Questions Asked on
October 30, 2008

  1. physics

    A wheel of radius 0.5 m rotates with a constant angular speed about an axis perpendicular to its center. A point on the wheel that is 0.2 m from the center has a tangential speed of 2 m/s. (a) Determine the tangential speed of a point 0.4 m from the center

    asked by Sandhya
  2. Random

    Does anyone know anything about first cash advance?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    is KAl(SO4)2 12H2O hygroscopic, deliquescent, or efflorescent?

    asked by ben
  4. math

    what is a boldface digit and how do you find its value

    asked by annie
  5. Math

    In Triangle MNP, the measure of angle M is 24degrees, the measure of angle N is five times the measure of P, find the measure of angle N and angle P.

    asked by M
  6. History

    What questions should I ask Andrew Jackson if I were to interview him about his presidency?

    asked by Sean
  7. macbeth

    what does macbeth think as he anticipates the murder of banquo

    asked by Anonymous
  8. physics

    A baseball catcher puts on an exhibition by catching a .150-kg ball dropped from a helicopter at a height of 100m above the catcher. If the catcher "gives" with the ball for a distance of .750m while catching it, what avg. force is exerted on the mitt by

    asked by mc
  9. Physics

    A 1500kg car travels at a constant speed of 22 m/s around a circular track that has a radius of 85 m. What is the average velocity of the car during one revolution?

    asked by Sandhya
  10. Calculus

    A ball of radius 16 has a round hole of radius 4 drilled through its center. Find the volume of the resulting solid.

    asked by Sam
  11. physics

    a spring with spring constant k= 100N/m is at its equilibrium length a) how much elastic potential energy is stored in the spring? b) the same spring is stretched so that it is 6cm longer than it was. How much elastic potential energy is stored in the

    asked by rachel
  12. physics help please!!**

    A typical GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite orbits at an altitude of 4.0 107 m. (Astronomical data needed for this problem can be found on the inside back cover of the text.) (a) Find the orbital period of such a satellite. hours (b) Find the

    asked by kelsey
  13. physics

    a football place kicker kicks the ball with a velocity of 18.2 m/s at an angle of 53 degrees. how far from the kicker will the football hit the ground?

    asked by corinne
  14. Math riddle PIZZAZZ Worksheet

    What happened to the grocer who stacked all of the liquid detergent no the high shelf? plzzz help

    asked by Sophia
  15. Science

    What causes Earthquakes?What is causing a ring of fire? What is pangaea?

    asked by N'aicha
  16. poetry

    What is the poem The Jumblies by Edward Lear about? What words and/or phrases do you find interesting? How is the poem structured? What did he want us to think about? plz help thanks in advance :)

    asked by Geoff
  17. Physics

    A force of 23.0 N is required to start a 3.1 kg box moving across a horizontal concrete floor. (a) What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor? (b) If the 23.0 N force continues, the box accelerates at 0.50 m/s2. What is the

    asked by Grant
  18. calc

    Suppose a curve is traced by the parametric equations x=1sin(t) y=18-3cos^2(t)-4sin(t) At what point (x,y) on this curve is the tangent line horizontal?

    asked by alexis
  19. physics

    An ice tray contains 490 g of liquid water at 0°C. Calculate the change in entropy of the water as it freezes slowly and completely at 0°C. i tired doing -(.49kg)(2.26x106)/273.15K) but im not getting the right answr help pls!

    asked by tom

    A sporting goods manufacturer makes a $5 profit on soccer balls and a $4 profit on volleyballs. Cutting requires 2 hours to make 75 soccer balls and 3 hours to make 60 volleyballs. Sewing needs 3 hours to make 75 soccerballs and 2 hours to make 60

    asked by Kelly
  21. General Physics

    A neutron collides elastically with a helium nucleus (at rest initially) whose mass is four times that of the neutron. The helium nucleus is observed to rebound at an angle è'2 = 45° from the neutron's initial direction. The neutron's initial speed is

    asked by Scott
  22. Biology

    What is a rotting pumpkin changed into, in terms of organisms and by-products?

