (2 x 10^-5) (2 x 10^-5) (3.2 x 10^5) (2 x 10^-3) ------------ x (2 x 10^-5) (3.2 x 10^5) ------------ > 3.2 10^5

    asked by Seth
  64. science

    My Daughter is grade 3 she got this homework. Bring a toy that can be moved using muscular energy, stored energy or magnetic force. She chose magnetic force which we know it could be a battery operated toy. Now the part we need help with, she has to

    asked by Mellisa
  65. Fractions From greatest to least

    Where can I fing help with Fraction greatest to least? Ariel

    asked by Ariel
  66. grammar-subject and predicate

    What is the subject and predicate in this sentence? This is the wheat that grew in the soil that covered the seed that blew in the wind.

    asked by Pam
  67. biology

    Which of the following phrases describe the phylum ciliophora, the phylum sarcomastigophora, the phylum apicomplexa, or none of these phyla? a.unicellular organisms b.lack membrane-bound organelles c.body covered with cilia d.two nuclei e.move by

    asked by songyi
  68. MGT

    do not know if i posted this already... 1. What would you do to motivate Archie if you were Tom Williams? 2. Suppose Archie liked his job so much that he didn’t want to be promoted even if offered a higher job. What would you do to motivate Archie in

    asked by troyer0269
  69. biology

    Which of the following words or phrases describes the heterotrophic bacteria, the cyanobacteria, both or neither? a.lack of nuclear envelope b.photosynthesize similarly to green plants c.possess a cell wall d.eukaryotic cells e.symbiotic relationships

    asked by songyi
  70. irish

    please unsumble this (IBTGRGUAIRAMI)

    asked by denis
  71. calculus

    find the critical numbers of the function 2t^(2/3)+t^(5/3)

    asked by henry
  72. French

    Please correct the verb tenses in the following paragraph Alceste, le gros copain de Nicolas, se passionne pour la nourriture. Chaque fois qu’il sort avec ses amis il a envie de manger. La semaine dernière ses amis et lui ont décidé d’aller au match

    asked by David
  73. Science

    A liter(1000cubed)of gas is under a pressure of 80.00cm of mercury . What pressure is needed in order to reduce the original volume of the gas to 600.0cm cubed?

    asked by Jordan
  74. Science(Project Graph)

    i am in a confused state right now and don't know how to do this. please help. how i would i convert, lets say 1 minute and 24 seconds, or 1:24 to a scale on a graph, or how would I convert 1.24/60 to ?/100?

    asked by Shivangi
  75. PLZ integrate

    integrate cos^3x dx tnk U

    asked by mary
  76. accounting 2

    June 30, 2008/2007 Assets Cash- 34,700/23,500 accounts receivable- 101,600/92,300 inventory- 146,300/142,100 Investment-0/50,000 Land-145,000/0 equipment- 215,000/175,500 accumulated depreciation- (53,400)/(41,300) 2008= 594,000 /2007=442,100 liabilities

    asked by gabrielle
  77. Science: Chemistry

    Indentify the products of the following reaction: Al + NaOH -> ?

    asked by Sarah
  78. English / Universal Health care

    I'm writing a paper in support of universal health care. So far, I have defining the problem, how the uninsured are treated, an anecdote, profiles of the canadians and british syetms, and how it could save us money. I'm only at a full 3 pages, and I need

    asked by Ian
  79. health

    Which of the following is a risk factor for developing cancer? Drinking too much alcohol Smoking Promiscuity Earlier sexually active behavior all of the above I think that it's smoking or all of the above. I'm not sure on if sex can cause cancer

    asked by Stacey
  80. science

    what happens to a catalyst in the end of a chemical reaction?

    asked by Alex
  81. physiology

    T-tubules can conduct action potentials because A contracture is when there is a lack of ATP in a muscle; this would

    asked by dt
  82. Precalculus with applications

    Together, two printers can print 7500 lines if the first printer prints for 2 minutes and the second prints for 1 minute. If the first printer prints for 1 minute and the second prints for 2 minutes, they can print 9000 lines together. Find the number of

    asked by Mary
  83. Algebra

    How do you do the quadratic equation when there are only two numbers, such as -5x and 15, not the three needed?

