Questions Asked on
November 4, 2008

  1. History (or for people familar with the film Mulan

    Does anyone know when there are examples of Legalism and Daoism (also known as Taoism) in th emovie Mulan?

    asked by Andre
  2. Math

    What happens to the man who carries an ax in his teeth?

    asked by Sarah
  3. ap biology

    * how do (1) temperature and (2) pH affect the activity of this enzyme? include a discussion of the relationship between the structure and the !@#$%^&tion of this enzyme as well as a discussion of how structure and !@#$%^&ntion of an enzyme are affected by

    asked by carol
  4. Distance Problems

    A bus and a car leave the same place and travel in opposite directions. If the bus is traveling at 50 mph and the car is traveling at 55 mph, in how many hpurs will they be 210 miles apart. Again please help me with the boxes, Im in advanced math and I'm

    asked by Amir
  5. physics

    the sensor in the torso of a crash-test dummy records the magnitude and direction of the net force acting on the dummy. if the dummy is thrown forward with a force of 130.0 N while simultaneously being hit from side with a force of 4500.0 N, what force

    asked by i love polka
  6. Math

    The area of a 25 inch TV screen is 300 square inches. The area of a 40 inch TV screen is 768 square inches. The area of the smaller screen is what percent of the area of the larger screen? Please and thanks!

    asked by Shania
  7. AP Biology

    Rank these following molecules from smallest to largest: Glucose, Starch, and Iodine Potassium Iodide Molecules

    asked by Adam
  8. Physics

    A passenger bus in Zurich, Switzerland derived its motive power from the energy stored in a large flywheel. The wheel was brought up to speed periodically, when the bus stopped at a station, by an electric motor, which could then be attached to the

    asked by Suzy
  9. physics

    The second hand on a watch has a length of 4.50 mm and makes one revolution in 60.00 s. What is the speed of the end of the second hand as it moves in uniform circular motion? I just need some help getting started

    asked by kyle
  10. Algebra 2

    Find the absolute value of the complex number: 5-4i

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chemistry

    give the oxidation number of nitrogen in the following: 1. NH2OH 2. N2F4 3. NH4+ 4. HNO2

    asked by ken
  12. Language

    What is the complete predicate in this sentence---My best friend moved into a two story house. What is the simple predicate in this sentence---Steve's home and Anna's home are both in the same building.

    asked by Aliyah
  13. Chemistry

    What is the geometry of S2O82- its basically two SO4 molecules connected by the O-O bond

    asked by Jason
  14. english

    Rewrite this complex sentence as two simple sentences. I wish I didn't have to go because I am very busy. im not really understanding this, how to do it

    asked by Alie
  15. math

    there are 30 students and 4 teachers on a bus. What is the ratio of teachers to total people

    asked by kylie
  16. chemistry

    reaction between CuSo4+NaCl

    asked by robert
  17. english

    14 line ten syllable poems

    asked by bob
  18. OChem

    1. Why does not fluorene dissolve in 1.5M sodium hydroxide solution? 2. What experimental difficulty would you encounter if you had neclected to include a drying step before evaporating the ether solution of the neutral organic compound (fluorene)?

    asked by James
  19. General Science

    A 1200-kg concrete slab that measures 2 m X 1 m X 20 cm is delivered to a building under construction. Does the slab contain steel reinforcing rods or is it plain concrete?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. AP Chem

    Consider the following unbalanced equation: Ca3(Po4)2+H2SO-->CaSO4+H3PO What masses of calcium sulfate and phosphoric acid can be produced from the reaction of 1.0 kg calcium phosphate with 1.0 kg concentrated sulfuric acid (98% H2SO4 by mass)? I'm so

    asked by Robyn
  21. HS Calculus/math

    find the extreme values of the function and where they occur y=x^3+x^2-8x+5

    asked by dt
  22. chemistry

    describe the force that holds the nucleus together. explain why neutrons are the "glue" of the nucleus?

    asked by shika
  23. PHYSICSS!!!!!