    asked by Jackie
  23. english

    "the exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain" the great gatsby, f. scott fitzgerald. what does this quote mean

    asked by flor
  24. Math

    Solve for g d=1/2gv

    asked by Bryan
  25. English

    1. Referring to Mike's passage, complete the next passage about the way from school to your house. 1-2. Referring to Mike's passage, write the way from school to your house in the next incomplete passage. (There are two passages;one is Mike's passage, and

    asked by John
  26. Microconomics [URGENT]

    In the short run, do perfectly competitive firms have a loss of profit or a break even when MC = AVC? Do these firms choose whether to produce or shutdown or both? Do they choose to produce nothing or a specific quantity or both? If MC = ATC in the short

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Human Physiology...Please Help

    Sensory Physiology Pick two types of sensory receptors: A. Pick two different modalities that would stimulate them B. Put these modalities in order with respect to adequate stimulus So if i was to pick, Photoreceptors and Thermoreceptors ( these would be

    asked by Saira
  28. Math

    Laura has 20 feet of fencing to make a rectangular pen for her dog. What is the largest area that she can fence in?

    asked by Sandra
  29. English

    In the sentence Manuel is the new goalie on the team. What is the compound noun

    asked by Corey
  30. Animal Adaptions

    What is the difference between an instinct and a learned behavior?

    asked by Donna
  31. psy

    need some datas to be able to answer those questions. Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism. Give an example of reciprocal interactionism (influences among a person, a situation, and a behavior). Provide an example of mechanistic interactionism

    asked by rose
  32. 4th grade

    a special set of rules, called the...blank..., can be used to solve expressions with more than one operation

    asked by jasmine
  33. computer science /use java language

    write the program that inputs a string representing a binary number(0s and 1s). First, your program should veerify that it is indeed a binary number, that is, the number contains only 0s and 1s . if that is not the case, your program should print a message

    asked by Mira
  34. inb but math

    How many dollars you have to spend to acquire the amount of yen required? (Base your answer on the scenario, should include a numerical answer) I need to convert 100,000 yen into dollars at the rate of $1= .009035 yen so I came up with 903.5 dollars is

    asked by Christi
  35. math

    It is less than 60 and greater than 55. If you add the digits, the sum is 13. Write the number.

    asked by emely
  36. history

    The declaration of indepdence stated that all men are created equal. Yet there was a condraction in that there were slaves. How did late 18th century americans reconcile this contradiction? Hi can someone please help me. this is an essay question. I don't

    asked by fred
  37. Algebra

    Hi jiskha! I was wondering if anyone could answer this ~fun~ question. f(x)=5x^2-2x+3 and g(x)=4x^2+7x-5. I have to find f+g. For my answer, I got 12x^4+-2x+-2, while the answers in my packet said 9x^2+5x-2. Could anyone explain this? (Unless I wrote down

    asked by Fredrika
  38. Alicia, Literature Help

    Now that I know you are studying literature and that "classmate" has threatened you, here are some sites to help you to learn how do tackle this class. Your "classmate" is also able to use this material: Literary Terminology, alphabetized:

    asked by SraJMcGin
  39. english 1

    why does aunt alexander thank miss maudie with her eyes

    asked by amber
  40. Physics- 8th Grade

    What force is needed to accelerate a 10 kilogram shopping cart 3 m/s^2 (squared)?

    asked by Blake
  41. Algebra 1 Honors

    When two numbers are added together, the result is 45. Twice the greater number is six more than five times the lesser number. What are the numbers? 3 months ago Only allowed to use one variable

    asked by Mark Younan
  42. math

    draw and label a circle

    asked by handrielle
  43. 8th grade

    rust is to iron as ___ is to silver

    asked by Jalen
  44. medical terminology

    what is the prefix for the following words: three equal, same as absence of, without Also need some suffix help: cut into, make an incision (suffix) excessive or abnormal increase in (suffix) swelling or tumor (suffix) This is homework and I need some help

    asked by Kimberly
  45. fINANCE

    If you purchase a zero coupon bond today for 225 and it matures at 1000 in 11 years, what rate of return will you earn on that bond? Please show formula and answer

    asked by Angel
  46. physics

    you are standing in a hole that is 8.53m deep. you shoot an arrow with a veloctiy of 34 m/s at an angle of 33 degrees. how far from you will the arrow hit the ground?

