Questions Asked on
November 14, 2008

  1. English Grammar

    For greetings, is it "Haven't talk to you for a while" or "Haven't talked to you for a while" past tense or not:=?

    asked by Sam

    A spinning wheel on a fireworks display is initially rotating in a counterclockwise direction. The wheel has an angular acceleration of -3.80 rad/s2. Because of this acceleration, the angular velocity of the wheel changes from its initial value to a final

    asked by Steven
  3. chemistry

    Draw the Lewis structure of NO2- Assign formal charges to each atom in the O3 molecule shown below. Be sure to click the +/- button below (it will turn yellow when activated) before clicking on the molecule. .. .. .. :O--O==O .. .. Based on formal charges,

    asked by mandy
  4. english

    I read this essay called "Shooting an Elephant" by George Orwell. I don't understand this question I have to answer: What examples of English ( as opposed to American) usage do you find in Orwell's essay? In Moulmein, in lower Burma, I was hated by large

    asked by kayla
  5. math Law of Syllogism and Law of Detachment

    What is the difference between Law of Detachment and The Law of Syllogism ? pLEASE provide an example of both thx.

    asked by Naya
  6. Physics

    The earth orbits the sun once a year (3.16 multiplied by 10^7 s) in a nearly circular orbit radius 1.50 multiplied by 10^11 m. With respect to the sun, determine the following. (a) the angular speed of the earth

    asked by nick
  7. calculus

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 160 ft/s, then its height after t seconds is s = 160t - 16t^2 What is the velocity of the ball when it is 96 ft above the ground on its way up?

    asked by fred
  8. chemistry

    Write a Lewis structure of OSF4 in which the formal charges of all atoms are zero

    asked by mandy
  9. science

    Choose the correct answer. 1. A bad smalling gas is mixed with cooking that; (a)cooking gas burns better in presence of this gas (b)it becomes odouries after buring(C)it helps detect leakage of cooking gas(D)a preevents leakage of cooking gas.

    asked by mimo
  10. physics

    consider a pair of planets that find the distance between them is decreased by a factoer of 5. Show that the force between them becomes 25 times as strong?

    asked by randy
  11. math

    A class of 43 students took an exam. Their mean grade average is 67 and standard deviation is 7. a) how many students should get a C? b) how many should get a B? c) what score is necessary to get an A?

    asked by devon
  12. Calculus

    What is the local linearization of e^x^2 near x=1? Is the answer 1+2x

    asked by George
  13. chemistry

    System: Co(H2O)6^2+(aq) + 4Cl^-(aq) CoCl4^2-(aq) + 6H2O(l) Q: What would happen when you add HCl as a source of Cl- ions? Explain the observations in terms of Le Chatelier's principle. Would the answer be that the reaction shifts to the right? How would

    asked by Tanimoto
  14. chemistry

    what is the lewis-dot structure for SiCl2Br2?

    asked by chaunce
  15. 3rd grade music

    In "Pick Yourself" by Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields, what is the songwriter encouraging you to do? Give 2 supporting details from song.Also, give an example on how the song could inspire me to think or act differently.

    asked by elaine
  16. French

    If I want to say: "...but now all is well again" do I use "encore" or "de nouveau" for "again"? Mais maintenant tout est bien encore(de nouveau) Merci beaucoup!!

    asked by Anonymous
  17. French

    When writing a letter, is "vous" written with a capital "V"/ Merci!

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    please help me out here the problem is combining like terms. 4x^3-3x^3+9x+2x I got 1x^3+11x but when i asked a friend they said it would be x^3+11x could u help me out please. also could you tell me if this probem is correct as well (10x^3+6x^2+4x)

    asked by laura
  19. English-Essay writing

    Can someone tell me if there is a difference between the information on bibliography cards and the works cited page. I did bibliography cards already but now I'm doing my works cited from a newspaper and I thin there is a difference. Thanks

    asked by Sue
  20. MATH

    combine like terms is this correct (5x^2+6x+8)+(6x^3 +2x^2-4x) = 6x^3+7x^2+2x+8

    asked by laura
  21. language arts

    It's a panda planet keep them here. This is part of a poem! Please tell me if there is a coma after the word planet. Thank you so much for the help.

    asked by lexie
  22. physics

    if two carts, one twice as massive as the other, fly apart when a compressed spring that joins them is released. How fast does the heavier cart roll compared to the lighter cart?

    asked by randy
  23. History

    What impact did the moon landing have on the Sixties?

