Questions Asked on
October 31, 2008

  1. math

    This is an SAT prep question. Senai customized her bicycle by exchanging the front wheel for a wheel that had one half the diameter of the back wheel. Now Senai rides the bicycle, how many revolution does the front wheel make for each revolution on the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    A child's toy consists of a block that attaches to a table with a suction cup, a spring connected to that block, a ball, and a launching ramp. (Intro 1 figure) The spring has a spring constant k, the ball has a mass m, and the ramp rises a height y above

    asked by Sam
  3. physics kinetic energy

    a) if a particle's speed decreases by a factor of four, by what factor does its kinetic energy change? b) particle A has three times the mass and twice the kinetic energy of particle B. What is the speed ratio VA / VB?

    asked by joyce
  4. math

    Suppose a single die is rolled, Find: a)P(6, given that an odd number was rolled) b) P(5, given that an odd number was rolled)

    asked by helpme
  5. math

    In the xy-plane, line l passes through the origin and is perpendicular to the line 4x+y=k, where k is a constant. If the two lines intersect at the point (t,t+1), what is the value of t? I tried drawing a picture of the problem described above, but I don't

    asked by Michelle
  6. math

    m=6/7(5,-7) the equation of the line is y=

    asked by mikey123
  7. chemistry

    a compound contains only c,h and o. c=48.65% and h=8.11%.a)calculate its emperical formula

    asked by sameer
  8. math

    suppose a pair of dice is rolled. Consider the sums of numbers on the top of the dice. Find the probabilities: a) P(5, given that the sum are odd) b) P(odd, given that the sum rolled is 5) c) P(7, given that one of the dice rolled was odd)

    asked by ken
  9. Chemistry

    Ca + F2 --> CaF2 The mass of CaF2 that results from the reaction of 3.00 g of calcium and 2.00 g of fluorine is 4.02 g. What is the percent yield? (Atomic weights: Ca = 40.08, F = 19.00).

    asked by Songyi
  10. HS Calculus/math

    Find the Parametrization for the left half of the parabola y=x^2-4x+3

    asked by dt
  11. HS Calculus/math

    x=2sint y=-3cost 0

    asked by ee
  12. Geography/Social Studies

    Find the destination using the clues below. With easy access to the bountiful sea, it's no surprise that this place developed into a leading fishing and whaling port in the 18th century. Typical of port towns with moving (shifting) sandbanks (or sandbars),

    asked by Larry
  13. Social Studies

    I am trying to find something that starts with the letter X that is related to the Civil War, can anyone help me?

    asked by Tim
  14. algebra

    One number is twice another. The sum of their reciprocals is 3/10. Find the number.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. bio

    how does acute pancreatitis affect organs of the digestive system? does anyone know its answer?

    asked by jess
  16. civics

    what example can I write about the rights that the 3rd amendment protects?

    asked by bianca
  17. math

    flip a coin 3 times a) what are the odds in favor of getting exactly 2 heads b) what are the odds against getting at most 1 tail

    asked by joey
  18. math

    Which is more probable. a) flipping a coin 3 times and obtaining at least 2 heads b) flipping a coin 4 times and obtaining at least 2 heads Justify your answer

    asked by joey
  19. math

    In rolling a pair of dice, suppose you win $5 if the sum is 10 but lose $2 if the roll is "doubles." If the price to play is $1, would it be a fair game? Justify your answer.

    asked by joey
  20. chemistry

    a)indium-115 has a half life of 4.5 hours. if you start with a 12.0-mg sample of indium-115, how much will remain after 13.5 hours? b)how much of a 3.50-mg smaple of nickel-63 will remain after 368 years? the half-life of nickel-63 is 92 years?

    asked by amanda
  21. half-life of radioisotope

    A radioisotope has a half-life of 4 days. How much of a 20-gram sample of this radioisotope remains at the end of each time period? 1) 4 days 2) 8 days

    asked by Stephanie
  22. MATH

    0.42 -0.163

    asked by ROXANNE
  23. math

    Suppose you toss a coin and it you win a dollar if it comes up heads. If it comes up tails you toss the coin again. This time you get two dollars if it is heads. If it is tails you toss it again. This time you win four dollars if it is heads, but if it is

    asked by brianne
  24. math

    flip a coin 3 times a) what are the odds in favor of getting exactly 2 heads b) what are the odds against getting at most 1 tail

    asked by annonymous
  25. math

    3-1/2y=8x what is the slope and y-intercept

    asked by johnny
  26. math

    4y+6x+7=10+6x what is slope and y-intercept

    asked by steve
  27. Algebra 2

    Linear Programming Your club is making boxes and plant hangers to sell as a fundraiser. Your profit is $10 for a box and $8 for a hanger. How many boxes and hangers should you make in order to maximize your profit under the following conditions A) lumber

    asked by Carver
  28. math

    (6,4)and (8,-8) find the slope if it exists, of the line containg the pair of points

    asked by mikey123
  29. math

    While shopping for an air conditioner, Adam Bryer consulted the following table giving a machines BTUs and the square footage that it would cool. Ft^2(x) BTUs(y) 150 5000 175 5500 215 6000 250 6500 280 7000 310 7500 350 8000 370 8500 420 9000 450 9500 a.