    asked by corinne
  47. Health

    What type of drugs are artificially prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories? A. Scheduled drugs B. Controlled substances C. Synthetic drugs D. Mineral-Based steriods im thinking D what do you guys think?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Chemistry

    a bottle of a soft drink looks pure, but it is not, how could you demonstrate that it is a mixture? thanks

    asked by Lyn
  49. calc

    Find the area of the surface obtained by rotating the curve of parametric x=3t-(3/3)t^3 y=3t^2 0

    asked by alexis
  50. Chemistry

    Why doesn't water distill simultaneously with alcohol when heat is applied to the mixture? Could it ever be the first component to distill in a mixture? I don't understand this. I have no idea how to answer this. Can you help?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Bio(please it's urgent!)

    A person suffers from abdominal pain. other symptoms are - nausea and vomitting - fever 103 degree - pain in the middle of back - clammy skin her blood test tell the following things?: -high serum amylase -high serum lipase what do u think she is suffering

    asked by jess
  52. 6th grade geography

    What types of grain are grown at battle creek or cereal city, mi

    asked by keenan
  53. physics

    object has mass of 2 kg and weight in water of 15N. Object is immersed in water and sinking. whats the net force? whats the acceleration? what distance did it sink after 3 sec? explain please!

    asked by Bailey
  54. Math

    There were a number of bats in a cave. Two bats see out of the right eye, three could see out of the left eye, four could not see out of the left eye, and five could not see out of the right eye. What is the least number of bats in the cave and what might

    asked by Dana Aldridge
  55. Algebra

    Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept y-4/3 x +4

    asked by Kim
  56. math


    asked by lexi
  57. social studies

    what was the norman coquest and why is it important

    asked by alishah
  58. english

    what word means "write down before". It begins with pre and is 9 letters

    asked by arnie
  59. 6th grade geography

    What nfl team other that the cardinals will be returning to a city from whence they came

    asked by Keenan
  60. statistics

    A runner has a average race time of 4.5 minutes with a standard deviation of 0.14. What time do 75% of his race times fall and what time would he have to achieve to be in the top 5% of his race times?

    asked by Ken
  61. Earth Science

    i have a few questions 1)what california geologic features formed as the result of erosion by glaciers? 2)which geologic processes formed most of californias nonmetallic mineral resources? 3)an oil well is usually drilled into? 4)which of the following is

    asked by Aaron
  62. US History

    Did President Andrew Jackson seek to serve the people or himself?

    asked by Mike
  63. Math

    How do you do a factor tree for 37?

    asked by Craig
  64. Math please help!

    According to a student project for statistics 250, the amount of money spent on texts per semester by the population of students at a small liberal arts college is normally distributed with a mean of $426 and a standard deviation of $54. Determine the

    asked by Mary
  65. us history

    The declaration of indepdence stated that all men are created equal. Yet there was a condraction in that there were slaves. How did late 18th century americans reconcile this contradiction? how would i organize this essay into 4 paragraphs exluding intro

    asked by fred
  66. English

    1. Tom is angry at her. 1-2. Tom is angry with her. (Which one is correct?) 2. He is wearing a white shirt. 2-2. He is wearing a dress shirt. 2-3 He is wearing an under shirt. (Which one is correct? Do #2 and #2-2 have the same meaning? Why do we use

    asked by John
  67. arithmetic

    A special set of rules, called the ------------blank, can be used to solve expressions with more than one operation.

    asked by jasmine
  68. Georgia Studies

    I always get a little confused. Was the Union the side of the Blacks or the Confederates? And why is it that the Union had better advantages than the south? Thanks -mysterychicken

    asked by mysterychicken
  69. geography

    which one is different from the others and why? Florida, Maine, California and North Dakota

    asked by Debbie
  70. Math PLZ help gtg to bed i need right NOW!!

