Questions Asked on
November 6, 2008

  1. physics

    Three identical thin rods, each of length L and mass m, are welded perpendicular to one another as shown below. The assembly is rotated about an axis that passes through the end of one rod and is parallel to another. Determine the moment of inertia of this

    asked by sara
  2. Math

    Expressed to the correct number of significant figures, the sum of two masses is 445.2 grams. WHich two masses produce this answer? 1) 210.10 g+235.100g 2)210.100 g + 235.10 g 3) 210.1 g + 235.1 g 4) 210.10 g+ 235.10 g I think the answer is 2 but I don't

    asked by Joanne

    The distinction between mass and weight was discovered after Jean Richer transported pendulum clocks from Paris to French Guiana in 1671. He found that they ran slower there quite systematically. The effect was reversed when the clocks returned to Paris.

    asked by henry
  4. reading

    where do I find goodbye to the moon story ?

    asked by landon
  5. math

    A midwestern music competition awarded 38 ribbons. The number of blue ribbons awarded was 3 less than the number of white ribbons. The number of red ribbons was 2 more than the number of white ribbons. How many of each kind of ribbon was awarded?

    asked by Bryan
  6. intermediate algebra

    A projectile is launched directly upward from the top of a 112 - foot building with an initial velocity (speed) of 96 feet per second. This translates to the h(t) = -16t^2 + 96t + 112 where h(t) is the height of the projectile in feet and t is the time in

    asked by jennifer
  7. statistics

    The scores of students on the ACT college entrance examination in a recent year had a normal distribution with a mean of 18.6 and a standard deviation of 5.9. A simple random sample of 50 students who took the exam is selected for study: A) What is the

    asked by Marshall
  8. ap biology

    10 . Which one of the following statements is NOT true about the resting potential? (28.3) [Hint] A. The neuron's plasma membrane is much more permeable to potassium than to sodium. B. The concentration of sodium is much higher inside the cell than

    asked by carol
  9. chemistry

    Laws passed in some states define a drunk driver as one who drives with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% by mass or higher. the level of alocohol can be determinded byt titrating blood plasma with pottasium dichromate according to the unbalanced redox

    asked by Komal
  10. Hs Math

    on the moon, the acceleration due to gravity is 1.6m/sec^2 a. if a rock is dropped into a crevasse, how fast will it be going just before it hits bottom 30sec later? b. how far below the point of release is the bottom of the crevasse? c. if instead of

    asked by ET
  11. Physics

    How many times will the incident beam shown in Figure P25.3 (x = 1.90 m, y = 1.30 m) be reflected by each of the parallel mirrors? mirror on the right

    asked by Nancy
  12. trig

    Verify that each equation is an identity. 16. 1+tanx/sinx+cosx =secx ok i have a clue on how to do it. i multiplyed the denominator by sinx-cosx and i also did the top but when i do i get this weird fraction with all these cos and sin and then i get

    asked by gaby
  13. physics

    A war-wolf or trebuchet is a device used during the Middle Ages to throw rocks at castles and now sometimes used to fling large vegetables and pianos as a sport. A simple trebuchet is shown in the figure. Model it as a stiff rod of negligible mass, 3.05 m

    asked by tom
  14. chemistry

    how can i compare the dual nature of light how can i describe the phenomena that can be explained only by the particle model of light. how can i empoly the quantum theory to assess the amount of energy that matter gains and loses how did Einstein utilize

    asked by dina
  15. phsyics

    an 8g bullet is shot into a 4kg block at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. the bullet remains lodged in the block. the block movies into a spring and compresses it by 3cm. the force constant of the spring is 1500N/m. the initial speed of the

    asked by joyce
  16. social studies

    Hi i need help with the following 4 questions please 1. Jacksonian democrats favored the following except one a. rotation in office b. manhood suffrage c. the caucus system of nomination d. rewarding the politically faithful 2. The foreign policy of John Q

    asked by bill
  17. Math

    it says the knights banquet hall uses the equation 25n-c+1250=0 determine the cost for a hall rental the legions banguet hall usues the equation 30n+995-c=0 to determine the cost for thier hall rental express each equation in slope y-intercept form- c=mn+b