    asked by Dan
  30. information technology

    How would you describe property management system (PMS, point-of -sale(POS) and Accounting uses and interelation within the hospitality industry?

    asked by Ishi
  31. Physics - continued

    Would it be sq(2ks^2/m)?

    asked by Sam
  32. Business

    • Consider the following scenario: Your company sells its products in many different countries. The Director of Exporting and Trade has decided to take on a number of interns over the summer to help the company communicate with its outlets within the

    asked by E
  33. chemistry

    Ammonia acts as a base in aqueous solution; Kb is equal to 1.8 x 10-5. What is the Ka for the ammonium ion NH4+ in aqueous solution?

    asked by Megan
  34. chemistry

    The redox reaction below occurs in acidic solution. Balance it with the smallest whole number coefficients and determine the coefficient for H+. MnO4-(aq) + HNO2(aq) ---> Mn2+(aq) + NO3-(aq)

    asked by Megan
  35. chemistry

    Which of the following has the central atom with the lowest oxidation number? a. CO32- b. NO3- c. ClO2- d. SO42- e. PO43-

    asked by Megan
  36. psy

    need some information to compare and contrast this trait below: I am confused. Neurophysiological substrates Traits are biological patternings in the central nervous system that cause behavior to occur and account for the consistencies in socioemotional

    asked by rose
  37. math

    find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the givin point m=2,(7,5) the equation of the line is y=

    asked by mikey123
  38. Windows XP

    You are assisting a salesperson who has called into the Help Desk with a problem. The user’s laptop has a single hard drive, and he is currently using the laptop on the road while visiting potential sales partners. At one sales site, the technical staff

    asked by LD
  39. physics help 2 please!!

    Mass A (7 kg) and mass B (10 kg) sit on the ground, 2 m apart. a.) What is size of the the gravitational force: on A from B? N on B from A? N b.) What is the size of the gravitational force: on A from the Earth? N on B from the Earth? N once again, i am

    asked by kelsey
  40. physics help 3!! **

    Based on the following data about planet X (which orbits around the Sun): Planet X's distance from Sun = 3.6*1012 m Planet X's radius = 2*106 m Planet X's mass = 8.2*1022 kg a.) Find gx, the size of the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Planet

    asked by kelsey
  41. physics help 4 please!!

    Two turtles (each 2 kg) sit on an approximately massless branch in the water. They sit on opposite sides of the branch's center, each 3 m away. The branch (10 m long) is spinning at 2 rad/s about its center (nearly without friction). Now, if both turtles

    asked by kelsey
  42. HS Calculus/math

    suppose that in any given year, the population of a certain endangered species is reduce by 25%. if the population is now 7500, in how many years will the population be 4000?

    asked by dt
  43. HS Calculus/math

    Solve the equation cotx=4 in the interval 0

    asked by dt
  44. Stem Cells

    Are adult stem cells found only in adults human beings or all human beings regardless of age?

    asked by Lena
  45. reimbursement methodologies

    under major maedical insurance, $250 must be paid before the company assumes liability. who responsible for paying the $250?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. reimbursement methodologies

    the ability to accurately predict yearly expenses was one reason that large companies decided to A. offer HMO programs. B. enroll in manage care plans. C. self-insure their employees. D. offer medical spending plans.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. college

    Assignment: · Explain the cultural differences in approaching negotiations that predominate in two different countries. Be sure to include: o Negotiation models o Negotiation styles o Outcome preferences · Imagine a business person from each of the

    asked by jujubee
  48. college

    Describe the cultural bases of negotiation conflict in 250 to 300 words, taking into account the following: o What specific factors underlie negotiation conflict o Why the underlying factors of negotiation conflict are difficult to recognize o How one can

    asked by jujubee
  49. chemistry

    How many total moles of ions are released when each of the following samples dissolves completely in water? 30.2g of Ba(OH)2 8H2O

    asked by ben
  50. Chemistry

    Given the chemical reaction: N2+3H2--->2NH3 If 20 molecules of nitrogen react with 30 molecules of hydrogen to from ammonia, what is the total number of molecules present after the reaction goes to completion?