    What is the answer to 10 5/12 divided by 1 3/5???????? plz help me i have to go to bed like in 1 min. thanx

    asked by Emily
  71. root

    how do u find the root of m^3+3m^2+3m+1 = 0 please help me find what are the value of what m is equal to

    asked by mary
  72. edisto

    What percent of 105 is 70?

    asked by josh
  73. physics

    Many subatomic particles have the same charge as an electron (e) but much different masses. For instance, the muon has the same charge as an electron but its mass is roughly 207 times greater. Explain the changes you would have to make to the e/m tube and

    asked by H
  74. Books

    I am writing a novel, i estimate i will finish pretty soon, within a year or two: I am an Amateur writer- how do i go about trying to publish this book?

    asked by Mark
  75. English

    5. The capitalized verb agrees with the subject: Three of my friends LIKE this band. __True _x_False

    asked by Renea
  76. social studies

    In this government. pme group is in charge of the money and economics of the country. They also have all the power. What type of government is this?

    asked by william
  77. 6th grade

    The GCF for the numerator & denominator is 5. I'm equivalent to 4/6. Please help fast!!!!!!!! I've only got 10 min. left on the computer. Thank-you for your help. Sincerely, Kathy P.S HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Kathy-HW due tom. HELP FAST!!!!!!! got 10 min.left
  78. HR

    Windsor Account Anybody familiar with Windsor bank's Windsor Account? Or know where i can find some information on it?

    asked by Ashley
  79. Chemistry

    I had to find the absolute zero from a graph with the following points: Temperature (K) / Volume (mL): 318 4.5 308 4.3 303 4.1 294 4.0 284 3.9 275 3.7 271 3.2 I graphed the points (with the temperature on the y-axis because the lab indicated a vertical

    asked by AJ

    Under what circumstances can personal health information be used for purposes unrelated to haelth care?(Hint: There should be at least 12 circumstances. How will employees in the medical office have to be trained regarding privacy( for example, who is

    asked by kAY
  81. math

    what is L+W x (1+v5) the v looks like a divisionm sign with a v attached

    asked by johnetta
  82. algebra

    Will someone PLEASE HELP Me Solve this problem. Given the function K described by K(k)=x+3, find each of the following k(0)=

    asked by PJ
  83. physics

    a man throws a rock horizontally off a building with an initial velocity of 22.4 m/s. it hits the ground 91.6 m from the building. how tall is the building? (positive value)

    asked by corinne
  84. General

    What are the pros and cons of word processing program? which have been less useful or difficult to use

    asked by Bryan
  85. Chemistry

    How is the temperature change in an alcohol related to how storng the intermolecular forces are?

    asked by Joe
  86. Healthcare

    I need help with describing two approaches or indicators to measuring patient outcomes and what roles do healthcare workes play in determining quality care?

    asked by Nikia Walker
  87. ETH-125 Cultural Diversity

    My assignment is as follows: ________________________________________ Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how

    asked by cssExp
  88. geography plz

    someone please what types (if any) of grain are grown in battle creek, mi

    asked by keenan
  89. Pre-Calculus

    The table below shows a frequency distribution of the number of pickup trucks sold at 85 truck dealerships in Maine over an 18-month period. Number of trucks sold/Number of dealerships: 70-90/2 90-110/11 110-130/39 130-150/17 150-170/9 170-190/7 Find the

    asked by Mary
  90. Math

    Dividing equations. 5/8x+1/16x=5/16+x

    asked by Bryan
  91. philosophy

    whose philosophies do you think most advanced Western religious thought.