    asked by Eliza
  84. biology

    Identify the plant like protest phylum or phyla that these phrases describe a.lack a cell wall b.mainly multicellular members c.photosynthetic d.cell wall composed of silica e.nuclear envelope f.ancestors of higher plants I am not sure which belongs to

    asked by songyi
  85. physics

    A rocket (stating from rest) travels upwards for 3 minutes at a constant acceleration of 16 m/s^2, and then coasts upwards until it reaches its maximum height. What it the rocket's maximum height?

    asked by Sam
  86. science

    The Smiths have four children, all girls. Their fifth child is a boy. Why did this change occur?

    asked by lati
  87. English

    A: May I come in? B1; I'm afraid not. B2: I'm afraid so. What is the full form of each B? B1: I'm afraid that you may not come in. B2: I'm afraid that you may come in. (Are they the full forms of B1 and B2?)

    asked by John

    What is the name of the thin piece of glass used in preparing a slide? Thank you in Advance!

    asked by Happy Face
  89. Math Check

    Are the equations for these questions right? 1) Erik has 2 part-time summer jobs. For Job 1 he gets $9/hr on weekdays and for Job 2 he gets $12/hr for weekends. Last week he worked 23 hours and he earned a total of $231. How many hours did he work on the

    asked by Samantha
  90. AED

    What are some appropriate and effective ways to use technology in the mathematics classroom? How can you ensure that students do not depend too heavily on technology to complete mathematics assignments?

    asked by troyer0269
  91. Eighth Grade Science

    A tube has gas within it whose volume equals 250 liters at a temperature of 300 celsius K . If the pressure of the gas is kept constant, what will the temperature be if the gas volume is increased by 50 liters ?

    asked by Jordan
  92. algebra

    (3x^2 - 5x - 6) + (5x^2 +4x + 4) Is says you have to simplify this.. How would you do that? Multiply them together?

    asked by Seth
  93. Education

    What are the pros and cons of making hiring decisions based on demographic needs (e.g., the shortage of males in elementary school, females in social studies)?

    asked by Frank 1
  94. English

    My sister enjoys taking me to museum. Her and I go often

    asked by Janet
  95. Math

    Hi everyone. Would someone be able to help me with this problems? I know it's a lot, if you only want to help with one or two, that is fine!! 9. Could you show how to use factoring and the zero-proudct property to find the zeros of each quadratic function?

    asked by Eliza
  96. Algebra

    How can this be? I am supposed to solve (-3-8i)-(-2-9i). Once it is broken down, you get (-3+2)-(8i-9i) I got -1+-1i, but my book said the answer is -1+i. Thanks for your help.

    asked by Eliza
  97. English

    Is it well-planed, or well-planned? Also should there be a hyphen?

    asked by Ashvin
  98. legal and social environment of business

    What is the one element of a contract that will not be used by a Court to negate or defeat a contract if the element is not identifiable or present?

    asked by jennifer
  99. Pre-Algebra

    13 - t = -t + 7 (13 - t) - 13 = (-t +7) -13 -t = -t - 6 -t + t = (-t - 6) + t 0 = -6 This makes no sense to me.. What is the answer to the problem 13 - t = -t + 7

    asked by Stephanie
  100. Eighth Grade Math

    What are two ways to find the answer to 237 times 76 ?

    asked by Jordan
  101. Eighth Grade Math

    What are two ways to find the answer to 168 times 55 ?

    asked by Jordan
  102. chemistry

    is lemeonade pulp a homogenous or heterogenous mixture?

    asked by jellen
  103. Ethical in Human services

    Need help on this assignment. i need to write one additional audit question for eah categories(board, staff, donors, and fund raisers etc) After that i need to explain why each question is important to assessing an organization's ethical performance.

    asked by Loey
  104. Envirometal Science 275

    I have read y syllabus over and over and I need help understanding this question. Nonliving and living factors that contribute to or are affected by the problem on global warming?

    asked by jscott1
  105. axia

    Read the articles from The New York Times on p. 33 in the text. According to this article, the American military does not represent an accurate cross sections of Americans. How would a sociologist view the reasons for the uneven representation in the

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Precalculus with applications

    Name all the values of x that are not in the domain of f(x)=2-x^2/x+5. Answer: x=-5

    asked by Mary
  107. 8th grade

    Piedmont by definition means_ _ _ _ of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

    asked by miriam
  108. derivative

    find the first and second derivatives of (Ax^2+Bx+c)e^(3x) should i distribute e^3x into the prenthesis? or is there an easy way.... b/c when i distribute it i get a long answer..... for i get yp'=2Axe^3x+e^3xAx^2+Be^3x+e^3xBx+e^3x+ce^3x is that

    asked by mary
  109. English

    Listening to the explanations of the sports, let's play the quiz game. You should work in pairs. I will distribute sheets of paper. One should read the explanation of a sport. Then the other should guess what sport it is. Read all the explanations of the

    asked by John
  110. elementary

    Write a paragraph about data using the appropriate data vocabulary words. Think about why the line went so far at the end of the graph.In other words, analyze the data.