    At t = 0, a particle moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration has a velocity of vi = (3.00 i - 2.00 j) m/s and is at the origin. At t = 2.00 s, the particle's velocity is v = (6.60 i + 4.00 j) m/s. Find the acceleration of the particle at any time

    asked by jacky
  24. social studies

    Help with Vietnam School Project? For our project we have to do interviews with people and then present them in a cool way. For example in past years someone made a helicopter with cardboard and put the interviews inside it. Another made a battlefield with

    asked by Rae
  25. English

    1.Susan made small and cute teddy bears. (In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'teddy'?) 2. I like both Tom and Don. 2-1. I like Tom and Don. 2-2. I want to marry Tom or Don. 2-3. I like neither Tom nor Don. 2-4. I don't like Tom, and I don't like Don,

    asked by John
  26. eng

    how would i deal with this? Each generation has some thing valuable to offer This generation information dispersal, my generation-heavy metal my parents--they paved the way

    asked by ben
  27. BMB

    1.explain the role of the H-bond in the alpha helical structure. 2. explain the role of H-bond in the beta sheet structure.

    asked by jess
  28. physics

    A worker of a moving company places a 308 kg trunk on a piece of carpeting and slides it across the floor at a constant velocity by exerting a horizontal force of 425 N on the trunk. What horizontal force must the mover apply to move the trunk at a

    asked by Anonymous
  29. bio chem

    5.From the amino acids below, name the amino acids you expect to find in the following regions of an enzyme and explain why. Ala, Val, Leu, Ser, Thr, Asn, Arg, Lys, Met, Pro, Gly, Phe, Cys, His a. Turn b. Interior c. Surface d. Active site (for General

    asked by jess
  30. Distance Problems

    John took a drive to town at an average rate of 40mph. In te evening he drove back at 30mph. If he spent a total of 7 hours traveling, what is the distance traveled by John? Please set up the boxes and help solve.

    asked by Amir
  31. Chemistry

    I need to figure out how many moles are in 16.0 grams of sulfur dioxide. I know that sulfur dioxide is SO2 so do I do I do? Do I find the molar mass first?

    asked by Sarah
  32. AP Chem

    A sample of H2 is collected by displacing 145 mL of water. The pressures of the gas and the atmosphere are equalized. The atmospheric pressure is 745 mmHg. The temperature of the water and gas are identical at 26 degrees C. How many moles of H2 have been

    asked by Anna
  33. physics HELP!!!

    If the coefficient of kinetic friction is .25, how much horizontal force is needed to pull each of the following masses along a rough desk at a constant speed? a. 25 kg b. 15 kg c. 250 g explain please!!

    asked by hailey
  34. help biology honors please

    why is carbon dioxide non-organic

    asked by sam
  35. physics

    a 200N sign is held by two wires that have 150 degree angle between them. find the tension in each wire.

    asked by jenne
  36. 7th grade

    8.7cm=____________ mm

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math(Please help!!!)

    A ladder is leaning against a house and is forming a 60 degree angle with the ground. If the top of the ladder is 18 feet off of the ground, how long is the ladder? Leave your answer in exact form.

    asked by Abbey
  38. Reading HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can someone send me like a book report form? Like the way to write a book report? I neeed help please! Oh and thanks Miss Sue for the help!

    asked by Mary
  39. plants

    A seed uses its stored food when it_____________.

    asked by Hunter
  40. physics

    A bicycle has wheels 67.3 cm in diameter and pedal cranks 17.5 cm long. The cyclist pedals at a steady cadence of 76.0 rev/min. The chain engages with a front sprocket 15.2 cm in diameter and a rear sprocket 7.00 cm in diameter. Calculate: a) the speed of

    asked by Mischa
  41. World History

    Ok, I am struggling with understanding world history...I have an essay to write and don't know how to begin or where to start. If someone has some info or somewhere to find what I need that would be great. Here goes....How is the World War 1 and the

    asked by Kiera
  42. college algebra

    Identify the units on x in each of the following equations. (a) x= yz (both y and z are measured in feet) (b) x=3y^2 (y is measured in inches) (c)x = t^3 (t is measured in seconds) (d) x 4F^2 d (both F and d are measured in meters) 4. In an exponential

    asked by laura
  43. Algebra--Help needed!

