Questions Asked on
November 1, 2008

  1. algebra

    what do you get when you cross... a thief wity a cement truck? a supermarket with a jungle?

    asked by mcspringer
  2. chem

    in the ground state electron configuration of Fe3+, how many unpaired electrons are present? I thought it was 1, but im getting a wrong answer.

    asked by natash
  3. Physics

    A water skier lets go of the tow rope upon leaving the end of a jump ramp at a speed of 17.9 m/s. As the drawing indicates, the skier has a speed of 11.1 m/s at the highest point of the jump. Ignoring air resistance, determine the skier's height H above

    asked by Brandon
  4. chem

    The solubility product of Mg(OH)2 is 1.2 x 10^-11. What minimum OH- concentration must be attained (for example, by adding NaOH) to decrease the Mg concentration in a solution of Mg(NO3)2 to less than 1.0 x 10^-10 M (molar)?

    asked by Mischa
  5. PHYSICS!!!!!

    An astronaut on a strange planet finds that she can jump a maximum horizontal distance of 19.0 m if her initial speed is 3.80 m/s. What is the free-fall acceleration on the planet?

    asked by mike
  6. physics

    At t = 0, a particle moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration has a velocity of vi = (3.00 i - 2.00 j) m/s and is at the origin. At t = 2.00 s, the particle's velocity is v = (6.60 i + 4.00 j) m/s. Find the acceleration of the particle at any time

    asked by nick
  7. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of concentrated hydrochloric acid if this solution is 24.8 % HCl by weight and has a density of 1.16 g/mL.

    asked by A.A
  8. math

    the sale price of a computer at 15% off is $746.30. What is the regular price?

    asked by jazz
  9. Chemistry

    The Ka for a particular weak acid is 4.0 x 10-9. Calculate the pH of a 0.040 M solution of this acid. whats the relation b/w Ka and pH?

    asked by A.A
  10. math

    suppose a single die is rolled find: a) P(6, given that an odd number is rolled) b) P(5, given that ann odd number is rolled) is a) 0 and b) 1/6

    asked by austin
  11. math gr8

    calculate o.76& of 150% of 6000. i did 0.0076 x 150 = 1.14 6000 x 0.0114 = 68.4 but im not really sure how to do it. plz help!

    asked by jazz
  12. Physics

    A spring with spring constant k=100 (N/m) is at its equilibrium length. a) How much elastic potential energy is stored in the spring? b) The same spring is stretched so that it is 6.0 cm longer than its equilibrium length. How much elastic potential energy

    asked by DAN
  13. chemistry

    Hello. In the class, we did the experiment to calculate the value of Kc for the following reaction: CH3COOH+CH3CH2OH ÌCH3COOCH2CH3+H2O we measured the mass for 5 cm^3 of all 5 compound above: CH3COOH 5.236 g CH3CH2OH 4.021 g CH3COOCH2CH3 5.020 g H2O

    asked by masaya

    A 745i BMW car can brake to a stop in a distance of 122 ft from a speed of 60.0 mi/h. To brake to a stop from a speed of 80.0 mi/h requires a stopping distance of 221 ft. What is the average braking acceleration for the following intervals? Express the

    asked by lance
  15. math math math!

    A cruise ship travelled 84 km in 3.5 h. At this rate, how long will it take to travel 1050 km?

    asked by jazz
  16. PHYSICS!!

    A ball on the end of a string is whirled around in a horizontal circle of radius 0.386 m. The plane of the circle is 1.10 m above the ground. The string breaks and the ball lands 2.00 m (horizontally) away from the point on the ground directly beneath the

    asked by mike
  17. math

    janine is paid commission of 3% on all sales up to and including $10 000, and 5% on all sales over 10 000. how much commission will she earn on sales of 48 000?

    asked by jazz
  18. math

    In 1805, the population of a small town was 2120. By 1905, the population increased to 115% of the 1895 figure. a) what was the population in 1905? b) find the increas in population from 1895 to 1905.