    asked by Andrea
  111. MGT

    Consider that in order to understand scientific concepts, students need to observe and participate in experiments. • Address the following questions in 200 to 300 words: How can you provide relevant hands-on learning in a science classroom when few

    asked by troyer0269
  112. 9th grade


    asked by Ashley
  113. finite math

    does 4/2x + 3 define y as a function of x?

    asked by dessy
  114. french

    Il a mangé souvent les souris. or Il mangeait souvent les souris. ?

    asked by me
  115. 7th Grade Math

    z/6 + 11 > -49 This is my problem for homework and I don't know how to do it. My teacher showed us but I guess it didn't get throw to me. ?????????????? Help

    asked by Catie
  116. differentiate

    differnetiate -sinx*cosx dx would i use substitution of u=cosx du=-sinx so it would be u du and therefore ux+c so it would be cosx+c? RIGHT? am i on the right track?

    asked by mary
  117. Calculus

    Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x,y,z)=x+4y+5z on the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=1.

    asked by Smith
  118. Health

    Which of the following is FALSE? -Chinese American infants have the lowest mortality rate - In the United State, physicians view physical complaints from men the same as they do from women - African Americans have higher rates of hypertension and diabetes

    asked by Melissa
  119. science gr. 10

    Predict the products. Ba(s) + O2 (g) -> ???? SO2 (g) -> ??? (On the sheet it says the products are elements for this particular equation)

    asked by sarah
  120. 4th grade English

    Can someone help me correct these sentences with the correct punctuation and possessive nouns? Your brothers argument is the correct one. A tick is not an insect. A ticks eight legs is a big clue. Ticks bodies are short and round without any segments.

    asked by Hayley Mallard
  121. Social studies

    I need help on the assignment that is due on 11/26. I am requesting Angela Cooper for assistant. Please let me know and I will submit the assignment.

    asked by Loey
  122. Precalculus with applications

    If f(x)=-4x^2 and g(x)=2/x, find [g*f](x). answer I got: [g*f](x)=g(f(x)) =g(2/-4x)^2 Is this right?

    asked by Mary
  123. global

    how does the changes that took place in hinduism between the maurya and gupta empires reflect ?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. com220

    In seeking to improve written documents, writers revise, edit and proofread. In revising, writers look at the big picture, whereas in editing and proofreading, they target to the mechanical aspects of the writing. In writing, what might the "big picture"

    asked by anonymoys
  125. health

    Diseases that can't be spead from one person to another are ___________ diseases.

    asked by Joey
  126. MGT

    Resource: Pages 269-275 of Curriculum and Instructional Methods • Due Date: Day 2 [Individual] forum • Assume the perspective of a constructivist who teaches science through inquiry. • Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following: As a

    asked by troyer0269
  127. AED

    Choose a grade level and a scientific concept appropriate for that level. • Plan a science experiment to explore this concept. In your paper, address the following points: o List the equipment and materials to be included in the science kit. o Explain

    asked by troyer0269
  128. Molecular Speeds

    Can someone just work me through how to do this one problem? I should be OK on the rest then. Calculate the rms speeds of N2 molecules at 23 degrees C and at 125 degrees C. Sketch the approximate curves of the molecular speed distributions of N2 at 25

    asked by Anna
  129. MATH

    Posted by polly on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 9:46pm. i am in the 6th and learning but stuck on this big one. NANCY IS GOING ON A TRIP THAT COST 4800.00 PLUS 216. FOR TAX SHE IS DEPOSITING 1200. SHE WILL PAY IT OFF IN 24MONTHS WHAT ARE HER PAYMENTS? i

    asked by polly
  130. solve eq:

    sinx cosx - 2 cosx = 0 thanks

    asked by Jen
  131. St. Peter and Paul

    What do you grease to prevent friction

    asked by Scott
  132. math

    can u help me on my proportion worksheet

    asked by desiree
  133. english help urgent

    write an original example of the following literary elements personifiacation metaphor simile