    asked by Laura
  18. 1 more phyiscs for today

    sorry for asking for help agen. a baseball catcher puts on an exhibition by catching a .150kg ball dropped from a helicopter at a height of 100m above the catcher. if the catcher "gives with the ball for a distance of .75m while catching it, what average

    asked by joyce
  19. Math

    The average life expectancy for American men born in 1900 was 55 years. Life expectancy has increased by about .2 year for each birth year after 1900. If this trend continues, for which birth year will the average life expectancy be 85 years? how do u

    asked by i love polka
  20. intermediate algebra

    You can travel 40 miles on a motorcycle in the same time that it takes to travel 15 miles on a bicycle. If your motorcycle's rate is 20 miles per hour faster than your bicycle's rate, find the speed of the motorcycle and bicycle. motorcycle = 32mph bicycle

    asked by jennifer
  21. Calculus

    find the x-coordinate of the point P on the parabola y=1-x^2 for 0

    asked by Ivan
  22. bhs

    what is the formula of the ion formed when potassium achieves noble gas electron configuration?

    asked by angie
  23. 12th grade calculus

    a marathoner ran the 26.2-mi New York City marathon in 2.2h. show that at least twice, the marthoner was running at exactly 11 mph

    asked by ee
  24. English (CA)

    my teacher says we should replace the verb to be (is, are,was,were, has been) and there are a couple places in my essay where i cant figure out hiw to change them...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - Another instance of symbolism in “The Most

    asked by Kate
  25. chemistry

    What is the electron configuration for Be 2+ ions? 1) 1 3) 2-1 2)2 4) 2-2 I also need an explanation for the correct and incorrect answers because I am confused by this problem.

    asked by Roger
  26. math

    Ms. Davis asked her students to draw a picture describing their hobby, She asked them to use only 3 colors. Patrick has a box of crayons containing the colors red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple. How many different ways can Patrick use his crayons

    asked by chase
  27. geometry

    a lader is leaning against a jouse and is forming a 60 degree angle with the ground. if the top of the ladder is 24 feet off of the gound, how long is the ladder? leave your answer in exact form.

    asked by hannah
  28. Math help, please

    A corner lot that originally was square lost 185 m of area when one of the adjacent streets was widened by 3 m and the other was widened by 5 m. Find the new dimensions of the lot.

    asked by Tina M.
  29. acounting

    a) the cash payments journal used in this problem has only 3 special amount columns. Under what circumstances would you recommend that additional special amount columts to be added to a cash payments journal? b) When insurance premiums are paid, should the

    asked by jerson
  30. ap bio

    15. The threshold potential is of great significance in the physiology of neurons because if the threshold potential is not reached, __________. A.the neuron cannot regain its resting potential B.the action potential will be "inversed," with a flux of

    asked by carol
  31. physics

    Two metal disks are taped to a meterstick. The mass of the meterstick is 460 grams. Disk 1 has a mass of 300 grams and is located at the 28 cm mark. Disk 2 has a mass of 500 grams and is located at the 64 cm mark. At what posi- tion along the meterstick

    asked by Sandhya
  32. math

    estimate quotient and divide (how do you estimate the quotient? 552 divided by 71,520 I don't understand the steps.

    asked by Jake
  33. geometry

    A farmer plants pine trees. If he plants 5 rows of 4 trees How is it possible for him to have only planted 10 trees ? Draw a diagram

    asked by Jessica
  34. intermediate algebra

    Pat can design a website in 20 hours. His friend can design the same site in 30 hours. How long will it take to design the website working together? I got 12 hrs. Is this correct?

    asked by jennifer
  35. Calculas HS

    a trucker handed in a ticket at the toll booth showing that in 2hours she had covered 159 mi on a toll road with speed limit 65mph. the trucker was cited for speeding. why?