    Does anyone at least slightly understand direct and inverse variation? I get the basic idea, but I'm still a little confused, especially with inverse variation. What I'm having more trouble with is conversion using direct and inverse variation. Today, my

    asked by Celina
  44. World History Essay

    I must have messed up posting... I have needed help badly with my essay. Don't have much time or info. How are World War I and European expansion of New Imperialism linked?

    asked by Kiera
  45. physics

    how do i find the equilibrant force of two forves acting on a point? one is 75N due north and the other is 105N due east.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    How do you determine what ionic substance has more exothermic lattice energy? for example if you compare NaCl and KCl???

    asked by Melanie
  47. Math

    A rectangle is inscribed with its base on the x-axis and its upper corners on the parabola y=9-x^2. What are the dimensions of such a rectangle with the greatest possible area?

    asked by Mary
  48. social studies

    What are Obama's electoral votes and McCain's electoral votes right now? Thank youu.

    asked by rochelle
  49. AP Chem

    How do u draw the SO4 neutral atom??? w/o formal charge

    asked by Emily
  50. punctuation

    The question we need to ask ourselves is (comma) (no punctuation ) "Do we really want to move ahead? (quotation mark only)(quotation mark followed by a period )

    asked by britt
  51. Grammar

    Which of the following violate the rule of subject-verb agreement? How would you correct the errors? Either Sue or I are supposed to respond. Is it supposed to be: Either Sue or I am supposed to respond. OR Either Sue or I were supposed to respond. ?

    asked by Danielle


    asked by RYLE
  53. math

    (X^2-1)/(x-1) = (x+1)(x-1)/(x-1) = x+1. If you then subtract your original number, x, you are left with 1. The reason this doesn't work with 1 is that you would have 1-1=0 in the denominator and you cannot divide by zero. This uses the skill of simplifying

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Algebra 2

    Solve by factoring: 2x^2+7x-4=0

    asked by Kiley
  55. math

    what's the derivative of: y = 2^x(lnx)

    asked by billie
  56. Math - Logarithms

    the question is 50 = -18logx + 84 then i did -34 = -18logx 17/9 = logx what do i do next?

    asked by Cynthia
  57. math

    i need to solve this equation by completing the square: x^2-14x+1=0 i don't' know how to do this, nor do i know what complete the square means. please help.

    asked by Nic
  58. Jishka help---again:P

    I'm bored so can one of you oh so kind people give me a topic to write an essay on and then maybe i can turn it in later? please and thanks -MC (btw:8th grade level, if i havnt already mentioned that's what im in ^^)

    asked by mysterychicken
  59. Math gr 8

    Neil ran 1500 m in 6.5 min. Dario ran 400 m in 1.5 min. Whose average speed was greater? Show work

    asked by Tyler
  60. Algebra 1

    Okay i don't know how to do this? 13-b 2- 0.5b ------ --------- 6 4 How do i solve ths proportion?

    asked by Shannon
  61. 12th grade calculus

    Let f(x)=[x^3-9x] [] --- absolute value a. does f'(x) exist? b. does f'(3) exist? c. does f'(-3) exist? d. determine all extrema of f.

    asked by dt
  62. composition

    I mentioned earlier that I was doing an essay on the Taj Mahal. Here is my draft for it and I'd like you to revise it;any tips are highly appreciated. I used the first site i found on google when I typed in Taj Mahal essay help (since i cant give a link)

    asked by mysterychicken
  63. 9th grade

    In a crystal how are the atoms arranged?

    asked by regina
  64. Chemistry- DRBOB!! PLEASE?

    molecular orbital theory? my teacher was like "im not teaching it, but its going to be on your test" can you please summarize what it is, i read the online sites,tehy don't make sense...