    asked by jazz
  19. chemistry

    write the total and net ionic equation for calcium hydroxide(aq) -> acetic acid(aq)

    asked by ben
  20. Managerial Economics

    I need help on some homework questions for an MBA-level Managerial Economics class. The total operating revenues of a public transportation authority are $100M while its total operatiing costs are $120M. The price per ride is $1, and the price elasticity

    asked by Econo-missed
  21. chem

    what is the electron configuration for Au+ ? where does f block fit in?

    asked by natash
  22. accounting

    Agency theory deals with issue of

    asked by Ann
  23. spanish

    assignment Escribe las frases en espanol. 1. We forgot the homework. ( literalmente: "The homeowrk was forgotten "on us") _____________________ 2. You lost money. ( the money was lost "on you") ______________________ I AM VERY CONFUSED

    asked by sam
  24. chemistry

    The redox reaction below occurs in acidic solution. Balance it with the smallest whole number coefficients and determine the coefficient for H2O. Zn(s) + NO3-(aq) ---> Zn2+(aq) + N2O(g) i got 4 as the coefficient for water, but the answer says that it is 5

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Spanish

    how do you say peoples names in spanish

    asked by Jessica
  26. trig

    what is the inverse tangent of (rad3/3)?

    asked by anna
  27. Physics

    A 47.0 g golf ball is driven from the tee with an initial speed of 54.0 m/s and rises to a height of 23.8 m. (a) Neglect air resistance and determine the kinetic energy of the ball at its highest point. J (b) What is its speed when it is 10.0 m below its

    asked by Brandon
  28. math

    awhh man:( i just had one left. A store owner buys coats for 56$ each. she adds 30% to the cost and sells the coat s at 15% off. find the selling price of each coat. would i do 56 x 0.30 = 16.80 56.00 + 16.80 = 72.80 56.00 x 0.15 = 8.40 56.00 - 8.40 =

    asked by jazz
  29. Math

    A toy manufacturer is introducing two new dolls, My First Baby and My Real Baby. In one hour, the company can produce 8 First Babies or 20 Real Babies. Because of demand, the company produces at least twice as many First Babies as Real Babies. The company

    asked by Caleb
  30. Chemistry

    NH3 and CH3NH2 have Kb values of 1.8 x 10-5 and 5.0 x 10-4, respectively; which of the following statement(s) is (are) CORRECT? (i) CH3NH2 is a stronger base than NH3. (ii) the conjugate acid of CH3NH2 is a stronger acid than the conjugate acid of NH3.

    asked by A.A
  31. math

    flip a coin 3 times a) what are the odds in favor of getting exactly 2 heads b) what are the odds against getting at most 1 tail i got a) 3/4 b) 7/8 i don't think they are right can someone help

    asked by austin
  32. Math 116

    Q1) there are two plans available, but they only have 38 homes available. write an equation that illustrates the situation. use x and y to denote plan 1 and plan 2. A1) X+Y=38 Q2)Plan 1 sells for $175,000 and plan 2 sells for $200,000. All available houses

    asked by Carmen
  33. AP US History

    I have an AP US history test on Tuesday and I would like practice AP questions to help prepare for the test but I don't know any of the websites. Could you give me a few to go to please? Thanks!

    asked by Roger
  34. Managerial Economics

    The coefficient of the price of gasoline in the regression of the quantity demanded of automobiles (in millions of units) on the price of gasoline (in dollars) and other variables is -14. (a) calculate the cross price elasticity of demand between

    asked by Econo-missed
  35. math

    Simplify each exponent. 'Write the answer in standard form and exponent form. 12^2 (2^8)*(2^-3) 2^15/2^8 4^5+4^2 (3^-3)^2 ((2)^4*(2)^5)/(2)^6 4^2-2^3 help....i forget how to do these. thanks,

    asked by Larry
  36. spanish help please

    A nosotros se ____perdieron las llaves del auto. answer nos Se me _____ (forgot) hacer la tarea anoche. answer olvida A Rita y a Pedro se _____dano la motocicleta answer les

    asked by sam
  37. social

    was the nile river part of the Babylonian empire?

    asked by jess
  38. Chemistry

    Hello! I was wondering why is it that it is safe to eat olive oil, corn oil, canola oil, etc. but not diesel oil or something like that. What is the reason in chemical structural sense?