    asked by Songyi
  51. accounting, departmental accounts

    P/S: Pls help me to solve this problem. i really don't get it and i have to present the answer in front of the classroom by next week. from the following list of balances you are required to prepare a departmental trading and profit and loss account in

    asked by miya
  52. chemistry

    how can i describe the test to see if ACIDS ar covalent or ionic what do the results of such a test show

    asked by lila
  53. Chemistry

    I've been given the Volume of Concentrated NaOh solution (mL) and also the Concentration of Concentrated NaOh solution (M). I also have the volume of stock solution after dilution (mL). The question is asking the approximate concentration of stock solution

    asked by Vanessa
  54. physics

    A long uniform rod of length 4.76 m and mass 5.48 kg is pivoted about a horizontal, frictionless pin through one end. The rod is released from rest in a vertical position as in the figure. (A) At the instant the rod is horizontal, find its angular speed.

    asked by Molly86
  55. physics

    Use the period of the earth (2.34 y), its mean orbital radius (1.496 × 1011 m), and the universal gravitational constant (6.673 × 10−11 N · m2/kg2) to calculate the mass of sun. Answer in units of kg.

    asked by Molly86
  56. chemistry (continued)

    i kinda understand waht you're saying. to be a bit more clear this is from a lab, and here are the volumes we retrieved: Volume of Concentrated NaOH soultion (mL) = 9.00 mL Concentration of Concentrated NaOH soultuon (M) = 6.00 M Volume of Stock Solution

    asked by Vanessa
  57. math

    which store is cheaper kroger or meijers?

    asked by neha
  58. Chemistry.

    hi again, thanks to the previous help i got the first part of the question. the second part builds on the first part as we used that stock solution for titration of the next. we are now given: Concentration of Standard Acid Soultion (M) = 0.100 M Volume of

    asked by Vanessa
  59. the inspection process

    the main reason real estate agents use home inspections is to?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. chemistry

    How many total moles of ions are released when each of the following samples dissolves completely in water? ? 3.70g of CuSO4 5H2O

    asked by james
  61. Statistics

    An automobile in surer has found that repair claims have a mean of $1520 and a stardard deviation of $770. Suppose that the next 100 claims can be ragarded as a random sample from the long-run claims process 1. What is the mean and standrd deviation of the

    asked by Kim
  62. math

    okay I need to find the slope for 8x=7y+63

    asked by johnny
  63. healthcare

    I need some help with describing some approaches to measuring patient outcomes. The links that were provide really didn't help me.

    asked by Nikia Walker
  64. math

    I do not even know where to start with this one, can someone help? the peak of a mountain is 19,340 ft above sea level. what is the integer that best expresses the given number?

    asked by deedee
  65. Physics

    A long uniform rod of length 6.66 m and mass 6.74 kg is pivoted about a horizontal, frictionless pin through one end. The rod is released from rest in a vertical position as in the figure. Question 1: At the instant the rod is horizontal, find its angular

    asked by Jimmy
  66. Georgia Studies

    How was the name Ku Klux Klan brought into being? What were some of the harsher things that they did? Thanks -Mysterychicken

    asked by mysterychicken
  67. accountancy

    2. The ledger accounts of M Ltd. show the following balances: Rs. 14% Preference share Capital 3,00,000 Securities Premium 20,000 Investment Allowance Reserve 50,000 General Reserve 80,000 Profit and Loss Account 38,600 The company redeems preference

    asked by manoj
  68. math

    a diver dives to 84m. If the diver rises 5 meters per min for 10 min. Where is the diver in relation to the surface. The answer would be 34 meters right?

    asked by deedee
  69. insurance

    what is the corporate structure of Manulife Financial Corporation?

    asked by Tee
  70. chemistry

    sorry to keep bugging you, but if it makes you feel better i am understanding it more. what if you have the same numbers, but you are trying to find the concentration of an UNKNOWN acid. all you have is: Volume of Unknown Acid Volume of Stock Solution

    asked by Vanessa
  71. SCI 125

    What are 3 freshwater resource issues? What are 3 ocean water resource issues? Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.

    asked by angela
  72. 8th grade pigskin georgraphy

    Determine which state capital will be visited bty a team form a state capital.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. For Jishka Answerers

    This is not a homework question but for Ms.Sue Sra Mcgin drwl Dr.bob Guru Blue writeacher and any others i have 61 posts, 62 counting this one and I just wanted to ask do I annoy you guys sometimes? If so I apologize. It's just that im on Jishka a lot ^^

    asked by mysterychicken