    asked by Unkown
  24. AED

    this one is hard to me cause I do not know.... Even one of my co worers had a hard time too.. “how students learn science is just as important as what they learn. In the teaching of science, a major objective is to develop students’ problemsolving

    asked by troyer0269
  25. AED

    this what i have so far and I need 44 more words: Instructional strategies for encouraging communitity involvement and global awareness for social studies students can be the following. In middle or high school, an annual event could be that the students

    asked by troyer0269
  26. math

    A fitness company surveyed the weights of its 90 costumers. Assume that the weights are normally distrubted with a mean of 162 lbs and a standard deviation of 3.5 lbs. If you select one of its costumers randomly, what is the probability that the costumer's

    asked by devon
  27. math

    A fitness company surveyed the weights of its 90 costumers. Assume that the weights are normally distrubted with a mean of 162 lbs and a standard deviation of 3.5 lbs. If you select one of its costumers randomly, what is the probability that the costumer's

    asked by devon
  28. math

    In the set of numbers 2,3,5,7,7,8,10 what is a) the arithmatic mean b) the harmonic mean c) geometric mean

    asked by devon
  29. English

    Which way is "1" used in a sentence? For example, I ate 1 doughnut. Or I ate one doughnut.

    asked by Neya
  30. math

    which of the following is equivalent to 4.37-10negative4

    asked by jashira
  31. psychology

    what is history of developmental psychology?

    asked by abiyha naqvi
  32. math

    a carpenter has a piece of lumber measuring 9 feet 6 and 3/4 inches long how much the carpenter saw off to be left with a piece 7 feet 11 and 5/16 inches long?

    asked by jashira
  33. MATH

    Let f(x) = 3(x-1)^3 + 4(x-1)^2 + 2(x-1) -7 (a) Determine f'''(1) without taking any derivatives. Explain your method. (b) Determine the general Taylor polynomial of f aobut c =2 by computing any for each k, using the formula above for f(x).

    asked by PAUL
  34. grammar

    Fill up the blanks with the correct tense in the tense. 1.Tanya has ----the tennis match.(win).

    asked by ra ny
  35. English

    1. Do you mind my opening the window? 2. He narrowly escaped being drowned. 3. He gave up smoking. 4. He admitted having stolen the money. 5. You have to avoid being hit by a bad guy. 6. I finished writing a composition. 7. Sam enjoyed swimming in the

    asked by John
  36. English

    Is it okay to write, I ate tenty-nine apples. Or, I ate 29 apples.

    asked by Neya
  37. English

    1. I expect to go abroad. 2. I hope to see you again. 3. I wish to go to egypt. 4. Don't you care to buy a pet? 5. He decided to reenter the burning building. 6. He chose to be a fire fighter. 7. I mean to do a business on the Internet. 8. Emily promised

    asked by John
  38. Chemistry

    Two people were given 1.75 g salicylic acid and 2.00 mL of acetic anhydride. If the density of acetic anhydride is 1.0820 g/mL, how many grams of aspirin could they have prepared. Is the answer 4.7 g

    asked by George
  39. grammar

    Fill up the blanks with the correct tensc of the verb in the bracket. 1.She---all the way to the hills by herself.(drive).

    asked by ra ny
  40. English

    14. "You really _____ go to Cairo. You can see the Pyramids and the National Museum." A. may B. might C. can D. must 17. If we _____ some more money, we could go away this weekend. A. are having B. have C. had D. would have It would be appreciate if

    asked by Lamp
  41. physics

    What is the minimum work function for a metal for visible light (wavelengths between 400 and 700 ) to eject photoelectrons?

    asked by Velaria
  42. science

    liquids diffuse slowly as compared to gases.Whether ture or false.

    asked by mimo
  43. algebra

    how do you solve this equation: w+3.14=0.5(2w+6.38)

    asked by hella
  44. chemistry

    All gases are in soluble in water.Whether it is ture or false

    asked by ra ny
  45. algebra

    for the equation i just gave it also says to solve it by letting y equal each side fo the equation and graphing. there is a graph off to the side. so what does all this mean?

    asked by hella
  46. health care

    What are the stages of change in the Trans-theoretical model?

    asked by april
  47. physics

    a 50 kg person is standing on mercury. mercury's mass is .0553 times the earths mass and has a radius of 2439 kilometers a. what is the persons weight on saturn b. what is the persons mass on saturn how do i solve this, i don't need the answers, just an

    asked by kim
  48. 4th grade

    Life Cycle Defininition of Stimulus and variable

    asked by Anonymous
  49. social studies

    an article that addresses diversity in the workplace.

    asked by tennia
  50. trig

    can you please show me in steps how to find f(1+a) in this equation f(x)=-2x^2+4x+6 i know that you will plug in 1+a anywhere there is x. but after that i get confused. also can you tell me how to find the domain and range of a relation for ex. 2x+5y=10

    asked by y912f
  51. Statistics

    Assume that men constitute 49% of population in a country. Assume also that among men there are 5% of color-blinded. Find the proba- bility that a person chosen at random is a color-blinded man.

    asked by Erica
  52. Math

    Find the stationary points of function E(a,b) = a^4 - 2a^2 + 2b^2 and classify each of these as either a minimum, maximum or saddle point.