    asked by Gabe
  39. bio( sorry for the long question)

    a persaon complains about abdominal pain. she also has fever, pain the middle back, clammy skin and nausea/ vomitting. her blood test report the following:- high serum amylase high serum lipase. her past medical history is given below:~ 1. diagnosed with

    asked by jess
  40. Managerial Economics

    From table 4-1 in the text, which gives the price elasticity of demand for Florida Indian River Oranges, Florida interior oranges, and California oranges, as well as the cross price elasticities among them, determine: (a) by how much the quantity demanded

    asked by Econo-missed
  41. spanish

    assignment Escribe las frases en espanol. 1. We forgot the homework. ( literalmente: "The homeowrk was forgotten "on us") _____________________ 2. You lost money. ( the money was lost "on you") ______________________ I AM VERY CONFUSED

    asked by sam
  42. college

    NH3 and CH3NH2 have Kb values of 1.8 x 10-5 and 5.0 x 10-4, respectively; which of the following statement(s) is (are) CORRECT? (i) CH3NH2 is a stronger base than NH3. (ii) the conjugate acid of CH3NH2 is a stronger acid than the conjugate acid of NH3.

    asked by A.A
  43. math

    this is real hard and i would love some help. In a game of craps, a player rolls 2 balanced dice. There are 36 equally likely outcomes. What is the probability that: a) the sum is either 3 or 8 b) the sum is 6 or doubles rolled c) the sum is 6 AND doubles

    asked by austin
  44. physics

    ok it says a shopper in a supermarket pushes a cart with a force of 36N directed at an angle of 26 degrees downward from the horizontal. find the work done by the shopper on the cart as the shopper moves along a 50.6m length of aisle. answer in units of J.

    asked by Claudia
  45. chemistry

    Acids that form ionic solutions will conduct electricity. Acids that form covalent solutions will not conduct electricity. but acids have HYDROGEN in them and hydrogen is a gas is that why the results of the conduction test need to be changed because

    asked by lila
  46. math helpp! :|

    in a bag of coloured cubes, the ratio of red cubes to total number of cubes is 5:7. If there are 105 cubes in the bag, how many cubes are red? i don't get this :|

    asked by jazz
  47. math

    Find the amount in each case. a) 8% is 56 kg. can u set up cross multiplication for this? 8/100=x/56

    asked by jazz
  48. college

    Calculate the pH of concentrated hydrochloric acid if this solution is 24.8 % HCl by weight and has a density of 1.16 g/mL. a. ) -0.77 b. ) -0.83 c. ) -0.90 d. ) -0.98 e. ) -1.01 i got c

    asked by A.A
  49. business /computers

    here is another question I need help on. would this be like a mass email? Like if someone said something stupid and you in turn sent it to everyone in the organization? How is this cc: in a email used strategically in organizations to arm twist or send a

    asked by april
  50. economics

    Would protectionist policies (higher tariffs and more quotas) or freer trade policies (tariff reductions and quota eliminations) be more effective in generating currency appreciation?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. physics

    Junes Verne in 1865 suggested sending people to the Moon by firing a space capsule from a 255 m long cannon with a launch speed of 11.42 km/s. What would have been the unrealistically large acceleration experienced by the space travelers during launch?

    asked by jay
  52. trig

    inverse cos (-rad2/2)=135 degrees inverse sin (-rad2/2)=-45 degrees I don't understand why cos is 135

    asked by anna
  53. ethinics

    Questions: Do you think that "race" should have ever been constructed by social scientists? Why? Why not? Why do you think that anyone has to define who we are by standards measured by our human understanding of anthropology?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Social Studies

    How tall is the great wall of china?

    asked by amy55
  55. Managerial Economics

    Please help with this question: A researched estimated that the price elasticity of demand for automobiles in the U.S. is -1.2, while the income elasticity if demand is 3.0. Next year, U.S. auto makes intend to increase the avg price of autos by 5%, and

    asked by Econo-missed
  56. Math 116

    I have a long problem which I need help with..... Q1) there are two plans available with a total of 56 houses available. x represents plan 1 and y represents plan 2. write an equation illustrating the situation: A1) x+y=56 Q2) there are 3 times as many

    asked by Carmen
  57. Math-Calculus (check please)