    asked by Sam
  65. science...plz help!!!!!!

    list the properties that are most useful in identifying minerals.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Chemistry

    I need help with these two problems: 1.The H-Cl bond has a frequency of vibration of 8.662 multiplied by 10^13 Hz. What wavelength (in µm) corresponds to that frequency? -is the answer just (3.00x10^8 m*s)/(8.662x10^13 s^-1) 2.A flame has a characteristic

    asked by AJ
  67. Organic Chemistry

    1. Why is diethyl ether a good choice for an organic solvent? 2. Why doesn’t the neutral organic compound dissolve in 1.5 M sodium hydroxide solution?

    asked by Dora
  68. biology

    I need a list of diseases, disorders and items that we injest or inhale that affect the nucleus of a cell

    asked by jessica
  69. Biology

    A specimen of urine contains 30 bacterial cells per microliter. How many cells are present in a milliliter?

    asked by KJG
  70. Chemistry

    I have to summarize the development of atomic theory. I think this question is talking about Dalton's atomic theory, is that right

    asked by Sue
  71. drawing

    draw a rash and crash

    asked by hezekiah
  72. Geography

    Please help me! This is a project that is due on Wednesday... I've tried to use wikipedia but I can't find an answer to the questions... One I can't find is What is the history overview of Northeast region and the other is What is the economy of the

    asked by Lily

    A motorboat heads due west at 10 m/s. The river has a current that travels south at 6 m/s. a) what is the resultant velocity? b) If the river is 200 m wide, how long doe sit take the boat to cross the river? c) How far downstream is the boat when it

    asked by Kiley
  74. Chemistry

    Please help!! It's due tomorrow morning!!!!! --Why is it necessary to use a mixed aqueous-organic solvent system for the oxidation of cyclohexENE?

    asked by Andrew
  75. Maths

    I have a summation formula for Fibonacci numbers. n (SUM)F(2i)=F(2n+1)-1 i=0 When the i value is changed from zero, and is then subbed into F(2i)the equation will not work. (RHS wont = LHS) eg: i=2 n=3 3 (SUM)F(4)=F(7)-1 i=2 I understand the summation bit,

    asked by Tim
  76. Engineering/ Algebra

    A balsa wood glider wing has the following properties during flight: Thickness = 0.3175 cm I = 0.0733 cm^4 Moment = 4.2 N-cm Find the bending stress in the wing. Express your answer in N/m^2. Is the answer 9.09 N/m^2 or 18.19 N/m^2

    asked by George
  77. SOSE

    what years were these tyrants in power and in power of where or what? Hitler Mugabe Castro Bin Laden THANX=)

    asked by Sam
  78. government

    Where can I find information about Maine's four delegates who cast the electoral votes?

    asked by Diane
  79. SOSE


    asked by Sam
  80. Litrature

    In Chapter 5 of Animal Farm (George Orwell) There was a division of sympathies among the animals. Which two parties were involved in the division? What happened just after Napoleon uttered a high-pitched whimper? What reason did Napoleon give for his

    asked by Arrie
  81. english

    was he a good leader to everyone when he was young?

    asked by von
  82. Romeo and Juliet

    The extract states that “……….all comers were made welcome if they were not of the Montague” Why was this the case? In which city did these people live? Why did Benvolio want his friend to attend this supper?

    asked by Arrie
  83. physics

    A plane is traveling at an altitude of 500meters and drops a bottle the bottle lands 400meters horizontally. how fast was the plane traveling when the bottle was released?

    asked by brett herron
  84. science

    list 3 ways that describe how minerals form

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Distance Problems

    James and tom are in 2 cities which are 186 miles apart and travel towards eachother. James' average rate was 32 mph, and Tom's average ratewas 36mph. If James started at 9:00am and Tom's startes at 9:30 what time did they meet? I need help settign up the

    asked by Amir
  86. physics

    a person in a car traveling at 18meters/s drops a cherry pit out of the window 1meter above the ground. A. how far horrizontal will the pit hit hit ground from the initial dropping point ? B. if the car continues to travel at the same speed where will the

    asked by brad
  87. complex numbers

    the complex number Z satisfies Z+i/(1+2i)= iz Find Z. please help thx!