    asked by dt
  36. calculus

    find the derivative using quotient rule F(x) = (x - 7 x sqrt(x)) / sqrt(x)

    asked by ken
  37. Psy class

    The text states that the most significant contribution positive psychology makes to the scientific study of well-being is the assessment of specific strengths. The text summarizes positive psychology as being aware that humans are both creatures and

    asked by LaTonia
  38. Physics

    Sorry for posting so many, but I just need to make sure I'm on the right track. Just need someone to check my working and answers. A rocket has a mass 3000kg. The fuel used in the rocket has an additonal mass of 500kg. At the launch, the rocket accelerates

    asked by JC
  39. 7th grade pre algebra

    We need assistance solving 3 + 2(k+1) = 6 + 3k I know the 2(k+1) has to become 2k + 2 then we have 3 + 2k + 2 = 6 + 3k then we can subtract 3k from both sides to get 3 +2k + 2 - 3K = 6 But can I combine the 3+2 on the left and the 2k - 3k to get -1k?

    asked by William
  40. history

    who can give me more info about the ancient messopotamian's government housing program for my shool essay?

    asked by Yoyo
  41. Business

    You are assigned the duty of ensuring the availability of 100,000 yen for the payment that is scheduled for next month. Considering that, your company possesses only U.S. dollars, identify the spot and forward exchange rates. What are the factors that

    asked by E
  42. intermediate algebra

    A right triangle has two legs and a hypotenuse. One leg of the triangle is 3 feet longer than the other leg. The hypotenuse is 15 feet. Find the length of each leg. I got 12 feet and the other leg is 9 feet Is this correct?

    asked by jennifer
  43. English

    1. Write down the name of the building with a question mark. 2.Write down the name of the building marked with a question mark. 3. Write down the name of the building having a question mark. 4. Write down the name of the building which has a question mark.

    asked by John
  44. ap bio

    16 .Action potentials are generated along a neuron because __________. A.of cytoplasmic streaming within the neuron B.depolarization of the membrane at one point causes an increase of permeability to sodium at the next point C.they are pulled along by

    asked by carol
  45. math

    The scientists Verhulst (1828) where is the natural growth rate of the population when resources are limited and is a positive constant called carrying capacity of the environment. (a) Using sign analysis, find all constant solution and discuss the general

    asked by josh
  46. high school calculas

    Find the (a) the local extrema, (b) the intervals on which the function is increasing, (c) the interval on which the function is decreasing h(x)=2/x

    asked by pipi
  47. Albegra Word Problem

    In 1993, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 62.1 years. In 1997, it was 65.8 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1993. The linear function E(t) that fits the data is E(t)=

    asked by PJ
  48. science

    potential energy is energy of _______ or chemistry?

    asked by Colin
  49. math

    Antonio said, "To solve 506-288, I can think of 5 hundreds as 50 tens." How might this help him subtract?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. physics

    a block is held 1.3m above a spring and is dropped.The spring compresses 6cm before sending the ball into the air. How fast is the ball going when it hits the spring? What is the spring constant? How high in the air does the ball go after hitting the

    asked by jeff
  51. 8th grade

    why did a policy of isolation suit most americans in the early 1800s?

    asked by Ranell
  52. social studies

    what were two effects of commodore perry's visits to japan?

    asked by Ranell
  53. eng

    use hackneyed in a sentence. can someone make one for me

    asked by melissa
  54. Physics

    I'm having troubles with a few questions. A tennis ball is thrown vertically upwards. At the top of it's flight, it has: A. a zero speed and acceleration B. a zero speed and constant acceleration C. maximum speed and acceleration D. maximum speed but zero

    asked by JC
  55. social studies

    How did the slave trade affect the eastern shore? Also where can I find information about the Slave Trade on Maryland's Eastern shore on its economics and culture? Help is Appreciated! Thankyou

    asked by Johnny
  56. physics

    a box whose mass is 0.3 kg is pushed against a spring(k=40n/m) on a horizontal surface and the spring is compressed 0.12m. The box is released and travels for 1.4 meters before coming to a stop. What is the coefficient of friction between the floor and the

    asked by jeff
  57. exam questions

    hi I'm looking for the past exam questions. Could you help me? Where I can find? thanks.