    FOr the function f(x)=x^2e^x Find the critical points, increasing decreasing, first and second derivative and concavity I am having trouble finding the concavity >_< First derivative: xe^x(x+2) Second : e^x(x^2+4x+2) Critical points from first derivate:

    asked by songyi
  58. math.. again!

    write each increase or decrease as a percent. the price of gasoline rose from 97.5/L to 101.4/L. Percent increase= i did: 101.4 - 97.5 101.4 x 0.0390 = 3.9% is this right?? im not really sure how to do this.sorry for all these questions.

    asked by jazz
  59. spanish

    the blank needs to be filled in here A ti se te ______ (left) la mochila en casa in your answer you wrote dejarte is this correct we cant change any of the words already there

    asked by sam
  60. spanish last 2

    Question Tu hablas bien el espanol? Si, bueno hablo espanol. Question Probablemente, quien crees que va a la elecction para la presidencia? El problema con elecction para la presidente no one is experienced

    asked by sam
  61. business

    What other things besides CAPS can communicate unintentional tone in an email? I am at a lost here all I can think of is your tone and caps brings off a bad message.

    asked by april
  62. Effective Essay Writing

    I am writing an essay on Heathful Eating. Does anyone know any good sites to for me do use for research

    asked by Netta
  63. chemistry

    i know that there's a difference between electron group arrangmenets and molecular shape. i know how to find the molecular shape of a compound like h3o+ for example, but how do i find the geometric arrangement of the electron groups??? thank you!

    asked by michael
  64. biology

    what will happen if the oxygen dissolves in water in a large amount

    asked by jia
  65. Biology

    Hey guys, I'm a bit confused as to whether or not this would be an example of epistasis and how to trace the pedigree to find out which it the dominant trait. My TA hasn't posted a key to this practice question so I was hoping someone could explain it to

    asked by Trent
  66. spanish please help

    Assignment: Escribe la palabra que falta. 1. A ti se te ____(left) la mochila en case? 2. El ano pasado se me _____(broke) la mano. are the answers correct answer for # 1 danas answer # 2 rompia

    asked by sam
  67. spanish please help

    assignment Ahora, contestas las siguientes preguntas personales: 1. Con que frecuencia vas al dentista? Yo voy al dentista every seis mes. 2. Normalmente que haces despues de l escuela? Yo voy la escuala a las ocho every el dia.

    asked by sam
  68. COM 220

    What benefit does the peer reviewer gain from this activity? What are some drawbacks to peer reviewing? What other methods can you use to provide effective peer feedback?

    asked by MIKE SMART
  69. math

    i feel like ive been using u. but i have learned how to do the questions properly, and how to set them up. that's what i like about this website, i learn how to do it properly, and have lot sof fun learning it!

    asked by jazz
  70. chemistry

    how can i describe the test to see if ACIDS are covalent or ionic Acids in aqueous solutions

    asked by lila
  71. Chemistry

    Im's So confused about stoichiometry. My question is this use stoichiometric calculations to predict the mass of solid product fromed in the reaction from the knwon mass of sodium hydrogen carbonate used. Balenced equation: 4NaHCO3 = 4Na + 2H2O + 4CO + 3O2

    asked by Lindsay
  72. 3rd grade-music

    The song "Minnie the Moocher" by Cab Halloway-retell what the story is about. Use details in song to support your thinking.

    asked by Elaine
  73. chemistry

    what temperature do solids change to become gas and what temperature do liquids change to become solid and what temperature do gasse change to become liquid/solid

    asked by lila
  74. math

    sorry im real bad at probability. a single die is rolled. find the probabilities: a) P(odd numbers greater than 1) b) P(number less than 5) c) P(the number 3 or 7) i got a) 1/3 b) 1/2 c) 1/6 is that right please help.

    asked by helpme

    Junes Verne in 1865 suggested sending people to the Moon by firing a space capsule from a 255 m long cannon with a launch speed of 11.42 km/s. What would have been the unrealistically large acceleration experienced by the space travelers during launch?