    asked by Alice
  53. Physics

    For the harmonic potential V(x,y) = x^2 + y^2 a)Find the total differential, dV. b) Show that dV is exact c) Given that -dV = Fx.dx + Fy.dy where Fx and Fy is the force in the x and y direction, respectively, write a differential equation describing the

    asked by Beth
  54. human services

    What would you say is the most important aspect to a human service agency?

    asked by Ree
  55. science

    wat causes an apple to fall down from a tree a pulling force towards the tree or a pulling force towards the earth

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    what did the computer do at lunch?

    asked by Mary
  57. math

    what did the computer do at lunch?

    asked by Mary
  58. business

    Research and identify an organization whose organizational culture you admire or would like to be part of. Much or all of your research can be conducted online or at the University Library. In a 500- to 750-word essay, describe the following: • What

    asked by Anonymous
  59. minorities

    Just want to know few opinions to see if mine will fit on this question should law enforcement use race and ethnic specific strategies to fight gang formation and control gang crime? Appreciate the opinions

    asked by Nicole
  60. physics

    with earths mass 6 x 10^24 kg and radius6.38 x 10^6, how does the inverse-square law show that in space shuttle territory, 200 km above earths surface, the force of gravity is about 94% that at Earths surface

    asked by nichole
  61. science

    if a mack truck and a motorcycle have a head on collision which one is the impact force greater? and which one has the greatest change in its motion? This seems obvious that's why I am asking?

    asked by randy
  62. Criminal Justice

    What do you think of this: If most youth gangs are racially and ethnically homogeneous, should law enforcement use race and ethnic specific strategies to fight gang formation and control gang crime?

    asked by Nicole
  63. criminal justice

    Which theory of crime do you believe best explains the prevalence of crime in the United States?

    asked by Nicole
  64. education

    I have to create a schedule of school related tasks for a typical teaching day from the time you arrive at school until the time you leave school at the end of the day. for kindergarten.

    asked by mary
  65. Algebra

    Here is my problem. Please walk me through how you got to the answer. Three-fourths of a number equals 3 times the number increased by 9. Is this the correct equation? 3/4n = 3n + 9 Here's another. In this one, does "is" mean "equals"? One-fourth of a

    asked by Celina
  66. math

    Arnold is 10 yeras older than his brother richard. In 10 years richard will be 3/4as old aas arnold. how old is ecah one?

    asked by sachi
  67. math

    if line q has a slope of -2, what is the slope of any line perpendicular to q?

    asked by alyson
  68. science

    a pair of plants has the distance between them decreased by a factor of 5-how do i show that the force between them becomes 25 times as strong?

    asked by randy
  69. Algebra

    Here's another problem I'm having a little trouble with: A piece of string is 40 cm long. It is cut into three pieces. The longest piece is 3 times as long as the middle-sized piece, and the shortest piece is 23 cm shorter than the longest piece. Find the

    asked by Celina
  70. Health - Law and Ethics - HIPAA

    We are to go to the sire and reaserch the site for answers to questions below. Be sure to carefully read the PDF file “Summary of HIPAA Privacy Rule.” (Note that covered entity means those who are subject to the HIPAA rules—like health plans,

    asked by Anonymous
  71. science

    how does the mantle material get energy to move in convection currents?

    asked by albert
  72. Computer Ecxel

    Rent A Flick Insert a Date Formula Movie Category Rental Price Profit % Boca Vero Delray Miami Totals New Releases $3.99 30% 28 17 13 52 110 Video Games $5.00 75% 14 6 9 15 44 College Picks $2.50 55% 10 5 5 22 42 Classic Feature Films $1.49 65% 4 3 2 18 27

    asked by Soska
  73. math 5th grade

    i need all the prime numbers of 1-100

    asked by albert
  74. health care

    Hi I just need help with defining these meanings when it comes to healthcare. I think I am on the right path but need some assistance. (Hospitals are generally categorized as nonprofit, for-profit, or governmental.)Identify at least one example of each

    asked by jenny
  75. music

    what does 7:LAL mean its one of thoses things were you have to find what it means?

    asked by chloe
  76. i need help on science

    please somebody smart answer this question like Ms.Sue or anybody else. how are earthquake vibrations used to study earth's layers?

    asked by albert
  77. Chemistry

    what is electron configuration?

    asked by Shika
  78. Physics

    A 215 g mass attached to a horizontal spring oscillates at a frequency of 5.50 Hz. At t=0s, the mass is at x= 6.40 cm and has vx =- 45.0 cm/s. Determine: a) The Maximum acceleration to 3 significant digits. - I calculated this to be 7.64 but it keeps

    asked by Samantha
  79. MGT

    help please my mind is going crazy trying to figure this out Follow the steps listed below to complete this 200-300-word CheckPoint: 1. Assume that you—as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant—have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually

    asked by troyer0269
  80. Social Studies

    What personal and professional qualifications should a presidential candidate have? Why?

    asked by Carmen