    asked by Mary
  88. Engineering/Algebra

    A balsa wood glider wing has the following properties during flight: Thickness= 0.3175 cm I= 0.0733 cm^4 Moment= 4.2 N-cm Find the bending stress in the wing. Express your answer in N/m^2. Is the answer either 9.096 N/m^2 or 18.192 N/m^2

    asked by George
  89. history

    name 4 nouns that describe president george washington and 3 verbs that tell how he acted of felt.and 2 adjectives that describe his last name.

    asked by dejanay
  90. help needed

    what is mineral's sreak and why is streak more reliable property than color in mineral

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Engineering/Algebra

    A cardboard tube is loaded with a 15.3 N axial load. The tube has an outside diameter of 2.5 cm and a wall thickness of .035 cm. Find the axial stress in the cardboard tube. Is the answer 75 N/cm^2? If so can you show me your way of getting to this answer.

    asked by George
  92. BMB

    1.You have a mixture of protein A and protein B in a buffer of pH 7. The pI of protein A is 3 and the pI of protein B is 8. The molecular weight is the same. (a) What kind of column chromatograph would you use to separate them? Explain your answer in 2-3

    asked by jess
  93. business

    Say youre going to buy a franchise to run a fast food restaurant. The start-up cost is $150,000, and you've raised 50% of this. What are likely sources of finance to cover the remainder? Please bear in mind that you've probably alreasy used up your

    asked by Victor
  94. Algebra

    How do you change the function f(x)=x^3 so that it is stretched horizontally by a factor of five? What about strethching the square root of x by a factor of four? Thanks everyone.

    asked by Jonathan Baraka
  95. physics

    fred and barney are pushing a 200 kg crate up a plank, they have to put it on a roller. they apply a force of 1600N to the crate in order to accelerate at .5 m/s^2. the angle of the plank is 20 degrees. find the coefficient of friction.

    asked by jayson
  96. intermediate algebra

    Find g(w + 1) g(x) = 2x-7 2(w+1)-7 2w+2-7 is this correct?

    asked by jennifer
  97. bmb

    Under appropriate conditions, hemoglobin dissociates into its four subunits. The isolated alpha subunit binds oxygen, but the O2 saturation curve is hyperbolic rather than sigmoid. In addition the binding of oxygen to the isolated subunit is not affected

    asked by jess
  98. Engineering/Algebra

    A cardboard tube has a failure stress of 4,960,000 N/m^2 and an axial stress of 75 N/cm^2, find the factor of safety of the tube. Is the answer 66133.33

    asked by George
  99. earth science help

    what is the another name of "texture" and name four mafic and 4 felsic minerals

    asked by Anonymous
  100. english 3

    what would the omission of a women in distress impact a gothic short story like Young Goodmen Brown ?

    asked by renee
  101. Distance Problems

    A bus and a car leave the same place and travel in opposite directions. If the bus is traveling at 50 mph and the car is traveling at 55 mph, in how many hpurs will they be 210 miles apart. Again please help me with the boxes, Im in advanced math and I'm

    asked by Amir
  102. math

    Fill in the blank: Gamma = 2(inverse tangent of e to the x) minus pi/2 is the _________ of x.

    asked by Margie
  103. Georgia Studies

    Rebecca Latimer Felton and her husband William H. Felton did a lot to put down the Bourbon Triumvirate. What were some of their accomlishments and do we need people like them today or no? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  104. math

    how do you turn 2.5 into a fraction that is not simplified?

    asked by kadie
  105. intermediate algebra

    Let f(x) =3x and g(x)=4x Find its function and its domain. 3x/4x = 3/4x (- infintity, infinity) is this correct?