    asked by johnny
  92. Medical Transcription

    HEENT: normal sulfanilic, normal hair distribution. Does this make sense, I can't understand the word after normal, it sounds like sulfanilic, but I can't determine if this makes sense

    asked by Bean
  93. Algebra

    Solve. Ten graph. 4 x > 12 -

    asked by Kim
  94. PSY

    Explain how a person’s masculine and feminine traits can be described using the continuum of masculinity-femininity.

    asked by Shelly
  95. history

    i am supposed to draw a political cartoon on either federalists or anti-federalists. can someone give me some ideas please? it must focus on a event or issue. please help!

    asked by jess
  96. English

    Project 1. Decide the place which you want to introduce to foreigners among the region you live. 2. Paste a picture or photo of the place. 3. draw a rough sketch of the place and write a guideline passage from the nearest station or bus stop. 4. Pretend

    asked by John
  97. history essay

    Hi i need help with this essay question. The declaration of indepdence stated that all men are created equal. Yet there was a condriction in that there were slaves. How did late 18th century americans reconcile this contridiction. Hi i am very confused

    asked by fred
  98. science

    i am having trouble caculating denisty, volume and mass with solid shpes and liquids. can you help

    asked by nick
  99. bio

    what adjustment of the microscope shows the cell's depth. I have already searched google.....please help!

    asked by jess
  100. math -> exponents

    please help me, I forget how to do the problem -> 3^-5 + 3^-4 / 3^-5 - 3^-4 .... the answer is apparently -2.. please help

    asked by Cynthia
  101. math

    do u know anything about samples and surveys?

    asked by kayla
  102. 7th grade

    In the sentence, During the 1990's, MC Hammer "was too legit, too legit too quit." Waht are the nouns?

    asked by Jess
  103. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=x^2, x=y^2 about the axis x=–1

    asked by Sam
  104. Science

    Is this statement true or false? An antigen causes an allergic reaction. Please and thank you!

    asked by Shantelle
  105. Geography

    I am looking for a list that shows the worlds "richest" countries according to GDP, I'm having a bit of trouble doing so, could somebody please help me? Thanks!!

    asked by Dawn
  106. Religious Education

    What is NEPA

    asked by Shaquille Clarke
  107. math

    what percent is 23 students out of 51 students and how do you solve it

    asked by George
  108. math

    My brother George needs help with a math question. What percent is 23 students of 51 students?

    asked by Mattie
  109. chemistry

    examples of solutions

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    team plays 95 games in a season. if they won 17 more than twice as many games they lost. How many wins and losses did they have?

    asked by Bryan
  111. spy

    Discuss how confirmation bias can influence perceptions and how some beliefs can actually generate their own confirmation Provide relevant examples to support your explanation. Need some helps.

    asked by rose
  112. English Research

    Thesis and Topic for paper on Led Zeppelin-- Does this work for a thesis:Although some People do not recognize them as the best band, nevertheless, Led Zeppelin is among the most notable because of their many musical accomplishments What would be a good

    asked by M
  113. chemistry

    can nuclear chemists convert elements into unstable ones? If so how?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. health

    What is the correct denominator for calculating the cesarean section rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. geography please atleast read it

    maybe i worded it wrong, what types of grain is used FOR THE CEREAL

    asked by keenan
  116. ethnics 125

    here is the assingment I was needing help on. a 200- to 300-word summary of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a

    asked by angela
  117. Please read over this application paragraph-mrbob

    How is this? I trust that this program will help me elaborate my ideas pertaining to the future of Washington. I wish to study Law and Political Science to eventually become some kind of activist, whether it is lobbying, or advocating in some small

    asked by Adam
  118. for Alicia - literature

    Here are several sites that will help you take good notes when studying literature: The first and second links look about the

    asked by Writeacher
  119. calc

    the spiraling polar curve r=5e^20 from 0 to 2pi how do you find the length?

    asked by alexis
  120. social studies

    king george issued the proclamation of 1763 this proclamation was issued to?