    asked by asia
  58. sociol studies

    plse help me 1. How African Americans were used by the U.s army, and french army (world war 1) 2. (ww1) countries in the allied powers and centeral powers? 3.goals of the panama canal? plse help me and thx you so very much

    asked by Amy
  59. Math

    Name a fraction between 0 and 1/10 whose numerator is NOT 1.

    asked by Kathy HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. geometry

    ok,judy lies on the ground 45 feet from her tent. both the top of the tent and the top of the cliffare in her line of sight. her tent is 10 feet tall. about how high is the cliff

    asked by Quintasia
  61. Const convention

    Why did Rhode Island not participate in the Constitutional Convention?

    asked by Andrea
  62. language

    plse refresh me on what a thesis statement is plse and thx you i just want to get it right

    asked by Amy
  63. math

    Describe an application for the use of ratios or proportions that is not mentioned in your text, or describe how an application problem in the text could be useful in your daily life.

    asked by scooby91320002
  64. math

    The scientists Verhulst (1828) and Peal (1930) proposed the following growth model for a population living in an environment with limited resources (e.g. space, food, sunlight, etc): = , where is the natural growth rate of the population when resources are

    asked by josh
  65. college- Linear Algebra

    Give example of two non-zero matrices A and B such that A^2=0, B^2=0 but AxB and BxA do not equal zero.

    asked by Amanda
  66. math

    Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers. 14, 4, 13, 18, 8, 15, 8, 3, 11, 8

    asked by david
  67. math

    The scientists Verhulst (1828) and Peal (1930) proposed the following growth model for a population living in an environment with limited resources (e.g. space, food, sunlight, etc): = , where is the natural growth rate of the population when resources are

    asked by josh
  68. Calculas HS

    show that the solution has exactly one solution in the interval x+ln(x+1)=0, 0

    asked by elley
  69. algebra

    srry if i am asking to many questions today this is my last thing plse help me how do you do problems like this find the slop and y intercept of the equation 3 y=x-5/4 5/4 is a fraction how do you do problems like that plse expalin and show me step by step

    asked by Amy
  70. 5th Grade student teacher: Needs ur help....

    What fun activity could I use to to teach 5th grade students about the Constitution?

    asked by Samantha
  71. biology

    Which end of a phospholipid is attracted to water?

    asked by alexia
  72. Astronomy

    Explain the nature of the seasons of mars and how they are like earths seasons.

    asked by Mike
  73. intermediate algebra

    Write the equation of the line containing (-3,4) and perpendicular to y = 2/3x + 2. Write your answer in slope-intercept form. Not sure how to do this one. please help.

    asked by jennifer
  74. math

    amusement park purchased equipment from a manufactures for a list price of 42,000 minus trade discounts of 30//20/15. Calulate the amount of the trade discount on the purchase. Help so lost

    asked by Debbie
  75. social studies

    identify matthew perry

    asked by Ranell
  76. Algebra

    I have just one math problem that I need a little help with. Please give me the answer, and walk me through it, too, to help me understand it. Thanks! The price of a ring is decreased by 40% and the resulting price is increased by 50%. The final price is

    asked by Celina
  77. science

    second grader. Please help me with examples of things I can investigate using the scientific method for my homework project. thank you.

    asked by katrina
  78. English

    A: Where are you from? B: I'm from a school. A: Where do you come from? C: I come from a company. (Are the expressions in the short dialogue all correct? What about B? Can B be an answer to the question?)

    asked by John
  79. 6th grade

    what are the 6 major ecosystem?

    asked by riah
  80. Algebra

    Could someone please help me figure out this question. If I paid $76.08 for something that was 40% off, what was the regular price? I got $127.98 but when I check my answer I am off by 2 cents. What am I doing wrong?

    asked by I have one question
  81. dt

    what is a mass structure?

    asked by amy
  82. Human Resource

    Why would a company's strategic plans/goals and vision affect what kind of incentive plan (financial or nonfinancial incentives) it should be using to motivate employees?

    asked by Angie
  83. social studies

    identify william seward

    asked by Ranell
  84. 6th grade grammar

    please see if these are correct THANKS Balloon races have become popular. Several airport's are supporting this race. An area is reserved for spectators. One spectator's son is in the race. The occasion is a photographer's delight. Will all the passengers

    asked by pam
  85. Math

    Name 5 fractions between 0 and 1/4.