    asked by jennifer


    asked by kAY
  107. Health

    if i was the director of the health information department what should be included in a policy manuel? I was wondering if i could get some ideas, i am writing a paper and need some help. i don't know where to begin

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please

    Suppose you are designing a coffee creamer container that has a volume of 48.42 cubic inches. Use the surface area and volume of a cylinder to develope an eqn. relating radius r and surface area S. ¡Ç=pi=3.14 S=2¡Çr^2+2¡Çrh V=¡Çhr^2

    asked by Stephanie
  109. english

    why do some people consider harriet beecher stowe a racist for writing uncle toms cabin? what are other flaws of the book? is there any website that can help me with this?

    asked by kayla
  110. HELP

    how were magnetite minerals found in new york state?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. intermediate algebra

    Find the domain and range of this function. f(x) = 5/x+1 not sure how to begin this one i thought i got this 2(x^2-1) thanks

    asked by jennifer
  112. Health

    What is the major disadvantage of manual indexes?

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Calculus questions..really need help, please!

    1) Find the value of the lim(x->0) ((sin5x/sin2x)-(sin3x-4x)). I have no idea where to start so if someone could start it off for me it would really help. 2) If f(x) = (2x-3)/(5x+4) then what's the inverse of f(x) So I replaced x with y x = (2y-3)/(5y-3)

    asked by Samantha
  114. Calculus Part 2

    y = tan(sqrtx) Find dy/dx. So I found it and I got the answer as sec^2(sqrtx) but the answer is (sec^2(sqrtx))/2(sqrtx)...why? ---------------------------------- 2) Find the line which passes through the point (0, 1/4) and is tangent to the curve y=x^3 at

    asked by Samantha
  115. can you help me???

    actually i got to make a web page realted to books (could be anything .. story, essay or school books)any shot of book... what can be the name of the web. help me plz...

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Health

    Youre the chairsperson of the forms committee. discuss the basic specifications for designing a form. i don't want anyone to answer it directly i would just like some ideas. i don't have my study unit yet and i would like to get started on this so i can be

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Calculus part 3 so sorry

    y = e^2xsin3x Find the derivative. So I used the product rule and I got sin3x(e^2x)+cos^3x(e^2x). But the actual answer is sin3x(2e^2x)+cos^3x(3e^2x) Where the the 2 and 3 before the e come from?

    asked by Samantha
  118. Biology

    I need to do a Punnet Square for Wilson's Disease and don't know how to do it.

    asked by Peggy
  119. problem solving

    Given that • The distance from the earth to the sun is 1.5*10^11m, and • The mass of the sun is 1.9 *10^30 kg , 1. use Kepler’s Law of Periods to find the period of the earth’s orbit, recorded in seconds:; 2. show how to express your answer in

    asked by lynn
  120. English Criticism

    Can anyone please help me identify the main theme in this poem and its significance? Slow Reader by Vicki Feaver He can make sculptures And fabulous machines Invent games, tell jokes Give solumn, adult advice But he is slow to read. When I take him on my

    asked by Ruth Ellul
  121. Math

    B is between A and C. If AB=x squared, BC=9x and AC=36, find the value(s) of x, AB, and BC.

    asked by Abbey
  122. english 3 gothic elements

    how would the omission of a woman in distress impact a gothlic short story like Young Goodman Brown. like say Faith was the woman in distress how would the story change if the writer didn't include her in the gothic short story.

    asked by renee
  123. Social Studies

    Explain the relationship between the American policy of containment and the establishment of many United States sponsored alliances.

    asked by Jeska
  124. AP Chem

    what is the hybridization of ClF3? and BrF3

    asked by Lizzy
  125. Finite Math

    Find the value(s) of the function, subject to the system of inequalities. Find the maximum and minimum of P = 10x - 16y subject to: 0 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 5, 0 ¡Ü y ¡Ü 8, 4x + 5y ¡Ü 30, and 4x + 3y ¡Ü 20 50, 0 -96, 0 -67.5, -96 50, -96

    asked by Mark
  126. human behavior

    If a person is not famous, why do people watch that person(they don't do anything illegal). What makes people superstitious?