    asked by maybo
  76. physic

    a car travels in a straight line for 3 h at a constant speed of 53 km/h. what is the acceraleration? answer in units of m/s2.

    asked by ash
  77. sra McGuin

    do you have a few more mins for spanish

    asked by sam
  78. general knowledge

    I am a 7 letter word (an animal) Remove the first 4 letter the remaining is a feminine gender Remove the last 4 letter the remaining is the part of cooker Remove the last 3 letter the remaining is a costume (dress) Pls answer me immediately

    asked by sudha
  79. electricity and electronics

    a battery consists of 5 dry cells connected in series.if the voltage developed by each cell is 1.5 the total voltage developed by the battery is

    asked by meeko
  80. chemistry

    The scales of a balance are 70, 3 and 0.9 which is between 0.011 and 0.012 .

    asked by Chloe
  81. 4thgrade math

    what does 9.4 round to?

    asked by isaiah
  82. Genetics

    Hi guys, Need help with this 3. Crosses between true-breeding yellow-haired Guinea pigs and white-haired Guinea pigs result in progeny that have cream-colored hair. The following data were collected when many pairs of cream-colored F1 Guinea pigs were

    asked by Katie
  83. english check

    Like a teenager’s selfish desire to obtain status through possessions, Paul’s mother demonstrates the same immature importance of material objects and outward appearance in D.H Lawrence’s short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” This wonderful

    asked by Anonymous
  84. AP world history

    i have to take this big unit test on this college textbook called "Traditions and Encounters" on the first 6 chapters which is 166 pages overall. The test is this Monday. I have my chapter notes, quizzes, maps, and study questions. Although, what is the

    asked by Vanessa
  85. science

    Which kind of yeast ,young or old, is bigger? And why?

    asked by Celine
  86. math

    Can someone help me with this problem? Find the value: (469)° * (-2)^3

    asked by Arnold
  87. algebra 1`=

    for a person 6 feet tall who weighs 200 pounds find a value for k in the equation w = kh^3

    asked by Katy
  88. science

    What happens when you swallow a number of advils or other plain releivers?

    asked by mysterychicken
  89. spanish

    how do you say had in the past tense

    asked by ea
  90. 3rd grade- Social Studies

    Do you think the US President should be chosen by popular vote? Why or why not? What does popular vote mean?

    asked by Elaine
  91. Need Help on this Microeconomics question, really

    If firms in perfect competition all pay the same price for resources and all receive the same price for outputs, how can they have different total profits or different profits per unit sold?

    asked by David
  92. SocaI studsies

    I'm not sure where to go but I need to know who second on command after the state governors my Aunt said each state is different . do they have a VP person like the president.PD she let me use her computer

    asked by Carrie
  93. trig

    trying to find lowest term: cos^2 è-1/4 cos è -1

    asked by Norma
  94. HR

    Does the topic "incentive prgorams" fall under the general topic of Compensation and Benefit?

    asked by Ashley

    Explain why scientists use the formula H2O areound the world for water rather than water all around the world?

    asked by Mary
  96. Math

    Simplify each exponent. 'Write the answer in standard form and exponent form. 12^2 (2^8)*(2^-3) 2^15/2^8 4^5+4^2 (3^-3)^2 ((2)^4*(2)^5)/(2)^6 4^2-2^3 help....i forgot how to do these. thanks,

    asked by Larry
  97. math

    (-4,6);4x=9y+7 the equation of the line is y= need some help here.

    asked by mikey123
  98. sra McGuin

    so sorry - your answer confused me! thanks for helping me understand better

    asked by sam
  99. math

    I just have one quick ( millionth ) question. :) how much is PST and GST right now?

    asked by jazz
  100. CJ

    Why do drugs continue to be at the forefront of the crime policy agenda?

    asked by Chuck
  101. math

    hi i did this problem and i just want to know if its right. 3 coins are flipped , find the following probabilities: a) P(2 heads) b) P( at most 2 heads) c) P(no heads) i got a) 1/4 b) .75 c) 5/8

    asked by helpme
  102. Math

    express in scientific notation 38.0.000,000,026 help please

    asked by Larry