    asked by KathyHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. eng

    meritorious used in a sentence. please help me make one up.

    asked by melissa
  87. algebra

    I can't figure out how this is simplified. 3x/2+3-x can you help?

    asked by Douglas
  88. 10th grade honors algebra

    I can't figure out how to simplify this: 3x/2 + 3 - x

    asked by Douglas
  89. Science riddle

    You may enter, but you may not come in. You may look through my windows and see nothing outside. I have space, but no room. I have keys, but open no lock.What am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. busniess

    Do tariffs encourage Americans to buy US products?

    asked by shanita
  91. MATH

    How do you write an equation in standard form? Ex.How would you write this in standard form? y+1=x+2

    asked by Samantha
  92. math

    18, 38, 44, 50 QUESTIONS SHOW WORK/EXPLANATION & ANSWER IN THIS COLUMN. 18. Simplify: 38. Evaluate: 44. Number problem. One task took 7 minutes (min), a second task took 12 min, and a third task took 21 min. How long did the three tasks take as a fraction

    asked by ernest
  93. 6ht grammar

    I need help on plural possessives Are these answers correct? Balloon races have become popular. Several aiport's are supporting this race. An area is reserved spectators. One spectator's son is in the race. The occasion is a photographer's delight. Will

    asked by pam
  94. Math

    Solve the following 2w^3 4c^3t^2 _____ - ________ 9c^3d^3 3b^2d^2

    asked by Nadine
  95. math-factoring

    how do you factor this 8x^3+27

    asked by hailey
  96. need help math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken

    asked by terry
  97. english

    what is an endnote? do you put a number after a quotation and then do you have a page at the end listing all of numbers with corresponding sources. I don't get it

    asked by kayla
  98. Math

    How would you get a alone on one side in this equation? r = ab over a+b

    asked by Juline
  99. science

    why are pencils yellow i have to come up with a tall tell

    asked by lucinda
  100. eng

    sentence for prerogative

    asked by melissa
  101. french

    is this correct? Ashlee Simpson est la femme de Pete Wentz. Homer et Marge sont les parents de Maggie. Miley est la fille de Billy Ray. Kevin Jonas est le frere de Nick. would i use any forms of de (du, de la, de l', des) for any of these?

    asked by amanda
  102. English

    maculine for :nurrse student child student

    asked by Emerald
  103. history

    How were the various countries of the world affected economically by WWII? Who came out ahead? Which countries suffered monetarily? Who lost their empires? Who lost the most in human capital?

    asked by Candy
  104. Fundamentals of programming

    Design a program that models the worm’s behavior in the following scenario:

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Spanish

    can't you do actual revision ; instead of just words. it would make it a whole lot easier, because what if we didn't need to revise on those particular words and needed RESEARCH?

    asked by Grace


    asked by ALYSSA NOV.6
  107. general

    Some states have high school starting at 9th grade while some start only in 10th. so when are the kids ready for AP classes? is this school dependent?

    asked by andy
  108. science

    What are its properties? Write two properties for each object. block,paper clip and book water, milk and orange juice

    asked by Eric
  109. vocab/english

    i need a sentence using bombastic with context clues please.

    asked by melissa
  110. math

    If a $235 monitor is to be sold at 30% off, how much do you have to pay?

    asked by scooby91320002
  111. 6th grade

    I need help on making a rough draft for a essay on cinderella. Comparing and contrasting two stories.

    asked by Emily
  112. social studies

    how did the u.s acquire the territory of alaska?

    asked by Ranell
  113. math

    Place the following set of numbers in ascending order -2/15, 5/9,1/8,-1/9,2/7

    asked by Martha
  114. math

    Find the reciprocal of -1/7 (10-1)

    asked by eddie
  115. dividing monomials

    How would you solve this and could you give more examples? (-e)^6f^1/e^6f^4

    asked by mb
  116. english language

    what are articles and how are they used in the english language. 2)form 3 simple,compound and complex sentences

    asked by jamis
  117. calculus

    I'm studying for a quiz on infinite series and convergence/divergence tests. I keep getting confused between the variables "k" and "n". What is the difference between the two?