    asked by joe
  127. Finite Math

    Factories A and B sent rice to stores 1 and 2. A sent 10 loads and B sent 22. Store 1 used 15 loads and store 2 used 17. It cost $200 to ship from A to 1, $350 from A to 2, $300 from B to 1, and $250 from B to 2. $ 7750 was spent. How many loads went

    asked by Stan
  128. Social Studies

    Describe how the Cuban Missile Crisis ultimately led to better relations between the United States and the Soviet Union as détente was established.

    asked by Kerry
  129. polarity

    what is the polarity of HI

    asked by whocares
  130. Filing/Numbering Systems

    what are 3 types of filing/numbering systems?? and name the examples. anyone have any ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Earth Science-9

    What test is performed to determine the hardness of a mineral?

    asked by Anonymous
  132. math

    Hi, I am taking Algebra 2 and I need help with some Substitution method problems: x+12y=68 x=8y-12 x+3y=7 2x-4y=24 3a+b=3 2a-5b=-15 -6=3x-6y 4x=4+5y

    asked by shanquessa
  133. ap biology

    i need help with this quewstion but i cannot post the graph i some one could help if you would like to give me your email and i will send it there. it would be great please i really need help * how do (1) temperature and (2) pH affect the activity of this

    asked by carol
  134. algebra 2

    The average (arithmetic mean) of the test scores of class of a class of x students is 74, and the average of the test scores of a class of y students is 88. When the scores of both classes are combined, the average is 76. What is value of x/y?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. AP World Civilizations

    I have to take cornell notes on each chapter of my book. Right now I am on chapter 8. The subject is African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam. I am having troubles coming up with questions to ask. Does anyone have any suggestions of types of questions

    asked by Kiley
  136. Geography

    What is the economy and most popular job opportunity in Northeast Regions? (New England, all 12 northeast states)

    asked by Lily
  137. math

    what is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle if one side of the triangle has the same length as the side of a square with an area of 25?

    asked by kassidy
  138. social studies

    What foreign countries helped the Patriots win the American Revolution

    asked by colton
  139. math

    I don't get this fraction; seven-thirds minus three-nineths 6th grade

    asked by natori
  140. complex numbers

    the complex number Z satisfies (Z+i)/(1+2i)= iz Find Z. please help thx!

    asked by Mary
  141. Marriage

    What is the MAXIMUM that you can be married but still be able to get an annullement?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Organic Chemistry

    2. Why doesn’t the neutral organic compound (Flourene) dissolve in 1.5 M sodium hydroxide solution?

    asked by Dora
  143. spanish

    im a little confused on this.. does - que almorzaste ayer- mean what did you have for lunch yesterday? or did you have lunch yesterday.. and does this mean who did you eat lunch with- con quien almorzaste?and what does this mean- la ultima vez que fuiste

    asked by christina
  144. math

    simplify the expression sqrt(5/3)

    asked by jaden
  145. Algebra 2

    Solve by completing the square: x^2+9x+6=0

    asked by Nic
  146. maths (it's urgent)

    the path of the rocket is represented by the equation y= root under(25-x)^2. the path of a missile designed to intrersect the path of the rocket is represented by the equation x = 3/2 root under (y). the value of x at the point of intersection is 3. what

    asked by jess
  147. calculus

    differentiate y = (cos x)/ (x^9)

    asked by karen

    I've been stuck on this physics homework since I got home. I think the main issue I don't get is finding the components, and adding them to find the resultant force or velocity. Here's one problem. Three forces act on a point concurrently. Force a is 80N

    asked by Kiley
  149. social studies

    Should a Superpower Establish Spheres of Influence?

    asked by Tonyshia
  150. science

    in what organelles do plants trap light energy is it vacuoles, Golgi bodies, chloroplasts or endoplasmic reticulum

    asked by marissa
  151. math

    Fill in the blank: gamma = 2(inverse tangent of e to the x) - pi/2 is the _______ of x.