    asked by shay
  121. math

    The sum of two numbers is 25. Twelve less than four times one of the numbers is 16 more than twice the other number. Find both numbers.

    asked by hhhmmm
  122. PSY

    Explain how a person’s masculine and feminine traits can be described using the continuum of masculinity-femininity.

    asked by Shelly
  123. history

    1.) situation that exists when a country sells more goods than it buys. 2.) era between 1400-1750 when Europeans made major changes to thier economics due to new exploration. 3.) military technique relying on swift raids by small bands of soldiers. 4.)

    asked by n.
  124. Math

    Hi, Canyou help me on the question down below?Ithank-you veery much. Sincerely, Kathy question: The GCF of my numerator & denominator is 5. I am equivalent to 4/6.

    asked by Kathy
  125. Social Studes

    What the two candidates have in common?

    asked by Heather
  126. Business

    I have to come up with some debate/discussion questions for a HR class. The topic is surrounding incentive programs. Any suggestions?

    asked by J.
  127. Can some1 read over my application paragraph?

    Topic: what do u see in the future of washington (state) My vision of the future Washington is merely an abstract idea. I wish to study Law and Political Science to eventually become some kind of activist, whether it is lobbying, or advocate in some

    asked by Adam
  128. Finance

    How are bonds safer than stocks

    asked by Angel
  129. algebra

    How would you find the inverse of y=4x+-5? What about y+3x-2

    asked by Chloe'
  130. Finance

    How do you determine the value of a 1,000 bond with a 7 percent coupon rate maturing in 20 tears for an investor whose required rate of return is 8 percent? Please show formula and result

    asked by Angel
  131. english

    Ok, having some troubles the question is why does soccer inspire so much passion around the world probably because it provides a unifying identity. Gives the poor something to aspire to, provides role models, and unities them for a common purpose. do i

    asked by ben
  132. Math

    How many ones are there from 1-300

    asked by Taharqa Hazel
  133. World History

    i am doing a power point project on ols styal castals. i need an interactive website for this project.

    asked by Mike
  134. Books

    How do I get a book published?

    asked by Liza
  135. elementary

    estimated quotient is too small?

    asked by kylie
  136. geography

    please help fast. what types of wheat are grown in cereal city, or battle creek,mi

    asked by spencer please help fast
  137. math

    solve for x x^2-x+8=0

    asked by Kate
  138. algebra

    IN 1988, the number of transmitters in the Intel 386 Sx was 275,000. It has doubled every 24 months since then. Write an equation that predicts the number of transmitters in a micro processer n years after 1988.

    asked by Felicia
  139. 3rd grade

    colored light cloting wear

    asked by fifi
  140. Math

    10 5/12 divided by 1 3/5

    asked by Emily
  141. math

    what percent is 23 of 51

    asked by Mattie
  142. at risk children

    I need to find a website with adolescents with signs of being abused, using drugs and have suicidal tendencies.

    asked by sally
  143. science

    im 11 years old do you know a science fair project i can do for magnetism. or a website. im in six grade

    asked by Christian
  144. calculus

    what is the derivative of 1/x??

    asked by Dan
  145. Applications

    I'm applying for a program called Public Issues in Washington- on the nomination form it says "what is there about you as a student that you thinkg the commitee should take into account as we consider your candidacy? I have a different essay i have to

    asked by Adam
  146. math

    200 minutes in 22 seconds

    asked by Dawn Buckley
  147. Math

    solve 4x^2=12

    asked by Christina
  148. Math

    How do i solve this problem 4a with a exponent of 2, when a equals 9

    asked by Bryan
  149. english

    Can someone help me unscramble this word. TEHLAYH

    asked by rose
  150. science

    what benefit do liquids have over soilds when trying to react the chemicals?

    asked by LIZ
  151. geography

    what happened in titusville in 1559

    asked by Shawn
  152. calc

    what is the derivative of 1/x??

    asked by Dan
  153. sci

    explain why most isotopes of elements with a high atomic number are radioactive??

    asked by ashley