    asked by Anonymous
  134. math

    is there any place where i can print out a prime factorazation chart that gos from 1 to 1000

    asked by carlos
  135. com220

    You coreectly acknowledged that the resources at the CWE are only tools. Ideally tools should be used to facilitate, but any tool can be misued. 1. Isolate one or more of the resources at the Center for Writning Excellence, and suggest how it/they can be

    asked by anonymoys
  136. follow up

    I am just wondering why my posting entitled assortment seems to not be there any longer. It was dated Tuesday November the 18th. Has anyone had the opportunity to read it yet? 1) I am now leaning more specifically toward a philosopher, theologian, or

    asked by Brandon
  137. physics

    why would you wear a white t shirt opposed to a blak one in winter

    asked by Anonymous
  138. simplify

    e^-2x(-e^-x)- (e^-x)(-2e^-2x) thanks

    asked by mary
  139. drown


    asked by Michelle
  140. Math

    Kris is starting a delivery business in Ottawa called Kris' Speedy Express. He charges $5, plus $1.50/kg to deliver a package throughout all of Ottawa including all outside communities. His competition, John's Same Day Deliveries charges $6 per delivery

    asked by Samantha
  141. college psychology

    Blank is anything that challenges us psychologically or physiologically and warrants some type of adaptaion or adjustment. -motivation - stress - emotion - a stimulus motive - an uplift I believe the answer is stress

    asked by Michele
  142. college psychology

    High job stress can lead to lower morale absenteeism alcoholism all of the above or a and B but not C I belive the answer is all of the above but not sure

    asked by Michele
  143. Eighth Grade Science

    At 275 celcuis K ,an air filled balloon has a volume of 200 liters . If the pressure of the air remains constant, what will its volume be at 300 celsius K ?

    asked by Jordan
  144. accounting 2 urgent please help

    part 1 June 30, 2008/2007 Assets Cash- 34,700/23,500 accounts receivable- 101,600/92,300 inventory- 146,300/142,100 Investment-0/50,000 Land-145,000/0 equipment- 215,000/175,500 accumulated depreciation- (53,400)/ (41,300) 2008= 594,000 /2007=442,100

    asked by gabrielle
  145. Englisg 10

    How can you find a adjective clause in a sentence

    asked by Nyree
  146. English

    Was it a baseball game

    asked by Bob
  147. writing

    parents should organize children to learn through activities,whatchin television,and expressing their feelings with their parents, please help me to mak it a better thesis sentence.

    asked by genci
  148. Education

    Are the complexities of teaching likely to become greater or less in the future? Why?

    asked by Frank 1
  149. equation 6th grade


    asked by polly
  150. SCIENCE

    What would cause an image to appear blurred? Please Help me!!!! Thank you! -Happy Face

    asked by Happy Face
  151. computers

    who are the people behind in networking??,. anybody,..

    asked by aya
  152. Math

    perimetre of a a rectangle that is 5m 80cm wide and 14 m 60 cm long.

    asked by Susan
  153. SCIENCE

    What is the circular area that you see when you look into a microscope? Thank you!

    asked by Happy Face
  154. math


    asked by polly
  155. Pre-Algebra

    What is the answer to this one? 4/7y - 8 = 2/7y + 10 4/7y - 8 = 2/7y + 10 (4/7y - 8) - 2/7y = (2/7y + 10)- 2/7y 2/7y - 8 = 10 2/7y - 8 + 8 = 10 - 8 2/7y = 2 (2/7 y)/ 2/7 = 2/1 / 2/7 y = 2/14 or 1/7

    asked by Stephanie
  156. geography

    Where was the last major continent to be settled?

    asked by gabby
  157. Australian History

    Can someone please tell me the punishments onboard the first fleet to Australia?

    asked by Samantha
  158. english, individual differences

    please send us the articles about this topic

    asked by john
  159. science

    what is matter?

    asked by preston jones
  160. anti derivative

    please help me find anti derivative of -sinx * cos^2x am i using integration by parts?

    asked by mary
  161. science

    what is the atomic structure for potassium

    asked by James
  162. college psychology

    Blank is anything that challenges us psychologically or physiologically and warrants some type of adaptaion or adjustment. -motivation - stress - emotion - a stimulus motive - an uplift

    asked by Michele
  163. global urgent

    why does jewish law prohibit the eating the flesh of the pig?

    asked by Veronica
  164. differentiate

    differentiate cos^2x dx tnk u

    asked by mary