    asked by Corianne
  118. english

    femini dentist,doctor,person andteacher

    asked by Emerald
  119. english

    What is a declarative definition in an sentence?

    asked by dumitru
  120. 12th Calculus

    f(x)= x, 0

    asked by elley
  121. social studies

    what is swedens nickname and why?

    asked by kayla
  122. Eth 125

    Identify leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? What legislation was relevant during these critical times

    asked by LILSISTER
  123. Math

    round the number 43,678.426785 to the nearest ten thousands? 40,000 is this correct

    asked by Debbie
  124. Astronomy

    so i know that theres something Astronomically wrong with this quote but cannot figure out exactly what, would appreciate some help!!! "There's a full moon rising just about midnight, theres a high tide comin' 'round just about dawn" PLEASE, PLEASE,

    asked by Mike
  125. English

    What is pre-intervention and post-intervention month?

    asked by English
  126. social studies

    identify teaty of kanagawa

    asked by Ranell
  127. Math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken

    asked by Terry
  128. world history

    what is early people because i am a 6 grader

    asked by cool
  129. Math

    Invoice that list the date of the payment and the cash discount is called? terms?

    asked by Debbie
  130. ETH 125

    According to current (within the past 2 years) research and news reports, what are some of changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslims and Arabic members of society?

    asked by Johnny Mac
  131. teaching

    What are organizing procedures and resources in a classroom?

    asked by sally
  132. biology

    what the cell theory applie to

    asked by brandon
  133. Linear Algebra

    Give example of two non-zero matrices A and B such that A^2=0, B^2=0 but AxB and BxA do not equal zero.

    asked by Amanda
  134. Anatomy and Physiology

    What is the structure of muscle that is a connective tissue surrounding a fascicle?

    asked by Tara
  135. social studies

    i need help on a current event

    asked by jeannette
  136. math

    Factor the following completely. x^2-12x+20

    asked by kk
  137. math

    which of the following are intergers? 2/11 705,0.033,-780,86.7

    asked by Martha
  138. French

    What verb do we use for the verbe auxiliaire (helping verb)?

    asked by Claire
  139. Algebra 2 with trig

    Simplify the rational expression. 2x/x^2+4x+3 divided by 1/x+3 plus 2/x+1

    asked by Pari
  140. math

    what other words are for dividion?

    asked by tren5
  141. Math

    If Katrina leaves now and drives 66km/h, she will reach Alton just in time for her appointment. On the other hand, if she has lunch first and leaves in 40 minutes, she will have to drive 90km/h to make her appointment. How far away is Alton? How would you

    asked by Logan
  142. english language.

    when is 'the' used in the english language.

    asked by jamis
  143. english

    sentence for prerogative sentence for provincial please make one up . =)

    asked by melissa
  144. HS Math

    2x/x^2+4x+3 divided by 1/x+3 plus 2/x+1

    asked by Pari
  145. Math

    Can you please help me solve these problemss: 1. _____mL= 1 dL 2. _____dg= 1 dag 3. _____cL= 1 hL 4. _____cg= 1 dag 5.______daL= 1 kL 6. _____hm= 1 km

    asked by Mondrea
  146. math

    what was africans wearing back then.

    asked by shatyra owens
  147. social studies

    what did the africans eat back then.

    asked by shatyra owens
  148. 5th grade scince

    how many eggs dose a clown fish lay?help????

    asked by chelly
  149. math

    [(2+h)^2-4]/h find the limit how do i do this?

    asked by lauren
  150. Math 6th grade

    name a fraction between 2/3 and 3/4 whose denominator is 1.

    asked by KathyHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  151. Math

    d+b/c when b=5, c=1.32, d=0.8

    asked by Larry
  152. astronomy

    why does Venus have such a high Albedo

    asked by Mike
  153. 8th grade

    when was last electioin for california council officials

    asked by mr montanez
  154. Math

    miltiply (6.4)(8)(-5)

    asked by Mary
  155. math

    60% of 25

    asked by amari