    asked by Margie
  152. Math

    Independent Events If you roll the die 60 times, about how many times would you expect to get a 1? How would you do this question? Help Please.

    asked by Larry
  153. biochemistry

    Where can I find information on decarboxylases, kinases, etc and their function? I look everywhere, but the only information I can find is on wikipedia...

    asked by Lindsay
  154. math(Algebra two)

    describe what happens to the graph of y=X^2 in the following situations. a. y is replaced with (y+1) b. x is replaced with(x-5) c.x is replaced with (x+3) d.y is replaced with (y-6) i have no clue how to do this can you please help me?

    asked by Kelsey

    I have an AP Psychology test tomorrow and I would like practice AP questions but I don't know any sites.

    asked by Roger
  156. AED

    comparing and contrasting approaches for teaching English language arts in a constructivist classroom and in a traditional classroom. Which approach do you prefer? i prefer constructivist classroom over traditional classroom. Which approach do you think is

    asked by troyer0269
  157. Bio-30

    What gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions?

    asked by Robynn
  158. earthscience

    How do you connect the dots on a isohyet map?

    asked by Jethro
  159. physics

    can an object be in equilibrium (the state in which the net force on an object is zero) if only one force acts on the object?

    asked by i love polka
  160. Biology

    Would psychrophiles or mesophiles cause refrigerated foods to spoil?

    asked by KJG
  161. english

    Waht is the proper pronoun for this sentence? Only a panther could have left that footprint, I want to photograph it.

    asked by Toni
  162. 5th grade science

    Which is a measure of how closely particles are packed together? A.density C.solubility D.volume B.matter

    asked by Alley
  163. Essay

    I wrote an essay of examples on how cosmetics produce a flawless face. The title I came up with is Fixing Feminine Features. I don't know if I like it of not, but I wanted to do something that caught attention. Any tips?

    asked by Anna
  164. college algebra

    (x-3)^2+(y-2.5)^2=7.25 Make a new equation that shifts up 1 unit and to the right 2 units. I got (x-5)^2+(y-1.5)^2=7.25, but I got it wrong on my test. Could you please tell me where I might have gone wrong? Thank you!

    asked by jenny
  165. college math

    given at . the distance from the earth to the sun is 1.5 * 10^11, and the mass of the sun is 1.9 *10^30 kg 1. use kepler's law of period to find the period of the earth's orbit recorded in seconds. show how to express your answer in years: and if your

    asked by lou lou
  166. Math.. check answer please

    Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example from the text or one of your own to explain the solution process. my answer is : you could

    asked by scooby91320002
  167. mah


    asked by nathalia
  168. Modern World History

    How does the world respond to the newly aggressive,newly industrialized European powers? Discuss the range of responses to European power worldwide.

    asked by Ryane
  169. Math(Please Help!!!)

    Triangle NQP is an equilateral triangle with the measure of angle N=5x-2y and the measure of angle P=x+2y. Find the values of x and y.

    asked by Abbey
  170. Science

    How can drinking water be obtained from seawater? Remember: seawater has a lot of materials in it besides salt.

    asked by Christopher
  171. math plzz help due tomorow

    what is the lowest number that is greater than 1000 and divisible by 2,3 and 6, but not by 5,9, and 10.

    asked by cole
  172. math(Please help!!!)

    In acute triangle ABC, segment AD is an altitude, the measure of angle ADB=2x^2+40, BD=9x-3, and DC=6x+15. Find BC.

    asked by Abbey
  173. Math

    How do you change the function f(x)=x^3 so that it is stretched horizontally by a factor of five? What about strethching the square root of x by a factor of four? Thanks everyone.

    asked by Jonathan Baraka
  174. math(Please help!!!)

    Triangle PQR is a 30-60-90 triangle with right angle Q and segment PQ as the longer leg. Find the possible coordinates of R if P(2,6) and Q(2,-6).

    asked by Abbey